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Finding Mr. Right

Chapter 1 "You look gorgeous" my friend Sasha claimed as I put on my last stroke of mascara. "Thanks Hun" I said blowing her a kiss. Today was my 16th birthday and everything had to be perfect. I glanced at myself in the mirror, I was wearing a red dress that fitted perfectly above the knees. My black 10cm high heels made me look older and much more glamorous. I heard the doorbell ring and I hurried down the steps steadily being careful not to topple over. Sasha cried "Who is it?" "Its probably James, he said he would arrive early" I replied. I opened the door and gave one of my best smiles. His arms wrapped round my thin waist like a snake and he pulled me close. Dreamily he whispered into my ear, "your looking gorgeous", I felt as if my heart was melting. My legs felt weak and I dropped into his muscular arms, I pulled him away. "Not now" I giggled, "I just finished getting ready". We heard footsteps, and I stood up. James hand was still around my waist, Sasha came down and smiled. "Hi James, nice of you to come so early. Now could you start moving the furniture to the side in the living room. Thanks". Sasha walked away as I pecked James lips and told him I needed to do some final arrangements, he cuddled me and headed towards the living room to start his task. I click-clocked my way to my bedroom to grab the music CD's.I couldn't believe James was mine. It took me a while to find the CD's, my room was usually organised but not tonight. When I got down I heard low whispers being shared between Sasha and James, I stumbled into the room to see James quickly shoving something into Sasha's hands. "What's going on?" I asked suspiciously. James looked out of breath, "Nothing... Just moving the furniture around". He threw himself on to the leather couch and glared at Sasha who walked out of the room hurriedly. I grew angrier as I didn't know what was going, I breathed in some air and tried to calm myself. I mean, surely nothing was going on between them. Or was it? I dropped myself next to him on the sofa and turned his face towards mine, throwing the CD's to the side. "I thought you didn't wan't to ruin your lipstick" he replied clearly shocked. "Did you change your mind?" I murmured. He shook his head and brought his face closer. I could feel his hot breath on my cheeks and I let my tongue play around in his mouth for a while, I was trying to seduce him. Sasha came into the room, I glanced up at her she looked stunned. "Um, sorry to interrupt but some of the girls came". Mine and James lips parted as I got up to greet them. At the door I could see Nina, Kylie and Avery's eyes were focused on my lips. I took out my mirror to look and I could see that my lipstick had been smudged towards one side. "Someones been busy" Kylie winked at me.

I gave a little O and gestured them inside and Sasha hurriedly inserted the CD's into the stereo. The room suddenly filled with loud music and I could see that more and more people were flooding in. How many people did I invite, I thought to myself. I swept myself across the room and into the loo to re-do my lipstick. It was all Sasha's fault, I thought to myself. When I was just about to leave Suzy, a girl in my year entered. "Hi Faith", she stood next to me and started talking about her argument between her and her boyfriend and then we heard a sudden rush of footsteps occur. We looked at each other eyes wide and leapt outside to see all the guests were huddled closely together chanting one word. Fight. I pushed myself to go to the two people who were the centre of attention. "Move!" Suzy screamed behind me to those who were blocking my way. When I finally reached the middle all I could see was James bloodied face and the other guy with blood streaming from his nose and mouth. I screamed, my voice echoed throughout the whole house. I started to fall slowly to the ground, through blurry eyes I could see James stop and start running towards me. I couldn't think straight, all I could see was darkness surrounding me. I took in a big gulp of air, my chest heaved forward and my eyes grew wide open. When my eyelids fluttered open I could see that I was on the leather couch and I was cradled in James arms, everyone was watching me. When James realised I was awake, he cradled me closer and kissed me softly on my forehead. I looked up at him, his face still was covered in blood. I jolted up but he reassured me by holding me down. "Ok, break it up. Parties over" Sasha yelled over the growing mumurs in the crowd. Everyone said their goodbyes and walked out of my house. I groaned and tried to get up, I didn't want my party to be over yet. It just started. James stroked my hair and Sasha came in from the kitchen with a glass of water and handed it to James who held the glass to my lips. "James, go clear yourself up whilst I clean the floor". James nodded and handed the glass to me and got up carefully to go to the loo. Sasha walked out of the room and after a couple of minutes came back with a bucket and mop and started to wipe the floor. Sasha sighed, "Boys, always have to ruin everything". "Why did the fight start" I asked unsteadily not really wanting to hear why. "It was your ex, he caused trouble". I was taking aback. "I didn't invite him!", "That's why he came, to argue with you, but you wasn't around. Where was you?" Sasha asked thoughtfully. "I was in the loo with Suzy talking and re-doing my lipstick because..." I stopped feeling embarrassed. "Um, well when he couldn't find you he started to argue with James and James told him to leave you alone and so the fight started". That's terrible I thought to myself, and leaned back on to the couch. I dozed off and when I woke up Sasha had just finished mopping the floor and walked out. Soon after James came in with his face clean. I got up. "No, sit down. I am OK" he said. I lurched forward and wrapped my arms around him.

He embraced me then suddenly pulled me away. "My shirt is bloodied" he looked at his top. "It's OK" I whispered. I took hold of his hand and he followed me, I took him up to the bathtub and he watched me from the door as I started to fill the tub with water. "What are you doing?" He asked me with curiosity in his voice. I walked towards him and took hold of his shirt and started to pull it off him, he didn't argue, I pulled him next to me and walked out. "Have a nice hot bath, I will bring you my fathers clothes" I blew him a kiss and closed the door. I was looking through my fathers closet recklessly trying to find something that would fit. In the end I pulled out a tracksuit bottom and a plain white tee. I held the clothing in my hands and walked towards the bathroom and knocked on the door before opening the door. He was in the bathtub covered with foam on top of him. He looked up smiling, "What have you got there" he asked. "A tracksuit bottom and a plain white tee, there not mine, don't worry" I smirked. He laughed and winked, "Want to join me?". I shook my head "I left Sasha alone for too long". He nodded and continued to lean back, I walked down the steps imagining what would happen if I had joined him. I looked around the house when I found Sasha sipping tea in one of my mothers mugs. Her back was to me and she was staring at a box, I realised this was the one James had hidden from me by handing it to her. I walked not wanting to make a sound but the sound my heels made gave me away. Sasha turned to look at me not bothering to hide the box "Hey, you feeling better". I nodded and sat next to her. "What's in that box?" I asked. She looked down "James was planning on giving it to you". I smiled as I felt a flicker of excitement. I took hold of the box but she put her hand on top of mine, "Don't, he might want to give it to you later on", "OK" I agreed and put the box back down. "Why do you look so down, Sasha" I asked worried for my friend. Sasha looked up at me with apologetic eyes, "J-". Sasha got cut off by James who clambered into the room wearing my fathers clothing, he looked adorable. He came and hugged me from behind and nuzzled into my neck. Sasha got up, "I have to go, have fun". I listened to Sasha walk out of the house. James whispered in my ear, "She's gone". He looked at the box on the table and took hold of it. He bent down on his knees and looked up at me with gleeful eyes. I brought my hands together, was he going to propose to me? but I'm only 16 I thought. He slowly opened the box and inside it was a small gold plate and engraved on it with diamonds was the the letters F&J. I screamed with delight as he got up to place it round my neck. "I never planned on giving it to you in your fathers clothes but it still feels special to me" he said from behind me. He walked round to face me again and kissed my forehead. "To celebrate three years of us being inseparable". I leapt up from my seat and hung around him fiercely, he embraced me and I could feel his hands running through my hair. I felt glad that I had straightened my hair that day and gave a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry I ruined your special day" He whispered sweetly. "It's OK" I replied, "This feels more special". He looked

at his wrist where his watch was placed. "It's late" He said. "Don't go" I said, I held him tight, I didn't want him to go. He took hold of my hand and we sat on the leather couch, he spread his legs out and I laid cradled next to him, he stroked my hair and pushed it behind my ears. He lifted my chin and brought himself forward, my hand rested on his chest and my heart pounded fasted. Our lips met and I felt a rush of happiness race around my body. I rolled over so my body was on top of his and placed my hand behind his neck and started kissing him enthusiastically. He pushed me back, "Let's not get carried away, lets not do something we will regret". I nodded but I felt upset. Instead I lay on him and closed my eyes. His chest was hard but still comforting, I could feel him put his arm around me like I was a baby. I dozed off and I could hear his soft snoring, it sounding like a beautiful tune to me. After a couple of hours of sleeping on the couch, we woke up to the sound of a key turning in its lock and high-heels clattering towards us. When we both opened our eyes we could see my parents standing by the door staring at us and my mother smiling. "Its really late sweethearts, James do your parents know your still here?" my mother asked politely. James got up rubbing his eyes "I think so". My father nodded approvingly, "Well you should be going now". My father had never liked James although he tried to pretend he liked him. James got up and held his hand out, my father shook it and walked out of the room. My mother hugged James, "Hope the party was fun" she said excitedly. She kissed him on his left cheek and went to follow her husband. Me and James walked towards the door, "Sorry for dozing off" He said. "It's both of our fault" I laughed. He hugged me and said "I will bring the clothes back next time I come", "You don't need to" I replied. He shrugged gave me a kissed on my forehead and opened the door to walk out. I walked up unsteadily towards my bedroom and threw myself on bed. I placed my fingertips on to the necklace he gave me. His words echoed through my mind, three years of being inseparable. I heaved in a big amount of air, I was so happy, my fingertips traced over the letters F&J. Then my mind switched over to what Sasha was trying to say to me. I wondered what she needed to tell me. Oh well, I shrugged, I'll ask her tomorrow. I switched off my bedside lamp and fell asleep quickly.

Chapter 2 My alarm clocks ringing sliced through my dreams as I reached out to switch it off. Monday. I thought to myself, the beginning of a long week. I got up unsteadily and tumbled across the room to my wardrobe. My eyes were still blurry from sleep and I was searching rapidly for my school outfit. I walked in front of the mirror once I got dressed and started to apply my make-up. I had to look perfect it was compulsory in my school. Anyone who looked dreadful was an outcast almost immediately. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and my mother was already there with breakfast ready on the table. I munched through the cornflakes and drank my orange juice and waved good bye to my mum before stepping out of the door. Outside James was leaning against our gate and when he saw me his face lit up. "Good morning, your early today" He exclaimed. I clapped with triumph and we walked together to school just like every morning, with his arm around me. We walked into school together not for long as he gave me a peck on my lips and walked towards his friends from the football team and I walked towards my friends who were waiting for me. When I walked into my friends group circle, I couldn't see any sign of Sasha. "Where's Sasha" I asked. They shrugged. "We don't know" Kylie replied. "She's been acting really weird lately" Avery suggested. "Who cares." Nina said, "Sasha told us you and James were left together after the party broke up because of the fight. What happened" she winked at me. I shook my head, "Nothing". Kylie looked stunned, "I don't believe you, didn't you even try anything on him?". I shook my head again, "He told me not to do something that we'll regret.". Nina said "What?", then Avery chirped in "You should of still tried". Kylie then said "Call him round today, you got to make him know he's yours". I thought about what Kylie said and wondered how I would get James to do such a thing. I mean James cared to much about me to get into bed with me. I took out my timetable to see what lessons I had now. First I had history. I walked with Kylie to my history class looking around for Sasha as she had history as well but Nina and Avery had chosen geography. “Did you know we have a history exam today, Faith?” Kylie asked me, I gasped “Oh no, I never revised for it!”, Kylie chuckled “I did my revision” she pulled out a sheet of paper labelled 1-10 with rows of answers on it. “When did you prepare those” I asked stunned. “I didn't” Kylie shrugged, “Got it off Pete”, “How? He's so stubborn for a neek” I asked, I thought about what Kylie could

of done to get it off him, “I told him to meet me in the cloakroom” she winked. I shook my head in disbelief. Kylie and I walked into our history class and sat at the back row. As we sat down Kylie passed me a sheet of paper before the teacher came in, I looked at her confused and she whispered in my ear, “Its the answers, hide them”. I nodded. I shoved the paper into my pocket, Kylie nudged me, “Put it in your bra, silly, the teachers are going to search us because someone's mobile rang last time”. I took the piece of paper out and slipped it into my bra, A guy sitting on the desk in front of me saw this and winked at me, I giggled, and then I saw Sasha enter the classroom. I waved at her, Sasha looked uncomfortable and annoyed at something, she saw me and sat beside the guy in front of me. Sasha didn't turn back, she just kept on looking forward. Kylie got the ruler that lay beside her and started to jab Sasha's ribs, Sasha fidgeted but still never turned back. I put my hand on top of Kylie's arm, “Stop, can't you see she doesn't like it”. Kylie knew that this was a rhetorical question and sighed, but then I looked at Kylie and I could see her hands were shaking, “What's wrong, Kylie?” I asked calmly. Kylie turned to look at me, and I could see her lips were clenched. Suddenly Kylie exploded, all her rage unbottled itself “This bitch Sasha is a slut, she's lying to you” Kylie screamed, continuing, “She slept with James, why do you think she is acting odd, she told me to keep it a secret, but if she's going to carry on acting like she don't know us, then I don't care!”. Kylie breathed deeply, Sasha sat there with her mouth open in shock, I sat there speechless. I looked around me, everyone was staring at me. My head felt heavy. This is just a dream, I repeated to myself, James wouldn't do such a thing. I closed my eyes and re-opened them, everyone was still here. A tear drop rolled down my cheek. Kylie noticed this, “Oh, Faith, I never meant to say it like this” she pleaded. I shook my head “It's not your fault” I said, then I turned to look at Sasha. “Faith, I, we never meant to...” Sasha trailed off, not having the courage to say it. “Girls, enough now, we have a exam to get through” the teacher tried to calm the atmosphere down. I got up and walked up to Sasha, towering over her, the guy sitting next to her moved sensing trouble. Sasha stood up so she was facing me, I could see that her eyes were welling up. I held my hand high and brought it down, I smacked her so hard for all the pain she was causing me. Sasha's face turned red and she pushed me back, I leapt at her. We battled each other whilst the teacher yelled at us, students from over classes were coming in too. And then there he was. James. Sasha and I both stopped once we saw him. I wiped away my tears and walked up to him, “Is it true?” I asked him, hoping that it was a lie. He didn't answer me. I got my answer, I reached towards my chest and traced our initials on the necklace. I ripped the necklace off and threw it at him, pushed him back and walked out of the classroom. “Faith, where are you going” the teacher screeched at me. I continued walking out of the school, my heart broken, I left

the building. I didn't know where I was going, but I just wanted to get away. I couldn't believe that it was all true. The other night when James told me that he loved me was all a lie. The thought of it made me want to hurl, I cried even harder. Sasha, my best friend, the one who was always there for me, betrayed me. Betrayed is not even the word for it, she killed me. I shuddered remembering about me wanting to seduce him, make him love me. Stop it, stop thinking about him I told myself. I turned back and I could see that a teacher spotted me, I wasn't ready to go back. I ran. I wouldn't let them catch me, I saw the empty road and I started to run even faster. I was in the middle of the road now, when I heard the loud sound of a car engine making its way towards me, the driver pressing the horn continuously. I closed my eyes.

Chapter 3 I felt myself being pulled away, my eyes still closed. I felt my body being spun around in a fast motion with something heavy on top of me, I was being crushed I knew it. I slowly opened my eyes, not sure in what I would see. When I opened my eyes I saw a guy on top of me panting heavily. “What was you thinking?” He hissed at me. I didn't know what to say. I finally spluttered out, “Who are you?”. He looked at me surprised his blue ocean like eyes gleaming down at me. “he slowly got up and held his hand out to me, I took it. “It's me, the librarians assistant” he told me. I never replied, I just stared at him blankly, “Of course, how would you know, you never even go into the library” He said rudely. “Why aren't you in school?” I asked him. “Being the librarians assistant has some of its advantages you know, I was getting myself some coffee and bagels” he casually replied. “Where are they?” I asked him looking at his hands. He pointed towards the road and I could see that it was flattened out on the road. “Sorry”, I said not knowing what else I could of said. He shrugged, “It's OK, I might as well go back to school now” he said turning to walk away. I grabbed his arm, and he looked at me confused, “Don't go, I will buy you another coffee” I offered. “And bagels too” He chuckled. As we walked and spoke together, I felt a new type of warmness towards him. His laughter made me get a new type of sensation running through my body. “Were here” He said looking at the café that was sitting opposite us. “Great” I replied, trying not to let my excitement flood out. What was happening to me, I said to myself. We got into the café and he gestured me to sit at a empty table near the window. I went over to the table and sat down and watched him at the counter telling the waitress something, probably ordering the coffee and bagels I promised him. I took out my purse that was snuggling deep within my pockets, as I was opening my purse I saw him coming. “What are you doing, checking if you have enough money?” He asked playfully. I darted my eyes, “Don't worry I won't let you pay, it's ungentlemanly if I do” He bowed after he majestically said this. He sat down opposite me, passing me the tray with the coffee and bagel on it. He started munching into his food. I rested my head on the back of my hand and watched him, his brunette hair looked so tender. He looked up at me, stopping halfway through his bites. “What?” he asked curiously, “Have I got something on my face?” he said grabbing a napkin and dabbing it at his mouth. I giggled, “No, it's nothing, I don't know your name” I said, thinking of something other to say rather than revealing that he had a sweet smile and a beautiful face.

“Oh, well it's Malcolm” He smiled at me. “And my name is...” I got cut off by Malcolm, “Faith,I know” He nodded. “How?” I asked. “Well, you are the queen of out school, you are dating James, the captain of the football team...” This time I cut him off. “Used to go out with him” I corrected him. “Wow! I didn't expect that, Faith finally realises that she was dating a jerk” He applauded. “Look everyone makes mistakes in life” I defended myself. “This one was a big one though” He said. “Look, I liked him” I said trying to defend myself. “So, did you fulfil his wish?” he asked me sceptically. “What wish?” I asked confusingly. “Him getting you in bed” he said so relaxed. “No!” I exclaimed proudly. “Good” He said with a slight tone of relief in his voice. I held the coffee to my lips and started to drink it thoughtfully. Could it be possible that he liked me, I told myself. I looked at him thinking of the possibilities. “Well, my bagels finished and so is my coffee” He exclaimed getting up to throw them away in the rubbish bin. I watched his smooth glides across the floor. He then walked over to the counter to pay for what we ate. Once he paid he turned back and gestured me to come. “We need to get back to school, or we're going to be in a lot of trouble” he said looking at his wrist. I froze, I didn't want to go back to that horrid place I wanted to be here with him. I shook my head, “I am not going back” I told him firmly. “Why?” he asked me. I remembered why I didn't want to go back. Sasha. James. Lies. That was why, but I couldn't tell him, instead I started to cry intensely. I covered my eyes with both my hands, I didn't want him to think of me as the girl who cries. I started to run.

Chapter 4 Before I could get away from him, he grabbed my arm. I looked up at him. “I am so sorry I didn't mean to touch you” he said, shocked at what he did. I gave out a little chuckle and I wrapped my arms around him. He was so warm, he made me feel better. He was like a big bear. I then felt him wrap his arms around me too, and I smiled and dug deeper into his chest. We stood like that for a while embracing each other, until he pulled away. “I am so sorry again” he told me blushing. “You don't have to be” I replied smiling. “Well, if you don't want to go back to school, what should we do?” He asked me. I shrugged my shoulders, I didn't care about what we should do I just wanted to be with him. “I know a nice place we could go to” Malcolm told me. I looked up at him, I wondered what type of person he was. Was he sweet at first and then cunning after, just like James. I shook my head, trying to shake the thoughts out of my head. “Don't you want to go?” He asked me. “Oh, yes I do, you just misunderstood it” I told him, “Trying to forget something?” he asked me. I nodded. “I sometimes do that too” He smiled at me. I felt as if Malcolm was the the one for me. The one who was picking up the pieces of my broken heart. I wondered if this was love at first sight. But then again, was it only one-sided. “It's pretty far though” He told me, realising that I was daftly smiling as if I was in my own world. “How will we get there?” I replied. He tilted his head to the side, “I did bring my bicycle to school, but its at school” He looked at me apologetically. I let out a big sigh of frustration. “Don't worry” he waved his arms around, “I will go back myself and get it whilst you go back to that café and wait for me, OK” It was as if he was instructing me not asking me. I nodded, I didn't feel like arguing. I walked back into the café and stood at the entrance watching him walk off into the opposite direction. I gazed at him dreamily. I was sitting at one of the tables in the corner, I didn't want to be noticed. I watched the people walk by; a little girl holding hands with her mum, an old man going past, a young man walking his dog. And a girl and a guy holding hands laughing at something the guy said. Anger and Hatred spilled out of me, my eyes burned furiously. How could they not be in school. How could they act as if nothing happened. How could they not care. I let out a growl. How could Sasha and James walk together hand in hand, laughing, and pretending that I didn't know. I jumped up out of my seat and marched outside towards them. As I stormed outside and they both immediately parted their hands. “We were looking everywhere for you” Sasha looked at me, her fragile figure trembling.

“You filthy liar, I know you wasn't looking for me” I growled at her, my fist clenching. I stepped forward and pushed her backwards, she stumbled on the pavement but caught her balance. James pushed me back, and I being startled fell to the ground “Leave her alone Faith” James snarled at me, he was towering over me with an angry but upset look in his eyes. I looked up at him frightened, he reached down. “Get away from her, what are you doing?” I heard Malcolm's strong and fierce voice from behind. I felt a pair of hands slide under my underarm and pull he up. Malcolm held me close, my head on his chest. “Faith, what are you doing with this loser?” James laughed at us. “Shut up” I yelled loudly. Malcolm hushed me, stroking my back. “Malcolm the nerd, the one everyone bullies” James continued acting mean. Sasha stood closely behind James, using him to protect her, knowing that I might attack her. “Back off James, he's my boyfriend” I glared at him. As I said this, my head still leaning on Malcolm's chest, I felt his heart beat faster. I blushed. “I wouldn't care anyway, you s!ut” James laughed, “Did she tell you how she tried to seduce me, the way she threw herself on me”. I felt Malcolm let go off me and leap at James. The same scene at the party. James in a fight, James covered in blood. But instead he wasn't fighting for me, it was Malcolm who was fighting for me. My heart beat faster, my head felt weak, but I wasn't going to faint like last time. Instead, I ran towards Malcolm and grabbed his waist, “Stop it!” I screeched. Malcolm stopped, he was on top of James and already a crowd of people were running towards us. I looked down at James, “Leave him alone James” I snarled the words he had once said to me back at him. Malcolm grabbed my hand, “Lets go before the people tell the cops what we look like” I nodded and followed Malcolm as he led the way, his bicycle lying down lazily on the floor. He lifted it upright and jumped onto it and patted his lap gesturing me to sit down on it. I gingerly sat down on his lap as we rode away.

Chapter 5 I closed my eyes, the wind rushed passed my face, my hair flew freely, my cheeks glowing. The bike came to a sudden halt and I realised that we stopped in a wide, open, green field. “This was the place I wanted to take you” He breathed in the air, “I always come here when I want to think” he smiled. He grabbed a handful of dandelions growing below us and threw it at me. I laughed in shock and reached down to grab some too, I looked up and saw him running away from me across the field. I ran after him, the soft petals rubbing my fingertips. I saw him hide behind a tree I ran towards the tree. I slowly pressed my hands against the rough bark and walked round, I could hear the leaves rustling from his shoes crunching them as he slowly made his way around the tree as well. I then decided to run in the opposite direction knowing that if I kept on running in the forward direction he would get away. I spun round and ran straight into Malcolm as we both went tumbling onto the ground. We were both in hysterics as we spun rapidly until we stopped so suddenly. My back was resting on the soft grass as it crushed the dandelions beneath me, on either side of me Malcolm's hands lay so quietly. His hot breath was sinking down into my cheeks, which I knew would be so much hotter than the sun rays. He looked at me with his eyes, which dazzled like the ocean; I looked back at him. I knew we had a connection, there was something bonding us together. I knew this was love. Malcolm leant in closer, and I slowly closed my eyes. Waiting for our tender lips to finally unite. He kissed me with one small peck, realised that I didn't make any signs to refuse, and brought his lips closer once more. The feeling I felt whilst kissing Malcolm wasn't something that I had felt before. It was nothing like the sensation I felt when kissing James, this felt different; this felt true. Malcolm stopped kissing and brought his lips away from mine. I opened my eyes I could see that his cheeks had a slight tinge of pink to it. He opened his mouth to say something, but then hesitated. “Your sorry aren't you” I asked smiling. He nodded and we both went into hysterics again. Malcolm rolled off me and lay beside me, “Actually, I changed my mind” he spoke to me. “How?” I asked him. “I'm not sorry for kissing you” He told me, I bit my lip feeling a little embarrassed. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes staring at the miraculously clear sky as the clouds swam past us. Malcolm's hand slowly reached on top of mine and I felt his grasp slowly tighten around my hand, I turned my hand over and let our hands entwine together. “Malcolm?” I asked, “Yes” he hummed out. “Can I ask you something?”, “Sure why not”. “Why were you getting bullied...” there

was silence, “ James?” I finished off my question feeling his hand shiver and then wishing I hadn't brought it up. I heard him let out a deep sigh, “James and his so called friends were bullying me because I am smarter than them and I think I am just too kind too people” he finished off. I rolled over on to my side and wrapped my arms around him, embracing him. “Well that's something I like about you” I snuggled in closer. “But we've only met” he chuckled. “Malcolm, when I wasn't dating James I always had a crush on you, but my friends always discouraged me. I can't believe that I am actually here with you”, “Me neither” he replied, and the warmth from his words made my heart leap, he made me believe that everything was going to be better. A few minutes passed and he loosened his grip on my hand, “You had a crush on me” he laughed out the words. “Ugh, that's not funny” I said leaping up so I was now sitting on my knees, I ripped off some dandelions and threw them at him, so the petals rested on his hair, and some slid down. We had a battle of the dandelions as we smothered each other with the petals and unknowingly smothered each other with our love. We soon grew tired and lay back on the grass panting heavily. “So...” Malcolm said jumping up and reaching his hands towards me so I could now get up, “Time to go”. “Where” I asked him, “Shops, Cinemas, Home, I don't know”, “Why?”, Malcolm looked at his wrist, “because school is officially over”. I slouched my shoulders, Malcolm came round and put his arm around my shoulder, “Everything is going to be OK” and he led me towards the bicycle and cycled me to my home whilst getting the directions off me. His bicycle came to a halt as he hopped off after I had gotten off. “Well this is goodbye” I told him. “You sound as if I'm not going to see you in school tomorrow” he said, I fell silent. “Oh Faith” he sighed. Malcolm came towards me and lifted my chin up with his forefinger, “You got to come in, you can't hide away from what you fear. Plus, you can't fail school because of something that happened in the past”. “But, I am always going to see them in school. How will I cope with that?”. “Its not like Sasha was your only friend I am sure the others will be there to comfort you, and so will I”. “OK, I will be coming in school then, just for you”. “Just for me” he smiled. He brought his face closer and I leaned forward, tip-toeing. I wanted to thank him for this beautiful day, but I knew that he knew. Malcolm was my saviour and I know that he would always be there for me. I walked towards my door and stood still, I knew he was watching me so I looked back, he wasn't there. I sulked and reached towards my pocket to dig out my house keys. I jumped in surprise as a pair of hands clasped around my waist, I heard Malcolm laughing continuously behind me. My lips made a small smile, I knew he was still here. I turned around to face him, “Don't do that!”, He shrugged “I wanted to”, “Well that's just mean”, “I saw you sulking when you couldn't see me”, I blushed. He hugged me and then he kissed the top of my head, “I won't leave you”. I embraced him as well, returning the love, “I don't want to go home” I murmured out.

Malcolm stopped hugging and placed his hands on my shoulders, looking at me confused. I realised his confusion, “There probably still at work, they come back late” I smiled. I saw him thinking thoughtfully, “If you busy Malcolm, I will go home” I told him understandingly. “I have to meet up with a friend, but if you want to do something else, I am all for it” he told me cheerfully, I knew he was just saying that to make me happy. “No you go, don't cancel it for me” I told him. “Do you want to come with me?” He asked me. I felt a spring of happiness jump inside me, Malcolm is actually going to let me know his friends, James always told me to stay away from him when he's with his friends. I clapped my hands, and slid my arm through his “Yes” I squeaked out. “Your excited” he told me suspiciously. I head butted his shoulder, “Lets go then”. “Have you got a crush on one of my friends, cause if you do let me tell you something” he started off, “No I don't” I laughed out. I climbed on to the back of the bicycle again after he climbed on. “Hold on tight, I am going to cycle faster than the wind!”, I hugged him from behind tightening my grip on his waist. I could feel the momentum of him starting off slow and then quickening the speed. Halfway through our journey I could hear his slow breath escaping from his soft lips, I wanted to feel them again; to touch them. The hair was flapping in the wind just like a bird; my eyes could barely stay open as the wind flushed onto them, my cheeks ached as the wind slapped its hands across my cheek. I lurched forward as the bicycle stopped suddenly. “We're here” he panted out, “You can carry on hugging me if you want”. I blushed softly but it was barely noticeable. Malcolm held out his hand towards me and I took hold of it as we walked hand-in-hand towards a house as it settled peacefully surrounded by trees and flowers. As we reached the door which lay on winding path, Malcolm pressed against the buzzer and after a few moments of waiting the door opened. I gasped shocked at what I was seeing. I could not believe it.

Chapter 6 Right in front of me I could see Pete the neekiest guy in our school with Kylie wrapped around his body. Pete was wearing a white tank top and I was surprised to see that he had a slight six pack. Kylie stared wide eyed at me. I finally broke the awkward silence by saying, “So that's how you got the answers to the history exam!... Your dating Pete!”I exclaimed. Malcolm broke into hysterics beside me and started patting my back. I was now inside Pete's house in his living room sitting with Kylie as the boys went off to prepare us some drinks and snacks. “Why didn't you tell me that you were dating Pete?” I asked Kylie, “Well, because you lot would of made fun of me”, “What about the time when I told you I had a crush on Malcolm, you told me to forget about it”, “I was just trying to fit in” Kylie replied. “So are you going out with Malcolm?”, “Yes, after the fight between me and Sasha I bumped into him and he helped me” I smiled. “I'm sorry for blurting out like that in class” Kylie looked down at her nails. I hugged Kylie “Thank You”, “ what”, “For blurting out like that, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't of met Malcolm”. “Your welcome Faith”. “OMG your dating Pete!” I screamed, we both started laughing. The boys came back into the room, Malcolm was holding a bowl of crisps in one hand and a bottle of coke in the other. Pete was holding a bowl of chewy sweets in his hand and with his other hand he was holding a DVD. Pete stepped forward first and placed the contents in his hand onto the table in front of us, he then sat down next to Kylie and placed his arm around her. “What are you lot laughing about?” Pete said looking at me, I looked back noticing that he looked much better without his glasses. “Nothing... Kylie just said a joke” I lied. Malcolm came next and placed the coke on the table and handed the bowl of crisps to Pete who started to munch already. “I need to get 4 cups, Pete put the DVD in” Malcolm said whilst he walked away, he squeezed my hand which was resting on the arm rest before he disappeared into the kitchen. “What film are we going to watch Pete?” Kylie asked him whilst gliding her fingers through his soft hair. “Its a scary one, I picked it.” He smiled back with a smirk. Kylie rolled her eyes, “I hate scary films and you know that” she moaned. “That's exactly why I picked it, So you could snuggle up to me in the scary parts” Pete joked around. Kylie picked up the cushion and attempted to suffocate Pete whilst he wrestled her back. I watched them laughing and playing around; Kylie was one of my closest friends yet she had always been afraid to tell me that she was dating Pete, I felt ashamed of myself.

Malcolm came in with 4 cups in his hands and he saw me looking and smiled at me. I smiled back. “Hey you two stop killing each other” Malcolm laughed. I watched Malcolm as he swiftly placed the cups on the table and tried to stop Kylie from strangling his friend; I though of all the times I wasted with James when I could have been with him. I felt left out of this image with the three of them. Malcolm turned round to look at me and then his face dropped when he saw that I was sulking. Malcolm came and sat down next to me, “This is our first date and your sulking, that's not a good sign. Whats wrong?” I could hear the tone of worry beneath his smooth voice, I brought my hands towards his face and clasped his chin between my palms. “I love you Malcolm” I said tenderly, “I love you too” He smiled back, “But, Maybe I am not good for you, There's so many other...” Malcolm never let me finish as he brought his face closer and his lips hung on mine. He kissed me softly and I kissed him back, the tempo increasing. My hands were around his neck now and his hands were through my hair, I could hear Kylie and Pete cheering in the background and their sudden footsteps escaping the room, giving us privacy. Malcolm leaned his body onto mine as I got pushed onto the couch my back against its smooth material. Malcolm and my lips danced together as his hands slid down and underneath my school shirt. His palm rubbing against my flesh until his fingers traced my bra. Was I ready, I thought to myself. I pushed Malcolm back slightly until he took his lips away, “Malcolm, I don't think we should...”I trailed off. Malcolm slowly got up and sat upright leaning against the couch his hands on top of his eyes. “I am so sorry, I got carried away Faith” he said apologetically. “It's okay, it wasn't just you who got carried away” I giggled out, “Where did the other two go?” I asked. “I am not sure, should I call them?”, “Yeah”. Malcolm took out his mobile and dialled in what looked like Pete's number. “Hey, Pete, where are you?”, after a long pause Malcolm then said, “Okay, we're coming”. I looked at Malcolm questionably. “There at the cinema, Pete said if we're done here we should go over there”. “Okay”, I got up. Malcolm stretched his arm out towards me and I took it. We walked outside hand-in-hand and Malcolm looked around in disbelief. “What happened?” I asked. “They took my bicycle!” He exclaimed. I laughed out really loud, “Now what?”. “We either take the bus or walk since I am not of legal age to have a car” He gave out the options. “Lets walk” I said skipping onto the pavement, “More fun”. Malcolm laughed, mimicking me. Malcolm came over next to me and I slid my arm into his. Malcolm then held me close and rested his nose on top of my head, “What are you doing?” I asked oddly, “Your hair smells nice” He replied casually. “You just realised” I joked. “It smells of strawberries” He grinned down at me. “Your odd” I told him jokingly. “Am I really?” Malcolm said and then he sneakily started to tickle my ribs, I ran away from him. “You can't catch me” I laughed at him, sticking my tongue out. Malcolm chased me until the end of the road where I had to stop or I would have tumbled onto the road in front of me. Malcolm ran next to me panting, “Your fast” he told me and I could sense that

he was shocked. “Why are you surprised?” I asked him, “I don't know, in your P.E lessons you never really put in much effort, to see you run so fast is just... surprising” he said shrugging his shoulders. “Well, I never saw you in P.E lessons” I said to him, making myself look better than him. “Well, I was always helping out the librarian and I could see you from the glass window, that's why” he told me in a matter-of-factly voice. “Then, why are you never in class either?” I asked him whilst we both started to cross the road as the green man showed. “Mainly, because I am always needed around the school and I do my lessons at break times and lunch times and sometimes after school” He said shrugging again. “Your odd, can't you just do them in school time?”. “No, I don't have time to waste”. “But your wasting time with me, when you could have been at school doing your work”, “You never waste my time” He told me and I sensed the warmth as he kissed my forehead. After a couple minutes more of walking, we arrived at the big cinema building as it loomed over us. I held Malcolm's hand tighter. “Come on” Malcolm said as he pulled me with him into the cinema. We walked in my feet gliding on the soft carpet beneath my shoes. As we turned the curve of the wall we saw Kylie and Pete sitting on the cushioned seats too lost in each others lips to notice us. “Pete is actually good looking” I blurted out. “Great, want to join in with them?” Malcolm joked. “Shut up” I said punching his arm. I took hold of Malcolm's shoulders and made him turn round to face me, “I changed my mind, lets go to your place”. I took hold of his hand and started to run dragging him behind me, as we reached the door I heard Kylie screamed my name.

Chapter 7 I ignored Kylie and started to run faster. But then I stopped and turned towards Malcolm, “What happened Faith?”, “I don't know where your house is!”. Malcolm laughed and stepped in front of me and slid his hands through my legs and my feet slowly lifted off the ground and I screamed with excitement as I hugged his neck, “I'm scared of heights!” I cried. “Don't worry I won't drop you”. We trudged along the roads towards his house excitedly as Malcolm played around, pretending to tip me off as I gave out excited cries. After a couple more blocks of rows and rows of houses sitting down tiredly next to each other we arrived at a medium sized home. I tugged at Malcolm's tee-shirt, “Yeah” he asked in a sort of questionable voice, “Are your parents home?” I asked scared, wondering if they would like me or if they would find it odd that I was on their sons back. “No”. “Where are they then?”, “I don't live with them” he replied toneless. “But your only 16, who do you live with?”, “My cousin, who is 20, like room-mates”. “Is he at home?” I asked even more worried now, “No, he's probably out with his friends getting drunk”. I sighed relieved, “At least we will have some time to ourselves” I said nuzzling into his neck and he slotted the key into the keyhole and pushed the door open. Malcolm shut the door behind him and switched on the lights. He walked through the narrow corridors towards a room that was on the left side of the corridor. Malcolm bent down and I released my grip from his shoulders and I flew back onto the couch laughing as he settled down beside me. As soon as he sat down I flipped my fragile body around was now on top of him. Malcolm looked up at me confused “What are you doing Faith?” he asked me. “Just this” I replied and pressed my lips against his, Malcolm's lips pressed back. Malcolm slid both his hands under my top and struggled undoing my bra strap until he finally managed. I slid my hands up his thigh and unzipped his trousers and slid my hand in... I was now in Malcolm's bed and we were both nude our skins touching. The clothes that we peeled off each other was left as a trail along the wooden floors up to his bedroom from the living room where the scene started. My hands around his neck as he lay on top of me his weight keeping me down. Malcolm kissed me and then rolled off from on top me, “I'm tired” he said and I could see a light smile on his face. “Me too” I said as I turned to my side to hug his waist. “But that was good” he told me, “I agree” I said and kissed his soft cheek. Malcolm got up and walked towards the window, I looked at his bare bottom and giggled as I remembered I had been touching it. Malcolm looked back at me and smiled, and then pushed the curtain aside gently, “It's getting

dark”. He turned and looked at me, “Go have a shower and then after you I will, then I will make some hot cocoa and if your hungry some food and then I will drop you off”. “Okay” I nodded. I climbed out of the bed and then looked round at Malcolm, “Would there happen to be any spare ladies clothes”. “I don't know, check my cousins wardrobe, he's bound to have some of his previous girlfriends clothes there”. I smiled and walked out of the room. I guessed that his cousins room should be the one opposite his bedroom and I pushed the door open hesitantly as if I was expecting his cousin to be there. The room was empty and I sighed relieved, I saw the large wardrobe and opened it up to find some men clothing so I started to rummage through his cousins clothes until I found some Jean shorts for ladies and a top with a heart printed it on it. I swooped them up into my grip and went back to the room Malcolm was in and I could see he was rummaging through his own wardrobe, Malcolm noticed my presence and looked back at me. “Yeah, is there something wrong?” He asked me politely, “Want to save water, come shower with me” I laughed out as I remembered that I got this joke off the internet. Malcolm got up laughing with his clothes clung in his arms. “I would but the showers too small, it won't be comfortable”, “We could squeeze in together” I shrugged. “Go on Faith, go have a shower you naughty girl” he told me off jokingly. “Yes sir” I said marching off towards the bathroom which I guessed would be the last door in the centre wall at the end of the corridor. After I finished with the settings of the shower, I climbed in, the warm water brushing against my skin. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and breathed in the sweet aroma that wafted through the air and up my nostrils. After I stayed in the shower for 15 minutes I decided I should get out and give Malcolm a chance to shower as well. I took hold of a towel from the towel rack and wrapped it around my thin waist and hugged the warmth closer. I looked down at the clothes on the floor and after deciding I was dry enough I started to slip them on, they were a bit baggy for me but not too much so it stayed put. I walked out of the shower, “Malcolm, I am done, come use the shower” I called out, as I shut the door. Malcolm appeared from his room, “Okay, thanks” He said and lightly pecked my lips. I looked around and decided that I should prepare a meal for the two of us instead of waiting for him. I whistled silently as I walked down the stairs and into the open door of the kitchen. I walked around the kitchen and fumbled through the cupboards looking for something to make a nice romantic meal; although I was terrible at cooking. I also looked around for a cook book and was disappointed that I couldn't find any. I let out a long sigh and tried to remember something easy yet romantic. I gave up and decided to make some tomato soup and just boil some chicken. I then went over to the refrigerator and got together all the ingredients I needed for tomato soup; I then chopped, blended, peeled and boiled them. I left the tomato soup cooking and went onto the chicken. I thawed the frozen chicken, I then put the chicken in a pan of boiling water and left it there. Hard work, I told myself. For a brief moment I felt as if Malcolm was my husband

and I was cooking for him. I smiled to myself. After a long wait I started to set the table and found some candles after nosily poking around in some cupboards. I placed everything neatly onto the table and started to fill up the plates with the food. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and quickly moved next to the cupboards pretending that I was looking for something and pretending that I never realised Malcolm was coming. “I can smell something delicious” He sniffed. “Oh, hi. I never realised that you came” I lied. “I never knew you could cook” he told he smirking. I walked over to him and kissed his smirking lips. “I'm hungry” I said as I went and took my place at the table, Malcolm came and sat next to me. I held the spoon to my lips and then we heard a knock at the door. “Who is that?” I asked disappointed as I wanted to spend some time alone with Malcolm. “Probably my cousin”. Malcolm got up and I watched him leave the room. I sighed as I heard Malcolm talking and a male voice responding and then a female voice laughing. I plastered on a fake smile as the three of them entered the room. I saw a tall guy walk in the room, guessing that it was probably Malcolm's cousin. He beamed down at me, “Hey hey who is this?”. I stood up and Malcolm came over next to me, “This here is my girlfriend” he smiled. “My name is Faith” I told him as I shook his hand. “Nice name. My name is Marcus and this here is my girlfriend, Bianca”, “Nice to meet you” Bianca smiled at me, “Oh look your wearing my outfit”. “I am sorry, I didn't have any spare clothing”, “Its OK babes” Bianca said. “I see that there is some nice smell in here and I am starving”. “Faith made it” Malcolm said proudly. I went and sat down back at my place and Malcolm sat next to and Bianca and Marcus sat opposite me. We ate the meal silently with a few jokes coming from Marcus and then a light laughter which soon died down. After everyone finished Marcus stood up, “Malcolm come up stairs with me, I got to show you something”, “Alright, Faith I will come down later” Malcolm got up and they both walked out of the room leaving me a lone with Bianca. “I should clear up now” I coughed out. “You don't have too darling, I will” Bianca stood up piling up the plates. After Bianca collected all the plates and stacking the cutlery on top she walked towards the sink. “So tell me, how did you meet our little Malcolm” Bianca Smiled looking back at me. I blew the candles and rounded up the table cloth, I walked towards Bianca. “I knew him from before, but I got together with him today after school”. “Oh really” Bianca smiled again and took the items from my hands and dumped them to the side. “Lets sit down after I am done washing these, Make some hot cocoa” Bianca said whilst washing the plates. I walked over to the fridge and took out the carton of milk and rumaged through the cupboards and found the tub of hot cocoa and mixed both ingredients together in two mugs and took them over to the cofee table infront of the couch.

I heard some movement behind us and looked back to see Malcolm walking inside, “Where's Marcus?” Bianca asked, “He's sleeping, says he's tired”, “OK, I better go next to him then” Bianca hugged me again and I felt the warmth and kindness of having a real best friend; An elder sister. Bianca went up to Malcolm hugged him and made her way up the stairs so that she was out of sight now, “What have you too ladies been talking about?” Malcolm asked as he came and sat next to me putting his arm around me. “Nothing unusual, just girl stuff” I lied partially, as revenge was girl stuff, right. “Oh, you tired yet. I can take you home if you want” Malcolm suggested. “Uhuh” I sighed out and snuggled up under his arm and wrapping my arm around his waist. Malcolm yawned and placed his head on my shoulder and kissed my neck. “I think your the tired one” I laughed. “I actually am, I'm going to sleep” He yawned out. “Let me sleep here” I pleaded, “What about your parents? Won't they mind?” he asked me politely. “They won't mind” I lied again. They would probably think I am staying at James house, I told myself. I was in Malcolms bedroom as he was changing into his night clothes and I looked around hopelessly secretly wishing that magically a nightgown appeared from somewhere. Malcolm got into the bed, and looked up at me. “Not sleepy are you?” Malcolm asked me. I pointed at my outfit, “Ohhh” Malcolm sighed just realising, “Go ask Bianca, she's in my Marcus's room” Malcolm sunk into the duvet. I didn't feel like disturbing Marcus and Bianca but I needed to sleep in a night gown. I walked towards their door after I exited Malcolm's room and knocked patiently onto the wooden surface. After a short while the door was opened by Bianca who looked wide awake and she asked me politely, “Yes honey?”, “I was wondering if I could borrow a nightgown off you” I smiled sweetly, “Honey if you want to keep Malcolm's attention then let me tell you something” she whispered as she lent closer to me, “Ask him if you could wear one of his t-shirt's; that will make the mood much more romantic” she winked at me, “But even so, I could still lend you a nightgown”. I thought for a while, “I will stick to your other plan, thanks” I hugged her and walked back into Malcolms room. When I entered the room, Malcolm looked as though he was asleep, so I slipped off my outfit and went towards Malcolm's cupboard and wore one of his baggy t-shirts on and slid next to him on the bed. I wrapped my arm around his waist and placed my legs on top of him so I was hugging his back and my head nestled against his neck. I felt Malcolm move his hand and place it on top of mine and I knew he knew that I was there. I heard a faint ringing sound coming from the bedside table next to the bed. Malcolm was asleep and I could hear his soft snoring so I quietly got out of the bed careful not to make any noise. I clasped onto the mobile as I saw, “No caller ID” showing on the screen and clicked answer and held the mobile to my ear. “Hello, Malcolm is this you?” I heard a female voice ask, “No, its his girlfriend, Faith” I answered back confidently. “Oh Faith, its me Kylie”, I sighed in relief, “Kylie I thought it was someone else”, “Faith you left your mobile

phone here, and your mum keeps on ringing!”, “Just switch off my mobile” I retorted, “OK, sorry for disturbing you then” Kylie clicked off. I felt a wave of relief flood over me, I didn't know why I would suspect Malcolm for something like that anyway. I put the mobile back onto the bedside table and went to cuddle up next to him again.

Chapter 8 A ray of light shone through the gap in the blinds and the piercing light caused Malcolm to stir which then lead to me rising as well. “What day is it today” I asked sleepily and sat up on the bed, “Friday” Malcolm replied and pulled me back down and hugged me “I don't feel like going today” Malcolm added. “Oh Malcolm, this is so not you!” I laughed out and picked up his hands off my waist and pulled him up with me. “We've got to get ready now” I whispered into his ear, “Five more minutes” Malcolm's muffled voice came from under the pillow where he buried his head. I went under the duvet and started to tickle him until we both fell off the side of the bed, laughing hysterically together. I got up slowly to my feet and reached my hands out to Malcolm who was lying on the floor lazily. “Come on, get up” I cooed, Malcolm took hold of my hand, “Okay” he moaned. I pulled at Malcolms hands and I could feel he was pushing himself back to not get up. Malcolm pulled me towards him and I lurched forward and fell on top of him. “Malcolm stop acting silly, get up now” I said and got up. Malcolm got up as well and hugged me, “Are you angry with me?” he asked me soothingly. “Uh-Uh” I shook my head. “Um.. Malcolm” I asked, “Yes?”, “Get ready now, because we need to leave in a 20 minutes!”, I went round to the newly washed clothes and took my school uniform from the pile of clothes in the basket ready to get dressed. I pulled on my school clothes and went into Malcolm's room to check if he had worn his school clothing as well. Malcolm was in front of his full length mirror trying to do his tie up, so I went over to him. “Let me help you with that” I turned Malcolm around to face me, “I can do it myself” he complained. “No you can't, look at the state of it”, I made my hands work their magic as I fluently did up his tie. “Lets leave the house now, we can get some breakfast on our way down” I contorted to Malcolm as I quickly rushed out of the room and heard his slow steps following from behind. I held his hand as we walked out of the house silently, not wanting to disturb Marcus and Bianca. “I think I might quit being a librarians assistant” Malcolm looked at me smiling, “Why would you do that?” I asked, “We both have exactly the same lessons therefore meaning that if I quit I could spend more time with you”, “You would do that for me”, “I would do anything for you”. I hugged his waist smiling to myself knowing that I had someone who was ready to do anything for me. I over-looked a cafe, “Malcolm lets have our breakfast in that cafe before we go to school” I told him, “Alright, anything you say Madam” he joked around.

A while later we walked out of the cafe biting into our sandwiches that we bought, “I think we're going to be early” Malcolm told me looking at his watch, “Thats good, I don't want to be late after yesterday when I ran out of school”, “What about me, I never went back to school after I met you so don't worry we're both going to be in trouble” Malcolm grinned as if it was a good thing. I started to laugh at him, “I am just telling the truth” he shrugged. Me and Malcolm arrived at the school gates, I felt a sense of hesitation; I didn't want to be back, to see the two people that had caused me so much pain that I was going to get hit by a car. Malcolm walked on and I stood back, pulling at his hand. “Come on Faith, we have to go to school” he lectured me, “And anyway you was the one forcing me to come to school in the first place”, “I know, I know, its just that I am not feeling that confident in seeing you know who” I said sulkily. “Don't worry, Voldemort's not here” Malcolm laughed. “I don't mean that you know who, I mean the other you know who” I huffed out, “I am being serious” I continued. “Hush now, don't worry nothing seriously bad is going to happen” Malcolm tried to comfort me. He put his arm on around my shoulder and pushed me with him to school. I took in a deep breath as we walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor which was for the oldest students. Malcolm pushed the door open and we walked in together, I saw Kylie, Nina and Avery standing near the lockers in our usual place; they were all on their mobiles texting and talking. Opposite them to the right I saw James with his hand resting on the wall and his head buried into Sasha's face. I cringed not because I was jealous but because they didn't even care about my feelings, I saw James look up to see me and smirked before returning to carry on snogging Sasha. I turned to Malcolm, “Kiss me” I said pulling at his arm. “What?” Malcolm looked at me confused, “Kiss me” I said this time more irritated, Malcolm carried on looking at me as if I was speaking another language. I tip-toed and pulled Malcolm's shoulders down and pressed my lips against his. I placed my arms around his neck and kissed more passionately, I'll show James that our break up didn't affect me at all. I felt unbreakable now and much more stronger knowing that I actually never loved him either. I felt Malcolm run his hand up my back and into my hair, his tongue fluently in my mouth. I slowly opened my eyes to peek at James whilst still kissing Malcolm and I could see that he was looking at me with his eyes filled with envy; Sasha was trying to turn his head so she could carry on kissing James but James never took his eyes of me and Malcolm, I felt pleased with myself that I hadn't let James cause me a mental breakdown and that I had moved on so quickly. I felt Malcolm softly push me back and I released myself from his lips, “What's wrong?” I asked, “Why did you just do that?” he asked me with a slightly angry tone, “I felt like kissing you” I said smiling and tip-toed to kiss his lips again but Malcolm turned his head away from mine, “Malcolm, what's wrong?” I asked again, “Faith I have a feeling that your only using me to get James jealous” he huffed out the words, “No, that's such a wrong assumption” I

shook my head, pleading. “Then tell me why you really did that” Malcolm asked me. “I kissed you because James was there and I wanted to show him that I love you and that mine and his break-up never affected me, please don't be angry with me” I pleaded telling the truth. Malcolm bent down and kissed my lips softly, “Your such a strong girl” he smiled down at me and I hugged him with all my might. “Faith I need to go to the librarian and tell her I am quitting” Malcolm told me, I grabbed his arm, “Be quick” I pleaded, “I will be back in time for lesson” He told me and walked off. After Malcolm had disappeared through the doors Nina and Avery walked up to me hurriedly with Kylie behind them already knowing about me and Malcolm. “Faith, who was that total hottie you was snogging with” Nina asked me curious to know, “He's my boyfriend” I replied courageously, “Tell us more” Avery continued. “Girls calm down” Kylie said rolling her eyes. “His name is Malcolm and he's in our year” I gave a basic detail about Malcolm. “Is he new” Nina beamed, “How come I have never seen him before” Avery chirped in, “He has been doing over activities around the school but now he is going to be in class with us” I gleamed at the two of them. “When he gets back you have to introduce him to us” Avery exclaimed, “And we got to meet any of his hottie friends” Nina excitedly waffled on. The bell tweeted like a bird and all the students slowly walked to their first class, my first class was double English and all me and my friends were in the same set including Malcolm. “Lets go to class or we will be late” said Avery, and all four of us linked our arms together and walked down the corridor causing chaos as those who were walking the other way had to walk around us. We were outside our English class and we stood outside the door “Nina why are you putting on make-up?” I asked her, “There is this really cute guy sitting in front of me” she replied, “What's his name?”, “His name is Lucas”,”OMG do you mean the guy who is always smiling and winking at you?” I screeched excitedly for my friend and inside I was hoping that this guy made her feel much better than her ex boyfriend. “Yes, that's the one” Nina jumped up and down in joy. The girls started to walk into the classroom once Nina had finished putting on her make-up and I stood outside the door not following them. “Come on Faith or your going to miss the lesson” Kylie lectured me, “I am going to wait for Malcolm” I smiled at Kylie, “Oooh, that's fine with me” she smiled back. As soon as the girls had gone into the classroom Malcolm was coming down the end of the corridor grinning, as he got closer to me he spread his arms out wide. “Faith why didn't you go inside”, “I was waiting for you”, “Well, come on lets go inside”. Me and Malcolm walked into the classroom and the teacher looked at us sternly, “Why are you two late”. “We're not late” I choked out, “Oh yes you are, 5 minutes late!”, “Why are you making such a big deal” Malcolm argued back. “Malcolm go back to the library now” The teacher screeched at him. The class went into hysterics except for Kylie, Nina and Avery with Pete at

the back rolling his eyes. “Look yeah, you can't speak to him like that” I hissed at her, “You stay out of this one, go sit down” The teacher glared her eyes at me. “Faith, just don't get involved, I don't want you to get into any trouble” Malcolm whispered into my ear. “Yeah Faith what are you doing next to that loser” James shouted out and he and his Jocks and the class starting to laugh at Malcolm, at us. The anger was building up inside me, my lip trembling; ready to explode. I looked around me and everybody was laughing, their laughter all a big blur. I couldn't take it anymore. “STOP!” I screamed out roaring like the traffic outside. The class went silent. “You lot have to be quiet; your all acting like a bunch of dumbo's. Malcolm is my boyfriend and I don't give a sh!t on whether you like it or not,” I panted out taking hold of Malcolms hand, “The ones you should be laughing at are James and Sasha; my boyfriend and my best friend had cex behind my back” the class gasped in surprised and all heads looked eagerly at me if I was going to start crying, “Oh my goodness” the teacher blurted out, “James and Sasha you two come with me right now to the headteachers office, what vile behaviour. Faith sit down now, your words have been heard” I felt a sudden kindness towards the teacher, “Of course” I smiled at the teacher and pulled Malcolm with me to sit down next to Kylie, Nina, Avery and asked Pete to sit next to us. I smirked as I saw James and Sasha being taken away by the teacher like two lambs walking to the slaughter house. After the teacher had left with Sasha and James the whole classes heads turned towards me, questions were thrown out at me. “Are you OK Faith?”, “We're so sorry”, “Sasha was a s!ut anyway”, “Please forgive us”. I felt glad that the class we're being thoughtful. “I am fine really, I am glad I got rid of James. Me and Malcolm are happy together” I replied trying to comfort them and myself. Malcolm put his arm around my shoulder and I turned and gave him a peck on his lips. The class cooed. After everyone had realised that I was feeling alright they turned back to their desk's. “Faith you handled that situation like a pro” Kylie complimented me, “You go girl, never knew you had it in you” Avery added. “We love you so much” Nina hugged my arm. “Nina, Avery I have to tell you something” Kylie directed towards the two of them. “I am going out with Pete”. Kylie leant her head against Pete's shoulder. “OMG, I want to have a boyfriend now” Nina sulked. “Go speak with Lucas then” Avery laughed. “I can talk to him for you” Pete suggested, “Would you actually do that?” Nina asked eagerly. “Yes, I would” Pete nodded. “Group hug” Nina exclaimed, and we all hugged each other with embrace and a true bond of friendship that will never be broken, “I love all of you” Nina sighed. The teacher walked back into the classroom with a look of despair on her face, “Teenagers these days, think lifes a game. Anyhow lets get back to our learning”. I giggled and Malcolm smiled at me half-heartedly. “Whats wrong Malcolm?” I asked him softly, clasping his face with my hand. “Maybe you

shouldn't have baited them out” he whispered back at me, “But they were laughing at me, at us. I had to do something”, “But this kind of took it too far, now the whole school knows about them having c*x”, “Well, they shouldn't have done it then”, “But Faith, we did it too”, “Well nobody knows”, “I don't know Faith, you're acting different”, “I'm not acting different” I leaned in and kissed him but he never kissed me back, “Ahem ahem, Faith and Malcolm, you're in the classroom. Behave yourselves”. “Yes Ms.Rin” I sulked and turned to the front of the class. Whilst I was taking notes an announcement through the speakers flooded the classroom, “Could all year 11's please come to the main assembly hall now” the headteachers voice sounded stern. “Come on class, pack up your bags” Ms.Rin said sounding pleased. “Whats happening?” Nina asked us as we walked out of the classroom waddling with all the other students. “If I knew I would have told you” I replied a bit irritated and Nina's stupidity. Malcolm stood next to me, his arm loosely hung round my shoulder. Now I was regretting telling on James and Sasha because Malcolm was starting to feel colder towards me. I hugged Malcolm tighter and he looked down at me, “Is there something wrong Malcolm?” I asked him pleadingly, “Yes, No, I don't know”, “Tell me”, “I feel like your using me to get James jealous”, “Malcolm you already told me that earlier and I will answer you again it's not true, I don't care about what James thinks. I baited them out because they were making fun of our relationship and calling you a loser, when your clearly not one”, “I believe you Faith and I need to stop making the wrong assumptions, now lets get into the assembly hall” Malcolm smiled down at me, but this time wholeheartedly. We settled down at the front with the stage towering over us, the lights dimmed down and everybody went silent. The headteacher walked onto the stage with a very stern look on her face, “I am very dissapointed with the behaviour of some of the fellow students in this school”. The headteachers eyes scanned the assembly hall, “Today I got the news that two students have had cex”, the assembly hall echoed with silent laughter, “This is not a laughing matter. Although it is legal to have cex at the age of 16 I do not recommend it. Right now everyone should be focusing on their upcoming exams and not on other trivial matters such as having a girlfriend or boyfriend and getting them into bed” another wave of silent laughter drifted through the hall. “I hope that you are all aware that if you do decide to have cex that there is many types of contraceptions available to you, our school has not had any pregnancies in a long time; which is why our school reputation is so high. I feel very shocked at having to do this speech with you, you are all dismissed now; back to classes”. I sat there perplexed at what I have caused. Our headteacher had to do a speech about it! “Faith come on lets go” Malcolm said pulling at my arm, pulling me out of my dazed position. I got up unsteadily and walked out of the assembly hall with following Malcolms steps. I didn't know why I was acting so

shocked, like Bianca had told me; I needed to take revenge against them, so I took in a deep breath and tried to relax myself. The bell for break time had finally gone off and I started to shove my school books into my handbag and turned to my side to see Malcolm already packed up and he winked at me. “Okay class, you can go now” Ms.Rin retorted. I walked out of the classroom and waited for my friends to come out. “Lets go to the cafeteria, I never had breakfast and I am starving” Avery moaned; we all agreed and started to make our way towards the cafeteria. We sat down and started to munch into our sandwiches that we bought. A sudden laughter aroused from behind the place where we was sitting and I turned back to look at what was going on. A circle of students had been formed and they were laughing at someone who was stuck in the middle. “I am going to go see whats happening” I said as I got up, Malcolm grabbed my arm “Don't be silly, you might get hurt”, “You come with me then”, “Fine” he replied and we both made our way towards the circle. I pushed through the crowd with Malcolm trailing after me, “Sasha is a s!ut”, “How did he pay you? Because I want to get some too”, “How many guys did you sleep with?”. I was in shock listening to most of these comments made and I was even more shocked that they were coming from the mouths of James friends. I looked at Sasha, in the middle, looking helpless and afraid. Our eyes met and I saw the look of regret in her eyes and felt a tiny spark of pity for her but it wasn't enough for me to forget about what she had done to me. Sasha looked at me pleadingly, begging me for help with her sorrowful eyes. I glared at her and turned away to push myself back out of the crowd, Malcolm was saying something to me. But I couldn't hear him, the voice of my thoughts of anger towards Sasha blocking out his voice. Kylie came running up to me with Nina and Avery jumping off the tables towards me as well. “Whats going on?” Kylie asked me, “Who are they laughing at?” Nina asked. “Sasha that b!!tch is getting what she deserves” I smirked and hugged my chest. “Good for her, shes a backstabbing s!!!ut and a two faced cow” Avery said getting carried away. “Calm down girl” I laughed out. “Wheres James, isn't he helping her?” Pete asked me toneless. “He's nowhere to be seen and the thing is, its James friends who are making fun of her” I smiled, “Now thats just stupid” Malcolm chuckled whilst Pete nodded to his answer. “Lets get out of the canteen before we might get accused of being involved” Pete told us. “Your so cute when you worry about us” Kylie kissed Pete lovingly. “Come on then” I said and started to make my way out of canteen hugging Malcolm's waist. “You still hate her don't you?” he asked me. “Who?” I asked him back, knowing exactly who he was talking about. “Sasha” he told me. “Yes I do, how did you know?”, “The way you looked at her when we was in the circle. I could see you got a lot of anger built up in you” Malcolm told me. “Yes I do have a lot of anger for her, but can we stop speaking about it before I start wanting to punch something” I laughed about it although being totally

serious. In the distance I could see James running towards the canteen. “Hey James, your girlfriend's being mocked because of you” I laughed out at him. James stopped in his tracks and came towards me with slight anger in his pace. “Your enjoying this aren't you?”, “As a matter of fact, yes I am” I smirked. “Well you better watch out for yourself, you never know what might happen” James sneered at me, “You better watch out who you're talking to James” Malcolm sneered back at him. “No one was talking to you”, “Well I hope you don't start a conversation now, you're girlfriend is in there; you better hurry along” Malcolm smiled at him cheekily. James took a long look at me and Malcolm pugnatiously and turned around to make his way towards the canteen. “What a jerk, I can't believe you actually went out with him” Nina said. “Me neither, at least now I know his true face” I replied to her. Kylie came up next to me and whispered in my ear, “I am kind of scared of James; you should watch out for yourself”. I looked at her and started to laugh, what on earth can James do to me, I said thinking to myself. “Malcolm, what lesson have we got next?” I asked him since I never brought my school journal so I didn't know what lessons I had. “I think we got Maths”, I groaned and then Avery chirped in, “Actually I think we got Science”, I groaned even loaded. They all came on agreement that we had Science. “Great, I just love Science” I cheerfully said sarcastically. We was waiting outside our Science class for the teacher to open the door and let us in. After about 10 minutes the teacher finally let us in. As we settled down Mr.Smith started to announce something to us, “As you know we are on our biology unit so todays lesson will be about the reproductive system”. The class arouse with laughter immaturely, “Class settle down, your all mature now”. Dave the cheekiest guy in our class put his hand up, “Yes Dave”, “Do we get to do any practicals?”. We all broke into laughter again and some laughed later on just realising the joke. “Class we have a double lesson today and if you don't settle down I will keep you in at lunch time”. The class started to groan and quietened down. I puffed boredly as I was doing bookwork about the reproductive system, when I received a tap on my shoulder from behind. I looked round and saw a blonde girl looking innocently at me as she handed me a note. “From Sasha” she lipped to me, I rolled my eyes in disgust. I turned back to the front and held the note in my hand. Unsure on whether I should unfold it and read what was written inside. I scrunched up the note and shoved it in the far end of my pocket. I placed my hand on top of Malcolms hair and started to stroke it as he lay on the table lying down. His hair was so soft, like the stroke of a feather. Malcolm turned his head towards me and smiled so I leaned in and kissed him softly on his lips. “Wake up sleepy head” I whispered at him. “When's the lesson over, I wan't to go home” Malcolm groaned at me. “In about 15 minutes” I said looking up at the clock. Mr.Smith started to clap his hands together, "Class look this way, before the

class ends I wan't you to watch a short video of how an egg get's ferilised". The girls shrieked embarrased including me but the guys whistled jokingly. "Okay class quieten down, Faith could you please switch off the lights". I got up slowly stretching my almost numb legs as I headed towards the back of the classroom to switch off the lights. Once the room turned dark I started to make my way to my desk next to Malcolm. I gasped silently in surprise as someone grabbed my wrist, I turned my head to see who it was. Sasha. "Did you read my note?" She asked me curiously. "No, get off me" I replied angrily. "Please read it, I wan't to know your answer". "You wan't an answer, well I will give you one" I sneered at her. "Faith, sit in your seat now" Mr.Smith instructed so Sasha let go of my wrist and I went back to my desk. I placed myself onto the wooden seat and rolled my eyes frustratedly. How could she talk to me, did she think I forgot about everything. I put my head down onto the desk and placed my hands on top of my head and puffed, why is my life so messed up. Malcolm started to stroke my hair and I turned to look at him, so he pushed the hair out of my face. "What's wrong Faith?" Malcolm asked me softly. "Nothing that important" I lied. "I know it's something important or you wouldn't look so annoyed" he replied to me. Malcolm placed his warm hand on my cheek and I took hold of his hand and hugged it with my cheek. "Sasha is trying to talk to me, but I don't want to talk to her" I sulked. "Why don't you listen to what she has to say, you two were best friends" he told me. "Are you trying to defend her to me" I said angrily. "It was just a thought" he said defensively. "I am so sorry for exploding at you like that, sorry" I apologized, what was I doing, being mad at Malcolm wouldn't change anything. "It's okay, I know your going through a lot" he tried to soothe me. "No it's not okay, I am just being stupid. Maybe I should listen to what she has to say". Malcolm kissed my hand, "That's my girl" he smiled at me and I felt as if my heart was turning into butter. I was falling in love with him all over again. "I love you" I whispered to him, "I love you too" he said, and I knew he meant it. A shadow stood over us and we looked up to see Mr.Smith glaring down at us."Malcolm and Faith, you both have detention after school. I will see you here" He told us and walked away before we had a chance to argue. "At least we're together" Malcolm winked at me and I started to laugh. Finally the video had finished so we started to pack our bags. As soon as we walked out of the class I sighed out, "Lunch time at last!". "Yeah, I am starving" Nina said, "But I thought you was going on a diet?" Avery exclaimed rather confused. "I was going to but then I changed my mind, I'm hungry!" she laughed out. "Well I am only going to eat a salad because I am not that hungry" I told them, "I am going to get burger and fries because I am greedy" Malcolm joked around. Inside the canteen the students were lining up to get their meals so we joined at the back of the cue. "Ugh, this is so boring" I sighed as I leant back on Malcolm's chest as he hugged me from behind. "Well, you get bored easily" he mumbled into my ear. "Oh, be quiet" I laughed out as I turned around. At the far end of the canteen I could see Sasha crying, her mascara smudged down her face, her eyes sore. "Malcolm

I'll be back" I kissed him and walked towards Sasha. As I got closer to Sasha she looked up at me and started to wipe away at her face with the back of her hand which just smudged her make-up even worse. "Faith" she whimpered at me. I looked down at her and seeing her even more helpless then she really is softened my hard feelings towards her. "Sasha" I smiled back. Sasha leapt up and wrapped her fragile arms around me, and I hugged her back. "I'm so sorry Faith, but you don't know the full story" she cried, "What story?" I asked back interested. "Come with me, let's go somewhere quiet" Sasha took hold of my hand and led me away outside the canteen and towards the back of the building. "I have to tell you something" she told me. I nodded sympathetically. "James and I used to go out when we was young, I knew him since I was in nursery school. We started off as good friends but then we developed feelings for each other. But then his parent's forced us to split up because your parent's company is much more richer than my parent's one and James father told him to somehow become your boyfriend and his parent's are planning on getting you two married... Faith are you alright?", I gaped in awe trying to absorb the news. "Me and James still have feelings for each other and James was going to tell you soon right after he told his parent's that he couldn't be with you. I didn't wan't you to find out about us yet neither did James and the only reason he's acting mad against you is because you never gave him a chance to explain". I blinked in astonishment. "But why didn't either of you tell me about this, Sasha you are my best friend and you never told me about this before... Why?" I blurted out. "We couldn't tell you, me and James went over this so many times. I was going to tell you on your birthday but James told me not to spoil your day and plus it's another reason to why he never slept with you because he didn't wan't to hurt your feelings afterwards", I blushed in embarrasment "He even told you about how I wanted to sleep with him?". Sasha nodded and then we both started to laugh, I hugged Sasha. I pulled myself away from Sasha, "I should get back to the canteen Malcolm is probably worried about why I was gone so long" I laughed out. "Malcolm really is a sweet guy, take care of him" Sasha smiled warmly at me. "I know he's a sweet guy..." I looked around us but no one was there, "I never told this too anyone but me and Malcolm slept together" I whispered. Sasha's eye's widened "OMG, are you serious" She shrieked, "Keep it down and yes I am serious" I smiled. "That's great honey" Sasha hugged me and I hugged her back. "But seriously we really should get going" I said and so we both started to walk back to the canteen are arms linked. I was glad the truth had come out and a sudden wave of relief washed over me as I had found out that neither my best friend nor my ex-boyfriend has betrayed me, this news gave me my old sunshine back. As we walked into the canteen I scanned the area, I saw my friends all sitting on a table together laughing and talking joyously. "There they are" I told Sasha happily, I felt Sasha tremble, "Don't be nervous" I told her. As we walked

towards the table Kylie began to shift in her seat. I sat down next to Malcolm with Sasha sitting next to me. and I smiled. "What is she doing here?" Kylie mouthed to me. "Sasha is our friend isn't she" I told her openly a bit cross that she was asking that. Malcolm put his arm around me and hugged me, "I am glad that you forgave her and the fight is over" he whispered into my ear. "If she is going to sit with us at lunch then I am going to leave" Kylie announced. I began to feel the tension increasing; I didn't reply to Kylie's question because I didn't know what to say. "Fine then" Kylie retorted and got up, "I'm leaving". "So am I" Nina exclaimed. "Me too" Avery chirped in. "Don't be like that, come on girls". Kylie scourned at me and the three of them walked away giving dirty looks to Sasha. "I am so sorry, I should just go" Sasha apologised to me. As Sasha got up I held her back down, "It's their fault for not understanding. Malcolm got up "Let's leave you two alone, come on Pete" Malcolm and Pete walked away too. I held my face in my hands. I felt Sasha patting my back. "It's all my fault, I should have never spoke to you. I ruined your friendship with them" Sasha said and I saw her eyes watering. I hugged her tightly, "Don't cry, it's not your fault. Now I know my real friend. It's you" I said warmly. Sasha sobbed into my blazer "Really?". "Yes" I replied. "James is going to throw a party on Sunday. Do you wan't to come" Sasha asked me kindly. "Of course I will come, Tomorow is Saturday so we can go shopping together just like before!" I exclaimed. "Yay, it's going to be fun!" Sasha screeched. The sudden shrill of the bell rang to notify student's that lunch time was over so me and Sasha looked at each other excitedly thinking about what to buy! I looked around upset, "What's wrong Faith?" Sasha asked me worriedly. "Why did Malcolm and Pete leave as well, I didn't understand that move of theirs" I sulked. "Well, it was obviously an awkward situation for Malcolm because I am James girlfriend and the girl you used to hate. He's probably just confused right now" Sasha tried to explain. "But he told me that he's glad the fight was over between me and you" I said, "Or he just wanted to give us some time to talk to each other because he's a very considerate person", "Your right Sasha, Malcolm is considerate". I hugged Sasha for making things clear to me. "What's our next lesson?" I asked, "We have Religious Studies" Sasha replied. "Great, we can sit together!". All through my religious studies lessons I got glared at by Kylie; all through my next lesson Kylie still glared at me. I didn't know why she was being so mean to me because it was me who had a problem with Sasha not her. Had Sasha done something to her too? No Faith, stop thinking like that I told myself off. Me and Sasha was in the girls toilets and Sasha was doing my hair; she was working her magic just like she used to. "There you go your tight bun in complete with two curls on either side" Sasha announced, "Thank you honey!" I clapped my hands together as I pouted into the mirror. I grabbed Sasha's hand, "Let's go to the front gate because I got to meet Malcolm because I am going to stay over at his house again" I explained to

Sasha. "You go, don't wait for me. I got to hand in my assignment" she told me, "Which assignment?" I asked. Sasha reached into her bag and pulled out her work and I inspected it. "Okay then babe, I will see you tomorow" I air kissed her before hugging her. "I will call you tomorow then" She told me and we both walked out of the toilets. Me and Sasha parted our ways and I started to make my way towards the front of the school to meet Malcolm. Once I reached outside I saw Malcolm waiting patiently for me whilst reading a book. I smiled as I wen't up to greet him. "Did I make you wait too long?" I asked him casually expecting a 'no you never'. "Yes I had to wait about 15 minutes but I can see why" He winked back at me glancing at my hair. "You look gorgeous" he told me as he leaned in to kissed me softly. "Sorry for making you wait, but beauty comes at a price", "I don't mind". We linked our arms as we decided to walk to his house. I felt Malcolm unlink his arm from mine. "Oh, I just forgot. Here is your mobile", "Thanks", "Kylie gave it to me before she stormed off with Pete trying to calm her down", "Why did she do that?" I asked confused. "I don't think she likes the idea of you and Sasha being friends again but I don't know why" Malcolm told me shrugging. "I can't believe she just abandoned me like that!" I exclaimed. Malcolm squeezed me, “Don’t worry I am sure things will get sorted out in time”. “I don’t really think so but I hope so” I retorted. “Malcolm before we go to your house I need to go to my house to collect some clothing”, “Okay, should I come?”, “No, not right now because my parents don’t know about you yet”, “So?”, “You go home first and I will come later okay?” I asked him smiling sweetly. “Fine, I will see you later then” Malcolm kissed my forehead. “Bye” I waved at him as he strode off. Malcolm waved back. After half an hour I had finally arrived at home as I walked towards the door. I breathed in deeply and knocked on the door. I heard a clatter of heels making their way towards the door; the door opened with a slight pause and I saw my mother beaming down at me. My mother pulled me towards her and hugged me tightly. “Where was you darling, I kept on ringing” She asked me sternly but softly. “I was at a friend’s house”, “You were staying over at James house weren’t you?” my mother smiled so happily. “Mum what would you do if I told you that me and James broke up?” I asked curiously. “I would be very disappointed because he’s such a nice guy and plus your father will be disappointed as well because our families have a joint business deal”, “Oh okay” I sighed, now I knew it would be impossible to tell her. I walked past my mother up the stairs to get to my room, “Where are you going?”, “I am going to collect a few pieces of clothing to stay at James house” I lied knowing that my mother would not accept Malcolm. “Okay then darling, today’s going to be a mothers meeting” my mother told me and waddled off. I sighed deeply and went to my room to start packing into my large handbag. I sat on the side of my bed once I was done and heard a rustling sound in my

pockets. I reached into my pocket. I felt a crumpled up piece of paper and remembered that Sasha had given it to me so I pulled it out eagerly. The note read: Faith we need to talk urgently, I don’t know what to do without you. I smiled warmly and put the note back into my pocket. I clutched onto my handbag and walked out of my front door and stood surprised at what I was seeing. Malcolm and my mother were talking and laughing. My mother noticed me and patted his back and walked towards me, “You never told me you had a cute friend!” My mother laughed out and went back into the house. I stood their wide eyed and rushed towards Malcolm. “What did you two talk about?” I asked worried. “Nothing, just some things I know about business. Your mother is a really nice person” he told me. Yeah right, I thought I pushed Malcolm to where we would be out of sight to my mother. “Why did you come?”, “I came to collect you Faith, so you wouldn’t come alone”. “Let’s go quickly then” I quickly said and we both rushed off. I sighed in releasing all the stress that had built up in me. “Finally we’re at your home” I said and walked into the living room throwing my large bag to the side. I let myself go and threw myself onto the couch. “What’s wrong with you?” Malcolm asked me as he settled down next to me putting his arm around my shoulders. I couldn’t tell Malcolm that my family wouldn’t want him so I just sighed and said, “Nothing’s wrong” and I smiled. I lay on the bed worried staring blankly at the wall and then Malcolm walked in. “I seriously think that there is something wrong” and he stroked my cheek with his hand and I held his hand close to me. He came next to me. I pulled him close, my eyes closed. We’re close as breath, skin upon skin. Our lips touching, for the taste of his lips is sweetly irresistible. His fragrance takes my breath away, I am burning inside; it’s a torch of fire. I open my eye’s to look at his sweet face and I whisper, “My heart beats with every breath, you are my destiny. I am your slave; your love has captured me”. Malcolm smiles down at me with passion in his eyes, “Faith your eye does evade me, deep, meaningful and mysterious. Pull me close and show me your love in ways I could only dream”. I reply, “I love you”. Right now as I pull him close I do not care what my parent’s might think of him but I believe it’s time for them to know that I do not love James.

Chapter 9 I wake up in the morning feeling better than ever. Last night was wonderful, I smiled to myself. I look to my right to see Malcolm sleeping peacefully so I kiss him softly on his cheek. I wash my face and brush my teeth before I start to do my hair up in a simple pony tail. My brunette hair looked shinier than ever. I started to apply my make-up but kept in simple by only using eyeliner, mascara and white eyeshadow with pink lipgloss. Out with Sasha, just like before. I wore my black skinny legs with a blue tank top and ate my cereal bar. My phone started to ring, “Hello” I answered. “Hey Faith, it’s me Sasha. Meet me at starbucks”, “Okay Sasha; I just left the house” I replied as I got off the couch and made my way towards the door. “Bye” she said back and I clicked off. I saw Sasha through the glass sitting at the table, and as she saw me approach through the door she waved and gestured me to come sit with her. Sasha got up and we hugged each other. “You’re a bit late aren’t you” she smiled. “Like always” I joked. The waiter came over with two large cups of coffee. “I ordered it before knowing you was going to be late” she laughed. “You know me too well”. We both sipped our coffee and then Sasha exclaimed. “We need to buy the most gorgeous dresses ever”. “I know right” I smiled. After we drank our coffees we walked outside and went in and out of so many clothing stores. I purchased a beautiful green dress that sparkled like an emerald and Sasha bought a purple shimmering dress with a lot of shoes and accessories. Me and Sasha walked past a nightclub, with our hands filled with shopping bags, which had just opened as the time was 10:00pm. Sasha looked at me, “Should we go in and have a few drinks?” she told me. “They won’t let us in, we’re only 16” I hushed too her as the nightclub guards were standing at the door. “Don’t worry about that, they’ll let us in”. Sasha told me to wait and went up to the guards and I waited a bit embarrassed from what was going on. After 5 minutes Sasha looked at me, “Come on in” she winked at me. I stood their shocked and then followed Sasha in. Sasha looked back at me, “Follow me”. I followed Sasha through the dimly lit, red colored corridors into a small room which had many lockers embedded into the wall. “Let’s put our shopping bags in a couple of these lockers so we can party”. I looked at Sasha mystified, “But we can’t drink alcohol right?” I asked her slowly. “Sure” she replied quickly and grabbed my wrist and pulled me back through the corridor and into the room where the music was pumping around us and bouncing off the sweaty figures on the dance floor. Sasha and I

both sat down at a bar and the bartender came towards us. “You don’t look 18” he said winking at me. I screwed my face and looked the other direction. “Your friends a bit shy don’t you think” he said to Sasha trying to be flirtatious. “Don’t you mind her, bring us some drinks so we can loosen up” she said blowing him a kiss. “I’ll have a coke” I yelled at him as he walked off but he ignored me. I groaned to myself and Sasha looked at me. “What’s wrong with you, we’re here to loosen up and have some fun”. “Maybe I don’t need to have fun” I said sternly to her. The bartender arrived with two small cups of what looked like whisky. “I am not drinking that” I said pushing the cup away. “Come on, drink just this glass and that’s it” Sasha tried to persuade me. “Fine” I said and gulped the whole thing in one go and screwed my face at the strong and vile taste as it slid down my throat. Sasha giggled and jumped up. “Let’s dance” she smiled at me and ran off to mingle with the crowd. I sat where I was and ordered another whisky and drank it slowly as I watched Sasha dancing with a couple of strange men. Sasha yelled at me to come join her. So I toppled over to her, hardly being able to balance and started to dance to the hardcore beat. I moved my body accordingly to the beat, swaying my head to the beat. The guy behind me slid his arms around my waist, I wanted to push his hands off me but instead I let him get comfortable behind me. I looked around me but couldn’t see Sasha. I spun myself around so now I was chest to chest and face to face with this unknown person. He grinned at me and his hand slid up my back as he pulled me closer. I didn’t know what I was doing but I let him kiss my neck, my cheek and then my lips which only belonged to Malcolm. I kissed him back; it was because of the alcohol but I couldn’t do anything about it. My body was too vulnerable. I woke up groaning. An unfamiliar room, an unfamiliar bed. I looked to my side to see the same guy from yesterday sleeping peacefully beside me. My scream echoed inwards as I panicked silently. I didn’t want to wake him. I pulled the bed sheets off me, at least I was still wearing my underwear. My clothes lay on the floor and I grabbed my pair of jeans and searched hurriedly for my mobile phone. Once I found it, it was switched off so I clicked it on. 12 missed calls and several voicemails. I walked out of the room and listened to my voicemail. “Faith where are you, I’ve been calling you for ages, no one knows where you are and I can’t contact Sasha either” I listened carefully to Malcolm’s panicked voice and then listened to my next voicemail. “Faith, where are you, I am outside the nightclub I can’t find you. I hope your OK” Sasha’s worried voice filled my head. I quickly got dressed and ran out of the house. What happened yesterday, I questioned myself. I felt dirty and hugged my arms around me as I walked down the empty alleyway to reach the roaring road ahead of me. My mobile phone started to vibrate and I answered it. “Hello” I said my voice shaken. “Faith, finally you picked up the phone, I’ve been so worried” Malcolm replied back very angrily. “I am so sorry” I said starting to cry. Malcolm’s voice soothed down, “I’m not mad at you Faith, just worried, meet me outside the park” He replied and

clicked off before I could argue not to come. I sobbed even harder as I walked towards the park and didn’t bother to wipe my tears away. I had a painful headache my heart beat drumming faster with every step I took. I saw Malcolm sitting at the bench and when he saw me he leapt up and came running to me. Malcolm wrapped his arms around me and this caused me to sob even harder. Malcolm s pulled away from me, “Why are you crying?” he asked me kindly. I couldn’t tell him what I did, I screwed up really badly so I shook my head instead and said “Nothing’s wrong”. Malcolm kissed me softly on my lips and I felt like crying harder. “I got to go now, I need to see Sasha” I told Malcolm and he hugged me and I hugged him harder. I couldn’t believe what I did. “Should I come, you don’t look so good?” he asked me. I shook my head. Before I turned around I looked up at Malcolm’s sweet eyes. “I love you Malcolm, don’t forget that” I told him. Malcolm kissed my forehead, “I love you too” he replied. “Goodbye” I said and felt as if it was my last goodbye to Malcolm. I knew that he was going to find out sooner, I knew it was over. I lied to Malcolm; I wasn’t going to meet up with Sasha. Instead I was at home looking into the mirror. I hated myself. “You stupid wh000re” I shouted at myself and punched the mirror. Blood streamed down my knuckles and I cried. I opened the bathroom cabinet and searched for a razor blade but instead I saw a bottle of pills that my father uses and so I unscrewed the lid. I emptied the bottles contents into my mouth. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a glass and filled it with water, closed my eyes and swallowed the mouthful of pills. I needed to die, I can’t face telling Malcolm what happened. I walked over to the staircase and started to walk up the stairs. My head started to feel light and I started to feel dazed. My surroundings started to blur and I gripped onto the railings to balance myself but as I took another step I fell backwards and screamed and cried as my head hit the banister and then the floor. I lay there unconscious. I woke up in a dazed position. I looked around and suddenly realized that I was in a hospital. I looked ahead of me and saw my parents cuddled up on the two seated couch with worry lines engraved in their skin. And when I looked to my left I saw Malcolm laying asleep his sweet mouth frowning. As I looked at Malcolm’s face I started to cry again. I heaved myself up on the bed and reached my hand out to touch Malcolm’s hand that rested on his leg. I traced my fingertips on top of his hand and I felt it move so I quickly pulled my hands away and lay back on the bed closing my eyes. Malcolm’s hand stroked my hair and I felt his lips kiss my hair. “I love you Faith, don’t leave me”. I single tear drop rolled down my cheek. I heard my parent’s waking up and they were talking to Malcolm. “Did she wake up?” my mother asked, “You too go home and get some rest, I will stay by Faith and update you” Malcolm answered them. I heard their footsteps leave the room. “Malcolm” I whispered. “Faith?” Malcolm asked me. I looked up and saw him hurriedly walking over to me. “You woke up” he said surprised

and kissed my hand. “I need to tell you something, but promise not to interrupt me” I told him softly. “Okay Faith” Malcolm told me and looked into my eyes. I explained to him everything that happened at the night of the bar. “What... I can’t believe...But” Malcolm looked around the room angry and annoyed trying to avoid eye contact with me. “Malcolm” I whispered and touched his hand. Malcolm pulled his hand away from mine and got up. “Where are you going?” I asked. “I don’t know” he replied and walked out of the room. Before he shut the door he looked back, “I need to sort something out” and walked away from me. I heaved myself up again and looked around worriedly. What’s Malcolm going to do? I had to get out of the hospital now. I searched around the bed I lay in and saw a buzzer so I pushed it. Within seconds a nurse walked into the room. "Yes, how can I help you?" she asked me kindly. "I wan't to get out of this room quick" I told her. "I am sorry but according to our records" she looked down at her notepad, "Your going to leave tomorow" she told me. I groaned and she walked out of the room. I sulked and dropped my head on to the cushion underneath my head. The door creaked and I looked up hoping it was Malcolm but instead it was Kylie. "Faith" she said looking at me ashamed. "I am so sorry for abandoning you in school, I knew I shouldn't have left you with Sasha" Kylie said whilst coming next to me to hug me. "What do you mean?" I asked worried. Kylie sat down on the seat next to the bed and started speaking, "Sasha may look innocent but she's not, she's a liar, she's mean and she's wild", I looked at her "What do you mean?", "She's out of control Faith, she's obsessive and has jealousy problems". I looked at Kylie startled. "But why is she like that?" I asked. "She's had a lot of family problems", "How come she never told us about it?", "I don't know, but can I ask you somthing Faith?" Kylie said looking at me. I nodded, "When I was coming here Malcolm barged passed me and he didn't stop to say hello, is there something going on because he seemed pretty mad?" Kylie asked me questionably. I explained to Kylie about the night at the bar and she looked at me stunned. "I need to go now" Kylie told me worriedly. "Why?" I asked scared, why was everyone leaving me. "I need to do something, you'll find out tomorow OK" she said and I nodded and she rushed out of the room. I looked out of the window and the sky had been blotted with dark ink as the moon appeared faintly. I closed my eyes and continued to sleep. As I was sleeping someones hand stroked my hair and placed it behind my ear. And then the persons hand stroked my cheek. I smiled to myself, Malcolm forgave me, I knew he'd understand. "Malcolm?" I whispered, and then I felt the hand pull away. I opened my eyes but saw his sillouhette walk out of the room. I sulked and lay on my hand and fell asleep.

Chapter 10 The door shot open and I quickly lept up on my bed. I looked at Malcolm his eyes fierce and his hand was grabbing another guys wrist. I gasped in pure shock, Malcolm had found the guy from the bar. "Faith, was this the guy from the bar?" Malcolm asked me sternly. "Yes" I said scared. Malcolm threw him infront of him, "Tell her everything" he roared at the guy. I heaved myself higher up the bed and prepared myself for what I was going to hear. "The alcohol you drank that night was spiked. Your friend spiked your drink" he told me, "Sasha?" I asked dumb struken. "Yes, she hired me", I gaped open mouthed. "She paid you to have cex with me?" I asked even more disgusted at Sasha, "We never had cex, after you passed out you friend told me to take you around to my place and make sure you was in your underwear so when you woke up next to me you'd think you cheated on your boyfriend, I am very sorry but your friends mad" he said looking down. Malcolm looked at the guy and the guy walked out. I was left alone with Malcolm and didn't know what to do. "How did you find him?" I asked him. Malcolm sat down on to the seat. "After we talked yesterday I went out of the hospital and was going to Sasha's house and then Kylie came running up to me and told me she knew what bar you two had went to..." So me and Kylie went over to the bar and showed the bartender your picture and asked what had happened. He explained seeing you leave barely awake with a guy dragging you out, we asked who the guy was and he told us everything about him and we found out where he lived. So I went over to his house and he told me everything because he was scared that I might hurt him" Malcolm told me without taking any breaks. "I'm so sorry, it's all my fault. I shouldn' t have drunk that alcohol in the first place", "Faith don't worry, it's not your fault, theres something called peer pressure" he smiled at me. I reached my hand out and stroked his cheek. "I miss your smile" I told him. There was an awkward silence and then Malcolm

said, "When you leaving this place?", "Today" I told him. He nodded and then asked me, "Do you wan't anything? I am going to buy myself a coffee", I shook my head, "I just want you". Malcolm smiled back at me and walked out of the room. Shut up Faith, I told myself, Malcolm obviously dosen't feel comfortable around me after the incident. I sighed and turned away from the door to sleep. I heard a knock on the door and then I turned around. My parent's walked into the room. "It's time to leave now" my Mother smiled down at me. "Wheres Malcolm?" I asked because he hadn't come back. "I told your friend to leave because we was here, and anyway James might get jealous" my Mother told me. I groaned and then my Mother said, "Where is James anyway? He never came". "Mum can we just go" I retorted. I was in the back seat of my dad's car as he drove us away. Sitting next to me was James since my mother kindly asked him to accompany me as I wen't home to give me moral support. "So how is things going on with you two?" My mother asked us. "Great" James said and I coughed. My mother smiled and looked back at the front. "Why did you have to come?" I asked. "Your mother asked me nicely and I couldn't say no to her", I rolled my eyes "Yeah well no thanks", "As much as you hate me being here it's nice to sit next to you again", "Shut up James". The car had stopped and my parents stepped out. James opened the door and reached his hand out for me, I took hold of it because I had to since my balance had not fully recovered. "James are you coming inside" My father asked. "No he needs to go" I retorted. "See you later Faith" James said kissing my cheek. "Ugh, what are you doing?" I whispered and pushed him away. "Bye" he said waving at me as he walked off. What an annoying person, I told myself. With the back of my hand I wiped my cheek, brushing off James kiss. "Urgh" I moaned. My Mother called out to me, "Come on Faith get inside. Your going to catch a cold". I rolled my eyes. I was now sitting in my bed thinking about what was going on. Why was Malcolm acting so cold to me, he had found out what had happened. What should I do now?

chapter 11 I leapt out of the bed. I had to ask Malcolm why he was being so cold towards me and break through the wall of problems that was blocking me from being with him like we used to before this incident. I grabbed my mobile that was sleeping on my bedside table and went to my contacts list but then stopped myself. Would Malcolm actually let me go over to him. Instead of phoning him I decided that I should just go uninvited. I sprinted down the stairs and sprung my jacket around myself and rushed out of the door before my Mother could stop me. I heard her shout my name but I didn't stop running till I turned the corner. I jumped onto the bus and made my way towards Malcolm's house and took in a deep breath as I knocked on the door. After a few moments the door opened and I realised how much I missed Malcolm as I saw him topless with a towel flung round his shoulders. "Oh, hi Faith. Why didn't you call?" he asked me with a slight smile. I shrugged my shoulders "Can I come in?" I asked sweetly. "Sure" he said as he moved to the side and allowed me to walk in. I stepped inside the house and inhaled his sweet aroma waffling around the house. I stepped into his sitting room and softly sat onto the couch. "Well, why did you come?" he asked me sitting down beside me. "Just one thing before I go back home" I told him barely looking into his eyes. "Did something happen?" I asked him and then looked deeply into his blue eyes. Malcolm closed his eyes for a while before answering, "Your Mother told me something" he said pausing for a while, "She told me that she and your Father was making plans for you and James". Malcolm put his hand on top of mine and I felt the same warmth that I had felt when he first kissed me. "Why didn't you tell your parents that we're dating?" he asked me. I gulped in, worried about the day he'd ask me this. "I love you Malcolm and I was going to tell my parents about us after the day we had together but then because of the incident I couldn't and I am sorry" I said, my voice breaking, my eyes welling up. "Oh Faith" Malcolm said before wrapping his arms around me and pullling me towards him. My head rest on his bare skin and his sweet smell became

stronger and I closed my eyes smiling. After a few minutes of laying on top of him I decided to say something. "I need to go back home because I kind of ran off from home without my mum knowing and so she's going to be mad" I said. "Should I drop you off" Malcolm asked me. I didn't think for one second and nodded vigorously. I waited for Malcolm as he climbed up to his room to put something on. Malcolm came back down wearing a blue, simple tee-shirt. "You look cute" I said sticking my tongue out, "I know" he said sticking his tongue back out at me. Me and Malcolm walked all the way to my house, talking and laughing just like before. Everytime I looked at Malcolm he became more irresistable in my eyes. Once we arrived at my house we stood on the lawn just looking into each others eyes. His eyes glittered. I took a step closer to Malcolm and he looked down and me with a confused smiled on his lips. I bit my lip and placed my arms around his neck and tip-toed before looking into his eyes. I brought my lips closer and he brought his lips closer as well. Our lips met and I felt a new type of sensation running through my body and it felt like this was my first kiss. Our love had been lit up again. This felt as if it was the first time Malcolm had come closer to me. After we kissed, we embraced each other before Malcolm waved goodbye to me. I giggled to myself as I hopped into the house. "OMG" I shrieked out surprised jumping back as my Mother scared me by appearing so suddenly infront of me. "Faith, what do you think your doing?" My mother asked me sternly. "What did I do?" I asked innocently. "I saw you kissing that guy, what do you think James would think" she screamed at me. "Mum, I don't give a shet about what James thinks" I told her trying to keep myself calm. "Why?" she asked me. I explained to my Mum about everything that had happened between James and Sasha and how I met Malcolm. "Oh sweetie" she said wrapping her arms around me kissing my hair. "You should have told me before� I got up and walked away from my mum. I had to find out about something so I rang Kylie. After three rings Kylie picked up, "Hello Faith?", "I need to ask you something important", "Go ahead", "Did Sasha know James since primary?", "What?!?" Kylie said flabbergasted, "What happened" I asked, "If she told you that she's lying", "How?", "Sasha and James had no link till Secondary school. She never knew him before, remember I told you that she is obsessive", "Yeah?", "She's obsessed with James since the day you two started dating. In her notebook she used to write her and James initials everywhere with those dumb love hearts everywhere", "Woah", "Don't worry about it though", "Okay well thanks for answering me", "No problem", "Bye" I said, "Bye" Kylie replied and I clicked off. Haha, I laughed to myself. Sasha the f-ing liar. I needed to see her right away. "Mum, I am going out", "Where to?" she replied back at me. "Uhh-- A friends house" I said, "Okay honey, be home before 10.00", "Okay" I replied and quickly rushed out of the house running to catch up with the bus ready to see

Sasha. When I reached her house I started to run to her door and started to bang down the door. "Sasha" I started yelling. Sasha opened the door with a surprised expression on her face. "Faith, why are you here?" she asked me. I slapped Sasha. "Faith, what the h-ll" Sasha said holding her cheek turning red. "Your such a lying bast-rd, you lied to me twice", "I only lied to you once", "Shut it, you lied about knowing James". "He's mine" Sasha sneered. I started to laugh, "I don't care if he's yours or not, what I am so angry is about is that you lied to me not once but twice" I screamed at her. "I will do anything for James" she shouted back at me. "But I am not dating James, you did this all whilst I was dating Malcolm you dumb s!ut" I screamed at her. "James still loves you, I want him to hate you" she sneered at me with real envy burning in her eyes. "He does not love me" I spluttered out. But then I thought for a while, I had to see James. "Okay Sasha, I am going right now, but don't think it's over" I spoke to her threatenly before walking away heading over to James house to see what was stirring up. I took in a deep breath as I walked over to James front door. I looked at my watch, his parents weren't in at this time, which made me even more nervous. I gulped in as I knocked on his door. James opened the door and a smirk played on his lips. "It's been a long time since you knocked on my door. Dosen't Malcolm have what you need" He told my jokingly. "I need to ask you something" I said sternly. "Come into my room because the maid just finished cleaning the ground floor". I followed James up into his room. I walked into the room which once used to be familiar to me. I sat down sharply onto the bed. James sat down next to me. I breathed in sighing deeply before asking, "Why are you acting so nice to me?" I asked him hesitantly. James brought his face closer to mine. "Your very tempting" he whispered into my ear and I shivered. "James stop fooling around" I said moving myself away from him. James brought himself closer again, "I missed your smell" he said even closer to me. James brushed my hair behind my ear and he placed his arm around my waist locking me onto the bed. James started to kiss my neck and I sat there my eyes closed. "I love you Faith" he whispered to me. "If you loved me you wouldn't have slept with Sasha" I said through gritted teeth clenching my fists. James moved his hand up my arm and clasped my face with both his hands turning my head so I was facing him. "Sasha was a mistake; she's a one night girl, nothing more". "But why was you using her against me, the day I found out you pushed me onto the floor infront of the cafe and then you started kissing her infront of me in school" I said biting my lip. "I did that because you're using Malcolm against me. Admit it Faith, you love me" James whispered the last part and kissed my lips. sighed in deeply. "I don't love you" I whispered back at James. "Your still in denial" he told me sternly but with a touch of softness to his voice. A single tear dropped tumbled down my cheek. Was I really still in denial? Is Malcolm

just a phase that will pass? Is James the one I need? "Just for once Faith. Let our bodies become one and then you can decide who you really need" James told me looking deeply into my eyes. Should I let him touch me or not. I reached my hand out and stroked James cheek. "Your confusing me" I said quietly. James placed his hand on top of mine, "Your confused because you don't know who to love. Me or Malcolm, dosen't this show you that you still have feelings for me?". James took my hand and kissed my palm. I shook my head, not wanting to believe him. I pulled my hand away. "I think I should go James, staying here for longer won't change anything" I told him quietly. I got up but then James grabbed my wrist softly. "Don't go, Stay" he told me whispering. "I have to, or we might do something I will regret" I looked at James and he lowered his grip and I smiled for him being so understanding. James smiled back and got up, "Let me show you the way out then" he coughed. At the doorstep we looked at each others eyes. "Goodbye" I smiled. "Goodbye" James said and stepped forwards to hug me. We embraced each other. "Don't tell Malcolm that I came over" I whispered into his ear. "Don't worry, I won't" James whispered into my ear and he hugged me harder. I pulled away as I knew that I might start crying. I turned around to walk away but James pulled me by my arm and as I swivelled into his direction he placed his lips onto mine. James kissed me and I kissed him back. Something about him made me want to kiss him even more. I think that I still do have some feelings for him although his character is annoying, jerky but he has a sweet face, a funny side to him which is why I had dated him. I pulled my lips away, and I looked into James eyes and kissed him again. "I knew it" a voice shrieked behind us. I quickly pulled myself away from James and looked behind me. Sasha was standing there, anger fuming out of her nostrils. I looked at James wide-eyed desperately in need for help. "I am going to tell Malcolm" Sasha shrieked again. "James do something!" I said grabbing at him arms. "Sasha, your not telling anyone" James shouted at Sasha. Sasha looked at him panting helplessly, "But I thought you loved me" she said pointing at her chest. "It was all a game Sasha, I don't love you" James told her sternly. Sasha stormed next to us and attempted to slap James but he grabbed her wrist in time. "Don't you dare, now go before I do something to you" James threatened her. Sasha shook her wrist away from him, looked at the two of us, and ran off crying. "I'm telling Malcolm" she screamed laughing and crying at the same time. I stood there in the big mess I had caused. I bit my lip and James put his hands around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. "Don't worry, everything will work out in time". "No it won't" I sulked. I shrugged James off my shoulders and looked back at him. "I have to go to Malcolm, I need to see what happens" I told him. James took hold of my hand "Don't go. Stay, forget about Malcolm" he whispered to me soothingly. "I can't, I love him" I exclaimed and ran after the direction which Sasha went. "Sasha!" I screamed, as I could see her in the distance. How did she know

where Malcolm lived. I stopped running, panting heavily. I couldn't run no further. I watched Sasha ring the doorbell, it was too late. Sasha rang the doorbell three times and then the door opened and Malcolm looked at her confused. I could hear their faint voices from where I was standing. I was watching from a distance to see how he was going to react and what she was going to tell him. "I got to tell you something Malcolm. About Faith" Sasha told him quickly. "I don't want to hear it, you two got a problem between each other and the night at the bar wasn't so friendly" Malcolm replied and attempted to shut the door but Sasha moved her body infront of it which prevented Malcolm from shutting it and my face twitched. "Sasha seriously, move" Malcolm said to her and she shook her head pathetically. I decided that I should step in before she said anything. I quickly ran up to Malcolms doorstep and pushed Sasha out the way. Malcolm looked at me surprised "When did you get here?" he asked me. "Now" I said stepping closer to him and glaring at Sasha. "Malcolm I need to tell you something" Sasha cried helplessly and I quickly pulled Malcolm inside and shut the door. "Faith is cheating on--" Sasha got cut off by me singing "La la la la". "I think Sasha is trying to say something, maybe I should listen to her and then she might go" Malcolm said turning towards the door placing his hand on the door handle to open it. I quickly pulled his face towards me and kissed him. Malcolm pulled away straight away. "Faith, I think we should listen to Sasha, she looks really worried" he told me and I shook my head. "She's going to lie again, I can't be asked to listen to her. She already tried to ruin our relationship before on the night were she planned the nightclub scenario" I said holding his tee shirt, trying to pull him away from the door. Malcolm raised his eyebrows. "Are you trying to hide something from me?" he asked me suspiciously. "No!" I said quickly and a bit too loud. "Hmmm..." he hummed. "Okay yes... I am hiding something from you" I said looking down ashamed. Malcolm took hold of my shoulders and I looked up at him. "What is it?" he asked me. I looked at him turning my lips into a sad face. I looked at him with sad eyes which made him even more worried. I reached into my pocket and took out a small box. "What's inside it?" he asked me and I handed him the box. Malcolm curiously opened the box and saw a gold chain with the image of a eagle engraved in it with two diamonds for the eyes. "I can't accept this" he said but then I cupped his hands. "It's gift from my mother" I said beaming up at him. "I told her about us" I said my smile growing bigger. Malcolm embraced me in his arms and I embraced him harder. I am not ready to lose Malcolm, he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We got interrupted by the loud knocking on the door, hammering into our brains. Malcolm shoved the box into his pocket. "Malcolm, Faith, open the bl-dy door". "OMG" Malcolm sighed and he went over to the door and opened. "What do want to say. Tell me now" Malcolm groaned. Sasha came out with it flat out, "Faith is cheating on you with James". I bit my lip and looked up at

Malcolm but by the expression on his face he didn't look to bothered about it. I raised both my eyebrows ready to see what was going on. "Sasha, I don't believe you. Your'e just jealous" Malcolm sighed. Sasha looked at Malcolm open-mouthed. "But-" she splurted out, "Get lost Sasha, and spare us the bu!! sh!t"Malcolm moaned at her. Sasha's arms dropped lifelessly by her side and she started to cry and ran off. Malcolm shut the door, "What a freak? Is she obsessed or what?" he laughed out. "Hahaha" I laughed as well and hugged Malcolms waist. Malcolm reached into his pocket and took out the box I gave him. "Tell your mum it's beautiful" he said to me smiling. "It used to be my granddad's, he used to work for the air-force." I told him but I still tried to keep a straight face. "Well it's beautiful" he thanked me. "Here, let me put it on for you" I said taking the box from his hand and gently taking the chain out. Malcolm crouched down a bit so I could put on his chain. Once I put the chain on. I walked around so I was facing him. I put my arms around his neck and I leaned forward and then I kissed him. I moved my hand down until it glided smoothly down his shirt and then on top of his trousers. "You didn't believe a word Sasha said. Why?" I said seductively. "Because I love you" Malcolm whispered to me, his blue, ocean like eyes washing a wave of love over me. "I love you too, I love you soo much. Nothing could change that" I whispered back and took hold of his hand dragging him up to his bedroom. I was feeling very enthusiastic as I knew that Malcolm loved me and wouldn't believe a word that anyone else said. I had made my final choice, and I was sticking to Malcolm. James could go to h-ll. Once we got into the bedroom I pushed him onto the bed. I moved slowly on top of him and began to unbutton his shirt. I loved Malcolm so much but I felt guilty for making his simple life so much more complicated. Filled with my stupid lifes complexities. Malcolm softly pulled my top off and I shook my hair free and my hands glided up his smooth, and muscular chest. Malcolm moved his hands up my back and pulled me closer towards him. We rolled over so now he was on top of me; as if he was in control. But I liked letting Malcolm be in control of me, of my life. It made my life more clearer and easier to follow like that. After we finished we fell asleep, my legs curled up as if I was a baby who needed protection. Malcolms arms were embracing me and blanketing me with love. I breathed slowly alongside Malcolm's soft snoring. I opened my eyes to look behind me at the sillohuete of Malcolms sleeping body and I felt as if I was his sleeping beauty and he was the knight who had come to save me. I woke up, it was Sunday. I started yawning and turned to my side to see Malcolm but he wasn't there. I leapt out of the bed throwing the duvvet onto the floor. I threw on Malcolms top and I walked out of the door; I inhaled the sweet aroma of cofee and I walked down the steps looking down at my manicured feet and I took each step. I inhaled the sweet smell again but this time it was mixed in with the smell of Malcolm's perfume. I stood at the door in his tee-shirt and my underwear. I brought my finger to my lips and watched

Malcolm as he fiddled around making all the clattering noise in the world. "Do you need help?" I asked. Malcolm looked back and saw me. "No, I've been cooking for myself a long time now. Don't worry" he replied grinning at me. Malcolm placed the mugs on the table and took the kettle with the hot water and attempted to pour it into the mug but instead he burnt his hand and dropped the kettle and hot water spilled everywhere. "Oh crap" he complained as he rushed to get a cloth and mop up the mess he made. "Haha, let me help you" I quickly rushed next to him and placed my hand on top of his and we looked into each others eyes. I brought my face closer to his and kissed him softly. Malcolm and I brought our faces away, "We should clean this up" I laughed. We both laughed as Malcolm mopped up the table whilst I prepared us some pancakes topped with syrup. I then prepared us the cofee that Malcolm failed to make. I sat down at the table and Malcolm came and sat down too. I heard my mobile phone ringing from the bedroom. I got up from my seat and kissed malcolms cheek, "I'll be back" I smiled. I ran up the stairs and grabbed my mobile and quickly answered it. "Ello?" I asked, "Hey Faith it's me Nina", "Oh!" I exclaimed surprised as me and Nina were'nt really that close. "I thought we should go shopping, I haven't seen much of you lately and plus I was mean to you at school", "Yeah sure, I will come. When?", "Now, I want to go to Westfield!", "Okay. I will leave in an hour", "Great, see you at outside the library outside the entrance", "Bye honey", "Bye Faith". I clicked off. Aw, I thought to myself. So nice of Nina to try bonding with me. I walked back down the stairs. Malcolm saw me approach and then he exclaimed. "I can't be with you today, I got to go somewhere with Pete". "It's okay, we have been excluding our own friends lately. It will be good for us" I approached him and kissed him. "I need to get ready" I said rushing back up the stairs. After an hour I was all dressed up wearing black denim shorts and a tank top writing 'I recycle boys' with my hair left out in the attempt of a messy bed-head look. I only put on light makeup which consisted on lipgloss and mascara with eye-liner. When I walked down the stairs I saw Malcolm opening the door just about to walk out. "Oh, cool, your ready" Malcolm smiled to me. "Yeap" I said linking my arms with him. After me and Malcolm parted I went towards the library near the entrance of Westfield in which I saw Nina on the phone talking. I waved and Nina waved back and then she switched off her mobile. "Why did you stop speaking on your mobile?" I asked hugging Nina. "Don't worry, your more important" she replied grinning. "And why are you so happy?" I asked her anxiously. "I am going out on a date with Lucas!" she exclaimed. "OMG, when?", "Remember Pete said he'll talk to him for me, well he did and it turned out Lucas likes me too so we got talking and he asked me out on a date. I thought you knew all this" she told me. I tried to wipe away the look of confusion on my face and smiled enthusiastically. "Yeah, I know" I said.

Nina put her arm through mine and she pulled me towards the store Debenhams. "I need to get a really nice dress. Something that'll make me stand out". "Of course, and I will help you. What are friends for" I replied hugging her again. Nina started to run around enthusiastically around the store picking out many dresses from all the racks. I walked up to Nina trying to catch up with her. "Why are all the dresses blue?" I asked. "Blue is my favorite colour, I thought you knew that" She said to me. Once again, I tried my best not to look confused. "Umm.. yh, I thought you should try something new" I said stuttering. Whilst Nina rushed into the changing rooms I began to wonder around. As I was wondering around letting my hands flow on top of the rack of dresses. I began to walk towards a green dress with diamonds embossed on the chest area. I began to stroke the diamonds as another hand lay on top of mine. I quickly pulled away. James was looking at me. "This would look really nice on you" he said taking the dress off its rack. "I don't like it" I said walking away but then he placed his fingers on my shoulder. I turned around to look at him, "What do you want this time? Your causing enough problems" I said my eyes glaring into his but he didn't even flinch. James smirked mischeviously. "It would look good on you as it would off" he said stroking the dress in his hands. "Ugh, just get lost. I am here trying to bond with my friend here" I said. "Who? Nina, she'll probably leave you the next time something happens" he joked around. "Oh shut up, I really can't be asked to listen to you" I moaned and turned away. "I'll buy you the dress" he said. I turned around startled, "I really don't need you to buy anything for me. I can buy it myself" I spat out. "I am going to go check on Nina", "Fine, I will see you soon then" James winked at me and walked off slowly trying to be charismatic. I rolled my eyes and started to walk off in the direction of the changing rooms. "Faith?" James called. I looked back at him. "One day your going to be mine". When did James think that I was going to be his. I hated it, why did he have to still have feelings for me. He told me he loved me but if he really did he wouldn't have slept with Sasha. He's just a total man wh00re. "Nina" I called out and she came out of one of the changing rooms wearing a blue, sparkling dress which was strapless. It had glitter embossed in floral patterns on the dress. "What do you think?" she said twirling but then she stopped walking over to me. Nina picked up my chin, "Is there somthing wrong, you seem a bit down?" she asked me kindly. I looked at Nina in her eyes. "I saw James" I told her. "What did he say? Did he try something on you?" she asked me worried searching in my eyes. "No, thank heavens were in a public place or who knows what he would of done. But he did say some things which are getting me worried" I told her with worry spilling out of my voice. "What did he say?" she asked me caringly. "I was looking at a dress and he said 'It would look good on you as it would off'. What does that mean?" I asked. "Of Faith you really should watch out because..." Nina trailed off hugging me. "What? Because what?" I asked her worried.

"James is the most popular guy in our school, he has the power to do anything to any girl. Watch out, that's all I am saying" Nina told me. I looked at Nina, my eyebrows raising. "What could I do?" I asked my voice breaking. "Just try to build a very strong and stable trust with Malcolm because the way it seems James will do anything to break you two up because he wants you" Nina answered me sternly but truthfully. "Can I just ask you one question?" she asked me, I nodded. "Did you sleep with James?" she whispered. "No I never, not even when we were dating" I replied. "No wonder he's still after you, just remember what I said". I hugged Nina, "Thanks for helping me. I really needed someone to talk to" I grinned at her. "Lets go look for more dresses, that one dosen't look that nice on you" I said truthfully. "Oh no!" she shrieked and quickly ran back into the changing rooms. I laughed and watched her go. I didn't know what I was going to do. Was James never going to leave my trail unless I sleep with him, well he isn't getting anyhing from me. I creased my face and shook my body trying to get rid of all the thoughts I have about him. Why is he trying to make my life more complicated? Can't he just mess around with other girls again, just like he used to before he even asked me out. Nina walked out of the changing room with a tight, strapless, glittery blue dress and she looked gorgeous in it. "Wow" I said startled. "What happened? Dosen't it look good?" she asked worried. "No, it looks great" I said. "Oh thank you, come here" she squeeked out. I walked over to her, and we hugged each other. I never knew why I didn't try to bond with Nina before, she's a great friend. Arm in arm we walked out of the store with shopping bags filled with dresses for Nina and shoes for her as well. I looked at her and smiled. "Today was fun, we should really hang out together more often" I smiled at her even harder. "Yeah, totally. Your a great friend" she smiled back at me. We walked away laughing and joking about boys from our school. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out, Malcolm had sent a text message. And it read: If your going to stay over at my house tonight, I ain't coming today I am staying over at Pete's to work on something overnight. Hmmm, I thought to myself, I'll go over to my house. "Who was that?" Nina asked me as I put the phone back into my handbag. "It was Malcolm saying that he isn't going to be home today" I told her. I shrugged, "Oh well, I need to go home anyway". I smiled to myself although I was upset that I couldn't fall asleep in his arms. After I dropped Nina off, I was now walking towards my own house. I looked infront of me and blocking my street was a police line. "Ugh!" I exclaimed as I rushed over to the nearest police officer. "Excuse me sir, the only way I know to get home is this way. Please let me go past" I begged, batting my eyelashed. "I am sorry missus, but we are still looking for DNA of anyone invovled and it would be a pity if they found your DNA" he replied to me. "Then do you know another way to get past this blockage" I asked worried, since this was the only way I knew. "Yes I do, just walk right round here" he gestured with his hands "And then there is a alleyway and you just got to walk through there" he said bringing his hands down next to his side.

Chapter 12 I thanked the police officer and began to follow the directions he gave. I didn't like the idea of going through an alleyway, because in movies you'd always see bad things happen. But my neighbourhood was a great place, there should be no problems. I shrugged and breathed in deeply before taking my first step into the alleyway. The alleyway was a small, narrow road in between two large buildings on either side which caused a blockage of light to get through which did make it darker. I sighed once more getting even more scared and I didn't know why. I began to hear slow, strong footsteps behind me and I gulped in and looked back. Like usual nobody was there. I began to hurry my heels causing a lot more sound then intended and a shadowy figure blocked my way. I looked down at the floor and by the look of the shoes and the lean, muscular figure it was obviously a guy. "Excuse me" I squeeked out weakly and tried to walk around him but he took hold of my arm, his fingers wrapping around it. I looked back terrified, "Can you just let me go?" I tried asking politely but what I got in response was a snickering laugh. I looked into his eyes and they looked back into mine more deeply. "Your beautiful" he remarked and he then fiercely pushed me back until I was resting against the wall. His hands held me down and I couldn't move my arms to try and defend myself. His lips began to terorize my neck and he laid unwanted kisses on me, I cried as I tried to move my head from side to side but it never worked. I felt his hand move slowly down my chest to my waist, and I bit my lip and tried to stop myself from crying. They always said for us to fight against them but what was a weak girl to do against a strong male. I suddenly felt his pressure being taken off me and I opened my eyes not knowing what to expect. I gasped as I saw James throwing punches at the guy who lay on the floor wringing with pain. I began to cry, if James wasn't here who knew what would have happened. James stopped and ran to my side. He wrapped his arms around my fragile body and his warmth made me feel safe. "Thank you" I cried out and my tears became harder. "Thank you" I sobbed again, I didn't know what else to do. I then wrapped my arms around James body and he

kissed my hair. "Don't worry, it's over. Let me take you home", I nodded feeling weak. James went over to the guy and kicked him and I heard a gut wrenching scream. James quickly then ran back next to me and hugged me and began to walk me home. When we reached the door he asked me, "Is anybody home?". I replied weekly "I don't know" I was still in shock what could of happened to me. He rang the doorbell a couple of times but no body answered so he bent down and recieved the spare keys from where my parents had hid it. I had forgotten that I had told him where it was when we were dating. We walked into the house and James guided my dumb-struken body and brain up to my bedroom where he lay me down. "Are you feeling better?" he asked me softly. I shook my head, "Do you know who the guy was?" he asked me softly again. I shook my head again. James placed himself next to me as he sat down on my bed watching me. I heaved myself up and hugged James again, "Thank you so much. If you wasn't there I wouldn't have know what to do" I sobbed into his shoulder. "You don't have to thank me, I will always be there for you" he replied to me with honesty in his voice. And then I asked him "Why was you going through the alleyway?". James pulled me away from him and then he reached into his coats pocket and pulled out some papers. "I was bringing these to your father, there some documents my father wanted him to have. If you don't believe me, here look at them" he handed out the papers to me. I pushed the papers away, "I believe you" I whispered and then he placed the papers onto the bedside table and I embraced him again. I closed my eyes inhaling his perfume. I brought my face away from his and our noses were touching. I brought my lips closer to his and kissed it. I didn't know what I was thinking but it felt right. I brought my arms around his back and pulled him towards me as I leant back on to the bed and James placed his arms on either side of mine. James took his coat off and I moved my hands up his chest and begun to unbutton his shirt. James moved his hands under my 'I recycle boys' tank top and I pulled my tank top off. I moved my hands down so now it was on top of his trousers and James then whispered to me. "Are you sure Faith?". I looked into his eyes "Isn't this what you want?" I asked. "I do, I really want this badly but it might ruin your relationship" he whispered again. I pushed him off me and pulled my body away from his. I looked deep into James eyes, "What happened?" he asked me slowly. "I just don't know what your after" I replied and brought my knees towards me and hugged them. "I'm just after you" he replied to me with pain in his voice and I felt my eyes brimming. "I can't do anything with you right now". "Why?" he asked me questionably. "The moments lost" I said getting up from my bed and yanking my tank top back over my head. James got up as well and began to button up his shirt. "Well I'm sorry" he said. "I love you and I just want to be with you" he continued. I climbed onto the bed and crawled up next to him. I put my arms around his neck. "Thank you for saving me earlier" I said seducingly and placed my lips on his.

I brought my lips off his and my forehead rested on his. "Did you like that?" I asked him soothingly. "Of course I liked it, anything you do is like magic to me" he replied. I kissed him again and I could feel James getting the urges. I pulled myself away again, "What are we doing? I got a boyfriend and you got a girlfriend" I said sulkingly looking into his eyes. "I don't have a girlfriend" he replied to me and I felt a smile play on my lips. "But that dosen't change the fact that I still have a boyfriend" I replied. "You don't need him" he replied to me sternly. I looked into his eyes and dragged myself off the bed. "I don't need you, maybe you should just go" I said to him. "Okay" James replied to me and made his way out of the room and I stood there startled until the bang of the front door closing brought me back to reality. I threw myself onto the bed. He was so close to having slept with me but he didn't do anything. He asked me if I was OK with it, when did my feelings concern him. Did he actually care about me? I held my pillow on top of my head. There was too many unanswered questions but I knew one thing for sure. James actually does care about me, he loves me, which is why he asked about my feelings. And I will forever be grateful towards him from coming like a knight in shining armour to save me from that guy in the alleyway. And where was Malcolm? Chilling with his friends. Whilst I am always on James mind. James did say that he dosen't have a girlfriend so he's available. And he didn't even object when I told him to leave, maybe he's turning into a changed man. A new man that I'd love. I love Malcolm and I love James. I closed my eyes remembering times with Malcolm and James. I met Malcolm the day I broke up with James; I didn't even have time to grieve over my loss of James. I slept with Malcolm the day I met him although I did have a crush on him since I started that school. Was I just using Malcolm as a toy so I don't keep getting thoughts about James into mind. No, I love Malcolm and I know he loves me and nothing can change that. But then why do I want to be with James at the same time as well? I love James because he was my first ever love and I love Malcolm because he was there for me; he saved me from getting run over. But James saved me from getting raped. They were both important things. I pressed my palms into either side of my head. Too many thoughts kept on blowing my brain up like a puff fish. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to let it out, but I didn't trust anyone. I leapt out of my bed and reached to the side of the bed where my bag was on the floor and I dragged it into my lap. I unzipped my handbag and rummaged through it until I found my mobile phone. I was looking through my contacts list. I didn't trust anyone. I dialled a number. And after half an hour I went down to open the door and let James in. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. "Why did you call you me back here?" James asked me. "I think I still love you" I whispered and kiss hissed soft lips. James followed me up into my bedroom. My body was numb, I had no feelings flowing through me. My heart had probably turned to ice. I dimmed the lights down and got into the bed where I had pushed James.

I opened my eyes once it was finished and looked up into James eyes. He had a look of accomplishment in his eyes which showed that his love has finally loved him back. After James had a shower I sent him out of my house before my parents would've came back. I walked back up the stairs to my bedroom and sat on the floor hugging my legs. I rocked back and forth. My eyes growing more and more tired as the sky grew more and more dark. I kept on rocking for hours. My body was numb, my brain was numb. My sould was numb. It was as if a big, dark, hole has been punctured through my body. I placed my hand on top of my heart but it felt as if nothing was there. During the week, everything was a surreal blur. I avoided both Malcolm and James. I even avoided all my friends. I had no more friends except Kylie who tried to be around me because I think she knew what I was going through and wanted to be there for me but I couldn't face anyone after what I did; I was cruel, mean and heartless. How could I cheat on Malcolm like that. My life was over. This one guy I find who treats me so kindly and cares for me so deeply is repayed by his girlfriend sleeping with someone else. I couldn't believe what I did, and why did I do it? Maybe I just want a lot of attention and Malcolm and James giving me a lot of attention made me feel good but it's concequences made me feel terrible. I was dead.

Chapter 13 I woke up feeling sick to my stomache, and slowly dragged myself down the stairs. I had great difficulty walking down the stairs because it felt like gravity's hands were pulling at my ankles. I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table where my mums innocent clatter of pots and pans brought a smile on my face despite the fact that I was seriously not feeling well. I put my head on the table. "Honey get up, it's Monday" my mum exclaimed. "Monday" I grunted. Oh no, I didn't feel like going to school. "Mum I feel ill, I don't want to go to school" I complained. It didn't work because I found myself dragging my feet along the grey roads towards school. All through lesson 1 and 2 I slept. I was not in the mood to do any work right now. I just felt like sleeping. Kylie was sitting next to me in both lessons stroking my hair. Malcolm had come but Kylie sent him away. The bell tweeted to signify the end of lesson 2. When the lesson had finished, Kylie put her arm around mine to support me as I found myself not having the energy to walk. Malcolm came up after us. "Faith are you okay?" he asked me, and his innocent voice made me want to cry; bringing back memories of that dreaded night. "I am going to take her to the nurse, I think she is really ill" Kylie told Malcolm. "I don't want to go to the nurse" my voice came out weakly. Malcolm came infront of me and placed his hand on my forehead. "She dosen't seem to have a fever" he said his face contorted. "I don't know either, but the nurse will know" Kylie replied. "Should I come as well?" he asked me and Kylie. "I'll take her" Kylie spoke clearly as she knew that I was trying to avoid him the week before. Malcolm nodded but he looked hurt; I think he realised that I was trying to avoid him. Kylie dragged me across the hallway and knocked onto the nurses door. After a short while the nurses voice spoke "Come in". Kylie pushed the door open and dragged me into the room. "Come and have a seat" she said without looking up from the paperwork she was working on. Kylie slowly placed me into the seat and sat opposite me. The nurse looked up at both me and Kylie. "So what's the problem?" she asked both of us. I opened my mouth to speak but Kylie beat me to it. "Lately she's been feeling very weird. I think she might

have caught some kind of virus but I brought her to you so you could see what the problem is" Kylie spoke to the nurse nervously. The nurse turned her head toward me and studied my face. The nurse nodded her head, "She does look terrible, I may have to do some minor inspections" she said looking at me. I nodded and so the nurse walked over to the operating table and gestured me to come and sit on it. I stood up, my legs shaking, I didn't know what to expect, I walked over towards the nurse and she helped me up onto the operating table. I saw Kylie stand up to walk out of the room, "Kylie, stay" I said, a bit too loud. Kylie smiled to me and sat back onto the seat. I could see that she was nervous as well. I took in a deep breath and closed me eyes. After a while the nurse stopped prodding and inspecting me. "It's not that serious right now so I can't say anything yet. But I want you to know that if it continues and gets worse during the next 4 to 5 days. Symptoms such as vomiting, serious stomach pains, pains in the womb; then please come and see me" the nurse said taking off her gloves and I stepped off the operating table. "Okay, I will come if it gets worse" I said nodding. Kylie quickly ran up next to me and put her arm around my shoulder. "Thank you for coming here and not just ignoring it" the nurse smiled. I smiled back and Kylie pushed the door and we walked out. "What do you think the problem is?" she asked me confused. "I really don't know" I said, tears brimming in my eyes. As I hugged Kylie for comfort the bell rang to tell students that break time had finished and lesson 3 had started. "What have we got now?" I asked Kylie. "ICT" she replied. "Great" I sighed relieved, "I don't have to do a lot of work in ICT". Kylie laughed and we began to walk down the corridor towards the ICT room. Everyone was in a single file line outside the classroom because our ICT teacher was very strict. "Come in" she yelled. And everyone began to walk into her classroom. When we entered the classroom Malcolm saw me with Kylie and came up next to us. "Faith are you alright? Maybe you should go home" he said. I shook my head "No one's at home, they wouldn't let me go" I replied to his question. "What did the nurse say?" he asked me. "That I should see her again in 4 to 5 days" I said slowly. "Could you three sit down" the teacher shouted at me, Malcolm and Kylie. I walked over to one of the computers and sat down, Kylie came over as well and sat besides me. Malcolm had to sit next to Kylie since I was sitting at the edge. "Our school is going to do a community coehesion project, I want you lot to do a poster explaining what it is meaning you have to do research" she said and clapped her hands before sitting at her desk. I went onto Google and typed in community coehesion. I looked at the screen, I started to feel dizzy and everything looked blurry, I fell of the chair. "Faith" Kylie said in a frenzied voice. Malcolm leapt up from his seat and picked me up in his arms. I blinked slowly, then everything blacked out. My eyelids fluttered open and I was lying down in Malcolms lap. "Where are we?" I asked him. "Faith, your awake, we're in a taxi. I'm taking you home, your not well Faith" Malcolm explained to me worried about what was going on. The taxi stopped and Malcolm hauled me

out. I was in Malcolms strong arms as he ran over to the door and knocked fiercly. My mum opened to door and then she started to panic. "What's wrong?" she asked Malcolm scared. "She fainted in class, she's been feeling unwell all day today" Malcolm explain, and my mother made way for him to come in. "This morning she did tell me she wasn't feeling well but I still sent her to school. Her bedrooms upstairs" my mother explained. Malcolm rushed up the stairs and into my bedroom. He lay me out on the bed and my mother straightened my legs out and put a pillow under my head. After that happened, my mother kept me home for the next 3 days. During that time every morning I threw up, the pains in my stomache increased. I didn't know what to do. It was now Friday morning and I woke up to the day running across the landing to the bathroom where I knelt on my knees infront of the loo and threw up into it. I know they said never throw up in a toilet, but I couldn't think of anywhere else. After I threw up I heaved myself off the floor, flushed, and walked over to the sink and rinsed out my mouth and then began to brush my teeth to get the nasty taste out of my mouth. I held the sink and looked into the mirror. What was going on? I never felt this ill before. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen and saw my mum looking at me worriedly. I went over and sat down. "Honey you keep on throwing up every morning. Do you want to tell me anything?" she asked me. Yes, I did want to tell her how I cheated on Malcolm, "No, mum". My mother looked at me and nodded her head slowly. "I want to go to school today" I told her. "I'm not sure thats a good idea" she replied. "Please" I asked her. I was now in my school uniform, in my mums car as she wouldn't allow me to walk to school. Malcolm was sititng next to me as my mum said that I should have company. But I was feeling uncomfortable next to him, I couldn't believe what I had done. Malcolm had put his arm around my shoulder and I was leaning into his chest. Once the car stopped my mother began to speak, "Malcolm, please keep an eye on her in school. I don't want anything bad happening to her" she told him. "Don't worry, I'll take care of her in school" he said kissing my hair. He stepped out of the car first and held his hand out. I took hold of it and he gently brought me out of the car. Kylie was waiting at the gate with Nina next to her. I hadn't seen Nina in ages, maybe it's because I was avoiding everyone. I looked back and waved at my mum who waved back and started the car. Malcolm walked me over to Kylie and Nina who were waiting eagerly. Kylie quickly hugged me. She clinged on to me tightly. "Why did you come in today, you don't look well" she complained. "I came in to see the school nurse" I remarked. "Let's go right now" she said worried."Yeah, you should really go now" Nina said looking at me with worry in her eyes as well. "You don't have to be worried about me" I said nearly about to cry. "Let's go to the nurse then" Malcolm exclaimed. Nina then stopped him. "I don't think you should come... It could be a girl problem" she said to him. He nodded. "Well, you lot go but if it's something important, tell me" he said. "We will don't worry" Kylie told him and Nina and Kylie began

to push me in the direction of the nurses office. Nina knocked on the door and after a while the nurse opened the door. "Oh, Faith, you came. Girls can I see faith alone" she told them and let me enter the room. The nurse didn't even go to her desk first she walked straight over to the operating table. "Is it serious?" I asked her. "I just need to do some more examinations, Faith. Don't worry about it" she said gesturing her hands. I went over to the operating table. I lay back and closed my eyes. "After this the results will be final" she spoke to me. I opened my eyes after about what seemed like hours. "Come sit down Faith" she said to me. "This new's is really important" she continued sternly. I went over to sit on the seat. I was getting really scared right now. I wish Malcolm had come.

Chapter 14 I started to breath in and out slowly. There was a lot of tension building up inside me. "So... What does the results say?" I asked, nearly about to choke on my own words. What if I had a disease which I could die from, no, that sounded lame. The nurse crossed her arms and looked at me. "Faith...", "Yeah?" I replied shakily. "Your pregnant" she spoke clearly. My mouth gaped open and closed. "What?" I stuttered. "I... But... How" I was lost for words. I stood up. "I need to get some air" I walked towards the door. "Faith" the nurse said, I looked back at her stiffly. "I think the father should know as well". I walked out of the room. Kylie and Nina wasn't there. I guess the first lesson had started. I began to walk down the empty hallways towards the section where the lockers were. Warm tears began to flood down my cheeks as I mindlessly walked in the empty hallways; they were empty just like my heart was right now. I had no energy to wipe my tears away and no one was here anyway. I rested my back on the lockers. My back slid down slowly and I began to hit my head on the lockers behind me. "What am I going to do?" I asked myself. I remembered what the nurse had said. Who was the father? It had to be Malcolm but he always wore protection, he liked to be on the safe side. The father had to be Malcolm. But then as I closed my eyes I remembered the night with James, the wretched night... James was the father! He hadn't wore protection and I didn't use the pill either. I began to cry even harder. James was the father!!! I began to cry even harder, I hugged my knees and put my head in between my legs. My sobbing had gotten louder. What was I going to do? I cheated on Malcolm, and now I was going to tell him I had a baby from James. I couldn't tell Malcolm what I had done; he's going to hate me forever, I didn't want him to hate me. I felt someone sit next to me but I didn't have the energy to turn around and look. "Faith" came James voice. He began to stroke my hair. I pulled his hand away from my hair. "Go away" I screamed at him. "What's your problem?" he asked me confused. "My problem..." I said standing up. "Is

you!" I glared at him. James stood up as well. "What did I do?" he said all innocent. I gasped, "What did you do?" I screamed and lurched myself at him and began to hammer his chest with my fists. James tried to stop me but he couldn't. "Seriously, what did I do?" he carried on asking. I began to pound his chest harder. "You left me pregnant!" I whispered and started to cry. James expression was with confusion and bewilderment together, he didn't know whether to be happy or sad. "Oh..." his voice trailed off and then he wrapped his arms around me. "How can you be so sure?" he asked me quietly. "You never wore protection James" I said through my tears. James then took hold of my shoulders and looked into my eyes deeply. I breathed in deeply, I wasn't sure about what he was going to say. "I love you Faith, and I will do whatever it takes to be a great father for our baby" he said this to me without even looking away, I knew he meant it but I couldn't do this to Malcolm. "I know you will but I'm going to tell Malcolm it's his baby, I can't ruin my relationship with him" I looked James deep into his eyes and tried to blink away the tears. "You can't do this to us, to me, it's my baby. I want to be the father" he said to me strongly and I could feel the pain and compassion coming out of his words. "And anyway, how do you know that Malcolm's going to want this baby?" he asked me. "He loves me" I replied clearly. "I love you too, but you won't let me into your life" he was nearly about to cry, I could see his eyes getting watery. I shook his hands off my shoulders. "Why do you have to make everything so complicated James? Why couldn't you just leave me alone?" I asked him crying. "I can't just leave you alone, I love you" he repeated. "If you loved me so much you wouldn't have slept with Sasha" I screamed at him. "Stop saying you love me" I cried. "I didn't realise what I had until I lost you Faith" he replied. I dropped onto my knees, I dug my head into my hands. "Just go James, just go". James dropped down next to me, "I am not going anywhere. I want to be here with you" he told me. I looked up at James with my tear smeared face. "Why aren't you in class right now anyway?" I asked him raising my eyebrows. "I didn't feel like going, but that's not what matters right now" he replied shrugging his shoulders. "What matters right now is that my life is totally wrecked because I cheated on my boyfriend with my ex and now I'm pregnant with my ex's baby and I don't know how to tell my boyfriend this" I said screwing up my face. My life was so messed up, look how I just summed it all up. James closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. James took hold of my face in his hands and looked into my eyes. "Maybe we could make everything less complicated" he suggested. "How are we going to do that?" I asked him. "We could be a little family. You, me and the baby" he suggested. "We can't be a family James, never", "So you'd rather let the baby grow thinking that it's father is Malcolm. How do you think that'd make me feel?", "It's not like you ever took my feelings into account" I muttered under my breath. James got up on to his two legs. "Get up Faith" he said reaching his

hands out towards me. I looked up and gave in. I took hold of his hands. James pulled me onto my feet. "Lets get out of this place" he grinned at me and took hold of my hand and began to drag me across the hallway. "We're going to be in so much trouble" I complained to him in a whiney voice. "We're both in trouble anyway" he laughed. I blinked in confusion, what did he mean? "How are we going to get out of here?" I asked him. "Don't worry, I know how to get out. Just follow me" he said gripping my hand tighter. We walked out of the school building and James scanned the area. "We need to go the back of the building" he whispered to me just in case. We walked to the side of the building and then he crouched down and so I crouched down as well. "Why are we crouching?" I whispered to him. "There's windows" he pointed above us. I laughed silently, how could I not notice. We began to crouch our way to the fence that surrounded the school. "We can't sneak out of the fences, I'm not that slim" I complained. "Me and the boys stretched two bars open so we could sneak out, come on" James said silently making his way to the stretched out bars that he was talking about. James bent over and swiftly made his way through the small gap, "Your turn" he said smiling. I looked back at the school, was I doing the right thing? Sneaking out of school with James. I bent down and stepped in between the gap and stood beside James. He took my hand and began to walk away. "Wow, that was easy" I said grinning, I didn't know it was so simple to bunk school. "Of course" he shrugged. I looked back at the school again. Was it worth James? To bunk school? To get in trouble? To hurt Malcolm? There was too many questions making me dizzy, it was as if I was going to throw up. "Oh no, I'm going to throw up" I spoke dazed, I didn't realise that I had said it out loud. I pulled my hand away from James and held my stomache. It was too late, my bile poured out of my mouth sticking onto the grass beneath me. "Oh god, Faith. Are you alright?" James said panicked and ran by my side to hold me. He yanked out a handkercheif out of his pocket and dabbed my mouth. "You carry a handkerchief?" I laughed out. He shrugged "So", "You wasn't even sickened by me throwing up? Your gross!" I laughed again hysterically. "I have seen and smelt way grosser things, don't worry about me but you're going to be in so much trouble when the school finds out you threw up all over the floor" he started to laugh himself. I glared at James and raised my eyebrows. "I think we're in a lot of trouble already" I said and saw the laughter drain out of his face as he realised what I was saying. And then he grinned again. "You can have this" he said scrunching his nose as he held out the handkerchief. "Oh, thank you" I said sarcastically and took the handkerchief from his hands. "Why would I want this, James?" I said looking at him in a look that said 'your such a jxxerk'. I threw the handkerchief at him and he jumped back. "You're disgusting, you know that!" he said rubbing his hands against his school shirt. "Hmmph" I moaned and walked began to take my place infront of him. I looked back and grinned sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and then proclaimed. "Lets get some ice-

cream" he grinned enthusiastically. James and I walked side by side on the highstreet searching for an Ice-cream parlor to sit and eat ice-cream. We were getting dirty glances from walker-by's who were most likely parents or grand-parents. James reached his hand out and tried to slither it around my waist. I smacked his hand away just incase someone we knew went and told Malcolm that I was hand in hand or something with James during school hours. "Ow! You didn't have to smack my hand that hard" he whinged at me. "Yes I did" I said gazing at him. "Oh look there's an ice-cream shop there" he said quickly changing the subject. "Your paying by the way" I smiled at him sarcastically. "Anything for you madam" he said grinning a bit too enthusiastically. I had no clue of what he was thinking. We walked over to the ice-cream parlour. I went and sat down on one of the seats outside the parlour since the weather was nice. "Why aren't you sitting inside?" he asked me. I shrugged without replying. He rolled his eyes and began to walk inside. "Oi" I called out to him. "What?" he said looking back. "I didn't tell you what flavours I wanted" I told him scrunching my face up. "I know what you want" he replied and ignored my confused look and walked inside. Jeez, he thinks he's Mr. Know-it-all or something. I crossed my arms and leaned back in the seat. Oh my gosh, I squirmed in my seat as I saw my mother and one of her friends across the road walking with shopping bags in their hands. I quickly slid from my seat and crouched underneath the table. Not the best hiding spot but that was all I had. I saw James two feet as he walked out of the parlour and then he placed two bowl's onto the table. "Faith?" he said confused. And then he bent over to look under the table. "What are you doing under there?" he asked me even more confused. "I fell" I said with a bewildered expression on my face. "What?" he asked me with no clue about what I was saying. "James?" my mothers voice came out of nowhere. I saw my mothers heels next to James school shoes. As James lifted his head he banged it against the table. "Ow" I heard him moaned and I rubbed my head as well thinking of how much it must of hurt. I heard my mothers voice again. "Why aren't you in school James?" she asked him strictly. "I was sick and they let me out early" he replied his voice shaking. "Why did you purchase two bowls of ice-cream, is there someone else?" she asked him again her voice softening. "Have you got a girl-friend" she cooed in her sweet voice. "Do I know her?" Jeez, my mother wasn't even letting James get a word in edge-wise. "Yes you do know her actually" James replied cheekily. Oh no, was he going to bail me out. I felt like reaching out and pinching his leg. "Really? I'll have to look more closely then, but I have to go now, my friends waiting in the car" I heard her kiss him on the cheek and then I watched her heels cross the road and walk around a corner until I couldn't see them no more. I crawled out from under the table. "Thanks" I told him as I brushed off the dirt from my school skirt and knees. James smirked, I walked over to James and slapped his shoulder. "Why do you

keep hurting me?" he whinged trying to make his voice like 5 year olds. "Why did you tell my mother you have a girlfriend?" I asked him sharply. "Because I do" he smirked shrugging. "And who might that be?" I asked him raising my eyebrows. James grinned and sat on the seat and so I sat down as well. "So...? Who is it?" I asked him and a secret smile was forming on my lips. "Her names Faith" he replied smiling. "Really? I never knew that she was going out with you?" I asked him pursing my lips. "She dosen't know that either, but I know she loves me. She going to have my baby, and I'm always going to be there for her. She's just confused right now" he told me, looking into my eyes and still smiling. I looked away from his eyes. I lifted the spoon and spooned some ice-cream and placed it on my toungue and began to sxxuck it. "James?" I asked his name. I bit my lip because I was a bit embarrassed. "Yeah?" he asked me looking up. "Can I ask you something about the baby?" I tried to whisper the last part. "Sure" I'm listening he said beginning to spoon his ice-cream. "I know it's going to sound stxxupid because I should already know this but I don't so I am going to ask you" I muttered on. "Ask me, you won't sound stxxupid" he shrugged. "When will my baby bump show?" I said nearly choking on my question. James thought for a while and then said "12 or 13 weeks is when it'll become obvious but before that your body is going to start changing". "This is so embarrasing" I whispered. Time flew by so quickly as James took me to a fun fair that was set up in the local park. We had so much fun as we went on so many rides. James even won me a large teddy bear that said 'I love you'. After eating so many candy floss James dropped me off at the corner of my house because he couldn't risk seeing my mother. I waved him goodbye and knocked on the door. I really need to start using my own set of keys. After a couple of minutes of waiting at the doorstep, my mother opened the door and grinned at me. "Guess whose here to see you?". "Who?" I asked her. "Just come in" she said pushing me towards the living room. I raised my eyebrows, shocked. Malcolm was sitting on one of the sofa's. I quickly dragged my feet across the room and sat on the sofa opposite him. "Hey Malcolm, why didn't you call? We could of met up outside" I said to him my voice slightly shaking. "Faith, be quiet" Malcolm leaned in closer, "I know you bunked off school today, why would you do that?" he asked me sternly. "Sssh! My mum's going to hear" I complained at him wide-eyed. "And do you know what else I realised?" he asked me raising his eyebrows. "What?" I asked him silently. "James wasn't in school either, the whole day" he said emphasizing the phrase 'Whole day'. I was going to say something to deny whatever he was thinking but instead I began to cough. "And what's that in your hand?" he asked me suspiciously and also sarcastically. I hugged the teddy tighter. "A teddy bear, and did James get that for you?" he asked me again, I could feel him getting angrier. "Stop with all the accusations please" I said raising from my seat. "I'm going out" I said and quickly rushed past him. Malcolm got up and began to walk behind me. "I

don't want to talk, I'm going to go!" I said quickly as I opened the door. "Of course you don't want to talk, but we have to. I need to know what's going on" he said from behind me. I quickly stepped outside. "Aah!" I gasped shocked. "James?" I shrieked. Malcolm stepped outside next to me. Malcolm sighed in frustrated. "Speak of the devil" he groaned, glaring at James. "Why are you always the cause of problems?" Malcolm glared at James. "I came to check up on Faith, her friends told me she wasn't feeling well" James replied confidently. Shxxit, oh shxxit. This is where it all ends then. "I know your lying, you was with Faith wasn't you?" Malcolm asked him. "You need to keep an eye on your girlfriend Malcolm" James said cheekily. Malcolm grabbed James collar and pinned him onto the wall. "Stay away from my girlfriend". "Malcolm, stop! He didn't do anything" I lied, James had done a lot of things but it was me who invited him to my home and into my bed. "Why are you trying to defend him Faith? Something you want to say?" Malcolm glared at me this time and I gulped in. "...I'm pregnant" I whispered. What I said that moment could ruin my whole life but I had to. I had to protect James, it wasn't his fault that I called him back I had wanted to sleep with him. Malcolm's hands dropped from James collar and then he looked at me. A deep pit of guilt and pain surged through me. The look he gave me kixxlled me that instance. "Yes" I nodded. "I'm pregnant" I repeated. "And does he know about this?" Malcolm said pointing at James. I nodded, "He's the first person I told" I gulped in guiltily. "Oh my gosh" Malcolm said pressing his palms on his head. "Oh my gosh" he repeated in pain. "I didn't want you to find out this way" I pleaded. "Let me explain" I begged. "It's his baby isn't it?" Malcolm asked me. He knows, I thought I could tell him that it's his baby but it's too late now. "Yes". Malcolm dropped onto his knees and held the back of his head and so I reached forward to stroke his back, he pushed me away and then looked up at me. "I have one question for you. Why?" he asked me. I was going to open my mouth to say something but then he interrupted me. "Wasn't my love enough for you? I tried to be there for you whenever I could! I tried to protect you; from everything" Malcolm got onto his name and came towards me. I stepped back but he took hold of my shoulders. "I love you, but is your love for me all a lie?" he asked me his breath sinking into my cheeks. "No, no, no, no, no" I cried shaking my head. My eye caught James sitting at the back on the floor, his back resting against the wall. I think he was crying, but why? And then I looked at Malcolm. "Malcolm, please let me fix this, fix us, please" I pleaded. Malcolm looked at me fiercly, I never saw him like this before. "I should've known that you still loved James. You know what, it's over. I don't have to take this craxxp Don't you EVER speak to me again!" He said releasing me and walking away. "Malcolm" I screamed and ran behind him and grabbed his arm, holding onto it. Malcolm pushed me on to the floor. "I'm going to make you hurt, like you've hurted me" he said, the venom in his tone drifting out. And then he turned to James. "If we EVER cross paths I'm going to KIXXLL you". And that was it, he found out. I dropped onto the floor and screamed as loud

as I could, everything looked fuzzy. My eyes were filled with tears. Then James put his arm around me. "Faith" he whispered. "Go away" I screamed at him and ran through the open door and locked it before running up to my bed to be alone, to be away from all the problems. I just needed to sleep. I woke up to the morning feeling sick like usual but this time my Father was dragging me out of the bed fiercely. "Dad, DAD! What are you doing" I complained and screamed as he gripped my arm really tight. "DAD what's wrong" I shrieked. "Is it true?" he asked me his eyes burning with anger. "Stephen don't" my mother pleaded him holding his arms. "IS IT TRUE?" he screamed at me this time. "Is what true dad?" I asked him, tears automatically coming out of my eyes. "Stop playing games with me. ARE YOU PREGNANT?" he shouted at me. And then I froze on the floor. I couldn't move, nor think. I didn't even respond to my father kneeling infront of me, shaking me by my shoulders. My mother behind him begging him to stop. I just stared into his eyes, not moving or saying anything. And then I got startled by my father screaming my name "FAITH". My eyes shot wide, "No, dad, why would you think of such a thing" I managed to lie to him. My father closed his eyes and then re-opened them. "I'm sorry then. That kid was fooling me" my father muttered as he walked out of the room. My mother crouched down beside me and wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss my hair repeatedly. "I'm so sorry honey, I told him not to believe the kid on the phone. Are you okay?" she asked me shaking. "Yes mum, I'm okay, thanks" I told her. And then my mum grabbed my face and looked me into the eye. "Now Faith answer me seriously, are you pregnant?". I breathed in the courage I needed and looked her dead in the eye. "No mum, I'm not" I told her. "Good, good" she smiled at me and got up. Oh shixxt. I shouldn't have lied to her but I was so scared of my Father. His eyes, the anger in his voice. And who told them... Could Malcolm have told them? It was obviously him; he's trying to ruin my life. Oh gosh, I quickly got up clenching my stomache and rushing to the toilets where I quickly locked the doors and knelt over the toilet seat and threw up. It was disgusting! After I was done I went over to the sink and washed face and brushed my teeth to get the horrible taste out of my mouth. I looked into the mirror and shook my head and opened the door. I opened my mouth wide in shock.

Chapter 14 My dad was standing infront of me with rage spilling out of his eyes. "Dad? What are you doing?" I asked stunned yet scared. He then grabbed my arm and dragged me down the stairs. "Dad!" I whimpered. "I know your pregnant Faith, and you lied to me" he grunted as he threw me onto the couch. "I told you I'm not, DAD" I complained. "Stop lying to me Faith" he said to boiling with rage. I couldn't say anything else so I lowered my head. "I knew it, I knew it. Go pack your bag" he shouted at me. "What?!?" I exclaimed looking up at him. "Go pack your BAG" he shouted. "But!" I squeeked out. "Fine" he said shouting as he grabbed my arm and dragged me across the floor. My mother came running down from upstairs. "You can't kick our daughter out stephen!" she screamed. My father opened the door and pushed me out. "Never come back here again" he shouted before shutting the door on me. I quickly regained my position from the floor and began to hammer onto the door. "Let me in, let me explain. You can't kick me out; I'm your daughter!" I screamed. My fists started to turn red with soreness and my throat became dry that my voice barely became a whisper. Who was I going to go to? I could've gone to Malcolm but the fact that he hated me no longer made that possible. Maybe I could stay over at Nina's house. She's my friend. I got and looked at myself hopeless; I was dressed in my pyjamas! I breathed in the courage I needed and began to make my way towards Nina's house. As I walked through the streets I got strange looks from everyone. I even over-heard two girls laughing and saying "Is she mental, look at her state?" and I really became paranoid. I really needed to get some proper clothes on and then an idea sprung into my mind. I would go to the clothing store where my mum always shops since they know me as well. I grinned at my idea and rushed over to the store. Once arrived I found the assistant who always helps my mother. "And why are you dressed like this, trying to make a fashion statement?" she asked me laughing lightly. I just shook my head and told her I needed a outfit and so she prepared a above-the-knee dress and some heels

and I told her to put it on my parents card and they did. Great, now that's settled I continued my journey to Nina's house. I was know at Nina's front door and I knocked on it. I hope I wasn't bothering them. Nina's mother opened the door. "Oh, hello Faith" she said to me. I smiled kindly, "Is Nina home, I need to ask her something". "I'll go check", "Thank you". I waited for Nina to come for a couple of minutes and finally she arrived. "Hey Faith" she smiled at me. "I needed to ask if I could stay here overnight, sorry I just threw that out there but it's important" I spoke quickly. "Why what happened?" she said, not inviting me in. "My father kicked me out of the house", "Ouch, why?", "He found out I'm pregnant", "What?!?" Nina managed to choke out. Nina shook her head in bewildement. "I thought you said you was pregnant" she whispered the last part. "I did" I told her nodding my head. "Well you can't stay here then" she said shocked. "What? Why?" I said as shocked as her. "My mum is very religious and won't allow a pregnant girl in the house" she told me. I opened my mouth in shock. "Does you mum know about Lucas then?" I asked her. "Shhh! Be quiet, my mum is going to hear" she hissed. "Your such a bixxtch" I said and turned around to walk away and then I looked back at her. "I thought we was friends" I said upset. I puffed up my cheeks. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I screamed, what on earth am I going to do. I don't want to go to James because this is what James wanted. For me and Malcolm to break up and then I would go running to his side. And I wasn't going to let that happen. Maybe I could go to Kylie's house; she might let me stay over. I sighed in again and began to make my way towards Kylie's house. Once at Kylie's house I knocked onto the door. After several minutes I heard footsteps open the door and Kylie looked at me surprised and then began to grin. "Faith, OMG, I was so worried" she said hugging me really tight. I wrapped my arms back around hers. "Where did you dissapear off to, I went to check the nurses office and she said she didn't know where you was and she wouldn't tell me what was wrong, I was sooo worried" she said hugging me tighter. "Quick come in" she grabbed my hand and dragged me inside. Once we sat down Kylie quickly said "What's wrong, tell me what the nurse said". "It may be quite a shock to you but I'm... pregnant", Kylie's mouth dropped down. "Really?" she asked me. "Yeah" I nodded. "Well I am always here for you" she said hugging me. "Thank you" I said hugging her back. Kylie then stopped hugging me. "Does your parents know?" she asked me a bit worried. "Yeah" I nodded looking down ashamed. "There is nothing to be ashamed of" she said lifting my chin. "Well my father dosen't think so or he wouldn't of kicked me out" I said nearly about to cry. "He kicked you out!" she shrieked. I nodded again unable to speak. "He can't just kick you out, that's not fair, it's inhumane" she yelped. I shrugged my shoulders. "I got no where to stay" I whimpered. "What about Malcolm? Can't you stay over at his?", his name made me cry and I shook my head. "Why?" she asked me. "It's not his

baby", Kylie's mouth dropped down again. "Whose is it then?", "... James". "Ohhh, so you two are back together?" she asked me confused. "No... I don't know Kylie" I said. Kylie stood up angry, "Does James not want the baby? I need to go and have a word with that basxxtard" she said angrily. I quickly grabbed Kylie's hand pulling her back down. "No, no, no, no, he does want the baby" I said quickly, and Kylie sat back down. "Then you should be able to go and stay at his house" she said confused. "I don't want to stay at his house" I told her. "What?!? Why?", "Don't you see Kylie. This is what he wants, for me to break up with Malcolm and go running back to him", "No. You need to swallow your pride Faith, you can't just forget about him. You can't look after the baby alone", "Look, I don't want to be him", "Then why did you sleep with him when everything with Malcolm was going perfectly?", "That's none of your business", "Yes it is if it concerns your best friend" she told me sternly. I got up angrily, "I'm going" I said leaving the room angrily as I reached for the door opened it. "Faith, you got nowhere to stay. Where are you going?" she said behind me. "Well, I don't want to be here" I said walking away from the house. Ugh, why couldn't I keep my temper to myself. AAaah! I had to go to James, there was nothing else I could do. I had to swallow my pride like Kylie said. I began to make my way over to James house now. That was the only place where I was wanted. I walked on the path towards James front door. I knocked on the door and then after several seconds James mother opened it. When she saw me she hugged me tightly. "Come in, come in" she said as she gestured me in. I got a bit confused, shouldn't she be judgemental? I was now in the kitchen sitting on one of the dining chairs as James mother brought a cup of hot chocolate to me and one for herself. "Is James here?" I asked her a bit embarrassed. "No, he came home all upset and then he acted like he remebered something and walked right out the door again" she told me shrugging. "Did James tell you?" I asked a bit embarrassed. "About your pregnancy, yes" she nodded. "I'm so sorry" I said looking down into the cup. "Why are you apologizing, everyone makes mistakes" she told me. I shrugged, "It didn't feel like a mistake". "Let me tell you a secret Faith, I had James when I was at the tender age of 16. I didn't know what to do, it was difficult for me because my parents never supported me. I had to live at my boyfriends house whose now my husband and everything is perfect, so I know what your going through" she said to me smiling warmly, "Drink up". I looked back at her smiling. I lifted up my cup and began to sip in the warm liquid. "I'll always be here to support you" she told me and I grinned. We heard the door get unlocked and James mother shouted. "James is that you?", "Yeah mum" came the reply. "Come to the kitchen", "I need to go to my room, I don't feel well", "Someone is here to visit you", "Who?" came James voice as he approached the kitchen. When he saw me his eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Faith, I thought you was never going to speak to me" he said running up to my side. "I'm going to leave you two alone" his mom said as she got up to

leave the room. I looked up at James. "Sit down, I need to tell you something", James just looked at me confused and sat down opposite me. "I'm listening". "My parents found out..." I told him, "What did they say? I hope they didn't upset you", "My father kicked me out", "Well you know you can stay here" James said leaning over the table to take hold of my hands. "I told both my parents, they said that you can stay here", "When did you tell them, I mean I only found out today", "After I left your house I came home and told them all about it and my parents were understanding" James spoke to me really flustered. "Your mum told me that when you came you left again, why?" I asked him curiously. "I went out to get something" he told me a smile forming on his face. James pushed his chair back and got up to walk out of the room. "What did you get?" I asked him. "I left it here by the staircase" he called out as he came back into the kitchen. In his hand was a gift box; that was large and rectangular and tied with a red bow. He placed it on the table infront of me. "What's inside it?" I asked curiously looking at the box. "Open it" James said as he sat down again. I looked at him for permission and he just smiled and so I began to untie the bow. I lifted the lid off and then James reached into and pulled out two cute outfits. "Aww, they're so cute" I said excitedly. "I don't know whether its going to be a girl or boy so I got both" he said handing the outfits to me. I stroked the soft material and tears came to my eyes. "And look at these" James said reaching into the box again. James pulled out two tiny pairs of shoes and made them tap-dance on the table. "Ahaha, there so tiny" I laughed out. "Yeah I know" he replied. After that James showed me the guestroom that I would be sleeping in and then we had a movie marathon where we watched a lot of movies. "I feel tired now" I said yawning. "It's been a hard day for you Faith" James said getting up as well. He went and switched off the tele. We began to walk up the stairs and James came with me to the room. "My mum will take you out clothes shopping tomorow so for now you'll have to do with my mums nightgowns" he said walking into the room and opening a drawrer. "There in here" he said. "Okay" I replied. James walked out of the room and then looked back. "Goodnight Faith" he said looking at me. "Good night" I replied and then he switched on the light and closed the door. I grabbed the nightdress and slipped out of my clothes and slipped into it. I neatly folded my clothes to the side and walked over to my bed. I pulled the duvvet over and slipped the bed and pulled the duvvet covers around me so I was wrapped up in it. A couple hours later I couldn't sleep because from out of nowhere the thunder grumbled outside. I sat up on the bed afraid, I never liked the dark nor did I like the thunder. I hugged my knees and looked around the room. It was all dark and silent so I creeped out of my bed and opened the door silently. I looked left and right and no one was there so I tip-toed my way across the landing and made my way towards James room. I opened his door silently and looked in. He was fast asleep. I crept over to his

bed and pulled his bed covers over slightly and slipped into the bed next to him. I tried to keep still as I lay beside him because I didn't want to wake him. He began to shuffle around. "Faith?" he asked me, his voice still sleepy. "Yeah, it's me" I whispered to him. He shuffled to the side to make space for me. "I couldn't sleep because of the storm, I'm scared" I told him apolocetically. "It's okay" he replied. He lay on his side and so I snuggled in deeper. I rested my head on his chest and so he put his arms around me. It felt warm and safe and I felt reassured and so I fell asleep straight away. I woke up in the morning still in the same position as last night where I crept into James bed. I lifted James arm slowly and put it on the side as I slipped silently out of his bed. I went over to the door and was going to reach out to open the door when someone else opened it already. "Oh Faith, I didn't know you was in James room" his mother said to me. "I got scared last night because of the thunder" I told her smiling shyly. "Haha, no need to be scared" she said putting her arm around me. "James, get up! I prepared breakfast" she said to him laughing. "Ugh, five more minutes" he said rolling over in his bed and managed to fall off the side. "Ahahaha!" me and his mother got into hysterics. "Oww, my head" he said getting up from the floor. After breakfast I was now in the car with James mother. She started the car and began to drive us towards the shopping mall. At the shopping mall we began to pick out many outfits and shoes and even underwear!!! which was a bit embarrasing but she was going to be my mother in law so I had to get used to it. We was now sitting at one of the cafe's with all the shopping bags surrounding our chair. We were sipping away at our coffee when James mother asked me a question. "Faith, do you love my son or was a one night thing?". I stared at her eyes and then thought for a while. "I do love him" I replied to her. She nodded and then asked, "Have you thought of abortion, it could make your life easier". I then shook my head. "I can't have an abortion, I don't want to take away my son or daughters life because of something I did" I replied. "I see, and are you thinking of going back to school?". I sat there for a while thinking about this, and then I replied truthfully "No, I don't want to go to school..." I hesitated a bit to see her response. "I understand what your going through but is it worth it to throw your education away?" she asked me seriously. I nodded. "It is worth it, I don't want to be called a slxt or whxre and be the laughing stock. The girls in my school are mean and I can't let them joke around with me like that". "If that's what you truly believe then I will support you" she replied stretching her hand out and placing it on my arm. I smiled warmly at her and wished that my own mother could be supporting. After that we packed up and headed back to their house. Once we arrived I had to sort out the clothes in the wardrobe that was in the guest room and it took my longer that I thought it would. I was on my knees folding up some of the clothes infront of the wardrobe when I heard a knock on the door. I looked behind me and James was standing there. "Did you have fun today?" he asked me walking into the room and sitting on the bed behind me. "Yeah, it was

alright" I shrugged. "My mum told me that you don't want to go to school", "Yeah. I don't want to go", "Why though? I think you should go", "It's not like your going to be the one with a large belly walking around the place" I replied to him making my hands do a fat belly impression. He laughed and then he came and sat next to me on the floor cross legged. I really didn't want to talk about school, so I began to nervously fold the clothes. James laughed again and took the clothing from my hands. "Look at the state of this! you can't even fold it" he laughed whilst folding it up neatly. "I'm just tired" I complained. "Go nap then, I'll do these" he said making a face at the pile on the floor. "Thanks" I said leaning over and hugging him before getting up and going to my bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep straight away. I woke up yawning and looked to my side to see the alarm clock reading 11am. Woah, I fell asleep a long time didn't I. I pushed the duvvet to the side and walked over to the bathroom. I pushed the door open and set the shower dials and began to take off my clothes. Once my shower was finished I wrapped a towel around my body and pushed my hair back and stepped out of the bathroom to go back to my room. "Oh crxp" I shouted and James quickly looked away. "Haha, sorry" he said turning around now. "I'll go pass quickly" I said running into the room. Then I thought to myself, why was I running away from him... Oh well, I walked over to the mirror and saw my face go red. I heard knocking on the door. "I'm sorry" James said laughing. "Yeah right your sorry" I replied. He was going to open the door. "Don't come in!" I shrieked as I ran over to the door. "It's not like I've never seen you nak--" , "Okay James. Shxt up" I said laughing. "Alright, alright" he sighed and I heard his footsteps walk away. Phew, I thought to myself as I went over to the dressing table to get the blow-dryer. By now a couple of weeks have passed and I wasn't going to school just like I said and my parents still wouldn't talk to me which was quite surprising because I thought my mum would talk to me. I was in no contact with my friends because I didn't feel like talking to them. My baby bump had now started to show slightly. I was now sitting on the couch with my hands resting on the baby bump whilst I was leaning into James arms as we watched 'The day after tomorow'. I loved that film and never got sick of it even if I watched it over and over again. "Open your mouth" James said and I went "Aaaa" opening my mouth. He popped in another popcorn into my mouth. I looked up at him smiling; he was great and there was this new caring, protective, fatherly side to him which made me feel comfortable next to him. 9 months later I find myself sitting on a hospital operating table being reeled in quickly into a operating room. With doctors in panic around me. James holding my hand tightly. I was scared like hxll, I wasn't sure about how painful it was going to be. "Breath in and out" James kept on repeating to me. "I am, I am!" I replied shouting in pain. In, out, in, out. After what seemed like ages the pain was over and the baby was out. I looked at the baby in the doctors hand

crying. "It's a girl" the doctor exclaimed to me and James. I looked at James and he was grinning at me and kissed the palm of my hand. "I'm so happy" he said to me, too excited to talk properly. After a while I was laying down in the hospital bed with James sitting on the chair next to me. The nurse walked through the door and handed the baby over to me. "She's beautiful" James said as he looked at our baby girl with admiration. "We need to think of a name" I said looking at him smiling. There was a knock on the door and me and James both looked and I saw my mother walk into the room. "Mum what are you doing here?" I ask her. "I miss you so much, I am so sorry that I haven't spoken to you in a long time", "Mum I missed you too" I replied to her nearly crying. I don't care if she ignored me for all that time, she's my mum and I love her. My mum went and put her arm around James and hugged him. "Thanks for not leaving my daughter on her own and being there for her when I couldn't", "It's okay, I love your daughter" James replied. I then looked at the door again. "Is dad here?" I asked. "No, but lets talk about this later" my mum said stepping forward. "Look how adorable this baby girl is, my grand-daughter" she said smiling sweetly at my baby. "Has she got a name yet?". I shook my head. "No, not yet"...

chapter 15 I placed the last box down on the floor and rubbed my hands together. "I think that was the last box" I said looking back at James who just entered through the door. "Nope that wasn't the last box, I got the last box" he said grinning at me as he brought in another large box in his hands. "Now we got to unpack" I said sighing heavily as I placed my hands on my waist. "We got to paint one room first" James sighed as well sitting himself down. I grinned at him tiredly and made my way back to the car. I unlocked the door and undid the seatbelts of the child safety seat and lifted my little daughter Serena Laura out of the car on placed her on my waist. Serena Laura was my beautiful daughter, with emarald green eyes that had a sparkle of joy in them. She was gorgeous and her shine radiated everywhere. She had brought happiness into my life the day she was concieved. Just a few weeks later my father had come to apologize for being mean to me. James father had given him in a position in the family business and so we had a lot of money; James was treating me like a princess but the actual princess here was Serena Laura. As I entered the door, James got up. He leaned forward and kissed her head softly. "She's beautiful, just like you" James said then leaning forward to kiss my lips softly. "Let me go drop her off at the neighbours so we can start painting the rooms" I told James. I walked out of the house and did a U-turn to our neighbours. I felt so lucky to have the worlds greatest neighbours living next door to me. The day me and James had visitied the houses to see which one to buy Charlotte Smith had greeted us nicely. She was a beautiful blonde housewife and she had promised to help us if we needed anything and right now I needed to drop Serena Laura at her house. I had informed her about it the day before and she had agreed. She had a teenage daughter who was 16 called Melody. I knocked on the door and after a few seconds Charlottes angel-like face was smiling at me. "Good morning Faith" she said smiling at me and then looked down at Serena Laura. "And here is our beautiful princess" she said pouting to

my daughter. "I'll take great care of her" she said to me whilst I handed over Serena Laura. "I have no doubt about that" I replied. Once I said my goodbye's to Charlotte and Serena Laura I was now in my overalls covered in paint. "It's nearly done" I said admiring our D.I.Y, "You know we wouldn't have to go through this trouble if you would of just let me call the painters to do it instead" James told me and I could sense that he was tired by his tone. "It's our daughters room, I wanted us to do it, it would make it more special" I told him shrugging. "Lets hurry it up then, she probably misses us" James said as he put one arm around me. I leaned my head on his shoulder. The room was finally done and I was on the floor lying down with James lying down next to me. "It's perfect" I exclaimed. "And tiring" James added. The room was a soft pink colour with a dark pink strip going through the middle. "Lets go get cleaned up before the men come to place the furniture" I warned James. "Alright, alright" he replied getting up. After a couple of hours I was now in Charlottes house with Serena Laura; James was at our house instructing the men on where the furniture should be. Charlotte came and sat down next to me. "Are you excited about finally getting your own home with James then?" she asked me. "Yeah, it's really exciting"I told her. "So are you and James married?", I hesitated to tell her but then I realised that no harm could come from such a nice person. "No, but we're planning on one once we get everything settled" I told her. "Ooo, that sounds really exciting. You'll have to make Melody a brides made" she joked. "I will" I grinned back. Melody came down the stairs. "Can I play with Serena, please" she begged. "Yeah, sure" I said and gently handed Serena Laura over to her. Melody placed Serena Laura on the floor and began to play with her. I smiled down at the sight and turned back to Charlotte. "She's such a beautiful baby, she's going to be the prettiest girl once she grows up" she complimented. Charlotte got up, "Let's go to the kitchen. I make real good coffee" she laughed. I followed her into the kitchen. After couple hours the doorbell rang and Charlotte went to open it. I heard James voice. "Hey, I just came to get my wife and child" he joked around. "Well Faith is in the kitchen and Melody is playing with Serena Laura" Charlotte told him. "Faith, James is here" Charlotte called out. I went over to James. "Hey honey" I said leaning in to kiss him. "The furniture is all settled and guess what?" he said, "What?", "The paint has dried up!", "Wow. That's great, let me just get Serena Laura" I turned around to see Melody pick her up. "Bye bye Serena" Melody said as she handed her over. "I'll see you soon" I said to Charlotte. "Come round tommorow" she smiled back. The years flew by as I emerged from a troubled teenager to a beautiful mother. Many things had changed in my life. As you know I had stopped going to high school after I found out about my pregnancy; I started to go to college courses to re-do my GCSE's and soon after that I found myself graduating. It was a wonderful moment for me throwing my black hat high up into the sky and watching it drop back down again. I had many favorite memories...

My first favorite memory was the day Serena Laura took her first step. It was incredible. There I was in the kitchen at Charlottes house preparing a nice meal for both our families when Melody's excited cries came from the living room. We rushed over to see my little baby walking. Melody quickly took out her cell phone to video it. I wish I could of captured the moment myself but it will always remain in my mind like a video replaying itself. Another one of my favorite memories when Serena Laura spoke her first word which was 'mama', I felt blessed that she had called out to me first instead of saying 'papa'. This happened when I had put her in her crib in her bedroom to just sort out a couple of toys which were scattered on the floor. Whilst I was cleaning it she called out to me. "Mama" she had said. Another important memory was my wedding day. The most important day of any womens lives. The bridemaids were Serena Laura in her beautiful pink dress and Melody who wore an identical one with other neighbours little daughter. Only one of my old friends had come by, Kylie. She lived with her boyfriend Alexandra. I only had small-talk with her not like when I was a teenager and shared everything with her. We had grown-apart but she was still my friend. James looked dashing in his outfit and I looked wonderful in my wedding dress. It was a strapless dress with embroided sequins and glitter and beautiful designs. It was a day to remember. Now as I sit with Serena Laura, a beautiful teenager with gleaming brunette hair and a dazzling smile that blew off all teenage guys minds, I felt glad that God had granted me a beautiful child. And I was going to do everything to make sure that she'll never make the same mistakes as me. I had vowed to take good care of her and never let anything happen. And one thing I want to add before I go is no matter how tough life gets never given in. And you are beautiful, there will always be someone to bring you down and tell you that your not beautiful. Look at yourself in the mirror and be thankful.

The end

Finding Mr.Right  

romance story about a girl named Faith in a love triangle between Malcolm and James

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