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2-8 January 2015

RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Vol. 4 No. 20  Pages 16  ` 10

Now, Millennium Policing prakhar PANDEY

{ Abhishek Behl FG }

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olicing Gurgaon has become a major challenge – especially due to the rapid increase in population, a large floating workforce, porous borders with Delhi and closeness to Mewat (which has long been known as a favourite haunt of criminals). The task has been made more challenging by the paucity of policemen in the City. The City’s poor planning, bad engineering and inadequate infrastructure further makes it difficult to ensure the safety and security of residents. Notwithstanding these problems, the new Gurgaon Police Chief, Navdeep Singh Virk, firmly believes that tahings are going to significantly improve in the City in the next few months, starting with the functioning of the Police department. Virk strongly believes in the application of technology, to ensure maximum results with and minimum deployment. Further, the strongest message that

he has sent to all the rank and file is that no level of corruption will be tolerated in the department. "The feedback on the message has been good", says Virk. He has asked the Vigilance department to be extra vigilant on corruption. When Friday Gurgaon was interviewing the Commissioner,

a message came that the Vigilance team had nabbed a head constable in Rajendra Park, for asking for money in lieu of a ‘favour’. Virk says that the biggest challenge for him is to streamline the Traffic system in a city that is a poor example of ‘urbanisation’. "The City has been badly planned, For

example, the roads are engineered in such a manner that no amount of policing can really improve the traffic," he says. Traffic Management is about engineering, education and enforcement, says Virk. However, given the current situation, he has little option other than stationing more policemen (from an already low number) on the road. This can at best be a temporary measure. Virk and his team are also implementing some ‘local’ initiatives to tackle the building traffic problems – like placing concrete blocks at both sides of Bilaspur Chowk, which has ended the permanent traffic jams there. Virk has also met the Gurgaon MLA and asked for an improvement in the road infrastructure On safety and security, the Police Commissioner would like to work on an area wise security system. Vehicle thefts are endemic in the City, and the entire police force has been tasked to ensure that these are controlled. The Commissioner also would like all car owners to instal a GPS tracking system in their vehicles, and be vigi-

Will this be the Year of MCG? { Abhishek Behl FG }

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CG Gurgaon, which till now has been a laggard in building infrastructure as well as providing maintenance services to the City, is trying to shake off its inertia. The new Commissioner, Vikas Gupta (IAS), says that this year will see the transformation of MCG into a civic powerhouse. The reasons for its failure in the past have been many, but most important has been the lack of political will and support from Chandigarh. The change in government, and the arrival of a new Commissioner, has finally given some hope to the City’s residents. Vikas Gupta says that the responsibility of the civic agency is to ensure ‘planned development’, and the provision of civic services to the residents of the city (by also maintaining civic facilities and amenities). The MCG Chief says that one

of his key priorities is to ensure the safety of citizens, especially during the nights; and for this, MCG would initially instal streetlights all across its area within the next 6 months. "This is not only important for the safety of citizens, but also for business during the evening and late hours," says the Commissioner. He has sought the support of the Councillors on this. Further, to make Gurgaon more beautiful, and to ensure that various patches of land in colonies are utilised properly, MCG plans to turn these into small and big parks. "We will develop these parks, and then the RWAs can maintain them in a proper manner," he says. The most prominent work to be undertaken by MCG this year will be the building of three underpasses - at IFFCO Chowk, Signature Towers and Rajiv Chowk (to help end the perpetual traffic jams at these intersections). "NHAI and Haryana government have agreed to partly finance the project, and MCG plans to take a soft loan from the NCR Planning Board for these

projects,"says Gupta. An amount of Rs 786 crores is likely to be spent on these underpasses. The MCG Commissioner laments that despite being a mega-city, Gurgaon does not have a plan for garbage disposal and sanitation. To rectify this anomaly, MCG has now asked the Councillors to identify places where the garbage can be disposed safely. "Further, there is no public convenience anywhere – even in a place like Rajiv Chowk, where thousands of people throng everyday. There is no bus queue shelter either. We are going to Contd. on p 6

lant while parking their cars. "We have also ensured that the police are more accessible through the use of technology - people can approach us through phone, email or even WhatsApp,” says Virk. The police force is already internally communicating and being monitored through WhatsApp, and also using it to exchange information with the public. This change in the working of the police is being felt by the residents, and many have been sending Virk messages appreciating the same, as well as offering new ideas about how technology can be deployed to enhance police efficiency. "We are open to all ideas and I request and welcome all citizens of Gurgaon to send me their ideas on how to adopt technology to better the working of the police,” says Virk. For night patrols, the Gurgaon Police has deployed two ACPs to supervise the ‘nakas’ – and one of their responsibilities is to post a message and a picture of each naka and share it on the WhatsApp group. Contd. on p 6

'On behalf of MCG I wish a very Happy New Year to all the residents of Gurgaon. My priorities for 2015 are: road repair, signage, sewerage, sanitation, street lighting,  and provision of 24-hours drinking water (for which a pilot project will first be undertaken).  Dustbins will be provided across the City, so that people do not throw garbage on the road or in open spaces. I also promise that the functioning of the municipal corporation will be efficient and transparent'.

Friday gurgaon 2 8 january, 2015 the change you wish to see

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