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Mathematical Brochure

Parabolas in     Real Life

(Frida Leija, 20/07/17)

Ana Frida Leija Bonilla 3ºE - 5 Ciclo Escolar 2017-2018 PAI IV 12 of March of 2018

Quadratic Equations What applications has had the use of parables in the environment?

Introduction In this work we have to present how the parabolas have been useful for many situations in the real life. For this first an equation was given for each of us and then we had to solve it by two different methods , first using the general formula, then applying the graphic method and compare the results of both exercises. And then we had to find pictures of the parabolas in our surroundings and make a conclusion.

Comparison Even thought have just one quadratic equation I solve it by two completely different methods. The first method was using the general formula which is a more accurated since is only based in specific numbers. And with the graphing method is less precisely but more visual. Anyways with both methods I got the same answer, which was that the equation had no solution. With the general formula I saw the result when the discriminant was negative and in the other method was none of the points of the parabolas touched the x line.

Photo from the roof of the Mall Angelopolis. (Frida Leija, 03,2018)

Photo of the frontal part from a car. (Frida Leija, 03/2018)

Photo of the Arch of the Triumph in Paris I took this two years ago in holidays. (Frida Leija, 10/2016)

This is a picture from the St. Louis Getaway Arch in Missouri by David Liu. Liu D. (n.d) St. Louis. [Photograph]. In Getty Images. Retrieved from写真/stlouis-gateway-arch-at-dawn-ロイヤリティフリーイメー ジ/174662319

This is a picture from the Ride of Steel, a roller coaster located at the Darien Lake in New York by Joel Rogers. J.Rogers (2013). [Photograph] Ride of Steel. In Coaster Gallery. Retrieved from

Conclusion Since always the human race is always looking forward to develop new things and combining our capacity of curiosity and imagination in that way we learn, create and improve something new. And thanks to that we have many roots of learning and one of the is the mathematical one, meanwhile I was making this task I could notice that the knowledge of the parabolas that has been discover years ago, the humanity has been able to beautify its environment by applying it in structures of capricious shapes and more modern constructions.

TES Frida Leija  
TES Frida Leija