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TRANQUILLITY REUNION FUNDRAISING JOURNALS 1954 – Tranquillity Sings 1955 – Alumni Photo Album 1956 – Blue and Gold Engagement Calendar 1957 – Fifth Annual Engagement Calendar 1958 – Salute to Tranquillity’s 40th Anniversary 1959 – A Proud Record of 7 Years of Achievement 1960 – Building the Arts and Crafts Workshop 1961 – Fishing Permit Register 1962 – Tenth Anniversary Celebration 1963 – Commemorating Tranquillity’s 45th Birthday 1964 – Inaugurating “Project 50” 1965 – “project 50” – Let’s Keep Going 1966 – “Project 50” – Ground Breaking 1967 – “Project 50” – Ready to Build 1968 – Celebrating Tranquillity’s 50th Anniversary 1969 – “Project 50” – A Dream Come True 1970 – ‫ חי‬Alumni 18th Anniversary 1971 – Well Done in ’71; More to Do in ‘72 1972 – Alumni 20th Anniversary 1973 – We’re 21 – Tennis for Everyone 1974 – Doing More in ’74 – New Bunks 1975 – Chanukah Festival 1976 – Celebrating the Bicentennial Year 1977 – Alumni Silver Anniversary 1978 – Sixty Years of Tranquillity Camp 1979 – “Overlook Lane” – Another Dream Come True 1980 – Tranquillity Launches a New Decade 1981 – Continuing Our Progress 1982 – Alumni 30th Anniversary 1983 – Sixty-Five Years of Tranquillity Camp 1984 – Two Swimming Pools – “Another Dream Come True” 1985 – For the Future We Must Strive 1986 – Tranquillity Salutes “Miss Liberty” 1987 – Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary 1988 – Happy 70th Birthday, Tranquillity 1989 – The Alumni Continues to Thrive 1990 – A New Decade for the Alumni and for Tranquillity 1991 – The Henry Miller Field – Dedicated to “Our Henry” 1992 – Alumni 40th Anniversary 1993 – Celebrating Tranquillity Camp’ “Diamond Jubilee” 75 Years 1994 – Now We are 42 – “Thanks to You” 1995 – For Tranquillity – “WE STRIVE” 1996 – Inaugurating Our New Goal – “An Indoor Sports Center” 1997 – Building The Pearl C. Miller Sports Center 1998 – Happy 80th Birthday, Tranquillity Camp 1999 – The Alumni Looks Forward to the New Millennium 2000 – Another Dream Comes True – Pearl C. Miller Sports Center 2001 – Tranquillity Salutes America 2002 – 50 Years, Our Golden Anniversary 2003 – On the Shoulders of Giants, We Can See the Future 2004 – New Boys’ Houses near the Manse 2005 – New Boys’ Houses and Honoring Harold Weinman 2006 – “INTO THE WOODS” – Support the Building of New Boys’ Houses 2007 – A DREAM COME TRUE Celebrating “The Hills” – New Houses for the Boys 2008 – 90 Years of Tranquillity 2009 – Planning Our Future – The Dream Lives On 2011 – Friends of Tranquillity Camp – A New Beginning 2012 – 60 Years of Friends of Tranquillity Camp 2013 – Re-purposing the Manse Area 2014 – Funding The Manse Area Project 2015 – The Infirmary Project

2016 – Restoring the Barn

GREETINGS FROM OUR PRESIDENT I want to begin by thanking all of you for coming to our Celebration of Tranquillity Camp at Citi Field, as well as thanking all of you who have generously contributed to this journal. This afternoon we reflect on 64 years of accomplishments for Friends of Tranquillity Camp, founded as the Tranquillity Alumni by dedicated former campers, and look ahead to the 98th summer of Tranquillity Camp. We exist for the sole purpose of supporting our camp. Our contributions provide scholarships for deserving children, supplement camper fees and fund special projects, like the ELIAS A. COHEN DINING HALL (opened in 1970), THE SWIMMING POOLS (1985) and the PEARL C. MILLER SPORTS CENTER (2002). Last year's push to raise funds for our new infirmary reached its goal, and we are hard at work preparing for construction. This year, our help is needed to save our beloved and iconic Barn, to ensure that it is part of our future. For many years the Barn was the Tranquillity Theatre and the centerpiece for evening activities. Built in the early 1800's, the Barn was last renovated in the 1950’s by the Alumni. The Barn was closed last summer and is in need of new foundations, roofing and siding. I urge all former campers with fond memories of Saturday night shows, Stunt Night and Sing, and especially Wednesday and Sunday night senior dances, to buy raffles and give generously. As Pearl often said of the barn and the countless memories made there, "If these walls could talk…" Thank you to our entire event committee, especially, Stacy Budkofsky, Alan Abramson, Wendi Weinman, Daniel Flaxman, and my wife Lisa for their tireless efforts and insights. I wanted to thank two very special current campers. Emma Wilens presented a check of money she earned through her mitzvah project for her Bat Mitzvah to Richard Lerner at this year's Florida Luncheon. Matthew Menis made a donation to today's raffle prizes in memory of his great-grandparents, Debbie and Nat Menis, using money he earned as staff waiter last year. Mathew is a 4th generation Tranquillityite. Emma and Matt are proof that the lessons and message of Noblesse Oblige are alive and well and will carry on into Tranquillity's second century. Today, we are presenting our TY100 logo. This logo symbolizes our next BOLD long-term project: Over the next few years, as we approach Camp's centennial, we are going to be creating an endowment fund that will be a part of sustaining camp as it begins its next 100 years! I hope all of you enjoy our celebration today and are pleased with the new format and location for this year’s event. I am honored to serve as the 6th president of our organization, and look forward to many celebrations with all friends of Tranquillity Camp!


64th Annual Friends of Tranquillity Camp Journal Issued in conjunction with our

REUNION FUNDRAISER at CITI FIELD Friends of Tranquillity Camp P.O. Box 378 Woodmere, NY 12598-0378 www.tycamp.com www.friendsofty.org info@FriendsofTY.org

Sunday, March 6, 2016 CITI FIELD, Flushing Meadows, NY Past Presidents Al Rukin * Abe Berson * Nat Menis * Harold Weinman Alan Abramson President CarySpiegel

Harold Weinman, Chairman Emeritus Alan Abramson, Chairman Seymour Cohn * Chairman Emeritus Alice Abramson Amy Abramson Ira Altman Larry Brown Stacy Budkofsky Paul Cohen Marc Cohn Shari Cleary George Faber Daniel Flaxman Ellen Gerson Harvey Benjamin Gerry Famighetti Penny Hallman Elinore Kamen May Lazer * Deceased

Vice Presidents Leo Skolnik * Ira Altman Stacy Budkofsky

Treasurer Alan Newmark

Secretaries Wendi Weinman-Recording Brittney Scott-Corresponding

Co-Comptrollers Paul Cohen Larry Brown

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lorne Greene Cheryl Janer

Pearl C. Miller * Alan Newmark

Mel Kenduck Robin Kessler Goldie Lantz (Emeritus) Richard Lawrence Sarah Lawrence Sylvan Lawrence * Richard Lerner Sherrie Lerner Sam Leve * Debbie Menis * Michael Menis Henry Miller *

Tracy Reina Marvin Ronik Bill Roskin (Emeritus) Maurice “Mike” Schlang * Michael Schwartz Brittney Scott Wendy Seslowsky Cary Spiegel David Spiegel Elisa Spiegel Josh Stern Wendi Weinman

Carol Lerner Fred Lerner Holly Levison Esther Melamed Joe Minarsky *

Justin Pettit Jane Ruffo Rudy Ruffo Sam Simon *



In his favorite spot, the White House garden. He loved each plant as he loved each boy and girl.

This was old Tranquillity

The Manse

T-Y House

The Chapel

Arts & Crafts House The Barn

The Bungalow

The Creek

The Roost

The Chapel Junior House

Thanks to the Alumni, we have‌

The New Bungalow

Banquets in the Dining Hall

Pearl C. Miller Sports Center

New Overlook

The Hills – Hillside, Treeside and Woodside The Pools The Dining Hall

DATELINE EARLTON Each summer I take the Waiters and PC’s (15 year old campers) aside, and talk to them about returning the following summer as CITs. I tell them they need to write me a letter, explaining what they have to offer TY, why they should be invited back and what camp has meant to them. We are extremely proud of our “Homegrown” staff. The letters are heartfelt, insightful and beautifully written. Here is just a small sampling of excerpts from some of these letters. “I was in Southview and put in a bunk where I knew nobody. I fell in love the first day. I met my best friends and learned so many life lessons in just one summer. Ever since then, the next 5 summers were the best summers of my life. I learned the motto of our camp, Noblesse Oblige, and it impacted the rest of my life. Camp Tranquillity is my favorite place to be with the grass so green and skies so blue and totally drama free. I don’t think you will ever see me on the fields and courts without a smile on my face.” “When I think of the word camp, an extreme amount of memories come into my head that make me “camp sick”. In fact, over the year there comes a point where I miss camp so much that most things always find a way of relating to camp. Camp will always have a special place in my heart and I really hope that someday when I am older I will get the honor to make a Shabbos speech.” “Tranquillity is where I have learned most of my life lessons and where I have grown up for the past five summers. I learned the importance of Noblesse Oblige, how to live in peace and harmony with up to 11 other girls in one room for eight weeks, and most importantly, I learned that no matter what happens at home, sleep away camp is always there for you to help you forget the bad times and make amazing memories and friends that will last a lifetime. It is where I can be myself and have the best times in my life.” “I cannot comprehend that after eight years of going to Tranquillity Camp, I’m finally sitting down writing my CIT letter. I would like to say thank you for giving me the best summers of my life at camp. It is honestly my second home. Tranquillity has truly made me who I am today. From the experiences, traditions and friendships made, and especially the lessons learned, I will keep with me and use these lessons for the rest of my life.” “The lessons you have taught me and the friends I have made at Tranquillity have transformed me into the man I am today. Not only do I still keep in touch with my good friends from camp, I keep the spirit of Noblesse Oblige in my heart wherever I go. My five summers have truly changed my life for the better, so thank you.” “I am proud to say that I have been coming to Tranquillity for eight years now. I do not think of Tranquillity as a camp, I think of Tranquillity as a home where kids spend the best two months of their lives. Tranquillity has been a home for me for eight summers now. I have grown so much and found out who I am. I am partly the person I am today because of my counselors who have helped me mature and be the person I am. They have taught me the traits of Noblesse Oblige which is helping and showing others the talents and things you know and teaching it to other people who do not know.” “I would like to thank you for not only reading this letter and considering me for a spot on staff next summer, but also for the most amazing 8 summers of my life. I don’t know where I would be without Camp Tranquillity, along with the traditions and friendships that will always hold dear to my heart.” Sherrie and I look forward to seeing you at camp this summer. Visiting/Alumni Day is Sunday, July 31. Best regards to you and your family.

Sherrie & Richard Lerner

A MESSAGE FROM RICHARD LAWRENCE From the moment the Tranquillity Alumni was formed over 60 years ago, dedicated Tranquillity-ites from all walks of life came together with one purpose - Keep Tranquillity Alive. Without warning, shortly after the start of the 1952 season, they had to replace camp’s main financial support, provided by Tranquillity’s founder, Elias A. Cohen. They faced an economic abyss; their backs were against the wall. Mr. Cohen’s niece, our beloved Pearl C. Miller, who had been at Tranquillity from childhood, possessed of exceptional intellect, memory and natural leadership skills, brought to life the phrase in Mr. Cohen’s will that expressed his strongly held desire that Tranquillity should continue, with the Cohen family working with others to make that happen. Former campers, a great many of whom had immigrated to the U.S. with their parents and whose lives were indelibly shaped by their summer stays at Tranquillity, took the lesson of “Noblesse Oblige” to heart and did whatever they could - and so much more - to give back to that “Little Farm and Camp” that had helped shape both their lives and their character. Businesses that supported camp through the Alumni’s predecessors, the Women’s and Men’s Leagues of Tranquillity, were asked to continue their support. Obviously they succeeded; otherwise the Tranquillity we know and love would not be here today. As the years passed, individuals, families and organizations that supported TY were commonly referred to as “Tranquillityites.” I can think of no higher term of respect or honor. I can still recall Alumni meetings at Temple Ansche Chesed on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. For those who have attended the TY Reunion held for campers every Spring, the Ansche Chesed meetings had the same excitement for hundreds of Adult Tranquillity-ites. Would it be that today’s TY youth could see their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents acting - like children! It was like coming home. One could easily forget that the goal was to ensure continued support for their beloved summer paradise. In years past, Tranquillity’s finances were managed behind closed doors. For many reasons, that has changed. In order to ensure Tranquillity’s long-term future, it is vital that those who are being asked for their help understand how Tranquillity operates and the critical nature of continuing the financial support from outside sources that has existed since the time of the Great Depression. Now is the time for every Tranquillity-ite to step up and give back. Help can come in many forms. We need more campers deserving of the Tranquillity experience; if needed, scholarship assistance from outside sources is certainly a possibility. Contributions from those who are able are incredibly valuable. Working to secure company ads in the Friends of TY Journal is another way to accumulate a (large) total annual contribution from diversified sources. Working to secure donations of items, such as medical & art supplies, sporting equipment or food used at Camp is another great way to help. My biggest thanks go to every dedicated Friends of Tranquillity Officer, Board member and volunteer who work so hard make this afternoon so special and to whose combined efforts keep Tranquillity both alive and vibrant in spirit as we approach our 98th summer. Commitment means following through. That means each and every one of us.

Richard Lawrence

GREETINGS FROM OUR CHAIRMAN Welcome to Today’s Special Celebration! 64 successful years of our organization and 98 incredible years of Tranquillity Camp represent enviable accomplishments. Tranquillity Camp and Tranquillity-ites do good in this world. I believe that we contribute to a better world, one child at a time. To young campers, this happens over the course of a few weeks each summer. To us, the “adult” Tranquillity-ites, this requires financial diligence from summer to summer, project to project and generation to generation. And so we continue to contribute to camp for scholarships each summer. We have reached our budgeted fundraising goal to start the infirmary project, and the planning has now begun in earnest. We have started a fundraising campaign to refurbish the barn to ensure that it remains the symbolic centerpiece of the Tranquillity experience for many more years to come. Finally, we have conceived our most ambitious fundraising project ever, the creation of a new Friends of Tranquillity Camp endowment fund to help camp move into its second century with strength in perpetuity. We hope to fund it with contributions from alumni, friends and other benefactors. Our plan is to create a financial pool, exclusively for the support of Camp, that will sustain our dear Tranquillity for the future with its earnings. This is a tall order for us all but as we have all learned, if we truly believe, this will be the most important mitzvah we can perform. More details to come soon. Join us by regular donations, planned giving and the sharing of wealth with which you have been blessed. As I grow older and think more about what I will leave behind, I am reminded of the following quotation, which in my mind is just a variation on the lesson of Noblesse Oblige, which we have all been taught: “It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will someday give shade to people he may never meet.” ….David E. Trueblood Today’s event is a departure from our recent Casino Night gatherings. We chose a new, exciting venue that is inviting to family, during daylight hours, and with easy access to New York City. We hope that you enjoy it. Let us know your thoughts. After all, our goal is to give you a comfortable place to enjoy your Tranquillity friends while we raise funds for our favorite cause. A special thanks to our new President, Cary Spiegel, his wife Lisa and the entire event committee for their dedication and leadership. I believe in my heart that we do what we do out of the goodness in our hearts and that our thanks come from the satisfaction of watching the children grow, honoring the memories of the many others who contributed to our growth as children and young adults, and sharing friendships with our Tranquillity family. I am honored to work with such a caring and selfless group of people from all generations of Tranquillity-ites. And as we celebrate the beginning of our March to a New Century, let’s be grateful to be Friends of Tranquillity Camp. Yours in Noblesse Oblige,


THANK YOU The Friends of Tranquillity Camp wishes to thank its many friends and sponsors, donors and contributors, whose support made possible this event and our ongoing support of Tranquillity Camp. To those contributors whose ads were received too late for printing and to the many donors who wish to remain anonymous, our sincere thanks. Thanks to the Lawrence family for their donation to this event and for their ongoing generous support of Friends of Tranquillity Camp. Thanks to Marc and Melanie Cohn for their continuing generous support. Thanks to Stacy Budkofsky, Wendi Weinman and Ellen Gerson for their tremendous efforts in getting our new membership management system up and running. Thanks to Amy Abramson for her research and professional support in selecting and customizing this new system. Thanks to Amy Abramson for maintaining our original website, original email management system, and our credit card account maintenance. Thanks to our phone squad volunteers: Harold Weinman, Stacy Budkofsky, Daniel Flaxman, Brittney Scott, Shari Cleary, Nora Shearer, Tracey Grossman and Wendi Weinman. Thanks to Glen Faber for the use of his office. Thanks to Marcia and Eric Kessler for their continuing generous support of Friends of Tranquillity Camp. Special thanks to Wendy Seslowsky for administering our Facebook pages. Thanks to Michael Menis for all his help with our electronic media and for coordinating the TY logo design. Thanks to Justin Novick for designing the TY100 logo and the front and back covers of this journal. Thanks also to Jared Fries for developing the modern barn logo. Special thanks to the Leeds Family for their generous support of Tranquillity. Thanks to Michael Schwartz for hosting our Board of Directors meetings. Congratulations to Robin Kessler, Cheryl Janer, Wendy Seslowsky and Robin Diamant for our most successful Florida event ever. Special thanks to our TY band, That’s Right: Tyler Kamen, Dylan Bressler, Griffin Novie and Artie Greenberg, and to Adam and Eric Spiegel for coordinating the entertainment. Thanks to this afternoon’s committee members: Richard and Sherrie Lerner, Amy Abramson, Stacy Budkofsky, Wendi Weinman, Wendy Seslowsky, and Daniel Flaxman. Thanks to all of our members who helped during the afternoon with raffle sales and prize distribution. We are an all-volunteer organization and in the spirit of Noblesse Oblige, everyone contributes. Thanks to all for your help, donations and support of Tranquillity Camp. You have all contributed to today’s success. Alice and Alan Abramson Ira Altman Stacy Budkofsky Daniel Flaxman Ellen Gerson Richard and Sherrie Lerner Robin and Alan Newmark Elisa and Cary Spiegel Harold Weinman Wendi Weinman Event and Fundraising Committee


Treasure Hunt

SPECIAL PRIZES FOR RAFFLES SOLD TODAY Apple iPad, donated by Penny Hallman 100,000 Point Reward Certificate for the Intercontinental Hotel Group, donated by Lauren and Michael Menis Sunny Hill Resort – 2 rounds of golf, donated by your Committee 2 Tickets to The Daily Show, donated by Shari Hitner Cleary BANQUET WEEKEND AT TRANQUILLITY Donated by the Lawrence and Cohn Families FOR ALL RAFFLE TICKETS PURCHASED TODAY AND THROUGHOUT OUR FUNDRAISING SEASON 1. iPad Mini……………………………………..……………….…...…..…………Penny Hallman 2. Fitbit Activity Tracker…………………..…………………………..……..……Penny Hallman

3. 2 Tickets to Jazz in July – 92nd Street Y.…………….……………..……….Wendi Weinman 4. MailPix $250 Gift Certificate…………...………………………...……….Carol & Fred Lerner 5. Beats Solo 2 Headphones……………………………….……………………..Matthew Menis 6. New York Mets Tickets ……………….……..……………………......Glen & Christina Faber

7. NYCFC Tickets…………………………………………………….……………......Scott Bloom 8. Fitbit Activity Tracker…………………...…………………..……………..……Penny Hallman 9. Basket of Goodies from Carrington Farms……………………….…..…….Stacy Budkofsky 10. MailPix $250 Gift Certificate…………...…………...…………...……….Carol & Fred Lerner 11. New York Mets Tickets ……………….……..………………..…….....Marc & Melanie Cohn

12. Gift Certificates for Greenville Pizza, Topps Family Market and Quarry Steakhouse……………………….……………………………..…..……………..Friends of TY 13. CNBC Swag Bag ………………………………………………………………. David Spiegel 14. Weekend at Tranquillity………………..………………………………………Richard Lerner


Happy 64th Anniversary, Friends of Tranquillity Camp Happy 98th Anniversary, Tranquillity Camp

Lillian & Michael Andron Michele and Fred Banner Heidi & Robert Begun Kim Bell Hosea Susan Beller Linda (Deutsch) and Rabbi Michael Eisenstein Paulette Fineman Jeffrey Fixler Samson Flancbaum Brian Flaxman Erica Frankel Michael Frieman Amanda Friedman Jeffrey Giller Martin Gillman Carl Goldbaum Barbara Goldberg Karen Goldman Julie Goldman Richard Goldstein Lawrence Golodner Warren Goodman Todd Graber Dayna Greenberg Nadine & David Greenberg Brad Grossman Ruth & Gerald Hader Jamie Haner Victoria Hartglass Rita Hershkowitz Kohr Genna Himelfarb Custard Sarah & Geoffrey Hoffman Dimer Horenstein Jeffrey Isaacs Jonathan Jaffess Robert Janer Judith Karp

Chad Karp Lee Kassler Mark Katz Eric Keltz Barbara & Bruce Keltz Beatrice Kessler Susan Kessler Marvin Kirschenbaum Sheldon Klein Henry Koffler David Kozodoy Todd Kramer Joseph Krochak Elaine & Sidney Leben Sidney Leben Amy Leider Jack Leitner Stanley Lerner Leonard Levine Amy Levitan Shelley Levy Ronald Liss Martin Loy Todd Lustig Dana & David Luther Miriam & Bruce Masia Mark & Ilene Menis Jodi Messer Wayne Messer Joe Michaels Barbara Miller Alan Nodelman Tara Novie Shari Palermo Robin Paola Michael Penn Whitney Phillips Matt Pillar Jacqueline Pinsky Keith Pray Richard Ringell

Laurie & Fred Rosen Mark Rosinsky June & Len Rudin Gloria Saed Lorraine & Dora Shachter Mark Scher Marcy Schlanger Nina Schlissel Michael Schneberg Marisa Schneberg Ellis Schneberg Diane & Peter Schreiber Shelby Schwartz Quinn Julie Scott Barbara Siegel Felicia Slingone Alexis Ventre Steven Weig Scott Weisman



Happy 64th Anniversary, Friends of Tranquillity Camp Happy 98th Anniversary, Tranquillity Camp

Sheryl and Russell Arms Judith and Steven Balsan Donna Bell Tom Berson Debbie and Randy Brett Helen and Al Dreyfus Howard Fiorella Ilyne & Marvin Fleischman Bruce Gimplin David Ginsberg Alice Grand Randy & Arthur Greenberg Susan and Kenneth Greene Harry Gross Anthony Guglielmo Melvin Jaffee Gloria and Stephen Jaffess Stephanie Karp Yael & David Kasakove Ralph Kressel Mark Lerner Lorraine and Lew Levine

Lisa Mednick Owen Debra and Andy Miller Arlene & Harry Moskowitz Michael Newman Dawn and Michael Nolan, Jr. Mark Rangell Joseph Ronson Laurie and Fred Rosen Daniel Rosen Roberta and Ed Sands Alexandra Schildkraut Barbara Schwartz Nolan Schwartz Craig Scott Robert Seifert Jen Salzer Elaine Shacter Marsha Singer – in honor of my grandson, Matthew Menis Adam Spiegel Eric Spiegel Mindy Weinman-Rossman Diane and Mitchell Wurmbrand


Happy 64th Anniversary, Friends of Tranquillity Camp Happy 98th Anniversary, Tranquillity Camp Louis Flaxman Steven Greif Marc Holler Suzanne Kaner Cathy and Jerome Kauff Celia and Neil Kramer Marcia Lazer Diane Long Beth Tichler Mindes Mark Mirsky Cara Blumenthal Ramos Jay Raphaelson Fred and Laurie Rosen Mark Samolsky Leslie and Henry Schneiderman Faith Schwartz Jeanette and Scott Seskin Harvey Seslowsky Susan and Jay Theise Sharon and Jay Wolff – in honor of Richard Lerner’s 20th Anniversary as Director of Tranquillity Camp David Yoresh William Zeitz


Happy 64th Anniversary, Friends of Tranquillity Camp Happy 98th Anniversary, Tranquillity Camp Annie and Richie Brown – in honor of our children, Harrison and Rebecca Brown Stefani and Irwin Feigenbaum Elissa and Scott Forman Robin and Andrew Gozinsky Justin Kamen Judy and Steven Kanter Matthew Kreinces Gail Kreisman Merritt Levine Nancy and Neil Lewis Andy Login Francene Markman Esther Melamed Beth and Stuart Menis Debbie and Mark Menzer Robin Meyer Allan Meyers Judy (Stein) and Aaron Mitrani Jan and Matt Nissenbaum Arlene and Henry Opatut Mark Rosinsky Helen Weigand Rubin Ruth Rugoff Heidi Joseph and Dave Saltzman Carol and Bob Schwartz Jonathan Shearer Adam Spiegel David, Jessica, Abby and Zeke Spiegel Eric Spiegel


Happy 64th Anniversary, Friends of Tranquillity Camp Happy 98th Anniversary, Tranquillity Camp Adam Eagle Daniel Flaxman Arthur Goldfarb Eric Heller Virginia and Richard Kauffman Mitch Leben Daniele, Brad, Ben and Evan Novik Larry Palevsky Helaine Seslowsky


Happy 64th Anniversary Friends of Tranquillity Camp Happy 98th Anniversary Tranquillity Camp ELIAS A. COHEN FOUNDATION CHARLES COHN FOUNDATION


















Happy 64th Anniversary Friends of Tranquillity Camp Happy 98th Anniversary Tranquillity Camp DANIEL FLAXMAN GOLDIE LANTZ

















“There are diamonds, there are rubies, but there’s only one Pearl.”

Pearl C. Miller

The “First Lady” of Tranquillity Great Teacher, Mentor and Surrogate Parent She Loved Her Uncle Elias A. Cohen and Made Tranquillity Hers Alumni Founder Devoted Member of the Cohen Family

“Our Henry”

Henry Miller

From all of Henry’s many loving nieces and nephews, grand Nieces and grand nephews and from all the many thousands Of Tranquillity campers, counselors and Alumni members We miss him very much. We can never forget Henry! He will live in our hearts forevermore.

In Loving Memory of

Seymour and Estelle G. Cohn Adored Parents of Penny and Marc Darling Grandparents of Bridget, Samantha, Ellen and Daniel Great-Grandparents of Samuel and Tyler Devoted Sister of Leon Grossman Dear Friends Seymour was a giant of New York Real Estate and a Generous Benefactor Great Leader of the Alumni and the Cohen Family

Debbie & Nat Menis For more than 60 Years Debbie Served Tranquillity as Camp Nurse Office Administrator Extraordinaire Alumni Board Member Great Friend of Pearl Adored Wife, Mother, Grandmother, GreatGrandmother, Cherished Aunt and Great-Aunt

“Pop Pop� to all of the Children An Original Camper President and then Chairman of the Alumni The Face of Tranquillity to So Many Generations Adored Husband, Father, Grandfather, GreatGrandfather, Cherished Uncle and Great-Uncle

Debbie & Nat Arnold, Barbara and Andrea Menis Jason, Andrea and Jonah Becker Mark, Ilene and David Menis The late Arnold and Susan Novick Stuart, Beth and Matthew Menis Michael, Lauren, Daniel and Sarah Menis Ross, Kate, Nathaniel and Sariah Novick Justin Novick

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved

Sylvan Lawrence

His was a life well spent. We cherished him for his sweetness, His charm, his good humor, his courage, his dedication to His principles, his family, his caring and sharing. His deeds and spirit will live in our hearts forever. His love for us and our love for him will ever Serve as an inspiration for us to “carry on�.

His Adoring Family

Alice, Suzanne, Marta Jo, Richard and Sarah Joey, Charlie and Rebecca The late Pearl, Seymour, Mildred, Rena and Henry His many nieces, nephews and relatives

His Countless Friends

His many Business Associates Leaders in all walks of life: Civic, political, religious, Educational and philanthropic The Tranquillity Campers, Counselors and Alumni

In Loving Memory of

Alice Lawrence Hers was a life not wasted. We cherished her for her integrity, Her ideals, her honesty and the love she felt for her family. After the untimely loss of her beloved Sylvan so long ago, Her desire was to fashion a life devoted to peace and quiet, her love of art and Her role as the head of her family. Her caring spirit and the high regard she felt for Nat Menis caused Her to become one of Tranquillity’s strongest supporters. Her one condition was her gifts not receive any fanfare. Beloved Wife of Sylvan, of blessed memory Adored Mother of Marta Jo, Suzanne and Richard Devoted Grandmother of Joseph, Charles and Rebecca Cherished Sister of Marcia Beloved Aunt of Penny, Marc, Betty and Michael Revered Great-aunt of Gabriel

In Loving Memory of

Maurice (Mike) Schlang

The last of a Great Generation. Mike gave much to Tranquillity, serving its many Boards and the Alumni. He was a warm presence with a strong personality and a great smile. Of Pearl’s generation, he spent his childhood at Tranquillity before it was a camp. He told wonderful stories of that time. Mike was a visionary and set his sights beyond the horizon that he always yearned to cross. He would sketch out his ideas and then follow up with perseverance, precision, and the guiding light of Noblesse Oblige to bring these visions to fruition. Lake Pearl is a shining example of his creativity, enthusiasm and tenacity in action. Tranquillity, always in Mike’s full heart, will now be his eternal “summer home”. Mike was accomplished in the Real Estate field, learning from his Uncle EA, his cousins and his brothers. He was a presence on Wall Street and worked closely with the icons of finance in the early 20th century. He is missed.

Lake Pearl

In Loving Memory of Bella and Charles Cohn

Beloved and Adored Parents of Mildred, Rena, Pearl Seymour and Sylvan Darling Grandparents and Great Grandparents Devoted to the Tranquillity Campers; greatly loved by all who knew them

Mildred Cohn Adored elder sister of Pearl C. Miller, Seymour Cohn, Rena Colvin, Sylvan Lawrence and Maurice J. Cohn Niece of Elias A. Cohen Precious and Darling Aunt “Mimi” Mildred was one of the first counselors at Tranquillity She loved Tranquillity Camp and the Alumni She will always be remembered

Rena and Irwin Colvin Beloved Parents of Jody and Stephen Colvin Dear Grandparents of Laurel and Heather Colvin Andrea, Doug and Jon Bass Adored Sister and Brother-in-Law of Pearl C. Miller, Seymour Cohn, Mildred and Maurice Cohn and Sylvan Lawrence Rena was loved and greatly admired by all Tranquillity-ites Especially the Campers of the 1920’s and 1930’s

Dr. Stephen Colvin

Beloved son of Rena and Irwin Colvin Nephew of Pearl C. Miller, Seymour Cohn, Sylvan Lawrence and Maurice J. Cohn Grand-nephew of Elias A. Cohen Beloved Father of Helane, Sean and Mikaela Pearl


Eric Hallman

Generous supporter of Friends of Tranquillity Camp Beloved Husband of Penny Adored Father of Bridget and Samantha Brother-in-Law of Marc and Melanie Cohn Beloved Uncle and Great-Uncle Son-in-Law of the late Seymour and Estelle Cohn

In Loving Memory of Mildred Cohn

I miss you very much, Aunt Mimi! And In Memory of my Parents

Alice and Sylvan Lawrence Much Love, Marta Jo Lawrence

Walter and Dorothy Cohen

Our very good friends and devoted Tranquillity-ites Walter loved the Farm and championed the cause of Tranquillity Camp

Samuel Frindel, Jr.

Estelle Frindel Kleinman

Hortense and David Andron

Maurice J. Cohn

Loyal Friend of Tranquillity Camp Founder of The Men’s League of Tranquillity

Beloved Parents of The late Greta Smolowe, Sandy, Bobby, Ricky And Michael Andron Adored Grandparents – they will be Remembered by all Tranquillity-ites who knew And loved them

Greta Smolowe

Daughter of The late Hortense and David Andron Wife of Richard Smolowe Sister of Sandy, Bobby, Ricky and Michael Andron Mother of Jill, Alan, Jonathan and The late Ann Smolowe

Organizer – Charter Member Former President Women’s League of Tranquillity

Devoted Father of David

He loved the soil of Tranquillity We loved him

Ann Smolowe

Daughter of Richard and The late Greta Smolowe Sister of Jill, Alan and Jonathan

In Loving Memory of Blanche and Alex Schlang

Their lives and activities were dedicated to the noble ideals and perpetuation of Tranquillity and to all constructive and humanitarian causes. The late Joseph and Bernice Schlang Barbara and Maurice Schlang The late Arlene and David Schlang

Florence Schlang

Devoted mother of Adrienne Garnett and Audrey Diamond Adored grandmother of Robin Caine Diamant, Cy Caine Lewis Ritter, Lianne Ritter, Joan Garnett, and Jeffrey Garnett

Bernice and Joe Schlang

Adored parents of Stuart Joe was the brother of the late Mike and the late David Schlang and the Treasurer of the Elias A. Cohen Foundation for over 40 years

David and Arlene Schlang

Devoted brother and sister-in-law of the late Maurice (Mike) and the late Joe Schlang Pearl especially loved David and often spoke of his gentle nature, kind heart, and integrity Dear aunt and uncle of Audrey Diamond, Adrienne Garnett and Stuart Schlang They will always be remembered and missed by all at Tranquillity

Lianne A. Ritter

In Loving Memory of our daughter, sister, friend The Garnetts

Gordon Garnett

Beloved Husband of Adrienne Father of Joan and Jeffrey

In Loving Memory of

Anne and Stanley Cembalest

Robin, Michael, Rachael, Max, William and Peter

Arnold Cembalest

Adored Husband of Pat Devoted Father of Shelly, Lynn, Caren and Robert Dear Brother of Stanley and Howard Nephew of Pearl and Henry Miller

Sandra Miller Darling Daughter of Henry Miller

Pauline Miller

Beloved Sister of Henry Miller Adored Aunt and Great Aunt

Irving “Ike” Kramer

First of the Tranquillity Campers in 1919 Charter member of the Alumni; Member of the Board of Directors

______________________________________________ Leo and Erma Pettit

Tranquillity Camp’s very capable farmer and maintenance director for over 37 years was admired and loved by all Tranquillity-ites. Dear Parents of Stefani, Justin and the late Allyson

Alice Erikson Sigrid and Helmer Erikson

Devoted friends of the campers of Tranquillity for over 50 years

_____________________________________________ Shirley Janer

Devoted Mother of Irwin, Mother-in-Law of Cheryl Schwartz Janer Beloved Grandmother of Geoffrey and Robby

In Celebration of the Life of Sam Leve Lifelong Tranquillity-ite, Alumni Director and Former Chairman of the Board Designer of our Magnificent Dining Hall Famed Stage and Lighting Designer; Historic Figure in the Yiddish Theater

Leo and Sadie Skolnik Loving Parents of Jerry and Alan Dear Mother-in-Law of Gilda and Bonnie Adored Grandparents of Justin, Lara and Miles; Dear Aunt of Robert and Jay Gershberg The Campers and Counselors, the Staff and Visitors all loved Leo and Sadie They gave willingly of their time, love and devotion to Tranquillity and the Alumni They are greatly missed.

Joanie and Joe Solomon Adored Parents of Barbara and Susan Dear Parents-in-Law of Nolan Schwartz and Lenny Jacobs Darling Grandparents of David and Alyssa Cherished Friends to so many; beloved and loyal Tranquillity-ites for countless years

______________________________________________ Martin A. Burton Beloved husband of Ellen Devoted father of Barbara Hanover and Steven and Bill Burton Adored grandfather; Good friend of Pearl and Henry Miller Member of the Board of Directors

Al Rukin Tranquillity All-Round Camper, Head Counselor 2nd President of the Alumni; 2nd Chairman of the Board His life exemplified the spirit of “Noblesse Oblige�

______________________________________________ Mel Weiner Supporter of Tranquillity for over 50 years Husband of Adele Father of Jonas, Mark and Jess

In Loving Memory of Harry Kamen

Loving husband of Elinore; Devoted father of Robert, Terry and Roy Adored Father-in-Law and Grandfather Affectionately known as “Happy Harry” Alumni Treasurer for 20 years We will always miss him

Ben and Frances Berkey

Adored Parents; Darling Grandparents Loyal and beloved Tranquillity-ites Good friends to the Tranquillity Organization Ben was a charter member of the Alumni and the Board of Directors Ben & Frances’s kindness, generosity and devotion to all causes knew no bounds. They lived by the spirit of “NOBLESSE OBLIGE”

Sylvia and Sam Simon

Beloved parents of Enid Simon Brecker, Carol Simon Lerner and Ricky Simon Dear Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law of Fred Lerner and Jay Brecker Devoted Grandparents of Steven, Jill, Amy Lerner and Jeffrey and Robyn Brecker Beloved Tranquillity-ites; Good friends of the Tranquillity Organization Boys Active and enthusiastic Alumni members

Harry and Esther Green

Beloved Parents of David & Susan and Jodi & Dear Grandfather of Michael, Robert, Jeremy & Andrew

Jan Cohen

Friends, Family and Alumni celebrate the life and indomitable spirit of Jan Cohen Whose passing leaves us all with emptiness in our hearts. An adopted Tranquillity-ite, Jan was born with Tranquillity in her soul She served as Alumni Treasurer and Board Member for so many years Whatever needed to be done, Jan was there Setting up for Banquet, Alumni Day, or the Annual Dinner Dance… The kids came first Devoted Wife of our Paul Mother of Robin and Andrew, and Stacy and Bruce Grandparent of Sam, Holly, Adam and Scott Great Friend to all generations of Tranquillity-ites

In Loving Memory of Vivian and Joe Minarsky

Beloved father of Laurette, Paul and Carol Adored Grandfather of Allison, Douglas, Ross, Bradley and Kyle Dear Father-in-Law of Michael, Kenneth and Sheila

Sheldon Goodman

Beloved Husband of Bess Devoted father of Joel, Karen, Arden and Ricky Dear brother of Emily Goodman Birnbaum and Jesse Goodman Adored Grandfather

Sylvia and Al Stein

Beloved parents of Mark and Judy Dear Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law of Aaron Mitrani Devoted Grandparents of Gayle and Alan Mitrani Sylvia and Al were both loyal Alumni members They gave unselfishly and willingly of their time and their Strength to help Tranquillity Camp and the Alumni

Fran Berson

Fran was a camper, counselor, head counselor and Alumni Board Member. The children loved her. Beloved parents of Tom and Andy

Abe M. Berson

Tranquillity All-Round Camper, Head Counselor; 2nd President of the Alumni; 2nd Chairman of the Board An outstanding leader, a loving friend. His life exemplified the spirit of “Noblesse Oblige�

In Loving Memory of

Adelaide and Dr. Harold Daniels

Celebrating four generations of staff, counselors and campers: Stefani Daniels Stacey Feigenbaum Soloff, Mitchell Feigenbaum, Jodi Brookman Feigenbaum and Lawrence Feigenbaum Jackie and Sophie Soloff, Max, Eli and Abe Feigenbaum and Adelaide Feigenbaum Joined by Irwin Feigenbaum and Robert Soloff

Susan Yonenson

Beloved Sister of Alumni Board Member Alice Abramson Sister-in-Law of Alan Daughter of Marilyn and the late Paul Fox Mother of David and Carrie Yonenson Grandmother of Leah Aunt of Adam, Melissa and Amy Abramson; Great-Aunt of Max

_______________________________________________ Victor Spiegel

Adored Husband of Annabelle Beloved Father of Cary & Elisa, Debra & Ricky Cherished Grandfather of David & Jessica, Adam, Eric, Robin and Jonathan Great-Grandfather of Abigail and Zeke

Sheldon Levine

Adored Husband of Ros Beloved Father of Cary & Elisa, Debbe & Robby Cherished Grandfather of David & Jessica, Adam, Eric, David & Alixandra and Lexi Great-Grandfather of Abigail and Zeke

Allyson Pettit Benjamin

Loving Wife of Harvey Beloved Mother of Camryn Beloved Sister of Justin & Janet and Aunt of Skylar and Kaleb Allyson lived the Tranquillity life, with Tranquillity values, at Tranquillity. She was an example to all, a life to be emulated, and a true daughter of Tranquillity

Dora Benjamin

Loving Mother of Harvey, Michael, Morris and Sarah Mother-in-law of the late Allyson Beloved Grandmother of Camryn

In Loving Memory of Philip Kiff Devoted husband of Mollie Beloved father of Paula and Larry Spector, Michele and Arie Frankel Grandfather of Jonathan, Jenny, Scott, Miri, Tamar and Stuart

Evelyn and Jack Faber Beloved parents of George Faber, Judy Karp and Eda Lang Adored grandparents and great-grandparents Ardent Alumni members – they are missed by all

Anne Melite Farewell We miss you so much Christina, Glen, Jill and Andrew Faber Mike and Lenny Klein

Florence and William Weinman Beloved parents of Harold Weinman and Carol Weinman Dearest Grandparents of Wendi, Staci and Jared Great-Grandparents of Lyla and Hanna

Anne and Ben Nemerow Beloved friends of the Tranquillity Alumni - a beautiful couple who fell in love at Tranquillity Devoted Parents; Adored Grandparents

Victor Wegard Beloved husband of Lillian C. Wegard Devoted father of Jeffrey, Mary and Nancy Wegard and Dorothy and Yael Greenfeld

Ida Pasternak A beloved aunt and sister-in-law Lillian Wegard, Jeffrey, Martin, Nancy, Dorothy, Yael and Victoria

Mary and Arthur Kalkstein Beloved parents of Lorraine Kalkstein Vogel and the late Howard Kalkstein Dearest grandparents and great-grandparents

Howard Kalkstein Beloved husband of Audrey Devoted father of Scott, Renee and Jill; Dearest grandfather Cherished brother of Lorraine Kalkstein Vogel

In Celebration of the Life of Sam Leve Lifelong Tranquillity-ite, Alumni Director and Former Chairman of the Board Designer of our Magnificent Dining Hall Famed Stage and Lighting Designer; Historic Figure in the Yiddish Theater

Leo and Sadie Skolnik Loving Parents of Jerry and Alan Dear Mother-in-Law of Gilda and Bonnie Adored Grandparents of Justin, Lara and Miles; Dear Aunt of Robert and Jay Gershberg The Campers and Counselors, the Staff and Visitors all loved Leo and Sadie They gave willingly of their time, love and devotion to Tranquillity and the Alumni They are greatly missed.

Joanie and Joe Solomon Adored Parents of Barbara and Susan Dear Parents-in-Law of Nolan Schwartz and Lenny Jacobs Darling Grandparents of David and Alyssa Cherished Friends to so many; beloved and loyal Tranquillity-ites for countless years

______________________________________________ Martin A. Burton Beloved husband of Ellen Devoted father of Barbara Hanover and Steven and Bill Burton Adored grandfather; Good friend of Pearl and Henry Miller Member of the Board of Directors

Al Rukin Tranquillity All-Round Camper, Head Counselor 2nd President of the Alumni; 2nd Chairman of the Board His life exemplified the spirit of “Noblesse Oblige�

______________________________________________ Mel Weiner Supporter of Tranquillity for over 50 years Husband of Adele Father of Jonas, Mark and Jess

In Loving Memory of

Rose and Arnold Fisher Beloved Parents of Kate Deutchman, Betta Siegel Debbie Menis and Shirley Abramson

Bella and Israel Menis Devoted Parents of Frieda and Dotty Ben and Nat

Susan Menis Novick and Arnold Novick

Camper, Counselor, and Friend Tranquillity Alumni Board Member Daughter and Son-in-law of Nat and Debbie Parents of Ross & Kate and Justin Grandparents of Nathaniel and Sariah Sister and brother-in-law of Arnold & Barbara, Mark & Eileen Special Cousins, Aunt & Uncle and Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle

Paul Scher

Frieda and Ben Menis

Friend and supporter of TY for 50 years Sylvia, Kenneth, Mark and Shelley Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren

Dear Brother and Sister-in-Law of Nat Menis, Frieda Worth and Dotty Stein

Beloved Mother of Ira and Gene Devoted Sister of Nat Menis And the late Frieda Worth

Dear Mother of Milton and Jonathan Grandmother and Great-Grandmother Beloved Sister of Nat Menis

Beloved Husband of May Devoted Father of Marcia, Lynn & Harriet Dear Grandfather, Brother & Uncle

Beloved Mother of Stuart and Michael Dear Sister of Arthur Enthusiastic Camper, Counselor And Alumni Member; Good Friend

Dorothy Stein

Morris “Scootchy� Lazer

In L o vi n g M e mo r y o f

Marsha Posner Menis Debbie & Nat Menis Ann & David Posner Susan Menis Novick and Arnold Novick

With love, Beth, Stu, and Matthew Menis

Frieda Worth

Marsha Posner Menis

Kate and Jack Deutchman

Dear Parents of Ellen, Bernard and Arnold Beloved Grandparents and Great-Grandparents Sister and Brother-in-law of Debbie Menis and Shirley Abramson

In Loving Memory of Abraham and Fannie Skolnik

Lillian and Murray Gershberg

Loving Parents of Leo Dear Grandparents of Jerry and Alan

Devoted Parents of Arnold, Robert and Jay Gershberg Beloved Brother and Sister-in-Law Of Sadie Skolnik

Beckie and Harry Gershberg

Samuel “Bob� Greier

Beloved Parents of Sadie Skolnik Dear Grandparents of Jerry and Alan, Jay and Robert

Ruth Feldman Darling Mother of Ilene Gershberg Dear Mother-in-Law Of Robert Gershberg

Devoted Husband of Edith Beloved Father of Joel and Shelley Loyal Friend Ardent worker for Tranquillity

Nanette and Arthur Goldstein Beloved Parents of Andrea Hadge Devoted Grandparents

Renee and Billy Sacksman

Harriet and Joseph Novick

Adored Parents of Sandi Garfield and Paul Sacksman Devoted Grandparents of Melinda

Devoted Parents of Arnold and Heidi Darling Grandparents of Ross, Justin and Joanna Dear Great-Grandparents

Dora and William Garfield

Abraham and Hattie Horn

Beloved Parents of Jeffrey Garfield And Claire Ziff

Selma and George Merman Beloved Parents of Steven and Craig Merman Adored Grandparents Selma and George were ardent workers for Tranquillity Camp and the Alumni

Beloved Parents of Goldie Lantz Dear Grandparents

Yetta Hofstein Elsie Leibowitz Sarah Eisenberg Beloved sisters of Goldie Lantz

In Loving Memory of Michael Altman

Samuel Roskin

Beloved Father of Mark and Ira Michael was a long-time member Of the Alumni and is missed by those who had the privilege of knowing him.

Beloved Father of Billy and Carol Devoted Grandfather of Robert Sam was a great help to the Alumni for many years.

Lillian and Harry Music

Bess and Max Silverman

Beloved Parents of Steven Dear Sister and Brother-in-law of Harry and Murray Kamen And Janette Furman Devoted Tranquillity-ite

Beloved Parents of Elaine and Eddie

Rita and Herman Scheuer

Dana Ratner Bernstein

Devoted Parents of Robert and Eileen Menis Dear Grandparents of David

Darling Mother of Stacy Cherished Daughter of Bert and Jack Dear Sister of Marty Enthusiastic Camper, Counselor and Alumni Member

Laura Engelman

Arlene and Richard Pillar

Beloved Wife of Barry Loving Mother of Sarah

Beloved Parents of Russell, Meredith and Matthew

Tess and David Corbett

David Kopelman

Beloved parents and grandparents Dedicated member of the Alumni Board of Directors

Beloved husband of Jeanette Dear father of Judy and Elizabeth; Devoted Grandfather

Murray Lawner

Knawm Friedman

Beloved husband of Cynthia Father of Leslie & Debbie Treasured artist who designed our Alumni Barn Logo and our Echo for many years

A dedicated friend of Tranquillity An important part of camp when Pearl needed help after her Uncle Elias A. Cohen passed away

In Loving Memory of Anne & Hy Klebanoff

Anna Haft

Adored Parents of Marla Feinman and Eileen Miller Loving Grandparents of Marc, Lisa, Matthew, Melissa and Daniel

Beloved Mother of Thelma Lewander Dear Grandmother Darling Great-Grandmother

Dr. Howard Kanner

Sgt. Melvin C. (Buddy) Friedman

Beloved son of Sylvia and the late Moe Kanner

He lived and died for his country

Norman and Judy Levison Maiten

Lillian and Reuben Levison

Adored Parents of Larry, Matt and Greg Beloved Aunt of Jeff Levison and Beth Levison Dubar Cherished Grandparents

Beloved Parents of Judy and Ben Dear Grandparents of Jeffrey and Beth, Larry, Matt and Greg Loving Great-Grandparents

Ben Levison

Estelle and Nathan Karp

Dear Husband of Florence Devoted Father of Jeffrey and Beth Beloved Brother of Judy Levison Maiten Ardent supporter of Tranquillity

Beloved Parents of Stephen and the late Leonard Karp; Beloved Daughter-in-Law of Judith; Devoted Grandparents of Stefanie, Chad & Melissa; Loving GreatGrandparents of Jonah,Emily, Noa & Aerin

Moe Kanner

Leonard Karp

Beloved husband of Sylvia Dearest Father and Grandfather Member of the Alumni Outstanding Camper

Beloved Husband of Judith Devoted Father of Stefanie & Chad Loving Grandfather of Jonah & Emily Brother of Stephen

Thelma and Arthur Lewander

Sidney and Gloria Kessler

Parents of Helaine Seslowsky & Mickey Lewander Grandparents of Eddie, Wendy, Cheryl and Alan Great-grandparents of Marisa, Emma, Tommy, Quinn and Abygail

Beloved Parents of Alison, Jerry and Eric Grandparents of Marc, Howard, Beth, Craig, Barry, Scott, Jason and Brandon Great-Grandfather of Sienna, Tyler, Gregory, Garren, Ian and Maya

Rose and Herman Richter Dear parents of Sheila Wisotsky Grandparents and Great-Grandparents

In Loving Memory of

Mitch Saed

Beloved Father of Former Campers Allison, Jackie and Brian

Susan Rosen

Beloved Mother of Daniel and Ben Rosen

Anne Hunny Noodleman

Amy Susan Marin

Gloria and Samuel J. Gubernick

Marshall N. Koffler

TY Camper ’34 – ‘37 Dear Mother of Barbara Miller and Andy Miller Beloved Grandmother of Rebekah Heiser

Devoted Parents of Ann Saloman (Alexander) and Steven and Madeline Loving Brother of Joseph and Jerry Dear Grandparents of Gabrielle and Eric Salomon and Alyssa and the late Gwen Gubernick

Sylvia Jaffess

Dear Mother of Former Campers William And Jonathan

Beloved Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend Alumnus of Tranquillity Nicki and Henry Koffler and Family

Steven Davidson

Part of the Tranquillity Camp family since 1949. Her children, grandchildren and great-granddaughters have attended TY for the past 65 years. A special lady who is sorely missed.

Beloved husband of Shari Jaffess Davidson Devoted Father of Stacey and Phoebe Mourned by brother-in-law Barry Jaffess, his children, Emma and Julia, and Grandparents Stephen Jaffess and Gloria Merlob Jaffess

Connie Levy

Abraham and Cele Levine

Mollie Levy

Arlene Komel

Beloved Grandmother of Alexandra, Nicole and Dori Rosinsky

Beloved Mother of Esther and Victor Levy

Beloved Parents of Lew Levine

Beloved Mother of Billy and Michael Komel

In Loving Memory of Lori Seifert

Gloria Miller Mann

Daughter of Jay, Sister of Carolyn Camper in the 1970’s Tireless advocate for the Hearing Impaired Lori loved the message of Noblesse Oblige. Her light will be sorely missed.

Mother of Barbara, Larry, Dennis, and Ilene Camper in the 1940’s Elias A. Cohen brought her to Tranquillity

Stanley Kasakove

Joseph H.Mirsky

Beloved Husband of Florence Devoted Father of David & Yael, and Roy & Jerri and Peter Loving Grandfather of Amalia, Sophie, Evan, Jay and Ryan

Father of Mark Mirsky and Vicki Miller Loving Grandfather of Andrew, Melissa,, Justin, Connor and Molly

Miriam Finger

Mother of TY camper Renee and her sister Iris Grandmother to TY campers/counselors Allison and Sarah Cantos and their cousin Matthew Forever in our Hearts with love

WOMEN’S and MEN’S LEAGUES Betty Lesser Nettie Berg Abe Levy Ruth Levy Jerry Jacobs Alice Jacobs Estelle Kamen Hy Kamen Betty Diamond Hortense Renie Dorothy Hoffman Herbert Weil Herbert Rottenberg

Lou Cohan Vanetta “Precie” Jessel Joe Jessel Henry Schenk L.V. Hoffman Harry Morgan Sanford Jaffe Belle Green Rosalie Rottenberg Perl Posner Herbert Posner Sam Diamond Estelle Weil

Harry Peck Sol Green Beatrix Schenk Helene Lane Harold Lane Jimmy Kleinman Mathilda Kleban Anhalt Peggy Sprung Samuel Sprung Murray Jaffe Elise Jaffe Ruth A. Cohan

In Loving Memory of Devoted and Loyal Tranquillity-ites Da vid Aue rb ac h S yl v ia B er ma n Geo r ge B e r s o n Ir vi ng B i e r ma n L i l l i a n & A. M il to n B r o wn Ann & J o hn C ha n i n Har ve y Co a n He nr y M . Co he n J e ane B er so n Co he n S herr y Co he n Coo p er Gi nny Z ir ki n D a nz i g e r Dor a & M orr is Do b ro w J a ck D or f Se ymo ur D un n Dor a & Harr y E l i s h J o sep h F i sc h e r Ado lp h Fr i e d ma n M ac Fr ied ma n B e n Fr i ndel E d ward “B udd y” Fri nd el P hi l F ud i m C he r y l F ur g us o n J a ne t t e & Lo u i s F ur ma n Roz F ur ma n E s t el le Gar r et t M ur ra y Ge rb e r Geo r ge Gi nsb er g S he ld o n G li c k ma n Har r y God l e s C ha r l e s Gol db e r g Gi l l y Go lde n Ar t h ur Go ld s t ei n Abe Go ns ho r e c k M e yer Go n s ho rec k M i mi Go ns ho r e c k B e s sGo od ma n M or ri s Go o mn i t z B e ver l y B er ger Gr ee n b e rg C ha r l e y Gre i f Ro se J a c obs Gro s s S yl v ia K are n Gr o s s ma n Cl ara Haa s Har r y “Ha nk ” H ar t for d P e arl & M o rr is Her ma n E s t he r H ode r W il l i a m I nd ur s k y

Re b e cc a I ss e r s o n E st h er & J a co b Ka me n et z k y “B la c k ” M o e K a n ner D a vi d Ka tz R ut h Ka t z J ac k & E s si e K a u f ma n D eb b y & Ha rr y Ka u f f J o yc e T ri n i n Ke se n t Abraham Kirschenbaum R ut h K l ei n J i m m y K l e i n ma n H arr y Ko e n i gs b e r g J o s ep h Ko p el ma n M u rr a y Ko p e lo v A b e K o p p el ma n F ri ed a Ko r n fe l d H ar ve y Ko sl o w D a vi d Kr o ne nb er g L eo Kr u l i c ki Re ub i n K u nd i n Ro se L a wn e r A l L e h ma n S yl v ia Lei t ner A b ra ha m Le v i n e E ll io t Lo wi t z F ri ed a Lo wi t z Dr. Jack Masur I d a M e l a me d A le x M er ma n J ud y M er ma n B il l y M e nd li n g er Al M e ye r s Fa y D v o s k i n M e ye r s M a x M i n ar s Id a & I sa d o r e M i na r s k y Ronni Karpen Moffitt A b ra ha m M o r ge n s t e i n Frieda Morgenstein J e ro ld M o s k o wi tz Deb ra S. Ne wma n Hat ti e N e wma r k Fr ed S. No r ri n g R ub e n P e c k Ar no l d P i c ker An g el a P i co n Julie Pines An n P o s ne r

Da vid P os ner Er vi n F. Ra bo y B er t ha (B er t) R at ne r J a ck ( Au gie ) R at ner M ar t y R at ne r W il l i s Re i d Isadore “Spike” Reisman Fr a n k R i c ht er Ann a Ri tt er Ann Riz zi So l Ro se nb e r g S yl v ia R o se nb er g B e s si e Ros e nfe ld Ed die Ro s e n fel d Ir ma R uki n Al Savlick S he ll y & Sa m Sc he s ser Al e x S c h nei d er ma n Gerald Schwartz El i z abe t h “Na na ” Sc hwe itz er Selig Seligman Sa ra h & G e r s ho n S ha pir o M ac S he nk i n G us s i e Kr a me r S i m mo ns Le e & Ab e S i mo n Izzy Singer Ra bb i Ab ra ha m S i mo n Fr a nc e s S no w El s i e So lo mo n Es t el le So lo mo n S urro ga te Sa mu e l A. Sp i e gel Sa l l i e Ste r n Lou Struzer Florence Suchman Esther & Morris Toder Zara Trinin Harry & Sophie Tucker Martin Waldinger Harriet Levine Waldman Sarah & Louis Wegodsky Arthur Weiner Ricker Weiner Daniel Weiss Louis Wisch Aaron Zachman David Zimmering Nathan Zirkin

Congratulations to Robin, Robin, Cheryl, and Wendy for making the Florida Luncheon a huge success!

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Casino Night – March 21, 2015

Menucha Winner Lisa Spiegel


Congratulations to Friends of Tranquillity Camp on 64 years

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