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Gypsum, brightness and sophistication. Schmitz invests in its own ingenuity by improving

into a rather special and unique concept.

bright ideas from every angle until they can be

By combining luminaires with prefabricated

considered truly good. In our view, a truly good

gypsum elements for use in dry lining, we allow

idea is one that naturally spawns many others.

our lighting fixtures to be seamlessly integrated in the architecture. The G-Concept is so


It was this approach that gave rise to the

inspirational that you are sure to generate

G-Concept. The ‘G’ stands for gypsum plaster,

your own most unusual ideas. What‘s more,

a fairly ordinary material which we have

its versatility will allow you to put them into

transformed with ingenuity and sophistication

practice easily.

G-Concept– the fusion of space and light


The point of reference for interior lighting

lighting are to be regarded not as separate

from straight strips or curves in the ceiling

design is the character of the room that is

elements, but as an integrated whole. The

or wall, but the luminaires themselves are

to be illuminated. Designers with more

spaces in which the light is generated are

all but invisible.



concealed, while the apertures are as large

consideration not only to the purely

as possible and incorporated in the wall

The Schmitz G-Concept also allows the

technical and economic requirements, but

or ceiling in such a way that the luminaire

designer to make individual statements with

also to aesthetic aspects. In such cases, the

becomes one with the structural elements

rotating and tilting fittings and spotlights.

ambient architecture is a determining factor

of the room. Integrated in a ready-to-install

Concealed in channels and flush-fitting

in the choice of components for the desired

gypsum unit, the light itself emerges as a

modules, the light can be directed to

lighting solution.

defining factor in the design. The entirely

brighten up the whole room or selected

new impression that is created in this way

areas without drawing attention to the

Underpinning the Schmitz G-Concept is a

can mirror the effect of daylight in some

luminaires. The G-Concept comes very close

fundamental belief that the room and the

cases. The room is bathed in light emerging

to creating pure light.



Lighting schemes based on the G-Concept are memorable interpretations.


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G-Concept: The intelligent Integrated Solution The G-Concept combines luminaires with prefabricated gypsum

elements for use in dry lining. Made of gypsum plaster, the channels and modules are matched exactly to the individual lighting system. Consistently high quality is ensured by mechanised production. This approach makes it easy for the designer to integrate the lighting scheme into the overall architectural concept. Distinctiveness is the hallmark of the G-Concept. Whether you are lighting for effect or to provide low-energy ambient illumination, an abundance of options are available. The G-Concept enables you to save time and money, while giving free rein to your imagination.


In architecture, first impressions are made by the entrance. Here, an ideal lighting concept makes the visitor feel immediately welcome and at ease. Much the same applies, of course, throughout the building. At the same time, the host is to be presented in the light in which he wishes to be seen. Designers are delighted, therefore, that the G-Concept can accommodate every kind of character and reputation.



hotel “ „Boutique  a rather overblown label?

The term is thought to have originated when upmarket restaurants and exclusive hotels

began to install eccentric furniture and sanitary ware crafted by French celebrity designers. But let‘s be honest, no hotel is built or furnished without a plan. From a purely logical perspective and with a little mischievous intent, even the most rundown joint

could be labelled as a boutique hotel. We, on the other hand, would prefer to describe a well designed hotel as a work of art in which guests can sleep in comfort, eat and drink well, attend an important conference,

or simply relax in a cultivated atmosphere. Within such a work of art, light inevitably plays a major part. In a sophisticated hotel,

the G-Concept is rather like the first-class staff: at the service of the guests around the clock,


and imperceptibly discreet.

Studio theatre   or opera house? Some like it utilitarian and dispassionate, while others prefer emotion and melodrama. With the G-Concept, you can put on just about any kind of stage show. From subtle highlights in small, elegant designer stores to brilliant light shows in shopping malls, and from cool understatement to prestigious lighting schemes at home.


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Christoph Schmitz

ood lighting is good for the soul. Creating a sociable or intimate atmosphere is one of the things that lighting does best. The G-Concept enables you to create your own oasis of calm with a personalised combination of background and accentuating lighting in both private and commercial properties.


In the workplace, ergonomics and the increasingly important sense of well-being are sometimes uneasy companions. For successful companies that combine function with inspiration in their offices, it stands to reason, therefore, that creative architectural lighting plays a key role. The G-Concept enables you to produce a pleasant and motivating working atmosphere, from the foyer and the conference suite to informal meeting rooms. At the same time, it gives you an opportunity to present the corporate culture and image in the right light.

Lightening the mood       in the office. 20








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This right-angled recessed system reflects the straightforward clarity of modern interior design. It is supplied together with the complete luminaires for flush mounting in the ceiling or wall.




Right-angled recessed system for flush mounting in the wall. It can be installed along the wall flush with the ceiling, or in the corner of the room flush with the wall.


96 370

Recessed system for indirect lighting. Interesting effects can be achieved with the glare-free, indirect illumination of walls, ceilings and floors.



68 265


Recessed system with rounded channels for seamless mounting in gypsum plasterboard ceilings and walls. Integrated solutions can be built with precisely matching modular luminaires for direct lighting.




Recessed system with protruding, rounded channels for special effects, created by seamless installation in plasterboard ceilings and walls. Integrated solutions can be built with precisely matching modular luminaires for direct lighting.



620 561


250 12.5



Recessed luminaires for the ceiling with LED units. Consisting of two parts, the gypsum modules are intended for seamless integration in plasterboard ceilings. LEDs evenly illuminate the inside of the gypsum fitting with white or coloured light. These modules provide a simple means of easily accomplishing sophisticated ceiling designs. 320 620



180 75







595 x 595 620 x 620

The prefabricated gypsum modules are designed for installation in plasterboard ceilings and walls. A perfectly matching range of recessed luminaires and downlights is 320simple integration inside the modules. The soft available for 595 x 595 lines of the modules chime with the aspirations of 620 xgypsum 620 modern, imaginative interior design.





320 620







620 561 620

140 238



55 360

Recessed luminaires for wall installation. In view of their minimalist design and indirect light distribution, these flush gypsum modules seamlessly blend into plasterboard walls. They are ideal components of highly effective lighting schemes.


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68 93





12.5 50




113.5 12.5


68 168

LED Stripe R8



93 8 6





290 93

Luminaires for recessed ceiling installation and a variety of lighting applications. Thanks to the abundance of different shapes and components, these gypsum modules for seamless mounting in plasterboard ceilings offer great freedom in the design of customised lighting solutions.

Recessed luminaires for frameless installation in ceilings. These seamless recessed fittings are integrated in plasterboard ceilings almost imperceptibly. Their harmonious effect is ideal for imaginative lighting schemes in spaces such as foyers, meeting rooms and shops.


182 330

T16 Lamp

Recessed system for flexible illumination. Multi-functional and adaptable. An abundance of moods can be created by combining general and accentuating lighting. The TZ-150 system can also be used for other components, such as emergency luminaires or loudspeakers. Since the individual elements can be installed without any tools, reconfiguring the system is a cinch.



The gypsum plaster cove lighting system with rounded contours is especially suitable for imaginative ceiling designs in large rooms. It is seamlessly integrated in the plasterboard ceiling. The specially moulded system components give rise to uniform illumination without any shadows or visible corners or edges. Circles, ovals and other shapes can be created with straight pieces, quarter bends and a variety of radii. By selecting the appropriate recessed luminaires, spotlights and LED units, you can use the system for primary lighting or accentuation.

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