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Defiant message from Miami 5 At the time of writing the Miami 5 are still awaiting the outcome of their appeal against their brutal and unjust imprisonment in US jails. The five Cubans were given long terms on trumped up charges after trying to gather information in the United States to prevent further terrorist attacks by the Miami mafia on Cuba. In another act of defiance, one of the Five, Gerardo Hernandez, sent the following message to the Cuban people from Lompoc prison on the occasion of the anniversary of the Moncada attack. ‘To all of the Cuban People I send you a warm revolutionary embrace from Antonio, Rene, Fernando, Ramon and myself on one of our most important anniversary, July 26. The attack on the Moncada 51 years ago was the opening salvo of the revolutionary process that survives and flourishes to this day. Perhaps at no other time has July 26 meant more to us. The tightening of the blockade by the recent new measures and the slanders that we, the Cuban people, have had to endure, only makes this date a time for us to renew our determination to remain free. I can say for myself and my four brothers that we have never been prouder to be Cuban than we are today. From these prison cells you should always know that when we see you standing up strong we are standing right along with you Hasta La Victoria Siempre.’

one teacher/trained adult to one child; the literacy rate in Cuba exceeds that in most European countries and the US; infant mortality in Cuba is lower than that of the US; life expectancy is 76 years in Cuba and there is universal free health care and education. There are 20,000 Cuban health workers assisting in 64 other poor countries. Shame on the SWP for their reactionary position! But they cannot deceive all their members for ever. A recent letter in Socialist Worker (July 2004) said ‘I don’t feel that a simple ‘state capitalism’ explanation for events in Cuba is sufficient. I was part of a study tour to Cuba recently looking at its health services. I found no evidence of a governing bureaucracy living off Cuban society. I heard no reports of oppression by secret police. There was a clear commitment to the ideals of the revolution from officials, taxi drivers, casual acquaintances, hotel staff and musicians – a “spirit of Cuba” identified by many other visitors to the country. We need a review of our analysis of what has occurred in Cuba since 1959 and perhaps a more sophisticated look at the

Cuban Revolution’. The SWP leadership will face new challenges. Will they concoct more and more deceitful lies to maintain their reactionary position? With the recent referendum triumph of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela (see this issue) over the imperialist forces and Venezuela standing with Cuba against increasing US hostility, there is the real possibility of a direct US attack on Cuba. We must defend Cuba. As Lenin said, those who wait for a pure revolution will not live long enough to see one. We ignore the Cuban Revolution at our peril. Long live socialism! Defend Cuba! End the US blockade and all aggression towards Cuba!

*Fuller discussion of this book appears in Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! no.180 August/September 2004, available from BCM Box 5909, London WC1N 3XX – price 50p plus postage. See also

A Cuban revolutionary’s view of the SWP A member of Rock around the Blockade recently sent a copy of the SWP newspaper, Socialist Worker, which contained a review of Mike Gonzalez’s book on Che to Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Miami 5, the five Cuban revolutionaries serving unjust prison sentences in the United States. The RATB member asked for Gerardo’s views on Socialist Worker. Here is his response. 'Regarding the article about Che, which is a comment about Mike Gonzalez's book, I wonder whether Mr Gonzalez has ever been in Cuba, because he demonstrates a total lack of knowledge of what was (and is) going on there. Since the 60s powerful interests tried to destroy Che's image. When he became an icon and those interests realised they could do nothing to destroy his revolutionary example, then they tried the only thing left: to try to separate Che from the Cuban Revolution and from Fidel, revising history, even though history on this case is well documented. Of course, I do not know who Mr. Gonzalez is, and he is entitled to his opinions, despite the fact that they're coincident with and helpful to those powerful interests I mentioned. Thank you again for sending the newspaper'.


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