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Exiting football and

New stucco!!!!!

One direction is coming next year!!!!!!!

Lots of exiting performance's from the orques-

basket ball practice for nationals

Horoscope: Today you'll find out that you got 100% in a really big test. You will be really happy. In recess you will hangout with your friends and you will be in a really good mood when you get home.

Colombia: Starbucks is coming to Colombia and Colombia is traing to find peace with the fark.

SCHOOL NEWS The big seniors did a super exiting assembly. They came dancing and singing and make almost every grade to participate in the hilarious comedy show. In the first round the grades were supposed to guess what music was one of the seniors hearing just by the dance. They did lots of more rounds, the funniest was the one that each grade got to dance with their partner. Another school news is that they put new food in the coke stand. The part of this news I don't like is that they took the coke away. But I did like that they put new healthy food. A very important news they put for this semester is that they forbid to wear hoodies. I don't like this new rule. In the same assembly Mr. Lash also said their was a new music class. Theirs all kind of music instruments to learn or get better. Like exiting things there's also creepy things that happened at school, there was a monster in the bathrooms. The monster said that hell it all the boys and girls in the school, Scary!!!!!! Past the monster thing lets talk about stucco . For six grade the winners were Louis and Carlos. Seniors personero is Danielle Juliao.

ONCE UPON A TIME 3 SEASON The excellent series Once Upon a Time is having its 3 season!!!! The show is produced in ABC Family and hundredths of fans cant wait for this new season. Once a Time is an excellent series about fairytales characters in an awesome adventure. In it the evil queen Regina casts a horrible spell to send every fairytale character to a place where there's no happy ending‌. Our world!!! Snow white and prince charming are shocked with this awful news so they go to see Rumplestilskin. Rumplestilskin says that there's nothing they can do but snow white baby Emma can, she will be the savior, in her twenty eight birthday she will break the spell, but remember magic always comes with a price. In the second season when Emma breaks the spell Rumplestilskin brings magic to this world. Regina's mother Cora was sent in a portal that Regina pushed her because she had killed her loved and was making her marry the king. In the second season Cora tries to come back to her daughter Regina. In the first season there lots of exiting characters like Pinocchio, Jepeto, jimmeny the cricket, faris, daughrfs and much more. In the second season there's even more exiting characters like Captain Hook, Cora, giants, mullan, sleeping beauty, belle and bell fire.