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Master of Arts in Christian Ministry You will learn‌ The Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is designed to help students foster an increased passion for God and prepare them to provide Christian leadership to others. Foundational courses provide the fundamentals of theology of ministry, dimensions of worship, leadership and discipleship, biblical interpretation, spiritual formation, church history and Christian theology. Students can then select an area of specialization with additional courses in spiritual formation, contemporary worship and the arts, biblical studies and family ministry.

With this degree, you can‌ Ministry graduates are prepared for a variety of roles in practical ministry and in many areas of social services. Graduates may serve as pastors, youth pastors, associate pastors, musicians and missionaries. Opportunities in the secular world include business professionals, counselors, music/worship leaders, hospital chaplains, teachers, social workers and other positions in charitable organizations. A Christian ministry degree brings permanent, lasting, positive change and provides a vision to change the world by impacting the lives of others.

You will improve your skills by‌ Develop effective skills and tools with which to serve Christ in daily life, in the church or in para-church organizations. Understand, interpret, apply and communicate the Bible effectively. Learn to develop interpersonal relationships that reflect biblical values and build community. Develop a deeper connection with Christ and how to better serve Him.

Friends University believes in the equity and dignity of all people and our responsibility to care for one another in our learning and working relationships.

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Friends University Master of Arts in Christian Ministry