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THE coolest


he first edition of Vanquish Lifestyle magazine was very well received and it is now our pleasure to present you with issue number two. In creating this publication we have sought out stories on the people and products who have inspired us in our journey to create the coolest powerboats on the planet, and we hope you enjoy discovering this world with us in these pages. Not that the past year has revolved around making a magazine! On the contrary, the months leading up to the new season were breathtakingly busy as we partnered with a record number of clients to create a wide range of customised Vanquish boats. It is clear that the VQ48 introduced last autumn further boosted the Vanquish brand, emphasising how the distinctive Vanquish design language appeals to people from many walks of life. This is why we are working closely with Guido de Groot in the further development of the ’48’ design, as illustrated by the VQ43 Mk2, which has already been delivered to clients in Greece, Monaco, Ibiza, Malta and Saint Tropez.    Innovation and product development are in the DNA of the Vanquish brand. A fine recent example is the amazing Vanqraft VQ16, a synthesis between a waterscooter and a tender. You can read all about this striking new product on page 10. This summer also saw the delivery of the VQ54, with tender garage, and the VQ32 Custom Tender; all variations based on the unlimited possibilities of our core design and aluminium construction techniques. The success of our boats is also being reflected in the high demand for Vanquish charters. Our yachts are especially popular on Ibiza, where many people enjoy taking them out for the day for a true party vibe. Wherever Vanquish clients are in the world, they all share our enthusiasm for exceptional design, have a driver’s mentality and are demanding individualists. They are also determined to own a boat of real quality, one which allows them to stay ahead of the game in every respect. That’s why we always say that ‘a Vanquish is not for everyone’.    I would love to sit down with you and discuss how we can build you a one-off Vanquish that meets your wishes and demands. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the read. To stay up-to-speed with the very latest developments please also register for the Vanquish Update newsletter via You can also follow us online via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Hope to see you soon!

Tom Steentjes Owner and founder, Vanquish Yachts


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Buckle up please: The making of a memorable movie


n May of this year we unveiled our brand-new corporate movie, which quickly became a hot item on the Internet and the topic of considerable discussion within the yachting industry.

The original idea was to reinforce the role of Vanquish Yachts as an innovator by releasing a genuinely top-quality film that would be different to anything else on the market.... Just like our boats, in other words! At Vanquish we like to set the standard in everything that we embark on, and that includes our video productions. Strikingly surrealistic The concept by the marketing specialists at Sorpasso was interpreted in a strikingly surrealistic way by the filmmakers at Redrum in the Netherlands. The overriding message that came across from the movie was that people who love driving cool fast cars will adore Vanquish boats, and vice versa. To achieve this effect, a great deal of animation was blended with a wide range of newly shot and existing film cuts. The latter focused primarily on the VQ48, the movies for which had already generated quite a buzz in their own right. The three pillars In a nutshell, the film takes a creative approach to showcasing the three key pillars which underpin the commitment to excellence at Vanquish Yachts: ● Dutch boats custom-built in aluminum to make everything possible for clients ● Unprecedented designs that truly stand out from anything else on the market today ● Driver’s boats with a phenomenal blend of speed, performance, manoeuvrability and comfort. We think it is fair to say that no movie has been released in the yachting market to date with this level of sophistication and we are very pleased with the results and the response it has generated.

Check it out!


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If you haven’t seen the video yet, go to your PC or Mac now and surf to Or you can just use your smart phone and scan this QR code. Let us know what you think on our Facebook page!



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VQ Innovation




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SPECS. Lenght overall: 5,07 m / 16 ft Beam Max: 1,66 m / 3,4 ft Draught: 0,20 m / 0,78 ft Dry Weight: 675 kg / 1488 lbs Fuel: 50L / 13,2 US Gal

The best of both worlds

Vanqraft VQ16 Based on one of Tom Steentjes’ inspired ideas, the launch of the Vanqraft VQ16 created an all-new category of vessel. Driven in a similar way and with the same power as a water scooter, this revolutionary craft nonetheless fits as many as five people in its 5+ metres of length and works superbly as a tender. Thanks to its hybrid nature, the Vanqraft VQ16 provides the best of both worlds: impressive speed & power, and extraordinary comfort.


unique thrill The Vanqraft VQ16 builds on careful feedback from potential owners and advanced market research. Aesthetically, it exhibits the same cool Vanquish allure as its larger siblings. Created in close partnership with Guido de Groot Design and the naval architects of Studio Delta, it clearly fits within the Vanquish family in terms of look and feel, while retaining a thrill all its own. The Vanqraft VQ16 fully incorporates core Vanquish characteristics – first-rate manoeuvrability, serious comfort (certainly when compared to other water scooters), premier Dutch workmanship and next-generation technology.


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Visually striking This dynamic brief led to a remarkable craft and interest from the market to match. Given its radical nature and pedigree, the launch of the Vanqraft 16 was a keenly awaited moment, with six being sold before the first one was even launched. Test drives in March 2017 quickly showed that the concept was as impressive in practice as it was on paper. We’ve since delivered two VQ16s to Ibiza and two to Greece, all of which attract admiring looks wherever they go. Far-reaching customisation In accordance with usual Vanquish Yachts practice, even this relatively small vessel can be tailored to a >>

>> broad range of customer desires. For instance, you can adapt the upholstery to various requirements and change the colour to match that of a mother ship when used as a tender. As with other Vanquish models, there is also a Veloce version that provides an even greater degree of speed and power. Flexibility is maximised by the vessel’s capacity to sail in reverse if necessary. Fantastic fun and games The jet drive of the Vanqraft VQ16 is built flat into the hull, making it ideal as a tender on any superyacht. In fact we could even build you a dedicated tender garage on one of our own VQ75 or VQ 90 models, with special mounts permitting the VQ16 to be lifted on board safely and secularly. The Vanqraft 16 is also a perfect complement to a

wide range of toys, including, for instance, wakeboards, banana boats and water skis. Veloce power In its standard arrangement, the Vanqraft is powered by an impressive 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion, which easily allows it to reach 40 knots of raw speed. This highly popular engine has sold in the tens of thousands and is renowned for its outstanding reliability and ease of maintenance. The wide availability of Yamaha service points means that parts can be received and repairs carried out easily anywhere in the world. The Vanqraft VQ16 is also available in a Veloce configuration, which delivers the commanding power of over 50 knots.


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A brilliant new water scooter concept

Scan this code to see the VQ16 in action.

vanquish yachts / vanqraft porter

VQ Innovation

Take your VQ16 on the road:

the Vanqraft Porter. The Vanqraft VQ16 is fast, agile and feels very much at home wherever there is water. For those of you who like being on the move and plan to travel a lot with your VQ16, we have now designed and built a special trailer: the Vanqraft Porter.


uilt entirely in aluminium, every aspect of the Vanqraft Porter was custom-designed by Guido de Groot’s expert team in pure Vanquish style. Its appearance is therefore perfectly in tune with our boats, ensuring it will look great together with your VQ16.

As you would expect from Vanquish, your Porter can be fully customised and we will be happy to ensure it seamlessly matches your VQ16. We can even fit matching rims for your car if you wish!

All Porters have a very solid chassis and feature a modern ball coupling, nose wheel and powerful winch with straps. Naturally, the trailer also comes with a handbrake to ensure optimal safety. The need for storage has been taken fully into account and the Porter comes with full perimeter LED ground lighting. Easy to move around, you can make life even simpler (and cooler) by fitting our optional remote-controlled electric movers. We have already received several orders for this exciting new product and look forward to hearing how we can get your VQ16 on the road very soon!

SPECS. Tyre size: 195/70 15’ Length: 6 m Width: 2,3 m Weight: 500 kg Carrying capacity: 900 kg Material: aluminium VANQUISH

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Easily removable tail lights

restaurant / CHEZZ GERDIE


A tasty partnership with Chezz Gerdi. On the east coast of the island of Formentera is a magnificent restaurant called Chezz Gerdi. This is the quieter side of the island, directly on the sea near the village of Es Pujols, where secluded bays abound and the pure spirit of Formentera is still felt. The area has crystal clear waters that offer great anchoring facilities for yachts – and Chezz Gerdi even has a tender that can be contacted via VHF Channel 68 to take guests from their yachts to the restaurant and back.


hezz Gerdi has been a wonderful place to go for boat owners and charterers for many years now. The menu is based on Italian cuisine, but also reflects some Asian and other Mediterranean influences.

They serve delicious pizzas as starters: these come highly recommended and are guaranteed to be among the best you have ever tried! The house sommelier can recommend the finest wines to accompany your dishes, ensuring the perfect lunch every time. The restaurant is also child-friendly and offers a kids corner with all sorts of toys. This year, Vanquish Yachts and Chezz Gerdi started a partnership that allows Vanquish owners and charter guests to enjoy several unique privileges. In addition to being the first in line for tables, you will have complimentary access to sunbeds and the chill out corner. Make sure you don’t miss out on this delightful place during your next visit to Formentera!


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interview / GUIDO DE GROOT


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interview / GUIDO DE GROOT

Smart design

Embracing the design

challenge with Guido de Groot. Four of the latest smash hits for Vanquish Yachts have been designed by Guido de Groot and his team at the studio in Leiden that bears his name. The Vanqraft 16, VQ43 Mk2, VQ48 and VQ54 all bear the hallmarks of Guido’s exciting take on design combined with the distinctive lines and features that set the Vanquish brand apart. Especially for the readers of Vanquish Lifestyle magazine, Guido reflects on his cooperation with our yard to date and look ahead to what’s on the tracks for the driver’s boats we create together.


t is now around two years ago that I first came into contact with Vanquish Yachts owner Tom Steentjes. I was very impressed by the way he and his team build in aluminium – which opens up so many avenues for design ideas and customisation – as well as the many smart solutions they like to add to each and every yacht. Vanquish does not just build a boat – the yard rethinks how to build a boat, and for me as a designer who loves to innovate that’s a great advantage. Having provided fresh design input into the VQ48 it was a pleasure to work together on the VQ16 and create a water scooter like no other. Over the past year we have also cooperated closely on the fantastic VQ43 Mk2, which has been seriously great fun… Especially with so many owners looking to push the boundaries in terms of exterior colours and interior luxuries.

lines, we immediately moved on to develop a VQ54 and there are now two of these being produced with their own tender garages. In essence we have created a platform that gives a lot of variation to clients, or, within those lines, allows for a completely new design. You can easily change the seating arrangements, increase storage space at the expense of the sleeping area, or do whatever you wish. And because we work with aluminium rather than GRP moulds, these new designs and novel ideas can be quickly implemented while retaining a short delivery time.

“That’s what I call a win-win-win for us all!”

Base line This work on the VQ43 Mk2 and VQ48 set up a line of yachts with basic lines that really appeal to a large range of clients. Moreover, it makes possible a high degree of customisation within those lines, as the example of the client who asked us to add a tender garage to his VQ48 shows. Using the same

True boats You can make comparisons here with the car industry where they often have common platforms upon which different kinds of cars are developed. Working with Vanquish we have established the base which allows us to make variations and tailor each boat. That said, I am not going to make the mistake that some other luxury yacht brands make of comparing themselves to specific car brands. Tom and I may love cars in our personal life but let’s be clear – Vanquish >>


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interview / GUIDO DE GROOT

>> is a yachting company with an intrinsic understanding of what is required to give people a great time on the water. The automotive design industry has always been strongly influenced by many other industries, including the aeronautical sector in the 1950s, product design, fashion design and yachts. Today’s yacht designs are strongly related to architecture in terms of the human interaction with spaces and volumes. However, automotive design can be a strong asset to the yachting industry with respect to the design methodology and the eye for detail that can turn an industrial product into a design icon in its own right. And this doesn’t happen just by creating a floating car. I believe that it’s good to be honest… A car is not a yacht and you shouldn’t compare the two. Vanquish Yachts has succeeded by combining the appealing and stunning looks of an exotic car with the pleasure and fun for all guests on board which makes the concept unique in the market. Sleep tight With this in mind, I think one of the next steps for Vanquish will be models with more accommodation in cabins. We sense that some owners would like to spend more time away and the next step will be clients looking for larger boats so that they can sleep on board for longer periods. The growth will be gradual but I am very confident that Vanquish can handle whatever its clients come up with. The company is well organised and copes with very tight deadlines like a well-oiled machine. There is no room for delays in things like design development and everything from initial welding to final painting is meticulously planned.

Because Vanquish Yachts is one of the very few yards that can really deliver boats in aluminium in a very short production time, this really keeps us on our toes from a design perspective. We have to get everything right from the beginning and there’s no room for errors, which in my mind is great as mistakes are actually less likely when you stay focused over a short space of time. It’s demanding for my design team but Vanquish clearly trusts us and listens to advice, which is especially useful when developing new models with demanding clients to a strict schedule. Client involvement It has been an incredible year for Vanquish if you think about how many boats have been ordered. It’s really enjoyable as a designer to be able to work in this way and I love the fact that clients get so involved in how their boats will look. The typical Vanquish clients generally wish to berth their yacht in the area where they have their house or holiday home. They’re looking for a boat on which they can spend a day or two, also cruising with friends when the weather is nice. Quite often a Vanquish is a cool addition to their regular recreational life in a sunny region. And the yachts we build reflect that fact: everything about the boat revolves around a vacation vibe with no hassle and very little maintenance. The fact that clients in areas with a Vanquish Point can charter out their boat so easily when not being used even pays for their pleasure. That’s what I call a win-win-win for us all!

Inspired by design While Guido de Groot Design is a specialist bureau for luxury motoryacht exteriors and interiors, every once in a while it takes on projects related to its initial background in the automotive industry. Exvia is a concept for an overland multi-purpose luxury motorhome designed in collaboration with Curve Design in the UK. Primarily designed for desert environments, Exvia is built on a military grade Sisu 10x10 platform. The luxurious air-conditioned interior houses a forward driving/observation cockpit, with the central lounge and sleeping cabins located below the glass roof. The aft technical section accommodates a fully equipped workshop and a selection of quads, bikes and off road motorbikes.


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VANQUISH / VQ32 Custom tender


Power to the people carrier.

for 15 passengers seated or lounging. The roof can also be taken off when preferred. In partnership with an acoustics specialist, we have minimised the noise made when underway so that guests can enjoy talking to each other when en route. The VQ32 Custom Tender has a top speed of up to 42 knots, provided by twin V6 260 hp diesel engines. A joystick functionality makes the tender even easier to manoeuvre when in busy marinas or popular bays. We can also place a super-strong light on the foredeck area so that you can still easily take the VQ32 Custom Tender out at night. All the other customisation options that apply to every unique Vanquish yacht are also at your disposal.

ooking for the ultimate tender for your superyacht? A powerful people carrier that is easy to customise to your specific wishes in terms of both on board facilities and the size and specs of your garage? With the all-aluminium VQ32 Custom Tender all the choices are truly yours!

Easy boarding When using a boat as a tender it is very important that guests are able to board and disembark not just in comfort but also in style. This has been taken fully into account on the VQ32 Custom Tender with special steps placed amidships on both the port and starboard side making life easy. Comfort when underway has also been given careful consideration with hand grips placed at suitable locations so that people can hold on when the boat is slicing through the waves or riding a swell.

The very first VQ32 was the launch model for the entire Vanquish brand a few years ago. As the original driver’s boat, she remains a milestone in her own right and the subject of considerable interest among potential buyers today. One such order was for the owners of a 58-metre superyacht in Miami: the VQ32 is being fully adapted to the dimensions of the mother-yacht’s tender garage and the lifting capacity of her on board crane. To limit the height of this VQ32 in the garage we designed a windshield that could can be folded up and down.

When the VQ32 Custom Tender is on longer trips – or the guests just fancy stopping for a dip on the way home from a party – the large swim platform on the aft of the boat will serve very well. The comfortable swimming ladder can be stored away in a special section of the swim platform. These types of smart solutions also makes clear that – regardless of which name we have given this latest version of the iconic VQ32 – the Custom Tender continues to work very well as a powerboat in her own right.


Choices galore Our experiences to date on this striking bespoke project have inspired us to offer you the VQ32 Custom Tender, an exciting new addition to our range which very much lives up to her name. It is designed to transport people between yacht and shore – or anywhere else you would like to go. The owners of the 58-metre Miami-based superyacht, for example, are keen divers so we created lots of room to move around, a wealth of storage in the layout and a deck shower for rinsing off in warm water. Unlike its predecessors, the VQ32 Custom Tender does not have a cabin. This frees up space


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The VQ43 Mk2


VQ43 Mk2. ROOM FOR MANOEUVRE The first designs for the VQ43 Mk2 were only unveiled around the turn of the year and we’ve already completed six of these remarkable new boats for owners in places as diverse as Greece, Monaco, Ibiza and Saint Tropez. While each has its own livery, the new fleet of VQ43s share the assets of a toned underwater body and refined aluminium construction. What’s more, they’ve already proven their mettle with a first-class performance and exquisite sailing comfort, including minimal spray even by a swell sea.


ll the new VQ43 Mk2s profile the fantastic power, manoeuvrability, comfort and super-sporty looks that made the original VQ43 such a success. The dashing new design by Guido de Groot also incorporates some of the stylistic and aggressive lines showcased on his earlier work on the VQ48, which we unleased on the market last year to great acclaim. Having fun outside on the water is a key component of the overall Vanquish experience and the VQ43 Mk2 provides a wealth of al fresco delights for up to 16 people. The aft cockpit is a fabulous place to chill as the boat’s bow slices through the waves, while the foredeck offers a wealth of sunbathing, seating and


lounging options when at lower speeds, at anchor or full speed. Deep walk around gangways make the VQ43 Mk2 exceptionally safe for families with young children and for adults who’ve cracked open the champers! Keeping it dry Other features of note are the double spray rail which complements the boat’s avant-garde looks while also making the VQ43 Mk2 the ‘driest’ open boat when underway on the market today. A smart soft-top arrangement provides shade at all speeds and the bimini is an integral part of the design, aligned to the overall looks of the boat. >>

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fender storage

SPECS. Lenght overall: 13,1 m / 43,2 ft Beam Max: 4,1 m / 13,5 ft Draught: 0,85 m / 2,9 ft Displacement: 9 Tons Fuel: 800 L / 211 US Gal

>> This awesome 43-footer is also equipped with a domotics system developed in close cooperation with the electronics experts at Raymarine, enabling easy digital switching between all on board facilities. A smart joystick steering system facilitates flexible manoeuvring when in harbour Luxury and comfort The VQ43 Mk2 also has a spacious interior with full ceiling height and a bathroom. The large lounge area fore is a great place to relax or you can opt to have a two-berth cabin in this area. A large galley adds to the allure of a layout that was also developed by Guido de Groot and his team. The

result is a top-quality experience including luxury woods, furnishings, fabrics, leathers, upholstery and Corian worktops with designer taps. Each of the new fleet of boats has been fully tailored to the tastes and requirements of her owners. The VQ43 Mk2 provides the best sailing characteristics in her class thanks to a new and improved underwater section, with a top speed of around 40 knots. A Veloce version is also available for those looking to up the ante further and hit the 50 knot mark. Either way, the VQ43 Mk2 is equally ideal for long and leisurely weekends away as she is for island hopping day trips.


| 22.

Even more space, even more comfort

Scan this code to see the VQ43 Mk2 in action.


| 24.

Go Gulf. A

stunning Gulf Racing livery has been given to the VQ43 Mk2 model delivered to an owner in Monaco. The history behind this colour is fascinating... After Henry Ford II tried and failed to buy Ferrari in the 1960s, his company pulled out all the stops to break Ferrari’s dominance of the Le Mans race. They struck gold in 1966 with the legendary Ford GT40 as the American firm’s cars took the top three spots, repeating the feat in 1968 and 1969 with the sponsorship of Gulf Oil. The fabled light blue and orange livery that lit up Le Mans remains one of the

most famous colours combinations in car racing. And Vanquish was proud to accept the assignment to build a VQ43 Mk2 Gulf Racing for an owner with a heart for these iconic days of racing. Recreating the exact colour was a tough call, however, as we needed to get the third colour right – the discreet navy blue stripe that separates the light blue and orange. As you can see from the images, we succeeded – and just for your info the precise colour codes are Powder blue (PPG 12163), Topaz (orange) (PPG 60812) and Royal Blue for the thin stripe in-between (PPG 13126).



| 26.




SPECS. Lenght overall: 5,07 m / 16 ft Beam Max: 1,66 m / 3,4 ft Draught: 0,20 m / 0,78 ft Displacement: 9 Tons Fuel: 50L / 13,2 US Gal

The VQ43 Mk2 BALR


nother of the recently completed VQ43 Mk2s is jet black with the BALR brand icon. BALR was founded in 2013 by football players Demy de Zeeuw, Eljero Elia and Gregory van der Wiel. This successful luxury lifestyle fashion brand is currently taking the world by storm with its unique proposition.


To give their image further shape, the owners elected to have a new VQ43 Mk2 with a very special varnish in BALR style and a unique coating in which the characteristic company logo is easily recognisable. The fabulous result is already scoring big in its home berth of Ibiza... See if you can spot her next time you visit.

| 28.

Scan this code to see the VQ43 Mk2 BALR in action.

Hazan Motorworks / Bespoke bikes

Scan this code to see the video.

Hazan Motorworks / Bespoke bikes

On the road

Hazan Motorworks:

Bespoke bikes M

achinery wizard Maxwell Hazan has been creating authentic custom motorcycles since 2012. “I’ve always built things: cars, boats, planes and bikes,” he says. “I don’t look at other motorcycles for inspiration; I just put the engine and wheels in front of a blank sheet and let them speak to me.” Born in New York in 1981, Maxwell Hazan spent his youth in his father’s Long Island workshop taking things apart and putting them back together, as well as riding motorbikes. After graduating with a degree in psychology, he embarked on a successful career as a designer before quitting to dedicate himself to his real passion: building exquisite motorbikes from scratch. Bespoke brilliance Each of his magnificent motorbikes is one of a kind and requires some six months of intense manual craftsmanship. Hazan always starts with the engine, finding one that he considers beautiful, laying its components bare and letting the design materialise around it. Custom characteristics include retro styling, frosted details or vintage patinas, as well as unusual retro components such as a tractor headlight or even kitchen utensils. Hazan makes nearly every piece of the motorcycle from scratch, usually from solid bars of steel and aluminium.

When asked what the difference is between his work and that of customisation shops, Hazan answers that the principle is similar. “But then, any painting is essentially paint and canvas. That material reality doesn’t account for the emotional or aesthetic impact it has.” Following his dreams “Before starting this I had a job that I didn’t like, and that gave me a special perspective and drive – I think everyone should have a terrible job at some point in life,” Hazan laughs. “I’ve always built things: cars, boats, planes and motorcycles. At some point my dad saw how much I liked this and encouraged me to start doing it for a living. It took some time before I managed to make enough money from it – but by taking on this venture full time and not on nights and weekends while working, I was able to really push the envelope on my designs and finetune all of the skills I needed to make them. “This brought me where I am today. I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I do and make things with my two hands that inspire other people. I am well aware that few people get to do something so rewarding for a living.”


| 31.

SHOPPING / World’s most expensive

To’ak Chocolate’s ($260) Only 574 bars of this Fair Trade, USDA-organic, 81% dark chocolate were made from the 2014 harvest, and each comes packaged with a 116-page booklet in a Spanish elm box engraved with the bar number. It’s a love letter from To’ak co-founder Jerry Toth, a Chicago native who has a house in Ecuador. It was there that he got the idea for To’ak, the cacao culled from a 1,000-acre forest featuring trees that survived the 1916 ‘Witch’s Broom’ disease, a fungi-causing deformity that makes the tree grow clusters of shoots that look like brooms.

ANTILLIA MUMBAI ($2 BILLION) The world’s most expensive house is owned by business tycoon Mukeshi Ambani. The building covering some 400,000 sq/ft is located at Altamont road in South Mumbai and at 570 feet is the tallest building in the city. The 60-storey edifice with nine lifts includes six parking floors with space for 168 cars. Luxury amenities include a well-equipped movie theatre that can seat 50 people, an amazing pool and a health club. The structure is also surrounded by several gardens and terraces which add to the overall beauty.


THINGS IN THE WORLD 2017. What are the most expensive articles of their kind in the world? We made this fun list especially for you!

The structure was designed by architects in Chicago and its safety standards are so high that they can withstand an eight-Richter scale earthquake. Maintained by a staff of 600, the building has a magnificent interior with a beautifully decorated traditional lounge, a ballroom with designer lighting, an ice room which has been infused with artificial snow and three floors of hanging gardens. All these features along with the land valuation have made this tower the most expensive structure in the world, valued at $2 billion.

PRESTIGE HD SUPREME HD EDITION ($2.3 MILLION) This 55-inch TV was designed by Stuart Hughes. Its outer frame and base is made up of 28 kg of solid 18 carat rose gold. Also featuring a carat of diamonds, this $2.3 million television is a joy to look at whether turned on or off.


| 32.

SHOPPING / World’s most expensive

JEWEL ROYALE CHESS SET The most expensive chess board in the world was commissioned by Boodles. Made of platinum and gold, it features precious stones such as diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The king piece alone is made up of 146 diamonds and 73 rubies which have been embedded in 165.2 grams of carat gold. Costing $9.8 USD, it took 30 craftsmen more than 4500 hours to create the chess board under the guidance of renowned French artist Bernard Marquin.

IPHONE5 BLACK DIAMOND EDITION ($15.3 MILLION) Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes built this black diamond beauty by hand over a nine-week period. Its outer casing is made up of 24-carat gold and the home button is a 26 carat black diamond. The corners of the smartphone and the Apple logo are in white diamond. Encrusted within the iPhone are 600 precious stones, 53 in the Apple logo at the back. This awesome smartphone was ordered by a China-based businessman who owned the black diamond used in its construction.


FERRARI 250 GTO 1962 MODEL ($38 MILLION) This unique Ferrari made automobile history when it became the most expensive car sold at auction. One of the 39 Ferrari 250 GTOs produced between 1962 and 1964, bidding began at $11 million and progressed to $30 million within 60 seconds. The bids increased by $100,000 increments until the gavel finally fell at $34.65 million. The 10% commission brought the total amount to approximately $38 million.


| 33.

Sold at a price of $25 million in 2000, this is the most expensive watch in the world. Made up of 201 carats of pink, blue and white diamonds, the timepiece also includes a 12-carat heart-shaped blue diamond and an 11-carat white diamond. The yellow face of the diamond-studded watch is exposed when the hearts spring open. The bracelet features no less than 163 carats of yellow and white pearshaped diamonds.


All that glitters

Exquisite handmade jewellery from Italy. ECLISSI, brilliant light


CLISSI: marvellous handmade jewellery from Italy ECLISSI, Italian for eclipse, refers to the way this fine line of jewellery is inspired by the extraordinary corona and subtle light seen during an eclipse. All of the jewellery produced by the brand is handmade with Italian finesse and characterised by the finest detailing. ECLISSI focuses only on quality and always uses the finest materials: 18K gold and fine diamonds that meet the highest specifications. The secret is to take the finest, most exquisite materials, and have them transformed by highly skilled craftsmen in the heart of Italy’s high-end jewellery production region: Valenza in Piedmont, where the likes of Bulgari, Cartier, Damiani and Boucheron create (part of) of their collections. Any connoisseur will attest that all of the brand’s jewellery is of an exceptionally high quality: however, there is an even more exclusive


| 34.

collection called Alta Gioielleria, a unique and handmade collection in accordance with the very highest specifications by ECLISSI’s maestro orafo (master goldsmith) Pier Giorgio Dallera. In addition to its own collection, ECLISSI also makes pieces based on clients’ personal wishes and ideas. For more information about the collections or to learn more about the options for customised work, check out their website: You can also contact them directly for an appointment to view their collection in full and hear more about the possibilities.

SHOPPING / Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Special gifts

Diamonds are forever. If you’re looking for a special gift for a unique person, remember the age-old adage that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This page highlights a number of spectacular gifts that any lady would be thrilled to receive.

Brand: Victoria’s Secret Model: Fantasy Bra 2016 Price: €3 million The latest in Victoria’s Secret’s fantasy bra series is the ‘Bright Night Fantasy Bra’. It comprises 9,000 gorgeous gems – more than 450 carats worth – including emeralds and diamonds, hand-set in an 18-karat gold frame. Designed by Eddie Borgo, the bra took over 700 hours to make.

Brand: Gucci Model: Ghost scarf Price: €335

Brand: Rolex Model: Oyster Perpetual - Pearlmaster 39 Price: On request The Rolex Pearlmaster is the jewel in Rolex’s crown. Characterised by the softly curved lines typical of the Pearlmaster design, it features uniquely rich dials and inlays made of precious gems such as sapphires or rubies. It is made of 18-karat yellow, white or Everose gold made by Rolex in its own foundry.

Brand: ECLISSI gioielli Model: Ventaglia ring Price: €8,970

Brand: ECLISSI gioielli Model: Tennis bracelet Price: €43,740

15.30 gram, 18K rose gold; 175 diamonds; colour F/G, clarity VS; total weight 2.10 carats. Collection: Addy van den Krommenacker

18.40 gram, 18K white gold; 36 diamonds of 0.40 carats each; colour G; clarity SI1; total weight 14.45 carats. Collection: Six-Love


| 35.

The artist Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew is one of Gucci’s most enthusiastic ambassadors and, among other things, has taken the company’s logo to the streets. This is just one of many ways in which Gucci, started by a family in Florence nearly 100 years ago, remains acutely contemporary today.

Brand: Hermes Model: Crocodile Birkin Bag Price: On request This bag, inspired by French actress Jane Birkin, is made of crocodile skin. Its clasp features 10 carats of white diamonds.



| 36.



| 37.

SPECS. Lenght overall: 14,75 m / 48 ft Beam Max: 4,1 m / 13,5 ft Draught: 0,85 m / 2,9 ft Displacement: 9 Tons Fuel: 800 L / 211 US Gal

Action on the water

the VQ48 Dual Console Suited equally to sports fishing trips and social sailing with family and friends, the 14.60-metre VQ48 DC is a dual-purpose, dual-console yacht with a very distinct style. It is perfect for customers who love waterborne adventures and is available with outboard or inboard engines. The classic Vanquish elements of a high-end performance, excellent manoeuvrability and striking design are all in place, and the rest is open to extensive customisation.


etro-customised The VQ48 DC is based on the VQ46 DC, which was originally designed to appeal to American Vanquish fans specifically. The raison d’être of this previous model was the ability to lift the outboard engines out of the harbour water and not leave them at the mercy of salt. As is common with our models, the VQ46 DC was in turn retrocustomised when a new customer came along and fell in love with it, but requested to have one built with the aft section of the VQ48 instead: he loved the aesthetic of the larger predecessor model and felt that the outboard engines of the VQ46 DC were taking up too much space and preventing the installation of a large swimming platform. Fortunately, at Vanquish Yachts we don’t shy away from customising our models, no matter what the requirements. We added a few feet to give enough space to the specially designed swimming platform and twin 370 hp inboard Yanmar diesels now replacing the three outboard engines, and the VQ48 DC was born.


| 38.

Inside-outside The VQ48 DC is a premier fun boat, particularly well-suited for a day out with friends and family – whether snorkelling, diving, wakeboarding or sport fishing – as well as cosy socialising. As such, it provides lots of storage place for diving gear, fishing equipment and Seabobs. To ensure maximum comfort on deck throughout the day, a protective T-top sunroof can be extended both forward and aft with sun awnings over carbon tubes – perfect for ensuring an unrivalled inside-outside feeling. The layout treats up to 18 people to comfortable lounging on deck, which contains a spacious galley, two fridges, three sunbathing spots and super comfy sofas with tables. The interior contains a wellappointed cabin for two plus a head with shower. The wide walkaround deck ensures optimal accessibility, while the underwater section of the vessel stands out for its comfort & manoeuvrability and produces very little spray.


| 40.

Scan this code to see the VQ48 DC in action.


| 41.


The classic life

Mille Miglia: a legendary story

The original Mille Miglia (‘thousand miles’ in Italian) was an endurance race organised 24 times in Italy between 1927 and 1957. Gran Turismo cars sped across northern Italy from Brescia to Rome and back on a route in the shape of a figure-eight. Although several fatal crashes led to the race being discontinued in 1957, it was revived in 1982 and lives on today as a hugely popular touring trip for oldtimers through the stunning landscapes of northern Italy.

Scan the QR-code and see a nice documentury.


| 42.



he scenery and history associated with the endurance race have made the modern version one of the highlights of the vintage racing season. Sponsored by Vredestein Tyres, the 2017 edition of the Mille Miglia marked 90 years since the original race and covered around 1,600 km across some of Italy’s most beautiful regions. As always, the rally was accompanied by exceptional enthusiasm from the many fans present along the route. The event linked numerous historic towns and villages, following an itinerary in keeping with the first races from Brescia to Rome and back. The rally fielded around 450 historical automobiles, including three superb cars from the Alfa Romeo Museum – a 6C 1750 Gran Sport (1930), a 6C 2300 Mille Miglia (1938) and a 1900 Super

Sprint (1956). Six cars from the BMW Group Classic collection were also there, the contingent including a 328 Berlin-Rome Touring Roadster built in 1937 and a 328 Mille Miglia Roadster from 1939. Mercedes-Benz Classic entered ten vehicles, among them a SSK from 1928 and a 300 SL W 194 from 1952. The winner of the 2017 race (following on its victory in 2016) was the 1930 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport Zagato of Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini. The well-known pair from Brescia were once again flanked on the podium by Luca Patron and Massimo Casale in a 1925 O.M. 665 Superba Sport 2000 CC and Giordano Mozzi and Stefania Biacca in a 1933 Alfa Romeo 6C 1500 Gran Sport. 

A fantastic pedigree

In 1926, a group of Italians decided to organise a motorsport event departing and ending in their hometown of Brescia, a 1500 km endurance race (around 1000 Roman miles) to Rome and back. To indicate the route they designed the now-famous red arrow with white letters. The first Mille Miglia was held on 26 March 1927 with 77 cars, and the annual event quickly attracted racing legends and a wide audience. However, as the cars became faster and more powerful, open road racing became too dangerous and the race was stopped. Its fame lived on, and in 1982 the name was given to a new four-day road rally for cars built during the golden age of Gran Turismo racing.


| 43.


The VQ48


THE VQ48. It seems incredible that it is almost a year ago since we launched the first VQ 48 in St Tropez. The special industry event attracted attention far and wide and we have since taken various new orders for this phenomenal open sports boat. Created together with Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta, the VQ48 has a look & feel which is especially appealing to car lovers.


uperlative pedigree The 14.60-metre VQ48 was designed entirely from scratch, while integrating the typical lines of Vanquish Yachts. As the ultimate expression of our driver’s boat proposition, she offers superb steering, tremendous acceleration, immense agility and unrivalled seakeeping abilities. Her pedigree is further reinforced by the involvement of Guido de Groot, a Dutch designer with an excellent global reputation who has worked on award-winning superyachts for several leading yards. The VQ48 is one of our most popular models.


A unique proposition The lines of the VQ48 draw on previous models without being beholden to them. We kept the amount of plastic on board to a minimum, most components being handmade in aluminium. From day one, we placed space – for socialising and parties in particular – front and centre in the design, which provides 19 seating places as standard. Other highlights include two specially developed helm seats, a large lounge sofa and a clever convertible top which dispenses with the traditional tubes and >>

| 44.


Scan this code to see this stunning VQ48 in action.


| 45.

SPECS. Lenght overall: 14,75 m / 49,1 ft Beam Max: 4,1 m / 14,9 ft Draught: 0,85 m / 2,8 ft Displacement: 12 Tons Fuel: 1200 L / 317 US Gal

>> braces normally seen on biminis. These features make the VQ48 exceptionally well suited for day trips with a full party of guests. Reliable ingenuity Another example of innovations that are uncommon on similar boats is the VQ48’s submarine folding anchor system: this involves an electric anchor that fits within the lines of the underwater hull so that no chain or winch are visible when at anchor. She also integrates a great deal of attention to noise and vibration control. And her super-efficient galley was developed by Swiss TV chef René Schudel, who has poured all his experience as a cook and boat owner in the equipment and layout. Fast and bold The VQ48’s underwater segment and engine were designed to comply with the highest contemporary yachting standards. As all other Vanquish models, the VQ48 sets itself apart from other boats in her niche market through her low weight, leading to exceptional manoeuvrability, low fuel consumption and a bone-rattling top speed of well over 40 knots. For an even more impressive top speed in excess of 50 knots, you can opt for the VQ48 Veloce version.


| 46.

Bespoke choices Like all Vanquish boats you have all kinds of customisation options with the VQ48. A good example was the second VQ48, which was built for clients who already owned a VQ43. They designed their interior so that day guests could have access to the head and galley without intruding on the master cabin. When privacy is not a concern, the cabin door can be left open to create an even more open feel. At the same time, the rain shower has been integrated into the ceiling so as to provide optimal headroom in the master, which can sleep up to three people.

19 people on board at top speed and still room to spare


Scan this code to see this stunning VQ48 in action.


| 48.



| 49.

SHOPPING / perfect beachbags

For the ladies

Michael Kors $ 298


BEACH BAGS. How does the saying go? Keep your cool and carry a good beach bag? Shop 16 that do the trick.

Alexander Wang $ 450

CHANEL $ 2,900


| 50.

SHOPPING / perfect beachbags




$ 1,850

$ 166

$ 175


Marc Jacobs

Sophie Anderson

$ 1,135

$ 850

$ 171

Dodo Bar Or

Cult Gaia

Tory Burch bag

$ 310

$ 198

$ 395

Eugenia Kim Flavia

Louis Vuitton


$ 495

$ 2,630

$ 175


| 51.

SPECS. Lenght overall: 16,6 m / 54 ft Beam Max: 4.9 m / 16 ft Draught: 0.9 m / 2,9 ft Fresh water: 200 L / 52 gal Waste water: 70 L / 18 gal Displacement: 16,5 Tons Fuel: 1500 L / 5678 US Gal

Room for a tender and more

the VQ54

The 16.56-metre VQ54 is a new Vanquish boat initially modelled on the highly successful VQ48, but designed to provide even more options. Much attention has been paid to storage space in particular, making the boat ideal for transporting tenders, diving equipment or water toys. Entirely customisable to suit any owner’s needs, the all-aluminium VQ54 fully embodies the Vanquish philosophy of elegance, luxury and power on the water.


escribed by one owner as the ultimate party boat, the VQ54 provides an unprecedented amount of open deck space across her 4.9-metre beam. Two refrigerators are located on deck with a cooler for wine and champagne, making the yacht ideal for dining in the open air. Various bimini systems are available to provide any required level of shade. As much of her raison d’être is enhanced capacity to carry tenders and toys, the VQ54 is also in seamless, organic contact with the water. The first version has a tender bay with ample space for a fast Williams 285 Turbojet, which is perfect for wakeboarding with the kids within safe reach of the mother ship, or providing easy access to a quiet cove or quayside restaurant. The door of the garage opens aft, making launching quick and easy.

Tailored to perfection Two of these driver’s boats were already delivered within one year of


| 52.

the design being finalised, and each typifies Vanquish Yachts’ capacity for custom construction. The first one was commissioned for an owner in Ibiza, the second one for an owner in Barbados and is fully adapted to the local circumstances, including an electrical system suitable for a 110volt grid, a special cooler for wine bottles and an icemaker. Power and poise The VQ54 is equipped with MAN i6-800 in-line six-cylinder engines, which won the international Red Dot award 2016 for their excellent design. Claus Benzler, head of MAN Marine Engines, said of this engine that its “outstanding design is the icing on the cake for luxury yachts, as it brings aesthetics firmly into the engine room.” The surface drives permit a feisty maximum speed of 45+ knots in the normal configuration, while the Veloce version can reach an exhilarating 50 knots or more.

TRAVEL / Marcello Gandini

The classic life

Marcello Gandini: one of the greatest car designers of all time


orn on 26 August 1938 in Turin, Marcello Gandini is one of a trio of famous Italian car designers all born within months of each other in the same year (the others being Giorgetto Giugiaro and Leonardo Fioravanti). His work is famous for its embrace of substance over style: he has stated that his “design interests are focused on vehicle architecture, construction, assembly and mechanisms – not appearance.” After all, good design is inherently beautiful. During his long and illustrious career, Marcello Gandini created many iconic designs. He has certainly had one of the most impressive client lists of any car designer in history, including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Bugatti, Cizeta, Citroën, De Tomaso, Ferrari/Dino, Fiat, Iso Rivolta, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati, and Renault. Gandini’s career truly took off in 1965 with the departure to Ghia of Bertone’s then-chief designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Gandini stepped into Giugiaro’s position and remained at Bertone until 1980. This was the most fruitful period of Gandini’s career, and would forever mark his place in history as one of the founding fathers of the modern Italian supercar. Groundbreaking Gandini designed both the 1966 Lamborghini Miura and its successor, the 1974 Countach. It is striking that, despite being made by the same designer for the same brand, these two cars could not look more different, the Miura’s lines being smooth and fluid whilst the Countach is sharp and angular. Gandini did more pioneering work on the 1968 Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo prototype, which was the first to feature the iconic scissor doors. Other Gandini models that started life as daring design studies include the Lancia Stratos (see sidebar), Alfa Romeo Montreal and Fiat X1/9.


A new lease on life When Gandini left Bertone in 1980, he pursued freelance automotive, industrial, and interior design, including home architecture and interiors – he even created the body styling of the Heli-Sport CH-7 helicopter. It was after leaving Bertone, however, that he created his most recognisable car designs: the Citroën BX and the Renault Supercinq. The BX was weird, wonderful, unconventional and futuristic, and nearly 2.5 million were produced over 12 years. The Supercinq was a tough act considering the importance and cult status of the original, but Gandini managed to retain the charm of the original while adding many of his own style cues. Gandini’s more recent designs included the 1990 Lamborghini Diablo and the 1991 Bugatti EB110, both still amongst the fastest production cars in the world today. The reclusive designer is still said to be active in the car industry, and there are unconfirmed reports that he is working with the Indian automotive giant Tata. One thing is certain: Marcello Gandini today continues to be rightly celebrated as one of the world’s greatest car designers.

| 54.

Scan video Marcello Gandini accepts Car Design News Lifetime Achievement Award.

Stratos Zero The Lancia Stratos, one of Gandini’s most renowned works, was launched via a highly-futuristic concept car called Stratos Zero that was first shown to the public at the 1970 Turin car show. A legendary story has Nuccio Bertone showing up for an appointment at the Lancia factory in it and being refused entry, only to drive the car right under the waist-high barrier and going on to the meeting that would ultimately clinch the production contract. Company executives commissioned Bertone to build a more realistic version that could be entered in FIA-sanctioned races with only minimal modifications. The Stratos Zero, with its characteristic ‘cheese wedge’ profile, was featured in Michael Jackson’s 1988 film Moonwalker.

SPECS VQ75 Lenght overall: 22,86 m / 54 ft Beam Max: 6,5 m / 21,4 ft Draught: 1,45 m / 4,8 ft

Renderings nieuwe schepen

VQ range

Make mine a large...

Upsizing the Vanquish range


he ongoing growth of the Vanquish fleet in terms of numbers is also leading to more and more requests from delighted clients who are now looking to go larger. Increasing the length enhances the facilities available, especially if you are looking to set off on long

weekenders or embark on more extensive voyages. We currently have three superb design concepts ranging from the 18-metre VQ 60, the 23-metre VQ75 and our breathtaking entry into the superyacht sector, the 27.40-metre VQ90. >>


| 56.



SPECS VQ60 Lenght overall: 17,7 m / 57,8 ft Beam Max: 5,2 m / 17,2 ft Draught: 1,2 m / 4 ft

SPECS VQ90 Lenght overall: 28,4 m / 93,7 ft Beam Max: 6,8 m / 22,4 ft Draught: 1,74 m / 5,74 ft

Renderings nieuwe schepen


The VQ60: open or closed?

The VQ75:

The VQ60 offers you three comfortable cabins which can sleep six guests, plus two bathrooms and a galley, making her eminently suitable for excursions with a larger party. The size of the yacht also translates into more space on the deck itself and here too there are various different layouts we could discuss. You can also choose between an open and closed model. The open version comes with an enormous sundeck which will allow you to enjoy the actual sailing experience to the max. Tell your friends to pack their bags!

The VQ75 is designed to occupy the middle ground between the VQ60 and the VQ90, while preserving all the distinctive hallmarks of a Vanquish yacht. This could be an ideal solution if you’re looking to upgrade in terms of size from your current Vanquish and explore your sailing area in more depth without having to give up the highly specific benefits offered by a Vanquish. Or perhaps you’ve chartered a Vanquish, felt the quality but want to own something larger without having to compromise on quality. Impress us with your ideas!

The VQ 90:

time to explore?

Subverting the superyacht world

The VQ90 motor cruiser is our intrepid entrance into the world of superyachts. She is clearly designed for those who like venturing off the beaten track and share our belief that only dead fish go with the flow. A powerful profile, speeds exceeding 55 knots (in the Veloce version) and the manoeuvrability of a 60-footer are combined effortlessly with comfort and stability for eight guests. The VQ90 lends itself particularly well to innovations and unique ideas that have yet to be seen on other superyachts. Fancy rewriting history together?


| 58.

niks aan beeld gedaan, dak is normaal


The classic life

SLIP ON Bottega Veneta € 634



LAVIN € 585

T Burberry € 413

Christian Kimber € 283

hanks to Alessandro Michele’s reworking of the classic Gucci loafer, backless shoes have been oneof the biggest footwear trends of the past few seasons. But slipper styles can be notoriously tricky toget right, with men often opting for traditional slip-ons like espadrilles or loafers in favour of a fullyexposed heel. Well mastering the trend for Spring/Summer 2017 has just been made easier, with fold-down backs appearing in the current collections of designers and high street retailers alike. We’ve spotted espadrilles, loafers and sneakers with super soft fabric at the heels – made to be worneither pushed down or upright – everywhere from Zara to Zegna. No longer the preserve of people too lazy to put their shoes on properly, this new, ultrawearable, hybrid iteration of the backless shoe is an excellent (not to mention economical) no-fuss way to take an outfit from slip-oncasual tostraight-up-smart. Your ultimate warm weather winner, these versatile “two styles in one” shoes willtake you from day to night all summer long.

VINCE € 233

Stella McCartney € 377

Officine Creative


€ 359

€ 615

Ermenegildo Zegna



€ 443

€ 323

€ 527


| 60.





€ 410

€ 285

€ 159

Paul Smith € 203

In the shade

FENDI € 380



KENZO € 170

S € 368

ubtle shades are a thing of the past, with standout eye-wear emerging as a major trend for Spring/Summer 2017. Tinted lenses, super-thick frames and bold patterns appeared across the board, with extra details like acetate overlays making this season’s sunglasses even more eye-catching. See our pick of the best sunglasses for this summer.



Paul Smith

€ 170

€ 193

€ 283

Gosha Rubchinskiy


| 61.

GUCCI € 380


Our dealer in Greece. First Quality Yachts International Ltd (FQY) has joined the ranks of Vanquish dealers. Based in Cyprus and Greece, this yachting, tourism and leisure company has activities around the Mediterranean.


irst Quality Yachts was founded by Haris Tsochas, an experienced yachtsman with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sector. With the input and enthusiasm of his partners VNK Capital, Haris and his team aim to turn FQY into a leading company, with a broad range of activities in the yachting sector. This includes sales & brokerage as well as the chartering, hosting and management of yachts. “We help Vanquish owners enjoy their yacht in the gorgeous Greek waters without a worry in the world,” Haris explains. “We’re here to make them feel at home.”

Support close at hand FQY currently has premises in Athens, as well as beautiful Mykonos and the Sani Resort in Chalkidiki in northern Greece. This gives the company wide reach while allowing it to service its customers throughout their precious cruising time. “We assist them in any way they need – from helping in an emergency to finding a unique taverna by the sea.” Haris sees the partnership with Vanquish Yachts as a great opportunity in the upper segment of the market. “VQ design and technology, the blend of materials with fine styling and the top-of-the-range lifestyle a Vanquish offers perfectly match FQY’s desire to only work with the very best!”


| 62.


New office opens in the States.

We are delighted to introduce you to Ray Groot, who is now representing the interests of Vanquish Yachts in the United States and all our clients in that part of the world.


he Vanquish Corporate Office for the US is located on the famous 17th Street in Ft Lauderdale next to Port Everglades, nestled in among the top boat brokerages and yachting brand offices that are concentrated in this area. Offering a clear international appeal, Ray’s team is made up of local and internationally experienced industry professionals that can communicate in various languages. “Our office will support the Vanquish dealers in North America, South America and the Caribbean with marketing, service and sales,” Ray says. “We see this as an exciting opportunity to bring Dutch quality yacht building to the region and create a genuine presence for Vanquish in the yachting capital of the world.”


The location offers easy travel from Ft Lauderdale International Airport and Miami International along with port access for yachts at the office’s front door. All key players within the boating industry are within reach and Ft Lauderdale is the hub for the North and South American market including the Caribbean. The city hosts the biggest boat show in the world every November, attracting over 105,000 visitors from 53 countries. Two other major industry events are within an hour’s driving distance: The Miami International Boat Show and the Palm Beach Boat Show. All this and more makes Ft Lauderdale in general and Ray’s office in particular the optimal location to introduce the VQ brand across the Atlantic.

| 63.



| 64.



| 65.

TRAVEL / Bowlus Road Chief

Time to escape

Timeless appeal

on the road.


een considering shaking free of your everyday hassles and escaping with your loved one on the road trip of a lifetime? Forget the traditional motorhome or recreational vehicle, with the fantastic Bowlus Road Chief you’ll hit the highway in a seriously cool and timeless style with lots of comfort when you stop for the night. We love the Bowlus Road Chief for many reasons, not least the way it seems to share the Vanquish philosophy of using the assets of aluminium to forge a distinctively different approach to freedom, technology and design. The Road Chief is an advanced, aerodynamic, lightweight and luxurious travel trailer. And, like Vanquish boats, the vehicles are built by a family business dedicated to offering memorable connections between those who come aboard. Smart use of space Another similarity between Vanquish boats and the Road Chief is the fantastic use of space and ingenious solutions. The trailer’s interior is sheathed in aluminium and birch, hugging the aerodynamic curves with symmetrically positioned exposed screws. A comfortable sofa and two armchairs form part of a layout that works well whether sharing tapas with friends or enjoying a romantic dinner. The forward galley is a real cook’s kitchen, boasting an Italian cooktop with a folding glass top that extends counter space. The bathroom is beautifully finished in waterproof aluminium sheathing and teak decking, with lots of storage. The Road Chief can easily sleep four when the outdoor café table is inserted between the dining chairs to create a fourth berth, and the table can


also be removed for al fresco dining. An external awning attaches to either side of the vehicle, while five goodsized drawers in the living room offer easy-to-access storage plus a low centre of gravity and greater safety. The mid-cabin area starts with a unique door system that allows for a full size bathroom with shower. The toilet has an innovative design that allows for easy removal of black water waste in a sealed container, eliminating the need for a sewage hose. In the Road Chief stateroom, the twin V-beds with under-bed storage convert to a king-sized bed. The separate bedroom gives additional privacy through the door system and provides an excellent noise reduction barrier from other areas of the Road Chief.

Technology and design Again, like every Vanquish boat, the Road Chief benefits from lots of clever thinking when it comes to the use of technologies. High efficiency LED reading lights and easily accessible power outlets are spread throughout, making work comfortable wherever you are. An advanced AGM battery provides plenty of power, and a 120-watt solar panel in the wardrobe augments the power supply naturally. There is also a built-in charging station for laptops/cellular devices and a cellular booster with antenna. There are currently two models available: the Bowlus Road Chief Open Road Edition (starting at $137,000) and the Bowlus Road Chief Limited Edition Lithium+ ($219,000 complete).

| 66.

TRAVEL / Bowlus Road Chief

Scan the code to see the video.



The world’s fastest

underwater scooter.


n addition to being an awesome boat in her own right, the new VQ48DC in Ibiza carries two Seabobs on board as toys. Both the owners and their charter guests love these high-performance electric watercraft which allow you to ride on the surface and underwater at speeds of up to 20 kph. Seabobs are personal watercraft that move a person through the water, allowing for incredible mobility both on the surface and under it. You simply hold it in both hands and the scooter propels you forward like a fish while permitting complete freedom of movement. Its hydrodynamic shape permits an amazing degree of agility in the water. Steering and diving are incredibly easy: just shift your bodyweight and the craft will move in the desired direction. A Seabob is steered down underwater simply by applying light pressure.

Fun for all ages Seabobs’ high-performance engines are driven by lithium-ion batteries which permit up to four hours of uninterrupted use. This ensures they are quickly charged, completely silent and eco-friendly. Furthermore, they are safe and easy to use – having positive buoyancy and gears for speed control – which makes them fun for all ages. They can be used with diving gear or for free diving. The maximum diving depth can be predefined in advance down to 40 metres, and a safety cut-off feature ensures that it is not exceeded by mistake. Produced by Cayago Luxury Seatoys in RhinelandWestphalia, the design and function of Seabobs rest upon decades of expertise and knowhow of engineers and machine specialists from Germany’s industrial heartland. These unique toys are safe, solid and built to last. Low overall weight, a very sturdy casing and a powerful drive make the Seabob uniquely dynamic and efficient. Would you like a pair on your next Vanquish?


| 68.


Scan this code to see the video.


| 69.

restaurant / La Cigale Vista Beach

Scan this code to see the website.


An unexpected

surprise. Driving from Monaco to Menton to oversee one of the photo shoots in this magazine, editor Peter Lodeizen came across a hidden gem, the newly renovated La Cigale Vista Beach restaurant. He and his wife loved their experience so much they insisted on sharing it with you… But please keep this to yourself – we wouldn’t want the crowds to come and spoil it!


ometimes you think you’ve seen all the luxury private beaches on the Côte and then suddenly you come across something so amazing that you wonder how you could have missed it before. Driving along the beautiful and unspoiled coastal road in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin between Monaco and Menton, my wife and I and passed a beautiful white restaurant with an inviting name on the wall that was accessible directly from the road.

We decided to stop and have a look and were greeted by a chic design paradise nestled in the rocks with a stunning view of the Menton coast. The interior style has a timeless, welcoming 1960s feel to it. We spoke to one of the hostesses, who informed us that La Cigale had only reopened again a few days previously after a thorough renovation. Guests can have lunch on the private beach or within the exquisite restaurant, with fantastic service, and salad and grilled fish a particular speciality. Visible from far and wide, La Cigale and is highly accessible to yachts: it even has its own private jetty where guests can be dropped off. We didn’t have time to stay but I’m certain that having a drink in the cocktail bar overlooking the bay of Menton in the evening will also be an unbeatable experience.


| 70.

restaurant / La Cigale Vista Beach

Meet the chef Hailing from Saint-Malo, Chef Lucie Pichon grew up breathing the pure sea air of her native Brittany. Over the years she has forged a culinary identity marked by family tradition and a fierce desire to perpetuate that marine spirit. After working in several prestige establishments throughout France and in Ireland, she finally settled on the Côte d’Azur. Today her cuisine primarily revolves around sharing, joy and elegance – a desire to showcase the flavours of the Mediterranean and highlight its delightful products while at the same time offering an inventive and delicate cuisine. The 2016 guide Gault et Millau declared Lucie and La Cigale among the best that Roquebrune-CapMartin has to offer.


| 71.


Shop well

3 Destinations

3 Looks Summertime adventures should also be an experience of stylish pursuit. Make beach strolls, cultural discoveries, and treasure trove explorations a chic affair. Fulfill your wanderlust with 4 stylish looks inspired by 4 alluring destinations. source:


Lounging pool-side never looked better Rag & Bone hat, €209 Ulla Johnson dress, €555 Lisa Marie Fernandez maillot, €425 Oliver Peoples sunglasses, €419 Saint Laurent tote, €1190 K. Jacques sandal, €264


| 72.


Hong Kong Fashion influencer, Nicole Warne, stands out from the crowd in the classic gingham print. Lizzie Fortunato earrings €205 Altuzarra dress,€1394 Dana Rebecca Designs necklace, €461 Karen Walker sunglasses, €261 M2Malletier backpack, €1324 Alexander Wang sandal, €419

Channel Grace Kelly with off-duty elegance and subdued glamour. Ileana Makri bracelet €359 Jennifer Fisher earrings,€237 Dodo Bar Or top €177 Dodo Bar Or skirt, €261 Little Liffner bag, €354 Tibi sandal, €368



| 73.

LOCATIONS / Barbados

The heat is on


the next Vanquish Island? T

he new Caribbean boating season will be even hotter than usual this year as the awesome new Vanquish VQ54 is delivered to her owner in Barbados. Berthed in the Port St Charles Yacht Club, we expect this remarkable boat to look very much at home on this balmy island and to set a trend that others will follow.


The new VQ54 will be powered by surface drives, allowing her to attain an impressive 45 knots. She will feature MAN i6-800 in-line six-cylinder engines, which won the international Red Dot Award 2016 for outstanding design. The VQ54 will have her own tender bay that easily accommodates a fast Williams 285 Turbojet for extra enjoyment and convenience. The door of the garage opens aft, allowing for easy access.

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LOCATIONS / Barbados

Striking sight As only the second Vanquish in the Caribbean to date, the new VQ54 will cut a striking figure in her new home. Barbados is the very definition of a Caribbean wonderland – beautiful beaches, great surf and outstanding hospitality. It is the only coral island in the region with all white sand beaches, and northeast trade winds keep it cool all year round, ensuring that the daily temperature continually hovers around 24-32°C. This astonishing island has something for everyone. There are luxury holiday resorts clustered along the western shoreline. Keen surfers tend to favour the eastern coast, where water sports are in plentiful supply, and there is nightlife to match. The southern shore has its fair share of development too. Head away from the most touristy haunts, however, and you discover a whole other Barbados, with a Calypso vibe, a tasty fusion of British and Caribbean cuisine, and lots of delicious local rum. The heart of the island is made up of lush hillsides and plantations typified by lovely colonial architecture.


Warm reception The hospitality of the Barbadians is legendary: visitors cite it as a major attraction, and it is certainly borne out by the many repeat visitors – at 39% the highest proportion in the region. No wonder the island was the only holiday destination in the western hemisphere ever to have a scheduled Concorde service – in fact, one of the British Airways’ retired Concordes now resides at the Barbados international airport. Its iconic beaches and large tourism service industry have made Barbados the wealthiest country in the Caribbean. As a hotspot for the world’s rich and famous, it has earned the nickname of ‘the Switzerland of the Caribbean’. But it is not merely a playground for the glitterati: the United Nations Human Development Index ranked Barbados as a country with ‘Very High Human Development’, in the highest bracket and well above the regional average for the Caribbean and Latin America. A sound educational system ensures a literacy rate of 97%. All this rests upon a solid governance: as the third oldest legislature in the Americas, the Parliament of Barbados is one of the oldest legislatures in the Commonwealth of Nations.

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Customised investments with great returns. “There are many ways in which you can invest your money,” says Franklin D. Douwes CEO of Vinings Capital Partners. “It’s only natural to ask why investors should choose us.” As an independent investment company, Douwes and his team offer bespoke customised opportunities to private investors in residential real estate projects in the United States.


s a boutique organisation with offices in the Netherlands and the United States, Vinings is purely focused on residential investments. “We believe that our company’s very strong focus is one reason for our success,” explains CEO Franklin D. Douwes. “This is why we decided only to invest in the United States. It’s the biggest economy in the world and the US dollar will remain the world’s main currency for the foreseeable future. The country adds up to five million people to its population every year, and the average age is quite young – all while European population growth has stagnated. This makes the US a much more interesting location for the financing of residential projects. Based on a well-informed partner network in the US we are able to identify great opportunities for our clients.”


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Hands-on approach Vinings has a focused and experienced hands-on organisation. “Our people have decades of knowledge in this industry and we put our hearts and money into each and every project ourselves,” adds Douwes. “To further increase the benefits, this model also applies to our business partners, the developers in the US with whom we team up. Being a dynamic, hands-on and agile organisation we keep costs low and maintain a strong focus on the process while mitigating risks.” Transparency, communication and a trusted partner network has allowed Vinings to build a very strong track record and an extensive business network in the US. “The investors who join us are usually people with whom we have been working for many years – some

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as many as over 15 years,” Douwes continues. “We only do private placement with small groups or single investors, which allows us to customise and optimise our investments. We can structure projects in a way that optimises tax and other advantages to certain clients needs.” Bright future Given the current investment climate and population growth, Vinings foresees a bright future when it comes to residential developments and cash flow investments in the US over the next five to ten years. “We also believe this is a good time to invest in the US dollar as an important currency in an investor’s portfolio.”

“Our aim is to combine profitable projects with excellent results while also building up our ‘Vinings-Clients-Family’ based on selection, trust and satisfaction. I think this is exactly the kind of personal connection which Vanquish owners and Vinings are looking for. It would be our pleasure to have a personal conversation in order to understand your specific wishes so we can embark on a good collaboration together.” The minimum investment in Vinings projects is 150,000 US dollars.

Size is not always a sign of strength: Vinings has deliberately decided to stay focused, small and personal. “Being a dynamic, agile and specialised team, we can react very quickly to all kind of challenges and make the fast decisions which can sometimes be crucial for success,” Douwes says. “We all appreciate the short lines of communication, trust and closeness in our team and towards our clients. This transparent way of acting, collaboration and networking creates a kind of ‘family’ that makes us and our clients feel special. It connects our clients and teams to each other.


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At your service

Welcome to Vanquish Island

seven top charter options on Ibiza. Thanks to its effortless cool, great infrastructure and fantastic scenery, Ibiza has been a hotspot for Vanquish Yachts since the inception of the brand. We now have no less than seven powerboats available for charter there: two VQ43 Mk1 and one VQ48, VQ48 DC, VQ43 Mk2 and VQ50 each. They are all available for viewing and chartering in Marina Ibiza at the edge of Ibiza Town.


anquish has been a perennial hit in Ibiza since its introduction due to the unique combination of favourable factors that only our driver’s boats can provide. This includes exceptional speed (top speed of 40 knots), comparatively low fuel consumption and unprecedented sailing comfort, making the yachts uniquely suited for luxurious day trips relatively far afield.

They are also ideal party boats, having enough space for up to 20 people to sit or lounge comfortably, a large refrigerator for 20 bottles of wine, a huge sound system and the option to install a bimini. Each Vanquish also includes a galley, a toilet and a shower on board, as well as a swim platform with ladder and freshwater outdoor shower. Of course, Ibiza lends itself perfectly to the party life, with lots of intimate coves & beaches, coastal villages with cosy harbours, and classy beach clubs & restaurants.


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heck out Formentera Formentera is just a 15-minute cruise away from Ibiza on a Vanquish and offers even more privacy against a jaw-dropping background that includes some of the last unspoiled beaches in the Mediterranean. Ibiza’s smaller sister is visited primarily by day trippers in search of rest and privacy. A call at one of the beaches around Migjorn, for instance, is certainly worth the trip thanks to the heavenly white sand and splendid blue-green water.

A great way to explore the island is by means of a boat ride or one of the many biking and hiking routes. The tiny neighbouring islands Espalmador and Espardell are also just a quick sail away. Vanquish Yachts has used Espalmador as the backdrop for several of our promotional video clips: the VQ48 Lady Thunder, the VQ43 Balr and the VQ48 DC were all filmed there.   For more information on chartering contact Vanquish Yachts Ibiza. Ramon van der Hooft is waiting for your on +34 671 315 540 or you can email him on





anquish fans in the South of France can contact Jeroen Schoo, our man in St. Tropez. Leading the dedicated Vanquish Point in this iconic sailing area, Jeroen is responsible for sales and charter. We now have one of the new VQ43 mk2 powerboats ready for charter: her bright white hull looks extraordinary as she cuts through the blue waters, and the comfort levels have to be experienced to be believed. St. Tropez is an ideal starting point for a day of exploring the local beach clubs and small harbour restaurants, with Monaco just an hour’s sailing away. Contact Jeroen on +33 628 926 107 or email him on

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Vanquish VQ43 Mk2

Vanquish Yachts

Koematen 54 8331 TK, Steenwijk The Netherlands +31 522 700 236

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At your service: the Vanquish Points and Vanquish dealer network

The following Vanquish dealers will help you with all sales enquiries as well as service for your Vanquish:

Vanquish YaRD The Netherlands Koematen 54 8331 TK, Steenwijk The Netherlands +31 522 700 236

Vanquish Yachts Ibiza (Vanquish Point) Carrer d’Alhaueth S/N Edif. Aquatic Park II Bajo, Local 3, Talamanca 07800 Ibiza +34 671 315 540

Vanquish Yachts France (Vanquish Point) Passage Du Port 83990 Saint Tropez France +33 628 926 107

Vanquish Yachts Poland

Patrick Marine Pl. Pilsudskiego 3, 00-078 Warszawa Poland Mob: +48 501 44 62 33 +48 22 448 64 11

VQ Yachts USA

1515 SE 17th Street Suite 119, Ft Lauderdale, FL, 33316 USA English + 1 954 470 4744 Spanish + 1 561 632 0394

Vanquish Yachts Mexico

Camino al Mare Plaza Nautilus L 16 Blvd Kukulcan Zona Hotelera Cancun Q, Roo 77500 Mexico Pacific: Gulf of Mexico & The Caribbean:

Vanquish Yachts Australia Eyachts Pty Ltd 1856 Pittwater Road Church Point NSW 2105 Australia +61 2 9979 6612

Vanquish Yachts New Zealand Eyachts Pty Ltd 1 Westhaven Drive Westhaven 1010 Auckland New Zealand +64 9 413 9465

Vanquish Yachts HONG KONG

Gold Coast Yacht & Country Club 1 Castle Peak Road, Castle Peak Bay Hong Kong +852 5280 3506

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Vanquish Lifestyle magazine - 2017  

Vanquish maakt exclusieve sportboten volledig gebouwd van aluminium en ontworpen in samenwerking met de eigenaren. Alle Vanquish boten onder...

Vanquish Lifestyle magazine - 2017  

Vanquish maakt exclusieve sportboten volledig gebouwd van aluminium en ontworpen in samenwerking met de eigenaren. Alle Vanquish boten onder...


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