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10-16 October 2014

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RNI No. HARENG/2011/39319, Postal Regn. No. GRG/35/2012-2014

Will this Administration ever learn? prakhar PANDEY

{ Abhishek Behl / FG }

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urgaon city has been in a continuous mode of real estate activity, and the pace never seems to cease – even when there is a slump in demand. There was a sudden uptake in the number of licences issued in the last few months. The Administration and the builders are also oblivious of the current paucity of civic infrastructure, and the need to correct that first. The ‘new, new’ Gurgaon that is already springing up in the new sectors (58 to 115), is becoming a disjointed extension of the City. There has clearly been no learning. While the builders are busy constructing huge residential complexes on dusty fields in far off villages, and asking residents to move in, the lack of water, power and civic infrastructure is telling. The two major ‘peripheral’ roads, which were expected to change the real estate axis of the City, have been stuck for years in legal wranglings. The sector roads are yet to come up in the new sectors, particularly along the Dwarka Expressway (Northern Peripheral Road). While there has been some development along the Golf Course Extension Road (Southern Peripheral Road), a lot of work still has to be completed, before residents are asked to inhabit the area. Not surprisingly though, a number of builders who have almost ‘completed’ their residential projects are now offering ‘occupation’ to the home buyers - thus raising the spectacle of another bout of street protests, when people realise that the promises of facilities and maintenance have not been kept. Rajesh Kumar, a real estate broker on Bajghera Road, says that while projects might have got completed on paper, it is difficult to stay in these residences, as the access roads are not ready, the sector roads are still patchworks, the sewerage network is yet to be laid and there is no approved municipal water or power connection. Policing and healthcare exist only as

Comment The Congress, with CM Hooda at the helm, has run its course and has shown itself to be biased against Gurgaon and aligned with builders. Nothing would seemingly change if they won. The INLD has been waiting for long in the wings, and is fighting mostly without its leader. Its past does not give one confidence, especially for Gurgaon. However, people and parties do change, especially if a younger person were to take over as CM. The BJP has never been much of a force, and has PM Modi to thank for getting it well off the ground here. However, they seemingly erred in dropping their ties with the HJC. It is an uphill task for them, even to be the numero uno Party. HJC, on its own, is not quite there. So it will probably be a hung Assembly…and an INLD-BJP govt. markings on the map. In such a scenario, the buyers have been caught in the middle: they cannot move in And they cannot even move out. Currently there are few buyers, and therefore few exit opportunities, which is forcing them to stay invested in these projects. Many are today stuck in half-completed residential projects across Gurgaon. As one moves from the new sectors parallel to the ‘old’ Gurgaon railway station and towards Dhanwapur, the new (Dwarka) Expressway takes proper shape. Major real estate projects are coming up on both sides of the road. However, most are far from completion, and property brokers say that these would be delayed by 3 to 4 years. The development in these new sectors was supposed to be different. The infrastructure and its specifications were to be as per the Gurgaon Manesar Urban Complex Development Plan 2031. However, the new sectors are primarily private builder territory, with HUDA as a developer not present in any sector. Therefore, rather than seeing a better, more integrated civic and social infrastructure in these new

sectors, there are chances that there may be more of a ‘hundred-islands’ kind of set up. With the setting up of municipal infrastructure still years away, the residents (whoever are foolhardy, or fooled, enough) would be overdependent on the hundredodd builders for even basic facilities like power, water and sanitation – and would also pay through their noses. At present construction is on in full swing in and around Jahajgarh village, with hundreds of dumpers moving around on the new sector roads and the old village roads - raising so much dust that it is difficult to breathe. There are no signs of any power sub-stations, and power is being supplied over cables going to the villages. Drainage pipes have just arrived. One thing that is ubiquitous across this new new Gurgaon is the presence of a large number of rich villagers; they have turned into real estate agents and opened shops in their villages, or pitched tents, to sell the property that has come up on and around their village land (for a part of which they have also received remuneration). Contd. on p 6 

Wake up, BJP stalwarts, at the Centre and in the States. You are wrongfully making the PM go back to CM mode, because none of you seems to be able to deliver. You are making Modi even more indispensable, which is not good for the Party. If Amit Shah cannot help the Party to win in Maharashtra (or at least get near-majority votes), he should be held fully accountable. The PM’s campaigning is only a bonus. The Shiv Sena break off was allegedly Shah’s decision. PM Modi, it’s time your various initiatives were implemented with full gusto in all Central institutions across the country and in all BJP-rules States. What is stopping this, and them?

For Voters: Helplines: 0124 2321808 for Gurgaon assembly area; 0124 2222040 for Badshahpur assembly area email: To get information on booth location, SMS: VOTEHRY (space) Voter ID number to 9954699899


90 Assembly constituencies (17 SC) 1,351 candidates (of which 109 women) 16,357 polling stations, 70,000 polling personnel Supreme Court asks for names of officials who failed to check mining in the Aravallis, in contravention of its orders. The Court says that these officials need to be prosecuted for dereliction of duty. The SC action follows a PIL by Badhua Mukti Morcha.

Friday gurgaon 10 16 oct, 2014 the change you want to see

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