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[ in the know ] Hello there! Welcome! “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day” the infamous lyrics from Nina Simone…and that is exactly how we feel at Fringe ITK! We have progressed and have finally arrived to the level we are proud of. Not easy you know, but extremely exciting once you are on the right track. WHOOPI! I am smiling! A few new articles to look out for this month is – Dirty, Sexy, Money (Telling you like it is and somewhat interesting!..Hmmm), International (Interviews with Uber cool ITK individuals across the globe) and Raa-Raa. Yes I know, were doing things the way we see fit and why not? Why stick to the conventional…we work in an industry that is creative, this doesn’t always mean going OTT, but doing this in a manner other than the norm. If you’re lucky enough to pick up a hard copy-Fabulous my dear-hold on to it. Oh my precious darlings we have some very goregous Blue Glue bikinis spread. I own 3 pairs, best you get down to Alexandra Delag at Cape Quarter...boys this is definitely eye candy for you,plus we have a super sexy issue this month with extra sexyness with Amore E Seduce and their latest lingerie range. So my darlings, I don’t have much to say, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the outdoors, especially the festivals and remember, be in the know! In The Know

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M V D W “..every day a new celebrity in SA is born and I adore that - it’s what you do with it that makes you a true success.”



[13:06:45] Fringe Magazine: Hellooo! [13:06:58] Margaret van der Westhuizen: Bladdy hell it’s been ages… [13:07:05] Fringe Magazine: It has been forever! [13:07:11] Fringe Magazine: How are you? [13:07:13] Margaret van der Westhuizen: You just crawled out the woodwork where the hell have you been????????? [13:07:22] Margaret van der Westhuizen: I’m GREAT this side… [13:07:25] Fringe Magazine: The interview is with you not about me! [13:07:32] Margaret van der Westhuizen: ahhaahahhaaha hahhahahahaha [13:07:34] Fringe Magazine: But a brief update! [13:07:36] Fringe Magazine: London! [13:07:40] Margaret van der Westhuizen: Just quickly tell me about you for 5min… [13:07:55] Margaret van der Westhuizen: You in London now? [13:08:01] Fringe Magazine: Been back 2 yrs officially, then off to Beijing next July and spending 3 months in the east! [13:08:08] Fringe Magazine: Yeah, that will be a personal catch up! [13:08:15] Fringe Magazine: Now for the mag! [13:08:16] Fringe Magazine: Lol!



[13:08:26] Margaret van der Westhuizen: ahhahahahahahahaha [13:08:31] Margaret van der Westhuizen: okay you such a tease [13:08:38] Fringe Magazine: Oh behave! [13:08:48] Margaret van der Westhuizen: :D [13:08:52] Fringe Magazine: I’m giggling away like a silly little teenager! [13:09:01] Fringe Magazine: Do you still have that laugh of yours? [13:09:16] Fringe Magazine: That is the most infectious laugh ever! [13:09:17] Margaret van der Westhuizen: LOUD AND CLEAR!!!!!!!!!! [13:09:27] Margaret van der Westhuizen: I will always have this laugh it follows me around ahahahahahahah [13:09:32] Margaret van der Westhuizen: Thanks babe [13:09:38] Fringe Magazine: Too funny! [13:09:54] Margaret van der Westhuizen:.. It gets me bust in comedy shows then I get picked on [13:09:54] Fringe Magazine: I wish fringe readers could understand it.... [13:10:02] Fringe Magazine: Hilarious! [13:10:11] Margaret van der Westhuizen: me short IT’S LOUD!!!! [13:10:24] Fringe Magazine: Tell me...where are you? [13:10:33] Margaret van der Westhuizen:‌ living or right now?



[13:10:38] Fringe Magazine: Now? [13:11:01] Margaret van der Westhuizen: I’m residing in KZN in my beautiful home but work every week in JHB - the demands of the business [13:11:22] Margaret van der Westhuizen: right now I’m at my desk in my office getting ready to launch a fantastic product for L’Oreal [13:11:41] Fringe Magazine: Oh great....tell us more about the launch... [13:11:45] Margaret van der Westhuizen: we have offices all over SA [13:11:57] Margaret van der Westhuizen:… if I told you I would have to kill you ahahhahahahahah [13:12:24] Margaret van der Westhuizen: We launching a skin care range for them - the brand is existing however the education of the brand still needs to be relayed to consumer and that’s what we do. [13:12:46] Margaret van der Westhuizen: it will be in all stores next week with our gorgeous ambassadors to assist consumers [13:13:26] Fringe Magazine: Tell us about your business [13:14:37] Margaret van der Westhuizen: TheMagsBrand has been around for the past 12yrs and we have joined forces with Motseleng who have been in the industry for the past 17yrs and with our experience we look after some of the top market leaders in the country - from Strategic elements to your everyday in-store promotions [13:14:52] Fringe Magazine: Oh wow, that is fantastic! [13:15:08] Margaret van der Westhuizen: it has been a blessing from above and we have fantastic contracts [13:15:15] Margaret van der Westhuizen: I LOVE WHAT I DO! [13:15:46] Fringe Magazine: It sounds fantastic....quite the entrepreneur!

[13:16:22] Margaret van der Westhuizen: I was in radio for 7yrs [13:16:22] Fringe Magazine: Is that a sideline or are you still focused on that too? [13:16:35] Margaret van der Westhuizen: presented a few TV shows [13:18:23] Margaret van der Westhuizen: GROWING [13:19:24] Margaret van der Westhuizen: since my first days in the media which is 9 years ago it has simply boomed and there is a lot of respect for artists now which is fantastic for the industry - every day a new celebrity in SA is born and I adore that - it’s what you do with it that makes you a true success. [13:25:57] Fringe Magazine: Listen, know it has been 9 yrs since your reality experience...the very infamous BB.... 13:27:52] Margaret van der Westhuizen: Well it’s been a long time and what people don’t realise is that I have come a long way since the days of naked screaming in a confined space. So every day when I’m stopped in a store or on the street they speak to you like you still 22 and what they don’t realise is that I’m 32 and run a National business and in a very serious relationship - people forget that you move on. [13:32:31] Fringe Magazine: It seems you have been one busy girl, but what do you do in your downtime? [13:33:43] Margaret van der Westhuizen: I make sure I get in some time on the golf course, I have taken up surfing lessons ahahahhahah true story, and I like to clock in some quality family time - travelling is huge so I dont get to see them much ....Catch the rest of the interview online...Mags had to much to say,but good fun catching up with the ex Big Brother 1, South Africa Housemate, who has now turned Business Woman.

Interview by Nina Zani


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The house where Amnesia now stands was built at the end of the 18th century. Five generations of the Planells family lived within its thick, whitewashed walls. They cultivated the land and built a mill out of stone. During the first half of the 10th century the poor that came to beg, received bread, cheese and dried figs. From 2006 til date, Amnesia has been awarded for 3 consecutive years the prestigious BEST GLOBAL CLUB award in the Winter Music Conference which is held every year in Miami during the last week of March.









The Power

At the end of her bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert fell in love with Felipe, a Brazilian-born man of Australian citizenship who’d been living in Indonesia when they met. Resettling in America, the couple swore eternal fidelity to each other, but also swore to never, ever, under any circumstances get legally married. (Both were survivors of previous divorces. Enough said.)

SuperFreakonomics, the highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling Freakonomics, was released on October 20, 2009. Steven Levitt, professor of economics at the University of Chicago, and author Stephen Dubner have again teamed together to apply economic reasoning to a wide range of real-world questions. As with the original Freakonomics, SuperFreakonomics is largely based upon the research of Professor Levitt, who has tackled problems inside and outside the field of economics.

You are meant to have an amazing life! This is the handbook to the greatest power in the Universe - The Power to have anything you want. Every discovery, invention and human creation comes from The Power. Perfect health, incredible relationships, a career you love, a life filled with happiness, and the money you need to be, do, and have everything you want, all come from The Power. The life of your dreams has always been closer to you than you realized, because The Power - to have everything good in your life - is inside you. To create anything, to change anything, all it takes is just one thing... THE POWER.

we don’t use word’s like...





Katie Melua has released her fourth album – The House. It was produced by William Orbit who decided to work with Katie on this project. Katie has written and recorded an album that is both musically adventurous and her lyrics very expressive. When we look at Melua’s earlier work, she never seems to disappoint. If you listen to the album almost every track has you engrossed with her strong voice that captures her lyrics and sound to perfection. “The House” and “A happy place” are but two of my favourite, a very up tempo album and another must have in the CD /I- Pod collection.

Maroon five has come along way from the days of”this ove” a hit that shot them to fame. Their recent album deifinitely has a more edgy feel to the sound but still carrying the Maroon 5 sound. If you’re fan then this is one you should get for the collection.

The memories have been collected. It’s time to put them to use.Zebra and Giraffe have just released The Inside, their second full-length album. Their 2008 debut Collected Memories garnered local and international acclaim and saw them win a 2009 SAMA Award for Best Rock Album, nominated for three SAMAs in the categories Best Newcomer, Best Album Packaging and MTN Record of the Year for The Knife. They also won the MTV MAMA Award for Best Alternative album.


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BBC Last Night of the

The Girl with the Dragon



Release Date: Friday, 22

Release Date: Friday, 08

Release Date: Friday, 29

October 2010

October 2010

October 2010

Age Restriction: TBA

Age Restriction: TBA

Age Restriction: TBA

Enjoy the best of the

This Swedish thriller is

Inspired by a 1968 ex-

2010 Proms from The Roy-

about journalist Mikael

cursion into Patagonia,

al Albert Hall, London.

Blomkvist and hacker

adventurer Jeff Johnson

The Last Night concert

Lisbeth Salander who are

sets out to retrace the

is traditionally the cul-

hired by a reclusive in-

arduous trek as filmmak-

mination of the annual

dustrialist to figure out a

er Chris Malloy follows

eight-week celebration

long unresolved mystery.

with camera in hand.

of classical music, and

And it isn’t long before

But despite surfing the

is renowned for its audi-

they uncover a dark

biggest wave he’s ever

ence participation and

world of brutality and

encountered, Johnson

patriotic tone. This year

deception and they find

quickly discovers just

music fans can also

that they must fight for

how treacherous things

enjoy a virtuoso perfor-

their own survival if they

can get when you

mance from American

want to reveal the truth.

decide to challenge

soprano Renee Fleming.



180 Degrees South

Mother Nature.






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Style Tips

Kori R 799.00

Sadira R 599.00

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Spring/Summer 2010-2011

This season introduces us to floating femininity. Shades of girly pastels earthed by beautiful tanned leathers are a must have. Evening apparel leads to classic elegance with tailored fits in essential black and white with a hint of bejeweled dazzle! MeMeMe 5 essential tips for Spring. 1. Balance Balance the masculine, tailored power look by adding a glimpse of soft femininity. Try: A classic fitted pencil skirt with a luxurious, sheer silk shirt or A tailored jacket adds the perfect frame to a pretty floral dress; add some calf length leather booties to protect from springs surprising chills. 2. Colour Tone down those harsh colours from the previous summer. Brights are watered down into romantic nudes. Try: Fresh whites in cottons and silks teamed with classic leather accessories. Sheer fabrics add a dreamy airiness, dirty pink and nudes are the headlining shades for this season. 3. Simplify Simplicity equals freshness. Spring clean that wardrobe clutter by opting for this season’s minimalistic approach. Try: Compliment the soft tones of spring by choosing one exquisite piece or accessory (be it a sequence headband or gorgeous brooch) to be brought to life by springs neutral tones. 4. Romanticize Don’t be afraid to release your inner princess this spring, after a tediously dismal winter we all deserve a dash of fantasy! Try: Long flowing skirts in fresh whites or delectable silk/ chiffon dresses guaranteed to make any girl feel like royalty! Add a twenties inspired headband to finish off the ultimate glamour queen look. 5. Comfort We can’t be expected to sparkle all day long without having the luxury of breathing! Try: Lightweight cotton stretch dresses for those active afternoons. Anything elasticated makes for the perfect fit and keeps you sufficiently oxygenated the entire day!!! Embrace your inner queen and be the breath of fresh air everyone is pining for! Enjoy!





“I love to shop... I never stop actually...� Hi Alex, how are you and where are you? Hi Fringe magazine! I am currently in Johannesburg...looking over and after our store at Hyde park shopping center. I am very well thanks...busy but happy about our stunning new summer collection!!

You have been on the go... what you

are always impeccable and the style

are currently busy with?

is edgy and sexy but very wearable- I could always just buy the whole col-

Yes I have been very busy lately -but I

lection and soon we want to introduce

love it!!- ...I’ve been on a buying tip to

the men’s range as well!

Australia, Bali and Italy... On one hand I’m always scouting for new labels and

Have you always been interested in

seeing what is out there...then in Bali I


have my regular contacts of international designers who produce great

I’ve definitely always had a love for

ranges at great prices and with whom

fashion and for discovering niche

I have a bit more creative influence

brands around the world. My mother

than usual. Whereas in Italy I mainly go

was and is a shopoholic and used to

and place my orders for PATRIZIA PEPE.

drag me through the malls and shop-

Their Milan showroom is amazing and

ping streets from an early age and

soo inspiring! I just love her range... its

even my grandmother was always re-

always very strong and very wearable!

ally into fashion come to think of it!

Tell us about the stores and your brand?

What is your best fashion accessory?

Alexandra Del Lago has two stores, one in Cape Town at the Cape Quar-

I love shoes... a great shoe can re-

ter and one in Johannesburg at the

ally pull an outfit together and make

Hyde Park shopping centre. The es-

a white tee and jeans into something

sence of Alexandra Del Lago is a Pas-

more... I also love great bold jewelry

sion for Fashion...but obviously its a bit

pieces… Hmm actually I love great

deeper than that… We love to travel

statement pieces-an outfit should

the world and bring in great fashion

always have one strong piece… be it

labels that are not currently available

the show, the bag, the jacket...some-

and focus on edgy high end brands

thing that says “This is me”..

that offer great quality, great fit at good prices. My favorite label of all times is PATRIZIA PEPE from Italy. She is a genius when it comes to interpreting the latest runway trends for the everyday woman... Her cuts and fabrics

What do you consider the worst item of

I love Kitty because she is not only a

clothing to own?

very beautiful woman but also very confident with a great sense of style..

Hmm...I think the worst item of cloth-

I’m not out to dress celebrities really...

ing to own is one that does not fit your

I just love to dress women and show

or does not do you any justice! ...oh

them how to make the most of them-

anything out of polyester is also a big

selves. Letting their personality shine

no no...!

through the clothes and gain confi-

When it comes to clothing – do you

dence through looking good!

recycle your clothes or do you chuck them...?

Other than Kitty are there any other

I tend to recycle or rather keep all my

well known SA Celebs you dress?

great designer pieces... I have some Patrizia Pepe pieces that I’ve had for

We’ve dressed a few but I think Kitty

15/20 years and they still look very

just gets my style. It’s a very cosmopoli-

“now”... I also a few of the early Isa-

tan style with influences from the dif-

bel Marant pieces and you can just

ferent countries I’ve lived in... It’s bold

tell that they are special... so I never

at times and perfect for a confident

chuck out designer pieces!.. but I do

woman like Kitty!

give away my cheapies as they tend to look dated fast!

In your downtime – if you have any, what do you get up to?

Where are you originally from? I love to shop... I never stop actually... I am originally from Italy, Lake Como!

I just always have to see what’s out

But I’ve live in the US as well... I’ve

there and keep on the brink of fash-

been in South Africa 6 years now and

ion! I love reading fashion blogs and

love it with a

fashion magazines from around the


world…oh but I also have two little ones who need my attention and I

You have just sponsored Kitty Spencer...other than just being a Fashionista are you looking to dress Celebrities and style them?

looove spending time with them!

Have you any favorite restaurants?

we are in no rush... we want to establish ourselves firmly and continue to

There are quite a few restaurants I

bring in strong

love in Cape Town... for a really spe-

labels at great prices.

cial food experience I love Haiku! It’s always excellent! For great everyday

How do get your brand out there? You

food Knead is a favorite and Cafe

have a blogsite?

Olympia!! It seems everyone is going green are

I do have a Blog www.alexandradel-

you following this trend? and I try to write

Yes and no... We have just introduced

at least once a week, but we also give

a new clothing line in our stores called

a lot of clothes out to magazines and

Milk and Roses... their clothing is green

use Facebook and email to inform our

in that it is made with natural dies and

customers of new stock or sales...

without the addition of toxic chemicals but it is still very fashionable. I’d love to

What can we look out for in the near

do a green clothing store as there are


some great labels out there, but that would be separate from

I’d love to open more stores… I’ve got

Alexandra Del Lago

ideas for a “green clothing” store with clothing that is truly stylish AND green...

What about your material for your gar-

and I’m playing with the idea of open-

ments when you source/purchase?

ing a coffee shop as well... but lets see what comes to me ;-)

I naturally have an aversion to synthetics and I’ve always preferred natural fabrics. So yes, I do make sure that the majority of the garments I buy are made of natural fibers. So what is next on the cards for AD? We are looking to bring in Patrizia Pepe men’s range from next season and we are definitely looking to expand. But

Interview by Nina Zani

Blue Glue



Interview: Designer

Amoré é Séducé

[12:28:30] Fringe Magazine: Thank you so much for the pictures [12:28:35] Diana: pleasure [12:28:40] Fringe Magazine: They are good! [12:28:48] Fringe Magazine: Some very naughty! [12:28:54] Diana: lol [12:28:58] Fringe Magazine: But tastefully done! [12:29:08] Diana: thank you Marias input. [12:29:22] Fringe Magazine: We need sexy lingerie designers in South Africa! [12:29:31] Diana: Well you’ve found us [12:29:49] Fringe Magazine: Why lingerie? [12:30:03] Fringe Magazine: When did it all start? [12:30:54] Diana: Because we both Loooooooove lingerie - we think that it is an essential part of every women’s wardrobe and should be bought firstly and fore mostly for herself!! [12:31:21] Diana: We started about 3 months ago “by accident” in a conversation about jewellery. [12:33:03] Fringe Magazine: I absolutely believe that a woman’s drawers should be filled with lots of sexy lingerie [12:33:12] Diana: Maria was trying to find ways to help me get my jewellery business off the ground and she then came up with the idea of putting my 3-5 string crystal bracelets onto evening dresses as straps and part of the garments - fully accessorized clothing ..... She went home that night and came back the next day with a whole book of designs incorporating same..... We then chatted some more and thought it would be fabulous to incorporate the jewellery pieces onto lingerie and swimming costumes - and voila!!!! Here we are [12:33:35] Fringe Magazine: That concept of integrating jewellery is very cool! [12:33:51] Fringe Magazine: Have you got your product into any stores yet? [12:34:01] Diana: Yep we think so too....... think its pretty unique, have not seen anything else like it.... sexy lingerie.....?



[12:34:34] Diana: Nope not yet working on our next business plan - would like to do national sweep of stores and then hoping to go international very soon.... [12:34:52] Fringe Magazine: What are your views on the lingerie industry in SA? [12:35:34] Fringe Magazine: Where and how do you think they can improve? [12:36:05] Diana: scary ;)..... Mundane - also think its very ,very sad that the overseas market has taken away from local manufacture - most of our manufacturing cost have and are having to close down leaving thousands of SA out of work due to the import market [12:37:17] Diana: with magazines like Fringe ITK doing features on local designers on a totally different product so that the public can start to see lingerie in a totally different light!!!! [12:37:37] Diana: Sometimes fingers move faster than brain! [12:38:02] Fringe Magazine: Do you feel South African women are very conservative when it comes to sexy wear, or do you feel it is a cover up? [12:38:14] Diana: YYYYYYEEEEESSSS [12:38:19] Fringe Magazine: And how do you think these women will respond to your brand? [12:39:00] Diana: We think it is more about the way we have been brought up.... conservatively that we are too scared to express our sexuality and women are scared to be “labelled� [12:39:27] Fringe Magazine: That is so true! Women should not be scared at all to express who they are! [12:39:38] Diana: 100% [12:39:41] Fringe Magazine: Therefore it is good that we darlings like you doing this! [12:39:55] Diana: and nothing trashy about sexy underwear!!!! at all ..... this is what our underwear is all about [12:40:06] Diana: elegant classy yet individual and still very sexy [12:40:31] Fringe Magazine: What would be your best tip for wearing

[12:41:06] Diana: generally we have had a fantastically positive response.... absolutely loving the items and the concept, yet still hesitant to indulge themselves and would rather go for the more conservative items........ [12:41:26] Fringe Magazine: I think what you design is gorgeous! [12:42:46] Diana: all they would need to do.... is try one of our items..... Experience what it feels like to feel that sexy..... And then watch the will be well worth the purchase....... [12:43:05] Fringe Magazine: Listen, this is a biggy!! Men and lingerie!!!! [12:43:47] Diana: p.s..... our items are extremely affordable and yet elegant and classy. [12:44:00] Fringe Magazine: lol.....we like that...not too expensive... [12:44:59] Diana: Believe us... we have tested the theory and beyond any shadow of a doubt.... it works.... turns men into putty in your hands [12:46:16] Fringe Magazine: I am sure any man that has a women in sexy under garments, will have them in a sheer state of ecstasy...but just.... what advice can you give a man buying his woman sexy undergarments? [12:46:35] Diana: What would be your best tip for wearing sexy lingerie.....?Sorry we missed this one will answer now [12:47:24] Diana: We definitely thing you should wear underwear that you are extremely comfortable in yet at the same time allow yourself to let your hair down and be daring with your choice in underwear..... [12:51:02] Diana: Guy buying underwear.....first of all.... we don’t think that men buy women lingerie often enough.... and think that women would love it if they did...if he were to go lingerie shopping we would suggest that since this is ultimately part of a very intimate relationship between two people he would need to buy something that he knows that she would love and feel comfortable in as this would be to please her and not solely him - and in so doing he would definitely benefit from the gift... [12:51:33] Fringe Magazine: Well said!

[12:53:06] Fringe Magazine: What is your brand called? [12:56:11] Diana: We have two brand names ...I will be continuing with the accessorized range of underwear - called “Donna Viva” - which will be a subsidiary of Donna Viva D jewellery range - whilst Maria will be designing and manufacturing the younger more practical range of underwear which is called “ La La Raphi” - and “amore’ E’ Seduce’ “ [12:56:52] Fringe Magazine: How would ladies who would like to purchase some of your goods get hold of your product? [12:59:57] Diana: at the moment they would need to contact either of us directly on Diana 083 440 8904 and Maria on 0722 867 661 - they can view all products on the following - facebook fan pages/ Donna viva d - seduce (will be changing to Donna viva soon) and www.donnavivad. - the underwear will be on the website soon - although at present it currently only has the jewellery on it - they can look out for it in stores soon... [13:00:28] Diana: email and Maria on [13:00:55] Fringe Magazine: Thank you so much for that information. on to something great! [13:03:05] Fringe Magazine: Listen ladies, this was insightful and great to chat with you! [13:03:16] Fringe Magazine: We are featuring some of your garments in the magazine this month! [13:03:31] Fringe Magazine: Good luck with the venture - I think you are [13:03:39] Diana: that’s fantastic we really appreciate the opportunity .... in assisting to get our brand name known... [13:06:14] Fringe Magazine: Thanks ladies! [13:06:29] Fringe Magazine: Great Chatting with you both! [13:06:39] Diana: pleasure looking very forward to seeing the magazine.

IInterview by Nina Zani

Jewellery - Donna Viva D

CAPE TOWN BARS AND CLUBS CAPRICE The de facto home of bronzed bodies, sarongs and the latest Ray Ban shades, Café Caprice is loved by a cool set of loyal fans from locals to international stars and sportsmen, and has always been the place to see and be seen by those who enjoy kicking back in one of the world’s most beautiful settings. Open 7 days a week, Café Caprice is frequented for its always-good food, decadent cocktail menus and great all-round vibe, earning it the status of the “jewel in Cape Town’s entertainment crown”.

CLUB 121 Club 121 Castle is the newest addition to Cape Town’s trendy hotspots. Split over two levels with décor so decadent and to match a clientele with great flair and top drawer caliber, you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the club nights. 121 Castle offers a playground for those who know where to have a good party whether it is you having a full blown letting your hair down session or just a nice whiskey in the VIP area; we cater for your need whatever your mood.

KINK BAR Kink Bar Boutique has made the evolutionary transformation to the newborn House of Kink just off Kloof Street in Cape Town. The House of Kink is where the unusual is usual and the important unimportant. A true complement of a laid back bar and late-night experience, the House of Kink presents the new additions with the success of the bar, offering you a Paris fashion deck and terrace with ample relax and dining space, a cloak-and-dagger secret garden to spend nights under the stars.


the history With a rich wine heritage of more than 300 years, Diemersdal Wine Estate and the Louw family that farm it, are icons of the South African wine industry. With six generations of father-to-son winemaking prowess behind it, the estate produces classic-style wines mixing old-world quality with new-world approach. It is the current winemaker, Thys Louw who now brings a contemporary element to the mix by incorporating his passion for the environment with cutting-edge technology.

the wine Slick, contemporary packaging by ‘Anthony Lane Design’ highlights this vibrant, classically styled Sauvignon Blanc as this Summer’s must-have table wine. Presenting a brilliant lemon-lime colour, the nose is complex with an array of tropical fruit, ripe figs and gooseberries. These crisp flavours repeat in the mouth, along with a mineral character followed by a long fruity finish. The distinctive aromas support a wonderfully balanced palate, presenting purity of ripe fruit, coupled with a lingering harmonious finish.

the website 21 September 2010, Cape Town Something new for the uber-trendy, forward thinking and environmentally aware, is a ‘wine with a message’ by multi-award winning winemaker Thys Louw. No ordinary beverage, this delicious sauvignon blanc is also a tech-savy global ambassador all geared to “Spread The Word” towards an expanding environmental consciousness via it’s non-commercial and eco-chic website. is a trendy yet non-commercial initiative (no adverts, no sales) committed to spreading the word about all things good and green via the fastest information super highway in the world…the web. Boasting the ultimate in design and covering global green issues across the fields of Arts & Culture, Green Visionaries and Green Action; the website appeals to ‘greenies’ and eco warriors as well as the ‘hip and happening’ and just curious. Unique users are tracked and highlighted on the site whilst all visitors are gently encouraged to share links and submit their own eco-friendly news to the team.

the purpose This break-through concept links wine to web; encouraging education, discussion and ultimately action towards an eco-chic lifestyle becoming a non-negotiable. For more information please visit For further press information, high resolution images, interviews, media events, media location and sponsorship enquiries, please contact Catherine Bolton on or call her on 071 79 57521.

deep in the suburbs, retro cafe`

photographs by alison bozack

M1 management


equisite formal suicide doors shows a racier windshield rake. The paint - which takes seven days to apply, hand-sand, and hand-polish - is so deep and lustrous that you could count the freckles in your reflected image.

The Ghost comes with a6.6 litre V12 engine, which produces a 563bhp. Now that is enough to propel the Luxury car from 0-100 in 4.7 seconds! Impressive! I think so. To give you a comparison, that is the same time as a Porsche 911.

Virtually every control in the cabin - from traditional organ stops and violin-key switches to air vents and door handles - is of such heavy chrome that you will forever snort at cheap imitations.

The difference between the Rolls Royce Ghost and the Porsche 911 is that your Rolls Royce acceleration is much smoother, but fast.

The cabin showcases wood veneers from a single tree and eight supple, hand-stitched hides of bulls raised in barbed-wire-free pastures

Despite the two and a half ton weight, ideal not to spill the martini!

To buy, or not to Buy?


pocket change sale of R4 million, for the entry model, with some very nice changes to the trimmings could add you up to almost R5 Million. When you have the luxury to drive when you feel fit or to be driven when it’s the time starts helping the reason? You know that the owner of a Rolls Royce is an Owner of craft!

Article by Ernest M Gravett

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Style Guerilla

Ethan R 899.00

Fabio R 1 299.00

Tyler R 899.00

Prince R799.00

Style GURU out and about! Spring has set out! Beaches are looking fine! I have been looking at the latest spring/summer collections from the designers and gathered that this year is not your cheap fashion year at all! It’s time to pay up!


Emo is out. But having the just longer than Mohawk, but shorter than Emo is great! Don’t use products to shine it up, unless if you go out for the night.

Basic Jeans

Take out the scissors and cut off the jeans! Get the old pair out and transform them! Cut just above the knee. Roll them up slightly and you are sorted! If you decide to go out and purchase denims, make sure you have a look at the awesome pattern designs on the inside, which will show when you roll it up. Please make sure it’s a soft watermark colour! It should not over power the denim itself.

Shirts When you shop around for shirts, have a look at your designer shirts. The logos are usually great and keep it a solid colour, or have stripes in basic colours. It is all about neutrals. Neon fashion has left the building!

Accessories! Man bags have always been in, but the magic comes in when you can choose ,plus keep it simple and basic. Belts have become popular too. So look out for really nice style and designs. We don’t do the “In the hood” look. To move away for the cliché Director/ Rob Patterson or Colourful Ray Ban’s, try to get yourself a slick modern and stylish design.

You said it...

Pick-up lines! A sore subject that can either make you or break you. We were quite interested in hearing from you regarding this painful subject. This is what you had to say.


you said it

What is the worst pick up line you have ever used or heard…and it really worked? Years ago a guy who was so not my type came up to me and said, “I was blinded by your beauty so I’m going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.” Having heard my fair share of lame one-liners, this was quite charming…I gave him my number in the end. Samantha 25, Receptionist It was the worst line used on me was, “There’s just one thing your eyes haven’t told me’re name. “ Of course I gave it to him. Tania 36, Graphic Designer What’s the name of your perfume? “Catch of the Day?” At first I thought this man is telling me I smell like fish, then when I saw how sincere he was, what he actually meant came across and yes, I did fall for it and we went onto dating from there. Nadia 33, Animator Are you a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you! That was unique and we got to chatting, now he is my boyfriend. Natalie 28, Accountant “ I’m sorry Ma’am, but can I get you name and number, so that I can send you my dentists bill?” I asked him “Why?” and his corny reply was “ You’re so sweet; you’re giving me a toothache.” Very original I think. Asheeka 26 , Make-up artist


you said it

A woman walked up to me at a friend’s party and told me straight to my face, “You’re ugly but you intrigue me.” Ah man she had my attention then and there. Wesley 33, Architect “You have the face of a saint -- a Saint Bernard.” Okay so I’m unsure if that was meant as an insult or a pick up line, but that girl certainly knew how to get my attention. Sean 25, Chef “Is that a jellybean in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” Say what????? Alejandro 30, musician “Hey, do you have any band-aids?”’ I said “no, why?” and she replies, “because I skinned my knees falling for you.” Lame but who cares she was super hot!! Michael 31, next prime minister Walking into a boutique, I pretended to look for something. The shop assistant I’m eyeing comes up to me and asks what I’m looking for. With a puzzled look on my face I reply to her that what I’m looking the store does not have on display. Confused she looks at me and asks what that may be, I flashed her biggest smile and say, “it’s your name and number I’m looking for. Can you help me out with that? . . . ;-) David 35, the Stunt Guy

Written and compiled by Alison Bozack


Happy Hour

The wedding season is around the corner and calls for many a bachelor party. There are so many cocktails to man up the party a bit, so this is a popular one to start off with before the rest of the night becomes a blur.

The Submarine

• 1 shot Tequilla • 1 beer of your choice

Make sure that the beer is ICE COLD. Place the Tequila in a shot glass, tilt and pour the beer in very slowly. Serve immediately. Drink up and let the party begin.

Compiled by Alison Bozack






his is one of those tricky things. One of those situations you would have never thought to be prepared to be stuck in. It’s not a normal man thing. Usually it’s the woman. But now it’s you. What do you do?

How do you respect this situation? How do you respect someone if you don’t even know them? I went in search of the answer.I turned to the one country,I could think of who might have a solution for a problem like mine.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t like your neighbour. The problem starts, when you are a socialite, but your neighbour is not. You both own your properties and moving is out of the question. To twist your nipples even more, it is in an apartment block.

The United Kingdom. It was very funny what I found on the internet! The best way to move forward was to undergo Mediation. Mediation? Since when in Africa would we call someone in to play referee to our disputes?

So your neighbours are young professional cool kids, and you’re the family man with an upcoming boosting career. However this goes, I am the Cool Kid next door. And my neighbour hates me!

We’re not Dial direct – We cut out the middle man. This explains why we don’t have it in South Africa. Because getting a Mediator to come and assist you was like asking you mother to sort out your younger brother. Not going to happen.

Never the less, we have tried being respectful to one another. From having only 4 people over, down to having 2… then tried 1. The complaint always remains the same. Noise levels! From being screamed at from his door, to being screamed on in my house, I am starting to think he likes the people who visit me; but his “SA’s Got Talent” freak show is getting to my last nerve.

Not shooting off the concept of Mediation, I carried on with my question to find something a bit more… African Style! Talk - Listen – Agree. Not so hard is it? Guess again! So out on my quest to actually find a sensible time and space to move over to the enemies territory to “make friends” he catches me out in the parking area, again surrounded with guests,” so how was your party?” ...

Followed with a demeaning laugh … There it goes, the attempt to actually fix this,is out of the door. So recently I have read that males are very territorial especially in their home environment. As humans we set ourselves up (meaning going against all Mother Nature’s rules! It’s still 2 lions on the same ground) sadly to say, I am Young, urban, enjoy parties, having a beer in my hand plus the rowdy parties now and again.

My neighbour is the old fuddy duddy with 2.1 kids and cat. We are chalk and cheese, but what can I say? I still can’t make peace with my neighbour. RAA RAA @ Ernest on Have something to say about your neighbour – give me a shout. Look forward to reading your comments.

Written By Ernest M Gravett



JOBURG BARS & CLUBS TABOO Taboo is a multi-purpose and multi-level venue situated in Sandton, Joburg. The club, which is known for its house and dance music, can hold a capacity of 3000 people. As one of South Africa’s top clubs, Taboo is known to host parties that are unrivaled and the club also gives its patrons fresh original entertainment. The entrance fee is charged at R150, no ladies under the age of 21 are allowed and no guys under 23.


Based in Rosebank, one of the most fashionable areas in Johannesburg, this up market bar/lounge is sure to give you a great evening in the company of exquisite surroundings, mingling amongst a mature diverse crowd of all cultures and styles. This intimate venue with its warm textures, smooth sleek surfaces and dim lighting create the perfect loungy environment to just sit back and relax and indulge in a few drinks.


This Johannesburg hotspot takes latino to a whole new level. Latinova, nestled in the heart of trendy Rosebank, is a sophisticated, multifunctional venue. This place claims to celebrate life, poetic love and Latin passion. It has warm, elegant decor and it oozes luxury and extravagance. There is an outdoor lounge area that is perfect for summer evenings of cocktails and dancing.


Dirty Sexy Money

“How many times have you not gone to dinner with a man and bed him on the first date or date men who has the doh and you will not look at the latter for obvious reasons…you get my drift.”

Interesting topic don’t you think? Most certainly a subject that will intrigue the mind. Can be controversial and somewhat entertaining. The South African mindset is cultivated to a very conservative outlook and to openly discuss and matter which begins with sex, money or dirty is almost an eye raising experience? Does this leave room to mention the “prudes” or is that just the ‘face”? It is a smirking matter no doubt, I can tell you of so many out there who engage in activity that is far beyond the Parental Guidance or so called Upper Class – We don’t do that kind of attitude. But this is not something about the classes per say ,but exactly what we do, yet pretend it doesn’t exist in our lives. It almost reminds me of the ANC wanting to put a lid on the media, but let’s not go there as politics is a whole new topic on its own. So is the prude dominant or is it just a face? One thing is for sure, as women we have to live our lives! We need to celebrate our existence on a daily basis and prove that as women we can be whoever we want to be and make a presence without being judged. ‘Not’ a feminist either, just making an observation. Let me say this; I have a great job, earn good money, my social network is booming and the women(friends) in my life are well to do and powerful in their own right. We are extremely open to our needs and wants. In saying all the above, we are also the biggest hypocrites in many ways. I am not slandering us either, but we are.


e are not bad individuals and mean well and genuinely want to help. However, we are faced with so many tough decisions on a daily basis, that sometimes we just have to take that ‘call’ (meaning the decision making) and just go with it. It is about making our lives easier…or not? I am sure many of you are faced with decisions that have to be made and someone has to make it! Ask yourself this; How many times have you not judged a woman on the surface?




Dirty Sexy Money

How about the following scenarios: •

She wears a short skirt – You label her a tart

When in fact You have worn short skirts before or have worn it because you wanted to feel sexy. • You see a blonde with fake breast exposing cleavage(as if you can tell) When in fact You have fake breast yourself or have exposed your breast in a sexy manner, once again to your mood. •

You look at upmarket call girls – You label her a whore

When in fact How many times have you not gone to dinner with a man and bed them on the first date or date men who has the doh and you will not look at the latter for obvious reasons…you get my drift.


’m not going to smooth over my words. Even if we are not out right call girls, we still prostitute ourselves, to what we want and how we want it.

We even do it in our every day job. True, true and very true. I’m guilty of many of the above, but does that make me a whore?

Debatable? /Funny? / Or not? Don’t get ahead of yourself now and have total heart failure! I can almost imagine the shrieks! “how can you write an article like this? You might be the whore, but I most certainly am not I hear you, but this is just highlighting the reality. Onto my next point…

I am single, I have a lot of fun. A lot of safe fun. Nothing excites me more than a man with power, who is strong and who can hold up the I like being treated well. 5 Star hotels, restaurants, champagnes and yacht cruises to match. I don’t turn a blind eye to : GAME.

A – Money / B Power /C – Pedigree


h come on now, pedigree has never hurt anyone! Even those who didn’t come out of the good live stock, well they can still attain that in the circles and environment they move in. It is “the exception to the rule’ don’t you think?!

Where am I going with this? We judge women a lot on the surface, but have a look at the following situations and think to yourself… .1 You’re single, You know what you want, You take what you want, You go out. You clubbing. You meet a man. You decide to have a one night stand. –classified as DIRTY 2. You’ve been set up on a dinner party date. You happen to like the fella. You end up exchanging those really naughty heated up messages . You decide to have a proper meet up. Possibly a hotel – classified as SEXY 3. So now he pays for the hotel and probably your cab home the next morning – classified as MONEY You see, in a very indiscreet manner it has similarities to taking a form of payment for services rendered. Pretty mild I would think. At least it is not loveless marriage where you married for money and status and get treated like a dog in the end. So chin up to those who think life is not about living! Definitely something worth thinking about, but not worth judging… look at your deeper sins…I am sure there is plenty to share out there. Article written by : Foxy

DURBAN BARS AND CLUBS FTV Situated in the heart of Durban’s social scene, Fashion TV in Florida Road presents the ultimate trendsetting & lifestyle orientated venue for the bold and beautiful people of Durban. In keeping with the global iconic lifestyle concept, Fashion TV Florida Rd incorporates a café, restaurant, bar, lounge and nightclub, as well as an in-house retail store for the fashion junkies & shopaholics.


This is the place where the tanned, beautiful people in the latest fashions meet. Situated in the heart of Durban’s famous beach front, Joe Cool’s is relaxed and casual and has a pub-lunch menu for all to choose from. The upper and lower outside decks allow for relaxed afternoon luncheons whilst settling into one of our ever popular cocktails. Joe Cool’s truly has the hallmarks of both a trendy eatery and a hot nightspot, featuring 7 bars, 2 upstairs and 5 downstairs, including a specialized cocktail bar as well as a shooter bar.

ORIGIN Welcome to the Origin, Durban’s most stylish and exclusive entertainment venue. Set across 3 levels in the historic Winston Hotel, The Origin is an entertainment wonderland featuring 4 Dance floors, various chill out areas, bars, balconies and a roof garden. From June 11th – July 11th, Origin is open most nights of the week and music across the four zones ranging from House, Electro, Tech, Soul and Funk Retro.



Fringe ITK: Inspiration? Where does it all begin….or where did it begin for you? SY: People. I’m inspired by people more than objects or visuals or even sounds. In fact when I’m DJ-ing or producing music I think of faces and voices and characteristics, I guess that’s why I chose to specialise in styling and be in the music industry, I get to style for people with talent, not just random models who, let’s face it are basically coat hangers. Fringe ITK: On your website, you have pick which reminds me of Boy George…. SY: Really… oh cool. Yeah, he’s a nutter, met him at the Vivienne Westwood show backstage ages ago and he’s mad. On the good side of mad though. Fringe ITK: So, your into arts, music, fashion and being a bit of a jet setter…tell us about some of the cooler things you have done outside London? SY: I guess a stand out cool thing was DJ-Ing at NYC fashion week, literally flew in, got to the hotel and had a car waiting for me to take meto the gig. That was pwoar! Fringe ITK: Was there any place in particular that make you go ‘WHOOPI’ SY: Ha ha I love Amsterdam, I speak Dutch and that’s my second home - I always feel welcome there. But a whoopi place was def Kentucky, cause everyone was about 10 times the size of me, and that made me feel good. I know twisted innit. Fringe ITK: What makes you mad? SY: Ignorant people. racism, sexism, judgmental people and people who walk slow on the street, that really grinds my gears. Fringe ITK: If you could re-invent yourself, who would it be and why? SY: I’d be a mixture of Nick Minaj , Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. Curvy girls who own their own bodies. Its healthy. Fringe ITK: Are you naughty? SY: … ask my boyfriend. Fringe ITK: Definition of naughty to you? SY: Pushing the envelope and doing the unexpected.

Fringe ITK: Have you been to South Africa? SY: My spiritual home. Cape Town, Drakensberg mountains. Beauty. Fringe ITK: Any plans on making your mark here, Kitty Spencer sure has! SY: haha! I am certainly not in the same category as that chick, but I would love to play some gigs out there, how is the Dubstep/dancehall/ Hip-hop music scene in SA? lol... I love South Africa. Spent a lot of time there a few years ago… Would love to play a few gigs out there! Fringe ITK: What is currently in your IPOD? SY: j dilla and dangelo ‘so far to go’ and Gyptian ‘hold you’ on repeat. Fringe ITK: Top 5 tunes? SY: Right now: ‘purple city’ - joker toddla t / ft: ms dynamite : ‘want you now’ dj fresh ‘gold dust’ ‘jump up’ major lazer donaeo ‘im fly’ Fringe ITK: Describe your ‘Fringe’ moment in life? SY: Being born -That was epic. Fringe ITK: What is your website? SY: www. Fringe ITK: Thank you for chatting with us, stay cool! SY: Thanks, it’s been emotional. Fringe ITK : Too funny.

Interviewed by Nina Zani



New Wave

A man saw a friend searching for something on the ground. “What have you lost, my brother?” he asked. “My key,” said the man. So his friend went down on his knees too, And they both looked for it. After a time, the other man asked: “Where exactly did you drop it?” “In my own house.” “Then why are we looking here?” “There is more light here than inside my house.” This little story is a parable of modern life. We look for insight and understanding into the nature of things, we search for meaning and direction to life, but more often than not, we are searching in all the wrong places. We yearn for love and peace and joy, but falsely hypnotised by society’s promises, we buy more, consume more and move further from our essence. And when we feel the pain and emptiness, we attempt to numb these emotions with drugs and alcohol and further attainment of goods we do not really need. We focus on what’s lacking, what needs fixing and what is defective. We lack gratitude for what we have, for the beauty around us, for the beauty within us. Modern trends and fads shine bogus lights on false answers, and we scavenge from fashionable views to trendy religions to acceptable beliefs and morals. And all the while, we move further from our core, from our Creator, from the place where true peace, love and happiness are truly attainable. We cry for salvation but want quick-fix solutions that require no effort or struggle on our behalf. And when the results we demand do not arrive on demand, we scoff and criticize God and His abilities, and turn to the “in” rescue remedy. Like cockroaches we search for light in the depths of the earth and sewerage works, and wonder why life stinks. We need to bring the light into our homes, into our lives, into our souls – if we hope to find the key we are so desperately seeking. We need to let in the light of the world, our Creator, enter our anaesthetised bodies, warm our soul and illuminate our paths. We need to be armed with faith and hope and trust if we are to break society’s shackles, overcome cultural influences, and stand our ground for what is solid and true and authentic. Written by Dr Maria Theologides




The World Online

Where did this infamous virtual reality begin? Thinking about it, I almost cannot remember. Going back to the earl 80’s and early 90’s, when I first was exposed to the online world, was I the one who would normally play games on my desktop. The thought of being addicted to any form of online world was far and few between. So when Yahoo made its presence and free emails were born –-this all in the early 90’s and chat rooms were the name of the game-this of course was to me a bizarre world on its own. I remember media tackling Chat Rooms as if they were a sin- that of course also exposed all the various elements and interest to those who were involved in the virtual culture. The idea of speaking to a virtual stranger was also very strange. How in the world do you eliminate the truth to the reality, especially being online? Owning an email was more than enough. The “Internet” was definitely a trend, something I look back on now and think, how did technology get this far.

Going back to the ‘chat room’ phenomena and getting involved in groups of your choice always used to make me wander. Was this is a scam? Would someone know who I am? I mean, who in their right minds would log into a community, enter a username and then start chatting in a box or join current chats in the go. Then of coursethey had to allow you into their room! Or simply not hear from someone if they found your responses to be dull or simply found your questions annoying. To be honest it was amazing to connect, yet scary at times. Well it didn’t take long to get used to this ‘Box-Online’ idea. It most certainly opened a whole new can of “online worms” and fuelled a generation of tech junkies we are today. The journey after the chat room experience created curiosity for many and has definitely given us room to explore.

息 2010 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. BlackBerry速, RIM速, Research In Motion速 and related trademarks, names and logos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Favourite Sites



spread the positive dance4life virus

itk Helpful digits Airports Cape Town International Airport Johannesburg International Airport Durban International

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Embassies Britain 021 425 3670 021 423 1575 France 012 427 8900 Germany Cape Town Hospitals Chris Barnard Memorial Hospital Claremont Hospital With Emergency Unit Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic Johannesburg Hospitals and Clinics Sandton Clinic Morningside Clinic Milpark Hospital Durban Hospitals Westville Hospital Entabeni Hospital Mount Edgecombe Hospital Money Matters VISA International MasterCard American Express Diners Club Rennies Foreign Exchange Bureaux (Thomas Cook) National Emergency Police Flying Squad Ambulances Emergency Services Taxis Cape Town Durban Johannesburg

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Where to Spend Spaghetti Mafia 199 Loop Street 021 424 0696 Loading Bay 30 Hudson Street De Waterkant 021 425 6320 Shelf Life 119 Loop Street 021 422 3931 Bonafide 207 Long Street 021 422 0786 Misfit 287,Long Street 021-422 5646 Traffic 185,Long Street 021-424 2250 Me, me, me 117A Long Street, Cape Town Mungo & Jemima 108 Long Street Second Time Around 196 Long Street Clothing Warehouse Cnr Darling & Adderly Beauty Wild Olive New Cape Quarter, Green Point Still Life Long Street, Cape Town

I’ve recently visited the Roundhouse restaurant in Cape Town for the launch of One thing about the Roundhouse, is that is Camps Bay’s best kept secret. Nestled between the back of Lions Head and almost a stone throw away from Table Mountain, this venue is most certainely a finders keeper. The views from the restaurant is amazing and the historical building has been recreated with a modern contemporary touch, yet still leaving features that intrigue the mind. We are not talking about he history of the buidling now, but about food which undoubtedly is one of the best presented and prepared in Cape Town. As it were, I was there to attend a luncheon. For starters I tried teh Beetroot and toasted pecan nut ravioli with parmesan cheese. Is that not enough to make your mouth water? Well the dish was perfectly prepared and those who thought your

vegetables in pasta only consisted of butternut and spinich, think again. For my main I tried the Stumpnoes with baby potatoes,sultanas,capers and lemon beurre noisette-agian, the fish was falling of my fork and all the ingredients well put togethermixing the sweet with a the lemon sparked for a great combination.I have to admit, I am a big dessert lover and when the menue catered 3 options of mouth watering selections, I was almost lost for words but opted for the yoghurt panna cotta with berry compote and rose granite. I even managed to twist the waiters arm to bring us Felchn Chocolate and rum composition with Boma Bollas - oh I know it all sounds foreign, but this was a dish with a three tier chocolate wafer/sponge mouse type cake served with deep fried bannana balls and ice cream. NO time to worry about the calories now.. The Roundhouse staff was amazing, the service of top quality and the experience wonderful. To be honest I don’t find the pricing at Roundhouse to be not too expensive, but it is most definitely a treat once a week or bi monthly.

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