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9-15 November 2012

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Laying Sex Bare { Shilpy Arora / FG }


Snippets from the World Economic Forum


ita Gopinath, Professor of Economics, Harvard University, USA hit the nail on the head with her observation on ‘reforms’. ‘Three decades after they were introduced, India does not have consensus on economic reforms. Not enough has been done to communicate the objectives of the reforms – which have often been introduced in response to international ratings (objective).’ In fact, 3 decades later, the objective(s) also may not do. The outcomes should be shared – they surely are measurable. But, just like in all the Budgets, the focus – the objective - is always on outlays, not outcomes. There is clearly no ownership of reforms in the political sphere. Do they continue to misread the public – or probably know them the best ?!

senior student, Shamik (name changed) was one of the most talkative and intelligent students in his class. But then something happened – he started spending a lot of time alone, and went into depression. When his parents took him to a psychologist, a specialist in this area, Shamik revealed that he had indulged in sex with a junior girl. It was after watching a porn video on the Internet, and he couldn’t control his sexual desire and had sex with her. Today, he is in acute depression – he feels extremely guilty. “I partly blame it on the lack of information to teenagers about sex. There’s a lot of curiosity today among the adolescents about sex. They do not get answers from the schools and families, so they look for it on the Internet. There they are exposed to porn content, which gives rise to even bigger issues,” says Dr. Anjali, who also takes up workshops on sex education at the American Public School.

Asha pandey

“Such cases don t surprise me anymore, says a city-based gynaecologist. According to her, a private hospital in the City claims to receive three cases of 'under-age' pregnancies every month. In Gurgaon the situation is worse than in cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. Here, the parents spend very little time with their kids. There is no counselling at home. Plus, the kids are exposed to the Internet and other media at a very young age. That is why the curiosity to know about sex, and to experiment with it, is increasing in the City, she says.  

n Are you interested and concerned

about civic and social happenings and issues around you? n Are you motivated to do something positive for society? n Are you interested to also write, and express what you see, hear, feel? If yes, write to us at, with a brief background of yourself, with contact number(s). `7


RNI No. HARENG/2011/393

{ Abhishek Behl / FG }


It lives in two urgaon is a paradox. the Naunequal halves, whereinthe Great as tional Highway-8 acts Wall. The core Divide – like the Berlin the new subbut of the City is rotting; – with malls, gated urbs shine like stars and clubs setting colonies, golf courses never before seen a standard of life

he third in our astrology series – featuring Libra, Scorpio and Saggitarius.

...Pg 16

Tantric Art


e feature Shobha Broota, a 68year old ‘young’ and energetic artist.

...Pg 17

Master Recipe

Prakhar PaNdey



in India. forces that It is this flux of extreme balance – the is threatening to unraveland helpful for a balance that is natural and for civiliwith; great cities to evolve attain glory. sations to develop and urban core, the Gurgaon’s rotting within the City, concretised villages hinterland that and the vast rural is under once comprised Guru-gram, – under and 210 Panchayats threat of being submerged Nagar, Manesar); of a Millennium 291 villages. the new identity Gurga- that cover a week with ‘New in capital Friday Gurgaon spent City, with its Meena, checkthe role of the State on’. It is here that Deputy Commissioner will is executed – ensure that the forces comes into play; to ing how the State’s that has known all the populace. of development touch in this historic area, since the Commissioner Gurgaon Deputy some form of governance of Being is the point man of Guru Dronacharya. power, P.C Meena, who in the Dis- time capital seat of Administration State the close to Delhi, the Gurgaon is much been influenced by trict, concurs that the District has also developments itself. The District political and social more than the City viz. Gurgaon the there. sub-divisions 3 place includes taking Contd on p 8  ,and Pataudi; 5 teh(North and South) Pataudi, Farukh sils (Gurgaon, Sohna,

Please Visit Us At en Emergency Servicem P Ask Your Newspaper Vendor For Friday Gurgaon. M

asterchef Top 5 Vijaylaxmi shares a Recipe exclusively for FG readers.

...Pg 18

little, for so long, with so We have done so much,do anything with nothing. to we are now qualified

Let’s Be Civil

avan Choudhary, Managing Director of Vygon, speaks on the need for residents to become responsible citizens. ...Pg 21

Regular Features Food Take

...Pg 6

Cinema Listings & Helplines ...Pg 7

{ Hritvick Sen / FG }

service worth its lmost every significant call-in. Whether it salt has a telephone information is food (or liquor) delivery, civic and reservations, services, bookings on cells... there is a line facilities, grievance call in. But when there which people can or a fire – there is an accident, a robbery that people dial is only one type of service Services. in a hurry. Emergency themselves count people Most had a haven’t they fortunate that for they had to ask situation in which these people who work in


100 – Police Emergency main Police


Control Location: The Mini-SecretarRoom (PCR) in Gurgaon’s lines chirping, phone iat. Wireless sets staff they’re set down, ringing as soon as papers – the very rushing about with air hums with activity. who is the Inspector Rishipal, the Operations, says senior in-charge of given day, we receive seriously, “On any a 3,000 calls.” In to 2,500 between from which he can closed glass cubicle he manages the day-tosurvey all activity, PCR. “We have statethe of operations day equipment, and I can of-the-art servers and one of the y that Gurgaon has

Contd on p 6 

{ Maninder Dabas / FG }


n avant-garde modern life is a dream, and people spend their lives in pursuit of that elusive lifestyle. That dream also exacts some sacrifices – of aspects that were once an integral part of our lives. Each of us have loved sports as children – and would have loved to carry on. However, we now 'don't have the time'; because this workaholic City tires us more than any sport. Maybe the spirit is still willing, but the flesh is weak. Weakened by the lifestyle... and the lucre. “Indeed the sporting spirit of the City has seen a tremendous decline in the last one decade or so. I am not talking about professional players, but the common folk. Gurgaon has gone under the knife of change – it has not only transformed its outer view but also the inner core of the people. In this millennial life people have forgotten how important it is to play a sport. I always get upset when I see only old people or children coming to the parks, said Kulwinder Singh, the District Sports Officer (DSO). Haryana is one of the top sporting states in the country. This City too can become a part of this sporting excellence provided it gets some time out of its busy schedule, said Singh. Of course today's modern life has affected our attitude to sports, and now we seldom play any sport. I am just 26 years of age and I don't get time to play any game. I even find it difficult to take a walk in the park in the morning, because I work till late in the night. The corporatisation of this City has caught us in its web. Even when our firm organises corporate tournaments, we are unable to perform, because our body cannot cope easily. The weekends are spent shopping and partying, with

For The Other Half


for the last 14 years. Like Dr. Aparna, most of the experts feel that bringing in lessons, or an examination on sex education, is not a wholesome solution. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), sex education should provide stepby-step instructions and detailed information, along with visuals. Dr. Anjali, however, believes that the method of teaching can’t be the same for all. “We have to keep in mind the background of the children, their age groups, and their prior knowledge about sex. In 2005 I

Modernisation's cruel trick

2–8 March 2012


Sex education may seem the need of the hour, but experts feel that its inclusion as a subject will hardly make any difference. “All public schools in the UK have been imparting sex education for the last 10 years. However, the cases of 'under-age' sex and pregnancies are on the rise in that country. We can resolve issues by having a healthy discussion with children, rather than introducing one more subject in the curriculum,” suggests Dr. Aparna Balasundaram, a parent/child expert, who has been working on this issue

Work Hard, Hardly Play

FG Invites Citizens

Vol. 1 No. 28  Pages 24

The Education

Asha pandey

Contd on p 8 


9-15 November 2012

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elebrate the Festival of Lights at this Diwali Mela. While you shop at the flea market and indulge in mouth-watering delicacies, children can participate in several fun-filled activities. Contact: 4528000

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Call - 9910518785


An Ode To our Fauj @ Route 04, GF, Tower E, Sapient Building, Cyber Greens, DLF Phase 3 Date: November 11 to 17 Time: 12 noon to 1:00 am


Hard Places @Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: November 10 Time: 7:30 pm Tickets: Rs.750 & Rs.500

he popular singing sensation performs live. Kaur is best remembered for her song ‘Katiya Karoon’ from the Hindi film, Rockstar.




Three Oriental Tales @ Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: November 14 Time: 7:00 pm onwards Tickets: Rs. 200


et the kids to celebrate Children’s Day with a cultural touch. A theatrical performance of folk tales of three countries—China, Japan

Festive Celebrations Diwali Mela @ KOD, Sector 29 Date: November 10 Time: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Date: November 17 Time: 9:00 pm


and South Korea—is enacted, using the traditional forms of the respective countries.

n English play that takes an intense look at what happens when families, lives and minds are divided by politics. Directed by Chris White, the cast includes Shernaz Patel, Jasmina Daniel and Nabil Stuart. Contact: 9810059550, 2715000

Original Booking

oute04 celebrates the American Veteran’s Day with a desi twist. Saluting the heroes of our nation, the American diner offers 50% off on any order, to all officers of the Indian Armed Forces (serving or retired) and their families. From Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza to a wide range from the wood-fired oven, and Tex Mex cuisine to American cocktails – its all at half price, for the men and women who protect our borders.


Harshdeep Kaur Live @ Rhino, 312, IIIrd Floor, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road

In Gurgaon Special Project for Army / Central Govt. Employees

Contact: Ms. Saroj – 8800930085

Coming Up

9-15 November 2012

WORKSHOP  NIGHTLIFE  EXHIBITION  MUSIC  ART  DANCE behaviour – as an individual grows and sheds off the innocence of childhood. Ritu creates a trail of visual fairy tales on canvas – playing with wit, fun, magic and humour.




Group Show that includes the works of noted artists – Akbar Padamsee, Lalu Prosad Shaw, Subrata Saha and Srimati Lal, among others.


The Wittiness of A Vanity Fair @ Studio Art, C-751, A, Sushant Lok-1, (near Vyapaar Kendra) Date: Up to November 13 Time: 11:00 am onwards


solo exhibition of Ritu Kamath’s artworks. The Exhibition is the artist’s take on the nature of human



n Exhibition of drawings and paintings by 30 upcoming young artists, presented by Sree Arts.


Mentoring Walk @ Leisure Valley Grounds Date: November 17 Time: 8:00 to 11:00 am

Maninder Dabas

Sr. Photographers: Prakhar Pandey Jit Kumar

unique initiative by Biz Divas, in which women who are established role models in their respective fields are paired with upcoming and aspiring younger women – to walk. During this ‘Mentoring Walk’, the women will engage in discussions regarding professional challenges and successes. The mentors will offer guidance, instruction, advice and support.

Indian Icon @ Art Pilgrim, A-689 A, Sushant Lok I Date: November 9 Time: 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Atul Sobti

Sr. Correspondent: Abhishek Behl

Roots @Epicentre Art Gallery, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: November 9 to November 11 Time: 4:30 pm onwards (Nov 9); 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (Nov 10 & 11)


RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319 Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014 VOL.–2 No.–12  9-15 November 2012



Chillout Sundays @ Attitude Alive, Supermart - 1 Complex, Plot No. C002, DLF Phase IV Date: All Sundays, up to November 25 Time: 7:00 pm onwards


ign off the weekend on a relaxing note with Chillout Sundays. Rewind to the past as oldies of the 80s and 90s are played. Visit with friends for this ‘classic’ evening.


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R eviews

9-15 November 2012



A Flotilla Of Stories { Alka Gurha }


M..inently Bond

Skyfall directed by: Sam Mendes cast: Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Naomie Harris genre: Action

{ Vijaya Kumar }


kyfall, the 23rd in the James Bond series, released last week; and as is the case with most Bond movies, there was a hurricane effect in the movie halls. Sam Mendes, who directs Skyfall, penetrates through the action layers and unravels chinks in the armours of Bond and his boss M – played brilliantly by Daniel Craig and Judi Dench respectively. An extract from John Pearson's 'The Life of Ian Fleming' provides some 'masala': "There is reason for thinking that a more telling lead to the real identity of M lies in the fact that as a boy Fleming often called his mother M....while Fleming was young, his mother was certainly one of the few people he was frightened of, and her sternness towards him, her unexplained demands, and her remorseless insistence on success find a curious and constant

echo in the way M handles that hard-ridden, hard killing agent 007." And it is that effort towards detailing the characters of M and Bond, and of course the psychopathic villain (superbly enacted by Javier Bardem), that takes Skyfall a few notches above the rest of the series. There is no denying that Bond is ageing; he is surrounded by fewer scantily-clad dolls, and there are no miracle gadgets. Perhaps for the first time the footage offered to M is substantially longer than all other actors (barring Daniel Craig and the villain). And apart from the fact that the Jaguars and the Range Rovers shown are products of an Indian multi-national, the last scene involving M and Bond has surely been inspired by a number of Bollywood productions! Maybe we can expect a Hindi remake of Skyfall soon – Ambergira?!u

et in picturesque North-East, ‘Boats on Land’ is a debut short story collection by Janice Pariat. Janice strings tales on the lives of the ethnic people, and the bond they share with their scenic surroundings. Most stories negotiate emotions in the back drop of a political conflict, folklore and overwhelming atmospherics. The opening story, ‘A Waterfall of Horses’, is a gripping tale, which begins in the middle of the nineteenth century – when the British ruled with their cannons, guns and horses. In ‘Laitlum’, young Grace says, “Look what’s going on. Is there time for folktales when people are shooting each oth-

BOATS ON LAND Author: Janice Pariat Publisher: Random House India Price: Rs. 399 Pages: 286

er across their own town roads?” Her boyfriend Chris replies, “Perhaps that’s when they need them the most.” Conversations like these underline the thin line separating the facts from the fables. ‘Pilgrimage’ is an intimate portrayal of a young woman who comes back to Shillong from Delhi, to refresh her roots. In the grip of childhood memories, she desperately seeks the house of her adolescent Assamese boyfriend. Unfortunately, the house seems to have disappeared, in the altered landscape over the years. Another story titled ‘19/87’ symbolises the rift between the Khasis (locals) and the ‘Dkhars’ (the outsiders). Suleiman, whose father had come to settle in Shillong when he was merely two, doesn’t know where to go when stones rain on his roof and he hears shrieks of “Dkhar liah, mih na Shillong (You bastard outsider, get out of Shillong).” ‘Boats on Land’ presents a sensuous texture of the North East, in mesmerising poetic-prose. And unlike traditional folklore, most stories are left unresolved - compelling the reader to ponder over them, long after the last page has been turned. u

Master Recipe Vijaylaxmi – Masterchef (Season 2): Top 4


An Insider's Account { Alka Gurha }


he one thing that makes for good writing, much like good food, is in the honesty with which it is cooked and presented. ‘What happens in office stays in office’ by Ankur Mithal is an earnest attempt to present an insider’s account of contemporary office life. An alumnus of the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad, Ankur played with ‘numbers’ in the banking world, much before he began playing with ‘words’ in the literary world. He has worked with and led large multicultural teams in India and abroad. With decades of work experience in big conglomerates, Ankur Mithal offers a candid perspective on Indian corporate life. What sets this book apart is its genre - contemporary fiction. The book is bristling with good humoured sarcasm, and comprises of several short chapters – each essaying

What happens in office stays in office Author: Ankur Mithal Publisher: Frog Books Price: Rs. 195 Genre: Contemporary Fiction An Insiders Account

a particular facet of official life. With his satirical brush, Ankur anatomizes most aspects of the work-culture in large corporations - business practices, designation codes, call centre rewards, voluntary retirement and customary reunions. His eye is focused on nuance even while traversing treacherous alleys of ‘bitching’, ‘office-politics’ and ‘annual appraisals’. The chapters on mobile etiquette, leadership assessment questionnaire, resume writing and the art of taking leave are particularly witty. For those who are wary of disclosing the nature of their work, but are forced to strike a conversation at a reunion, Ankur has interesting suggestions - “I take up consulting assignments occasionally... when I get bored of golf, that is,” or “I am assisting a few old friends in executing their strategy. The job is confidential right now. I will let you know as soon as it is declassified.” The narrative will echo with most working professionals, but it is eminently suitable for fresh graduate trainees entering the world of utopian jobs that promise money, liberation and empowerment. It may help lower their oncoming pressure.u

Roasted Tandoori Soya Chaap Ingredients ½ kg 1 ½ tbsp. ½ tsp. 1 tbsp. 2 tbsp. ½ tsp. ½ 1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. 100 gm. Salt to taste

soya chaap Tandoori masala black salt coriander powder curd red food coloring lemon juice cream ginger/garlic paste melted butter


 Marinate the soya chap with all the ingredients.  Let it rest for 3-4 hours.  Roast in the oven at 200°C for 40 minutes.  Grill for 5 more minutes  Serve with mint sauce, with salad as a side dish

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9-15 November 2012

C eleb W atch


This Diwali Festive Season LAMP invites you to light up the world through Music & the Arts!


mphasis on music & art in today’s generation is vital for the development of a healthy community. We need to focus on the Arts to build the intellectual, emotional, cultural, economic and political capital of our nation,” says Aubrey Aloysius, Founder Trustee, LAMP Trust. LAMP is a Trust with the mandate to promote & develop the Arts - Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts & Literary Arts. Donations to LAMP are exempt from income tax under Section 80G as per the current Government of India laws. LAMP plans to use music and art education to help children and the youth―including those from impoverished circumstances―achieve their full potential and have a positive impact on their lives. LAMP’s institutional objective is to raise awareness and resources to set up the LAMP World Cultural Centre in Gurgaon. http://www. The LAMP Music & Art Festivals will include educative workshops, concerts and exhibitions. events/415600105139944/ Lorraine Music Academy serves the community through education, workshops, recitals, concerts, exhibitions and public performances. 113247108756592

Moulin Rouge CanCan


ccor, the largest international hotel operator in Asia-Pacific, in association with Air France, presented the world-acclaimed dance and entertainment troupe – the Moulin Rouge from Paris, at the Hotel Pullman Gurgaon Central Park. 17 gorgeous dancers set the stage on fire with their exceptional performance. The staging of the ‘cancan’ was the highlight of the evening.

An invitation to light up the world around you: n As a part of its CSR objectives, Lorraine Music Academy encourages the community (individuals and institutions) to join in supporting LAMP Trust. Opportunities to participate are available in any of

Rising Designs


oted personalities of the City came together to celebrate the success of Runway Rising – an Exhibition of the delightful collections of designers like Sanjana Jon, Mayyur Girotra, Kamini Singh, to name a few. We also spotted Ramola Bachchan.

Author Speak


andmark Book store hosted an evening to celebrate writer Upendra Namburi’s latest book ‘31’. Fans were treated to a book reading session, that was followed by a discussion on the various dimensions of corporate life, conducted by Oscar De Mello.

The Eyes Have It


gala dinner was hosted by Super Specialty Eye Hospital Eye-Q. Renowned doctors, surgeons and medical experts gathered to congratulate Eye-Q on winning the Frost and Sullivan Award, for the ‘Best Healthcare Provider Company of the Year’. RJs Anant and Saurav kept the crowd in splits with their comic routine.

Designer Evening


oonam Sharma, MD, Vedic Spa Mantra, and Designer Amit Talwar of Adonize, played hosts to a grand evening of design and creativity. The guests— who had adorned creations by Talwar— included Harjinder Kaur, Vesna Jacob, Aditi Khurana, Poonam Grover, Dolly Oberoi and Sona Goyal. Actress Aditi Govitrikar was the show stopper.

the following ways: n  PARTICIPATE in the nation-wide talent contest for the award of the LAMP – iCONGO KARMAVEER CHAKRA FOR MUSIC n  VOLUNTEER at LAMP n  Enrol to become a member of “FRIENDS OF LORRAINE” to experience special cultural events and unique benefits n  Help raise SPONSORSHIPS for LAMP’s Music & Art Events n  Help raise DONATIONS for LAMP’s various projects (benefit available under Sec 80G of Income Tax Act) n Help raise GIFTS and ENDOWMENTS from Foundations, Trusts, Individuals, Corporates n Help secure ORDERS for purchase of gift articles produced by Lorraine Music Academy to help the cause of LAMP (Greeting Cards, Desk Calendars, Wall Calendars, Reproductions of Child Art, Musical Gift Vouchers) support-our-csr-initiaives.php u


9-15 November 2012

Laying Sex Bare  Contd from p 1 received study material on sex education from the Ministry of Education. After going through the content and visuals given in the book, we decided not to distribute it among the children. First of all, it was inappropriate to expose kids of all age groups to the same content and visuals. Secondly, it was necessary to develop some ground work before talking about issues like what is safe sex and how to use condoms”, says Dr. Anjali. Dr. Aparna seconds that, and says that the best way to talk about sex in a classroom is to start with relationships. “One has to start with relationship counselling. Initially, one has to take up sessions with girls and boys separately. It can later be discussed in a mixed classroom. This way a teacher can have a more mature interaction with the children,” says Dr. Aparna. She suggests that sex education should be more discussion-oriented and focused on Q&A sessions, rather than lessons and examinations. Sex education is very important, as it clarifies that both males and females have sexual needs. It also helps us know about sexually transmitted diseases, says a student of class 12th.

The Right Age

While some suggest that sex education should be given only when children attain puberty, Shalini Nambiar, Director of Excelsior American School, says, “It is important for even a 7-year-old child to know his/her body. A child should know the difference between a good touch and a bad touch. It will help in preventing child abuse. At the same time, we can’t talk about sexual intercourse at this age. So there are different levels for different age groups. But it is not an easy task, as children will ask all sorts of questions. A teacher, therefore, has to

be trained to answer those questions logically.” A gynaecologist, feels that sex education at an early age can raise some issues. She puts forth three cases, wherein girls had their periods after attending sessions on sex education. “I don’t blame just sex education for their early puberty; but we have to ‘de-glamourise’ the content, and make sex education more clinical.” The study material for sex education is a controversial topic. While International bodies like WHO suggest that only serious issues such as AIDS and STDs should be addressed through sex education, some experts feel that points like sexual satisfaction and transgender sex can also be part of it. Dr. Bhonsle, co-author of the first e-book on sex education, says “There are a number of topics that can be a part of sex education. Educating children about transgender sex is the need of the hour. Furthermore, education about social, behavioural, emotional, and legal aspects of sexuality is necessary.” According to Dr. Bhonsle, his book, “The Ultimate Sex Education Guide”, has been developed keeping in mind the sensibilities of all communities and cultures in India, without compromising on the scientific accuracy of the subject.

Myths about AIDS   You can tell by looking at someone if he/she has AIDS, or any other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) n  Any doctor can treat an HIV affected person n  HIV affected people can't have children n  If both partners have AIDS, they don't need to use a condom n

my son was 11 years old he asked me ‘Mom, where did I come from?’ I told him everything about child birth, and that it happens because of sexual intercourse between a man and a woman. I have always had open discussions about such issues. The more you hide it, the more curiosity it will build.” For Alka, it is a matter of pride that she gave a copy of ‘Playboy’ magazine to her son on his 18th birthday. “I am a friend first and then a mother,” smiles Alka. However, there are few parents like Alka. Harun Riaz, a father of a 16-year-old boy, finds it difficult to talk about sex with his son. “I was worried when I caught him watching a porn movie in his room. I want him to be aware about issues like AIDS and safe sex, but not through vulgar mediums,” says Harun. Harun is now attending counselling sessions at Jagriti, an NGO that provides counselling to parents on how to deal with the issues faced by their adolescent children. It is also important for parents to ensure that children have respect for the opposite

Role of Parents

No matter how much awareness is imparted in the schools, the role of parents remains crucial. Recounting her personal experience, Alka, a Counsellor at Pathways World School, says “When

What children should know: Around the age of 5:

 To maintain privacy of their body parts  To distinguish between a good touch and a bad touch n To raise an alarm if they feel unsafe n

West Bengal is the only State that has decided to impart sex education as a subject in all the schools by 2015. In Haryana, the Education department has tried to introduce sex education under the name of 'Life Skills Education', many a times – without success. Imparting sex education is currently optional for schools. While many private schools conduct yearly workshops and discussion forums on the subject, the government schools are still struggling to introduce it to the students.

C over S tory


Around the age of 9:

  How a baby is born   About the symptoms of puberty n  About hygiene and care of genital areas n n

sex. A teacher at one of the renowned schools of the City recounts a horrible incident, wherein a 12-year-old boy, after having been dumped by his girlfriend, posted inappropriate pictures of her on the Internet. “The problem is that we only teach our daughters about what is right and what is not. There is a more important need to teach our sons to respect women,” she says. Experts also feel that boys need more attention. “Boys are the 'disadvantaged' lot. Girls speak to their mothers and teachers, but boys usually don’t have the same comfort level with their fathers. For them, the source of information is normally their peer group or the Internet, which can provide a distorted view,” says Shalini. 'I don't think our husbands would respect us the way our fathers respect our mothers. Indian men, while they now have one-night stands with many girls, still expect 'their' women to not have changed. They are still obsessed with 'virgin brides', says a class 12th student. Today information is just a click away. However, it can be misleading. Thus, it is imperative for parents and schools, the 'credible' sources, to jointly provide the right information on sex. The aim should be to help create a sexually healthy, responsible, and sensitive future generation. “It is important to understand that the focus of sex education is not just on sex, but also on addressing anxieties in children relating to the mental, physical, and sexual aspects of growing up. It should also empower and protect children from sexual abuses and sexually transmitted diseases. Imparting sex education is like handing over a torch to the children, so that they can then show themselves the path ahead,” says Dr. Aparna. u

STDs, other than AIDS According to a study conducted by WHO in Asia, teenagers have higher rates of STDs—like Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia and Herpes—as compared to adults. Here is what a teenager needs to know about them: Chlamydia: It is very common among adolescent females. It can be transmitted during vaginal, anal, or oral sex. The symptoms of Chlamydia are infection in the cervix and urethra (urine canal). People suffering from Chlamydia can also have an abnormal vaginal discharge, or a burning sensation when urinating. The disease is completely curable, if detected early.  Gonorrhoea: It is caused by a bacterium, which can grow in the mouth, throat, eyes, and anus. The symptoms of Gonorrhoea are anal itching, soreness, bleeding – and in some cases it can cause pelvic inflammatory diseases. Untreated gonorrhea can increase the risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV. Gonorrhea can be cured with the right treatment at the right time. Herpes: It is highly contagious. It is possible to catch herpes after kissing the infected person. The symptoms of Herpes are blisters on the genitals, sores around the mouth, and fever.People affected with herpes are more susceptible to HIV. 

Around the age of 13:

  Love doesn't necessarily involve sex   About advantages and disadvantages of masturbation n  About sexual intercourse between a man and a woman n  About various birth control methods and their availability  n  About AIDS and STDs  n n

Around the age of 15:

  About transgender sex   Law relating to sexual behaviour and relationships

n n


DC Orders

n view of the Deepawali festival, the District Magistrate PC Meena has issued orders prohibiting the use of firecrackers and explosives between 10.00pm and 6.00am, with immediate effect - till 13th November. Children of a tender age are not allowed to use firecrackers. The sale of rockets, fast moving surris and dangerous types of bomb has been prohibited. No person shall use fireworks within 500 metres of the Indane bottling plant in Naya Gaon, Badshahpur. Further, under Section 144 Cr PC, the holding of any procession, dharna or demonstration without prior permission of the District Administration has been prohibited, as a precautionary measure. These orders will remain in force till 14th November.

9-15 November 2012


THIS WEEK Big Cinemas, Palam Vihar Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Time: 1.00 pm, 7.30 pm 1920 Evil Returns Time: 11.15 am, 6.30 pm Skyfall Time: 3.30 pm, 9.00 pm PVR: Ambience Premier Skyfall Time: 10.00 am, 1.00 pm, 4.00 pm, 7.00 pm, 10.00 pm Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Time: 10.00 am, 3.10 pm, 8.20 pm 1920 Evil Returns Time: 12.40 pm, 5.50 pm, 10.55 pm Stolen Time: 10.10 am, 2.30 pm, 4.40 pm, 9.00 pm, 11.10 pm Keymon & Nani: In Space Adventure Time: 12.20 pm, 6.50 pm Wreck It Ralph (3D) Time: 10.00 am, 2.20 pm, 6.40 pm Top Cat (3D) Time: 12.20 pm, 4.40 pm Argo Time: 11.20 pm Chasing Mavericks Time: 4.40 pm, 9.00 pm Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron Time: 11.05 am, 7.00 pm Student Of The Year Time:1.50 pm Chakravyuh

Time: 9.45 pm PVR: Ambience Gold Skyfall Time: 11.00 am, 2.00 pm, 5.00 pm, 8.00 pm, 10.55 pm 1920 Evil Returns Time: 10.00 am, 3.10 pm, 8.20 pm

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Time: 12.30 pm, 5.40 pm, 10.50 pm Address: 3rd Floor, Ambience Mall, NH-8 Website: PVR MGF: MGF Mall Chasing Mavericks Time: 10.00 am, 4.45 pm, 11.30 pm Stolen Time: 12.25 pm, 2.35 pm, 7.10 pm, 9.20 pm Wreck It Ralph (3D) Time: 10.00 am, 2.20 pm, 4.40 pm, 9.00 pm Top Cat (3D)

♦ CII organizes a 2-day invest-

ment Conference (for North India) in the City. There are domestic and international participants. CM Hooda lists the various achievements of Haryana. On Gurgaon he talks of a proposal whereby the State will take over the Toll Plaza project. ♦ IT Exports from Haryana (mainly Gurgaon) grew almost 10%, and were about Rs 25,000 crores in 2011-12. A Regional IT industry promotion office has now been set up in Gurgaon. Gurgaon has more than 400 IT and IT Enabled Services (ITES) companies. They are offered various incentives, the major one being the relaxation in the Floor Area Ratio (FAR).

♦ Haryana has set up a State

Commission for Scheduled Castes, following the earlier State Commission for Women. The Human Rights Commission has started functioning under the Chairmanship of Justice Vijender Jain (retd.). Justice H.S. Bhalla (retd.) and J.S. Ahlawat (retd. IAS) are members.

♦ DHBVN earns a record Rs 553

crores in October. Gurgaon is the highest contributor, with Rs 240 crores revenue. DHBVN has proposed a franchise model to check power theft and improve service, by appointing 4 Feeder Distribution Associates (FDA) per operation circle – for power distribution, billing, and collection.

♦ Haryana Discoms are ready to

L istings


Time: 12.20 pm, 7.00 pm Argo Time: 11.20 pm Skyfall Time: 11.00 am, 2.00 pm, 5.00 pm, 8.00 pm, 10.55 pm Keymon & Nani: In Space Adventure Time: 10.05 am, 5.25 pm Student Of The Year Time: 11.50 am, 7.10 pm Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron Time: 2.40 pm, 9.55 pm 1920 Evil Returns Time: 10.15 am, 12.45 pm, 3.15 pm, 5.45 pm, 8.15 pm, 10.45 pm Dhamarukam (Telugu) Time: 11.00 am, 2.00 pm, 5.00 pm, 8.00 pm Chakravyuh Time: 10.55 pm Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Time: 10.00 am, 3.20 pm, 6.00 pm, 8.40 pm, 11.20 pm Manthrikan (Malayalam) Time: 12.40 pm Address: 3rd floor, MGF Mall, MG Road Ph: 0124- 4530000 Website: PVR Sahara: Sahara Mall 1920 Evil Returns Time: 10.00 am, 12.30 pm, 3.00 pm, 5.30 pm, 8.00 pm, 10.30 pm Dhamarukam (Telugu) Time: 10.45 am Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Time: 1.45 pm, 7.30 pm Skyfall (Hindi) Time: 4.30 pm Skyfall Time: 10.15 pm

THE WEEK THAT WAS supply all villages upto 20 hours of power (instead of just 11 hours today), if the villagers ensure that the technical and commercial losses are reduced. Every household will have to take a regular power connection, and the meter will have to be shifted outside the house. All damaged/old meters will be replaced with electronic meters.

♦ Deputy PM of Zimbabwe, Arthur

Mutambara, visits an Anganwadi Centre at Manesar, along with a delegation of young global leaders from the World Economic Forum. He is impressed by this scheme, and observes that he would like to implement such a scheme back home

♦ Argentina has invited farmers

from India to purchase land there (even as a co-operative), cultivate it and bring back the produce. The Ambassador of Argentina called on CM Hooda recently, and invited him and a team for a visit. President Eiji Watanabe of SMBC Nikko, that advises 3000 Japanese companies for overseas investments, met CM Hooda. Many of the Japanese companies wish to shift from China, and are looking for the right global destination(s).

♦ DC Meena reviews the progress

on the ’status quo’ order of the High Court in the 900m area of the Ammunition Depot. Apart from FIRs being lodged against those found constructing in the area, contempt

proceedings will be filed against anyone trying to lead an agitation against demolitions of illegal construction in this zone. It is believed that there have been no new constructions in the past few months.

♦ The District Legal Services Au-

thority (DLSA) has been organising school activities to increase the awareness among the youth of social evils (like foeticide and child labour), as well as of safeguarding one’s rights. District and Sessions Judge Dr BB Parsoon told the children that ‘just as the people go to the market for buying things, students go to school for studying, (similarly) citizens should come to courts for safeguarding their rights. It is not a place to be feared; rather it is where you can demand your righteous due.’

♦ A Police Station is being set up to exclusively handle cases of crime against women; it will also be manned by women staff.

♦ An eyewitness to last year’s

pub brawl is found murdered. ♦ A cab driver, picked up for questioning on his wife’s suicide attempt, dies in police custody. Family blames 6 police officers. The Police Station, in Sector 29, has been put under CCTV – and the plan is to extend this facility to all PSs. ♦ A trader is held up and robbed of his cash and car; his relative is shot. ♦ An abandoned pistol is found in

a toilet at Epicentre. ♦ 5 students are injured after their school bus is hit by a truck.

♦ An advocate is among 7 people

booked for a land fraud case involving about Rs 40 lakhs; a man travelling with family is duped of Rs 7.5 lakhs that he was carrying in his car; a forger who took out Rs 2.86 lakhs from someone’s PF savings is booked; lakhs worth of jewellery is shoplifted from Gold Souk, by a gang of 2 women and a man. There is a fire in a furniture company.

♦ MCG House Meeting turns

out to be chaotic. There is agitation on the continued poor state of sanitation services. However, 2 group housing projects are passed as part of a new Town Planning scheme. ♦ Sacked Maruti workers in Manesar go on a hunger strike. ♦ Haryana Sahitya Academy organizes a Hasya Kavi Sammelan in the City. ♦ Col. (retd.) Ratan Singh is elected Chairman, JAFRA for the fifth time.

08 family, relatives and friends,” said Sourav Dimri, an executive working in one of the corporate firms at Cyber Park. Gurgaon has two big stadiums, hundreds of parks, and many private academies to play in – but the sports players are dwindling. “I, along with my grandson, come here daily for a walk in the morning, but my son doesn't have time for any walk. On weekends, he goes to his friends and relatives to have fun. I am not criticising my son, but this is the common scenario in this City. You look around in the park and tell me how many young men can you see taking a walk, jogging or playing any game,” said Kartar Singh, an elderly man in Sector-22 Tau Devi Lal Park. “The group housing schemes are cages of concrete, with priority given to community centres and shops. Very few have a large playground,” said an RWA member.


Despite having a busy life and low sporting spirit, Gurgaon has sports infrastructure in plenty for its masses. In the big stadiums, almost all basic, if not great, facilities are available. “In Tau Devi Lal Stadium and Nehru Stadium we have kept place for almost all the games. I won't say that we have provided state-of-the-art facilities, but the basic infrastructure is quite good. While Nehru Stadium is for the professional players, in the Tau Devi Lal Stadium any ordinary citizen can play his or her desired game. Then there is a tennis academy in Sector-15, which charges a minimal fee,” said Kulwinder Singh. Gurgaon also has many private sports academies, offering tennis, cricket, boxing and horse riding. “The City has twenty big and

small sports academies, providing the infrastructure and coaching for various games. For example, here in my academy we provide infrastructure and coaching for games like cricket, tennis, badminton and horse riding; and like us there are several other academies that provide coaching in different games. For cricket there is Yuvraj Singh's cricket academy at one of the famous schools, and Virender Sehwag has an academy in Jhajjar – which is also not far from here. We just need to create the energy and zeal for games, said Kulwinder Singh. These private academies may not be very cheap, but they do help to enhance the sporting spirit, because people come here to learn the craft of a game. And when someone pays to learn something, he always pays better attention to the game,” said Sandeep Jakhar, a cricket coach who runs an academy at one of the private schools in Palam Vihar.

All is not lost

We have been playing basketball here for the last two years. We are from different parts of the city, and in different professions. But no matter how busy our schedule, we come here at 6:30 in the morning and play basketball for more than two hours daily,” said Ankit Sharma, a

C ivic/Social

Work Hard, Hardly Play youngster at Tau Devi Lal Stadium. “The spirit of sports can't die, no matter how modern Gurgaon becomes. We daily see new people coming to play different games. Football has attracted the youngsters the most, because it provides the 'maximum output in minimum time'. It seems the output of calorie burning is now as important as fun,” said Mahender Singh Saroha, Football Coach at Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex. Further, although many of Gurgaon's hallowed residents may not have the time to play any sport, the onus of keeping the sporting spirit alive has been taken up by the people from the 'outside'. Gurgaon has a significant population from the North East, working in various establishments. One can see them playing football or volleyball in many corners of the City. Parks like Leisure Valley and Sector-22 have become their favourite playgrounds. “We are twenty boys from neighbouring states—like Manipur, Assam, Arunchal Pradesh—who play football here every evening. We all work at different places in Gurgaon –

in restaurants, bars and households. But we assemble here daily around 4 pm, and play football for two odd hours,” said Robin Tamang, who hails from Manipur. Some of them also play badminton and volleyball. “Playing sports ensures a good and healthy City. It is ironic that the well-off Gurgaon residents are either walking or sitting near the fountain, while these people (from the North East), even after hard day jobs, play football and games – and that too with great passion! We need to learn from them,” said Manjeet Yadav, a youngster who works as a software engineer in a corporate firm, and regularly plays badminton.

After school all goes haywire

We all play games till our school days; the moment we step outside those trusted and protected gates, our lives start dispersing in all directions. And slowly, sports, which was once an integral part of our daily life, starts becoming an alien concept for us. “Of course, after school and college, life does take a great turn, and sports is one of those aspects of life which lags behind. Actually in school everything is kept in balance by the curriculum. The moment we have choice, most us prefer an easy and modern life,”

G'ites favourite games

said Rahul Acharya at Cyber Park in Sector-39. To make matters worse, Gurgaon colleges don't have any sports infrastructure; and most of the institutes offering professional courses have just enough space to pack in the students,” said Mandeep Singh, a student from one of the private universities in the City.

Is gym a substitute?

For many the Gym has come up as a substitute to playing sports; they believe that going to a gym is as good and effective as playing sports. “Now after getting into PRAKHAR PANDEY

 Contd from p 1

9-15 November 2012

jobs we don't have time to play any sports like cricket, and most of my friends are also busy with their careers. That is why I have started going to the gym, to lose some calories. I don't know whether gym can be a substitute for sports, but it may be effective in burning calories. Of course the spirit of comradeship is not there at all. In the gym all remain 'busy' in doing their workout, and the coach also concentrates just on the workout. Gym is an obligation, whereas sports was fun,” said Ashish Kumar at Sector-46 Sai Health Centre. Gym owners are also aware of the fact that people don't have time, and they want quick workouts without any problem. “Gym can't be a substitute for sportsmanship and camaraderie, it's just a mode of getting sweat and losing some calories. People come here because now they don't have time for sports, but they still want to remain fit. Earlier people used to work and play outside, and they used to have natural muscles; but now young boys ask for muscle building supplements because they want to establish their hegemony in their peer group without working too hard. It's good for our business, but not for the sportsmanship of the City,” said Pankaj Thakran, who's working as a coach in a City gym.

Despite being busy earning for a luxury car and a mammoth mansion, the well-heeled Gurgaonite hasn't lost interest in all sports. Golf is the mass favourite of the classes – with tennis a runner up. “There are 8 golf courses in and around Gurgaon. For tennis there are 8 private academies, where people spend thousands of rupees per month to learn. People don't prefer to play in the parks or stadiums because for some even playing a game has become a subject of class and prestige. Here in my Academy I teach tennis to both the rich as well as the poor. The All India Tennis Association (AITA) helps us by providing playing material for the poor kids who can't afford it. For the first time in my life I have seen a sport making a demarcation between the rich and the not so rich. Sporting spirit has indeed taken a back seat,” said J.S Duggal, Coach at the National Tennis Academy, Gurgaon. Cycling is also attracting many people. Some of them believe that Gurgaon is the best place in the whole of the NCR for cycling. Gurgaon offers us the opportunity of mountain biking, because of the Aravalis. “Gurgaon is a city of migrants – not only from the various parts of India, but from the world. And cycling is one thing that binds us together, here in the T3 Cycling group. We have over 350 members, including expats from Japan and various European countries. At an average of 10 to 15 riders, we cycle around 50 to 60 km daily,” said Manas, an avid member of the T3 cycling group. Perhaps this is the best example of sports culture in Gurgaon. Most Gurgaonites still stay away from outdoor sports; and this attitude now applies to even indoor sports – like

TT. Gurgaonites prefer to sit at home and 'play' on the internet, or 'play' video games.

The two Gurgaons and the dying spirit

To many, Gurgaon is just a City that offers unlimited opportunities to earn money. They fail to see the aspects which clearly bifurcate this City. “Yes, we have two cities in one Gurgaon. One is slow, helpless and deprived, while the other is glossy, fast and modern; the rich people are getting richer, and the poor are losing ground on a daily basis. And that's the reason why the sporting spirit has also taken a backseat. Any social collaboration inside an individual's mind stems from the school and co-curricular activities (including sports) between different schools. But here in Gurgaon private schools have their own hegemony and their own competitions, and they don't participate in the district and block level games organised by the State. They think that their children are superior. Unless the kids from all sections of society play together; a true spirit of sports and camaraderie can't be developed,” explained Kulwinder Singh. u

9-15 November 2012

{ Anita Jaswal }

A Fine Artist


very artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one. Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.  ~Leonardo da Vinci This quote by the famous painter sums up Shelly Jyoti's essence. Jyoti is a visual artist, fashion designer, independent curator, poet and a researcher, whose research centres on the design and visual representation of textiles, embroideries and costumes of the 20th century. “My work is centred on iconographic elements within the cultural context of Indian history. I explore and construct the hermeneutics of period histories, (and) its contemporary representation of socioeconomic and political inquiry, within my art practice,” muses Shelly (excerpts from her biography-website www. She trained in fashion, textiles and clothing technology at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi, and earned her Master’s degree in English Literature from Chandigarh. Her first love was for kidswear garments. She then trained herself as a fashion designer in the early 90s, creating and retailing the haute couture hi-fashion women wear collections under her own label. She moved to the Visual Art medium in 1999. The ‘Lyrical Abstraction 2007 series’ was followed by ‘Beyond Mithila series 2008’ – influenced by the 7th and 8th century art forms of India. ‘The Indigo Narratives series’(2009-2012)  were inspired by history and narratives of immigration and transnational economic interchanges, in collaboration with an American artist friend. These visual art exhibitions have travelled across India and the US. She has been invited for a show/ talks by the Chicago Cultural Centre, during Jan–April 2013. She is presently working on   2012-13 projects from her Gurgaon studio. There is a curatorial ICCR project on Textiles of India, to be exhibited at the Asian Traditional Textile Museum, Seim Reap, Cambodia. Her upcoming   solo visual project “Salt: The Great March 2013” focuses on non-violence, tolerance, peace and harmony.

{ Atul Dev }


ecent media reports and other whispers are suggesting that there is growing concern amongst people living in Gurgaon on the harmful effects of the radiations emitted by cell phone towers installed in various sectors. RWAs have undertaken dharnas to get these removed from their vicinity; some RWAs have even threatened to go to court. How dangerous are these cell phone towers, and what is the remedy? Residents in Gurgaon have not yet reported any of the several ailments linked with such radiations – like headache, fatigue, joint pain, sleep disturbance, ear problems. Some experts have opined that

Jyoti has been a judge, given talks, and conducted workshops in art and fashion schools. Her work has appeared in several Indian and international art journals and magazines. She has also been writing poetry since childhood. She has been invited to perform, along with a video installation in Mumbai this December, by an international interdisciplinary group ‘Mumbai Twelve’. Her  poetic works are part of the collection of Sahitya Akademi. She is an advisory board member of Disha, a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping children with autism, and is involved with Socleen - a non-profit environmental organisation, and Baroda Citizens Council (BCC) - a non-profit engaged in macro level city and urban developmental issues. “Art is a passion unexplained. As an artist I strongly feel the responsibility to conserve the folk artforms in my own way. I have an intense interest in visual and textile craft. I love patterns, and patterns within patterns: not only the suave and decorative forms of folk art compositions, but also the reproduction of tapestries, embroideries, silks, motifs, and the bright clutter of vegetable pigments. They remind me of the intermingling of traditions,” enthuses Jyoti. Azrak Initiative is her ongoing project to preserve the Azrak resist dyeing & printing technique with Bhuj (Gujarat) craftsmen, by documenting the technique through visual representations in the galleries and museums. She lives and works in Gurgaon. Her husband is the Chief Executive (Railway business), Larsen & Toubro. Her son is a management consultant, and daughter an engineer working as a cyber consultant in USA. Both the children have artistic flair, and have held exhibitions in Baroda and Mumbai (Jehangir Art Gallery). “They work with the digital medium. Business school ‘fundas’ from my husband, and my dabbling in different art forms/ techniques has been an important learning for my children in their growing up years,” says Jyoti. It's poetic to see how this artistic family has passed on the brush, from one generation to the next. u

Cell Tower Emissions the radiation from these towers can also lead to cancers. People quote the well-researched case of Usha Kiran Building, Worli, Mumbai, where six cancer cases were reported from consecutive floors (5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th). The floors were directly facing, and at a similar height, as, the mobile phone towers of four telecom companies that were placed on the roof of a building opposite – Vijay Apartments Terrace on Carmichael Road. The two buildings are within 15 metres of each other, a 'harmful distance' for these waves. Technical studies indicate a pattern of radiation from cell towers. The effect of these radia-

tions depends on one's direction and distance from these towers. There is also a difference in the type of radiations emitted from the circular dish antennas versus cell tower antennas. The circular dish antennas, operating at high frequency but low power, are point to point, and not very harmful to people just outside their ‘line-of-sight’. Cell tower antennas, operating at low frequency and higher power, are point to multi-point, and potentially more dangerous. Most towers in Gurgaon are primarily equipped with the standard cell tower antennas. It must, however, be accepted that human beings are capable of absorbing a certain amount

C ivic/Social


Making Gurgaon the Capital would be political suicide: Hooda { Maninder Dabas / FG }



urgaon's unprecedented success in the last one and half decades has many a times triggered the debate of making it the capital of Haryana. In the intellectual circles of the City, this thought has created a lot of buzz, and a large section of Gurgaon's civil society believes that making Gurgaon the State capital would ensure the City gets its due. But the State will not ever consider it. “Do you want Haryana to commit political suicide? Since the formation of Haryana in 1966, Chandigarh has been its Capital, and that is one of the reasons why our State has achieved more than the expectations. The repercussions of any change would impact the development of the State. Chandigarh is our capital and it will remain so,” said Bhupender Singh Hooda, the Chief Minister, Haryana, while answering a question in a Meet organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in a City hotel last week.

Haryana to have its own High Court

"Chandigarh is far from many districts of Haryana. My government is trying its level best to give the State its own High Court, outside of Chandigarh – so that people from all corners of the state can reach there easily. And I hope very soon Haryana would have its own High Court,” said Hooda, while answering a question regarding setting up a bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Gurgaon. There was no mention of Gurgaon in his reply. (Geographically the answer should be Jind – although the CM's eyes may see Rohtak.)

Government set to take over Gurgaon e-way

Giving Gurgaonites reason to cheer, CM Hooda said that the government is mulling the possibility of buying out the operational rights of the 27.7km Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, to ensure hassle-free commuting between Delhi and Gurgaon. “The Toll Plaza has been a long pending issue waiting for a viable solution. The government of Haryana has now thought of buying out the operational rights, and we have already taken substantial steps in this regard. We are in talks with the Surface Transport Ministry and NHAI. We are confident of running such operations on our own,” said Hooda. The Gurgaon Toll Plaza has been a bone of contention between the residents and DGSCL for quite a while now, and residents and police have demonstrated many a times for its removal. On an average there is a monthly collection of 17 crores rupees. Since January 2008, when DGSCL started collecting the toll, after spending Rs. 1,240 crores in the construction of the Expressway, there have been 383 accidental deaths on the road. DGSCL has 20 years of toll collection rights, till 2028; and if the Haryana government wants to buy it out, it will have to pay a heavy cost.u

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7838003874 / 9999444818 7827233023 / 9899443477 of radiation without harmful effects. The best examples one can give are of the use of TV sets and microwave ovens. Both produce harmful radiation, but in such micro intensities that they are not considered potential health hazards. To negate the effect of these harmful radiations from cell towers we can consider the following, as per experts: n  Review 'safe radiation levels', and be ultra-conservative. We should anyway reduce the power transmitted from each tower. This will certainly reduce the coverage area of each tower, and thus will need a greater number of towers – but, health is the real wealth. We need to adopt the slogan “Reduce the Power or Remove the Tower”. n Use Radiation Protectors, that can be pasted at the back of cell phones, and even laptops

and other devices emitting radiations. The protectors emit radiations of a higher frequency than cell tower radiations, thus generating random waves which suppress the microwaves emitted by towers, cell phones, Wi-Fi devices, and make them compatible with the human body’s wave form. Some technical jargon that! n Use quartz crystals, which emit negative ions, to help dissipate the electromagnetic emission from towers, or any other electronic gadgets, in the vicinity. We need to monitor cell tower radiation 24x7. While mobile telephony has taken quantum leaps recently, India has been lax in managing the growing threat of cell tower radiation. u (Atul Dev is a Gurgaon based senior freelance journalist. He is also Convener of INTACHGurgaon Chapter.)


9-15 November 2012

K id C orner

Amiown’s Dandiya


he tiny tots of Amiown School were in festive spirits as they performed the Dandiya dance. The School looked colourful, with specially designed Rangolis made with Parijaat flowers – a symbol of purity. With a little help from the teachers, the students gave a wonderful performance – carefully balancing their steps to the Dandiya movements.

Hands-On Astronauts


iny tots at Hands-On participated in a Workshop – Young Astronaut. The Workshop introduced the children to subjects like rocketry, astronomy, engineering and design. The students also took part in art and craft activities, wherein they learnt about the parts of rockets and spaceships, how they are made, and their functioning. 

Banyan Editors


Alpine Brain


he second BrainCafe Budding Scientist Contest was organised at a local School. Students from Class I to VIII, from more than 750 schools, participated in the Event. The students prepared models based on themes and categories – like air, water, and magnets.
B. Harshwardhan, a student of Class I from Alpine Convent School, was shortlisted for the National level.

he students of Banyan Tree School celebrated Newspaper Week. The children were taught about the design and layout of a newspaper. They were also given a brief on reporting and writing articles. The students were divided into four groups; each group was asked to create its own newspaper by cutting out articles from other newspapers. The students enjoyed this new experience and were enthusiastic about creating a publication.

Inspiring Captain


Special Assembly was held at Shiv Nadar School, based on the life of the Captain of the Indian Cricket team – Mahendra Singh Dhoni. The students showcased the journey of his life, with his hard work and dedication – traits that led to his success. The students also participated enthusiastically in a Quiz on Dhoni’s life and achievements.

Compiled by Shilpy Arora, email:

Ryan Quiz Whizzes


yan International School, Sector 40, played host to an Intra-Class Quiz Competition—‘Faster, Smarter, and Better’ —organised by master quizzer Derek O’Brien. Students of Class VI participated in this Quiz, which entailed 5 rounds. The students showed great presence of mind as they dealt with the tricky questions. The winning teams were given medals and certificates. School Head Peeya Sharma congratulated the students for their participation, and motivated them to keep the Ryan banner flying high.

Kid Corner

9-15 November 2012


Hallo Weenies E

xcelsior American School celebrated the ‘spirit’ of Halloween with great enthusiasm. The students came to School dressed up in different costumes, with scary masks. Many students had also painted their faces. The kids took part in various activities, after which they were treated to goodies.


he young ones at Lancers International School had a fun time celebrating Halloween. A variety of comic and fabled characters came alive – with the students all dressed up for the Event. It was wonderful to spot some students taking the role of their characters seriously!

Elementary Pottery

Swimming Gem



otter’s Day was celebrated at Sixth Element PreSchool with great enthusiasm. A local potter was invited to demonstrate how pots are made on the potter’s wheel. The tiny tots were amazed to see the end results. The activity aimed to make the children more aware of clay and its different uses and benefits.

year-old Kanishka Shokeen, of Gems International School, created a splash at the CBSE North Zone Swimming Championship, held at the Pratap World School in Pathankot. Kanishka won the Bronze medal in the Under-12 Group, for the 50 mts Butterfly Stroke. She has also won two Silver Medals in the past, in the Haryana Swimming Championship.

Literary Flourish

MOTHER “M” is for the millions things she gives me, “O” means that only she’s growing old, “T” is for the tears she sheds to save me, “H” is for her heart of purest gold, “E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining, “R” means right, and right she’ll always be. Put them all together, they spell “MOTHER” A word that means the world to me.

Artistic Strokes

Jassi Koundal, VI B, Sucheta Memorial School

Muskan, VI B, Kendriya Vidyalaya

MIHEEKA BHASIN Grade I-C, Scottish High International School


9-15 November 2012

K id Corner

Kids Brainticklers

Ozzimals: Color this picture

Animal Crackers


Fill in the grid so that every row, column and coloured box contains ALL the numbers from 1 to 6. Bonus clue: which number should go in the circle: 1 or 4?

Two Wise Men

Dogs of C-Kennel

9-15 November 2012

Bon Vivant 13

Creating Exceptional Spaces { Anita Jaswal }

jit kumar


ouldn’t it be great to shape and influence the spaces around us? To have the necessary skills to design single and multi-level houses, and the interiors of high-rise residential apartment complexes? This talent is in those who have the eye to seamlessly blend comfort, beauty and functionality – and now, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency also. Soniya J. Baveja is a qualified and trained interior designer and visual merchandiser, with over 15 years of experience. She started her career with Inside Story, a sister concern of Punj Lloyd Pvt. Ltd., handling Interiors and Furniture Production for farm houses, offices and restaurants. She moved on to Cottage Industries Expositions Pvt. Ltd. as Chief Designer, handling Furniture production and Interiors of CIE Showrooms in India and abroad. Her last assignment, before starting her own ‘Design X’plore’, was with Arcus Ltd., as Head of Store Design and Visual Merchandising. Design X’plore, spearheaded by Soniya, was formed in the summer of 2005 to bring high quality original interior design to the residential and commercial market place. Soniya attempts to educate as well as serve. She does this by way of working closely with some well-established design institutes, participating in lecture events, and undertaking workshops and seminars on the subject. She has won several accolades, and has been honoured for her excellent work in Interior Design. She has been a Guest Lecturer and External Jury for several educational institutions. “We believe that good interior design can change and enhance your lifestyle, whether at home or at work. Understanding spaces, and creating an interior that inspires you and makes you happy, are what we are all about,” says Soniya. After successfully running this interior design studio Soniya now feels a strong pull to explore the environmental aspects of interior design, and the benefits of introducing eco-friendly elements into homes. “At Design X’plore, our goal is to help and educate our clients, not to push

Festive City

{ Sujata Goenka }

T them into going green. We work with you and determine what is most important to you, and then decide which elements of Green Design will be integrated into your home. ‘Let design change your life’ is our motto! When we talk about innovation, we mean the successful exploitation of new ideas. We turn inspirations into reality. And we are good at iterative prototyping, refining the concept through repeated cycles, getting feedback from the right people as we go,” explains Soniya. Design X’plore has a large portfolio of completed projects, ranging from residential renovations and refurbishments to international commercial projects. For all this Soniya thanks her husband, Sharad Baveja, who is her life partner and support system – and her 10 year-old son. “Like with anything business-related I think it’s very easy to look at a husband and wife combo and think they’ve got it made. It’s certainly not all high fives and long lunches in our house, but there are a few conscious decisions and changes that we’ve made along the way – all of which have made a huge difference to our work/life balance. We share a common vision based on the same values; the strengths and skills we bring to the table are different, but complement each other. 

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Honesty, respect, communication and support of each other, and each others’ ideas, make up most of the successful ingredients,” says Soniya. Soniya has a love for fine fabrics, antiques, and colour. Her knowledge of planning, spatial flow, and  product selection helps create comfortable, elegant spaces. “We get our design  inspiration from books, art, nature, and architecture. What makes a good designer is the ability to listen, and to remain open to beauty, that can be found everywhere – from the sumptuous textures of a fine fabric to the graceful lines of a perfect chair.” Sharad is an accounts, management and technology whiz. He also has an attention to detail. His marketing skills and appreciation for excellent craftsmanship are evident in his ability to find solutions, his product selection and his ability to layout beautifully presented design plans. The two believe good taste and deep pockets are not necessarily complementary. For each client they create unique, wildly original spaces that showcase their funky, downtown-chic aesthetic, their unpretentious design sensibility, and their self-taught, drop-dead gorgeous style. They pull together an eclectic mix, and present their client with a spectacular and totally customised room that surpasses every expectation.u

he Season Of Sound And Light Is Here … The sounds of Diwali have already greeted my eardrums. A few days before Dussehra the firecrackers had made their appearances – regardless of price hike and pollution. The newspapers also carry less news and more adverts, announcing every mela happening in town. The celebration mood is in full swing. The skyline is lit up with the outlines of buildings. It is a beautiful sight from an airplane. The hotels and malls are competing for the customers. The local shopping complexes are already lit up with strings of different coloured lights. It is a pleasure to spend an evening just walking around Galleria, an open market. The different clubs hosted the Dandiya and Dessehra melas. Epicentre for the first time invited a Mathura-based nautanki. It was a pleasure to watch this rustic theatre perform Ramlila. There was a mela indoors and food stalls outside. It was a perfect outing – with the early nip in the air as a bonus. The venues were full, despite the entry being expensive . Now, the Diwali melas have taken over, and will continue to this weekend.u

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Get a taste of the local lingo

1. I can't find my wallet anywhere. Manne mera batuya na milre kitte bhi. 2. I think it has been stolen. Manne laage chori ho liye watey. 3. It had little money. Usme mhaade bahut rapye the. 4. It had all my important papers. Usme kaam ke kaagaz the. 5. What should I do now? Ib mein key karun? 6. Maybe it fell off in the bus. Bus me khu gaya hoga. 7. Now you lend me some money. Manne rupye dede tu thodese.

14 Brain Storms { Martin Faber / Berlin / DPA }


homas knows the symptoms: a strange sensation rising from the stomach up to the left cheek. “And then a spiral of fear begins, because you know that a seizure is coming,” says Thomas, Chairman of a German Self-help Association for Epileptics, who himself suffered from the ailment for 15 years. The epileptic seizures would render him unconscious. He used to wake up with friends and associates standing helplessly around him. “They simply didn’t know what to do,” he says. Epilepsy is relatively common, with a rate of about 1 per cent among the general population. The causes lie in a brain abnormality. “This could be genetic, caused by a tumour, caused by an accident, or by a stroke,” says Thomas

Mayer, Head of the German Association of Epileptology. Contrary to widely held prejudice, epilepsy is not a mental handicap. “Many epilepsy patients are in demanding jobs,” according to Christian Elger, a Berlin Professor of Neurology. “However, if the cause of the epileptic seizures affects the brain’s performance, there could be an impact on the intellect.” There is no definitive definition of the condition, but it must at least involve repeated seizures over a period of time. Epileptic seizures can be compared to a thunderstorm in the brain – with nerve cells discharging without warning. The seizures may last for a few seconds, during which the patient appears to have switched off from the world around him/her. The patient may have problems with perception, exhibit strange behaviour – such as sudden growling, and even become unconsciousness. “The patient becomes completely stiff, shows immense strength, twitches rhythmically, and falls unconscious to the floor – sometimes incurring injuries as severe as broken bones,” Elger says. Bystanders are frequently unnerved. “It lasts about 90 seconds at the most; but by the time the patients have got themselves

W ellness

9-15 November 2012

Trending Dengue

Interest over time The number 100 represents the peak search volume

Dengue fever worrying Indian netizens – with NCR taking lead!



ith veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra’s death triggered by dengue, and the increasing number of this disease cases being reported throughout the country, it seems that Indians are searching online to make sure that they are safe from the dreaded fever. Google Search Trends for the past 30 days reflects this worry, and shows that the highest volume of searches related to dengue have been related to its symptoms. Also, triggered by the recent posts on various social networking sites about the medicinal properties of papaya in curing dengue, the plant has seen rising searches on Google. From a regional interest perspective, Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Delhi are the top three states that have been searching for dengue. Gurgaon and Noida are the second and third most worried cities in the country, with high search volumes based out of these locations.  An interesting point to note is that the search for dengue peaked on October 22, the day when Yash Chopra passed away.

80 60 40 20 Oct 15, 2012

Regional interest Worldwide > India

Oct 22, 2012

Oct 29, 2012

Nov 5, 2012

Related terms

symptoms dengue symptoms dengue fever symptoms of dengue dengue fever symptoms dengue mosquito mosquito dengue treatment dengue test




together again, perhaps half an hour or more could elapse,” the Professor says. Should the cramps persist for five minutes or more, it means a series of seizures is taking place – and this is potentially dangerous. An ambulance should be called, Mayer says. Epilepsy is normally treated with long-term medication. But these medications do not treat the root causes. “For this reason, there could be renewed seizures if the medication is stopped,” Elger says. It is impossible to predict attacks, and some patients are advised to carry a card saying that they are epileptics, and providing other details. Gratuitous advice from family and friends is one of the ‘negative’ aspects that epileptics have to put up with; as a rule they want to be treated as normal. u

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9-15 November 2012

W ellness


Mullein, Pelargonium, Sage and Thyme.

Health & Vitality... Naturally!

Berry Good { Jaspal Bajwa }


ou may have heard “we are what we eat”. Arguably, it is not just about what we eat and drink – it is everything we do. That includes our thoughts (‘food for the mind’), and physical activity to keep our limbs lithe and supple. At the very core, however, is the air we breathe. Nothing is more pervasive in its impact than the quality of air, and the mindfulness with which we breathe it in. There is little surprise that chronic respiratory diseases are growing at an alarming rate. Nearly one in twelve humans are under threat of being smothered under this deadly blanket of urban air. Vulnerable segments like the elderly and young children are most at risk. The most common diseases are Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Deaths attributable to COPD have increased sharply. Like many other chronic conditions, COPD prevalence is under-diagnosed, and can range from 4 per cent to 20 per cent in 40+ age groups. According to WHO, by 2030 it will rank as the fourth highest cause of death, and rank seventh as a worldwide burden of disease. And this may be just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, as COPD is closely linked with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases. The challenge is in both industrialised and developing countries. In the US, COPD is the most expensive of the chronic diseases found in elderly patients. In the EU, among respiratory diseases, COPD is the leading cause of work days lost. In countries with a high smoking rate (like China), respiratory diseases are the second highest reason for deaths. Increasing evidence suggests that allergic respiratory diseases, such as Rhino Sinusitis and Bronchial Asthma, have become more common worldwide in

Hunger Feeds

recent years. The prevalence of Asthma has increased in all countries, in parallel with allergy. A conservative estimate puts the number impacted at 300 million. With ever increasing urbanisation, it is estimated that an additional 100 million people will suffer from Asthma by 2025. Bronchial Asthma is a disease which can be aggravated by inhaled chemicals. Pollution particles less than 10 microns in diameter—the PM10s—are particularly hazardous. Penetrating deep into the lungs and the bloodstream, they can trigger heart attacks and brain damage. The WHO

air quality standards recommend 20 micrograms per cu m of PM10 or less. However, heavily polluted cities have crossed this limit by a factor of 15-20 times! Eight of the top ten polluted cities of the world exist in Central & South Asia. Despite measures like vehicle fuel conversion to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or alternative non-hazardous fuel sources, air quality levels in mega-cities continue to deteriorate substantially. As we look for ways to usher in more sustainable ways of life, herbs, which have been used in traditional healing systems, may hold some answers. Some examples of herbs particularly important for respiratory health are Astragalus, Echinacea, Elder, Eucalyptus, Licorice,

Tip of the week

Elderberries have been a folk remedy for centuries, in North America, Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa – and have been put to a variety of uses. A delicious Elderberry syrup can be made quite easily. Selecting the right elderberry is important. Only the ripe blue/black berries of elder are edible. A kilo of rinsed elderberries should be brought to boil in 1 litre of water, and simmered for 20 minutes on reduced heat. Once cooled, the extract can be strained through a fine-mesh, placed on medium heat, while slowly stirring in 3 cups of brown sugar till the syrup thickens. This delicious wholesome Elderberry syrup can be used to make refreshing beverages, or as a spread on pancakes. When mixed with honey and citrus juice, it can ameliorate the intensity and duration of cold and flu like symptoms. It stores well in the refrigerator.

Nature’s Wonder Food of the week: Elderberry or Sambucus nigra

Traditionally, Elderberry wines, cordials, pies and marmalade have been produced from the berries or flowers. Most countries in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe follow a similar method to make a refreshing beverage or wine. As an example, the Italian liqueur ‘Sambuca’ is flavoured with oil obtained from the elderflower. Herbal practitioners have used Elderberry to treat wounds, as well as for colds and flu. Infusions of the fruit are said to be beneficial for backaches, nerve disorders, herpes and urinary tract inflammation. There are several species of Elder; however, it is European elder (black elder) which is most often used for medicinal purposes. As a potent anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting antioxidant, the uses of Elderberry range from treating various bacterial or viral infections, through to lowering cholesterol and improving cardiac health and eyesight. It is also known to have a mild diuretic and laxative effect. The powerful antioxidants in elderberry stimulate the body's immune system and protect cells against damage. Elderberries contain carotenoids, flavonoids (including quercetin and anthocyanins), amino acids, sugar, rutin,

{ Alka Gurha }

is also said to curb appetite.


Eat slowly

ften our appetite gets whipped up when we're bored, stressed – or simply because it's ‘time to eat’. Doctors advise several 'stay-full' strategies to reduce hunger – like avoiding refined carbohydrates, drinking large amounts of water, and getting plenty of fibre in your diet. But there is nothing that can eliminate hunger. The bottom line is that if you wish to lose weight, you are going to experience hunger. Sudden drastic cuts in calories can only worsen the hunger pangs. Since appetite suppressants are not healthy, here are some ways to curb your appetite in a natural healthy manner.

Drink Water and Herbal Tea

In order to curb hunger pangs arising due to stressful situations it is best to drink more water than usual. Sip water slowly, and flush out the stress hormones. Try drinking unsweetened herbal tea, to feel full for a long period of time. Fresh juice of parsley and carrots

Half tsp of Fenugreek seeds (Methi) powder, added to a cup of Buttermilk (Chaach), and mixed well will help reduce stomach pain during menstruation.


9818200470 viburnic acid, Vitamins A, B and C. Elderberry appears to have few side effects when used properly for short periods of time. However, uncooked or unripe elderberries are toxic, and can cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid elderberry, as should persons who are on prescription drugs.u Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) For education purposes only; always consult a healthcare practitioner for medical conditions

Make a conscious decision to eat slowly. You can also use a small spoon, so that you don’t end up eating large portions. If there is a sudden urge to chew something, try 'saunf' or 'elaichi'.

swear by the goodness of 'Isabgol/Psyllum' husk for reducing the appetite. There are fibre tablets available in the market, but it is advisable to consult a dietician before using them. By consuming both the fibre and water before you start eating, you can reduce the overall calorie intake.

Eat Fruit and Fibre

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Whip up a salad and keep it ready in the refrigerator, to consume when you are feeling hungry. Fresh fruit and vegetables are low in calories, and the water content in them keeps you full for long. If you are really hungry, reach for an apple, or nibble on carrot sticks – instead of chips or 'namkeen'. Apples and 'Mausami' are great at suppressing appetite, because the bulky fibre in them fills up the stomach for long. If fresh fruit is too insipid for your palate, sprinkle some lemon and 'chaat masala' to make it more appetizing. Roasted 'chana', nuts and 'bhel' are good snack options, if you are watching your waistline. Or, try snacking on a fibre 'chaat' made of sprouts. Many people

We have often heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Researchers say that people who eat breakfast take in 5 per cent fewer calories over the course of the day. If you can’t stomach a bigger breakfast (keep it healthy with a combination of low-fat protein, whole grains, and fruit or veggies), add a mid-morning snack (yoghurt, some fruit with a few nuts, or whole grain sandwich). Those who skip breakfast have a tendency to consume more food than usual the next chance they get to eat, and also have a higher tendency to snack on high-calorie foods to keep hunger at bay – until that next meal. u


9-15 November 2012

Yes, Administers…




nformation from the Administration, on plans and actions for Civic Infrastructure and Civic Services, comes in trickles. The latest is from the CM, promising the very best set up and service for Industry – with no specifics. The future is always painted bright; unfortunately it has passed by in the dark all too often.

yes, are there any plans?

So, as a start, can the Administration provide the answers to some basic civic and social requirements?

No, that is not all. We have not forgotten the basic basics. It is just that the answers for those are probably more complex/difficult. But they need to be tabled:

1) When will MCG take over the civic maintenance of entire Gurgaon, for which it was set up almost 4 years ago? And to support which Ward-wise elections were held last year, to choose Councillors (and a Mayor). What will happen in areas where infrastructure and services have not been set up/effectively provided by private builders? Will HUDA set up the required infrastructure, at least one time, at the cost of private builders? 2) When will auto fares be fixed, and regularly inspected, for all autos? When and where will bus shelters come up? When and where will parking (including multilevel) come up? When and where will public toilets come up? 3) By when will water and power meters be installed in all households? When and where, and of what capacity, are power sub-stations required (new/upgradations)? By when will all streets have lights, and operate when they are supposed to? 4) Will there be a review on the positioning of liquor vends across the City? Does not the Administration see a link with crime – on the road? 5) What is the definition of EWS in EWS Housing? Is EWS = BPL? How much of EWS Housing has been allocated? What is the plan for current unused EWS apartments and land? What is under construction, and what is the plan under Master Plan 2031? Will unauthorized colonies (more than 70) get regularized? If yes, how many, and when? The people have been staying there for years, on some govt authority approval, and are still not recognized for basic services like water and power. Does the Administration see unauthorized Bangladeshis in the City – growing by the day? If



y wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed every issue of your paper. What we like most the news on latest events in Gurgaon, tips on health and focus on positive attributes of the city.   We have seen Gurgaon transform from a sleepy township to mega city in last twenty years. As Gurgaon has witnessed   a sharp property boom, massive infrastructure development, we would appreciate inclusion of more of features on property, building, construction and architecture, especially on green construction   initiatives –upcoming or already completed in this city. Rajesh K Thaper

Gurgaon. Generally I don’t get time to know about local news, because it does not come very much in TOI or other big papers. Friday Gurgaon is the only single source for this. I would love if you can increase more news related to jobs in government and private organizations. Many thanks to you for working towards the social issues. I am happy to see that Friday Gurgaon has taken initiative to highlight problems related  to basic infrastructure in the city i.e roads and public transport. We should also focus on the need of education for poor. Abdul Rehman


eartiest Congratulations to you & your team for the ‘Friday Gurgaon’ - superb content and articles. Deepak (Olly) NBD ‘85

yself and my wife both of us read this paper. My daughter enjoyed pictures from the painting competition. She tried to make some beautiful paintings from Friday


6) With the proposed new Societies Act, would there be any impact on the f u n c t i o n i n g and rights of apartment owners (covered under the Haryana Apartments Ownership Act – HAOA) in condominiums?

When will potable water be supplied in adequate quantity (150 litres per person per day) to all Gurgaonites – including those living in villages, slums, ‘unauthorized colonies’ and construction sites? When will 24x7 electricity be supplied to all the same Gurgaonites? When will all sewage lines be connected to a master sewage line(s), and then be fully treated at a Sewage Treatment Plant, before flowing into the Yamuna? How many water-harvesting sites have been created? With what objective and potential? Is a common body planning and inspecting these? Even an answer of 3 years, if honest, will do. It should only mean that we would work accordingly – eg. set up fixed water and electricity schedules, esp. in summer. A haphazard and inconsistent supply of services will only frustrate the residents more. Finally, what are our learnings for Gurgaon II (Sector 58 onwards)? The Administration has confirmed that an electricity connection will be provided to a residence or a commercial site in the new sectors only after the required power infrastructure has been installed. We hope that they keep to their word. The Administration should put out a detailed plan/ map for Civic Infrastructure in Gurgaon II, sector wise – for water pipelines, power lines and substations, sewage lines, interior roads, parkings, bus shelters, community centres, parks, public toilets, police stations, fire stations etc. It is important that the 30 villages in Gurgaon II not turn into slums, as the 40 already have in present Gurgaon; and of course there should be no question of adding ‘unauthorised’ colonies. Yes, Administers, we are waiting…. for information, action…. clarity. Yes, we (together) can (do it). u

FAMOUS QUOTES The fundamental cause of trouble in the world is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.” Bertrand Russell A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” Dwight D. Eisenhower The nice thing about being a celebrity is that if you bore people they think it’s their fault.” Henry Kissinger The nice thing about ego-

tists is that they don’t talk about other people.” Lucille S. Harper Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting.” Karl Wallenda Sometimes it is not enough that we do our best; we must do what is required.” Sir Winston Churchill Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. C.S. Lewis

B on V ivant

9-15 November 2012


Cookery tips by Vijaylaxmi Masterchef

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by ShahnaZ Herbal Cosmetic Queen Padma Shree Shahnaz Husain is the CEO of the Shahnaz Husain Group – India’s leading company in the field of natural beauty and anti-aging treatments.

Here are some benefits of eating dark chocolate:

Q. Can you suggest some home remedies for chapping lips?

It is good for the brain. Consuming dark chocolate affects the brain’s functioning – enhances cognition and is an excellent mood booster. It boosts the blood flow to key areas of the brain – this helps enhance performance in tasks that require an alert mind. Dark chocolate is also recommended for women suffering from PMS.


The skin of the lips is very thin and delicate. However, after washing the face, when the lips are wet, rub them very gently with a soft towel. This helps to remove dead skin. Then apply cream of milk, and leave on for an hour. Daily at night, apply an almond cream, or pure almond oil on the lips and leave on overnight. You can also apply lip balm containing sunscreen. Avoid matte lipsticks. Use lip gloss and glossy lipsticks.

Home-made chocolates

Always use good quality molds and chocolate. Always chop or make a small pieces of chocolates bar before melting. Always use a dry bowl and spoon to melt chocolate.

WINNER Khushboo Verma

Do not heat chocolate directly on gas, or it will burn. Use a double boiler for tempering chocolate. While melting white chocolate, take care that it melts fast. If it is overdone, it can spoil the taste of the chocolates.

Ask the beauty expert questions on skin, hair and beauty. The best question (picked by Shahnaz Husain) will receive a gift hamper from the Shahnaz Husain Group. Write to us at

Leadership Workshop ‘Success-by-Design’ (A Friday Gurgaon Initiative)

 What does it to take to be a Trusted & Credible Leader?

For Whom

 Developing a shared Sense-of-Urgency, for predictable & measurable results

Entrepreneurs, Middle Managers and Young Executives who are committed to practicing Results-Driven Leadership.

 Building a Winning Team Culture, which energises, engages and enables

Sunya Circle Leadership Workshops are facilitated by hands-on practitioners of the art form. Co-Learning happens using AV Case Studies, Self-reflection techniques and Experience-sharing.

 7A Road-Map for building Best-in-Class organizations

Other themes are:  Authenticity-in-Action                       : 2 day format  Becoming a Global Business Leader  : 1 day format

Workshop Details Date: 4th December 2012 (Tuesday) Time: 9 am to 6 pm Venue: Epicentre, Gurgaon Registration Fees: INR 5900 (incl. Lunch, Tea) Early-Bird Nominations received by 20th November: INR 4900; Groups 3+ : INR 3900 please contact: Mr. J.P Singh +91 98 101 70678 email:






9-15 November 2012

{ Srimati Lal }


here is something refreshing in the childlike ebullience of Gurgaonbased painter Krishnendu Sen's playful acrylic paintings. They unabashedly rejoice in seasonal blooms, bright Indian landscapes, moonlit vistas and Durgadevis depicted in a disarmingly naive palette. A native of Delhi for three generations, softspoken 'Krish'—as he is known—comes from a cultural and creative background. After studying Chemistry at Delhi University, and then Management from IIT Delhi and IIM Kolkata, Krish trained for the Indian Army at the Indian Military Academy. He is currently Vice-President of Business Development at a reputed telecom company in Gurgaon. But Krish has always been an artist at heart. "Ever since I can remember I have been in love with colours. My paintings are like a walk down my childhood, when I was taught how to paint by a well-known artist who also happened to be my granduncle -- Ram Krishna Bose. My earliest memories are of his studio in Saraswati Vihar (near Karol Bagh), where I carefully watched him create wonderful abstract works. Bose's art was in a quintessential Bengal School style, replete with the lyricism of water colour landscapes and dreamy forms. Subsequently, the art of his son, Sapan Bose, inspired me as well." Krish's mother studied

Seasons Abloom classical music under Ustad Vilayat Khan, and his late father was an Advertising professional. Krish considers Amrita Shergil as one of his highest artistic inspirations; and among western artists, the French Jean Lefarge, who painted largely in acrylics. "My

Sapan kaka's paintings were more abstract and modern, and in a completely different style from his reputed father. Perhaps I have absorbed both of these strands— Bengali Romanticism and urban modernism—in my own paintings. I started learning art at Delhi Public School's department of Fine and Commercial Art as a young boy, and I continued painting while at Delhi University – where I exhibited my art through the 1980s. I enjoyed this phase very much. Then, in the corporate world I would win the 'best desk' prize, as my workstations were always brightly decorated with paintings and aesthetic touches. Deeply missing the aesthetic muse, I returned to the canvas a few

years ago." Krish recently displayed his charming paintings of Durga and Ganesha at 'Off The Shelf', a new Gurgaon lifestyle store on Sohna Road. He has also shown his art at Renge Art exhibitions and at the DLF Golf Club. His free, vivid splashes of acrylic joie-de-vivre attracted my interest from a distance; and upon closer inspection

I was pleased to discover in Krish's lively paintings the promise of a genuine Romantic genre. His Flower Studies were deeply redolent with both French and Bengali painterly essences. Krish's seasonal depictions of India's flaming panoramas, with direct and unpretentious titles such as Garden, Verdant, Spring, Seasons, Autumn, Dusk, Moonlit, Orchids, Candles, Rains, Nainital At Dusk, and Village, combine strains of the literal, the abstract and

Living Larger Than Life { Dr. Rajesh Bhola }


B on V ivant

very day people resolve to start over. Even if life is good, the possibility always exists that life could be great. It is true that God wants us to have great lives. In fact, He wants us to live larger than life. All too often we think that living large means adding more to our already crowded plates; we are always looking for the next deal, the next relationship, the next event – to take us to the next level. What story are we really living? Many people feel as though their lives have not really begun yet; they are waiting for the right conditions to begin. Others feel as though it is all over already. Some feel a sense of purpose, but many feel that their lives are disjointed, inconsequential or seriously compromised. In each life there is a large story and a little story. The little story is the story of the ego. ‘What was the little story of Abraham Lincoln?’ I suppose the answer is that he was born in a log cabin in Hardin County, Kentucky, to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. The couple had two other children: Abraham’s older sister Sarah and younger brother Thomas, who died in infancy. Due to a land dis-

pute, the Lincolns were forced to move from Kentucky to Perry County, Indiana in 1817, where the family “squatted” on public land to scrape out a living in a crude shelter – and farmed a small plot. When Abraham was nine years old his mother died of milk sickness, at the age of 34. If this were all there were to it, history would not have noticed Abraham. Undoubtedly, the satisfactions of the ego are gratifying, but they are exceedingly transitory. It is nice to be praised, or to meet with success and acclaim; and it is painful to be scorned and ridiculed, and to meet with failure and frustration. Such vicissitudes contain nothing lasting or substantial, and we should conserve the energy from them to serve some greater purpose. Real satisfaction is when the little story is integrated with, or even subsumed within, a large story that is itself worthwhile. Most people who have made a great contribution in life have gone through a period of wilderness, during which they not only came to terms with the defeats in their little story, but also found their place in the large one. The conversion in the wil-

derness, whereby a little life comes out of its individual backwater and enters the mainstream of the large river, is what is meant by enlightenment. By this step, the little ego is overcome. The circumstances of our birth affect our story deeply. Lincoln was driven by the fact that his mother died when he was nine years old. If this had remained a little story we might simply have felt sorry for him. He would have grown up and sought solace; he would probably have become a rather depressed man, taking out his frustrations on those around him. As it was, he went out in search of the answer to a fundamental life problem- the meaning of suffering; not just for himself, but for all the slaves in America. He found a solution, and spent his life in bringing this message of hope to the downtrodden. In the process he set in motion a large story, which has given meaning to millions of other people’s lives, and provided a vehicle for untold good in America. His is a remarkable story, of a rise from humble beginnings to the highest office in the land. His distinctively human and humane personality, and historical role as saviour of America and emancipator

the decorative with childlike sensitivity. The artist bears a penchant for flaming Indian tones, such as sunlight-yellow and hibiscus-red, highlighted with luminous, grassy greens. The lack of pretence in his nature-worshipping imagery makes it convey a simple spiritualism -- that of a true Pantheistic nature-lover; one who wishes to pay artistic obeisance to Prakriti. Hence, the flame of Durga-Shakti is also one of his leitmotifs. This Bengali artist is at his best while depicting flowers in an Indian mode, that is subtly reminiscent of the French Impressionists as well as 19th-C Expressionism. The senior artist Niren Sengupta, erstwhile Head of Delhi College of Art, agreed with my appraisal of Krish's Flower Paintings, at the most recent group show at Renge Art. However, there can be no short cut to great art; it is not an easy hobby, and must contain the intensity of devotion. Achieving the subtlety of a Shergil, or the unbridled romantic flamboyance of a Gopal Ghosh, takes a lifetime! It needs to be stated that Krish's Landscapes require more reflection and detail. His Horses and figurative works are also immature and raw in their current treatment and manner. As a painter of latent potential, Krish needs to devote much more time, study and attention to textural details, in order to evolve more mature figurative expressions. For his brushstrokes to convey genuine pathos, poetry, depth and the patina of seriousness, Krish would need to choose – to make Art his profession. u Artist, Writer, & Curator

of the slaves, has created a legacy that endures. His eloquence of democracy, and his insistence that the Union was worth saving, embody the ideals of self-government that all nations today strive to achieve. A person who has integrated his life into the large story may come to be regarded as a great being; and, in retrospect, people then think it was all foretold. This is how we sell ourselves short. We think that our own lives are not so great. What our lives amount to depends on whether we find the courage to put them in the service of a large story. A large story brings with it a large task, the task of transforming energies into a driving power for the salvation of the world. Being part of the large story is what is meant by being on a right path. The large story is of spreading peace and harmony in the world, of a constructive and spirited response to obstacles encountered, and of harmony and co-operation. Without such a path of selflessness we will remain unable to rise and participate in the large story. With the path, we can make our lives consequential in a great variety of wholesome ways. u Dr. Rajesh Bhola is President of Spastic Society of Gurgaon and is working for the cause of children with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities for more than 20 years.

9-15 November 2012

B on V ivant 19 jit kumar

Gurgaon Utsav

Open Theatre

{ Uma Prakash}


he amphitheatre in the Biodiversity Park came alive with the celebration of Gurgaon Utsav from 2nd- 4th November 2012. The amphitheatre is set in blissful surroundings, where nature and the performing arts complement each other. An initiative of ARTS, the Utsav was supported by the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon. The first night saw a one-act play called Chinese Coffee, directed by Danish Husain, and featuring Aamir Bashir and Danish Husain. The performance was about friendship, and the loss of it. As they riled at each other, both Bashir and Husain held the attention of the audience with conviction. They enacted a whole gamut of emotions – of love, hatred, rivalry, jealousy and angst. The Play is Ira Lewis’ tour de force, and was successfully adapted into a movie by Al Pacino in 2000. The backdrop of rocks, interspersed with wild foliage washed in red and yellow lights, was the ideal setting for Vidya Shah – composer, musician, and writer. Her multi-media performance, Women on Record, celebrated the contributions of women singers of the gramophone era. In this scripted performance Shah uses photography and videography to explore the world of performance and technology. Accompanied

by music from the harmonium, sarangi and tabla, her voice, trained in classical music, carried the viewer on a fascinating journey. Besides being a talented singer, Vidya proved to be a great narrator too. She recreated the era of the women singers with panache – using anecdotes, videos and slides. Face to Face was a surreal voyage in a dance drama created by Jyotsna Shourie, who has used poetic license to place two iconic women from Hindu mythology on the same stage – namely Draupadi, the multi faceted beauty, and Sita, the embodiment of loyalty and courage. Draupadi could be fiery or compassionate as the situation demanded, and Sita possessed an inner strength – qualities well brought out in this production. With heightened drama Face to Face highlighted the parallel lives of these two influential women, and illustrated how their actions determined the fate of generations to follow. Special mention must be made of the lighting effect, of throwing shadows on the rustic rock backdrop to illustrate the omnipresence of Lord Krishna in the Draupadi saga. Shourie’s fire dance for Sita was particularly captivating. The dancers from Shourie’s centre, Nandita Kalaan – Aneesha Grover, Ishita Matharu and Sana Siddiqui Hassan mesmerised the audience; Abhimanyu, who played Ram and Ravan, was equally convincing.u


{ Shilpy Arora / FG }

9-15 November 2012

Exploring New Territory

B on Vivant

As Manish puts together a team of artists from different parts of the world – India, Brazil, the UK, he hobby of weaving stories the US, and Singapore – the Comic made Manish Sinha, CEO gets a mix of all the cultures. of Rovolt Entertainment, While the graphics are done by script success in the global comic Indians, the cover is done by we decided to have more industry. It was through his dreams “The reason why children Mexican and Singaporean artists, dialogue. We wanted to and knowledge of Indian epics that don’t find comics interestand the content is edited by a USintroduce this very Indian he weaved a story of human settlers ing today is not only due to based legendary comic writer, Ron style to the world, and this in another planet called “Aveon”. the presence of the online Marz. Marz is known for his work change has been welcomed Bringing together inspiration from medium, but also due to the on titles such as Silver Surfer, by the global team,” smiles novels like Chandrakanta and the repetitive content in comic Green Lantern, Marvel vs DC, and Shamik. Western Sci-Fi, Manish is today books. Most of the comics in Batman/Aliens. credited with producing a comic, India are either adaptations The Comic is based on the strug“The Legends of Aveon 9”, that has of foreign comics or have Credit goes to... Manish Sinha gle of people living in developing received critical acclaim from some same mythological charA resident of Sector 56, countries. Some people of the world’s top comic acters. I realised Manish believes also give credit to its womartists – such as Dan there was a need to bring that Gurgaon has contriban-centric storyline. “For Jurgens, Bart Sears, and freshness and original conuted a lot to the success of ages, a female character Stjepan Sejic.   tent,” says Manish. Aveon 9. According to him, has always brought depth Manish’s tryst with Keeping in mind a global the City offers an entrepreto a story. Aveon 9 revolves this medium began as a audience, Aveon 9 has neurial environment, and around a woman who, dechild, when he stumbled influences from Western is also helpful in finding spite parental pressure, upon a box of comics that Sci-fi as well. The story is the right pool of talent. works to bring peace in the his father had bought set in the future, when the “We found some of the best society. She is a modern for him. He was hooked. earth has been destroyed colourists and illustrators princess who fights for her “Being brought up in and humans are settled in in the City. Our illustrator, Shashank Mishra Abhishek Malsuni people. I think modernism a city like Patna, I had another planet called Aveon. Abhishek Malsuni, is perpresented in a classic way access to a variety of Aveon also has aliens, red haps one of the best graphic appeals to the audiences,” believes literature and art. However, as I skinned creatures called Gnorms. artists in the country. In India, most Manish. “The story is of how a boy grew up, I found that the craze “We have introduced Sci-Fi elements, of the comics don’t have background. struggles to find his warrior father, for comic reading was drastically as they always appeal to global But he came up with the and how he falls in love with the coming down. I felt a need to revive audiences,” says Shamik, script double-spread of a city. This princess,” informs Manish. the culture. Comics are a great writer of Aveon 9. Apart from the double-spread doesn’t have any medium. I put together a creative characters and storyline, the dialogue, just the background. team from across the world to dialogues in the Comic have It is very difficult to come up What next? compile Aveon 9,” says Manish. been ‘Indianised’. “Unlike with something which you have As Aveon 9 is written in the Talking about the USP of Aveon 9, foreign comics, that never seen or heard of in your style of a movie script, movie he says, “Our uniqueness lies in have less interaction life,” says Manish. While the art is directors from Hollywood have generating original content. When and more pictures, impressive, it wouldn’t have been shown interest. Besides, Rovolt we started working on Aveon 9, the as impactful if the colouring wasn’t Entertainment is working on two idea was to create an original story. done right. With some unusual techbig projects – MetaFreakZ and I told my team, ‘Let’s make a story, niques, a City-based colouring artist, Tigguo. Revealing the concepts, not just a comic’.” Shashank Mishra, ensured that the Manish says, “While Tigguo is book was at par with international a pre-school book, MetaFreakZ standards. “My idea of having the is a graphic novel. The concept The influences rainbow in a room was well-appreciof a graphic novel is relatively Among Manish’s major influated by the critics. If you are worknew in India, but we are quite ences is the renowned Indian ing with an innovative and creative positive about MetaFreakZ. It is a novel, Chandrakanta. Aveon 9 team, such out of the box ideas austory of seven kids from different has a princess named “Lunestra,” tomatically come up in your mind,” nationalities. Each of them has (Lune from Lunar, ‘Chand’). feels Shashank. The Comic leverages an exceptional talent. The story Also, the names of cities like a global collaboration of creators to becomes even more interesting Naugra and Chunargara are innovate, and ensure superb quality. when they are brought together to similar to the names for cities fight an evil scientist. I am sure it in Chandrakanta. There are will appeal to all audiences, as it also races called Simians, that tells you about different countries, are similar to the Vanars of the their cultures, and their strengths Ramayana. “Indian mythology – and yet there is a common has always inspired me. bond.”  With a focus on original Novels like Chancontent and modern technology, drakanta have tales Manish strives to revive the dying about superheroes, culture of comics reading in India. the struggle of a “Talent in India is as capable of common man, and an creating high-quality content as eternal love story,” says the international entertainment Manish. An alumnus of IIM companies such as Disney and DC Calcutta, Manish initiated a Comics. The challenge, however, project in Kolkata, wherein is in creating good stories, and he carried out research ensuring an effective distribution on the kind of comics that system,” says Manish. u  may appeal to today’s kids.


G lobal 21

9-15 November 2012

World’s Biggest Political Party

{ Bill Smith / Beijing / DPA }


hina’s first astronaut to make a spaceflight, Yang Liwei, said the ruling Communist Party would open a branch in space, once it had assembled a permanent space station – an event expected by 2020. Yang, a model Party member and former People’s Liberation Army pilot, was serious. The Party’s 82 million members run 3.9 million branches – even permeating into nightclubs, high-technology firms and foreign multinationals. The Communist Youth League also boasts some 75 million members. Membership has expanded by more than 10 million since the Party’s last Congress in 2007, amid concerns that some people join less for ideological commitment than to make personal and business connections. The Party branch at New York-listed Yingli Solar—one of China’s largest makers of photovoltaic cells—had enrolled 839 members out of a workforce of 12,000, Yang Jianzhong, the Company’s

Party Secretary, said last year. Among the 2,270 delegates scheduled to attend the Congress at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, is “Lei Feng shoe-maker” Meng Guangbin, a middleaged cobbler in the north-eastern city of Harbin, who has mended 120,000 shoes for free, and donated 50,000 yuan (8,000 dollars) to charity, according to an official biography. Lei Feng was a soldier promoted as a model of altruism by former Party leader Mao Zedong in the 1960s. Another delegate is London Olympic swimming gold-medallist Jiao Liuyang, 21, who joined the Party in 2008, and will represent the Army at the Congress. Prospective Party members must sit interviews, and attend classes on politics, before admission. Branch officials also investigate each applicant’s family background and personal life.

Founded in 1921, the Party has enjoyed 63 years in power, since Mao proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949. Once dominated by workers and farmers, it amended its Constitution in 2002, to allow entrepreneurs and other “new forces” to join. Just 169, or 7 per cent, of this year’s Congress delegates are counted as workers, while only 23 per cent are women, said Wang Jingqing, Deputy Head of the Party’s Organization Department. The average age of the delegates is 52, and 93 per cent of them have college degrees. Despite the changes, party members still address each other as “comrade”, in formal speeches. The Constitution upholds the Party’s leadership of China, and promotes “socialist modernization” – based on Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, and the more recent ideology

of Deng Xiaoping (who launched China’s economic reforms), and his successors – Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. The Congress, held every five years since 1977, approves long-planned changes to the Party’s ideological direction, and chooses the Central Committee, which meets annually and is nominally the Party’s highest authority. At its first meeting after the one-week Party Congress, some 370 members of the new Central Committee will meet behind closed doors, to approve the 25-seat Politburo and its Standing Committee. Leaders who reach the Central Committee are groomed at the oncesecretive Central Party School in Beijing. The School is headed by Vice President Xi Jinping, who is expected to succeed Hu Jintao as Party leader after the Congress, and as State President in March. u

China’s Communist Party Congress { Bill Smith / Beijing / DPA }


s China’s Communist Party prepares to open a crucial congress that will change its leaders for the first time in 10 years, the biggest question facing it is whether it can hold on to power for another decade. The Congress takes place amid widespread anticipation among the country’s growing middleclass that the Party’s rule, since 1949, is likely to end within this decade – scheduled to be led by w. Through the highly orchestrated Congress, the Party will attempt to persuade the nation’s 1.3 billion people that it can provide another 10 years of economic growth and social stability, while curbing corruption and nepotism. It will revive its stalled agenda for political reform, through “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, and Hu Jintao’s “scientific outlook on development.” The Party must repair the damage done to its public image from the scandal surrounding deposed regional leader Bo Xilai (once tipped for a top leadership post), and overcome a broad lack of trust and public perception that all party officials are corrupt. State media outlined some of the major challenges for Xi— who will replace Hu as party leader from mid-November— including reducing growing gaps in income and wealth, and breaking up monopolies held by

Hu Jintao

Xi Jinping

state firms in key industries. Xi will also need to balance the competing demands of several interest groups and loose factions around Hu, and his predecessor, Jiang Zemin, analysts said. “I think this is the tensest Party Congress since 1989,” said Beijing-based political commentator Zhang Lifan. In 1989, party leaders were divided over how to handle widespread democracy protests, that were eventually crushed when the party sent troops to clear Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Zhang said the upcoming Congress could even be as tense as the 1969 party meeting, that sanctioned the Maoist fundamentalism of the brutal Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Doubts remain over which of several rising leaders with ties to Xi, Hu or Jiang will win seats on the Standing Committee. Yet little open discussion is likely on the differences over the party’s next leaders, its ideological direction, or its socio-economic policies – when the 2,270

congress delegates meet in Beijing. Hu is expected to renew his call for political reform in his key speech at the Congress, and Xi is likely to repeat and perhaps extend that call once he succeeds Hu. Hu and Xi will promote the party’s recent policies of open governance, improving the rule of law, expanding “intra-party democracy”, and direct elections of village and township leaders. But few expect them to call for China to move towards multi-party democracy, or free elections of party leaders. “We won’t see any [political reform] appeal that will be beneficial for ordinary people,” said Zhang Jian, an expert on government at Beijing University. Under Hu’s leadership the last decade was “politically conservative or even degenerative,” said Wu Qiang, a political scientist at Beijing’s Tsinghua University. “Society is heading towards deadlock, and large-scale turbulence is brewing,” he said. u

China Buys Into Heathrow { Bill Smith / Beijing / DPA }


subsidiary of China’s sovereign wealth fund, China Investment Corporation, has bought a 10-per-cent stake in London’s Heathrow airport, for about 560 million euros (726 million dollars). “CIC International Co Ltd has, through one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries, acquired a 10 per cent stake in Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd, previously known as BAA Ltd,” CIC said. Spain’s Ferrovial said earlier it agreed to sell

5.72 per cent of FGP Topco Ltd—a holding company which owns Heathrow Airport Holdings—to CIC’s subsidiary Stable Investment Corporation. The sale of Ferrovial’s shares was valued at 319.3 million euros, while CIC-owned Stable Investment acquired another 4.28 per cent of shares in FGP Topco, worth 238.9 million euros, from other shareholders as part of the same deal. Ferrovial said its stake in Heathrow Airport Holdings would fall to 39.37 per cent after the transaction. u

1. I want to buy this bag. Wo Yao Mai Zhe Ge Bao
 Wo – That, in Hindi Yao -ya+O (sound of the alphabet ‘O’) Mai – pronounced as My, in English Zhe – pronounced as the alphabet ch, in Hindi (as in ch for chammach, spoon in Hindi) Ge – pronounced as the alphabet G, in Hindi (as in g for gamla, pot in Hindi) Bao – Pa+O (sound of the alphabet ‘O’)

2. You are cheating me. Ni Pian Wo

Ni - pronounced as nee Pian - phi, as in phir, ‘again’+pane, without the P

3. I am not buying this. Wo Bu Mai Bu – pronounced as Pu, as in ‘pull’

4. Ok, I’ll take it. Keyi, Wo Mai Zhe Ge

Keyi – Kh, as in khula, ‘open’ in English+yee By Gautam Arora For Chinese Classes, log on to:


Venice Under Water As High Tides Hit

Central Park – The World’s Biggest Gym cient activity, and all you need is a pair of sneakers and shorts or comfortable trousers, the Central Park runners are decked out in every style imaginable. Some use fluorescent running shoes, and others show off their abdominal muscles, running without t-shirts. Central Park lies in stark contrast to the rest of New York City. Visitors can lie down for a rest on the green manicured lawns and meadows. The vast Park—bordering on Fifth Avenue to the east and Central Park West on its western edge—is a place for New Yorkers to ease up on the saturated fats, while playing sports or participating in other activities – most of them at no cost whatsoever. All in the heart of one the world’s major cities. u

{ Ignacio Encabo / New York / DPA }


ew York City towers over its residents with its imposing skyscrapers. There is fast food available at every corner. And smack in the middle of the cement jungle, standing against the junk food mania, is a vast green area where people can exercise and play sports: Central Park. There are no fast food chains in the 341 hectares that make up Central Park. A healthy lifestyle

Happy Times Come Later { Sydney / DPA }


he happiest times of your life are unlikely to be at the beginning or the end - or even in the middle. Researchers who have gone through the data (in Australia, Britain and Germany) reckon the golden years arrive as we contemplate retirement, and depart when illness and decrepitude set in. “There’s almost no change in happiness between the age of 20 and 50,” Queensland University of Technology researcher Tony Beatton says. “It kicks up at age 53, upto 70-odd, when there is a major decline.” Middle-aged people get buffeted by knocks like marriage break-ups and financial worries. But after this, “they get rid of their kids, they’ve paid for their house and their leisure is increasing,” Beatton says. He looked at data on 60,000 people. In Australia, happiness peaks at age 65, in Britain at 70, and in Germany also at 65 – but at a lower level. “We know that happier people live longer,” Beatton says. “So we’ve got miserable people dropping off along the way, and all that is left is happy folk.” u

G lobal

9-15 November 2012

is the Park’s main theme. Every morning the Park—the largest on the island of Manhattan—wakes up looking like a true running track. Thousands of New Yorkers converge on the Central Park to jog on its paths. The green is not only for jogging. A field until the late 19th century, the Park now offers the possibility to practice all kinds of sports. People take strolls, ride their bikes, play tennis, hit baseballs, shoot hoops from the three-point line, and play soccer. There is a spot for swimming and fishing in the summer, and for ice-skating, skiing and sledding in the winter. There are no limitations – either of space or the weather. Any season of the year is good for exercising. But although there is a broad offer of activities, one sport dominates – Running. New Yorkers run around the Park at any time of day, or night. They have a preferred circuit. They run around the biggest lake in Central Park – all of them going in the same direction. Although running is an an-

Mars – Similar To Hawaii?

{ Christina Horsten / Washington / DPA }


hough Mars may be far from a tropical paradise, initial samples from the Curiosity Rover show the soil is similar to that of Hawaii, said NASA scientists. An analysis of dust and sand—gathered by the Rover’s robotic arm—showed that the Martian soil was like the composition of weathered, basalt-rich soil on the volcanic islands of Hawaii.       Researcher David Blake said the team was encouraged by the initial findings. Unlike rocks examined by Curiosity earlier, that provided evidence of flowing water, the latest findings could provide clues to Mars’ more recent past. u

{ Alvise Armellini / Rome / DPA }


ver half of Venice was under water, as the historic lagoon town was hit by exceptionally high tides. Water levels rose above 140 centimeters overnight, and were expected to remain above critical levels “for about 15 hours,” local authorities said. It was the highest tide level since December 2010. Venice starts flooding when waters rise about 110 centimeters. When the 140-centimeter mark is reached, 58 per cent of the City goes under water. Chioggia, a town on the southern edge of the Venice lagoon, was the worst hit. Tides there reached a peak of 164 centimeters, the third-highest

Hedge fund whiz-kid looks forward to retirement { Sydney / DPA }


pare a thought for hedge fund whiz-kid Greg Coffey. The daily grind of placing million-dollar bets on price movements no longer appeals, and the so-called Wizard of Oz has handed in his notice at Moore Capital Management. He will be leaving its London office. “After 20 years of intensive trading it’s now time to rebalance my life; I look forward to spending more time back home,” said Coffey, 41. It is a mid-life crisis that many would envy. He and his wife have a 400-million-dollar fortune, and luxury homes around the world. There is the townhouse in London’s Chelsea, the ski chalet in Switzerland, a couple of oceanfront properties on Sydney’s north shore, and a private estate on the island of Jura, on Scotland’s west coast.

In a letter to his New York-based employer, Coffey admitted to burnout. “The demands of my growing family mean that I am unable to commit to the market with the same intensity going forward,” he said. It has been a stressful life for Coffey. Even on holiday his terminals went with him, allowing him to trade wherever he was. Coffey, described by employer Louis Moore as “one of the most impressive traders in the world”, quit his last hedge fund job in 2008, after rejecting the offer of 250 million dollars in bonuses to stay on. Coffey began his stellar trading floor career in 1994, after graduating in actuarial studies from Sydney’s Macquarie University. Payment-by-results means Coffey is worth a lot less now than he was a couple of years ago. When the passion leaves, it is time to go. u

Running The Length of India { Siddhartha Kumar / New Delhi / DPA }


n Indian ultra-marathon runner is attempting a 3,900-kilometre run from the Himalayas – to the country’s southern tip, in 60 days. Arun Bhardwaj, 43, has reached the central state of Madhya Pradesh, after having covered 1,700 kilometres, braving the elements – including icy winds in the mountains. “The initial days were hard, but now it is something that I am used to. Everything below my waist is sore,” he told a daily. He has covered an average of 70 kilometres per running day, since October 1. “My foot size used to be size 10, but now it is 10.5. It might become size 11 or 12 before it ends.” He added that he had used four pair of shoes, and would need another eight to complete the run to Kanyakumari – the southernmost point of peninsular India. Bhardwaj, who claims to be the first Indian ultra-marathoner, says the run is to promote unity in the country. He plans to run from the country’s Eastern to Western zones next year. u

level since 1966, when the area was devastated by a huge flood. Venice, which is built on hundreds of small islands, often experiences high water in autumn and winter, causing floods to the City’s narrow alleyways and squares, including the famous St. Mark’s. To tackle the problem, Italian authorities are building a complicated dam system, the MOSE – which is meant to insulate the city from tide levels above 110 centimeters. But MOSE has been beset by cost overruns, delays, and opposition from environmental groups. The Project is now expected to cost over 6 billion euros (7.8 billion dollars), and become fully operational in 2016. u

Solar-power Pact With Morocco { Jean-Baptiste Piggin / Berlin / DPA }


ajor European nations are negotiating with Morocco, to build a large solar-power farm in the Sahara Desert, the German Economics Ministry said. A declaration of intent is likely to be signed in November, which would cost an estimated 600 million euros (775 million dollars). The Ministry said no date had been set for the signing, and that efforts were continuing to bring in more partners and financing. It said that the first step would be to establish if the Project was technically and legally feasible. Germany, France, Italy and Spain were party to the talks with Morocco. A German-based industrial consortium, Desertec, wants to set up a solar farm in the desert to collect energy for Europe. Desertec’s head, Paul van Son, said that a pilot plant would be built between 2014 and 2016. u

World Record For Planting Trees Set In High Desert Area Of India

{ Siddhartha Kumar / New Delhi / DPA }


olunteers in India’s mountainous desert region of Ladakh set a world record for most trees planted simultaneously, when they set nearly 100,000 willow saplings into the earth, according to a newspaper report. The plantation drive at the Hemis Monastery, near the regional capital, Leh, was organized by a volunteer organization founded by the spiritual head of a Buddhist Drukpa sect, Gyalwang Drukpa. As many as 9,814 volunteers planted 99,103 saplings of the Ladakhi willow, and although short of the targeted 100,000 trees, the number broke the previous record of 66,000 trees set in the Philippines in January 2011. Kimberly Dennis, from Guinness World Records, confirmed the success of the record attempt. The drive was part of a project to improve the environment in the harsh, high-altitude Himalayan region. Ladakh, also known as India’s Little Tibet, is popular among tourists for its vast, barren mountains, its intense blue skies, and lakes that change colour during the day. u

G lobal 23

9-15 November 2012

A Feast For The Senses


he dark red tomatoes at the stalls of Campo de Fiori market gleam in the sun, the hissing and spitting of a cappuccino machine can be heard from a nearby bar, and the enticing aroma of Spaghetti all’Amatriciana wafts across the piazza – from the windows of the trattoria next door. Rome is a feast for the senses, with a surprise around every corner – be it an up-and-coming eatery, an old-established ristorante, or a highly-acclaimed restaurant with gourmet stars next to its name. One of the most celebrated culinary maestros is a German. Three-star Chef Heinz Beck cooks at the La Pergola establishment, which is perched on a roof terrace above the Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri Hotel. It towers above the Eternal City, offering guests a panoramic vista across the river Tiber, the Castel Sant’ Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel) and the Vatican. The man from Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance took over the house in 1994, but it was not until

Bernhard Krieger

{ Bernhard Krieger / Rome / DPA }

Rome is a paradise for gourmet visitors.

Rome’s Campo de Fiori market is a riot of colour and taste.

2001 that he gained his second coveted Michelin star. A third star came in 2005. Roman cuisine abounds in offal and thick sauces, so it is generally not as light and airy

as the dishes prepared at Beck’s La Pergola. Before setting off on a culinary walkabout— through the historic Centro Storico between the Colosseum and the Vatican—Beck downs a powerful espresso in the Tazza d’Oro bar near the Pantheon. On warm days, a refreshing Granita di Caffe—frozen coffee with crushed ice and a cream topping—is a firm favourite with customers. “If you like fish, San Lorenzo is always a good place to eat,” he recommends. Another top location is the Salumeria Roscioli - a blend of delicatessen, wine store and restaurant. The pasta here is a dream; and for

gourmets, the countless varieties of hams and cheese are out of this world. Hardly surprising that Roscioli is always packed. The restaurant near the Campo de Fiori is hard to find, so the locals hold sway. The locals give tourist haunts a wide berth, especially since the waiters have taken to loitering on the doorsteps – in a bid to lure hungry customers into these mediocre pizza and spaghetti joints. They visit trattoria such as the Da Armando al Pantheon, a tiny diner where the Gargioli brothers offer unadulterated Cucina romana at affordable prices, and discreet but attentive service. After smoked herring with onions and pasta

all’Amatriciana, the gourmet palate is ready for the legendary Giolitti gelateria at the Parliament building. Simply watch the hustle and bustle here – the counter is thronged until late at night. A good place to round off the evening is in the Club district of Testaccio, where Romans like to wine, dine, shop, stroll and party. Trastevere has always been popular, and wine bars on the Campo deFiori, or the way to the Via Veneto, are worth a call. Prominent Romans meet up in bars and in restaurants, such as the Magnolia in the Jumeirah Grand Hotel, where one-star chef Kotaro Noda offers a convincing array of Mediterranean dishes with a Japanese touch. u

Boy Survives Double Collisions

{ Albert Otti / Bern / DPA }


4-year-old Swiss boy managed to survive a double collision, first with a stag and then with a train, police said. The boy’s mother was driving near the town of Bever, when a 140-kilogramme stag jumped onto the road and crashed into her car. The vehicle turned upside down, and landed on rail tracks – on which a train was approaching. The woman managed to climb out and jump aside at the last moment, but the boy was still trapped in his child seat when the train hit the car – flipping it around a second time. While the woman and the train driver suffered from shock, the boy survived with only slight abrasions. The stag died. u

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9-15 November 2012

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Friday Gurgaon Nov 9-15, 2012  

Friday Gurgaon Nov 9-15, 2012

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