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Friends Of Malawi Newsletter October 2016 GRANTS COMMITTEE REPORT FOM’s grants program has supported community based development efforts in Malawi for nearly thirty years. Recently, the FOM Board changed the grants program to a partnership program. Organizations are welcome to apply to become a Program Partner by completing a simple form from the website. [Check htpp:// for details.] Currently, FOM is partnered with three groups in Malawi: The Kapiri Success School, Peace Corps-Malawi, and Lilongwe University of Agriculture & Natural Resources (LUANAR). A report on each specific partnership project follows.

GRANTS COMPresident MITTEE Lynn Blough, 82-84; REPORT Vancouver, WA FOM BOARD MEMBERS Vice President Vacant Treasurer

Lance Cole, 93-94; Portland, OR Secretary Eugene Caruso, 90-92; Boston, MA Membership

Michael Buckler, 06-08; Wash. D.C. Newsletter

Beth Evans, 62-64; Longmeadow, MA Grants

Ellen Collisson, 68-70; Claremont, CA Varsha Ghosh, 95-97; Boston MA Michael Buckler, 06-08, Wash. D.C. Kirk Longstein, 08-10; Wash. D. C. Maurina Makwakwa, Katy, TX Grant application forms on request at this address or online at FOM website

KAPIRI SUCCESS SCHOOL PARTNERHSIP The Kipiri Success School is located in the Mchinji district and serves the following villages: Madzi, Mazenga, Panye, Mkomachilolo, Kathobwa and Nthema Trading Center. It was founded in 2007. It serves students of all abilities —traditional fee-paying students and scholarship students with disabilities, orphans and those with “ability-to-pay” students. The school also provides nutritious meals on a daily basis. With community support, 80 thousand bricks have been molded. FOM is providing funds to build school blocks that eventually will house a fully inclusive primary school. In the latest progress report, FOM was thanked for its $1600 donation for the purchase of windows. Enough funds were left over for the construction of toilets. (See page 6)

LUANAR UPDATE Professor Tim Gondwe’s students and poultry specialists provide training in poultry husbandry, nutrition and health. The 500 egg incubator purchased with the help of FOM is an important factor in the process of providing mature chicks to rural farmers who will incorporate new birds into their flocks or sell them for a profit. Farmers donate a small part of their second generation flock so that the LUANAR team can expand the program.

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Friends of Malawi donated $2500 to the once–dormant APCD Fund. The fund was established in 2008-9 as a small, quick-disbursing fund aimed to support PCV efforts in their communities. This FOM donation enabled Peace Corps-Malawi to disburse small amounts of money to large numbers of PCVs without delays through APCD grants. Volunteers present small project ideas and, if approved, money is sent quickly to the PCV. The small scale and rapid response allows PCVs and their communities to execute projects that require little money, rather than either funding the projects from their own pockets or following the formal Peace Corps Grant process that can take several months. Currently, fourteen PCVs are utilizing this fund. Completed projects include the following. Girls Lead Our World Workshop Health Volunteer Kyla Evans used her APCD funding to do a GLOW workshop in Nsanje. Workshop participants included 25 secondary school girls, one female teacher, six members of the CDSS’s Mother Group and a nurse-midwife from a local health center of Tengani. The program utilized the Skillz Girl curriculum and a Pad Project Activity. The nurse midwife taught the girls the different methods of family planning. The girls were very happy with the skills and knowledge they acquired from the workshop. World Map Project Education Volunteer Michael Brimble at Mhuju CDSS used APCD funds for a world map project with the help of his Geography teacher and four dedicated students who were interested both in geography and in painting. The map has been an attraction of interest for the students and to many community members because it is in plain sight from the main road.

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Grants report cont.

Periodic Table & Hand Washing Stations Projects Education Volunteer Kelly Hodges from Bwabwali CDSS in Chikwawa used the APCD funding to complete a periodic table. The table is helping, and will continue to help, Science students to deepen their understanding of the periodic table. Kelly also used remaining money to construct hand washing stations for the school. This has helped to teach students and teachers the importance of washing their hands after using the toilet.

Nursery Trees, Permagardening & Cook Stoves Projects PCV Ashley Wolter of St. Anthony CDSS requested APCD funds to implement three small projects in her community. The projects’ activities included: buying seeds for different trees and planting them, training women on how to make cook stoves and supervise to see if they have built them in their homes, and doing permagardening training for students and teachers. After receiving the funding, Ashley has managed to complete the following activities: *Have transplanted all 200 tree seedlings which were grown from the seed *Trained 60 + women from surrounding villages on improved cook stoves and observed 45 new improved cook stoves being used. *Painted a mural promoting re-afforestation *Held permagarden training for 35 students, 1 teacher, and 1 community member *Created a school permagarden with cabbage, carrots, leafy vegetables, peas, rosemary, marigolds, watermelon and onions *Gave seeds to 3 community members who built their own permagardens.

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World Map Project Emese Nemeth, Education Volunteer at Ndaula CDSS, used APCD funding for a sustainable educational tool for the school and the community. Emese taught the students the grid method of mapping and had them practice a conceptual skill of drawing the world map in individual blocks. The map has helped educate many students who had never seen a world map or knew of Malawi’s place in the world. Since the map can be seen from a busy borehole, many community members and young children have come to look at the map.

Grassroots Soccer / GLOW Camp Health Volunteer Teresa Huang used her APCD grant to provide breakfast and snacks for youth participating in the six day Grassroots Soccer Day Camp during school vacation. The $100 was used to purchase flour, cooking oil, sugar, milk, firewood and other materials. Over 120 participants were served breakfast early in the morning before activities began and at 11am they were served a snack to sustain them until they were released to go home. Almost 100% of the youths who participated in the camp graduated. As part of the graduation ceremony they also conducted a community HIV testing event. Over 685 people in Nathenje were tested and over 80% were first time testers between the ages of 16-35. One hundred percent of the youth who participated in the camp were tested (70 females, 30 males aged 10-15).

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Van in background used as testing room

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MZUZU UNIVERSITY LIBRARY: Progressing, but Help Needed by Hayden Boyd During my April visit to Mzuzu University, I saw the first steps of the long effort to recover from the December 2015 fire that destroyed the library. There is much to be done to rebuild the collection of books and equipment. Our help is needed. The Malawi Education and Children’s Welfare Foundation and Virginia Tech are coordination donations of books and money. Many Friends of Malawi have already joined with others in the US to contribute to this effort. The fire completely destroyed the main library and its contents, including books, documents, computers and furnishings. The former library is a burnt-out hulk that cannot be rebuilt, and constructing a new library will take several years. As a first step toward recovery, the University has remodeled the Hall and student cafeteria as an interim library, relocating the cafeteria to a community center adjacent to the campus. The space is small, relative to the size of the University, but seems well planned. The University already has some book donations from individuals and institutions in Malawi, the UK, and elsewhere in Europe, and is cataloging them into a small but growing collection. However, the subject matter coverage of the donated books is uneven, with specific books that students need for their coursework not yet available. Monetary donations are needed to purchase urgently needed books not available by donation and e-reader tablets and computers that students will use to read pdf and other e-documents that faculty members are making available. Many of the books needed are available in good used conPage 7

dition through Further information can be found on the Mzuni Library Initiative website Sincere thanks to all who have generously supported the rebuilding of the Mzuni library. Hayden Boyd, President, Malawi Education & Children’s Welfare Foundation NOTE: A Friends of Malawi donor generously provided $240 for two suitcases of books that were delivered for the University by a FOM Board member who went to Malawi. Over $900.00 of 26 new books on medical diagnostics, chemistry, physics, calculus, nursing, midwifery, pediatrics, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, current practice guidelines in primary care, the human body, anatomy & physiology, nursing dictionary, math for nurses, physical examination and health assessment, human labor and birth, etc. were delivered to Mzoma village where they were collected by University staff.

New book to check out HIDDEN PLACES: a Journey from Kansas to Kilimanjaro by James Heaton, Nyasaland/Malawi I.

IN MEMORIAM ROSE CHIBAMBO 09/8/28—01/12/16 Rose Chibambo was a prominent organizer of women in Nyasaland’s political fight for Independence. She was imprisoned with other Malawians whom the Federal government felt a threat to British rule. She gave birth while in prison and was not released until a year later. After Independence, Rose was the first woman minister in the new cabinet. When she fell out of favor with Dr. Banda, she was forced into exile for 30 years. She returned after democracy was restored. Today she is featured on the MK 200 note.

HUNGER SITUATION IS DIRE and EXPECTED TO GET WORSE Secretary General Elhadj As Sy of the International Federation of Red Cross has stated that because of the dire hunger situation, Malawians should diversify their eating habits and get out of the habit of eating nsima. The El Nino caused drought has made the situation throughout the country worse than earlier thought. In February, President Mutharika declared Malawi a state of disaster. However, since nsima is often eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, there is the widespread idea that if one has not had nsima, one has not eaten. World Food Product suggested that although the El Nino effect would probably have faded by June, the impact would be felt for up to two years. Small scale irrigation could help mitigate the crisis. German Ambassador, Woeste says that Malawi has not developed in the past five years and it needs to have policy changes that can transform people’s lives and stop recurrent problems of hunger. Among needed changes are land rights, family planning, irrigation projects, diversification of eating habits and the whole agricultural system including subsidies. To combat food insecurity, China has gifted tons of rice and the United States has given an additional $20 million. .Malawi is importing maize from other countries to try to combat the situation. For FOM Financial Report go to : Page 8

ACADEMIC SCHOLARS Three Malawians have been selected to receive Fulbright grants to pursue Master’s Degree studies in the United States for the 2016-2017 academic year. Sterner Msamila, Environmental Health Officer at Ntcheu District Hospital, will pursue a Master’s in Public Health at Georgia State University. Patrick Jackson a Manager with Techno Brain Group will study Informatin Assurance at St. Cloud University in Minnesota. Dr. Thandiwe Jere, Senior Medical Officer at Kamuzu Central Hospital will pursue a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Nebraska. Malawian Tsokalanu Msowoya, a teacher at Euthini Secondary School, will enter a non-degree professional development program in Education Administration at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee under the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program. To date, over 70 Malawians have had the advantage of studying in these two programs. They include Justice Rezine Mzikamanda former Anti-Corruption Bureau Director and current Supreme Court Justice, Chris Dzimadzi, former registrar of Chancellor College, Dr. Angela Chimwaza, former Dean of Post Graduate Studies at Kamuzu College of Nursing, and James Kaphale, Director of Legal Affairs with Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority. MALAWI NETBALL PLAYER ATHLETE OF THE YEAR 2015 In February of this year, The World Games Association (TWGA) named Mwayi Kumwenda the Athlete of the Year for 2015, and Player of the Tournament for the 2015 Netball World Cup where she was the only player to score over 300 points. Kumwenda was born the youngest of eight children in Mzimba in 1989. She started playing netball in her village when she was 15. She played for the Malawi national netball team, the Malawi Queens. In 2012, she played in the Fast5 Netball World Series in Auckland, New Zealand where she became a fan favorite helping Malawi to finish in 5th place beating silver medalist team England in round robin play. In 2013, Kumwenda became the first African netball player to sign for an ANZ Championship franchise, the world’s most prestigious netball league. She scored an Australian Netball League record 461 goals at 95% accuracy. She signed with the Canterbury Tactix for the 2014 and 2015 seasons where she shot above 90% on a regular basis. At six feet tall, Mwayi has great timing, she is agile and she has good jumping ability. She knows how and when to move to change direction quickly with a range of skills that make her exciting to watch.

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NEWS BLURBS FROM THE NATION The government is working on a bill considering dual citizenship Lake Chiuta (Malawi’s second largest lake) and most rivers are drying up with record low levels Tax evasion by foreign investors costs Malawi millions Less than 10% of the population is connected to the power grid for electricity. Those connected suffer daily blackouts There are 5 major political parties, but over 50 are registered. Most are made up of disgruntled ousted politicians Page 9

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