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Vote YES Monday May 2nd, 2011! Support Thames Street Reconstruction The Future of Groton’s Waterfront is at Stake We need your voice! Vote Monday May 2nd.


Thames Street in the Past . Thriving Commercial Port . Commercial and Residential Center of Groton . Economic Stronghold .M  ajor Shipbuilding Center Thames Street in the Present


. Street pavement is in poor repair . Subpavement gradient is undermined . Retaining walls are collapsing . Access to businesses is limited . Pedestrian walkways are poorly marked . Limited access hurts local businesses Thames Street in the Future .P  edestrian-friendly, suited to New Urbanism: A multitiered cohesive community .C  ompact, walkable downtown that includes a mix of commercial and residential properties .G  ateway linking historic Groton to important recreation, commercial, and transportation centers


But only if you vote Yes! Monday May 2nd

Paid for by Friends of Thames Street, Irma Streeter, Treasurer,