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I always felt afraid of it, but I never give up on myself. I want to fight it, but sometimes just can‘t. Want to challenge myself, but don’t have that much courage to convince myself. Feel too weak.


When I do it – I feel so strong.

b i s s o p There are some fears that I like to touch, think or try fighting against but at the same time I am also afraid of them.

I always see myself in the worst position possible.

e l b

Every time I stand or watch somebody else up high I start thinking about consequences – how would I fall, what would I break, who would come to help me, how could I rescue myself, or if I climbed up, will I manage to get back at all. All these thoughts make me nervous, sweaty, and anxious.


heig When I climb somewhere or feel danger, I consider every detail that comes along with the first step. In the process of climbing up the water tower, I thought of how old the metal was, does the ladder move or not. Tried to shake it, looked from different perspectives. When climbing up I considered everything I saw: metal, rust, age, how and what it was made of. At first I stood up there and walked around exploring, then imagined how long ago it was used before me.



According to the people with beards and glasses, we are born with two fears: loud noises and falling. This, they say, proves that the fear of heights phobia is a result of evolution, and its formation is not a result of cultural conditioning or a traumatic event.

In many cases it is all about the height.

I want to know my limits. After absorbing the situation, I decide I am either going to be comfortable going there or not. I want to know and set my own limit, maybe the standard of what‘s appropriate and inappropriate for me.


This attempt to climb is a clear experiment to me. I was thinking of how I would feel and what I would do, what would happen if I were to do something wrong, and whose fault would that be. I remember my legs shaking when I reached the middle point, going even further and increasing the pain in my hands, other muscles, because it was very intense. I was afraid to make mistakes. Everything then must be thought through ahead. The thoughts were only about what was going to happen the next step.


I remember the smile on my face. It was there because I felt like I was going against my will and felt adrenalin running in my blood.

e v a r b

I feel like I can go far and very high if I am comfortable and safe enough. Now I believe even more that there is no such thing as fear of heights. It is only a fear of falling off and danger.


‘Sensation’ Visual Problem Solving

Created by: Simas Petrauskas

2012 April


'Sensations' project final outcome


'Sensations' project final outcome