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FY 2019

Stakeholders Annual Report

Out of Many, One

Welcome to an eventful year in review

Where barriers fall and Pathways open As I close in on my one year anniversary being part of the team here at Friendship Industries & Able Solutions, I can’t help but marvel at the many exciting events that have taken place over the past year. The first big event was in opening the new production space shortly after my arrival. This space was quickly filled with activity from the new partnerships it allowed. Because of this new capacity we have been able to expand our packaging capabilities that have greatly added to our ability to expand our mission. We have also built on the solid work of my predecessors through the expansion and implementation of our Pathways program. Through this program we have witnessed many exciting and positive impacts for the people we serve. When I first joined the team, many of our associates were only able to perform one or two jobs on our production floor. However, due to the excellent training work from our supervisors and



job coaches, most of our associates have been able to build their skillsets and abilities to perform work tasks in many or all of our productions areas. I know the work through the Pathways program will continue to have a positive impact going forward. While we continue to build our co-packaging capabilities and gain new partnerships in the packaging arena that help fuel our mission, programs like Pathways are a direct result of your generosity and support. Through your gifts and you joining as a part of this great team, we are able to better serve and build on these programs that are having such a wonderful impact on the people we serve. I look forward to sharing this report and the many exciting and wonderful things happening in our program.

Dennis Monday President

Read excerpts from our cover story in this national trade magazine, starting on page 6

Our year in review

Aug. 9, 2018— Friendship Industries was on Ben Cline's walking itinerary yesterday afternoon. Here he saw firsthand the range of job opportunities open to persons facing obstacles to employment. Del. Cline (R) is a 6th District congressional candidate in this fall's election.

December—The completion of our facility expansion at 801 Friendship Drive nearly doubles our production and warehouse space. This investment in our future growth means more jobs to serve this community and greater capacity to serve our expanding portfolio of commercial customers.

April 17— TODAY is the day to give Industries during the Great Commu we serve the employment needs of ties and other barriers to workplace for your generous support to streng

e online to Friendship unity Give. Together f citizens with disabilie readiness. Thanks gthen our community!

A huge thank you to Frazier Quarry and VA Momentum for organizing a great community event that drew more than 200 5K participants on May 18. Our sponsors also donated generous support: Brown Edwards, Blauch Brothers Inc., InterChange Group, Inc., LD&B Insurance and Financial Services, Graves-Light Private Wealth Management, and Shickel Corporation.

Social mission underpins con BY ANNE MARIE MOHAN, Editor of Contract Packaging magazine Friendship Industries, Inc. is a

The history of Friendship dates back to 1964, when a group of eight young men

successful, $7 million contract packaging

with developmental disabilities aged out of their local high school in nearby Linville, VA,

company in Harrisonburg, VA, that provides quick-turnaround, high-quality sec-

and found there were no jobs available for them. Recognizing the power of work to

ondary packaging services with extreme efficiency.

provide individuals with purpose and dignity, the young men’s parents joined together

Packaging is primarily a means to an end for this company. Friendship’s main

to form a company that could provide them with real-world work experience.

reason for being since it was founded 55 years ago has been to provide job oppor-

Its first business came from a nearby Coca-Cola plant--repairing the wooden

tunities and work skills development training for persons with disabilities,

crates used to hold its soda bottles. In the early ‘90s howev-

and more recently, for those facing barriers to workplace

er, Friendship decided to focus


on its core

Pathways program opens doors

Friendship Industries is nationally accredited by CARF for our supported employment services

Workforce development and skill-training are foundational to our success at Friendship Industries. Our Personal Improvement Center is one part of our innovative training program. Here our employees progress stepby-step along their individualized learning paths to reach their personal and career goals. Friendship Industries addresses the community’s need for immediate employment for our citizens on the lowest levels of workforce readiness while providing an intentional path for growth and development with natural supports and accommodations.

ntract packaging business strength: contract packaging. That’s when the business really took off.

people as possible. More than ninety percent of the company’s revenue comes from

Today, Friendship, along with its nonprofit affiliate, Able Solutions, employs 154

its commercial operations. At its core, Friendship exists to train

workers in an integrated environment in a 74,000-sq-ft production plant. It also offers

those with disabilities and employment barriers and facilitate their upward movement.

contract packaging services for refrigerated products through a partnership with Inter-

The enterprise constantly challenges its employees, with job coaches and line super-

Change Group, a nearby warehousing and logistics firm with a 64,000-sq-ft cold stor-

visors training them to work at different stations and on different tasks. Because the

age facility.

Balancing mission with margin

jobs coming in the door at Friendship are constantly

Despite its non-profit status, Friendship, like any contract packaging business, wants

changing, this cross-

to make money. But, the goal, as President Dennis Monday explains, is to be as selfsufficient as possible and to employ as many

training allows the company

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Celebrating successful transitions It is a privilege to serve Friendship Industries, and affiliate Able Solutions, as board chair, and to help lead an amazing organization during this transition year. We had the honor of recognizing the contributions of former president George Homan at his retirement celebration. We appreciate his gifts of leadership and his unwavering commitment to Friendship Industries. And we welcomed our new president, Dennis Monday. We are excited about the new possibilities for business development and to continue to grow our financial strength. During the transition, we continue our commitment to employ persons who have barriers to $3,911,029 back to employment. I have seen firsthand how the community through the organization provides opportuniwages earned by your ties for growth and development for neighbors and friends. its employees. The development and

Revenue Production: $6,768,832 (91%) Employment Services: $343,449 (4%) Donations and investment income: $347,401 (5%)

Long View: 25-year Growth Production Revenues

implementation of the Pathways program (personal development plan), and marvel at its success. Friendship Industries is a thriving social enterprise that allows employees to overcome barriers and open opportunities for a better future. At the same time, Friendship Industries meets contract packaging needs for various businesses throughout the Shenandoah Valley and beyond. It truly is an amazing organization, and I’m honored to serve and support. Sincerely,

Marcy Engle Board Chair

Fiscal Year 2019 July 2018 to June 2019 Consolidated financial summary of Friendship Industries, Inc. and our affiliate Able Solutions, Inc. As always, our audited financial report is available by contacting CFO Amanda Simmons, CPA.

Expenses Production: $6,069,383 (84%) Employment Services: 477,867 (7%) Administration, Development and Marketing: $662,414 (9%)

Balancing mission wit Article continued from page 7 to be nimbler and more flexible to handle packaging jobs its customers cannot do cost-effectively. Another important aspect of the business is the integration of employees with disabilities with those without disabilities. In 2012, Friendship formed non-profit Able Solutions as an extension of its mission, hiring people with barriers to employment. These barriers may be anything from a lack of English-speaking skills to attendance issues to recovery from drug and alcohol

addiction—as is the case with the young men and woman from a local teen recovery center. Able Solutions also hires inmates from a nearby correctional facility as part

Excerpted with permission from trade magazine cover story

tation, or the local food bank. It will also help them look for other jobs and fill out job applications. Says Monday, “If we train someone to a certain extent, and they are ready to move on in the world and we don’t have the opportunities for them, we reach out to the community and we try to find spots for that upward growth.”

of the jail’s work-release program. Through its Personal Improvement

‘Mind-blowing’ abilities

Center, Friendship teaches safety training, computer skills, competency training, posi-

-term, others can change daily if not weekly or monthly. The company’s ability to quickly

tive communication, and more through videos, reading, quizzes, and other tools.

adapt to customers’ needs is a testament to its employee-training strategy of intentional

The center also assists employees in reaching their personal goals by connecting

growth. “When we are going after new business,

them with local resources, such as language classes, housing services, transpor-

we tend not to lead with the fact that we employ people with disabilities and those

While some of Friendship’s jobs are long

th margin Board Members

with barriers to workplace readiness, because people have misconceptions about what these demographics can do,” says Monday. “But once they walk through the

facility and see what we’re capable of doing, it’s mind blowing. Most people leave here in disbelief of what we do on a daily basis.”

Marcy J. Engle, Chair Gary W. Shickel, Vice Chair Devon C. Anders, Treasurer Steven C. Rhodes, Secretary Brian B. Shull, Immediate Past Chair Michele Bridges Jack Bryant Gary Calleo Pablo Cuevas Johnny Garber Marlena Jarboe Marshall Price Scott Pruett Dr. Harry Reif Dr. Ken Rutherford David Sharpe Rebecca Simmons Dr. William Wood Fiscal Year 2019 Started July 2018, ended June 2019 Current Board members at the April 2019 Annual Meeting.

According to Monday, who joined the company in fall of 2018, Friendship Industries and Able Solutions are poised for even greater service in the future. “Finding the right mix of new commercial contract packaging work will allow us to expand our

Able Solutions Board Members

focus on job training and skills development,” he says. “Connecting our citizens to

Marcy Engle (Chair), Gary Shickel (Vice Chair), Steven Rhodes (Secretary/Treasurer),

greater opportunities and expanding their career horizons—that is our mission and

Marshall Price, Harry Reif, Brian Shull

purpose. And I am excited to be a part of our success moving forward.”

Gifts in Memory of ...

Gifts in Honor of...

Allen Burgess Flavin Calvary Baptist Church Ladies & Men's Sunday School Classes Mr. C. Patrick Shipe & Mrs. Catherine B. Shipe

All the employees Mr. Richard L. Slough & Mrs. Janet S. Slough

Carl Short Mr. & Mrs. Jim F. & Sarah W. Short

Bryan Acker Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Kathy Ritcher Dr. & Mrs. Raymond & Jessica Lynn Schneider

David L. Flick Mr. Lee E. Early & Mrs. Patricia R. Early Mr. Wayne Boyers & Mrs. Bliss Boyers Mr. Stanley S. Harpine & Mrs. Winifred R. Harpine Mrs. Frances Edmonson Mr. Gary Payne & Mrs. Eleanor Payne Mr. & Mrs. Gene & Anna Combs Ms. Ruth M. Coffman Mr. Jeff Shurkey & Mrs. Diane Shurkey Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. & Cheryl B. Smith Mrs. Dorothy M. Risner Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Johna McFarland Dominic Psujek Mr. Mark Psujek & Mrs. Carmella Psujek Gay Gilkerson Mr. Cecil F. Gilkerson Gerrie L. Brown Mr. Richard T. Brown Isabel Pearl Hurst Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglas & Elaine Hurst John Tripplet Mrs. Ruth B. Life Lyman & Rosemary Seese Mr. Donald W. Seese My cousin Tommy Ms. Joy Hearrington Phyllis J. Morin and Brenda Morin Bazinet Mr. Richard R.J. Morin Richard L. Parker Mrs. Etha Jane Parker

Brian Shank Mr. Phillip G. Rohrer & Mrs. Linda R. Rohrer

Dave Flick, George Homan & Tom Hook Mr. Stephen Lee & Mrs. Wendy Lee

Donnie Callison Mr. & Mrs. David & Karin Mars Mrs. Mary Ann Grigg Eric Wise Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Rhonda Wise Gary Edlind Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jr & Cynthia S. Hill George W. Homan, II Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Darlene Crosson Mr. & Mrs. Brian B. & Lisa W. Shull Mr. Mensel D. Dean & Mrs. Linda T. Dean Mr. David Rao Mr. & Mrs. W. Marshall & Gloria Price Mr. Daniel Blosser Mr. Pablo Cuevas & Mrs. Elaine Cuevas Mr. & Mrs. Elizabeth & Bill Neff Mr. John A King & Mrs. Heather S King Mrs. Terrie Dean John McGehee Ms. Sandra Lynn Quigg Kyle Sampson Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Jennifer Sampson

My students at Friendship Industries Mrs. Carolyn Stone Purdy Rodney Eagle The Wishing Well & Mr. Harry L Reif Sue Hartman & Peggy Miller Mr. & Mrs. Larry A & Joann W Ritchie The wonderful Friendship associates Mr. Harry L Reif Tom and Breck Hook Dr. & Mrs. David & Claudia Pascarella

friendshipindustries Our fleet of vans got a thorough spring cleaning, thanks to JMU’s Delta Phi Epsilon volunteers. APRIL 18

Donations for Friendship Industries’ mission: Work and training opportunities for people experiencing barriers to employment Over $10,000

Interchange Group Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Sherry Cline Mr. Ralph W Cline Mrs. Diane Cline Davis The Community Foundation Harrisonburg & Rockingham Co. Mr. & Mrs. John & Linda Neff

$4,000 to $10,000

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight & Sheryl Wyse Mr. J.D. Patton Mr. & Mrs. Devon & Teresa Anders Mr. & Mrs. John H. & Lindsay Monger Shickel Corp. Colossians 3:17 Fund HRCF Mr. & Mrs. Jack & Beth Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Anne Senger Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Pamela Karmy Ms. Judith K. Breeden Ameriprise Financial Investment Services

$1,000 to $3,999

Mr. & Mrs. Neal & Ann Menefee Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Mona Long Houff Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Todd & Kristin Gardner Mr. C. Thomas Swope Mrs. Helen W. Shickel Mrs. Lara Hoke Mr. & Mrs. Pablo & Elaine Cuevas Dr. Harry L Reif Dr. & Mrs. William & Jane Wood Dogwood Commons, LLC James Hartman and Truck Enterprises Mr. & Mrs. Wallace & Carolyn Hatcher Mr. & Mrs. Asa W. , VII & Kathleen Graves Mr. Gary W. Shickel & Mrs. Rebecca Shickel Mr. Kevin L. Cowger Mr. & Mrs. Norman & Kristine Stern Mr. & Mrs. Stephen & Wendy Lee

$250 to $999

Mr. & Mrs. Leroy F. & Reba S. Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Donita Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Kelly Blosser Drs. Michael & Jerri Alexiou LD & B Insurance and Financial Services Mr. & Mrs. H. Gerald & Lorraine Quigg Mr. Daniel Blosser Mr. & Mrs. David & Helen Penrod Mr. James R. Fries Mr. Jim Blauch The Merck Foundation Mrs. Terrie Dean Mr. Tony Biller Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Marcy Engle Mr. & Mrs. Don & Gay Roderick Dr. & Mrs. Frederick & Gail Fox Mr. & Mrs. John & Heather King Mr. Marvin T. Slabaugh Mr. & Mrs. Mensel & Linda Dean Mr. Robert L. Lyon Mr. & Mrs. David & Diana Sharpe Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Nancy Wiskeman Mr. & Mrs. T. Edgar & Zizi Sipe Mr. & Mrs. Allen & Susan Clague Mr. Allen R. Beery Mr. David & Mrs. Patricia Dungan Mr. E. Daniel Burkholder Mr. George W. Homan, II, & Mrs. Ann C. Homan Mr. John Rosenberger Mr. Marc K. Stecker & Ms. Kay Huskins Mr. Merlin D. Harman Mr. Rick Keyton & Mrs. Carol Myers Mr. & Mrs. Ronald & Sue J. Williams Harman Construction Charitable Fund Ruritan Club, Singers Glen Cargill Meat Solutions, Inc.

$100 to $249 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& & & & &

Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs.

Elizabeth & Bill Neff Erich & Nancy Lantz Johnny & Phyllis Garber Leroy & Juanita Kiser Paul & Johna McFarland

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Friendship Industries’ vans travel to all corners of Rockingham County, providing transportation to our rehabilitation employees. The program is supported by donors like you, as well as the Virginia Dept. of Rail & Public Transportation, Rockingham County and the United Way.

Friendship Industries participates in the Neighborhood Assistance Program. Contact Dennis Monday 540-434-9102 for Virginia income tax credit details.

Great Community Give: April 17 Mr. & Mrs. Pablo & Elaine Cuevas Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Rebecca Shickel Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Kelly Blosser Drs. Michael & Jerri Alexiou The Community Foundation - Harrisonburg & Rockingham Co. Mr. & Mrs. Michael & Marcy Engle Mr. & Mrs. Allen & Susan Clague Mr. Dennis Monday & Ms. Mariela Formiconi Mr. & Mrs. Pieter & Mandy Casius Mr. Jeffrey Ward Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Karen Bazzle Mr. William C. Loomis Ms. Sandra Quigg & Mr. John McGehee Dr. & Mrs. Rufus & Elaine Huffman Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Rhonda Wise Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Donna Souder Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Doreen Devore Mrs. Katherine Harrison-Bodkin & Mr. Grant Bodkin Ms. Amanda Simmons Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Joyce Evers Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Sarah Pruett Ms. Hannah Clymer Showalter Ms. Julie Ritchie

Mr. & Mrs. Victor J. & Cheryl B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Bennie & Cathy Cupp Mr. David Rao Mr. Dennis Monday & Ms. Mariela Formiconi Mr. Donald W. Seese Mr. & Mrs. Eugene & Alice Souder Mr. Fred B. Shank Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Lesa Calleo Mr. Mark Whalen Mr. Richard T. Brown Ms. Liz Shifflett Mr. & Mrs. Clarence & Deborah Van Horn Mr. & Mrs. Brian B. & Lisa W. Shull Mr. and Mrs. Philip H. Sharpe Mr. & Mrs. Pieter & Mandy Casius Mrs. Suzanne Miller-Corso Calvary Baptist Church Ladies & Men's Sunday School Classes Dr. & Mrs. Zack & Judy Perdue Mr. & Mrs. Billy M. & Joan Hulvey, II Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Patricia Early Mr. William H. Meyerhoeffer Dr. & Mrs. Chuck & Dawn Kern Dr. & Mrs. Craig & Sue Smith Dr. & Mrs. David & Claudia Pascarella Dr. & Mrs. Ken & Kim Rutherford Dr. & Mrs. Raymond & Jessica Lynn Schneider Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jr & Cynthia S. Hill Mr. Jeffrey Ward McGaheysville Ruritan Club Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Darlene Crosson Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Judy Warren

In the second year of this online-giving initiative you gave more than $7,000 to help fund employee training. Ms. Sharon Barrientos Ms. Carla Rhodes Ms. Melissa Roy Laura Campbell Mrs. Erika Gascho Ms. Diana Simmons Ms. Joy Hearrington Dr. & Mrs. William & Jane Wood Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Lisa Shull Mr. & Mrs. Devon & Teresa Anders Mr. & Mrs. Johnny & Phyllis Garber Mr. & Mrs. Neal & Ann Menefee Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Donita Rhodes Mr. & Mrs. Victor & Cheryl Smith Mr. & Mrs. Don & Gay Roderick Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Lesa Calleo Dr. Harry L Reif Mr. Jack & Beth Bryant Mr. & Mrs. Lee & Patricia Early Mr. & Mrs. Mensel & Linda Dean Mr. Tony Biller

Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Lois Oster Mr. & Mrs. Chris & Phyllis Hamilton Mr. & Mrs. David & Karin Mars Mr. & Mrs. Glenn & Sandy Hodge Mr. & Mrs. H. Douglas & Elaine Hurst Mr. & Mrs. Jim F. & Sarah W. Short Mr. & Mrs. Keith & Jennifer Sampson Mr. & Mrs. Larry Q. & Valerie W. Kaylor Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Becky Christophel Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Carolyn Morris Mr. & Mrs. W. Marshall & Gloria Price Mr. Cecil F. Gilkerson Mr. & Mrs. Herman & Rosemary Hale Mr. James L. Mullenex Mr. Joseph B. Orlick & Mr. Robert K. Powell Mr. & Mrs. Kent & Patricia Stoneburner Mr. & Mrs. Leroy & Sherri Chapman Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Carmella Psujek Mr. Richard R.J. Morin Mr. & Mrs. Steven & Karen Bazzle Mr. Thomas G Womble Mr. & Mrs. Wallace & Mary Alice Weaver Mr. William C. Loomis Mrs. Carolyn B. Pence Mrs. Carolyn Stone Purdy Mrs. Carroll Lisle Mrs. Etha Jane Parker Mrs. Lakey S. Logan Mrs. Nadine Dove Mrs. Patricia H. Haden Ms. Jean M. Taylor Ms. Laura S. Mapp

Thank You! Everyone needs a Pathway to success. That’s what drives our mission!

For more than 50 years, the strong support of this community has opened doors of

opportunity for persons with disabilities and other barriers to workplace readiness. As you learned in this progress report to our Stakeholders, our contract packaging services fund 90% of our social enterprise. With the investment support of advocates like you, we continue to expand our Pathways

program, our network of training resources For your convenience we’ve enclosed an addressed envelope. Or you can send your gift to: Friendship Industries, Inc. 801 Friendship Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22802 Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms.

Mary E. Reitz Pamela G. Bailey Sandra H. Cash Sandra Quigg & Mr. John McGehee

$30 to $99

Mr. & Mrs. J.D. & Becky Glick Mrs. Frances Ann Byers Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Diane Shurkey Cargill. Benevity Community Impact Fund Dr. Diane Cowger Dr. & Mrs. Ray & Phyllis Sonner Dr. & Mrs. Rufus & Elaine Huffman Mr. & Mrs. Garland & Cynthia Beam Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Rhonda Wise Mr. & Mrs. Greg & Tanga Lamma Mr. & Mrs. Hubert & Jan Layman Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Evah Roller Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. & Joyce S. Jellum Mr. & Mrs. Al & Phyllis Saufley Mr. & Mrs. Bruce & Karen Matthias Mr. & Mrs. Dana & Susan Messerley Mr. & Mrs. Gregory & Margaret Geisert Mr. & Mrs. James & Sheila Evans Mr. John A Harless Mr. & Mrs. Paul & Donna Souder

and community partnerships. You are the essential link to our shared success. Together we can build a brighter future where barriers fall and pathways open.

Thank you for your generous gift! Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Janet Slough Mr. & Mrs. Stanley & Winifred Harpine Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Doreen Devore Mr. & Mrs. Wayne & Bliss Boyers Mrs. Dorothy M. Risner Mrs. Frances Edmonson Mrs. Irvin C. Lee Mrs. Katherine Harrison-Bodkin & Mr. Grant Bodkin Mrs. Mary Ann Grigg Mrs. Patricia Scott & Mr. Robert Scott Ms. Alma C Hale-Cooper Ms. Amanda Simmons Ms. Betty Ann Garnett Ms. Grace Lynch Mt. Crawford Ruritan Club Mr. & Mrs. Richard & Bonnie Ayers Mr. Bill Blake Mr. & Mrs. Gary & Eleanor Payne Mr. & Mrs. Douglas & Lila Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Troy & Wanda Muterspaugh Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Catherine Shipe Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Joyce Evers Ms. Diana Lambert

Friendship Industries and Able Solutions are contract packaging companies serving national customers. We are fueled by an unmatched desire to make a difference in the lives of our employees and our customers.

Non Profit Org Postage and Fees Paid Friendship Industries

Our Mission

Together, the companies’ missions serve the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County by providing opportunities for professional development and personal growth for all employees.

Friendship Industries, Inc. 801 Friendship Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22802

Friendship Industries and Able Solutions provide work opportunities and on-thejob training for people experiencing barriers to employment.

Profile for Friendship Industries

2019 Stakeholders Report  

A review of the milepost events of this year, summary financial report and lists of those who donated to support the employment and training...

2019 Stakeholders Report  

A review of the milepost events of this year, summary financial report and lists of those who donated to support the employment and training...