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December/January 09-10

Fringe indie Magazine Team Editor In Chief & Art Director: Flavia Martina ( Fashion Columnist: M. Candela D’Urzo Beauty Columnist: M. Jimena Perez Music Columnist: Denise Maciel Roulier Cinema Columnist: Carolina Romano NY Official Correspondent: Audrey Allure Milan Official Correspondent: Adriana Escarini Contributors in this issue: S.E. Cohn, Ramiro Gimenez, Victoria Leites

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Cover shot production: PH: Victoria Leites Styling: Ramiro Gimenez Model: Valeria Rossatti



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Letter from the editor. Mtv U Woodie Awards. Raising stars in NYC. Music Review. AC/DC Black Ice Tour. Flair!. 20th Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. My new town: Guide to Berlin. You’re violeting my privacy: the man next door. The revolution of waste: the gleaners and the gleaner by Agnès Varda. Anch’ Allah Dimanche. Style Wars. Sundai Love. Summer 2010 Trend Report. Feature: Catalina Rautenberg Get into the Romma vibe. Exported from India. The blogger of the moment. Short fiction vignettes.

Letter from the Editor This issue is a special one. We are in constant growth, changing the design, making it edgy, making it minimalistic. This time we go all black and white to pay more attention to the images. We present tons of interviews, people we admire and people we want to learn more from. Also we give you our Summer 2010 report with astonishing images by our talented resident photographer: Victoria Leites and we bring you the AC/DC show in Buenos Aires. FIM is full of energy, art and passion. All the things we wish for the new year to bring to the world. Merry Chritmas and Happy New Year!. {Flavia Martina} Editor in Chief

New York Audrey Allure

MTV U Woodie Awards On November 14, I attended the MTV Woodie Awards - which is basically a music awards show targeted towards the college crowd. There were appearances by Leighton Meester, Alexa Chung, Amber Tamblyn, Will.I.Am, Asher Roth, Pete Wentz, Zooey Deschanel, Cyndi Lauper, etc. There were performances Matt and Kim, Passion Pit, The Dead Weather, Death Cab for Cutie, Clipse, Rick Ross, Cam'ron, P.O.S., etc. During the breaks, they broadcasted a bunch of music videos to keep us entertained. Of course, if you were of age – there was the bar area as well. To watch the awards, tune to the MTVu channel on December 4 or check out their website for more information and pictures! h t t p : / / w w w. m t v. c o m / o n t v / woodieawards/2009/

New York Audrey Allure

Rising Stars in New York City Living in New York City, I am exposed to a pool of talented individuals. Only some are rising stars, like two of my inspiring friends – Julian Cazares (an artist, photographer, graphic designer, dancer, poet, writer) and Jonathan Andrew Martinez, better known as Jam Young (rapper, poet, writer). Let’s start with Julian. What would you label yourself as? I would say I’m anything from a writer to an artist, photographer, and graphic designer. What are your favorite colors? I like colors that attract your eye, but my favorites would have to be red, green, and purple. Do you like writing or photographing more? I like combining them. I’ll get a picture then write about it and I’ll draw something that fits it all. When did you start your artistic journey? 7th grade. I was bored in math class and I just started to doodle. The teacher liked it and told me to take art class. So I took it, and found out I really enjoyed it. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? No idea. Probably still doing the same thing on a higher level. Hopefully selling my stuff. What inspires you? For writing, I like what Neyo does. He keeps the meaning of music and maintaining that old R&B. I like Picasso’s drawings – his art doesn’t make sense directly so anyone can interpret it different ways. As for poetry, I like the writings of Stanley Kunitz and Robert Frost – their writing has to do with people in general and it can relate to almost everything. Where do you go to get inspired? I like going to Pearl Paint – that art store in SoHo. I just like walking around and smelling the scent of artwork. Julian Cazares. Photo by Michelle Rosado

What made you decide to start writing? I enjoyed reading short stories and I was into Greek mythology. It inspired me to start writing. What do you like writing most about? Anything that’s creative. Writing things that can express myself and my craziness. Are you hoping to become famous for any of your talents one day? I’m not aiming to get famous, but just to get noticed for it. I care more about the compliments than getting paid to work. Since you were born in California, would you rather stay here in New York or go back to LA to show off your talents? Here in New York. There’s no Central Park in LA. And there’s too many earthquakes over there.

What contests have you won? I won a poetry contest. My poem was chosen and published into a book. I won a Shirt Design Contest and got a free shirt I made. Knowing you’re already talented in writing and art, what made you decide to get into photography as well? I was in the city walking around with my friend. I was pointing out non-noticeable things, and my friend said I had the creativity to be a photographer. So I saved up some money and bought a camera. What are your favorite museums? I really like MoMA – the Museum of Modern Art. So where do you work now?

I’m interning at Time Warner in the philanthropy department – I just put files away. Before I was interning with a graphic designer, REM since July. I made & sent invites and programs for parties. Right now I’m also attending college at Hunter, majoring in psychology but minoring in art. Any advice for other aspiring artists? They key to hard work is patience.

Why rapping? I can’t sing but I do like harmonizing. I like what Kid Cudi and Kanye do. It’s like song writing, and it stems from poetry and it’s just putting words into a rap. What are your inspirations, idols, influences? The top three would have to be Eminem – he’s hardcore and funny, Jay-Z – he’s the business hustler, and Kanye West – he’s the alternative. I also like rock bands like Linkin Park. What’s your favorite part about the music industry? It’s the process of making it. Relating to fans, having fans. I do it for myself, and it’s an outlet to relate and release. Who do you wish to someday to collaborate with? Besides my three idols, I would say J.Cole, Alicia Keys, Beyonce. Do you have a record label? No, I’m independent for now. I rent a studio in Whitestone for $20/hour. I would sign with someone if I had the opportunity but I’m also scared to be trapped into the label, and wouldn’t be able to make money independently. When did it all start for you? I wrote some poetry in 4th grade, rapped a bit in 7th grade, but didn’t take it as seriously until I was 15. Jam Young. Photo by Audrey Allure

Instead of rapping, what would you do?

I’d still want to be in the music business in entertainment. Or I’d be a writer – to write books, plays, songs. If not, I’d play an instrument like the guitar. Where do you go to get best inspired? Nowhere in particular. I usually write everywhere even on the train traveling to places. I also just write in my room on the computer – usually alone unless someone else is writing with me. Do you have family support? My dad was a DJ, so my family does appreciate the music business. My family isn’t really so involved but they have no problem with it. Where have you performed so far? Gigs? I’ve performed twice in Robert F. Kennedy high school during the talent shows. I’ve performed in the city about 3-4 times, once in Brooklyn. Usually it’s at bars/lounges on open mic nights. Did a lot of gigs through my uncle. What do you hate/dislike about rap? It gets repetitive. Instead of setting trends, rappers follow trends. Give me an example of that. Like how T-Pain uses the synthesizer, the audio tone type. Other artists started using the same sounds and technique. It pulls away the focus of relating to audiences through original sounds. How does your song writing process work? I have over 100 instrumentals in my iPod, and I listen to them until I get inspired and I just let it all flow. Favorite lyric/song of all time? Mostly songs from Eminem or Jay-Z, particularly Eminem – “The Way I Am”, Jay-Z “Can’t Knock”. I’m also a big Michael Jackson fan. My favorite is “Rock With You”.

By: Denise Maciel Roulier


Them Vultures Crooked (Them Crooked Vultures): Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn (Break While this rock band made up by Ghrol (Foo


Fighters), Holmmes (Queens Of The Stone Age) and Jones (Led Zeppelin) would have

This duo was born of the need of Yorn

started this project in 2005 just in 2009 co-

to record an album with a female artist.

mes back to light with this work that they put

The composer thought a lot about the

so much effort and it’s available since 16/11.

figure of the beautiful Scarlett (Woody

Several magazines have asked them about

Allen’s muse, Dolce & Gabbana) and bet-

gender and sounds of the band, only Broody

ween obsessions thought she would be

Dalle (Holmmes wife) claimed she was not

the ideal for a parody duo who have pre-

authorized to give any information but surely

viously done Brigitte Bardot and Serge

the band said the band does not resemble

Gainsbourg. Johansson immediately con-

anything that has been previously heard. Of

tacted and was enthralled with the pro-

course Broody is right and if you feel like to

posal and hence was born “Break Up”, an

delight your ears with good rock is time for

album that has the theme of the breakup

you to try. Something not to miss and moni-

of a couple. Album perfect for listening af-


ter a break, especially because we women are somewhat masochistic in these senses. The sexy Scarlett’s sweet voice beside Yorn would make you fall in love. When one believes that love ended not really understands that is only the beginning.

Reviews The Flaming Lips (Embryonic): Catupecu Machu (Moebius Symmetry):

The new album from the Oklahoma band sounds as good as them at first.

The slogan of this album was reset

Reproduction in whole disk should last

everything and start over, although the

approximately 70 minutes and several

band’s previous albums have obviously

titles have names related to the zodiac.

been catupequenses this goes back to

There are many sound broadcasting,

the roots of it all.

which many believe could be one of the

Moebius Symmetry is clearly another

best albums of the band led by Wayne

great achievement of the band from Bue-

Coyne but honestly I stay with the pre-

nos Aires, Argentina, takes you to blow

vious albums.

your senses and let yourself be carried

Anyway this is good work and I think many

away by the sound. The album is the

fans of the Lips will be able to apprecia-

remastering of some issues and is also

te and will be thrill to hear their beloved

contained some new tracks such as “con-

band becomes a bit to sound like from

fusion” or “Anacrusis”. A great work of a

the start.

band led by Fernando Ruiz to listen and to remember sounds.

Buenos Aires Denise Maciel Roulier

AC / DC Black Ice Tour: This tour has already happened in much of North America and Europe and came to Argentina where more than one million people were able to see this Australian hard rock band. The show was divided into three glorious dates 2, 4 and 6 of December. Some say that the day was filled over the 6, overflowing with people, all gathered for the same purpose: to see this enigmatic and iconic rock band. Everyone chose their appropriate companion, someone with the same passion for good music, all together all night rocked. The show had as support acts “Heroes del asfalto” who had previously been the opening act for AC / DC in 1996, and “Las Pelotas” band resulting from the separation of SUMO. In my opinion and many more, the first band was the most correct style act. Finally at 21 pm began the overwhelming presentation with a great video and then the emergence of a locomotive derailed on stage which meant the opening with “Rock n ‘Roll Train”. Some of the singles that were integrated into the Playlist Thunderstruck, Shoot To Thrill, You Shook Me All Night Long, Highway to Hell. Every single with its proper performance. The horns could not miss, exposure of girls without shirt (I confess I was one of them and encouraged me because I went with my friend the magician who was like my bodyguard) at The Jack, the bell that fell in Hell Bells and Johnson ran to hang the rope and make it sound, the figure of the fat Rosie Whole Lotta Rosie, the cannon in For Those About To Rock, Angus typical baby step along the walkway and strip tease that left it a boxer who on the back saying AC / DC in yellow glimmer leaving in the middle of the back. All who follow the band hope they continue doing this thing, come back and give us all a lot more Rock!.

New York Audrey Allure

Flair! Some fabulous flair arrived in my mail, thanks to my friend Angelica who is one of the brand ambassadors of Flair4All. Basically these are cute decals, which you can place anywhere you wish. There's plenty of designs to choose from. I chose Vintage Glitz and I put them up on my closet doors. I even added some to my Mac laptop. They are easy to remove and easy to reuse. For more information on this wonderful product, check out the fan page on Facebook: click here and check out their website: click here (the code ANGELICA provides 10% off)! There are even decals for boys as well!

Milan Adriana Escarini

Some Italians artists remember the event on Milan streets.

20th Anniversary Berlin Wall.

of the fall of the

Milan Adriana Escarini Photo:Tomaso Spandrio

My new town: Guide To Berlin The Italian designer Lisa Filippini shares the places and secrets to living well in Berlin. * What are the must-see places in Berlin? After the usual tourist trip around the city, I suggest on Sundays Mauer Park with the flea market and the open air karaoke; or the Boxhagener Platz Flea Market is also very cute. Monday Guggenheim Museum is free and sometimes there are some interesting exhibitions.The “Lunchkonzerte” series is running every Tuesday at 1pm at the Berliner Philharmoniker also for free. In winter time The Badeschiff, the swimming pool inside the Spree river, is covered and also becomes a sauna (www., it’s really cool, try it out. Thursdays the Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) is free after 6 p.m. and you can find all the history of German painters.

*What artists are recommended? Some blogs talk about the Berlin art scene ( and you can find very interesting events running once a month ( Some galleries I like are WIR Gallery ( and The Strychnin Gallery ( fs_cont.html). But personally I prefer people who use the street as a canvas, people who paints giant murals on the walls of the buildings or uses galleries as ateliers as work in progress...Berlin is full of colored spaces and it’s great to discover them by chance.

* Berlin & Fashion The street fashion of Berlin is very ’80 with spotted leggings, shoulders pads, shoes with wedge heels as “Teddy boys”, over sized jackets, very dark colors, black and white or fluo. I suggest this good blog: Stilinberlin (stilinberlin.blogspot. com) that summarizes all the different Berlin styles. My favorite shops are some amazing concept stores: first Konk, the designer selection shows the avant-garde mood of the city, also Temporary Showroom ( and Apartment ( are really great shops; if you love strange shapes but you don’t have a lot of money the answer is Cos ( * And the design? It is particularly ergonomic, measured by the daily life, functional and can be found everywhere in the U-Bahn (subway), on the street, in public spaces, stations, local shops.

There are many fairs and spaces dedicated to it, even if events at an international level do not yet happen. *Tell us about Berlin at night A typical Saturday evening would be: dinner with friends, when they know that you can cook pasta you’re sorzed, some beer at Barbie Deinhoff ( or Molbe Olfe, a quick stroll to the Lido where the good concerts neverending and once a month there is a party with Balkan music. Then a few hours to sleep and have breakfast around 10 in the morning to Berghein, better known as Panaroma Bar, a club where the “morning after” is more fun than it’s night before.

Buenos Aires Carolina Romano

You’re violating my privacy: the man next door The man next door by Gaston Duprat and Mariano Cohn, was screened during the 24th edition of Film Festival in Mar del Plata, which took place from 7 to 15 November of the current year, participating in the competition in Argentina. One of the most curious and appealing of this production was that this film was entirely filmed in the only house designed by renowned Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier in America (located in La Plata), and is considered a jewel of global architecture. Glazed, spacious rooms, walls with white backgrounds, tables and minimalist decor, and shades of gray and metal are some of its most distinctive aspects of housing, and to involve not only aesthetically because of the visual shock they produce but also narratively , providing a cool atmosphere, tension. The directors elected for the heart of the story the conflict between neighbors with large air / dose of humor and irony. A window (or hole also may call, why not?) that someone on a middling overlooking a neighbor's house started the issue. Leonardo is a renowned industrial designer, prestige owes a chair that he designed and was very known worldwide, lives with his family (wife and daughter) and the maid Curuchet Elba House (the house designed by Le Corbusier ). His routine is corrupted by the works of a neighbor, Victor, who builds a window on the party and has seen his house, which in his words violated the privacy of him and his family. He claims that the building to capture "a little sun" which Leonardo "to spare". The deafening noises alter their lifestyle, and daily activities of his family. Mediatrix is proposed as the main character, is the separation of two intimate, two totally opposite lifestyles. And this hole on the party, which arises at first like any other neighborhood conflict, beyond the subject, he exhausted most of their time to Leonardo, and eventually removed and put into tension many aspects of their lives, their work and his family. On one side of the

Mediatrix Leonardo, expensive wines, the design world, snobbery, and the other, Victor, fat, and apricots, sailed and funny. The neighbor "neighborhood" is approaching excessively friendly and confident attitude to the "progressive" with intentions to make the relationship more fun, but refuses, he is threatening. The uneasy relationship between neighbors, Victor with his failed promises to cover the window on the party giving Leonardo's house, turns the film into a movie uncomfortable, at all times it seems that he was about to explode, and so kept in suspense the viewer: in short, the conflict between the "snob" and "fat" comes out (forgive the redundancy), when the "fat" makes a hole on the party that gives the house snob to catch a little sun, that this has plenty. Trailer: Photos: google images

Buenos Aires Carolina Romano

The revolution of waste: the gleaners and the gleaner by Agnès Varda This 2000 documentary from French director Agnes Varda reveals the characters who behave like the gleaners of the city, who scavenging system, waste from the society of consumption, some for food due to extreme situation poverty and do not consider it moral to waste that kind of food and other items when so many people suffer from deficiencies in the world, mostly from hunger, others, such as artists, they take it and recycle it to produce their works. The documentary begins with a classic painting called "The Gleaners" by Millet and begins by defining them as those who were engaged: "glean is to gather after the harvest", "spikes / spike to someone who is." This practice was common during the war, and who spent much hunger. The interesting thing about the director is the manner in which transposes this practice in the countryside to the city today: before was collected what was left of the harvest, now collected the excess of the consumer society, or rather what that wastes, which believes that it no longer serves. The city gleaners pick apples, eggs, leftovers and other markets, televisions, toys and other items that are left on the street, the food that is overcome by one or more days and clear, are outside the system: heart-shaped potatoes, yogurths that have expired for a day and more. Sure, some of them feed on the others pull the poverty in which they find, but there are working people who is collecting the garbage they throw other (which some consider to be rubbish, but for them there) for ethical reasons, because they become aware of the waste that is all that amount of food and objects, and not only that, but take action on it, recycle to help the environment. And one of the cases decided to film the director, really leaves much to think. This is a man who has made studies and even a master's degree in biology (so he says he knows everything that has to do with food and nutrients, which give it),

which is selling newspapers at the station to survive, and collect what is left of the markets and the leftover bread and bakers yesterday morning shoot. Many people do not understand how this man made studies chose to live this way. Not only that, but, is dedicated to teaching French (of course free, does not receive any money for it, is not part of the school system) to a large number of African immigrants and illiterates living in the same hostel it (50% of the hostel is illiterate). A man who counts for the system, but that definitely supports it. With camera in hand, interviewing some of these gleaners of town, and some sequences interspersed with rap verses alluding to these characters, Varda seeking to make us aware of the consumer society in which we live today, the waste that on an everyday basis, what that we wasted because we believe that no longer serve us, but be careful, that everything that we do not serve other self, which for us is rubbish but not others, and not only that but also really need them. A defiant director, with a look that is aware and involved in the conflict, makes sense and leaves us with much to think about.

Photos: google images

New York Audrey Allure

Inch’ Allah Dimanche

I watched this film in my Women's Studies class, and it really is a good movie. The title translates to Sunday God Willing. It's about an Algerian mother & her 3 kids, along with her commanding mother-in-law, moving to France with her husband. Because of their culture, the mother (Zouina) isn't treated fairly; she is beaten by her husband because of minor things to us, but majorly wrong things to them. For example, her neighbor gave Zouina makeup as a gift because she sees that Zouina is unhappy doing all these chores & tasks for everyone else & has little time for herself. Zouina's mother-in-law discovers the makeup, tells Zouina's husband, and she gets slapped across the face hard. Through our eyes, that may be considered as abuse. However, in their culture - that's normal. IMDB's sypnosis of this movie is: The story of an immigrant woman struggling against old world traditions. Zouina leaves her homeland with her three children to join her husband in France, where he's been living for the past ten years. In a land and culture foreign to her, Zouina struggles against her mother-in-law's tyrannical hand and her husband's distrustful bitterness in an attempt to adjust to her life in exile. It's a good film, although the ending seemed a bit abrupt.

Photos: Google Images & IMDB

New York Audrey Allure

Style Wars I wasn’t able to attend this amazing event, although I was another competitor. The winner of the competition will get able to interview a person who did – Vanache! Read on to a feature in Surface Magazine. Pretty cool. find out what happened. *What was the atmosphere like? I would say the atmosphere was a mix between the younger more hip youngsters of today’s fashion scenes, and a few seasoned hipsters; including the judges of the event. At least from my perspective. The vibe was a bit charming as well. You had the stage filled with racks of random clothing, house hold items, & some other miscellaneous products that you would know what to do with, HAHA. You had a separate section in the back where the models & Surface Magazine were holding a 10-minute photo shoot for the models right after each battle. And an intimate floor area filled with people mingling and tacking pictures while drinking it up. I’d say the atmosphere was pretty decent. *How was everyone dressed that attended the event? Well, outside of the actual designers and their crews involved in the competition, the audience seemed to have a common 90’s sitcom look. Friends, Melrose Place, & believe it or not Parker Lewis comes to mind, Haha. But as I said before, the only noticeable outfits were on the designers. One of the competitors of the show had a 1930’s look. I appreciated the direction, but I felt like the execution was a bit off. You also had another contestant who wore a pink dress that she later unraveled off of herself in order to create an outfit during the freestyle round. I would say that the designers dressed in ways that served as a reflection of their design styles, as well as a utility for standing a chance in the competition. *Can you briefly explain what the event was about & how it works? Sure. From what I gathered from two weeks of watching YouTube videos and playing classical music, style wars is broken down like this. You have a collection of young up and coming designers creating outfits on stage within the parameters of what ever you can use that’s provided on stage. Items can be as practical as a slip on skirt or army pants, to random stuff like a trash bag or aluminum foil. The only other stipulation is that each designer will try to create the best outfit with little time to prepare, and against

*Who was the winner? The winner of the competition was team Shauntele. *What was their winning look? The winning look was called Pimp My Bride, and Shauntele used an old wedding dresses along with some black lace to create a sort of emo veil. [All photos taken by Vanache]

New York Audrey Allure

Sundai Love As most of you fashionistas know, this season of America’s Next Top Model features girls who are 5’7” and under – a perfect opportunity for short aspiring models! If you have been watching, you may recognize Sundai – the fun, sweet girl who continuously does well each week. I had the lovely opportunity to interview her just for Fringe Indie! *Tell me how did modeling come about in your life? How old were you when you first started? The entertainment area has always been in my life since I was very young – about 5, but I knew I wanted to be a model around age 13. My sister was trying to model and she would take me with her to agencies and auditions so I knew that was something I wanted to do.

line that loved my face so I’m very grateful for that. *Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I should be employed, experienced out of school and having my own show.

*Who are your inspirations/idols? Any modeling mentors you look up to? *What was your auditioning process like? Did you ever I love Adriana Lima, Alex Wek, and Chanel. think you'd reach that far in the competition? The audition process for the show was a very competitive *I've heard a rumor that contestants of ANTM were not process. There were over 5,000 girls who tried out in LOS allowed to use the shots taken during the show as part of ANGELES alone. When I arrived I felt like I was under their portfolio. Is that true? dressed with just a tank top and shorts on but I knew a That’s completely false, but we aren’t allowed to use them clean look was the best way to get past the judges. There and don’t get our portfolio until the show is over. were many rounds we had to go through. The audition process lasted two days, ending with a video about your *If not modeling, what would you be pursuing? self that Tyra herself sat down and watched to pick the 32 Acting, I also love acting. girls she wanted for the show. *What about modeling do you love? *Which other models do you still keep in contact with? I love taking pictures and dressing up in something you Which model was the least sociable? don’t always wear. Different looks of myself and seeing Surprising to most, I talk to all of the girls I’m closest to what I can produce makes me happy and there’s nothing Laura, Jennifer, Rachel, Erin, Nicole, Lisa and Ashley but more fun than the rush of being on a runway. I talk to all of the girls often. I talk to Courtney the least. *Anything else you want to add or tell your fans? *What was your favorite part of the experience? I love and am grateful for who ever believed in me througGaining tips throughout the show was the best experience hout the show and please try and keep in mind..... It's just because they were very helpful and I plan on using them a TV show :) in the real world. Also getting to work with so many different great photographers. *What was your least favorite part of the experience? Waking up early and working the whole day. I’m not used to the early mornings. It really took a lot out of me. *What are you doing now? Any modeling contracts, freelancing, school, etc.? I’m doing very well now. I don’t want to jinx anything but I have a few things lined up as we speak. I will say that I’m signing a contract to be the spokesmodel for a makeup

Summer 2010 Trend Report

For the photo of the polka dot bikini: PH: Victoria Leites Styling: Ramiro Gimenez Make up: Mery Garcia Wardrobe: Victory SANTILLAN Czernikowski Model: Valeria Rossatti

For photos of clothing, sequined dress and sets PH: Victoria Leites Styling: Ramiro Gimenez Make up: Mery Garcia Wardrobe: Patt Couture Model: Valeria Rossatti For the photo of black dress and headdress of feathers: PH: Victoria Leites Styling: Ramiro Gimenez Make up: Mery Garcia Wardrobe: Catalina Rautenberg Model: Valeria Rossatti

For photos of outdoor scenes in the vines in this black dress: PH: Victoria Leites Styling: Ramiro Gimenez Make up: Mery Garcia Wardrobe: Patt Couture Catalina Rautenberg Model: Valeria Rossatti

Buenos Aires Ramiro Gimenez

Feature: Catalina Rautenberg FROM MODEL TO DESIGNER *What makes you most happy in life? What makes me happiest in life is to feel alive, I mean, have dreams, projects and ideas all the time, desire to learn things, to work, leaving work, have desires, feel that I can believe in people, having them faith, love her, have the ability to love beyond the blows, and my dear people, my friends and family are the same. *What did you learn of life these past 7 years? Phew ..... in short, to believe in myself ... which is rather complicated especially for some people, like me for example... hahaha *What book would you recommend for those who love design? Any book that talks about the history of fashion, I recommend not one book in particular, a theme, so, as they refer to the bases of all the history that was written throughout the ages, there is all. The story for me is the original source, because one understands. The history can be approached from various points, be it political, social, decorative, art, fashion, etc ... And one can understand an issue globally, because everything is inextricably linked, everything is the result of something, and fashion, the trend is a consequence of historical events that have happened ...

*At what point did you feel you needed to do something different? As I have told, was always the same, I never raised to do something different, just to what I felt at the time and worked for it. *What was the more crazy and bizarre thing you did for love? ... ... There are timesI consider love as crazy and sometimes bizarre ... now not so much, ha ha But you want the story so I'll give you ... At 19 in Córdoba, while studying architecture, I was dying of love for a boy who was studying medicine, we were dating, we were good even though he was studying a lot ... our relationship was magical, and is to this day I have of this relationship as more intense memories, crazy, and deep. I think 2 months we were celebrating, and that night he had to study, we would get together the next day, so I bought some partial shade, paint and made a street parade with my own hands, the story is that he lived in an apartment .. on the 8th floor! if I remember correctly, and his room, the window where he was studying was in the inside of the building, and I wanted to hang for him to see from his study desk so I found out who was the department and floor of the building facing overlooking the window, I rang the bell to the owner of that department told him my plan of love and hung up the street parade at one end to the gates of balcony and the other end hooked the ropes by a mini window in the bathroom of this department (ie the window of my boyfriend was on the side of another building, true madness) obviously the owner of the department helped me throughout, bringing out all the passacaglia from the window of a bathroom, making pendulum until the other grabbed him from the balcony ... madness and total bravery!! And all this while my boyfriend was studying in his room. When he finally found out he died.. if not love, but he kept that street parade for years.

*What did you project in your dreams when you were little? Well, I don’t promptly remember a dream, just a feeling, a taste, as a repeated game, a way to give a turn of thread around, go beyond being in front of a common activity for a girl ... and all I had to do with making things, ornaments, drawings with much work and detail into everything more complex than usual, was very restless, I was always creating projects, for example, make houses to play, with tables sticks, branches, roof with door and everything, then decorate, to curtains, invented tables, chairs... the question was where I had made the famous house and what materials I used to meet my goals ... and there was trouble at *What is your favorite place in the world? home for that.... ha ha Tutum Mexico

*What influences left you modeling to be a designer? I believe now, after so many years of work, I was always a very observant model, I was always very present in every activity I did like clothing, a runway show, pictures, I always watched ... and drew my conclusions whether I liked or not what I was living, If not influences, but if methods, looks about something, either an image or a runway show ... Influences ... maybe sometimes I take out my ninety’s eye ha ha

And never ever stop having serious talks with the heart…

*A movie: Many ... many ... But for example ... I love the movie “Before dawn” ... I feel awful, as he claims it is to know someone, and its outcome, and then its sequel “Before sunset”, filmed 10 years later with the same actors, in a meeting 10 years after the events of the first movie ... tremendous, moves me, so human so sincere, so real, talking about love, life, encounters and disagreements, the cowardice, everything ... just two actors *What is the first thing you teach in your classes at the with speaking between them, while walking, travel sites and nothing else. school of Ricardo Pineiro? More than 13 years I teach there runway there... and the first thing I say is, I'm no master of anything, just a model who *A moment: would love for all people to learn to find the appoggiatura This is, no other in themselves, and stop looking sideways, to concentrate on one what one wants, it feels ... and learn to manage all that *A journey: serve ... in this case the runway, fashion ... and that's what Everyone. The external and above all, the internals I'm going to teach from of my experiences. *A dream: Be always awake to live my dreams *What is love and how you live it? Love .... Wow ... I try to live in constant state of love, sometimes I succeed, *A garment: sometimes not, but that's what I think now is love, a steady A skirt of silk satin state, a way of being is a state, self, deep, .... if you see it and it works this way, no one takes you, and suffering is not *A perfume: close to you, because being in a state of love, leads many The mixed with holy stick with l´au de issey sensations that have to do with self-esteem, understanding of the facts, and respect for oneself and the other .. *What inspires you to make your designs? Much: moods, some music, some memory, artists that I love ... *How do you feel when you see a graphic or your design in a magazine? Content. I always smile when I see something of mine out there, because that is the trigger for something new, more growth and I love it. *What advice you can give to our readers about your dreams? That commitment!, Give advice ... I can only say what I say all the holy days, we must not stop believing in dreams ... not easy in these days and where we live, that this is Incidentally, mistreat both, in different ways ... ... but first the dream, we must identify, visualize create it, believe in one, and never let go, and then plan how to achieve this, as materialize, and do what needed to reach the goal, be flexible but firm in the dream ... maybe over time you realize that this is not just sleep, and have the courage to change course if you are truly convinced.

Buenos Aires Flavia Martina

Get into the Romma vibe FIM's Editor in chief spoke with Romina Carniglia, owner and designer of Romma about thier collection and new trends.

*When did Romma started and what were your aspirations back then? Romma was born in late 2008, just as I was finishing my degree in Industrial Design from the UBA. Almost casually combining fun, joy and pleasure, I created different products, which were initially for my personal use. However, as time passed, I saw that acquaintances and friends loved what I did and orders began. Seeing the great acceptance, and not just in my immediate environment, I decided to take advantage of a booming commercial vein, offering accessories and bijouterie with a stamp of innovation in design and materials. ROMMA was then a hobby, the hobby where I felt free and I amused myself creating. Today the brand continues to maintain the same spirit but (as the growth was much) also complement it with training courses and advice to keep growing and enjoying. *How is your creative process? The creation process is strongly tied to nature, organic forms, the diversity of colors and exploration of the senses. While research is a predominantly fashion trends, which helps us stay updated, create cutting edge products and rich in design. The fixtures have built enough manual labor but also about combining technology for slicing and generation of complex shapes. This fusion of craft and technology can achieve the most exclusive accessories with a very good finish and a wide range of morphological possibilities. *What materials do you usually work with? ROMMA has a concept based mainly on textiles, using materials that convey great warmth and comfort. Among the materials used there is the reuse of various textile waste by encouraging the use of resources and giving great value added to the final product. In turn, we used leftover leather and in this last season, we have added the use of wood for the creation of a new line of accessories. *Romma accessories are for an individual with personality and who enjoys modern living, who were your references over time? As the main reference are the people you choose to share

much of my life, friends, family, couple and takes a lot of this when seeking ROMMA’s style. There is no reference in particular because we are increasingly part of everything and this is clearly seen in the women of today, where she is an athlete, mother, businesswoman, friend, lover, to join in what she is. ROMMA seeks wealth in everyday life, and thrives on the everyday things around us. *What is the key element that defines the style in the new collection? In this new collection can be identified that the brand began a search as to the forms and materials. Butterfly Hoops (wood) are a clear example of the further development of the brand. *What design is the most sold? The design that we have sold more are the FEDER hoops. The response from clients was very good. The fact that they come in different colors and patterns provides a wide range of choice, and although they are relatively large hoops are very light for the use of fabrics. *What tips does Romma recommend for the new season? For the new season ROMMA recommends colors like coral, aquamarine and violet. Both for the day to night, you can add an animal print detail, either on some shoes, some earrings or a scarf. The animal print always raises a casual outfit and looks great on all women. *Where can we buy your products? - ROMMA accessories are available at: - SPICES (Honduras 4874 - Palermo) - SHOP PALACIO (Honduras 5272 - Palermo) - Luria (5949 NICARAGUA - Palermo) - SALSIPUEDES (Freedom 1634 - Recoleta) - SALSIPUEDES (Gen. Paunero 1983 - Martinez) - POINTS IN SPACE (Independencia 407 - San Telmo) - POINTS IN SPACE (Peru 979 - San Telmo) For wholesale contact: romma.contacto @ To learn more about the brand and its products: * On December 19 on the festival BUENDIA (Plaza Palermo Viejo) * From 20 to 25 May 2010 Pure Design Fair (THE VILLAGE)

Exported from India PH: Flavia Martina Model: Denise Maciel Roulier Accesories: Nora Pezzani, Cielo PlaterĂ­a, Spadaro


Buenos Aires Flavia Martina Visit her blog at:

FIM Talks with the most stylish blogger from Brazil. *When did you decided to start your blog and how was the process? I started blogging about two and half years ago. The blog used to be completely different. I used to post famous people pictures for inspiration only for myself. But the blog started to have readers and they asked me about pictures of myself and now I try so hard to do all my posts. The things that inspire me and the things that I see.

so into the French Culture. With icons like Carine Roitfeld and so many more that we don’t even know their names. I guess, today, we are more inspired by anonymous ‘personas’ than the famous ones.

*How would you define your style? I always try to follow a rock-chic style with a fashion approach. I think the rock elements really come from my passion for music and all.

*What other blogs do you recommend us? I love street style blogs. They are the best influence. My last loves: Garance Doré, Jak and Jill, Karla’s Closet and French Toast. I love all of them!

*To know you a little bit more, who are your fashion references and icons? At first, I used to love the style from the girls from USA, like the Olsen’s twins for example. Then, I changed my references to the British style, with Kate Moss. Now, I am

*Lastly.. who would you like to be the next "Blogger of the Moment"? I do love the style of my friend from She is so edgy!!!

*Do you follow trends or try to build them yourself? I enjoy seeing what is going on around the national and international catwalks from all around the world and yes, I follow trends. But I try to adapt them to my reality and *When did you realize you liked fashion? closet. And, for me, the most fun about the fashion is each I think since I was a little. I remember my mother telling own interpretation to the trends. me, for example, to use my socks folded. But, I insisted then to have my socks up. And, at children party pictures, *Favorite place to shop? all the girls were wearing the socks down and only mine Department stores and also big brands stores. I am saving was up. This is a fun story. Later then, I started to play for Chanel and Louboutin right now! guitar and I became a band leader from my friend’s band. I used to think a lot about the appropriate clothes to wear *What was the last thing you bought? at the concerts. Since now, I remember how hard it was A beautiful white tight dress. I am planning a great phobecause I had to sing, play and talk to the audience, but toshoot with it! I didn’t want to show too much of my body. It is a tricky business. *What is your best kept secret in fashion (that can be revealed)? *When you created your blog, Did you had in mind what I think it is to know yourself well, your personality (likes you were going to express on it? and dislikes) and be sincere to it. For starters, the clue is No. I just did and, at the time, I thought it was something making a list about the things you like and try to connect only for me. I was completely wrong. Blog is all about that to your closet. Another thing is to know your body. sharing thought and experiences. Don’t wear thing which don’t suit you.


Sao Paulo, 3 a.m., Maybe 5— By: S.E. Cohn

I’m at that point again. The point where the beers can’t do a goddamned thing. I wish they could obliterate my memory, knock me out and put me to bed. But I’m still disastrously awake, sitting at the desk in my motel room. The lights are off, and I am writing in the dark. I tell myself that maybe that last sentence carries weight. Stupid to think such a thing right now. Just write. I peer out the window upon graffiti walls of exposed concrete. A few heads milling about and some cars driving slow. Somebody told me the transvestites walk this street. I wipe the sweat off my brow and rub it into my hair. I ring out my eyes. Maybe one more beer will do the trick? I turn to fish one from the ice in the sink. The ice has melted. So has Camila in the bed. Camila. Camila. I like to say the name. I say it aloud this time, “Camila!” She wakes up briefly and spouts something hostile towards me in Portuguese, then melts again. Camila. I met her this evening at the reading in Madalena. She approached me shortly after I read and told me that my poetry was vile and it disgusted her. I told her I agreed, that it disgusted me too, and that I hate myself most of the time, so I’ll buy us a round to celebrate our honesty and disgust... Now my disgust sleeps there in that bed, wrapped up in my sheets, in my sweat, even a little bit of blood, and she is about to become another one of those poems. Somebody out there loves Camila.


FRINGE INDIE MAGAZINE #8 December/January 09-10  

FIM Issue N°08.

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