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Sunday June 8, 2014

An Incredible Morning of Fun For the Whole Family and a Chance to Support Our Kids (See Page 3)


Spring 2014 Volume 7 Issue 2

A Newsletter From Sunrise Day Camp

Sunrise Association Set to Open In just two weeks, a newly formed Board of Directors will gather together for an organizational meeting to kick off a new entity, set to officially begin its work on July 1. The entity, legally incorporated as the Sunrise Day Camps Association, will be known simply as the Sunrise Association. What it does, however, will be anything but simple. The mission of the new Sunrise Association will be to create, oversee and guide new Sunrise projects throughout the world, bringing the magic we have created in New York and in Israel to children everywhere. The simple fact is that Sunrise makes a difference—an immediate and lasting difference—not only for children stricken with cancer, but also for their parents, their siblings, and all of us who are lucky enough to play a role in their lives. Sunrise brings back childhood to children who have had theirs brutally and tragically taken away; it brings back the feeling of warmth on a summer day, the magic of friendship and the joy of play. It doesn’t cure the cancer; rather, it heals the child. The new Association will now assure that this small miracle of smiles and happiness will soon reach thousands upon thousands of other children, wherever they may be. Working with partner agencies around the world, the Sunrise Association anticipates 1–2 new camps opening each summer, along with multiple in-hospital programs. The new Association will be overseen by a caring and committed board, and guided by the very same people who brought the first Sunrise Day Camp program to where it is today: Michele Vernon (camping services), Bonnie Flatow (hospital services), Beth Fetner (development), and President and CEO Arnie Preminger. So hold on tight; Sunrise is about to fly once more!

A Few Words From Arnie Our President and CEO

Arnie Preminger

I rarely write from a personal point of view, but for this one moment, I’m going to depart from that rule and share with you some private thoughts about this particular moment in time—as Sunrise-Israel in Be’er Sheva begins, as the Sunrise Association takes shape, and as I prepare to step aside from a job I have cherished for thirty years in favor of a new one which I can only hope I will come to cherish more.

When I first began at what would eventually become the Friedberg JCC, I was twenty seven years old—just a year older than my daughter is today (wow). Known as the Beach Y, the agency was a small (really small) struggling JCC that needed an Executive Director. Young, cocky, and with just four years of experience in JCC management, I applied for the job and was hired—the youngest Executive of a JCC in the country. Usually that would be a disadvantage, but not here, for either I was too self-assured or — more likely — too unaware that the job I had agreed to do was impossible. When you don’t know something can’t be done, often you will find that you can actually do it. I worked with an incredible board and continuously brought on bright, compassionate and talented staff, and together we took this tiny agency and made it into the first full-service JCC on the south shore of Long Island. From an annual budget of just $160,000, we created a center of caring and community service that would grow to a $14 million operation, with every dollar a measure of service—of change and enhancement in someone’s life. We built big buildings, but more importantly, we cared for thousands of people, from the very young to the very old. So many of their faces are inscribed in my heart. So many Purim carnivals and Holocaust remembrances…so many Thanksgiving meals and pre-school graduations, including those of my own children. I can still see their little faces, superimposed today upon their adult ones. What does it take to step away from running an organization that you love? Something that pulls at you and demands your attention because of what it’s capable of doing for those in need. For me, knowing that 18,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer this year in the United States alone, and knowing that we have the ability to take this model and replicate it—to touch and change the lives of children who we don’t yet know —was too compelling to ignore. And so, as Fitzgerald wrote, “we beat on, boats against the current…” Together we will row into a brighter future for the children of Sunrise.


JK Kids Do It Again…And Again! Janet and John Kornreich really do love Sunrise Day Camp and the proof can be found all over our campsite! Year after year Janet & John—infamously known as JK Kids— come to us and ask, “what do the children need at camp this summer?” While the Sunrise “wish list” varies from year to year, this Janet & John Kornreich year they seemed to have crossed off every item on our list! Our wishes included: rain covers for the golf carts,roll-out canopies for the JK Kids Arts & Crafts Cabin specialists and materials for this exciting program, new ping pong tables, games and indoor seating for our Clubhouses, shade sails over “The Park” and also a new and exciting Miniature Golf Course! For our hospital programs, Janet and John’s incredible donation of iPads to Sunrise on Wheels can now offer a modern day approach to game playing and fun! This wonderful addition has enabled our Sunrise on Wheels staff and volunteers to offer two player electronic games like Uno, Othello and Checkers and engage multiple children and teens who are not interested in a traditional board game or arts and crafts. We are now able to offer children in isolation rooms as well as bone marrow transplant units an additional fun way to pass the time, and entice them with something that children truly enjoy. Thank you Janet and John for bringing smiles to hundreds of hospitalized children!!! What will they think of next?!

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •

Come Walk With Us . . . and Make This The BIGGEST WALKATHON EVER!!!!

SunriseWALKS will take place this year on Sunday, June 8, 2014 at two of our Sunrise Day Camps: Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island 75 Colonial Springs Road, Wheatley Heights & Sunrise Day Camp-Pearl River 667 Blauvelt Road, Pearl River The fun begins at 8:30 a.m., and this year, it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!!! This year’s walkathon will feature even more pre-walk activities, a great assortment of fun and games, and a spectacular finish line celebration, complete with music, food and surprises for all! But mostly, it’s a chance for all of us— young and old—to support the kids at Sunrise. Whether you can be there that day or prefer to walk elsewhere—whether you prefer to walk alone or build a team of friends and family—SunriseWALKS offers opportunities to be a part of this spectacular event in person, virtually, or anywhere in the world. Check out our website at to see how easy it is to participate. SunriseWALKS is a chance for the entire family to participate in the greatest gift of all—supporting the children of Sunrise Day Camp while having a great morning filled with fun! For more information: Long Island - Sheryl Smith at 516-766-4341 Pearl River - Alison Rubin, 914-741-0333

A Few Words From Michele Senior Vice President of Camping and Related Services As I write this column today, I realize that life at Sunrise has changed immeasurably since I first began my tenure as founding Camp Director in 2006. In just a brief eight years we have seen the development of our first Sunrise Day Camp here on Long Island; the creation of the life-changing Sunrise On Wheels, now celebrating its fifth year anniversary; our reach Michele Vernon across the ocean with the start of Sunrise-Israel five short years ago; the creation and expansion of Sunrise Day Camp in Pearl River; and now the beginning of the Sunrise Day Camps Association. Eight years ago, I would never have imagined we would be where we are today, but I am so energized thinking about what’s to come! The development of the Sunrise Day Camps Association will make it possible for even more children to experience the fun and laughter of childhood at a day camp in the summer and year-round, though they are in the midst of medical challenges. In this newly formed Association, my role is to help bring camp to communities that need and can support such a program as well as to guide and train new staff and boards on how to make this project successful. As I move on to my new role as Senior Vice President of Camping and Related Services I will be turning over the reins of Director of Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island to Deanna Slade who will continue our program with excellence and enthusiasm, creativity, sensitivity and compassion. As Deanna takes hold of her new position, she will be working directly with our camp staff, campers, families and volunteers; something that I will miss immensely. Needless to say, I will be at camp as often as I possibly can. I will be there to give out hugs, share in laughter and watch and guide our ‘first-born’ Sunrise as it continues to thrive and grow. These last eight years as the Executive Director of Sunrise Day Camp have been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience of my professional career. I look forward to helping others, professionals and volunteers alike feel this same sense of pride and fulfillment as Sunrise becomes a reality for more children throughout the world.

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •


Sunrise On Wheels-Moving North! Sunrise On Wheels has rolled up North to Westchester Medical Center’s Children’s Hospital, Maria Fareri. On April 3, 2014 we began our 8th hospital outreach program, this time overseen by our partners, the Rosesnthal JCC of Northern Westchester Maria Fareri/Sunrise On Wheels team: Sue Attia, Nancy Grundman, Penny and Sunrise Day Paderewski, and Karen Tanenbaum Camp-Pearl River. Senior Volunteer Coordinator of Maria Fareri/Wheels, Karen Tanenbaum oversees a our group of incredible volunteers in Westchester each Thursday morning at the Pediatric Infusion Center. Our first day on site was no less than amazing. Children were busy playing, laughing and engaged in what children are supposed to be doing-having fun! Parents were curious about Sunrise Day Camp and its year round programs. And the laughter in the outpatient playroom?? The best music anyone could listen to!

Temple Sisterhood Fills The Magical Trunk At Maria Fareri All of the toys, games and supplies for the inaugural Sunrise On Wheels trunk at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital (Outpatient Unit) at Westchester Temple Shaaray Tefila of Westchester Sisterhood Medical (l-r): Joani Grodin, Susan Levin, Center Jill Serita--Sisterhood President, Lynn Federbush, generously Heidi Lewis, Phyllis Cole, Carla Weiss purchased and donated by the Sisterhood of Temple Shaaray Tefila of Westchester. This amazing gift came from an inquiry by this group of women wanting to make a meaningful contribution to the efforts to the children being treated for cancer at at Maria Fareri. As one of the board members said, "Every year our group chooses an organization to support and we are so pleased to be able to contribute to this wonderful program. What these children and families are experiencing could happen to any of us. Life can change on a dime."


A Few Words From Bonnie Senior Vice President for Hospital and Community Relations What is Sunrise Day Camp? First and foremost, it’s an incredible summer day camp experience for children with cancer and their siblings. This was the foundation of our original thoughts of what it would be: “Summer Camp for kids with cancer”. Boy, were we wrong! Nine years later, we’ve grown into a magical connection of summer camp Bonnie Flatow and miraculous year-round programs for our campers and families. Our greatest dimension of growth is in the community’s unending devotion and the commitment of so many volunteers, donors, civic groups and community leaders. Our Sunrise family continues to grow beyond anything anyone could have ever imagined. Our hospital outreach program, Sunrise On Wheels, is one of the most incredible and inspiring programs of Sunrise. This past February marked the five year anniversary of our volunteer program. What began in 2009 with three volunteers and a handful of children in one hospital for a half day a week “camp” program, has skyrocketed into an entity that runs in eight hospitals, seventeen half day programs, over sixty active volunteers and five staff members. The numbers of patients, siblings and family members that are now part of our evergrowing Sunrise On Wheels family? Well into the thousands. Our visitation program, Sunshine from Sunrise, is always here should one of our campers be hospitalized and the family contacts us. Imagine the delight of a child in a hospital room when he sees his counselor stop in for a visit with a few Sunrise surprises. WOW! We’ve even begun a cyber-greeting card service whereby dozens of counselors and staff can send thoughts and well wishes to their campers. And there is so much more ahead as we move forward with the Sunrise Day Camps Association. “The sky’s the limit with Sunrise!”

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •

Southern Hospitality in Israel Sunrise Day Camp proudly announces the formation of its fourth Summer Day Camp program—Sunrise–Israel at Be’er Sheva. In 2010, Sunrise Day Camp proudly opened its second camp—in the State of Israel. Since then, the camp has been singled out by the Ministry of Education for excellence, and serves as a model of Jewish-Arab cooperation in that small country. But while Israel is indeed small relative to the rest of the world, it’s still not possible to service every child who needs Sunrise in a single camp, mainly because of the distance involved. The choice of location for the original camp—now about to enter its fifth year—was based on the location of the hospitals serving children with cancer, which are more prevalent in the northern half of the country. But that left a gap in the southern regions. On April 23rd, the board of Sunrise-Israel changed that. Following many months of negotiations with the local municipalities, and backed by extensive fundraising throughout Israel, the board voted unanimously to open a second branch of Sunrise-Israel this coming July in Be’er Sheva. Located in the southernmost region of Israel, the new camp will service children from every walk of Israeli life — from orthodox Jewish children to those from Bedouin Arab families — focusing on cancer patients and their siblings who live in that region, regardless of which hospital they are being treated at. This new project will fill a gap that has long troubled the SunriseIsrael leadership, and for which they have been searching for a solution for quite some time. “Shalom!” from our campers and staff in Sunrise-Israel!

The tenacity of the Sunrise-Israel Board and Staff to make this program happen is beyond commendation. They began their quest with the purest and loftiest of goals—to serve an underserved population, despite the difficulties in fundraising and management that it entailed. Working with partners in the south, they soon struck a deal whereby space for the camp, transportation and a per-child subsidy would be provided. Close, but not quite there, a single board member — Mike Fliderbaum (who is also a member of our new Sunrise Association Board) then stepped up to the plate and pledged $30,000 of his own funds to make sure the program could open. It was an amazing convergence of the best philanthropic impulses, the ability of partnerships between not-for-profits and government to do good, and the power of a dream. All of us at Sunrise send a well-deserved Kol Hakavod—our respect for a job well done—to all our friends and partners at Sunrise-Israel, as we welcome Sunrise-Israel at Be’er Sheva into our family of camps.

Rock The River Hundreds of Sunrise Day Camp-Pearl River supporters from the tri-state region gathered at the Vintage restaurant in White Plains on February 27. Attendees enjoyed cocktails, and hor d’oeuvres, a live auction, and danced to a rockin’ performance by The Nerds. Kudos to the Rock The River committee and co-chairs, Michael & Ilene Weinberg, Greg & Elissa Weinhoff and Scott & Hillary Assael, for creating a memorable evening and our first Westchester-based fundraiser for Sunrise–Pearl River. Nicole, a Sunrise camper and guest of honor for the evening, told her story to a packed house and thanked everyone there for bringing Sunrise into her life. Said Nicole, “Sunrise Day Camp means more than just a day camp to me; it means a magical place to have fun, to make friends and be happy! At Sunrise not only have I made new friends, but I have made another family.”

Event Chairs and Event Committee with Arnie Preminger - President and CEO, Sunrise Day Camp, Ellie Aronowitz - Executive Director, Rosenthal JCC

When planning began for Rock the River, we wondered—would the community respond? Would we find supporters in the Westchester area, who cared about Sunrise families and what this wonderful camp offers them? Well, the verdict is in. With over $175,000 raised, a standing room only event and a commitment to make Rock The River bigger and better for next year–YES!

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •


Welcome Deanna Slade: Camp Director/Sunrise-Long Island Eight years ago, an enthusiastic, creative and talented young woman who loved camp and children, walked into our newly formed offices. It was impossible to know in those first days that she would leave her mark at every corner of our camp over the years. She was known as the Arts and Crafts Director then, and today we are proud to announce that Deanna Slade will be our new Camp Director of Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island. If you’ve been to camp and felt the spirit in the air, it is always ‘charged’ with Deanna’s infectious excitement and “can–do” attitude. The energy and vibrancy of Color War; the thrill of flash mob dancing in the midst of the program day; the magic of a yellow brick road for Wizard of Oz week; the wondrous and creative seating of the entire camp at one very long table for the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party; the challenge of creating the Sunrise Book of World Records; and many, many days transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary thanks to Deanna’s handiwork. Our Sunrise Sundays and Sunrise Fun-days have become exceptional days, seeming to be a week’s worth of fun and play packed into one day. Our SunriseWALKS annual walkathon has taken on a new flair with Deanna implementing her creative ideas. Getting caught up in Deanna’s contagious enthusiasm is easy; feeling embraced by her soft kind words and attentiveness is natural. She understands that camp impacts everyone who calls on Deanna Slade the phone or walks through our gates. Often seen with an arm around a camper speaking kindly with love and compassion, she helps campers and staff through difficult times and celebrates with them at times of elation. She leads and guides with love and laughter, happiness and humility, thoughtfulness and kindness. She inspires with enthusiasm. In Deanna’s own words, “I am so honored to be such an integral part of this organization. Each person I work with has an astounding sense of love, warmth and compassion. The campers continue to fill my heart with joy and laughter. Being at Sunrise is uplifting...and is truly a special place.” In her new position as Camp Director, we are certain she will enhance the outstanding reputation of Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island to continue to be the brightest shining star and magical place on the Sunrise landscape.

Dancing through Sunrise On May 1, 2014, Roya Obedian and George Athan co-chaired the Second Annual Dancing through Sunrise event at the Glen Cove Mansion. Roya Obedian and her team of dancers The event was attended by more than 250 people and raised over $40,000 for Sunrise Day Camp. Roya, a Zumba instructor from Syosset and longtime Sunrise supporter, saw an opportunity in her Zumba fitness classes. Roya and George rallied fitness and dance instructors from around the area and Dancing through Sunrise was born, giving dance class participants the opportunity to perform with their instructors in front of an excited audience while supporting Sunrise and raising awareness! Thanks to all who came out and danced the night away!


Cantor Fitzgerald Charity Day Supports Sunrise Day Camp! In the fall issue of the Sunriser we told you about Sunrise Day Camp becoming a part of Cantor Fitzgerald’s legendary September 11th Charity Day. Well the results are in—Cantor Fitzgerald supported Sunrise Day Camp with a very generous donation of $25,000! Special thanks to Stu Lippman, a member of the Mildred & Samuel Levine Memorial Golf Classic committee and one of our outing honorees. We are already looking ahead to next year’s charity day and can use your help! If you—or someone you know—have a relationship with a celebrity who you think would want to represent Sunrise Day Camp on this very high profile day, Model please contact Beth Fetner, Senior Vice Theresa Lourenco President of Development for Sunrise Day Camps at 516-634-4196. It’s never too early to start planning for another successful day!

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •

Sibling Campers Grow With Sunrise We have had many campers go through our CIT program and transition to staff. It is amazing to watch our young campers grow and want to give back to Sunrise. Five very special campers who are the siblings of a child with cancer and now wear their staff tee shirts with pride share their thoughts of being a “Sunrise Sibling”: Lex Korobow, Aaron Pena, Annalea Trask, Zach Ventice and Catherine Zervas. Here are a few thoughts from these five incredible siblings: Lex Korobow: At Sunrise, I was reassured that no matter how difficult times got, my sister and I knew we had a place where we could feel happy, stress-free, and loved. As a staff member, I became more humble and patient in my daily life, for I saw that even my biggest of troubles was nothing compared to the hardships these children have to face almost every day of their lives.

Lex Korobow and Michael Buckner

Aaron Pena: Sunrise Day Camp is not just a camp for children with cancer and their siblings, it is home for over a thousand people sick or not sick. It changed my life and has helped my family immensely. What my sister has might be bad, but if it was not for that, then my sister or I would not have been exposed to Sunrise. I love Sunrise and it will always have a place in my heart.

Aaron Pena and Brian Merrit

Annalea Trask: Every Sunrise family experiences so much trauma and heartbreak, but because of Sunrise Day Camp, we also get to experience happiness, family, friendship, love, and sunshine. Zach Ventrice: The one big thing that impacted me as a staff member is that it doesn't matter how old I get, I am always surprised by how strong and brave some of these young people are. Their wisdom is far beyond their age which truly amazes me to no end. I made some amazing friendships that will last a lifetime. The gift from this camp will never be forgotten.

Annalea Trask and Kayla Marine

Zach Ventrice and his campers

Catherine Zervas: Sunrise became a family for me. I wanted to create a friendship with the campers like my counselors did for me. There is no doubt that every single staff member absolutely loves coming to Sunrise, which you can see throughout camp. So many relationships and bonds have been made at this camp between my friends and me and between my sisters and their friends. Sunrise is just one big happy family! Catherine Zervas with sisters Laura and Emily

Sunrise Toyota Partnership With Sunrise Day Camp! When Wendy & Neil Sandler—donors to our Pearl River Camp introduced us to Jimmy Berg, President of Sunrise Toyota of Oakdale, a brand new partnership was formed! Beginning February 14th, our new partners began donating $1 for every non-warranty related customer repair order and asked their customers to match their contribution. Through these efforts, Jimmy and his team hope to raise approximately $1,500 per month for Sunrise Day Camp! Additionally Sunrise is filming a commercial to help promote our new partnership. In Jimmy’s words, “We love what the camp’s mission is and would like to work with you to promote this to the general public.” We are grateful to have such wonderful Sunrise friends!

Left to right: Gary Farley, Rosa Martins, Linda Garelli & Jimmy Berg

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •


What’s Been Happening November 24 and December 5–7 Americana Manhasset Champions for Charity Annual Shopping Benefit at J. Crew

This year we changed things up with a “Junior Crew Committee” at the fabulous J. Crew! Our committee—made up of high school, middle school and elementary school members—was chaired by Katie Kaminsky, Ally Krieger, Cody Miller and Tyler Riese who filled the store with their family and friends and helped raise nearly $25,000 for Sunrise Day Camp!

Jr. Crew Chairs: (l-r) Cody Miller, Tyler Riese, Katie Kaminsky & Ally Krieger

February 1 Sunrise on the Rocks

The evening broke all records when over 400 twentysomethings filled Hudson Terrace to the rafters and raised over $40,000 for Sunrise! A big thanks to the more than thirty committee members led by chairs Jordan David, Lindsey Giller, Jonathan Jacobs & Brittany Wayne who worked non-stop on this event!

February 27 Rock the River

The Sunrise on the Rocks Committee

The first ever Rock the River event with the band, “The Nerds” rocked the house at Vintage in White Plains! The venue was packed with new supporters for our Pearl River camp and the evening raised over $175,000 for the newest Sunrise Day Camp!

March 13 Friends of Sunrise Kick Off at Hirshleifers

It was another great event at Hirshleifers when our generous honorees, Caryn, Lori and Shelley Hirshleifer hosted a fabulous spring shopping night to benefit Sunrise! Our chairs Nanci Aaron, Jackie & Erik Gershwind, Elyssa & Erik Harris, Bonnie & Daniel Katz, Marla Kaminsky and Randi & Dennis Riese brought friends together to raise over $30,000 for Sunrise Day Camp!

Kick Off Chairs: Hosts Shelley & Lori Hirshleifer listen on as Dennis Riese thanks the crowd on behalf of the chairs


15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •

March 27 Eighth Annual Friends of Sunrise Cocktail Party and Auction

Always an incredible evening, this year’s event was out of sight! The Glen Head Country Club was once again transformed by Lawrence Scott and this year the silent auction was over the top! We were thrilled to honor former Sunrise Day Camp family and fundraisers extraordinaire Sharon, Adam, Max, Alex and Sammi Russ with the Sunrise Volunteer Award and Caryn Hirshleifer, Shelley Hirshleifer and Lori Hirshleifer Sills of Hirshleifers at the Americana Manhasset with the Community Partner Award. The evening raised over $630,000 for our special campers!

Campers Kiera & Connor Enright, our very special guests of honor

May 8 Dare to Dream Benefit

The first fundraising event to benefit the new Surnise Day Camps Association, this special evening is honoring two very special couples. Laurie & Stephen Girsky and Sara & Barry Mandinach each have supported all three Sunrise Day Camps for many, many years. This fabulous event was held at the St. Regis New York and at presstime had already raised over $500,000 for the Sunrise Association.

May 20 Third Annual Sunrise in the City

Join our fantastic NextGen group at the “place to be!” This exciting Manhatan venue, espace, will once again host this exciting evening with this year’s comedy emcee, Rory Albanese! A dynamic committee, comprised of media and entertainment professionals, business leaders and philanthropists, is planning this remarkable evening. 2013 auctioneer Lewis Black with 2014 host Rory Albanese

Upcoming Events

June 8 SunriseWALKS 2014 at Sunrise Day Camp, Long Island and Pearl River Together let’s celebrate the ninth summer of Sunrise Day Camp! Details on SunriseWALKS 2014 on page 3.

August 11 Eighth Annual Mildred & Samuel Levine Memorial Golf Classic and Card Party

Arguably Long Island’s largest charity golf outing, this year the event will recognize long time Sunrise Day Camp supporters: Lee Ferrucci, Vice President Alliant Insurance Services; Stuart Lippman, Chief Investment Officer-Securitized Asset Fund, Tiedemann Investment Group; Michele Tiger, Chairperson of the Marvin Tiger Foundation and Sunrise Day Camp Philanthropist. For additional information about these fundraisers—or how you might begin your own fundraising tradition to benefit Sunrise Day Camp—please contact Beth Fetner, Senior Vice President of Development, at (516) 634-4196 or

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •


Sunrise Day Camp Donations

We Gratefully Acknowledge Our Friends Who Have Made The Dream Of Sunrise Day Camp Become A Reality

Sunrise Day Camp Long Island & Pearl River $2,000,000 & Up

Feil Family Foundation


Muriel & Nat Glanz John & Janet Kornreich Billie & George Ross Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg


Americana Manhasset Rita & Frank Castagna Debi & Jeffrey Feinstein Senator Charles Fuschillo Laura Rosenberg Foundation Marvin Tiger Foundation Nikon Inc. Randi & Dennis Riese Senator Dean Skelos Tam O’Shanter Country Club UJA-Federation of New York Wilf Family Foundations


Shari & Jeffrey Aronson Association Of Contracting Plumbers of NYC Lainie & Michael Contillo Susan & Leonard Feinstein Linda & Michael Greenseid Jericho High School Kate Tschernoletz Foundation, Inc. Sheila & Bill Lambert Laurence W. Levine Foundation Levine Family Andrea & Jeffrey Lomasky Scott Mager - Perfect Building Maintenance Estate of Ruth Messias Gary Podell Jill Podell Aurily Coven & Andrew Sandler South Huntington Jewish Center Men’s Club Alice Montag & Thomas Tisch Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Diane & Howard Wohl


Nanci & Sammy Aaron Ellen & Daniel Crown Davis & Warshow Inc. Mitzi & Warren Eisenberg Family Foundation Nicole & Adam Faber Denise & Kenneth Faltischek Judith & Michael Faltischek Amy Feinstein Carol & Richard Feinstein First American Title Insurance


Flora Oppenheimer Hass-Leo Oppenheimer Foundation Frances Davis Foundation Laurie & Stephen Girsky Green Art Plumbing Supply Shelly & Ted Haft Hirshleifers Ellen & Gary Hisiger Amy & Scott Jaffee High Five Foundation Joe Levin Gale & Lawrence Levine Long Island Real Estate Group Sara & Barry Mandinach Jill & Eric Miller Nora & James Orphanides The Perry Family Debby & Scott Rechler Corey Ribotsky Stacey Ribotsky Richard E. Capri Foundation Donna & Stewart Senter Skolnick Family Charitable Trust Slomo and Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc. Steven M. Perez Foundation Joy & Steve Zelin


21st Beverages Inc. Advantage Title Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Hope & Marc Altheim Andrew Rosenblum Memorial Foundation Aspro Mechanical Contracting, Inc. Barclays/Nets Community Alliance Pamela & Phillip Barnett Bernard London Fischer LLP Blue Earth Foundation Evan Bower Stefanie Bower Donna & Michael Brennan Judy & Stuart Brenner Muriel & Bert Brodsky Bruce Supply Corporation BTIG The Cantor Fizgerald Relief Fund Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co. Susan & Bruce Cohen Bari & Troy David William De Luca Marcia & Joel Faber Barry & Florence Friedberg G.A. Fleet Associates Cindy & Ben Golub Gotham Organization Bonni Gould The Gould-Shenfeld Family Foundation Elizabeth & Paul Greenbaum Hain Celestial Group, Inc. Henry Quentzel Plumbing Supply Co., Inc.

Jeffrey A. Altman Foundation Susan & Shepard Kay Knights of Pythias The Krieger Family Leslie & Peter Levine Sheree & Peter Levy Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc. The Marcus Family Mid Island Collision Miles for Matt Foundation Natalie & Richard Mines Moritt Hock & Hamroff Lisa & Eric Nelson NIR Group Par Plumbing Donna & David Pelton Barbara & Ed Portnof Praxis Public Relations Inc. Risk Management Planning Group Arthur Rubinstein Wendy & Neil Sandler Sandra & Lawrence Simon Family Foundation Saratoga Capital LLC Paul Selvin Susie & Michael Siegel Cynthia & Jay Simoncic Solco Plumbing Supply, Inc. Karen & Marc Spector Abby & Mark Stempel United Capital Markets, Inc. Bunny Podell & Jerry Weinrib The Wheatley School - C.A.R.E. Club Myra & Marvin Wittlin


Acme Bus Company

American Standard Jennifer & Thomas Amodio AON Construction Group Isaac & Deborah Ash ASM Mechanical Systems Astoria Federal Savings AvalonBay Communities Bargold Storage Systems Martha Krisel & Stanley Berke Bingham McCutchen Jane Borg & Barry Blattman Barbara & Myron Bloom Eric Blumencranz Brahman Capital Lisa & Matthew Brennan The Brennan Family Brookfield Financial Prop L.P. Capacity Coverage of NY Cardoza Plumbing Corp. Carnival of Love Foundation Robert Catell, AERTC Certilman, Balin, Adler & Hyman, LLP Charles & Joan Hermanowski Family Foundation

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •

Marina & Spencer Chimerine Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP CME Group Cohen Children’s Medical Center Comedy Central Jack & Nancy Cook Fara & Richard Copell Dorothy D’Amato Vinny D’Andraia Daniel J. Hannon & Associates Inc. Daniell Family Foundation, Inc. Danzig Charitable Trust Henry D’Auria Dellon Sales Company, Inc. Diageo Guinness, USA Edwin & Shirley Woldar Family Foundation Rebecca & Martin Eisenberg Lisa & Stephen Eisenstein Engel Burman Group ePlus Technology Epstein Becker & Green, P.C. Factor Nutrition Labs Federal Pump Corporation Allison & Kraig Fox Holly & Daniel Friedman Arlene & Richard Fromewick Jackie & Erik Gershwind Arlene & Larry Gilbert Sharone & Richard Gilbert Annora Gilman Beverly & Joel Girsky Donna & Jonathan Glabman Elise & Timothy Gold Barry Goldsmith Grand Avenue Middle School Korry & Timothy Groves Growing Tree Nursery School H.J. Kalikow & Co. LLC Renee & Adam Haber Hahn & Hessen LLP Rebecca & Michael Haworth Marisa & David Honigstock Janie & Charlie Innamorato and Family John N. Blackman Sr. Foundation Jordan Cooper & Associates Inc. Marla Kaminsky Mindy Cooper & Michael Kaminsky Susan & Robert Katz Kiss Products, Inc. Gila & Rafael Klein Karen & Marc Krieger Naomi & Howard Lehman Memorial Fund Grant Lend America Ellen & Martin Levine Joshua Isay & Cathie Levine Kim & David Levine Tammy & Jay Levine Tracy & David Levy Lexus Champions for Charity Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Deborah & Eric Lichtenstein Jessica & Stuart Lippman Judy & Larry Lippman Estee Levine & David Little Christopher Lockwood

The Louis Cappelli Foundation Tracy Lubin Frank Manganella Manhattan Beer Distributors Mann Publications Susan & Martin Markowitz Max Finkelstein Inc. Maxim Charitable Foundation Mayer Brown LLP Roni & Charles McGuffog MD Royal Bank of Canada Mechanical Contractors Association Ellen & Michael Meisel Member Brokerage Services LLC Vicki & David Miller Nancy & Steven Mitchell Shelly & Neil Mitchell Beth & Kenneth Motschwiller Nathan & Helen Kohler Foundation National Environmental Safety Neuberger Berman NGL Insurance Group Nussbaum, Yates, Berg, Klein & Wolpow, LLP Old Westbury Country Club Cori & Kenneth Orr Marty Oser Tiffany & Al Palagonia Lisa & James Pappas Stacy & David Peskin Phoenix Beverages Pine Hollow Country Club Jodi & Jeffrey Pliskin Plumbers Local Union #1 Herbert & Lorraine Podell Jackie & Adam Popper Jodi & Scott Pravda PWV General Contracting Inc. Randi & Eric Sellinger Foundation, Inc. RC Dolner LLC Sam Riese Eileen & Chris Roehrig James T. Roselle Lisa & Neil Rosenfeld Rosalie & Ken Roth Michele & Alan Rothman Bruce Rubin Jennifer & Richard Rush Jennifer & Lee Rusinek Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C. Phyllis & Harvey Sandler Schlissel Ostrow Karabatos, LLC Charles & Mildred Schnurmacher Foundation Seawane Country Club Joseph Sforzo Sherri & Bruce Sherman Siemans Enterprise Group Signature Bank of LI Joanne & Scott Silverman Alyssa & Marc Silverstein Jill & Sanford Sirulnick Smiles For Scott Foundation, Inc. Smith Barney The Soffer Family Lisa and Mitchell Solomon The Spar Family Tracey Hertz & Adam Stern

Michael Stoler Stony Brook University Medical Center Syosset Central School District Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP TD Bank, through the TD Charitable Foundation The Ludwig Family Foundation TOTO Transel Elevator Joan & Barry Tucker Charlie Ulmer Uneeda Village Elementary School Penny & John Wallerstein Webster Plumbing Supply Inc. Andrea & Andrew Weisbach Harvey & Ellen Weisenberg Cori & Jason Wilf Rachel & Jonathan Wilf Winthrop University Hospital Cindy & Paul Woldar Woods Management Company Young Philanthropists Birthright-Israel Vivian & Jim Zelter

Sunrise-Israel $200,000 & Up

Bonim Atid of UJA-Federation of New York Caring Commission of UJA-Federation of New York


Shari & Jeffrey Aronson Bankruptcy & Reorganization & Next Generation Group of UJA-Federation of New York Discount Bank Michael Fliderbaum The Gould and Shenfeld Families UJA-Federation of New York-Solelim Fund Diane & Howard Wohl


Arison Foundation Marcos David Katz Nedivot of UJA-Federation Neshamot of UJA-Federation Sobell Foundation


2B Angels BTIG Baron Edouard de Rothschild Leah & Edward Frankel Greta Osher Bequst


Yoel Cheshin Laurence W. Levine Foundation Daphne & Gigi Levy Steve & Debbie Shapiro Jodi & Ari Storch Wilf Family Foundations

We would also like to extend our thanks to the thousands of donors who have made gifts of $9,999 or less, but for whom space constraints currently make it impossible to list in this issue.

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 766-4341 •



15 Neil Court Oceanside, NY 11572

“The Sunriser” is a publication of the Friedberg JCC/Sunrise Day Camp. Comments and/or suggestions should be forwarded to Bonnie Flatow, Editor, at

Sunrise Day Camp is a program of the Friedberg JCC, a beneficiary agency of UJA-Federation of New York. Sunrise Day Camps are located in Wheatley Heights & Pearl River, NY on the Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds. For more information or questions regarding Sunrise Day Camp and its hospital affiliates, please contact us at (516) 766-4341.

Gila Klein Chairperson

Hon. Harvey Weisenberg Honorary Chairperson

Administrative & Supervisory Staff

Ted Richman JCC Board Chair


Arnie Preminger, MSW President & CEO (516) 766-4341

Dulcie Auerfeld Assistant Director of Sunrise On Wheels

Beth Fetner Senior Vice President of Development (516) 634-4196

Michele Vernon, MSW Senior Vice President of Camping and Related Services (516) 634-4146

Nicole Faber Coordinator of Sunrise on Wheels

Amy Pilott, MPA Director of Development (516) 634-4191

Bonnie Flatow, MT(ASCP) Senior Vice President for Hospital and Community Relations (516) 634-4158 (516) 732-8043 (cell) Leah Spindell Coordinator of Sunrise Services (516) 634-4199 Sheryl Smith SunriseWALKS Coordinator

Shari Posner Coordinator of Sunrise on Wheels Emily Willens Coordinator of Sunrise on Wheels Deanna Slade Camp Director of Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island Sandor G. Haft, LMSW Camp Director of Sunrise Day Camp–Pearl River Mark Atlas, MD Medical Director Cohen Children’s Medical Center

Bonni Gould Development Executive (516) 634-4143 Jessica Kamens Development Associate (516) 634-4171 Alison Rubin Director of Development–Pearl River (914) 741-0333

Tamar Segura Director of Special Events & Donor Relations (516) 634-4148 Sharon Kaufman Development Administrative Assistant (516) 634-4174 Jill Reid Development Administrative Assistant (516) 634-4176

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