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20-26 June 2014

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Vol. 3 No. 44  Pages 24  ` 10

For the State they don't exist


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or 80 per cent of the residents of New Palam Vihar the Colony is unauthorised, and despite the MCG Commissioner sending a recommendation to Chandigarh to regularise ‘Phase I’ of this Colony, the matter has been caught up in legalese. Desperation is writ large on the faces of these residents as they discuss the issue of regularisation in the office of the Councillor of Ward no. 1. They have been called for a meeting to discuss the future course of action, in the wake of recent developments. MCG has asked the Land Acquisition Officer (LAO) of HUDA to submit a report on the legal status of the land and the projects in the Colony. This is a crucial time and stage, as the Report by the LAO would be an important document on the basis of which a recom-

mendation could be made to authorise the Colony. Rishi Raj Rana, Councillor, assures the people that all smaller (sub)colonies within New Palam Vihar would also be regularised, but it is important for everyone to be united and to forcefully push for the common case. "We have been fighting for this issue for the last decade. A good development is that MCG has agreed to take the cutoff date of the Survey as January 1, 2014 (instead of 2009), as there has been massive urbanisation and increase in population in the last 4 to 5 years in the area," says Rana. His office is telling the residents that they will have to regularly gather and take deputations to the LAO office, to maintain the 'pressure'. The LAO would be requested to give regular, detailed reports to the residents, so that the mistakes of the past are not repeated and all objections to the authori-

Cosmopolitan’ Gurgaon – The (Old) Millennium City DLF Phase III, Sector 38 and Sukhrali Village residents protest and block roads, upset at the absence of water and power for days and weeks! It’s time for all Gurgaonites to descend on the roads and send this Administration packing. The only thing they get real on is real estate. Anyone and anything would be better than this sham of ‘governance’. Hero Honda Chowk finally (after almost a decade) gets a ‘solution’ – a traffic light!

sation of the Colony are take care of this time. The MCG has conducted a Survey in Sai Kunj, Sahib Kunj, Ganga Vihar, Prakash Puri Zone, Bhim Colony, Masjid Colony, Nihal Colony, Rattan Vihar Part 2, Vishnu Garden and other adjoining areas of New Palam Vihar . The residents allege that the entire exercise of regularisation of colonies has become a political game. This Survey is being conducted just in time for the upcoming elections. A Kashmiri migrant who has built a house in the Colony, says that the sword of demolition keeps dangling over their houses, despite them having lived here for two decades. "We were forced out of Kashmir and now the Northern Peripheral Road (NPR), to be built through this area, is threatening us. If this land and area was ‘illegal’, why did they let it be plotted and sold?" he asks. Another resident wants to know why the proposal for New

Palam Vihar Phase 1 has been rejected by the government. The residents are clearly angry; but even more than that they are disillusioned with the State. Councillor Rana asserts that they have reached a crucial stage in their journey and the government will have to regularise their Colony and other sub-colonies in New Palam Vihar. Referring to the rejection of Phase 1, he says that the RWA of the Colony had lost a legal case in the Supreme Court in the 1990s. As per that ruling, this area was defined as an illegal colony. He adds, however, that things have changed considerably in the last 20 years. "We have filed a case in the Court against that ruling, and on the basis of this we have issued notices to the MCG and all concerned officials," he informs. However, his assurances do not seem to be bringing much relief to the residents, who allege that government officials remain least bothered to help them. One of the locals says that despite the

Hai Ye Gurgaon Meri Jaan This is the state of our ‘master’ water pipelines: a HUDA pipeline bursts near Signature Towers, leading to over a dozen colonies being deprived of water for 2 days; this ‘master’ pipe has been repeatedly ‘repaired’ over the last few years (and twice in the last few days). The Senior Town Planner (STP) and the District Town Planner (DTP) of the Town & Country Planning Dept. (TCP) are (conveniently?) transferred a day before

the first meeting of RWAs/residents, builders and the Administration (esp. TCP) is to be held. The issues of the following colonies were to be addressed: Ardee City, Mayfield Gardens, Parsvnath Exotica and Uppal Southend. This Meeting would taken cognizance of the highhandedness and even illegal actions of the builders and would have exposed their alleged collusion with TCP; the RWAs had already submitted their lists of deficiencies and defects in their respective colonies. The DC, who was to chair this Meeting, has

State government introducing a law whereby basic amenities could be provided by the municipalities even to unauthorised colonies, it has not been implemented in their area. The roads inside the Colony are in a dilapidated condition, and kuchha; there is no sewerage system, and massive waterlogging takes place during the monsoon; the Colony looks like a glorified slum. The residents seem to have little hope that they will be able to improve their quality of life. An official of MCG says that the surveys for regularisation of colonies has been completed, and those colonies where more than 50 per cent of the plots have been constructed and adequate development work has taken place shall be considered for regularisation under the Municipal Act. The vacant plots in the internal areas of the colonies shall be considered as part of them. The residents will also have to pay a regularisation fee. Contd on p 7 

conveniently postponed it, to a date after the new TCP planners take up duty. Why could the DC not convene the meeting without the STP? The builders would have been there; the data and status should have been there. Or is such information only on the laptops of a few privileged members of the Administration? The sham show in this City just goes on. Someone seems to have reached someone high enough…once more. Some people sure do not want to face the music. But they will have to, and soon…the elections are just a few months away.

Friday gurgaon 20 26 june, 2014 the change you want to see

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