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BECKY & RUDY Hi! We’re Becky and Rudy from

we are to share our love, share our

Brooklyn, NY. We are so honored

lives and open our home to a child.

that you are taking the time to

We’re a very happy couple and

read our adoption profile. We hope

we can’t wait to grow our family

that the following pages will tell

through adoption. We look forward

you a bit about us and how excited

to hearing from you!

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e first met in 2001 and were introduced through

work and mutual friends. We became very close over several years before falling in love and getting married in 2007. Our relationship thrives with an appreciation for each other’s interests, spending lots of time together and enjoying all of the wonderful things life has to offer. We share many common hobbies such as art, design, cooking, travel and laughing together as much as possible. We try to lead healthy, active lives by spending

Laughing together

time outdoors, eating well and taking time to appreciate the simple things in life.

Milkshakes—Rudy’s favorite

Out for a bike ride

Enjoying the view in San Francisco We spend most of our time in New York, but we love finding adventure in other places. We’re very well-travelled, we like meeting new people and we love to try new things.

n in Hawaii On vacatio

With our n iece Siene and nephew So ren



ecky is an Interior Designer and she

has worked on amazing projects all over the country. Becky is well known for her work but she’s most admired for her personality and charm. Intelligent, caring, affectionate and kind — Becky lights up every room with her positive attitude and perpetual smile. She has a lasting optimism that always makes the people around her feel special!

Playing catcher on her softball team

Sketching at work

Becky is a natural teacher and she nurtures without effort. I love watching her spend time with our nieces and nephews—she’s helped them grow with a confidence and curiosity that will last for a lifetime. She is thrilled to extend her love and affection to a son or daughter!

Christmas cookie time with nephew Joey and niece Desiree

Becky with her little friend Alessandro

Hiking in New Mexico



udy is one of those very special people

who is respected, loved and admired by everyone who meets him. He has a unique talent for making people feel welcome, included and special. Rudy is well known for his generous and fun loving nature. He leads by example in everything he does and I’m so proud to be married to him.

Kayaking in the ocean

Out for a hike with friends

Rudy hard at work

As an architect, Rudy works on some of the most well-known buildings in New York City, and on some killer sand castles! His Halloween costumes typically showcase his wacky sense of humor as well as his craft skills. I know he is going to make a great Dad.

College cheerleading days

Uncle Rudy building sand castles with his nieces

Dressed for Halloween as a Q-tip



e are very close with our families and we

have lots of chances to spend time with one another. Becky’s parents and her brother live in Central New York. Rudy’s parents and his sisters live in New Jersey and Staten Island. Recently we all came together to visit Rudy’s extended family in Hawaii.

Becky with her brother Jeff

Becky with her mom and dad

Both of our families together in Hawaii

Together our families are very diverse—we have English, Irish, Dutch, Swedish, Filipino and Cuban backgrounds. We’re from small towns, big cities and places in between. We have five wonderful nieces and nephews and they can’t wait to have a new cousin to play with. Playing with our niece Desiree and nephew Joey

A surprise birthday party for Rudy’s dad

Together at Becky’s parents’ home



e have a close circle of friends who are

an important part of our lives. Weekends are a great time to meet and catch up. We spend time cooking meals, playing games and enjoying the outdoors. Many of our friends have small children of their own and we’re excited to add new faces to our loving community.

With friends at a 1920’s costume party

Becky having fun with the girls

Fun times with the gang

Weekend away in the Catskills


e live in a new apartment building, on a wonderful tree-lined street in Brooklyn. Our community is very vibrant and has lots of

character. We’re near several playgrounds and we spend much of our time just steps away in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

attan xi to Manh ta r te a w Taking

Becky gard ening


At home with niece Desiree and nephew Joey

Rudy at the playground with Soren and Siene



hank you for getting to know us through our words,

memories and photos. We hope we’ve been able to share a

FRIENDS IN ADOPTION 1-800-982-3678 1-800-98-ADOPT

sense of who we are and most importantly, how much love we have in our hearts. We would love to hear from you.




Interior Designer






Floral design, reading, Hawaii, New York City, yoga, gardening anywhere near the ocean

Peanut butter, potato chips, Vietnamese sandwiches

Anything I can dance to

Cooking, reading, running, watching movies & sports

Pizza, ice cream, eggrolls

Top 40, dance music

Hawaii, Brooklyn, Italy

Becky and Rudy - Adoption Profile  

Becky and Rudy – Adoption Profile by Friends in adoption 1-800-982-3678