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31 Oct-6 Nov 2014

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Vol. 4 No. 11  Pages 16  ` 10

Anticipating a 'New Deal' { Abhishek Behl / FG }

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ith the new government taking shape in Chandigarh, a large number of local 'leaders' and bureaucrats are lobbying with the political masters to get plum postings in the new dispensation. The new government is likely to settle in a month or so, even as departments to the new ministers have been allotted. The people of Haryana, and of Gurgaon in particular, who have voted in large numbers for the BJP, are hoping that this new government will end the parochial and anti-farmer policies of the Congress government - which seemed to have worked only in favour of the builders (completely forgetting the com-

A unified agency for Gurgaon

It is being strongly felt that there needs to be a systemic change in the administration of the City, as also greater local empowerment. It is for this reason that there has been a consistent demand for the setting up of a Gurgaon Development Authority (GDA - on the lines of the NOIDA Authority). Darshan Singh, CEO of Pan India, who has been working in the social sector for quite some time, Contd. on p 4 

Are we Ebola-ready?

{ Barnali Dutta/FG }

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prakhar PANDEY

mon man who had voted it to power). Gurgaonites expect the new government to develop a special agenda for the Millennium City, as it it the cash cow of the State. They believe that Gurgaon should be developed as the financial capital of Haryana. The priorities are:

lthough WHO (World Health Organisation) has declared that Ebola has been contained in most of the African countries, the fear of this dreaded disease still persists in India. The Government of India has decided to launch a nationwide awareness programme to caution the masses, and is also working on relevant measures to tackle a possible Ebola epidemic in the country. The first palpable signs of concern were witnessed as early as May of this year, when the Government issued a health advisory to all regional chiefs and key personnel at the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), urging them to take necessary precautions to avert any crisis. The extremely dangerous and potentially fatal disease was detected in several regions within Africa in February. It evoked a chilling

reminder of the HIV outbreak during the early 1980s, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives around the globe. In the interim there has been Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and the more recent Japanese Encephalitis. However, these have been largely contained, with only a few stray cases returning in several countries. In recent times, no disease has spread so much panic as Ebola - more because of its late detection, and because the symptoms are similar to relatively less harmful diseases. The silver lining, perhaps, is the news that the disease will not spread through airborne infection, and that there is little fear of an epidemic. The major concern in India is the lack of proper protective equipment, and inadequate lab testing facilities and professional training, which will hamper efforts to detect and handle the disease efficiently and appropriately. There is just one analytical testing lab in the country, located in Pune. where virus detection is undertaken. The Government has initiated extensive training for all the primary healthcare workers. It has also imported some 50,000 special training kits, which would be sent to the different States, to train the concerned personnel, who in turn will organise critical awareness programmes. At airports, immigration Contd. on p 5

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Friday gurgaon 31 oct 6 nov, 2014 the change you wish to see

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