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USB Sound Card - USB Sound Card ______________________________________________ By David Christien - A USB sound card is a simple and inexpensive solution to getting great sound from your laptop or desktop. Whether you have a broken sound card that no longer works, an inadequate sound card that hisses and hums, or maybe you just want a better quality sound for your music and games, a USB sound card will do the trick. Learn More About USB Sound Card And one thing to be sure of - these audio cards do work even if your current card is broken. Some people get confused with this, but that is the primary purpose of these cards - to keep you from replacing your internal sound card. So let's look at some of the most popular and highly rated ones online.

The first is the Creative Labs XMOD USB sound card that works for PCs or Macs. This is a lot more than just a basic audio card replacement. This audio device can take the normal, boring, built-in sound and turn it into a theatrical masterpiece. It does so by remastering the audio on the fly. It converts the basic audio into multi-channel outputs to give you surround sound to your computer speakers or headphones. The bass, the treble, and everything in between come through load and clear with this Creative Labs XMOD product. It really brings the sound alive and makes you feel as if you are experiencing the audio first hand. If you love listening to music or watching movies from your computer, this USB sound card is for you. Customers give this product very high reviews. They talk about how easy it is to install, and they rave about how clear and crisp their audio sounds. It is really hard to explain the difference between original audio and the enhanced audio this converter produces, but every customer recognizes it the first time they use it.

The good news is that this device is very well priced. It runs around $85, and right now as I am typing this, it is on sale at at only $30. I honestly have no idea how long that sale will last, but it just proves that you should buy your USB audio card online. Now if your card has just completely stopped working and you want a basic USB sound card with no extra features, this Audio Advantage Micro USB Card is exactly what you need. It has audio out options of headphones or speakers. It produces amazing sound with a wide array of ambiance settings. This means that music, special effects, or gaming sounds come through load, clear, and crisp.

This is a miniature USB sound card which makes it perfect for travel. It is powered by the USB port so there is no external source needed. And yes, this does work with standard stereo or mini-jack headphones. It's funny reading the reviews because so many people are surprised that a device so small and inexpensive can provide the high quality audio that it does. 97 customers so far have reviewed this product, and it comes away with a 4.5 star rating. It is definitely the best deal you will find anywhere for a basic USB sound card.

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