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Generational Change, One Child at a Time Seattle

This program youth was enrolled at age 5 and has graduated high school with plans for college.

OUR MODEL IS COURAGEOUS, UNIQUE AND PROVEN Our mission: To accelerate generational change, Friends of the Children identifies youth facing the toughest challenges and connects them with professional mentors who guide them to reach their greatest potential and achieve their goals. From kindergarten through graduation,


• We select children who face the toughest challenges. We select 5 and 6 year olds who have experienced trauma, in partnership with Children's Administration regional office and Seattle Public Schools. • We employ and train salaried, professional mentors. Hiring professional mentors is a key component to delivering the quality, consistency and commitment our children need. Our professional mentors make a 3-year commitment, and the average tenure is almost 5 years. • We commit for the long term. We stay with each child from kindergarten through graduation, 12. 5 years no matter what. Professional mentors spend an average of 14 intentional hours each month enabling youth to set and attain goals. • We evaluate, measure and improve. We regularly track each child's progress towards their individual objectives to ensure they reach their goals.

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Full-time, salaried professional mentors make economic sense! The Harvard Business School Association of Oregon showed that for every $1 invested in Friends of the Children, the community saves over $7. Weekly mentoring for one child for 12½ years saves the community $900,000.

Based on our most recent program data, our youths' progress toward our three long-term goals was remarkable:

100% of our program graduates have completed high school

94% of enrolled youth ages 10-19 have avoided early parenting 96% of enrolled youth ages 10-19 have avoided the juvenile justice system

Given the challenges our youth face, their academic accomplishments are significant. This past year: 83% of program youth met grade level math standards. 90% of program youth met grade level reading standards. 87% of program youth avoided suspension. 82% of program youth were absent fewer than 18 school days.

We are relentless so they are resilient.

Youth was enrolled in Friends at age 5, and is now in the 10th grade. We will stay with him until he graduates.

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Friends One-Pager 2018