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26 Dec 2014-1 Jan 2015

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Vol. 4 No. 19  Pages 16  ` 10

We The People of Gurgaon... { Abhishek Behl | Barnali Dutta/ FG } write to us at letters@fridaygurgaon


y and large all of us hail the first of January every New Year with joy - as we would when we usher in 2015. This social ritual is nothing new. While

it is the same sun rising in the east and setting in the west, it is the kaalchakra of time that denotes this unique moment. With much fanfare and funfare we will again herald the New Year, with umpteen hopes of something new happening in our personal life - be it an emotion or a promotion. There is seldom thought

"In 2015 the administration will actively meet the various fora of Residents Welfare Associations, to ascertain and help alleviate their problems. 2014 was a mixed year, with its share of ups and downs. The government has already started working on swachhta and we want our civic bodies to be much more sincere in their endeavours.” Beaming a smile, he noted, “After all, it is a Millennium City and it will take time and good manpower to develop this booming city.” Deputy Commissioner, T.L. Satyaprakash

"So much to look back on in 2014 - truly a year of the NEW for me from the start. Riding the world's fastest roller coaster in the new year was a new step for me, and the rest of the year kept throwing up many more new starts! Some great work projects. New collaborations. A new second venture. At home a new beginning with my son going off to college overseas and the husband transferred to a far off city. Pushing further with my own dreams.  Launching a writing workshop. A first fiction novel. Being selected to showcase at the Bangalore Literature Festival! So much to be thankful for! Looking forward to the amazing journey in the coming year as well. Wishing all a wonderful NEW YEAR!" Kiran Chaturvedi, Birdsong & Beyond

given to even issues concerning our neighbourhood of our role and responsibility as a member of a civic society. FG talked to Citizens Gurgaon for their assessment of 2014 and expectation for 2015 - with of course a pledge that they would play their role as citizens responsibly.

"Gurgaon is my dream city and I love it. We also call it Millennium city, the most happening city with Cyber hub, Rapid Metro and Rahagiri coming- in 2014 . This year went beautifully professionally and personally and it was one of the best year as compare to 2013. We have seen lots of changes in Gurgaon -best thing happened was Rahagiri, lots of new development in terms of business opportunity. NEW GOVT and new expectations, as we kept hearing - Ab achheye din aayengie MODI -BJP- We expect lots of new challenges for the govt and for us lots of new hope from the Gurgaon administration in terms of new Teamnew aspects of working- we expect lots of changes in Infrastructure- AS WESS ngo we did lots of good projects- few sad incident happened as well as we say good and bad comes together in life." Veena Gupta, Personal Safety Consultant Contd. on p 4


"The year 2014 was quite happening, and as a lawyer I put in a lot of hard work which also brought positive results. I was able to serve the society, and I am satisfied. In 2015 more hard work is in store to ensure that the community in Gurgaon is served as I am also a part of It.." Pooja Aganpal, Lawyer

"2014 has been by far been a turbulent year for the world, and Gurgaon doesn't feel much safer, as doesn't the NCR. For 2015, I hope to see greater feeling of community, larger hearts, more cleanliness efforts rather than just mere words, less materialism, more safety. Guess it's time we walked the talk. Support for the local farmer community, local and seasonal produce." Deeba Rajpal, Food Writer

"2014 has been one of the finest years for our school. I laud the efforts of various educational institutions in ensuring a congenial atmosphere for their students. In Gurgaon every school is doing its best possible for the betterment of the children. I have had no complaint with the syllabus and the education system of NCERT. Gurgaon as whole has done a wonderful job by starting Raahgiri. Traffic is a big issue and hopefully during 2015 we would find some viable solution to this malady.” Visakha Chitnis, Principal of Amity International School


Friday gurgaon 26 dec 2014 1 jan, 2015 the change you wish to see

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