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Lighting solutions for hotel, wellness, restaurant & bar.


forms the very backbone of superior hospitality design. Delta Light® offers a wide range of lighting solutions and services for the hospitality industry. Ranging from lighting for hotel lobbies to restaurants, bars, corridors, meeting facilities, wellness and guest rooms, to façade fixtures, functional solutions and aesthetic landscape lighting. Having partnered for many years with a number of leading hotel brands and elite architectural firms, Delta Light® is able to cater for a specific need, presenting award-winning designs and durable, energy efficient solutions. Delta Light® has the product range, experience and knowledge to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your projects. From large-scale hotel projects to small boutique hotels or B&B accommodations, Delta Light® caters its service to meet


Transforming a visit into an experience Lobby Corridors & Transition Areas Hotelroom Wellness Conference & Multifunctional Areas Bar & Restaurant Outdoor Intensify the feel-good factor of your hotel LED Delta Light as your partner Worldwide & Services

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Lobby Restaurant Corridors & Transition Areas Bar Wellness Conference & Multifunctional Areas Hotel Rooms Façade Outdoor Area

Transforming a visit into an experience

The lighting design process for a hotel is a complex exercise. Each space requires special attention and a specific lighting solution, aimed at creating maximum comfort and emphasising the beauty of the architecture and its interior design. Delta LightÂŽ fixtures enable you to create a harmonious and captivating lighting atmosphere, combining trendsetting lighting technology and innovative design. We can help you to bolster the value of your brand and intensify the feel-good factor of the project, transforming a visit into an experience.

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You only get one chance to make a first impression...…

Functionally, a lobby serves as the central circulation space of the hotel. Today’s lobby however is taking on a multifunctional approach, embodying the personality and style of the hotel. Together with the architecture, furniture, colours and textures, lighting plays a pivotal role in an eye-catching hotel lobby. Whether you have a grand and comfortable lobby or a minimalistic and intimate one, all elements of your hotel lobby design must be in total harmony. Keeping in mind that there is no standard recipe for an eye-catching hotel lobby, Delta Light® helps you to blend the best of form and function, creating a striking hotel lobby that people talk about.

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orridors & Transition Areas Corridors, elevator areas, staircases and other transition zones must be functionally illuminated, but are also part of the emotional visitor experience. These functional areas are often lacking natural daylight, tending to have a disorientating and claustrophobic effect. Intelligent lighting design reverses these effects, brightening walls and ceilings, illuminating doors and decorative aspects to break up the monotony, and providing an essential level of safety and comfort. From standard ceiling downlighters to decorative wall fixtures or linear lighting scenarios, Delta Light速 assists you in transforming any boring corridor-like layout into a unique, sober but visually attractive decor, uncompromisingly matching the creative needs of the hotel and its visitors.



When entering a hotel room people want to feel instantly at home. Interior design and appropriate lighting scenes are essential, paving the way to a perfect stay. Illumination must simultaneously enhance and facilitate the experience of guests. Delta Light速 assists hotel and lighting designers in creating a successful lighting scheme, taking into account user comfort, maintainability, energy, safety, interior design and functionality. From energy-efficient downlighters to specific task lighting, cost-effective indirect lighting to bathroom lighting, accent lighting and wall washers. Delta Light速 offers lighting solutions for the entire hotel room.


Wellness. Modern life is highly stressful. Relaxing in such a challenging world has become a much needed part of life. Whether at home, in a hotel, or exclusively equipped settings, people are looking for individual wellness to improve quality of life. A captivating lighting concept, geared towards the guests, transforms a stay into an experience. Delta Light速 assists hotel & wellness designers and owners to create an emotionally captivating lighting atmosphere, from hotel rooms to wellness and pool areas. The Delta Light速 range blends ecology with new technologies and trendsetting design. The focus is on simplicity and basic shapes with considered lighting effects for atmosphere and ambience. This is given extra emphasis thanks to the use of pure colours and materials: chrome, white, and aluminium, combined with polycarbonate.



Conference & Multifunctional Areas

Conferences, meetings and events have become an indispensable line of business for hotels. Accordingly, a functional and effective lighting scheme in these multifunctional areas is essential if people are to use their time as productively as possible. With carefully articulated implementation of light, you can make your conference and event rooms more effective, enhancing wellbeing, creating excitement or providing a feeling of privacy. Delta LightŽ’s innovative product range offers you a wide range of solutions and opportunities, enabling you to bring out the best in your facilities, setting the right atmosphere for business meetings, presentations and other event activities.


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Photo / Martin’s Hotels



Photo / Martin’s Hotels

Dining rooms and bars are particularly sensitive to the interplay of light and shadow. Subtle or dramatic, colourful, bright or intriguing… By creating the right ambience you can cater for different needs at any given time. Whether your project requires accentuation of building design, to captivate the audience from the front entrance, to create intimacy, overwhelm with style, empower brand image or just meet the basic functional needs, Delta Light® delivers specialised fixtures and proprietary design strategies to highlight both the purpose and the atmosphere of the room. Delta Light®’s extensive experience in restaurant and bar lighting design, product design values, and technical knowledge supports the creation of refined and memorable environments. For hotel restaurants and gastronomic environments, Delta Light® facilitates the creation of striking and refined lighting scenes.

Outdoor... Facade and garden lighting are crucial to express your hotel’s unique identity, helping you to create impact and convert your property into a landmark for the area.

Facade lighting can be used to empower the hotel architecture, make the hotel stand out in its environment, boost the image of the brand and guide visitors towards the entrance. Inviting lighting scenes around the driveway and throughout the garden create a sense of comfort and safety, enhance the spatial perception of your territory and complete the visitor experience at night. Exterior lighting is unmistakably related to the interior lighting study. Delta Light® can help you create harmony between your interior and exterior scenery, avoiding reflections, dazzle, colour differences, unnecessary spillage and other often repeated errors. Delta Light®’s service and product offering in both interior and exterior lighting, enables you to create a differentiating experience.

Photo / Martin’s Hotels

Photo / Martin’s Hotels


Project Selection.

Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof is a remarkable renovation project in the centre of Ghent. This impressive four-star deluxe hotel is located in a monumental 18th-century building that was entirely refurbished and extended, featuring 155 guest rooms, bar, restaurant, meeting rooms and wellness facilities. Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof Ghent / Belgium Bella Sky Hotel Copenhagen / Denmark

The extensive new part of the hotel features Delta Light® throughout all rooms and corridors. The Reo LED recessed downlights illuminate the hallways of the hotel, while the Rand and Rand Reo are used in rooms and suites. The various buildings are connected by an atmospheric garden, featuring the Aula.

The Bella Sky Hotel opened in May 2011. The leaning towers, sculptural profile and visibility of the hotel from the various corners of Copenhagen make it an architectural landmark, designed by the architecture practice 3XN. The hotel interior reflects the luxurious feel of a four star hotel, with an interior inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition. Accommodating 814 rooms, 32 conference rooms, 3 restaurants, lounge, a sky bar and a 850m² wellness centre, Bella Sky is Scandinavia’s largest hotel. In addition to Hela for bathrooms and Endless Profiles, Delta Light® provided nearly two kilometres of tailor-made Microline 50 profiles. These profiles were used in walls and L-shaped wall/ceiling combinations throughout all corridors of the entire hotel, creating a unique and powerful atmosphere, unifying design and functionality.

The D-Hotel from Belgian architects Govaert & Vanhoutte, is an immaculate synthesis of traditional culture with contemporary design. A classified 1841 Windmill and protected inner farmhouse square are combined with floating concrete structures and large glass windows. The different volumes contain lobby, wellness facilities, bar, restaurant, meeting & event rooms, 34 guestrooms and eleven suites, each of which has been given the distinctive mark of a renowned name in Belgian creativity. Delta Light® worked closely with the architects to create a detailed lighting study throughout the entire hotel. From the reception desk through the wellness area, garden, restaurant, guestrooms and luxurious suites, Delta Light® provided a timeless and atmospheric lighting experience.

D-Hotel Kortrijk / Belgium


the feel-good factor of your hotel.’ The Met Hotel Thessaloniki / Greece

Some Hotel References Hyatt Hotel Hong Kong The Vine Hotel Funchal / Portugal Four Points by Sheraton Zurich / Switzerland Kempinski Antalya / Turkey

The Met Hotel is a unique high end hotel, part of the Chandris Hotels & Resorts Group. The hotel consists of 212 guestrooms accompanied by accommodations such as Spa, VIP Lounge, Conference rooms, Gourmet Restaurants and atmospheric bars. Lighting designer Thomas Gravanis used various Delta Light® fixtures throughout the hotel that complement and highlight the interior decoration. A particularly remarkable installation was made in the business center of the hotel, connecting Marcoline profiles in walls and ceilings, creating a distinctive visual effect.

Ritz Carlton Boston / USA D-Hotel Kortrijk / Belgium Fresh Hotel Athens / Greece duoMo Design Hotel Rimini / Italy Martin’s Hotel Mechelen / Brugge / Genval / Belgium Riviera Hotel Beirut / Lebanon Gallery Hotel Art Firenze / Italy Radisson Basel / Switzerland


Torre Veiramar Santo Domingo Dominican Republic

The Met Hotel Thessaloniki / Greece Amongst others


FOCUS ON ENERGY Operating 24/7, 365 days per year, the hospitality industry is a sectors with perhaps the largest potential for energy savings. The continued advancement in LED technology provides new opportunities for energy-efficient lighting. Delta Light速 plays a leading role in implementing this new technology, designing and manufacturing its own LED lamps, developing innovative LED products and tailor-made solutions. The true measure of cost goes beyond just the initial cost of purchase, but also includes intelligent lighting control, lifetime, maintainability and operational costs. Combining extensive product knowledge with a vast range of energy efficient product solutions and industry specific experience, Delta Light速 is able to guide you through a green, cost-effective and sustainable selection process without compromising the quality of light.

REO Delta Light®’s Reo LED technology guarantees a perfect balance between lighting quality and energy efficiency. Using carefully selected high performance leds that are the equivalent of 35-50 Watt halogen lamps, consuming less than 9 Watt, the Reo LED technology is implemented in various products throughout the collection, in both new design and longstanding classics.

The collection enables designers to create different lighting scenes, from accentuation to ambient, wallwashing, orientation or open area lighting, selecting from an extensive range of beams, filters, lenses and other accessories.


Delta Light®’s team of LED engineers are on a continuous quest to match the company’s credo for design with energy-efficiency and optimal quality of light. Through extensive in-house testing, advanced product development knowledge and continuous optimisation of materials used, Delta Light® is able to provide architectural lighting that take the lead in optical performance, durability and efficiency.


Return On Investment Due to the massive energy reduction, minimal heat output, low maintenance and long lifespan, LEDs have proven to provide the best return on investment. Delta Light’s LED lamps and luminaires were developed to set standards in watts consumed per square meter, while the company’s extensive manufacturing abilities allow to focus on a high price/ quality ratio. A combination that facilitates quick ROI. Delta Light’s team of experts is available to help you with ROI calculations for your projects.

Quality & Testing Throughout the entire production process Delta Light distinguishes itself by handling the strictest quality parameters, to ensure products and services are designed and produced to exceed customer requirements. Every step in the production process has a routine quality procedure, covering both product quality and testing. As such, each product that leaves Delta Light, has been inspected and tested thoroughly, resulting in minimal returns and maximum efficiency. Product quality and safety testing according to the international IEC standards is done in our company owned accredited Delta Light Laboratory. The close cooperation with our certifying partner SGS-CEBEC leads to CE, ENEC and CB certifications for Europe and IEC member countries ( The laboratory also covers the testing of products for the North American market by being certified as a level 3 laboratory for INTERTEK. This allows us to easily obtain the cETLus listing for our products.


Sustainability Delta Light realises that its business activities are associated with responsibility for ecological awareness, health and sustainability, and handles these issues as a priority. Delta Light operates according to the principle that the company – as lighting manufacturers – have an obligation to show its best endeavours to preserve the environment, within the context of its business, through the company’s environmental management and by working in harmony with suppliers, clients, partners and employees. Over the past few years Delta Light has been working to minimize the environmental impacts of its products and manufacturing processes, aiming to further increase the energy efficiency of the company and its client’s operations. Delta Light commits to ensure that a number of environmental protection measures are implemented throughout its business areas, which is considered to be a long-term investment and an ongoing process.

Service Solution driven Each project requires a customized approach, as such Delta Light distinguishes itself with an exceptional package of services and design tools. The global team works with all stakeholders involved to get the best possible result. Starting with lighting design services all the way down to the installation process and direction of lighting as a function of its environment. Be it for technical or application questions, performance and energy saving studies, a LEED assessment process, custom designs and madeto-measure solution, rendering or graphics needs, or any other lighting design related issue... Delta Light provides a one-stop-shopping solution for your projects.




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Worldwide & Services Delta Light® has grown to become a global company, active in over 110 countries worldwide. Via a team of in-house lighting designers spread throughout its network, each Delta Light® office is able provide its clients with detailed light studies and expert product knowledge, helping architects and professional users worldwide to make light shine to the best possible effect.


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Designing light is about emotions, passion, performance and dreams. It combines technology with human need and beauty, made to show something that the world didn’t know it exists. Light is what excites us. Light creates an impact. It can make a space look big or small, cool or hot, speak softly or loudly. We make light that makes you see, light that makes you look, light that animates the world around you. Welcome to our world.

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