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The Ultimate Z-Wave Solutions Guide to Lighting Change the way you see everything with the Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer Controller and ZWave Plug-in Switch Controller. Improve energy efficiency in lighting systems and achieve best practice with this step-by-step guide.

Z-Wave is an effective, compact wireless technology designed to control residential applications. With Z-Wave “mesh network” capability, instantly control lights, appliances, A/V components, security systems, access control and virtually almost anything electronic. Any device or system in your home can be made remote controllable through a common connection, and any type of Z-Wave device, such as the Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer Controller, can connect with other Z-Wave enabled devices. This allows different types of devices to function as a group, controllable from just a single remote control. For instance, pushing a button for “Naptime” could slowly dim the home lights, adjust the thermostat and lock the doors. Z-Wave can be expanded modularly can adapt to almost anything electronic in the home easily and affordably. Since each room in the home plays its own role in your daily life, it’s essential to find the right balance between functionality and personality when planning lighting. Keep in mind that your home affects your mood in some way. The simple light bulb can brighten up your day and just by the careful use of lighting can change the whole atmosphere. Aside from the aesthetic and mood-boosting benefits of lighting, it also has functional tasks as well, illuminating key areas such as the living room or the garage. Before drawing up a conclusion on your lighting preferences, it is important to plan ahead and one of the key issues is deciding whether you want your lights to be automated. Automated lighting allows a single controller to operate the lights, adding convenience, safety and much needed energy savings to your home. The lighting system will have timed control, calculating sunrise and sunset for each day based on your city, and can even take into account Daylight Savings Time. Outdoor lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at preset times or dawn. When you leave for work or school during the day and arm your security system to “Away” mode, all indoor lights conveniently turn off. Key lights may also be left on in order to simulate a lived-in appearance if you need to go out at night. This routine can be programmed to vary from day to day. A Z-Wave Plug-in Dimmer Controller can also be used to automatically dim your room at preset times or at hours of sleep.

Automated lights can flash to signal the doorbell or the phone ring. Even unwanted intruders can be prevented from entering your home since your lights can be turned on if the security system detects one. Unlike centralized home automation systems, Z-Wave is simple and affordable. Start out with a single basic kit to control one task, such as a lamp dimmer and lighting controller and then add more modules to other devices in the house according to your preferences or budget.

The Ultimate Z-Wave Solutions Guide to Lighting  
The Ultimate Z-Wave Solutions Guide to Lighting  

Automated lights can flash to signal the doorbell or the phone ring. Even unwanted intruders can be prevented from entering your home since...