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28 Nov-4 Dec 2014

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Vol. 4 No. 15  Pages 16  ` 10

Gurgaon Action Plan Next 100 Days

{ Atul Sobti / FG }



ith the new State govt. now settling down, and with hopes that it will be ‘different’ and that ‘achhe din ab aayenge’, FG would like to positively offer its support, and as always wish to be a part of the solution. Having seen Gurgaon up very close, in multiple spheres, and interacted with a wide cross-section of people, for over 3 years, we believe that the following actions would be most beneficial for the citizens of Gurgaon - and are very doable in the next 100 days.


Start operating a water supply schedule, colony wise Inspect and repair all water pipelines u Repair the Gurgaon Water Supply canal u Provide power back up to the Basai Water Treatment Plant u u


Start operating a power supply schedule, colony wise u Inspect and repair all sub-stations u Ensure all private builders put up sub-stations wherever deficient (otherwise encash their bank guarantees and have the sub-stations set up by the govt. authority) u


Start proper (Swachh) segregation of garbage at source (PPP) Appoint authorised e waste collection and disposal organisations (PPP) u Set up paid public toilets across the City (PPP) u

Set up Bus shelters at all designated bus stops Ensure all autos are metered


Ensure all schools have functional & separate girls’ toilets (PPP)



EWS Housing

Allot (on rental or sale basis) the many ready but vacant EWS apartments in various private and govt. colonies


Focus on safety of women & children u Ensure all streetlights are made functional across the City u Innovatively tackle the menace of ‘snatchings’ u Involve RWAs, ex-armed forces personnel & senior citizens in colony policing u Appoint and involve many more Road Safety Officers in traffic management u Involve school and college children, including those in villages, in road safety campaigns u Ensure visible Police presence on the roads, especially after dark u Keep a special look out around liquor vends and ‘ahatas’/bars u Continue all other citizen friendly and criminal deterrent initiatives that have been undertaken by the Police over the past year Owners/Residents vs. Builders u Set up a special RWA Cell under the DC or MCG Commissioner, which will resolve all ongoing RWA-Builder issues, and ensure that builders are made fully accountable for their omissions and wrongful actions u


Public Transport

Unauthorised Colonies

Urgently provide them basic civic services, especially those that have already been (recently) regularised


e Civic Services

Set up an ‘e resolution’ framework for the availability and delivery of all basic citizen services


Skill Development

Designate that the local ITI will now be run on a PPP basis, with multiple industry stakeholders (PPP)


Village Develoopment

Take up the redevelopment (and ‘integration’) of a village within current Gurgaon City. This initiative should then be included in the 2031 Master Plan, so that it applies to all villages in the new sectors. u Develop this initiative into a benchmark ‘Rurban’ initiative u

Disaster Management

Develop and test the plans for coping with an earthquake, a big fire, excessive pollution or a terrorist attack.


Increase the frequency of the City Bus service substantially


* Areas where Public Private Partnership could be very beneficial, and should be resorted to, have been marked (PPP). * Gurgaon should soon become a Benchmark City for: e Waste, e Civic Services, Swachh Garbage Segregation, Public Toilets, Girls Toilets in Schools, Traffic Management through Road Safety Officers and ITI PPP. Separately, plans for the following longer term Benchmark projects should be drawn up: Solar Energy, Non-Motorised Transport and Wifi services.

Further: u The maintenance of the entire City needs to be transferred to MCG – including all private colonies, HUDA and Housing Board areas. Requisite manpower and funds from other departments need to be transferred to MCG. People should not be allowed to take up residence in the new sectors (58 to 115) of Gurgaon until a formal water and power connection is sanctioned to the project/RWA/society.

{ Abhishek Behl / FG }

write to us at letters@fridaygurgaon


ith the new BJP government in Haryana firmly in the saddle, it is fair to expect that things will change for the better in the State, and particularly Gurgaon - which had become a personal fief of powerful politicians who, in cahoots with builders, threw the rulebooks out of the window and reigned supreme. The citizens and civil society are also enthused that the residents of many real estate complexes, which are involved in running battles with their builders, will get relief - with the government and bureaucracy having come out of the thrall of the powerful cabal (the cor-

The Tide Is Turning prakhar PANDEY


Master Plan 2031 should be revisited, especially in light of the deficiencies in the current City areas. In fact, a White Paper on Gurgaon needs to first be prepared, pointing out the current issues, challenges and discrepancies. Most importantly, the local administrators need to stop deflecting the problems to each other, citing jurisdiction. If boundaries for tackling crime are being abolished, surely any civil matter can be helpfully resolved by any administrator. Let’s all help make Gurgaon the ‘New India Model City’.


rupt nexus), which has not allowed any regulation or monitoring of private real estate in the City. It was with this hope that, on November 21, the members (apartment owners) of the Ambience Lagoon RWA (ALARWA) decided to take over the maintenance and security of the complex, after the agencies deployed by the builder went on strike over the non-payment of their dues for the last two months. The apartment owners, who have been in a constant tussle with the builder over the poor management of the residential complex, say that a resolution was passed by more

than 200 apartment owners (out of 345), approving the taking over the management of this residential complex by ALARWA. The decision, however, did not go down well with the builder, who came the next day with a large posse of his staff, and allegedly even bouncers, to threaten the apartment owners. The builder asserted that the maintenance of the complex could only be given to an association called LRACA (Lagoon Residential Apartments Complex Association), which the residents claim is his own creation, and comprises his family members and a couple of ‘personally loyal to him’ residents. While the presence of the police and the intervention of Contd. on p 4

Friday gurgaon 28 nov 4 dec, 2014 the change you want to see

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