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Health Issues of Tobacco Nicotine is a highly addictive drug found in all tobacco products. Within seconds of inhaling or chewing tobacco products, nicotine enters the blood and reaches the brain. Nicotine is easily found in cigarettes. Two dangerous chemicals in cigarette smoke are carbon monoxide and tar. An early effect of smoking is a chronic effect, which is a consequence that remains with a person for a long time. We thought teenagers didn´t like to suffer from chronic effects ,but they are proving us wrong because the number of smokers teenagers is raising everyday so now it´s not shoking when your girlfriend or boyfriend has the worst breathe ever, coughs a lot and even worst,imagine having a great conversation with that person and he or she is constantly spitting a brown liquid! If these warnings don´t convince you, well we guess money will because you spend a LARGE amount of money to pay for your habit. It can lead you to legal, social, and emotional effects.


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