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4 Factors to Make a Smart Purchase of Home Appliances Online There has been extensive research on the fact whether consumers prefer online buying or would like to personally visit stores and choose from retail outlets. Interestingly, the results are aligned with the increase of companies who are working on building a virtual presence that too with a competitive edge. Just like money is invested in building fancy retail stores and contracts are made with multiple brands to create a one stop solution for customers, similarly websites are being built by hiring experts of the field with the best visuals, graphics, features and brand partnerships. There are several benefits of buying home appliances online which include all electronics such as refrigerators, generators, home theatre systems, television etc. Through location details such as typing ‘television Kerala’ many websites listing home appliances online in India pop up. To make the right choice of an electronic such as a TV, the following 4 factors can be taken into account.

1) Measure the space for which an electronic is being purchased Since home appliances have to be bought virtually there is no physical presence of the object to judge the application and suitability of it. If television Kerala location is being looked for, there are going to be certain kind of apartments that have space and areas according to the interior designing. By simply measuring through an inch-tape it would become feasible to choose and shortlist the electronic appliance online. Moreover, the inconvenience of returning appliances for different sizes after purchase and put up is reduced.

2) Make a list of desired features Buying home appliances online has never been as easy, the convenience of browsing through multiple websites in one go shows a big list of options and alternatives. Where in the option of going to retail outlets would mean burning good amount of petrol, spending time in traffic, finding parking and then walking along. Though it is accompanied with the benefit of seeing the product in real but

for instance if typing television Kerala on global search engine brings up all local and multi national brands there is no better way of seeking multiple features. Now according to the use and application of the home appliance a list of features can be made which is essential in it and a list of good to go or its okay if not available list to see where compromises can be made.

3) Go through reviews of multiple brands Once a feature of the home appliance product has been listed down, there should be a good research done on the reviews of brands that have those features. Reviews basically provide a firsthand experience and feedback of clients which is not usually hoax. Practically there are many elements that people are unaware of when making a first home appliance purchase online, by going through what others have experienced potential mistakes and wrong decisions can be avoided with a smarter and more beneficial purchase. Most online purchases are made through credit card payments after which delivery is followed. Reversing the payment and having the refund or exchanging an appliance if it turns out to be unsuitable can be quite a hassle. 4) Compare prices for making the right choice This one seems quite obvious, of course price comparison is a must and one of the strongest decision making factors in a purchase. However, the most commonly found misconception amongst people is that a highly priced product is supposed to be better than a low priced product. This conception is usually wrong, if one brand is keeping a higher profit margin and offering the same quality and features the money is only for the brand equity, the functions and output might be the same as the lower priced product. Therefore, reviews should be seen along with prices and word of mouth along with firsthand experience combined is factors that make the right purchase decision.

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4 factors to make a smart purchase of home appliances online  
4 factors to make a smart purchase of home appliances online