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Know about your spa pumps

water is an essential thing of human life. So it can used in many ways, so the purity plays the major role in the water systems. spa is the one of the main part of spa pumps and motors, it clean the water from the impurities. So the water used in hot tubs will be very clean and good. So the user feel the quality of product. These pumps have new wet end and motors. If there is no pump the tub filled with only water. There is two main part in the pump one is wet end it sucks the water from the source and frond end is the outlet port of the water to the tubs. The wet end made with the spa filters to clean the bad sectors of water from the source. There is different types available in spa filters as sand filters, cartridge filters, ceramic filtration, Biosand filtration. How to choose Better spa pumps? Some people don't know about these pumps, so in order to choose the better pump follow the 5 criteria.     

First choose the Horsepower of the pump. It determines the action carried out by the jets. While increasing the HP prefer minimum level like 1HP to 2HP Next choosing of pump's voltage, two levels available 115V or 230. Then choosing the spa pumps speed, there is two levels of speed available as 1 speed and 2 speed pumps. Then choose the discharge of pump, two types available as center discharge and side discharge. Choose the suitable one. In the final step choose the pvc pipe size, choose 1.5” or 2” pvc pipe

spa pumps  
spa pumps  

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