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6-12 September 2013

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

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Test, Before You Drink { Shilpy Arora / FG }

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consume every day is ‘poison’, but they don't have any other option. The pity is that no one seems to care,” says Dr. Nirmal Kataria, a doctor in Gurgaon Gaon. He says he receives at least three such cases in a month. Dr. Kataria alleges that water supplied to schools in the City contains a high amount of fluoride. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), if the fluoride level in water is above 1.5 mg per litre, it can cause a disease called Fluorosis, which results in the pitting of tooth enamel and deposits in bones. If the fluoride level is more than 10 mg per litre, it can result in crippling skeletal Fluorosis. Shockingly, Dr. Kataria says that the fluoride content in drinking water at many local schools seems to be more than 25 mg per litre – judging by the effects on children. Excessive fluoride can cripple a person for a lifetime. No formal tests have been conducted yet though. Of eight government schools in ‘old’ Gurgaon, more than six use water delivered by hand pumps as the main source of drinking water. In ‘new’ Gurgaon,

Office On The Go { Abhishek Behl / FG }

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he idea of sharing office space and having virtual office addresses has been quite popular abroad, but this concept has not been explored much in India. However, the current slowdown in the economy, and arrival of MNCs in cities like Gurgaon is slowly changing the way we look at office and the workspace. With large corporates looking to rightsize, due to the current economic scenario, and startups not having funds to splurge on anything except their core competence, the emerging trend in the City is to rent dedicated serviced spaces in business centres

and opt for virtual addresses, which come at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Real estate experts suggest that if someone is looking for less than 3000 sq feet at a good business address then they should rent space in a serviced business centre.

of five government schools, three use groundwater for drinking. There is a need to understand that the level of fluoride in ground water is high in the City, as it is a calcium-deficient ground. Unfortunately, it is difficult and very costly to reduce a high natural level of fluoride in water. The best way to avoid fluoride is to switch to an alternative source of water. “The methods of de-flouridation are expensive. It is very difficult for the government to have such a system in all schools. We therefore suggest that schools should switch to the water supplied by the Municipal Corporation and other government bodies,” says Dr. Seth of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE). Besides fluoride, another hazardous substance found in the groundwater in the City is Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). According to WHO, the desirable amount of TDS ranges between 500 mg per litre and 2,000 mg per litre. According to research conducted by CSE, the Contd on p 8 

Prakhar PANDEY

aldev (name changed) has to take the support of a cane as he tries to get up from his bed. Once up, he cannot stand straight. Though his height is around five feet one inch, he is bent over so much that he seems only four feet. His smile exposes wrinkles around his eyes and decayed teeth. Baldev is just 16 years old. The reason for his sickness is the consumption of contaminated water that was supplied to his school. “His teeth started decaying when he was just six years old. But we ignored it. Gradually he developed stiffness in his bones and spine. One day he fell from the stairs of his school, as his muscles and bones were extremely weak. We took him to the Civil Hospital, where he was admitted for over a month. His treatment is still going on,” says Bhanu, his mother. Water, which is considered as the source of life, has not only crippled Baldev’s body, but also his dignity in the society, and his future. “He wanted to become an engineer. But now it seems impossible,” mourns Bhanu. Though contaminated water is found everywhere – even homes and offices - the contaminants are especially dangerous for children. They drink more water than adults and are more vulnerable to the effects of hazardous substances present in contaminated water. If children regularly consume contaminated water, it first affects their teeth, which become deformed at an early age. By the time such a child enters his/ her teens, bone deformities start setting in. Coupled with malnutrition, these children in their teenage years sometimes acquire a wrinkled appearance. By the time they are adults, their spines have bent. “It is a common disorder, found in many children who study in government schools in the City. The water they

In fact it is difficult to rent smaller offices in Gurgaon in prime commercial locations such as DLF Cyber City, as builders prefer to offer large areas for lease. Mona Shukla, who has been a pioneer in the Managed-Office industry in the country, says that the idea of virtual offices and shared spaces will get more traction not only in Gurgaon but across the country, as people have come to realise that it can help them save money, while boosting productivity. “In 2005, when I launched the shared office concept in India on behalf of a multinational, it was a very new concept. I had to explain the nitty-gritties to customers,” says Shukla. However, the industry has come a long way since then, and Gurgaon has almost 10 top quality business centres that offer shared space and virtual offices. A dedicated or shared office space comprises flexible workspaces

For e-Waste collection: Call: 18002082828; SMS: WEEE to 58888; Email:

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6-12 September 2013

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319 Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014, VOL.–3 No.–03  6-12 September 2013


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India International Travel Mart

@ Epicentre, Aparel House, Sector 44 Date: September 13-15 Time: 11:00 am to 7:30 pm


phere Travelmedia & Exhibitions present its 70th edition of 'India International Travel Mart' – a travel event with over 150 participants. With the participation of organisations and tourism boards from over 10 countries and over 15 Indian states, the Exhibition will showcase a variety of destinations from different spheres – such as pilgrimages, adventures, culture and heritage, beaches, hills, luxury travel and more. With exciting packages and great holiday deals on offer, it is the best time to plan your next holiday!



@ Zorba, the Buddha, 7, Tropical Drive, MG Road Date: September 7 Time: 9:30 am

@ Coriander Leaf, Sushant Lok, Phase i Date: Up to September 30 Time: 12 noon to 3:30 pm; 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Find Your Story: Become What You Believe

Coffee Cocktail


Workshop that takes you on a journey of self-discovery.


Spotlight Show

@ Zynna Art Gallery, 56/20, DLF City Phase III Date: Up to September 16 Time: 11:30 am to 6:30 pm


Breakfast Glory

@ House of Ishatvam, MG Road Date: Up to September 15 Time: 11:00 am to 7:30 pm


isit the Exhibition and check out some amazing culinary products and a wide range of innovative cutlery. The Collection blends stunning design, vibrancy and intricate detailing. 


Free Azure Workshop

@ Microsoft India, 9th Floor, Tower A, DLF Cyber City, Phase III Date: September 7 Time: 9:00 am


Workshop on Cloud Computing, organised by Microsoft Tech Club and presented by Microsoft Student Partners, as a part of the Azure App Accelerator 
Campaign. Besides enhancing their knowledge, participants also stand a chance to win the Microsoft Azure Champion Certificate of Appreciation.
To Register, email at, or 
call 9990051533 – (Ujjwal)

C oming U p

your child. Appropriate for parents with kids aged 3 to 15 years
This is a pre-registered Event.
For registration and other details, please call at 8860649685/ 8860649686 or mail at 

 Construct your own story, enhance it and empower yourself to make that story happen in your life. Learn to influence and manipulate your external circumstances (happiness, success, health) using your thoughts. Journey facilitators include Deepti Pant and Mahua Hazra.



n Art Show featuring the works of Rashmi Jain.


Musical Evening

@ Pablo-The Art of Food, Golf Course Road Date: September 7 Time: 6:30 pm

My True Calling

@ Club Aralias, Golf Course Road Date: September 7 & 8 Time: 11:00 am


treat for all coffee lovers, as they get to taste new and exciting flavours of coffee in cocktails. On offer are Moscow Long Haul, Coffeetini, Russian Egg Nog, Vodka Frappuccino and Flaming Lambourghini.


Body Science

@ Rendezvous, J Block, Near Shikshantar School, South City 1 Date: September 7 Time: 10:00 am to 1:00 pm



arwarish Institute of Parenting, in collaboration with Rendezvous - Lounge for Moms and Kids, is conducting a special Coaching Workshop for parents and children on ‘Body Science’. This Workshop will help you (as parents) open channels of communication with your child and discover how talking about sex helps you create a stronger bond with


o celebrate its 2nd Exhibition of emerging artists, Renge presents a Group Show of artworks by Geetika Sangwan, Siddharth Panswari, Sita Rattan, Ranjana Jain, Kingsen Swagiary and others.


n evening with a difference – with great music, good food and plenty of fun. Watch talented specialists presenting their drumming skills while you enjoy the great food and beverages.


NR to 08447355801

6-12 September 2013

C oming U p



Down by Love (Szerelemtöl Sújtva-Hungarian) @ Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: September 10 Time: 7:30 pm onwards



Khalbelly, Jashn-e-Banjara


Hindustani Classical Guitar Recital

@ The Claremont Hotel & Convention Centre, MG Road Date: Up to September 15

@ Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: September 12 Time: 7:30 pm onwards



Glittering Decades


@ Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: September 14 Time: 7:30 pm

unique recital by Shahnawaz Ahmed, disciple of Sarfaraz Ahmed Khan.


multi-media production, starring Sunit Tandon, Alexander James Holmes, Vani Vyas and Anuja Thirani. Adapted from Nayantara Pothen's book, Glittering Decades: New Delhi In Love & War, the Play is a history of New Delhi from 1931 to 1952. Through the characters Anne, Aubrey, Lekha and Singha, the changes that were taking place in the City at the time are reflected. The Play is directed by Sohaila Kapur.


Off Broadway

@ Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: September 13 Time: 7:30 pm



n Evening of music with the Broadway Musicals. The singers explore the various aspects of life, love and relationships, through music. Featuring Aching Shaiza and Reuben Israel on vocals, Aching Shaiza and Kyoko Ito on the Piano and Aching Shaiza on the Ukulele.

Cut Cut Cut

@ Epicentre, Apparel House, sector 44 Date: September 8 Time: 7:30 pm


. Sayeed Alam’s play is a tongue-in-cheek comedy on the

wenty-four-year-old Éva has lived for years in the flat left to her by her parents. The only meaning in her restricted life is her secret affair with Tibor, a forty-fouryear-old married man.
Directed by: Tamás Sas

trials and tribulations of staging a play. JK (Hareesh Chhabra), a harassed and hot-tempered Director, is trying very hard to get his bunch of actors to act. A week from the performance, the Play seems to be doomed – everything goes wrong.

he theme of this year's edition of Jashn-e-Banjara, the annual Dance Fest, has been inspired by different women coming together from across the globe to celebrate the gift of womanhood.
Watch various dance forms – Oriental, Folk, Gypsy, Classical and the trademark Belly, and enjoy the evening.


Stand up Comedy

@ Epicentre, Apparel House, Sector 44 Date: September 11 Time: 7:30 pm onwards

@ Cooper's Grill & Bar, 33 DLF Star Tower, Exit 8, Block A, Sector 30 Date: September 14

Folk & Traditional Dance


n evening of folk and traditional dances of India, based on film songs. This is followed by a musical recital of old melodies by eminent artists.

Comedy Club


oin in for an evening full of laughter with Comedy Club. Enjoy Stand-up Comic acts by Jeeveshu, Nishant and Appurv, in this 5th edition of Comedy Club. 

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Vol. 2 No. 34  Pages 24  ` 7

9-15 Aug ust

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Vol. 2 No. 43  Pages 24  ` 7

{Inside} A Convenient Track?


re The cks' A CapitalBewaPlan The S'Qua ta

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Vol. 2 No.

19-25 April 2013

51  Page

s 24  `




INLD In Poll Mode

{ Abhishek Behl / FG }

/2011/3931 write to us at 9, Posta l Regn. No. /35/2 uoyed byGRG the positive 012-2014 results in the recently held municipal elections, the Indian National Lok Dal has sounded the poll bugle, and started making preparations for the 2014 State and Union elections. The Party, which held a Working Committee meeting in Gurgaon this week, has decided to launch a statewide public awareness campaign against the alleged misrule, corruption and scams, in which ruling Congress members the miracle t proposed The Genuine dilute areas the development promise to provide ain sect in Delhi the Har ana are involved. Senior Parcures. the Har Ow yana with Delhi not contributing much, owing ion Apartm nerCertified ship 2025 less 9001-2008 as compared Gurgaon. Harsh (name are Apartm s “Once s Act the y- ISO Public Schools changed) Act (HA entdoctor. ty leader and MLA, Ellenabad, Abhay was one to such ter Plan to the monopoly of the government in ciet Ow Singh Chauregare OA) ner houses ies Reg into the ‘new ent projects launched, Without possessing Delhi will have While the Capital hasMas had an ulat 198 tala, said that public meetings and demonstrations MBBS istratio degree es the hectares or 3, any - and ask land acquisition32,4 08development. and But all interest hectares available n Act ’ Soownpoints,whi all price medical qualification ch re-r which ed all will some Govt. School ‘ratnas’ andattraining, would be organised in all the 90 constituencies 37,512for 2012, of apa heersh hadipbeen this is going to change in the next couple seem andhe says. egistere the RWAs attract rtment buyers from running a nursing across NCR,” sin a time now, our City too can hectares 5 lacs home of the State, to make the people aware to a d und sector to Act forthe hav the 41.6 past buy get of years, 23 treatments,” with . the current tha UPA governabout the e er this ers, being This mov says one his patients. Surprisingly, met wit 30,2 A largewear n number five years. He would of coat buyers in Gurgaon of a few. With the right rea misdeeds of the Congress, and to channelize a lab ‘new and hcarry sonable e, insi medical Total land boastarea hectares ment pushing for the while he had As more aas was the stethoscope. But investors, also ders say,’ negligence cases onto Delhi, 15,828Delhi Master Plan theya dire ct fall three leadership, he ran exp andteacher-parentecte ble anger of the masses against the government. outwill of d, luck flock when‘suc 40 lacs a cess niza patient mer (DMP) 2021, which embraces the private out ous batt going against Chauhim, of his patients was aware of none lookStat ’. Menon. to eearn morethe lodged a complaint profits, mov govhim, the nuTotal urba sibling support, State schools hectares Us against tala also demanded a judicial probe against e predicts ern as he refused by the to byContaCt con sector with gusto. DMP 2021 calls for unof ofthe men this. les being Congress 48 fusion Real estate observers examine the medical tsay latio that the market in City-bas fought has canngenuinely become 15,1 against tests are good MP Navin Jindal and his company, for done atthe a lab in that was led hectalmost not City locking People 60,000 hectares involvement For a popu of land without in per ed to in a , abo proper degree and training in Gurgaon has Millenn referred already slowed many ons down in the last RW 1 by him. “We educators of the never the coal scam; he said that the CBI statement knew ut he was As a quack. 203 pow The builder 250 pers rural, urban and unauthorised areas of ium medicine have entrenc tial of filing opened ers and the futu clinics six months. board outside his nursing low the s, who refu r Plan the large. re an FIR against the Congress MP was just home mentioned Residen public at hed and nursing homes across ity thatrole the RW ste he was man the National Capital for development, to the City. dens an Even eyewash. se educated l Ma nor , people agemen just trust the boards put Chopra, a qualified doctor. I Sam CEO to folof Remax, As also entia ms and derline 12m have visited aft) Chautala also assailed the Haryana government close to n, hav home t of so ...Pg whinursing 10 meet up doutside n rising demand for ares e prothat- his housing and(Dr these rule clinics. for Avge. resid k, as a by HAO Some of these ‘doctors’ have ersothe many times, and Ibelieves the chDelhi 7 hect Masterfact, s unved till http://www.americanpub have never awarding a Rs 300 crores contract to the had tan issue with to any now the Plan sq. m./p h A Last wee Friday Gurgao Gur infrastructure. Will1,57 learnt t this the Jindal Plan be and 2.5 traditional expanwidt pivo 198 Group medicine gao will system, definitely effectanthe 3. In market ists in who t in safe the of n-based imp without floating any tender. interest Min. roadThe New ssmisent yearPlan oraresin Delhi now have a major influence firs sion spaces oftthis have – and enSectors' this asse where the State Millennium activin brand City, asgua rdin Contd on p 8  Delhi has a better an several been 1,429 hect owners. s of parks/op you of the apa g the - wanting. e on the Gurgaon-Noida Contd story? invo Experts on are rd ares p has 9 been  s. gav largely found lega bui value, Area for (68 to 80) Pathways infrastructure and It lved amenities. we “Land rtm lders, l batt ct road on the impact that Backwa ent 4,53of3 hect g seledivided treatment as HAO may the Delhi Masbe recatheir proper RealStep and asse Estate developers rights and analysts, who and ial the Reg consolidation is happening in Delhi, rt tha les with FSI mentalAharassment – One give sexual por width, alon lled ecially is rampant tan it Master Commerc istrar said t mak Amrita s prim terares males), Plan – both on the urban 1,000 growth of per cehave are tracking family,” n (esp the Delhi females all-the Plan, say that and (877 of 200m normsof in the been In heirs ofand liberalised, ing of SocDr. land gao family. pow the 5,431 hect Gur in the ial belts by the male members erfu control man, for )opportunity managee im- inse ieties Delhi, as well Studies for each as its fallout on a bride Gurgaon Women it offers Manesar to find a great ices Director, ares the housing topooling impossible Yadav, has the men an The new Commerc farm l bod thatallowed. ofbeen hect found y, and to IMT, c serv thehave con of the cases, we t the rting Maharishi the assome 4,420give civi cent in particular. become Asspolicy, cert domallows While they full a bride’ sector in the entire NCR, ‘importing large chunks (pop so credit just ociationthat and by. house iniuCentre t of ehas smaller ay, adja There Apartm ain sectDayananad ms for (WSC), Dabas gon line. Maninder is used as a ‘common { essw ularly wife’. rwith ay s iondone to/ FG the} Delhi government railw Industry the star the forsolution. has ent WSC planning aimed Rohtak. yea a of land will be available at s of an Further, to forlady Owner development. on expr farm houses, willofdefinitely known University, k,tradition Act, has the hectares offspring, ard their at where r the s impact i-Rewari are casesafte s weescale nix forweven 4,289 comprehensive strial area same as RW extensive thedevelopment, development apartm of Thi the field. been Such awithin large this ining marrying and further prosale look study not City, bui of luxury sex- hect the ons ecades gside Delh ares As), in Gurgaon,” reason New Indu lderapartments main the beof ject of mon Are believed to who are going  year,ofwe be alon they areunchecked not yet sold on exitsgreater municati allege ent owners. righ marrying – alth Contd 626 the implementa- urbanistaion ts on will is definitely of p 6 Mai believes Chopra. The und ter)brought a, a new girls oug the availability have made village, and eligible that this t & Com .Delhi arehdenied They abortions happenin, r Depot tion t aro n theirin being 2031 for ing buil ntenancModification to ens and execution part of this that (lat men estate n taineselective also many massive Transpor gao to influence the suitors, real mov sector s the gao on. Con of wealthier land for affordable the rare housing, Gur and ares the ure Haryana of e is mea and In ng Gur state e ben s and most of fertile A.K is–bein ly in Gur - con la the once a sur that re believes project. andRamesh 609 hect Jain, former Planning in per t Nagar Comunmarried City, nt left The futu prising clearance hoe arcMenon, develop are Millennium builder single window 107. Dautinubeing system ga-rki extendi ares making 7 villages petuity.efits – ale thei brides, of101, Transpor hect While horse-sa firm suffer a drought s can 115 –has mov ment aRealty, missioner Khe r hold DDA, says that ion 100, the tothat “Haryana future of CEO to drugs. in of 1,87 Certes e Apartm ments in 58 ors the ens a year addicted get last com n, r often and ies had on Ext tors gao Valley a lucrative plexes rnareas apartago onl ents 8, nea human-trafficking Sec ...Pg Gur 23 Sectthe City depends been on the timely execution been almost tracking and Courseof Far theing MDP View villages, and  2021 Gol Public Utilit for af couple – to on p 6 rea (Northe Contd  y fear on ) to NH how exp Often projected as has around 6,000II – comprisaround the trade. Gur has 5 hectares s to idabad Exp expanding the ‘new ressed p the common d – SPR ressway the same toll 1,77 areth from 6 the ressway gaon- rese been func FSI, Com about in each wou s ’ eral Roa ares of them there arka Exp tioning a voluntary marriage, every year p 18  the sou already fact that ntative - apa ld dilute theSocieties other states. lic uses infrom n Periph th from Dw ting near-about brides 2,761 hect as the Contd on damagepoint own Act rtment ) semi-pub of young women and girls to 7 such inte repnor thousands ley View been don ers. Howof the apa r bodyBihar, mee UP, West d (Souther es) the – Jharkhand, Public & like in wate 8) Roa owners, rests of States offic e. The has num happy t. a ares rtment Estates the idea of ever, into a; and artificial ) to NH istered 8 hect erou Kerala, Valsemi-gov are lured 2,68 there recent Plazeven RWA or 72Ain Bengal, Assam – and d – NPR Tollnow the apa s differenc Sectman rich a wer was reg(Govt. and 1860 in under the married life with ares l Roa or 72, for the side. rtment of brides era es amo e hect source Sect the Soci become 53 You would t; have iph sampled have Friday 2009, the buil er ‘purchased Dep own many Per oth State.onSadly, and sinc eties Act Space during the the thewomen these der, over ers as well ng in Haryana. A few of year. men ares Open Gurgaon Ammuniti { Maninder a, on e then nd exploited, as plaz mainten Dabasdenied / FG } basic633 hect area is ravaging hectares the and range peaceful it strip arou brides’ are106 comfortable a living be may ance, wide maids, as Here m is your chance to get FG at coerced to work { Shilpy Aror rights, (900 every day. If their matters proceed are forced ‘sisters’ ares Zone life, but most of a/ FG hect your doorstep , Agri every write to abandoned. Contd on 633 ave the Aravallis: a on their presentconditions and eventually course, – with us at letter } cial Zone p inhospitable in live 8 to Spe  State Friday, the at a very attractive rate. in ratiothat like so Delhi will be a desert in the s@fridayg slogan, With a skewed hectares 0 sex 4,57 Land many others, stirs little coming four-five decades; the arentin m 52nce issues (1 Year), for ` 200 Defe response until the cost of dynami g has nev (Two Hundred) Only – a Saving of Aravallis would have been er bee SEZ ` 164 on cover price. n change cs of the ignoring it hits home. The destroyed, by the greed of family so difficult – nuc esp lear Aravallis are one of the a handful. Illegal mining syst ecia in Parents family and lly in this em has undurban Ind oldest mountain ranges in is not the only menace the ia. The ergone SMS FGYES to 08447355801 childre are not able‘closed-doo ‘modern’ a seri the world, and they are all Aravallis have been living Millenn r livi n, and to find ous Send an email to even ium ‘enough ng’ has bec who theysome ofte that stand between Delhi with; the construction of ome theCity. A the poli are... n don’t kno ’ time to and the desert – buffering many residential buildings, almost trend. spend being ce - the rece In excepti w where being severely tested, in now with Pay Online at Gurgaon is a they are with thei the National CapitalofRegion of the residents along a large number of used to The tolerance particip case in poin nt ‘sex-and onal cases have got who – or may r builders really), (mainly -smoke they (NCR) The developers against the advance farmhouses, in the City. in the restricted every colony be reputed ants are mai t! Many say ’ birthda find out do not really know how to cope that nly patronage’ schools. of theand Thar from (Desert), ‘political andsyndrome, Delivery will be throughayour area (aka y forest area), ‘sellers’ market’ have taking any The con children fromsuch parties party at a withouthas ‘properties’, bec their on hold of decades holding ome down Their the monsoon as done great damage to the road. pub are ‘rou newspaper vendor.with an activist citizenry. youngs affluent the pre cern is tha and even on the activities in Roz Ka Gurjar – in the Aravalli forest area. tine’. – in the Courts, homes, challenged ferr sweeps over t ‘splurg thebeing is now northern eco-system here. alcohol ters. Most but CompletionitCertificates, Circulated only in Gurgaon. studyingThe even been evicted. Thethis is a typical token State Although there are many Acts of themed way to e drin have abu builders) the (of plains. companies se. Recently, the Gurgaon action. As per estimates, that are supposed to protect the partake spend wee king’ seem in Some ‘front’ maintenance Do par eye, with their hands keeping a close ken Special offer for rest of NCR: without However, s to indiscriminate Administration, are Administration are doin ents toda has shut downPlanning therefore the there are almost 2,000 farm Aravallis from the menace of politicians, and knowin ds, for thes y kno and Country ` 300 for 6 months (Delivery through courier) Town The of g? If not far aaway. stone-quarrying w wha and are illegal it tha handful e g the farm houses that state that elections houses no, is in Gurgaon District, fairly off, knowing of t their t risks this poor it tha reason for has been construction of in the forest When they have teenage were a key operating commercial and a majority of them fall silence and acquiescence Contd on p 9  Dept., whose asked, no pro t they do not rea sons or dau most of it acce blem, affairs, is now advising builders to let go. ptable ghters the pare lly car even hard-pressed to find the funds for making illegal if thei with nts clea The RWAs who are taking over would be devian e? If yes, r – leav rly say ing a fair son or dau is City, undertaking any further major investments t beh that Sob ghter aviour? up the infrastructural deficiencies…or for were cau they would was wild ha, is hap ly wide scop and IDC), paid by buyers for their colonies, not py to (even for repair). Development charges (EDC when State needs to find a way to be fine speak e in between. ght doing any find The builders. the I and State was the by up , openly A have long been eaten thing follow even if he takeyounger and on the resident of (against the plans approved by the State her foot fund the RWAs for this deficient infrastructure Sun no easy builders. The courts steps – s a peg occa I turned out issue. She these by given guarantees some says sionally or read what if ok. My itself)) – maybe by encashing y answ .” it gets son too , “I ers. worse But what if surely would rule likewise. will – at a you he latest. However, in this case the builder ng age? does not The Palam Vihar takeover is one of the There fairly positive in the negotiations. However, are Ansal – finally saw reason, and was then of poor maintenance of facilities, and poor this would not compensate for the decades taking huge deposits, and charging quite services, rendered by most builders – despite Contd on provided all the facilities and infrastructure p9 a sum monthly. Many builders have not even basis of which people invested their hardas per the original approved plans - on the See p 9  earned money.

Fast-track Courts are the { Shilpy Arora / FG } 2 convenient current flavour August 201 write to us at of justice, especially post the 24-30 December rape in the Capital. GRG/35/2012-2014 RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. ithNo. the arrival of giant healthcare However, it is a matter Vol.of2 No. 35  Pages 24  ` 7 institutions such as Medanta, Artemis concern that even that case and Fortis, the Millennium City has now dragged on for over has undoubtedly become a medical hub 14 12-20 a 100 days. Ironically, many in the /35/20 National Capital Region. It is home . No. GRG Fast-track Courts, including in to many Postal Regn well-qualified doctors. Yet there is no our City, had been shut down shortage 011/39319, of 'quacks', who have brought HARENG/2 { Abhisheka bad name to the in 2011, for cost and other RNI}No. { Abhishek Behl / FG Behl/ years. According to‘doctors’ him, institution of healthcare. real estate write to FG } thetake These reasons. They should now us at letter prices will advantage of the rationalise and s@fridayg lack in of Gurgaon medical facilities come back strong…and stay. for he real estate growth in the National year urgao see in correction, once the DMP the common man projects the Stat 7 the he ` m City. They  generally cov 24 Capital Region (NCR) s has primarily ert atte ...Pg 8 e gov become operational. offer cheap medicines The land prices had 2031 in include 1  Page State treatments, and ernmen mpt and d cert of been driven byt Plan Gurgaon and Noida – to Draf Vol. 2 No. by

Will Delhi High-RisesWDwarf Suburbs? Res

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& Prejudiceture Isidents Beware Bride T


Bringing Aravallis Mined

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04 Pawn Stars in the City


he lead pair— father-and-son duo Rick and Corey Harrison—of a popular TV series on HISTORY TV18, Pawn Stars, visited the City. The father-son team, who run a Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, have become reality television’s biggest stars. The pair plans to be on the lookout for great buys during their India visit.

H appenings

6-12 September 2013

Grand Fan Masti


he cast of the upcoming adult comedy, ‘Grand Masti’, was in the City for the promotion. The Film, a sequel to ‘Masti’, is scheduled to release on September 13th. The cast—Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, Riteish Deshmukh, Manjari Phadnis, Bruna Abdullah and Kainat Arora—interacted with fans and posed happily for pictures.

Jewel in Rivaayat’s Crown


esigner duo Meera-Rohit, of Rivaayat, were among the few designers (and the only ones from Gurgaon) to be selected by the India International Jewellery Week, 2013. Their new collection, Jahaan-Ara, a perfect blend of regal femininity and traditional hues, was showcased by models on the ramp. The exclusive range is embellished with experimental tones and eclectic influences of antique adivasi jewellery and textiles.

Fustaan Launch


amous Fitness Coach, Sonia Bajaj, and Mayank launched their fashion label, Fustaan. The unique feature of the Show was that married women walked the ramp, displaying an impressive collection of cocktail gowns, saris and western wear. "I am a fitness trainer, so my collection should be very comfortable. I wanted to tell people that these gowns and saris are not made just for models," said Sonia.

Weekender Band


s part of Bacardi India’s “Bacardi Weekender”, the Bands Advaita and Traffic Jam entertained music lovers at a nightclub. The spectators enjoyed the performance and partied late into the night.

6-12 September 2013

H appenings


Pinkathon With Moms


Promo Walk/Fun Run with actor Milind Soman and Gurgaon Moms was held in the City. This Event was a precursor to Pinkathon, Milind’s Breast Cancer awareness initiative, which started from Bangalore and will cover ten different cities. The Delhi Pinkathon is scheduled to be held at India Gate on September 15.

Designer Interiors & Exteriors


he Interior & Exterior Show, a four-day Exhibition of modern and contemporary designer interiors was held at Epicentre. The Expo provided an array of Furniture & Furnishings, Glass Paintings, Decorative items, Art & Handicrafts, artifacts, Rugs & Carpets, Massage chairs, Recliners, Onyx, Designer wallpaper, artificial flowers and more. The visitors enjoyed the fine display of interior and exterior exhibits.

Inventive Scholars


en outstanding students from four leading Engineering and Technical colleges were awarded scholarships at an Award Ceremony by Avery Dennison Foundation (ADF), at the annual Spirit of Invention Scholarship Programme. The students were awarded for displaying outstanding scientific spirit and entrepreneurship. The students were selected from three colleges – M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore; Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani; and Pune Vidhyarthi Griha’s College of Engineering and Technology, Pune. The merit-based Scholarship Programme is open to all first-year Indian students, who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and strong innovation.

ASEM Talks


he Asia–Europe Meeting (ASEM), an inter-regional forum, held a Senior Officials’ Meeting in the City. Senior Asian and European policymakers attended the 3-day Meeting, for a review of the two Regions’ expanding political, security and economic ties. The Indian delegation was led by Secretary (East), Ashok Kantha.

e-waste Management


ataserv APAC, a global leader in e-waste management, launched the first door-to-door e-waste pick-up service in the NCR. Dr. Satyendre Duhan SDM and Nisha Singh, Councillor, MCG along with Dataserv APAC MD, Amit Sardana, flagged off the vehicle. Under the e-waste Rules, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must set up household collection services. Dataserv APAC has undertaken this initiative on behalf of OEMs.


6-12 September 2013

THE WEEK THAT WAS  The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways, Oscar Fernandes, after a meeting with CM Hooda, has asked the Director General of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, K. Kandaswami, to finalize the functioning model and Request For Qualification (RFQ) documents for a Cloverleaf Flyover at the Hero Honda Chowk; it was also decided to install a traffic light system and allow traffic movement on both sides of the roads and the crossing. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) was also instructed to immediately repair and construct the service roads. It was alaso decided to construct a drain along the sides of the service roads, for which the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon will provide funds and the NHAI will directly supervise the work. On the removal of the toll plazas, the Haryana CM and Public Works Minister R.S. Surjewala emphasized that the Ministry and NHAI need to expedite action against the concessionaire for repeated defaults and for causing harassment to commuters. It was decided that Chairman NHAI and the Ministry of RT&H will request the Attorney General to appear on behalf of the Govt of India to persuade the High Court of Delhi to vacate the stay order against the termination of the Agreement that was ordered by NHAI. The Haryana Chief Minister informed that the Government of Haryana has already requested that it is impleaded as a party for allowing the termination of the Concession Agreement.  The High Court says that toll plazas that are delayed should not be allowed to charge toll – critically reviewing the Gurgaon toll plazas and status of NH8. Court orders an FOB to be set up at Hero Chowk. 3 underpasses are also in the process of sanction – at IFFCO Chowk, Rajiv Chowk and Signature Towers crossings.  Haryana to introduce a Transport Policy for private bus service of 3,500 buses. In Gurgaon 21 routes would be open, and 90 private permits issued (for inter-city travel).  Many ‘official’ trucks carrying cattle/cow meat, from Chandigarh to Mathura, are set on fire near Pataudi. The mob also torches many trucks on the highway. FIRs are registered against the vandals. CRPF and the Police undertake a flag march the next day. This incidence follows the recent clashes wherein a local was killed by the ‘cow mafia’.  78 gazetted officers from various Services attend a Special Foundation Course at HIPA – CM inaugurates the Course.

Haryanvi Made Easy Get a taste of the local lingo 1. This month has been full of holidays. Is mheena bhout ghanni chhuti thi. 2. So many friends went out for vacations. Bhout ghanne dost chhuti manan gaye. 3. I didn’t go anywhere. Main kit te bhi na gaya. 4. There was too much of work at the office. Mhaare daftar me ghannaye kaam tha. 5. My boss said I have to finish it. Mera afsar ne bollya kaam khatam karna se. 5. I have finished all the pending work now. Ib manne saara kaam khatam kar dya. 6. But there are no more long weekends left. Par ib chhuti na bachi se.

 A father and son are killed in a road accident; a couple commits suicide at a Sohna tourist resort; a worker who sustained burns in a factory fire in Udyog Vihar, succumbs to his injuries.  An ex-air hostess files an FIR alleging rape by a job consultant.  College guards beat up an engineering student. 3 policemen are suspended for negligence of duty.  Police issue notice to the school in the recent Cyber-bullying case.  DC asks all pubs and bars to install CCTVs, and keep record for 30 days. Other guidelines also reinforced; DC invokes Sec 144 to reinforce the ban on Hookah Bars.  An executive is robbed of his car in Sector 5; a Dubai resident, a woman, is allegedly robbed of her cash and jewellery at a local hotel – Pullman; robbers flee with Rs 8 lakhs from a car, parked near Gurdwara Road; a man is robbed of Rs 31,000, near Gwal Pahari; bikers snatch chain from a 62-year-old woman in DLF Phase III; a laptop is stolen from a car; there is a Rs 29,000 debit fraud committed; a notorious criminal at large strikes again – takes Rs 3,000 from a senior citizen at his house, at gunpoint.  A water tank is Railway Colony is poisoned, as the result of enmity between families.  First dengue death in the City this season is reported.  Angry villagers, upset at the state of service roads, force open the Kherki Daula Toll Plaza (all 18 lanes) for 2 hours on Wednesday morning.  Balaji and Perfect, sanitation contractors, are suspended by the MCG for continued poor services, and for showing no improvement despite notices.  MCG is planning to set up 40 eco-friendly public toilets (hopefully well-though through, as the HUDA ‘experiment on this was a fiasco)  Door collection of e-waste is started in some sectors/colonies.  CNG pump at Sector 29 shuts down due to sibling rivalry.  DHBVN now promises electricity connection in 30 days.  Local lawyers, across 36 courts, go on a 2-day strike.  Many Amity students protest the loss of an academic year, due to their assessment. There is a Half-marathon organized on Sunday for the benefit of Uttarakhand.


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6-12 September 2013

{ Shilpy Arora / FG }

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man, R. Balasundaran, Shalini and Gunjan are the four students from the City who have been selected by the Internet giant, Google, for its reputed Google Student Ambassador (GSA) Programme. While Aman is an IT student of ITM University, R. Balasundaran is doing Computer Sciences from GITM and Shalini and Gunjan are pursuing Computer Science from Dronacharya College of Engineering (DCE). The students have made their Institutes proud by representing them at the international level. R. Balasundaran always had a passion to work in different fields. He worked as an Intern in a software development company last year. Early this year he worked as an Event Manager and Sponsorship Head in his college. He has also won national-level prizes for technical presentation and public speaking. “After completing my Senior Secondary studies, my parents wanted me to take up Engineering. However,

In Search of Young Envoys my interests are varied. I believe that if you work in different areas you can better improve your leadership and communication skills. I have wanted to work in various domains. This thinking and belief has helped me in becoming a GSA,” smiles R. Balasundaran. Aman gives credit to his college and parents for his success. “This coveted appointment imbibes in me a new resolve to work hard and live up to being a proud Google Ambassador”, says Aman. Shalini, a third year engineering student, is motivated to work on the empowerment of women and on how to take technology to the lowest strata of society. Her positive attitude has also helped her bag the golden opportunity of becoming a GSA. “Applying for the GSA Programme this year needed the college/ university faculty members to recommend a few students who met the strict criteria set up by Google. I am glad that they referred me on the basis of my


the nation is in the doldrums”, asserted Singh. Referring to the Rally being organized by the Manch, Singh said that it was an initiative to mobilize all the communities that are not getting their due share. Another prominent leader, Lalit Sharma, said that the efforts being made by the Manch were apolitical, and did not call for the involvement of politicians. Prominent Punjabis

from Gurgaon, Faridabad and Delhi were present on the occasion, and called for solidarity in the Community. They also opined that with elections coming soon, it is important for the Community and its leaders to put up a united face and demand more seats from national and state parties. Punjabis deserve a greater voice in Haryana politics.u



involvement with a local NGO that empowers women by introducing them to the latest technology,” says Shalini. She wants the common woman to adopt technology as a way of life. She has already conducted a few sessions, teaching women about how the Internet can make their lives easier. Gunjan plans to conduct various fun and educative activities in her college, as a GSA. She is working on a Gurgaon Student Fest, where students from all colleges in the City would come together to have fun. “The GSA tag should not only be beneficial for the students who have been selected as Ambassadors, but also for their peers and society at large. GSAs should

Punjabis in Haryana Prakhar PANDEY

{ Abhishek Behl / FG }

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he thirty percent Punjabi population in Haryana, which made this state its home after migrating from Pakistan after the Partition, is increasingly facing political marginalization in the State. Not only has the share of this Community gone down in the politic arena, but government jobs are also not coming their way, complain leading members of the Community in Gurgaon. The situation has come to such a pass, says Subhash Batra, former Home Minister, Haryana, that Punjabis are now pressing for reservations in jobs and other arenas. “There was a time when Haryana had 22 legislators from this Community, and some of them were also ministers in the cabinet”, says Batra. Now none of the local as well as national parties are ready to give tickets to this Community; they only vie for their votes and support. Addressing a gathering of Punjabis under the aegis of Punjabi Jagriti Manch, Batra also announced that a Jan Ekta Rally will be held in Rohtak on December 15, to send the message that the Community is not going to accept this marginalization

Google offers various training programmes to its Student Ambassadors. GSAs from the City had already taken a training programme at Goa in August, where they received training from the top executives of the Company. This Programme provides an opportunity to students to learn about the different products of Google. R. Balasundaran says, “Not only does Google provide training programme, it also involves students in planning and hosting fun events in their campus. Google Student Ambassadors also act as campus contacts for the Google teams. They help Google in understanding the culture of their universities. I was thrilled to know about the new technologies Google is working on.” The students will also conduct workshops

in various colleges on behalf of Google. After completing their courses, the students might get an opportunity for direct recruitment in Google. Interestingly, Google not only gives opportunity to IT students, but also even to those who are pursuing subjects such as Journalism, Anthropology and Zoology. “The aim is to inculcate professional development, leadership and communication skills among students and help them to access to a unique network of Google Ambassadors across the world,” says Mahindra Singh, Head of Department, Computer Sciences, GITM. Every year each Institute recommends two students to Google for their GSA programme. The students are selected on the basis of their technical and communication skills. They are first asked to fill an online application form, which is followed by a telephonic interview. It is a one-year Programme, aimed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. So far the Programme has benefitted over 50 students in the City.u

act as bridges between the students and Google - say for training module,” feels S. Suchitra, Prof., Computer Sciences, DCE. Aman


In & Near MGR Metropolis Mall any more. “We suffered a lot during Partition and made this State our home. We have rebuilt our lives and contributed immensely to the industry and commerce of Haryana. We had a vibrant participation in politics which has come to naught now”, says Batra. The Community have roped in former Army General V K Singh, a local Haryanvi, to fight for their cause. “We have 30 per cent of the population but only 2 per cent of the government jobs. We will tour the entire State and bring Punjabis from within to participate in the Rohtak Rally”, said Batra. Speaking on the occasion, General VK Singh admitted that the Punjabi community had been facing a tough time in Haryana because of political marginalization. Singh said that, being from Haryana, he

understands the sacrifices made by the large number of migrants who settled here after getting uprooted from Pakistan. “In view of the immense courage shown by Punjabis during the Partition, I would call for giving a freedom fighter status to the senior citizens of the Community. I would also call for giving them their due share politically”, asserted Singh. When asked about rumours of his joining the BJP, Singh said that he was not joining any political party, but was interested in working with Anna Hazare to change the system of governance in the country. “We are not talking about power but about changing the political system, which at present is not effective. The policies of the present government are not good, and this is the reason that the economy and polity of

Citizen: Rajeshwar Dayal Mathur

08 Test, Before You Drink  Contd from p 1 figure in the City exceeds 7,000 mg per litre, which is alarming! Water pollution is also responsible for the contamination. As the City has no sewage system, sewage is flushed out in open areas, which pollutes the ground water as well as other sources of water. It is therefore important to keep a check on the level of water pollution in the City. Unfortunately, the condition of water supplied by the Municipal bodies does not inspire confidence either. Although it is not high in fluoride content, it is contaminated during the supply process. Further, the water tanks in government schools are hardly cleaned - so the water stored in them is normally unfit for consumption. It can cause both acute and chronic diseases – including cholera, diarrhoea, typhoid, dysentery and Hepatitis A. Moreover, continuous consumption of contaminated water can ruin a child’s gastrointestinal system and also have adverse affect on the kidneys and liver. The best way to check water contamination is to conduct regular tests of the water in schools - but it has been found that the water in government schools has not been tested for years. It was last in 1996 that the Government School in Sadar Bazaar had sent a water sample for test in a lab, while the Government School in Sukhrali sent a sample to a lab in 1990! Concerns are also being raised on the shortage of water testing labs in the City. Dr. Kataria informs that the Capital has just six water testing labs, while Gurgaon has none. Most of the private schools depend on tankers and ‘bottled water’

Students can also play an active role. Recently, an NGO called Jal Tara provided an easy-to-carry water testing kit to the students of government schools in North Delhi. Developed by a team of environmental scientists, the Kit tests the water for its pH level, temperature, turbidity, the presence of chlorides, ammonia, iron, hardness, residual chlorine, fluorides, nitrates and harmful bacteria. Jal Tara also conducts lectures and screens video films in schools, to educate children about water contamination. for drinking. While the water source is clean and safe, the pipes and fixtures that supply water to the tap carry contaminants such as copper, lead and arsenic. A School calls for a water tanker on a regular basis. Water is first treated in a small plant located near the school. It seems to pass everyone’s notice that water is kept in dirty vessels and supplied to the main water tank through unclean pipes and fixtures. In the process, lead gets into the drinking water. “The problem is that water is contaminated after it leaves the treatment plant; contamination occurs within the distribution system, which is not monitored,” says Dr. Seth. As the water passes through lead-based service lines and across lead-soldered joints, or as it sits next to brass and bronze fixtures, the amount of lead in the water increases. This exposure to high levels of lead is a serious concern, as it impact children’s health. It impairs the development of the brain and can also cause paralysis.

The Way Forward

Make sure the filtration systems or reverse osmosis systems used in schools are certified by the authorities. A resident of Windsor Court says, “My son goes to an international school. But I was shocked to notice that the School had been using a local water filtration system, which was not certified. They have switched to an RO system after I raised the issue. Being a doctor, I know the adverse effect of contaminated water on the health of children.” She advises parents to check out the water filtration system before putting their child in a school. Many organisations have come forward to raise their concerns on the contamination of mid-day meals provided in government schools. Unfortunately, the contamination of drinking water in schools seems to have gone unnoticed. The fact is that the condition of drinking water in schools is equally alarming. Authorities have not been able to install a water purification system in even a single government school in the City. Children are therefore forced to drink contaminated water. It is high time that the Administration realizes that providing clean water and food in schools is as important as imparting education.u

6-12 September 2013

C ivic/S ocial

Clearing Up The City { Abhishek Behl / FG }

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f Gurgaon's different citizen groups and RWAs, working for better infrastructure and facilities in the City, are brought together under one focused platform, then it would become a lot easier to achieve the seemingly tough goals. Concerned people in the Millennium City need to unite and put a common foot forward, believes Gauri Sarin, who has formed a citizen platform called Gurgaon Action Plan (GAP). An 18-year stint in the corporate world has made her realize the importance of working in focused groups, having synergy between different teams and engaging with experts as well as the government - which is the most important pivot. “Gurgaon Action Plan aims to bring different groups together - which may be NGOs or RWAs - to create a unified vision. Whosoever comes to Gurgaon has the dream of living in a world class city, and we will try to engage with the government to make this happen,” says Sarin. Her involvement in issues concerning the City was inspired by Art of Living, an organization that has initiated several good governance campaigns. "Last year, GAP organised a Workshop with policemen, regarding issues related to women. This was just before the Nirbhaya crime and we received appreciation for this sensitisation campaign," she says. In her opinion, involving school children, corporates and the state establishment is a must if Gurgaon's multiple problems, including those faced by women, are to be resolved. The most important item on her agenda these days has been the 'Malba-free Gurgaon’ campaign, launched by a group of NGOs, in which GAP is also playing an important part. Sarin says that Construction Waste has led to multiple problems in the City, such as waterlogging, encroachment of traditional ponds, choked lanes and drains. “We want the government and municipal authorities to set up a plant for treatment of Construction Waste; and to select sites where ‘malba’ can be dumped in transit before being taken to the Plant for treatment,” she says. The Campaign has got great support from the people as well as civil society, and it was because of the sustained work on this issue that recently the MCG Commissioner P.C Meena went to Delhi and observed the working of the Construction Waste Treatment Plant there. “What I have realised is that citizens must come together and put up a united face, which sends a strong message to the bureaucracy that we want change, and more effective and timely delivery of services,” says Sarin. She also believes that instead of demanding a unified Gurgaon Development Authority, the City should call for empowerment of the MCG, which is the urban local body. “If MCG gets more powers and evolves, it would be better for the City, as it is a democratic body that is accountable to the voters. We will have the power to change the leadership over nonperformance,” asserts Sarin. She is also a votary for the early transfer of builder colonies and HUDA sectors to the MCG, so that a single agency can decide and implement the development of the entire City. Right now the City is divided into multiple zones, where HUDA, MCG, Housing board, Private Builders and even

HSIIDC have their own sets of rules. For the benefit of the City the role of HUDA should be limited to land acquisition and disposal; they are currently working beyond their brief. There is also a huge amount of money lying with HUDA, as EDC collected from Gurgaon properties, but is not being spent on the development of the City, alleges Sarin. This is also the reason that the transfer of sectors is not taking place. Another important issue that needs to be addressed is decentralization and the devolution of powers, so that officials in Gurgaon can take timely decisions. Right now we are always waiting for Chandigarh to decide, and this leads to long delays, says Sarin. There is also a strong need to fill the cultural vacuum in Gurgaon - which is perhaps why many residents do not connect with the City. “Delhi has a strong art and drama culture; there are intellectual debates, libraries, museums and art galleries that together make for a stimulating life. On the contrary, Gurgaon has just a plethora of clubs, malls and gated communities, which act more like islands than places where people can connect and share,” says Sarin. GAP wants to create a space in Gurgaon that would help the different strata interact and mingle with each other, so that people get socially rooted to the Millennium City and identify with it. The greatest challenge is also to build synergy among the people, between different groups of ‘old’ and ‘new’ Gurgaon, so that the City develops a common identity. “There is need to have an integrated approach, as the problems and concerns – and opportunities – are common,” she says. It is because of this reason that GAP is also concerned about the expansion of the City in the new sectors (Gurgaon II). This citizens’ platform is trying to engage with government planners, civic agencies and even private builders to ensure that mistakes made in the present City are not repeated in Gurgaon II (Sectors 58 to 115). Sarin says that after meeting with government agencies, it has become apparent that there is lack of expertise with regard to the planning, managing and execution of projects and services. “There are a large number of experts in the private sector in Gurgaon who can be involved in making this City more livable and beautiful. We have people in urban planning, traffic management and infrastructure development, who will be engaged to create holistic solutions,” she says. GAP, she says, will work towards uniting different groups and citizens, to work toward the making of a better City. u

S ocial

6-12 September 2013

Pundits To Mentors

{ Shilpy Arora / FG }

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ndia is blessed with a rich culture and heritage. In earlier times, our education system had been a pillar of our culture. It contributed well to enrich the sciences, arts, philosophy, religion and even the socio-political scenario across the world. That is why Gurus, facilitators of education, were given importance, pride of place. They were the foundation of the educational system in the country and society at large. While the ancient Gurus contributed towards the upliftment of mankind, today the role of Gurus (in current context, teachers) is mainly limited to providing lectures and notes. Modern day Gurukuls charge hefty fees for a few hours of classes to students. The focus is now more on skill development and career building, than using knowledge for the betterment of society. This is more true in upmarket ‘international’ schools. It is interesting to discover how the meaning of Guru has changed in our City, the erstwhile Gurugram – that was once home to Guru Dronacharya. Derived from the Sanskrit language, the word ‘Guru’ has a deep spiritual meaning. While ‘Gu’ represents the spiritual ignorance of humans, ‘Ru’ represents the radiance of spiritual knowledge. Therefore, a Guru was one who would bestow knowledge to his disciples to show them the right path(s) in life. A Guru was one who knew the secrets of the Vedas. Over


time the role of Guru enlarged, and Gurus started teaching subjects such as archery, economics, dramatics and sexology. Gradually, the concept of ‘Gurukul’ was eatablished. Gurugram saw the emergence one of the most popular Gurukuls in the country. Even the great urban universities at Takshashila, Vikramashila and Nalanda evolved from small Gurukuls that were tucked away in forests. The Indian education continued to make significant contributions in the areas of science, economics, mathematics and arts. However, after the arrival of the ‘western’ education system, the ‘GuruShishya parampara’ vanished. And today, education is a mere tool to achieve material success in this world. A good academic background, career and earning is considered more important in life than living a quality life, humanity, compassion and selfdiscipline.

A Ray of Hope

Despite the City now being transformed into primarily an economic hub, there are a few teachers who are working hard to retain the trusted values of Gurukuls. And, in a sign of the changing times, the majority are women. Sonia Sareen, a resident of Sikanderpur, spends most of her time with her students. An artist by profession, she

takes up art classes at her home; the classes are free of cost and open to everybody. She loves to cook for her students and play with them. Sonia feels that many ancient principles of education are still relevant and it is not difficult to implement them. “I often tell my students to chant mantras and meditate before starting to draw. My students are a mix – some from posh localities, children of labourers and a few come from NGOs. They never use any sketchbook. Their work is purely from their imagination. It is important for children to have imaginative and creative skills. Meditation helps them in other subjects too and is also good for their physical and mental health. The key is to give importance to spirituality early in life,” she feels. It was not easy for a young and modern woman like Sonia to make students accept a new way of learning. “And talking about spirituality and practicing it with a group of children doesn’t make you a ‘Guru’. One needs to set an example, and live by it”, she says. She lives in the City with her two children. “I have seen her work. She never outlines her paintings. She just starts

with paint and it all comes out from her sub-conscious mind,” says Dr. Vidya, a parent who also joins Sonia’s students for meditation. Although Sonia is not a trained educator, she loves to teach. People who know her feel that through her exceptional teachings skills, patience and mind- blowing talks with children, Sonia has moved beyond the image of a ‘teacher’. “Sonia is not a qualified teacher, but she has been admired by children and their parents immensely. Unlike modern teachers, she spends a lot of time with the kids. They not only learn art at her place but also enjoy being with her. Her teachings encompass every sphere of human life - including health, happiness, education, peace efforts, nationalism, religion, law, rehabilitation, art and culture,” says Rajni, a parent. Sonia firmly believes that a lack of spiritual education and patriotism in children is quite responsible for the degradation of our society. She also regrettably feels that one thing that has not changed from the Gurukul system till now is the discrimination in the imparting of education. Earlier there was a rigid caste system that didn’t allow children from certain castes to study in Gurukuls. Today it is more a divide between the rich and the poor.


There are other teachers who believe that a mix of a modern education system and ancient values is a better solution. Shalini Nambiar, Director of Excelsior American School, an Economics graduate from the Delhi University, began her career as an airhostess, but switched to teaching after 10 years. She has been appreciated for her unique teaching methodologies. Today, Excelsior American is known for a unique alternative education philosophy. “Students of each class are grouped on the basis of ability and given the freedom to learn at their own pace. Our philosophy is to inspire the love of learning rather than impose it upon children,” says Shalini. She strongly condemns rote learning and memorization/ recall. She rather prefers to instill ancient values through modern technology. The School therefore employs world-class technology to impart lessons. “The objective is not to prepare children for IIMs and IITs, but to allow them to follow their hearts,” says Shalini. She has devised unique policies for teachers as well. “Let’s teach our teachers to be friends, and also to accept the imperfections in children. Let’s teach our teachers to listen, question and respond - and remember that each student is unique,” says Shalini. She believes in offering absolute freedom to children. Putting forth her personal example, Shalini says, “When my son was born I realised that my goal is to raise him and make him a good human being and an independent person. I realised that I should prepare him to be able to leave me someday and take care of himself. Whatever he does in life, whether it is driving, dating or studying, it should be his decision.” Be it in her personal life or school, Shalini is truly an inspiration. Gurgaon, which was once a popular Gurukul in the country, speaks a different story today. Not only has the social value system changed, economic gains and consumerism have become the be-all among the youth. The City hardly reflects on its glorious past – its unique position as a leading Gurukul. On the occasion of Teacher's Day, it is important that we realise that the future of the City would depend on the role of its Gurus (the teachers and enlightened in all spheres). Let the City once more be a hub of knowledge, radiating out across the globe. Let us lay the foundation for a more holistic education system and more enlightened educators – the true Gurus. u


6-12 September 2013

Help Clean Gurgaon { Odette Katrak }


problem that has been particularly plaguing those who live/work near the Peer Baba Mazaar on MG Road, is the mess every Thursday evening after the free distribution of food to the devotees at the Bhandara, after prayers have been offered. Over 1,500 people eat here – and once the event is over, the disposable plates are strewn everywhere. Harish Capoor, a senior citizen, drew attention to this problem by clicking photographs of the ‘mess’, several Thursdays in a row. This motivated a team from Cleangurgaon, a citizens’ group involved in sanitation, to address the issue through a drive on Thursday 22nd August. Odette Katrak, one of those who led the drive, said: “Our objective was to reduce the litter at the source, and this our team of 7 did by creating awareness and requesting all the people waiting in the queues to throw their empty plates in the bins only. One of the team members, Ruchika, had a great idea, of involving the curious onlooking street children - who became our ‘champions’”. Ruchika Sethi adds: “We gave the children placards and asked them to continuously say, ‘Gurgaon saaf rakho’, ‘Kachra kudedaan mein hee dalo’. The organisers were also requested to take responsibility for the proper disposal of the empty plates.

Another key focus area was to ensure sufficient dustbins, as the governmentprovided bins were inadequate for the volume of litter. Here assistance came from nearby Essel Towers. Capoor adds: “By creating awarenesss and cajoling people to use bins, the drive was a success. After the Bhandara, by 4pm only around 15 plates were strewn - as against the ‘normal’ 1000 plus that I have personally counted earlier. We had provided big bags to carry away the waste and arranged safai workers and tractor-trailers”. With support from Essel Towers,

an adequate number of bins and clear anti-litter signs, Cleangurgaon hopes to ensure that this success is made permanent over the coming weeks. Citizens willing to join are welcome. You can contact Cleangurgaon on their facebook page or email at Habits are hard to change, but this group of citizens is bent on bringing about an attitudinal change – the key to a Cleaner Gurgaon.u

C ivic

Don’t Dodge Dog Poop { V. S. Dharmakumar }


ogs have no equals in their friendship, loyalty and devotion to humankind. Taking your dog for a walk is an important routine to keep your best friend mentally steady. A walk provides the dog with exercise and, of course, a potty break. It is also an opportunity for the dog to investigate every smell, sight and sound, and gather information about how his territory has changed since his last visit. Most dogs get overexcited when it’s time for a walk. You should remember that dogs cannot self-entertain. The right way to walk your dog is to either let him walk beside you or behind you. Never allow the dog to walk in front of you; when he does so he pulls, and instead starts taking you for a walk! Keeping a dog is a privilege, but entails certain responsibilities and commitments. One annoying aspect in many condominiums is the ‘poop factor’. Poop - the unsightly, sticky, stinky stuff - is a breeding agent for germs and disease. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a single gram of dog faeces can contain 23 million faecal coliform bacteria, which are known to cause cramps, diarrhoea, intestinal illness and serious kidney disorders in humans. A lot of these parasites become more infectious as the poop ages. Faeces also causes burns and discolours grass. The park is definitely not the place for dog poop. For morning walkers, there is nothing more unpleasant than realizing that they have stepped on poop. Some do not realize it and carry the sticky thing home on their shoe soles. Scooping the pooch’s poop and disposing it properly is a public health activity and one in which every

A Spanish Way A small town called Brunete in Madrid gave a creative twist to the poop problem. Volunteers were sent out to spot irresponsible dog owners and engage them in a friendly conversation; and while doing so find out their dog’s name and breed. With this information they were able to track the owner and his address. All uncollected poop was scooped up and placed in a box marked “lost property,” and sent to its ‘rightful’ owner. The campaign drastically reduced the amount of discarded dog droppings around the city. Earlier, the city had set up a program whereby offending pet owners were chased by remote-controlled carts that had the dog droppings placed in them. dog owner should proudly participate. It may not always be possible for a dog owner to restrain his pooch from ‘doing it’ on a sidewalk or a park in the condominium. However, it is outrageous for him to pretend that he did not notice the dog leaving that poop on the sidewalk. Such disgraceful actions of a few dog owners can ruin the reputation of all responsible dog owners. Unless you want to be disrespectful, not to mention the most hated person in your neighborhood, you must swallow any pride and clean up after your dog. You will be respected for doing that. I have not come across dog owners picking up ‘poop’ in my condominium. Dog owners feel it is unhygienic to do so; but the fact is that it is even more a health hazard to leave it on pavements or on grass. All that a dog owner needs is a scissor-type scooper, a small shovel and plastic trash bags. Once you have scooped the poop, you have to deposit it somewhere properly. u

Whatever Happened To HUDA’s Expensive Mobile Toilets?

Prakhar PANDEY

S ocial

6-12 September 2013

{ Vidya Raja }



o promote transparency and accountability in the functioning of every public body, the Right to Information Act, 2005 was passed on June 15, 2005. This Act (RTI) truly benefits the citizens. The power and reach of this Act is such that even the leader of the Opposition, Arun Jaitley, used it to get some answers from the government. RTI has given a massive voice to the people. The demand for the right to information first emerged in Rajasthan, where an organisation called Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS) was working on the issue of minimum wages. Throughout the early 1990s, MKSS activists and ordinary villagers tried to access information on local developmental expenditure. This led to what came to be known as Jun Sunwai (public hearings), wherein politicians, administrators, labourers, private contractors and all those who were directly or indirectly connected to the issue were invited to a public hearing. Besides politicians and village officials, everyone else participated in these hearings. These hearings gave the aggrieved parties a chance to be heard, and the other side to defend their stance. This was a one-of-its-kind movement that gave birth to the need for information access. It was with this impetus that in 1996, Justice P.B. Sawant, the former Chairman of the Press Council of India, drafted a Bill. He kept in imnd the observations made by eminent persons that in a democracy it is

{ Abhishek Behl / FG }

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dvertising on Mobiles in India is growing and the current size of the spend on Mobiles is around Rs 300 crores, which is likely to increase by 43 per cent in the next one year. In fact, as per industry leaders, the Mobile Ad. spend in India in the next couple of years could equal the digital advertising business - which is about Rs 1,750 crores per annum. Rohit Dadwal, Director, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Asia Pacific told Friday Gurgaon that Mobile Advertising was bound to grow as the impact through the medium was very measurable. “An advertiser can measure the Ad. behaviour down to the deepest user actions. The challenge is that customers are not used to measurement, with the current media!” said Dadwal. “Users of Mobiles also want to know more as their Mobiles enable them to do more. There is also a need to change the perception that we need a special Mobile strategy for brands. What we need is the inclusion of the Mobile as an effective, modern medium, in the Marketing strategy,” he said. Dadwal is in Gurgaon to attend the Second Mobile Marketing Association Forum

the people who are the masters, and those utilising public resources and exercising public power are their agents. The draft Bill was submitted to the Government of India in 1996. The essential features of the Act are: i. every citizen shall have the Right to Information from a public body; ii. it shall be the duty of the public body to maintain all records duly catalogued and indexed; iii. The public body shall be under a duty to make available to the person requesting information, as it is under an obligation to obtain and furnish, and shall not withhold any information or limit its availability to the public except (for) the information specified in Clause 4; iv. All individuals, whether citizens or not, shall have the right to such information that affects their life and liberty. A Supreme Court judgement delivered by Justice Mathew is considered a landmark. In his Judgement, in the State of U.P. vs. Raj Narain, he observed, “In a government of responsibility like ours, where all the agents of the public must be responsible for their conduct, there can be but few secrets. The people of this country have a right to know every public act, everything that is done in a public way by their public functionaries. They are entitled to know the particulars of every public transaction in all its bearing. Their right to know, which is derived from the concept of freedom of speech, though not absolute, is a factor which should make one wary when secrecy is claimed for transactions which can at any rate have no repercussion on public security. But the legislative wing of the State did not respond to it by enacting suitable legislation for protecting the right of the people.” One can see the power of RTI

to our notice was worrisome. A “Tattva day spa” had been launched in Mumbai in mid-2010. We did try to speak to the owner in Mumbai and apprise him that we had been in operation and serving customers earlier than his centre, and we have the right to the name Tattva. However, that did not help and we had to pass on the matter to our legal counsel, Lal & Sethi. Having our Trade Mark registration had become critical. We tried everything, from email interactions to phone-calls to visits, to the Delhi and Mumbai Trade Mark registration offices. Their standard responses were, “these things take time” and “we are very under-staffed”. Finally, our legal counsels advised us to file an RTI. The act worked, and helped us register Tattva as a Trade Mark!” To ensure that the Act is userfriendly, provisions have been made to make the process of applying for information fairly simple. All public bodies need to have a Public Information Officer, who is responsible for the dissemination of the information. Once an application is received by a public body, the information sought for must be sent within 30 days from the date of receipt of application. In cases where the information is critical to the life and liberty of a person, the time frame ois reduced to 48 hours. RTI is one of those Acts that touches the life of the common man, and serves as a key link between the citizen and the Government. The increasing awareness, and a judicious use, of RTI will surely engender positive social change. u The writer is a qualified legal professional who has practiced before the Madras and Karnataka High Courts

through the sheer number of applications that have been filed. In 2012, an estimated 5 lakhs RTI applications had been filed across various departments in India. Not only individuals, but also large corporate bodies, institutions, NGOs and consumer service providers have resorted to using the Act to retrieve information that otherwise seemed like an impossible task, from public bodies. Charu Juneja is one such person. A resident of Sector 57, he utilised the Right to Information Act to seek information regarding the maintenance of roads in her locality. She not only found the procedure to be fairly simple but also got a reply from the authorities within the stipulated time frame. However, now that she has the information she is unsure of how she should proceed to get the roads repaired. Therefore, while the Act empowers citizens with the information, it must also aim at providing avenues wherein the citizen can take action based on the information received. For Gurgaon-based beauty and salon service provider, Tattva Spa, resorting to using the Act was suggested by their lawyers. Shipra Sharma, a Director with the Business, said, “Tattva Spa started mobile spa services in Delhi-NCR in January 2009 and we filed a trademark  in Class 42 (beauty and salon services) under the brand name ‘Tattva” on June 1, 2009. We were informed that it takes a rather long time - sometimes many years - before a Trade Mark registration number is granted - that too if there are no objections and the name is not common-place. We were excitedly looking forward to getting our venture trademarked. Sometime in August 2010, a couple of harried snapdeal customers, who had bought a “Tattva day spa” deal but could find the address of “Tattva day spa” in Mumbai called us - and what came

The Mobile Media India 2013 as a Speaker. At the occasion, the Mobile Marketing Association, in partnership with Affle Group, launched M2X, a Rs. 20 crores fund, to enable brands, publishers, application developers and entrepreneurs to create Mobile assets, increase Mobile Ad. spends, and promote innovative technologies in emerging Mobile markets - with particular focus on India and South East Asia. Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder and Chairman of Affle Group, said, “Through our dollar for dollar matching co-investment scheme, we plan to help qualified

brands and publishers increase the value proposition and user traction of their Mobile assets.” In another related development, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), in partnership with exchange4media, also released the second Mobile Advertising spend report for India. The spending is being powered by small and medium businesses. “An year ago we found a disconnect between what the industry felt about the potential of the Mobile and what brands thought about incorporating the Mobile as a part of their Marketing strategy. This Prakhar PANDEY

The Law & Beyond


has changed dramatically within a short span of time. Marketers today are beginning to invest more in the medium to see how the Mobile, when placed at the centre of a well integrated campaign, acts as the binding tissue - bringing all the aspects of a campaign together,” said Rohit Dadwal. A number of Marketers also felt that while M-commerce is opening up as an instrument for financial inclusion, especially for remittances, technological advances on devices - coupled with intervention to alleviate consumer concerns and perceptions on the safety of Mobile transactions - will be the key to a potential explosion in the category. Commenting on the Report, Anurag Batra, Chairman and EditorIn-Chief, exchange4media, said “For the Mobile marketer in India though, the medium is no longer just a tactical tool. It has developed, and is being used for strategy and to build reach – attributes that are normally associated with mass media. While content and the emergence of M-commerce will further fuel the growth of Mobiles, and contribute to their constant re-definition, the category is already seen as a force multiplier, and could one day qualify as the new mass media.” u


K id C orner

6-12 September 2013

Chiranjiv Bharti School, Palam Vihar

Fun Fiesta

Making A Splash


tudents of the Primary Wing celebrated the much-awaited two-day ‘Festive Fiesta’. The Fiesta aimed to inculcate the values of the major festivals – Rakshabandhan, Janmasthami, Teej, Independence Day and Eid. The Celebration began with the School Prayer followed by a thoughtful message given by the Headmistress, Shoma Lahiri, sensitising the children about Indian culture & traditions. The students presented dance performances, participated in fun games, dipped into yummy treats and enjoyed the Magic show. The highlight of the 2-day Fest was clearly the ‘Goody bags’ (filled with games and accessories) that the children received.


Science Exhibitionists


he SCIMA Exhibition, organised by the Science and Mathematics Department, was showcased in the School Hall. The Exhibition was inaugurated by the Trustee, Archna Luthra and Executive Director, Goldy Malhotra. The students’ in-depth knowledge and expertise came to the fore through the excellent exhibits on display. The Science projects were based on spreading environmental awareness. Some of the Projects on display were – effects of acid rain, rain water harvesting and tidal energy drawn from renewable source. A solar panel was also installed to spread awareness on solar energy, under the Project, “Making the Sun shine for our School”. Mathematical models like fraction wheel and the Pascal Triangle helped to reinforce the importance of the Number system. The endeavour and dexterity of the students was highly appreciated by School Principal, Sangeeta Saxena.

he Pre-Primary Wing organised ‘Monsoon Melody’, an Event to give the young students an opportunity to enjoy the thrills of the rainy season – the smell of wet soil, damp grass and the slosh of puddles under their feet. They participated in a mélange of interactive games like Tunnel Crawl and Rain Hurdle, Frog Race, Feed the Joker and the Elephant, Fill the Leaking bucket, Let’s go Fishing, Rainforest Walk, Boat Race, Water Table, Monkey Jumping, Throw the coin, Tornado and Bouncy. The Principal, Sangeeta Saxena, was appreciative of the wonderful Show put up by the teachers. Rita Das, Pre-Primary In-charge, was lauded for the organisation of the Event.

na Roa d

o l, Soh na l Scho


er Ryan Int

Health is Wealth


Health Camp was organised at the School premises. The participating doctors were felicitated by School Principal, Dr. Mouna Gupta. Dr. Shweta and Dr. Deepak Tayal guided the students, teachers and adult volunteers from Navjyoti. The importance of nutritious food and healthy life style was discussed. Basic health tests were also conducted. Dr. Shallu Garg, an Ayurvedic doctor from Ayulife, guided the audience through a talk. The audience had various queries regarding new infections and preventive measures.

Ryan Rolls


tudents of Ryan Global School participated at an Inter-School Event held at Suncity School. Jahnavi Pandya of M-II bagged the prestigious ‘Mi-Me All Round Rolling Trophy’, which tests intelligence over multiple activities. Amreen Kaur Sason of M-I got the runners-up trophy in the Rhyme and Rhythm contest.

Global Opportunities


n informative Workshop was conducted for the students of Classes X-XII. The objective of this Workshop was to increase the awareness of the students about the educational opportunities in UK’s renowned universities. Educational experts from the British Council, who were addressing the students, were welcomed by the Principal Dr. Mouna Gupta. Mr. Robin Reeves, from Aston University, gave exhaustive information about the courses and admission procedures in various British Universities. Other experts from the Universities of Nottingham, London, Northampton, Southampton and Aston University were also present.

The Ryan Rockets


he School organised an Aerial Workshop for the students, in collaboration with SPACE. Classes I & II enjoyed the activity ‘Rocket 1, 2, … Go’. Classes II-V participated in the Workshop titled, ‘Air Rocketry’, and Classes VI-X were thrilled to attend the ‘Hydro Rocketry’ Workshop. Kits were provided to the students and various certificates of participation were also given.

6-12 September 2013

S chool S pecial

Gym...Skate...Let Off Steam { Shilpy Arora / FG }

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he City was once, as an erstwhile ‘Gram’, known for its Gurukul system. Life at Gurukuls was tough. The elite students had to follow strict discipline and sacrifice their royal comforts. They had to offer service/’dakshina’ to the gurus. However, new age schools here now offer all the comforts - ranging from Steamy Salons and Soft-Gyms gyms to Modern, Cool Sports infrastructure.

Soft Gym for Preschoolers

A gym can be a powerful tool to help impart confidence, sportsmanship and self-care to students. For toddlers in Medhaam, a Preschool in South City 1, their Soft Gymnasium is a place to have fun. The Gym offers Mini-Workout Cycles, MiniTreadmills, and a Soft-play area. Not only do the children enjoy the moderate exercise routine, it also helps them stay healthy. Children normally spend a lot of time sitting in chairs, so the Gym class comes as a relief; it allows them to move around and stay fit. “It is important, even for toddlers, to be exposed to Health Education. They should know of various ways to stay fit and healthy. The Soft Gymnasium offers life skills and principles to the toddlers,” says Raghav Sharma, Founder Director of the School. Moreover, the Gym provides the children an opportunity to discover their areas of interest and talent; and accordingly they can choose the sport of their interest. Experts believe that children who participate in gym

classes, develop a sense of their interests and talents early in life. Nirmal Bhatia, a Sports coach, explains, “In Football, a Full-back will need different strength and skill than a Wing or a Forward. Children discover their strengths easily if they practice running and exercising at an early age.” As the children conduct their workouts in teams, they also get to understand the value of collaboration and community. Dr. Bhargava, a Paediatrician, believes that for a child, especially between the age group of 3 and 10 years, it is important to develop interest in sports and other physical activities, before entering the competitive environment in Senior school.

Modern Sports Facilities

Horse riding, gymnastics, swimming and skating are common sports facilities offered by many International schools in the City. However, Ice-skating has also been introduced now in Lancers International. The School has its own Iceskating rink. “As compared to Skating, Ice-skating is easy on the joints. It is very beneficial for children, as it strengthens their small muscles and helps them in other physical activities - such as skiing, running and aerobics,” says Karuna Khanna, a certified Ice-skating Coach. It is believed that Ice-skating should be taught at an early age, to make it simpler for a person to pick up and perform ‘tricks’. The sport of Ice-skating teaches you to glide and slide quickly, and so helps a child become more mentally alert and smart. “This is a fun outdoor activity and involves a lot of ‘tricks’; it keeps your mind alert,” says


Smita, whose 11-year-old daughter enjoys Ice-skating at Lancers. As Ice-skating strengthens the muscles of the lower body, it helps tone the legs and the butt. “Iceskating also improves bone density, which is important for growing children,” informs Dr. Bhargava.

Steam & Sauna

Today, Steam and Sauna facilities are also being introduced in schools, due to their therapeutic effects. GD Goenka World School has exclusive Sauna rooms for boys and girls. There are four Steam rooms, with a seating capacity of 60 people. “Steam and Sauna therapies make you look fresh – and hot. They also help you de-stress. I enjoy them every month,” says a student. She feels that the Spa treatment has helped her in getting rid of her pimples and has also improved her skin tone. “Sweat-inducing treatments have always been given importance in most cultures. These treatments stimulate

class Salon. It has a total of ten hydraulic Hair-dressing chairs, Shampoo chairs, Styling Stations, Manicure tables and Pedicure tubs; the chairs provide an automatic message of the back and neck. All the equipment has been ordered from Takara Belmont and Lemi - from France and Italy respectively.

The Flip Side

the immune system, improve circulation and help the body to release impurities. It is worthwhile for children also to understand the benefits of these treatments,” says a Spa therapist. Dr. Bhargava further informs that our sweat (perspiration) contains almost the same elements as our urine. That is why doctors sometimes call the skin the third kidney. More than 30 per cent of bodily wastes are eliminated by way of perspiration. So a Spa is equally important for a child. However, Spa Therapy should be conducted in a careful manner. Apart from the Spa, the School also offers a world-

While schools feel that such facilities contribute to the growth of a healthy body and mind, some feel that the schools are just promoting a five-star culture. “These ‘new-age schools’ are promoting an elitist and status-conscious mindset among the children. If children are given such comforts, it tends to give them a feeling that they are ‘superior’ to the children studying in ‘normal’ schools – where all these facilities are not available. These elite children also turn out to be less disciplined,” feels a teacher in a public school. Karan Sharma, a parent of a six-year-old girl, says, “By providing all these facilities we are just making our children ‘delicate dolls’. It is necessary for children to know what it is to be ‘under the sun’ for some time, and to learn some harsh realities of life.” Parents, especially in this City, clearly have a lot of money and want to give their children ‘the best’ – far more than they received as children. They see these services as necessities, not luxuries. It is important, for the parents and children, and the schools, to understand that these facilities are basically modern tools to promote health consciousness; and definitely should not become, or be sold as, substitutes for good education and learning.u


K id C orner

6-12 September 2013

Janamashtmi Celebrations

MRIS Swims With Medals


Delhi Public School, Maruti Kunj

American Montessori Public School

Pathways School

6 students of Manav Rachna International School, Sector 46 made a mark at the Haryana School Educational District Swimming Competition. Puneet Tokas won 3 Gold Medals in the Under-19 Boys category. There were also victorious performances by Kuldeep Singh, Ankur Chauhan, Kshitij Pandey and Hanish Chaudhary, who won 2 Silver and a Bronze, 2 Gold and a Silver medal, a Gold along with a silver, and a Bronze Medal respectively, in the Under-17 Boys category. Harshit Sharma won a Gold and 2 Silver medals in the Under-14 Boys category, along with Kartik Allari, who won a Bronze.

Children of Sector 22 B

GDG Goes International


D Goenka World School, Sohna, was accredited with the British Council International School Award, 2013-16. Neeta Bali, the Head of School and Principal, had initiated the process of further strengthening the spirit of internationalism in the School and applied for the Award. To achieve this Accreditation, various activities were conducted and coordinated by the ISA Coordinator, Madhu Bhargava, in collaboration with schools in the USA, Brazil, Scotland, Croatia, Japan, Portugal and China. Some of the Projects included: Teacher in Space, Jamboree, World Wild Life, Windows into the World of Culture, Technology Sharing and Octave. A 500- page dossier was submitted to British Council for accreditation, which was approved. The British Council International School Award is an accreditation scheme for curriculum-based international work in schools.

Shepherding Animals


he little ones at Good Shepherd Preparatory School celebrated Animals Day Out at the School premises. They came dressed as animals of their choice and spoke briefly about their characters. It was a fun event with many kids making the appropriate noises and actions – from roars and moos to squeaks and croaks!

Scores Take the High Path


athways World School set a new benchmark of academic success with its 2013 IGCSE results. The students performed exceedingly well and set many new records.
From the 93 students who had appeared for the Exams, 83 students were registered for the Prestigious ICE award, while 10 students were registered for IGCSE. Ninety per cent of the students were awarded either Distinction or Merit. Vedant Saran achieved the perfect score of A* in all the 10 subjects, setting a new record. 11 students scored A* or A in all subjects.

6-12 September 2013

Happy Teacher's Day

Why is Teacher’s Day celebrated?

S pecial F eature


Scottish High International School

When S. Radhakrishnan became the President of India, some students wanted to celebrate his birthday, on September 5th. He remarked: “Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 could be observed as Teacher's Day ".

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book–Anonymous Good teachers are costly, but bad teachers cost more–Anonymous

Manav Rachna International School, Sec 46

Happy School

School Of Life


Swiss Cottage School

The Holidays are over...but your creativity isn’t

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t was another ‘rough’ period of Mathematics in school for Nanu. She was struggling with the trigonometric symbols that had been newly introduced by the Maths teacher. Sin x and Cos x seemed to make no sense, and she couldn’t understand the derivation of the equation on the Board. Mrs. Rao, the Maths teacher, began to write an equation that she had taken up in the previous class. She looked around to pick a student to help her, and many hands went up. She noticed the shielded eyes praying not be picked up, and called out, “Nanu, show us the derivation that we had studied in the previous class.” Nanu got up trembling with fear and started speaking with a stutter “ Sin x .. + Cos x ….” “What happened, child, did the cat get your tongue?” asked Mrs Rao? The laughter in the classroom was followed by a deep silence. Then came the standard response from Mrs. Rao, berating the students for not studying sufficiently and not paying attention in class. This went on for 5 minutes…but felt like an eternity to Nanu. Her pretty, innocent eyes began to well up. Just then, Mrs. Sinha, the School Principal, was passing by. She stopped and walked into the classroom. “Mrs. Rao, what is the matter? Has there been a breach of conduct?” she asked in a calm manner. Nanu looked up, embarrassed, at the Principal, her inspirational role model. Mrs. Rao vented out her frustration at Nanu’s inability to understand Maths, and her lack of seriousness and attention. Soon, Mrs. Sinha raised her hand, indicating that she had heard enough. By now Nanu was all in tears. The Principal turned to her and lovingly patted her head. ”My dear, do not cry and waste your precious tears. Life will give you many occasions to do so…this is not one of them. You have the prettiest smile in the School, let us all see that again. Don’t worry about the Sin x and Cos x, with time they both will become your friends.“ Turning to the Teacher, she asked, “Mrs. Rao, what are you preparing them for?” “Mathematics of course, for the annual exams at the end of the year”, said Mrs Rao. After a few pensive moments, Mrs. Sinha said, “Yes of course they have to take the examination by end of the year; but, Mrs. Rao, this is more importantly their School of Life. The challenges they will face in their life will be new and unique. The best preparation we can give is to instill confidence in them that they can surmount any problem. Nanu is a smart child; all she needs is for you to believe in her. That belief will take her further in life than the understanding of this derivation. Just remember, Mrs. Rao, derivation can be taught by a tutor or text book, we are here to build character.” Mrs. Rao smiled and said, ”Thank you, Ma’am, for helping me understand the difference between doing my job and creating the world of tomorrow. Years later, Mrs. Sinha’s foretold future came true, as Nanu went on to become a confident and successful woman. And Mrs. Rao went on to become a respected teacher who nurtured many more Nanus...and instilled belief and confidence in them. Mihir Joshi


6-12 September 2013


C omment

Token Times

ecently, a Chief Minister (Omar Abdullah), a Central Minister (Shashi Tharoor) and a Columnist (Karan Thapar) commented on a ‘non-sporting’ decision taken by a stand-in Captain of the Indian Cricket Team. The decision, taken by Virat Kohli, was to not include Parvez Rasool in the 5th ODI Match versus Zimbabwe, after India were leading 4-0.


Virat justified his team selection on simple cricketing logic, as a captain. However, not only was he Tweet-questioned by ‘authorities’, even the knives were out ! Tokenism comes easy, especially to ‘leaders’. It was perhaps justifiable, politically, for Omar to back his State player. He has chosen to equate his action with that taken by other CMs who have felicitated or awarded cricketers. However, seeing how protective he is of his ‘turf’ and decision-making related to it – and rightly so – he surely would know that operational decisions that could lead to the country’s sporting victory or defeat are a different cup of tea. Not to be out-Tweeted, and perhaps sensing a national political opportunity, Shashi expressed ‘great disappointment’ and even commented on the selection (of the team) being bizarre; going further, he even recommended which players could have been (easily) swapped with whom! The piece de resistance came from Karan – in a full-blown article in a leading daily. Here are some of his observations and consternations on the impact of the decision: ‘an emotional influence on Kashmir’s relationship with the rest of India’; ‘a chance to unite Kashmir sentiment with mainstream India’; ‘we’ve (who’ve?) added to the separation’; ‘a bridge, cricket diplomacy, like with Pakistan, missed by rest of India’; ‘a humiliation – for Parvez, and for the Kashmir State’; ‘what would it have cost the management and captain (to play Parvez)?’; ‘why care solely and singularly for a 5-0 sweep?’; ‘(we should) play Parvez from a national perspective, even if we lose’! Virat was castigated for taking India and its far bigger concerns lightly – and his action termed as inexcusable behaviour. Karan concluded by terming the decision as inexplicable, incomprehensible and unforgivable! Karan should know that even England, which can seemingly do little wrong in his book, would not prefer its cricket captain playing politics to winning a game. Even the English today have no time for English ‘good losers’ – and much less for ‘how you play the game’. Is it not being anti-nationalist to ask the National Team to lose? It is also not we (the Indian captain and management) that have added to the separation of Kashmir from the rest of India – if that even makes sense – but we (the columnists and tweeters) who have blown it! Was not the deserved selection of Parvez as the first J&K player in an Indian Cricket Team the defining moment? Why the impatience to now play him? And is Virat being accused of partiality? Or worse? Spare a thought for Parvez. Have any of the gentlemen, by their words or deeds, helped him integrate better with the ‘rest of India’ in the dressing room? Have they not in fact helped load the dice against this innocent and deserving cricketer, and had him perhaps branded as a ‘quota’ player? What Virat did was explicable and comprehensible. Is the Indian State now even wanting our cricket captains to shoulder the responsibility for the resolution of the Kashmir problem? Is the gun now being fired from their shoulders – and would they be fired if they do not make good politicians? And anyway, if there was a Parvez Plan, why was the Manager not asked to play it out? Sadly, where voices are most needed, where it is about substance – and not tokenism - there is silence. The 3 interlocutors appointed by the Centre, for working a way forward on Kashmir, have filed their report quite some time ago. Actions taken on that would have the required impact on the Kashmir people and their belief in continuing/wanting to be a part of India. The answer definitely does not lie in tokenisms of any kind, which nowadays come tweeting cheap and fast. Or maybe it’s just the times we live in….u

LETTER TO THE EDITOR Water Harvesting It has become an annual ritual of TV debates, media reporting, a few meetings with NGOs and then a sine-die till the next time. Water is getting scarcer and by the day. How much have we really achieved? God gives enough rainfall to sustain us all but we do not have enough wisdom to control and utilize the bounty. The powers that govern, the environment planners that plan have been utter failures so far. Every now and then there have been tiny individual efforts to harvest water and I can say from my experience of the last 6/7 years that they work. Rainwater: Watch the amount of rainwater flowing down the roads to nowhere. Those who have a little space in front of their houses can easily direct some of this water to small pits in their front garden, to recharge the ground. I can vouch that the few trees planted in front of my

house do not ever need extra watering and I have reasons to believe that the water table has gone up - may be by a few inches. Kitchen Water: Store the water from the kitchen sink in a bucket. You may put a cloth strainer to keep solids out. Use this water for your potted plants and enjoy the green leaves.   Flush Toilet Water: A full flushing is not required every time. Put a closed, water-filled plastic bottle submerged in the flush tank – it helps reduce water wastage greatly. I know some friends in G Block have already taken to it very seriously.   Moisture Harvesting: With more than one A/c in our households nowadays, have you noticed how much water trickles out and is wasted in a day? We may not have noticed it, but with a 2 ton A/c it is almost two buckets a day. Put a bucket under the A/C and collect enough water for your floor, toilet

or car cleaning. Ponds And Water bodies:   Our ‘colony planning’ invariably includes a couple of parks, shopping centres, places of worship, schools etc. They are all needed, but do we plan a pond or a water body in any of our residential colonies? Villages invariably have one or two ponds, wells and pools. It is not impossible to revive this idea even within our urban conditions. Having covered wells in parks, with flowing water inlets feeding into them, is a worthwhile proposition.   Fellow residents of Gurgaon, it is time to act. Fear the day when respectable residents will be seen quarrelling around a water tanker. Bimal Mohanty G13/4, DLF City Phase 1 (The above was also sent to Dr Praveen Kumar, I.A.S,  a couple of days ago).

S piritual

6-12 September 2013

In Tune With Nature

{ Dr. Rajesh Bhola }

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fondly remember my trekking journeys as a young enthusiast, when every year, the moment snow was sighted, I would trek from Kalka to Solan. Both these places became special and symbolic for me I vividly recollect the intense and concentrated beauty of the valleys and the landscape, the birds and animals that revelled in the freezing conditions and the serene, tall, awesome sky-touching Oak and Deodhar trees. After almost every kilometer I would find a new landscape, a new view and a whole new world. The outer landscape merged with the inner terrain and took my breath away. I have still not forgotten those sacred experiences of nature. ‘Wild’ nature engenders a sense of mystery, a sense of awe or wonder; a sense of connectedness or oneness with the natural world; a profound feeling of transcendence; a belief in a power greater than oneself; and an appreciation of a unique beauty. It sparks feelings of inner peace, hope, joy and empowerment, promotes physical and emotional well-being, and brings about significant changes in attitude and behaviour. Walking leisurely in the woods is like hearing a beautiful song, a melody that flows on without haste. Our modern lifestyles have created a disconnect with the natural environment, wherein we spend significantly more time indoors. We are spending much of our time under fluorescent lighting and in front of a glowing screen. Many of us have lost our deep awareness and our intimate relationship with nature because of our busy lives or our urban dwelling. When we attempt to orchestrate time according to our needs and desires we disconnect from the natural cycles of life. We are missing out on the beneficial effects of nature. Our diseases - physical, emotional and spiritual – are increasing because we have separated ourselves from the natural rhythms of nature. We are creating lives that are moving faster than the natural cycle of life. We are in danger of producing a generation of

Our planet is the macro system of nature and our bodies reflect the micro system of exactly the same processes, elements and chemicals. We are wonderfully and intricately woven together. Our bodies occupy a tiny short cycle of life within the greater dynamic cycle of life of the planets and our solar system. We have forgotten that we are part of the cosmos.

people who have very little sense of what place we have in the natural world. We need to tell our kids to ‘get outside’ - for jungle safaris, rock climbing, river rafting, or for just collecting snails or butterflies. Meditation can help strip away the fog created by all the artificial stimuli we are exposed to, so that we can find our true self - the self that is a natural being, just one of the creatures sharing the earth. We need to disconnect from the synthetic world. Just turn all the gadgets off once in a while and spend time doing things for ‘real’. There is a higher purpose at the centre of our existence and it includes in its orbit bountiful nature, which is teeming with life and bursting with joy and bliss. When we recognize and acknowledge this bliss we put ourselves in a position to think well of all others and become one with nature. This is also termed as nature mysticism and is characterized by flashes of illumination, a feeling of unity, a sense of joy, bliss and peace, a transcendence of time and space, a sense of the numinous and a change in attitude and behaviour. It makes us humble in the face of something bigger than ourselves, and helps impart a spiritual grace. Some people have a special connect with nature. The foundation of their activism is spawned from

their childhood adventures with nature, particularly experiences that were somewhat risky, and often undertaken alone. My family was fortunate to have Mr. Sharma as our neighbour. He was the Secretary of the Chandigarh Lake Club and was a very good surfer and skier. He used to consistently purse his passion by skiing for a few hours everyday in the Lake’s water. He would share many things with me about his passion, and say: “When I go skiing or surfing I enjoy the interaction with the environment. I enjoy the excitement. I also realize how fragile I am as a human being. I am focused in that moment. I cannot think of anything else that gives me that feeling. I am playing with something so much greater than me; so much more powerful, pleasurable and sensuous. I am totally immersed in the task, so much so that I lose my sense of self and become totally at one with the water. It cleanses me, washing all the cares and worries away.” All manifestations of the natural world, from the highest mountain to the simplest flower, elicit noble, elevated thoughts and passionate emotions in the observers. Wordsworth repeatedly emphasizes the importance of nature to an individual’s intellectual and spiritual development. He says that people become selfish and immoral when they distance themselves from nature. A good relationship with nature helps individuals connect to both the spiritual and the social worlds. Nature provides the ultimate good influence on the human mind. Humanity’s innate empathy and nobility of spirit becomes corrupted by artificial social conventions and the squalor of city life. In contrast, people who spend a lot of time with nature, retain the purity and nobility of their souls. The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers: Little we see in Nature that is ours.u Dr. Rajesh Bhola is President of Spastic Society of Gurgaon and is working for the cause of children with autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation and multiple disabilities for more than 20 years


Mama's Angels I am a mother of two loving kids My children are my hope and my happiness I cannot express the joy I feel when I see them Laughing and scampering in happiness and mirth I thank God that I have given them birth When I first laid my eyes on my daughter I felt I saw the most beautiful flower She looked like an angel… with chubby cheeks and button eyes I can never forget that image She has grown to be a beautiful girl And has been the most wonderful daughter That any mother can wish for She was never a troublesome child And has not given me a moment of grief May God bestow on her his glory and blessings And let her fulfill her dreams… that can be written in reams I have also been blessed with a son With a smile as beautiful as the sun When I first saw him I felt that I would cry like a baby With all the joy…as he was a beautiful boy He is my sweetheart…the apple of my eyes I can never think of a day without him As it will bring tears to my eyes He is a sick boy…a bit timid I have had problems in rearing him But he is the ultimate happiness of my life And I don't mind facing with him any strife He does need a guide…and I will always be by his side Preeti Rawal

Daughter Dear A Daughter is our child till she is grown When she must find someone To taste life’s testing spells Daughter, hold your own, never condone Do not regret nor fret, a lost bet Anchor to the inner One The Unsetting Sun You’ll never be lonely or alone Golden grails, endless blazing trails To discover & pursue Under provocation or motivation There are no destinations Reshuffle your priority bag Make tags of 1, 2 … Of what is most important to you Drop some, add some, keep some Freedom is very deceptive Demands a very heavy fee Success is devotion & dedication Single-pointed meditation On your aim…your ‘lakshya’ The journey is the award, the reward & the test Go live your life to the best ! Shobha Lidder Writer Journalist, Teacher Trainer, Social Activist, Reiki Master & Pranic Healer




Health & Vitality... Naturally!

Pump The Pepitos

{ Jaspal Bajwa }


acked densely with nutrition, most nuts and seeds get an easy listing amongst alkaline superfoods. One zesty seed, which packs an interesting nutrition punch, is the little ‘Pepito’. This is the Mexican name for Pumpkin Seeds. For over 7,000 years, Pepito Seeds have been a favourite across the North American continent. These fun little seeds are crunchy, portable and very versatile. Over time, this feisty Seed captured the hearts of culinary experts and folk medicine practitioners all over the world. Roasted, raw or salted - in the shell or hulled - these seeds are widely eaten as a snack or added to salads. In Central Europe, Pumpkin Seed Oil came to be respected as a specialty for culinary preparations. It has been used in folk medicine for IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome) and for managing enlarged prostrate. In German folk medicine, Pepita Oil has been used to treat parasitic infections of tapeworm and roundworm. In Greece, lightly roasted, salted, unhulled pumpkin seeds are very popular and are called passatempo (“pastime”). Since the 17th century, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has reserved a special place for Pumpkin Seed, as its sweet and neutral properties strengthen the spleen

and the intestine. In Ayurvedic practice too, within the array of healthful nuts and seeds, Sunflower and Pumpkin Seeds stand out as excellent examples for pacifying Vata and Pitta. Pumpkin Seeds are one of the best plant sources of zinc, and are so recommended by even the WHO.

Tip of the Week

To keep the nutritive quality intact, it is probably best to purchase organic raw Pumpkin Seeds and then light-roast them at home. Place the seeds in a single layer on a cookie sheet and light roast them at 160-170°F (about 75°C) for 1520 minutes. It is important not to cross the 20-minute limit. Pumpkin seeds should ideally be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Nature’s Wonder Food of the Week: Pumpkin Seeds or Pepitas. Pepitas are a nutritional powerhouse of amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, a wealth of minerals such as heart-healthy

{ Alka Gurha }


W ellness

6-12 September 2013

he origin of the word ‘saffron’ comes from the French term safran, which in turn stems from the Latin word safranum; and it is said that safranum originates from the Persian word za'ferân. An early historic reference comes from Ancient Egypt, where saffron was used by Cleopatra as an aromatic and seductive essence. Arabs have since used saffron for its anaesthetic properties. During the Renaissance, Venice was an important commercial centre for saffron. In that period, saffron was worth its weight in gold. Even today saffron continues to be the most expensive spice in the world. Perhaps this is the reason why it is called Red Gold. Saffron is grown in Kashmir, and in parts of Spain and Switzerland. It is derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as the saffron crocus. In the month of October the plant sprouts bright

magnesium and conventional antioxidants like zinc and manganese. Additionally, these seeds are also a good source of phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium and copper. They are high in most of the B vitamins, beta carotene (Vitamin A precursor) and Vitamins C, D, E and K. The sheer diversity of antioxidants in Pumpkin Seeds makes them unique. For example, Vitamin E is present in a wide diversity of forms – some of which are unique to Pumpkin Seeds. The same holds true for Phenolic antioxidants. Phytonutrients like lignans hold some interest in the field of prostrate and breast cancer research. The phytosterol, lignan and zinc content of Pumpkin Seeds has led to their long-time usage in the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a health problem involving enlargement of the prostate gland, and commonly affects middleaged and older men. Pumpkin Seeds are loaded with essential fatty acids like Omega-3 and Omega-6. The former are important in reducing inflammation and helping to lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and arthritis, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.u

by ShahnaZ Herbal Cosmetic Queen Padma Shree Shahnaz Husain is the CEO of the Shahnaz Husain Group – India’s leading company in the field of natural beauty and anti-aging treatments.

Q. How can I get rid of dark spots on my face? SH

Mix rice powder with curd and use as a facial scrub once or twice a week. Apply on the face and rub gently on the skin with tiny circular movements, especially on the dark spots. Leave on for a few minutes and then wash off with water. Mix honey and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply daily on the face. Wash off after 15 minutes with plain water. Twice a week, apply face mask. Mix 3 teaspoons oatmeal with one teaspoon each of honey, curd and lemon juice, or egg white. Apply on the entire face, avoiding the lips and area around eyes. Wash it off after half an hour. If the dark spots are freckles due to sun-exposure, apply sunscreen before going out in the sun.


Registered Holistic Nutritionist (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) For education purposes only; always consult a healthcare practitioner for medical conditions

Dhruv Kataria

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The Saintly Spice flowers, having different shades of pink and purple. The flowers possess a sweet, honey-like fragrance. A three-pronged style emerges from each flower. Each prong terminates with a vivid crimson stigma 25–30 mm in length. When the flowers are gathered, the stigmas are separated from the rest of the flower. More than 80,000 flowers are needed to obtain a kilo of saffron. The stigmas of saffron have a high level of moisture, so it is necessary to dry them before the preservation process. The dried stigmas are used mainly,

in various cuisines, as a seasoning and colouring agent. Saffron's taste and fragrance come from the chemicals picrocrocin and safranal. It also contains a dye, crocin, which imparts a rich reddish–yellow hue to dishes and textiles. There are different varieties of saffron available across the world. Kashmiri Saffron is considered the best and the strongest-flavoured variety. Spanish Saffron, typically red and yellow, is the most common type of saffron - the easiest to find. It has a strong aroma and is used in a wide range of foods.

Health Benefits

Saffron is used for the improvement of digestion and appetite in cold and hilly areas. It is found to be extremely beneficial for providing relief from gas and acidity related problems. Saffron is said to cure Insomnia. A pinch of saffron taken

with warm milk, at night, helps in boosting memory. It is a very popular in beauty treatments. Saffron is used to cure skin problems, and helps to lighten the skin tone. Saffron is considered a blood purifier and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to check Purity

You can distinguish between genuine and fake saffron by this simple method. Spread each saffron on the surface of normal water, in different glasses. The fake saffron starts to lose its colour... fast. After about fifteen minutes most of the threads will lose their colour and deposit at the bottom. After 30 minutes the water will turn red, showing that the saffron is artificially coloured. Pure saffron loses colour very gradually. The threads will remain on the surface of the water for some minutes and only then start to deposit at the bottom… slowly. Even after half an hour the saffron threads will continue to be completely red and will also float back to the surface. u

6-12 September 2013

at good locations in quality business districts. These spaces are managed by a company that runs the business centre and takes cares of service, infrastructure and logistics. Shukla, who runs the Corporatedge Business Centre at the prestigious Building No. 5 in DLF Cyber City has 17000 sq feet available, wherein 42 suites have been created. “The Suites can be customized as per the demands of the users. We offer quality furniture and fixtures, high speed internet, telephony, reception services, pantry and cafeterias - all included in the cost,” says Shukla. A large number of multi-national companies as well as startups in Gurgaon are opting for these office options because businesses these days want to outsource their non-core activities. The cost of a dedicated workspace for a few people start-up one of the best business addresses in the City could come anywhere between Rs 25000 to 35000 per month - depending on location, building, quality of service and availability of common areas. The office users can also rent the conference room, use video-conferencing tools as well as hire meeting rooms (say, to interview people) for a small add-on cost. Even ‘outsiders’ can use these facilities though the cost for them is, naturally, higher. Along with the office space the idea of virtual offices has also been embraced, as a large number of corporate employees have become entrepreneurs. Prasoon Kumar, AGM of the AIPL Business Centre on the Golf Course Road, says that this idea has caught up in the City. “We have a large number of people opting for virtual offices as these come at a low cost. This helps the start-ups as well as organizations that do not need huge dedicated 24x7 physical space; and they also benefit from a professional address that adds to their brand value,” says Kumar. The AIPL Virtual Office offers multiple services to the customers - including a professional business address, dedicated telephone number, personalized call answering, call forwarding/patching, 24 hours voice mail retrieval, mail collection, prompt notification, administrative support - and also limited hours of physical office space in a month. However, customers at the AIPL Centre cannot use this address as a registered office. In this regard, Shukla’s Business Centre offers the facility of even using their address as a registered office. Another important aspect of the shared office centres in Gurgaon is that operators prefer to rent the space to professionals, corporates and budding entrepreneurs. “We prefer people with a professional background. The shared space also puts some limitations, as people prefer ‘sharers’ with similar profiles and needs,” says Kumar. Another interesting point made by industry experts is that the trend of using homes or coffee shops as work and meeting places is also on the wane, as these places have more

Office On The Go Prakhar PANDEY

 Contd from p 1

C over S tory

distractions and disturbances. Amit, who used to operate his software business from a coffee shop, says that there were too many people lazing around, which reduced productivity. “There is also the issue of a business address; so I preferred to rent a workstation in a shared business centre,” he says. Seema Agarwal, who offers a shared workstations in Spaze IT Park, says that not only is the cost of renting such a space low, but it also offers a great opportunity to network with like-minded professionals from various fields, and helps expand one’s business horizon and skills. That the idea of serviced offices has come of age is indicated by the fact that the Federation of Apartment Owners Association (FAOA), which is an umbrella RWA body, has rented space in the AIPL Business Centre. Rama Murthy, a functionary of FAOA, says that it is better for small organizations to opt for serviced offices because it allows them to focus on their core job rather than ‘waste’ money and resources on managing an office. “By renting this space we don’t need to hire an office boy and there is no hassle of setting up of phones, Internet and other such facilities. We just have to come here for work, and the rest (everything) is taken care of,” he says. Murthy is very fond of the business lounge and cafeteria, which are offered as part of the deal. “We can have meetings in the lounge, which is well-appointed, and also have beverages, which is not possible in an owned office - as it is difficult to have a pantry,” he says. The current business scenario, which is verging on being dismal, is likely to further give a boost to the shared and virtual space in the City. Shukla of Corporatedge says that MNCs who want to downsize are looking at shared space, and paradoxically even those who want to expand are also being conservative and evaluating such centres. “The startup space is hotting up in Gurgaon, and it will keep on expanding, thus boosting

the shared office space industry,” she says. It is perhaps because of these opportunities that multinationals like Regus and Indian builders like Vatika have expanded their footprint in the shared as well as virtual office space in the City. Regus, a pioneer in this space, offers business centres, office space, day offices, mobile working, part time offices, incubation space and hot desking as part of its portfolio. The Company also offers conference and meeting rooms to customers on terms that are very flexible and cost-effective. However, the entry of builders into the serviced office space does not enthuse industry veterans, who feel that a background in hospitality, and service orientation, is essential to successfully run this business. “Many times people rent space in notso-professionally-run business centres and later suffer the consequences. It is advisable to rent space in offices that have reputation, even if these come at a higher cost,” says Shukla. The shared office space has in fact become so dynamic that some companies are even trying to monetise their idle working space and stations, by sharing it with outsiders. Even office supplies and facilities such as printers, projectors and coffee machines are being rented to outsiders. Doing something on the same lines, but with a difference, is entrepreneur Seema Agarwal, who offers shared workstation space to young entrepreneurs for Rs. 6,500 per seat per person in Spaze IT Park on Sohna Road. Agarwal says that she wants to incubate young talent and help them in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams. “We built this office for our son’s company, but since he required only one cabin we decided to convert this space into a business centre. We prefer to rent space to professionals who are


working in IT and Consultancy; we do not want property dealers,” she says. Agarwal also wants to invite women entrepreneurs and support them by offering a heavy discount. “Women entrepreneurs are most welcome,” she says. At her business centre, workstations have mainly been rented out by single individuals, though some of them have graduated to a larger staff. “The shared space is cost effective for young entrepreneurs as they don’t have to worry about rent and office expenses. This trend is fast catching up in Gurgaon, and I am very satisfied with the manner in which my business has grown”, she says. K.K Puri, who works as a freelance Consultant, is satisfied working at Agarwal’s shared and services office space, as he is able to work in a professional environment without the hassles of running an office and staff. Since he lives nearby he also walks to his home every afternoon to enjoy the piping hot lunch, and returns leisurely to his air-conditioned office workstation, which he knows will be safe and secure in his absence. The 24-hour back up and security is a bonus for a senior citizen like Puri. While there are many votaries for the shared and virtual office concept, a few real estate experts also opine that there are hidden drawbacks, and scalability is a big issue. Sanjay Sharma, MD Qubrex, opines that if the space is for shortterm usage then it is effective, but for longer periods and large teams other options should be looked at. “There is also the issue that people who have invested in these shared offices are often hoodwinked by builders, as there is nothing physical owned by them in these offices,” he reveals. However, Property Consultant Pankaj Tomar feels that these solutions are a great opportunity for people who cannot afford to buy or rent large offices, and need an address. “These are ideal for big companies to make a move into a new city like Gurgaon, as a small team of 4 to 5 people can initially set up base here. They can later move to a large place once the scaling-up happens,” says Tomar, who has witnessed several such deals in the City. Ramamurthy of FAOA, a Chartered Accountant by profession, opines that in the current business scenario companies are looking to bring in efficiencies. “A lot of companies, especially in the services sector, don’t want to invest in real estate. Even MNCs are outsourcing non-core jobs and want experts to manage infrastructure and services,” he says. With tough economic conditions putting pressure on profits, every industry wants to safeguard its margins, and having less expense on non-core jobs is a worthwhile saving. The increasing switch to shared and virtual offices indicates that Gurgaon is already adapting to the tough but new reality of low growth – which also tends to emphasise costs that were not taken seriously in a high growth environment.u


6-12 September 2013

R eal E state

G lobal

6-12 September 2013

Light An E-cigarette

{ Gretel Johnston/ Washington/ DPA }

dollars in sales last year, according to research by the US Bank Wells Fargo. Cigarette sales are $ 46 billion. Major US cigarette makers, including Philip Morris USA, maker of Marlboro, want a piece of the action. Altria Group, owner of Philip Morris USA, entered the e-cigarette business in June, when it unveiled its new MarkTen e-cigarette brand. Most observers are sceptical about the benefits. “Simply put, e-cigarette users cannot be sure of what they are inhaling, since e-cigarettes have not been subjected to thorough, independent testing,” said Dr Thomas Glynn in a health blog at the American Cancer Society’s website. The FDA has said that it found cancer-causing substances in half the samples, when it studied 18 samples of e-cigarette cartridges from two leading e-cigarette brands. The

Gretel Johnston

An e-cigarette being smoked by a man in Germany.

Donna Lindsey, 33, of Washington enjoys an e-hookah during a break from her job in downtown Washington DC.

FDA also found inconsistencies, such as varying nicotine levels inhaled per puff, even when cartridges were labeled as having the same amount of nicotine. It also found the chemical, diethylene glycol— an ingredient used in antifreeze, that is toxic to humans—in one cartridge. Erika Sward of the American Lung Association agreed there is not enough known about e-cigarettes and said there is inconsistency across the brands. While the products have been billed as tools to help smokers quit, some health professionals are wary about telling

patients they are non-toxic. Sward also warned about those claims. “Buyer beware,” she said, adding that people who are hoping to quit should find ways that have been tested and proven effective. She said her organization, as well as other antismoking groups, face the same challenges they faced with cigarettes – not only in advertising, but also in trying to prevent them being marketed to children. They come in different flavours, for example, such as chocolate and mint, which make them appealing to young people. There also are e-hookahs mimicking hookah pipes. Donna Lindsey, 33, enjoyed a melonflavoured e-hookah recently on a break from her job in downtown Washington, DC. “This one lasts for more than 300 puffs,” said Lindsey, adding that she has enjoyed the e-hookah inside public buildings and in restaurants, without being asked to go outside. There’s no secondhand smoke and it gives her the same sensation as smoking. But users like Lindsey might feel more pressure to leave their offices when they want to “puff”, because of concerns about residual nicotine. Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights said in a 2010 report that nicotine is exhaled by e-cigarette users in an invisible vapor cloud. Nicotine is a sticky substance that remains on surfaces for days and weeks, the association said. People therefore continue to be exposed to it.u

Try A Bugs Buffet

{ Sid Astbury/ Sydney/ DPA }

Ed Joshua

Sid Astbury


ou would not catch Skye Blackburn in a Sydney restaurant paying three dollars a pop to suck down bivalve molluscs in a red wine and green onion dressing. “I think oysters are disgusting,” said Australia’s pioneer of creepy-crawly cuisine. “It’s like a ball of snot.” Blackburn reckons that those who can stomach slimy shellfish should also be able to relish crispy arthropods as well. And they would be doing the world a good turn: things with lots of little legs, that sometimes fly, make up 90 per cent of all animal life forms. With degrees in entomology and food science, the self-styled 'bug lady' talks to anyone who will listen, about the need to include insects in our diet. She tours schools to hand out insectladen lollipops and biscuits made with ground up worms. She predicts insect-based food items will be on our supermarket shelves within a decade. “We’re not going to be able to support ourselves with traditional sources of protein,” Blackburn said. “Flour made from ground up insects? It won’t be a novelty item but a necessity, to meet population growth.” The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is now beating the same drum. In a report released this

Frank Leonhardt


nti-smoking organizations in the US are watching the spread of e-cigarettes warily, cautioning smokers against placing too much faith in them as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. The devices, which resemble cigarettes, complete with glowing red tip, contain no tobacco and release only a scentless vapour. They have been around for about a decade, having first appeared in China. Despite their slick and stylish appeal, they still contain some of the same carcinogens and additives that are found in cigarettes, anti-smoking groups warn. Another cause for the groups' concern is that after years of work chipping away at cigarette advertising, they now face a new challenge. It’s been 42 years since advertisements for cigarettes have aired on US television. But now e-cigarette ads are cropping up, raising concern that smoking again will be glamorized by them. E-cigarettes - the E stands for electric - are battery-operated devices designed to mimic the sensation of smoking a real cigarette. They contain cartridges filled with chemicals, including nicotine, but no tobacco – and there is no combustion. Sales in the United States have been soaring. They are projected to reach 1 billion dollars this year, an increase of more than 50 per cent over the 600 million

Government agricultural adviser Ed Joshua on a sheep farm in Forbes, New South Wales.

year, the FAO said Western consumers should follow the 2 billion other people on the planet, and add insects to their diets. The FAO says we should start seeing the arthropoda not as pests that bite us and carry disease, but as an environmentally-friendly food source that could also play a part in the battle against obesity. “Insects are everywhere and they reproduce quickly; and they have high growth and feed-conversion rates and a low environmental footprint,” the report said. Blackburn notes that there are 20,000 farmers in

Not a pet, but food. Australia’s Skye Blackburn getting up close to a delicious arthropod. (File picture)

Thailand whose cash crop is crickets. There is a single insect farmer in Australia. “I’m it,” Blackburn said. Insect farmers in Thailand do not spray insect poison on their grain crop to ward off crickets, as Australians would. Rather, they make good money from harvesting the insects that devour their grain. “What we have in our minds about insects is completely wrong,” Blackburn said. “If people understand how important they are for the whole


ecosystem, people will be more appreciative and less likely to reach for a can of insecticide.” Australian agronomist Ed Joshua wrote a recipe book, Cooking with Sky-prawns, that made a bit of a splash around the world 10 years ago. He was an early convert to entomophagy - the posh word for eating insects - and also makes the point that those who have eaten oysters have eaten one of the arthropods, and so “popping a big, juicy beetle, cricket or locust into your mouth is only a step away.” In fact, locusts are pickier eaters than prawns or oysters; they do not eat detritus, the waste of other living things, as their sea-dwelling cousins do. “Basically that’s what locusts are - prawns that fly around,” Joshua said. “They breed on the land instead of in the sea. You just do them up in a light tempura batter and they’re pretty much like deep fried prawns.” Joshua reckons that the billions of locusts that supposedly plague Australia’s central deserts could meet all the nation’s protein needs. He sees groundup bugs replacing fishmeal in chicken farms, as well as locusts making it directly into the frying pan. “What we have is locusts

harvesting carbohydrate in the form of grass and turning it in to protein,” he said. “We can capture them to feed all these hungry mouths in the world.” New immigrant communities from Asia and Africa in Sydney and Melbourne could lead the way. “You just need to make it fashionable. You need to get all those fashionable people eating locusts,” he said. “Then you’ve got a big industry and big money and everybody will be eating them.” Locusts are 23-per-cent protein compared with 18 per cent for steak, and are 6 per cent fat compared with the 21 per cent in beef. Crickets are twice as good at converting feed to meat as chicken, four times better than pigs and 12 times better than cattle. What makes the cold-blooded arthropoda so much more energy efficient than warm-blooded species is that they do not have to eat to maintain their body temperature. Joshua would like to see Hollywood heartthrob Hugh Jackman doing his national duty for Australia and eating locusts to power his filmic Wolverine alter ego. “Imagine that!” he said. “Natural, native, organic, high in protein and energy, low in fat and easy to snack on when you’re running for your train. You could get the Wolverine to bite into a few and everyone will want them.” u


G lobal

6-12 September 2013

{ Barbara Munker,/ Las Vegas/ DPA }

Head for Heights and the Skills of a Therapist

Barbara Munker


igh above Las Vegas, Sky Master Carlos Lucero’s guests are perspiring – not so much from the heat of the desert as from the nerves brought on by the prospect of a 260-metre free fall at the end of a thin cable. From a small viewing platform the 31-year-old Carlos calls for the next daredevil to take up position. SkyJump is strictly for the thrill seeker. The landing pad on the terrace of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, 108 floors down, appears little bigger than a pinhead. The stretch limos on the famous Strip are like matchbox toy cars. “I had a woman today who sat down on the floor, crying, when she saw the drop,” Lucero says. “I told her: it’s not so bad, you’ll survive,” the Sky Master adds with a grin. Lucero has made the jump 21 times. But a head for heights is the least of what he needs in his job. Part parachute trainer, part therapist, with a bit of technical training thrown in and the ability to communicate with jumpers who do not speak English, could be a description of his skills. Since it opened in 2010, SkyJump has seen more than 100,000 take the plunge, most of them standing upright, rather than going head first as in the classical bungee jump. SkyJump is a controlled free-fall, in a harness that is attached to a cable. It slows the skyjumper at the last minute for a controlled and safe landing. Guide wires keep the jumper on course and on target. This is the highest free fall in the world, taking its jumpers to 65 kilometres an hour during their 17-second drop. The minimum age is 14 and there is no upper limit. “I helped an 88-year-old woman on her birthday. She wasn’t frightened at all,” Lucero says. His experience is that women are less likely to be scared

A man plunges to the ground during a Las Vegas Sky Jump.

Carlos Lucero, the Sky Master, harnesses a woman customer before the Sky Jump in Las Vegas.

The Tower used for the Las Vegas Sky Jump.

than men. “My husband and both of my daughters wanted to have a T-shirt with the text - Mommy jumped,” says Raka from India, as she stands on the platform in her jumping suit and harness, her family waiting below. Lucero goes through the final checks to make sure that the harness and line are firmly in place. Then the countdown starts One glance down has robbed Raka of her courage. But then Lucero’s skills in soothing his “patients” take over, and Raka steps off the platform at the second attempt, screaming as she goes. The recommendation is to do it like Superman, feet first, leaning slightly forward and with the arms outstretched. “I’m not allowed to push anyone off the platform,” the Sky Master says. Soothing words are the only tool allowed. He has never grown bored with the job, if only because of the “cool” screams. “These big strapping guys make out that they are very brave at first. Then they jump and cry like babies.” u

Sun-day Village { Anett Boettger/Sohland, Germany/ DPA }


This vertical sundial, erected in 1977, is one of the attractions.

houses surrounded by fields, is in Germany’s Sohlund region, and has become the focus of an EU-funded project to highlight the devices’ relevance to human history. “Sohland has received nearly 15,000 euros (20,000 dollars) since 2012 for this project,” explains Christine Herold, from the local tourist office. Unlike cuckoo clocks, you can’t actually buy sundials to take home with you. Each sundial generally has some direct link to the building on which it is located. For example, the ornate structure on the Karasekhaus lets passers-

Sebastian Kahnert

ermany isn’t just home to the cuckoo clock. It also keeps quaint sundials, once an everyday method to tell the time of day by the position of the sun, in perfect nick in a small town, Taubenheim, near the Czech border. Most of Europe’s remaining sundials serve as nothing more than building or garden ornaments today. The onset of the digital age, when almost everyone can instantly access time, accurate to the second, means little consideration is given today to these relics of time-keeping. The earliest sundials date back to ancient Egypt. The devices, in which a shadow cast by the sun follows a marked scale, were in widespread use across medieval Europe. Even under a cloudy sky, as long as there was some sunlight, people could roughly tell the time with them. Taubenheim, a pictureperfect settlement of old wooden

At centre, at the corner of this old wooden house, is a sundial.

A vertical sundial with Roman numerals.

by know that this is where an infamous robber baron, Johannes Karasek, had his romantic trysts in between planning his adventures. The community has one man to thank. In the 1970s, during the communist era, a graphic designer began efforts that have made this idyllic location

synonymous with sundials. “At that time Martin Hoelzel received a commission to restore the village’s oldest sundial,” explains Herold. This project resulted in Taubenheim’s population developing an interest in gnomonics (a term for the study of sundials). Hoelzel was so fascinated by his undertaking that he created 10 new sundials for the area. “The manual setting of a

sundial takes an entire day,” says Domschke, a graphic designer, although computer programmes have since simplified the procedure considerably. Domschke uses modern materials in the construction of his clocks. He needs to factor in the local latitude and the direction to true north. His most recent creation has been adorning the local kindergarten since June. u

6-12 September 2013

{ Berlin/ DPA }


ntil now, virtual worlds could only be visited from the sofa or the desk. But a new device should help visitors feel as if they are walking through the virtual landscape: the Omni from Virtuix is a kind of treadmill on a round platform. Jan Goeteluk collected more than 1 million dollars for his

Grave of Alexander the Great ?

{ Athens / DPA }


reece’s Ministry of Culture said it was too early to speculate whether an ancient mound currently being excavated in the north contained the remains of Alexander the Great. Greek media have said a tomb unearthed by archaeologists in Amplipolis, Serres, 600 kilometers north of Athens, is the royal tomb of Roxane, the wife and son of 4th century BC King Alexander the Great. Some reports said the tomb may be of Alexander himself. “The finding at Amphipolis is certainly very important, but linking the site with the identification of historical figures, without scientific justification, is risky,” the Culture Ministry said in a press release. Alexander, who was educated by the ancient Greek philosopher Artistotle, conquered most of the world known to the ancient Greeks. By the age of 25 he had defeated the Persians and his Empire eventually included Egypt, Anatolia, Syria, Gaza and Mesopotamia – even stretching as far as India. At age 32 he died in Babylon, possibly as the result of malaria or typhoid fever. u

Walking Through Virtual Worlds invention through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, within 48 days. Now it’s time for production to start. The problem with virtual worlds up until now has been that special glasses, usually worn while the gamer

is sitting, offered the sole channel to experience them. “That was the problem the last 20 years,” said Goetgeluk, the head and creator of Virtuix. His Omni is supposed to take the technology a decisive step further, allowing users to use

Woman found 1963 atmosphere “electric" { Christina Horsten/ Memphis, Tennessee/ DPA }


t age 16, Joan Lee Nelson was already a veteran of the civil rights fight, having been arrested the first time at age 13. Now 67 and a tour leader in Memphis, she talked to dpa about her personal acquaintance with Martin Luther King Jr and how she heard his “I Have a Dream” speech in the march on Washington, on August 28, 1963. dpa: Can you describe the Day of the speech? Nelson: The atmosphere was electric. It was even more than that. You could feel the ancestors there. It was a long trip, 16 hours – the highways back then weren’t really good. I remember everybody walking fast, rushing to the Lincoln Memorial. It was something that really can’t be described. There is an old slave song, that says “Over my head I hear music in the air, there must be a God there.” It was so overwhelming, just the spirit of the people. I had never been in a big crowd like that. Whites, blacks, every type of people. I had never been away from home. It was hot in DC. A lot of people were passing out. I fainted! dpa: How did you first meet Martin Luther King Jr? Nelson: The first time I met (him) was at Metropolitan Baptist Church; he had come here to speak, that was before the march on Washington. I jumped up and kissed him right on his neck. He gave his life. He knew what he was up against... we knew... but we knew something had to change. dpa: What particular things are still not the way they should be, in your opinion? Nelson: I am very proud of Barack Obama. He is the best thing that ever came out of the civil rights movement. He is our trophy. We did something right! But one of the main things - it’s much too violent now. We lost out, ours was the non-violent-movement. If Dr. King was still here, we wouldn’t have these conditions. We would have done more... but he was killed. u

their legs as well to explore a computerized world. Visitors make use of special shoes on the slightly concave platform to simulate natural steps in a landscape, and are belted in so they do not topple over.

G lobal


Early supporters of the device will get an exclusive copy for 500 dollars. It includes an open-source game to serve as a demonstration of the treadmill’s possibilities. The device is optimized for use with special spectacles. The Company says the Omni can be used with products from all PC game manufacturers. However, it is not yet compatible with gaming consoles. u

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