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Personal Profile EDUCATION Nottingham Trent University 2017 - Present 2nd Year BA Furniture and Product Design


Matthew Burt Furniture, August 2018

SKILLS Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Solidworks Microsoft Suite

CONTACT Email: Phone Number: 07712221630 LinkedIn: Instagram: @fd_product_design ISSUU:



Christmas Stacker Platter

Cardboard Chair Project

NO.4 The Isokon Donkey

NO.5 A Second Chance

NO.3 Upcycled Light Project

NO.6 SCP Boxed Collection

Christmas Stacker Platter

Brief: To create a small wooden product that is suitable to be sold as a Christmas gift. Designed in association with Matthew Burt, the Christmas Stacker Platter is a statement piece that is designed to be both beautiful and functional. It offers a series of circular platters of varying sizes, which can be used to display food, or other products.

Material: Made entirely from rippled ash

Dimensions 35 mm 62 mm


86 mm

112 mm

150 mm

137 mm

163 mm

188 mm

214 mm


40 mm

240 mm

40 mm

120 mm

The Christmas Stacker Platter has six circular platters available to the consumer. Each platter varies in size, providing the user with multiple options for displaying food or other products, such as candles.

Cardboard Chair Project

Introduction: Using double-ply cardboard, a full-scale chair was designed and manufactured, without the use of any adhesives. Key aspects of this project are directed at the structural stability of the chair. This is due to the need for the product to be fully functioning, and therefore have the ability to hold the weight of a user. Research and modelling was crucial to ensure the most appropriate frame was formulated.

Construction: Interlocking sections of cardboard ensures a strong structure for the chair. Cutting slots half way into the slats allows them to be inserted into one another, which adds to the structural strength of the product, and removes the need for any adhesives to be used. This slatting process also adds aesthetic appeal to the product, with additional slats being added to the final piece to make the overall design more intriguing to the user.

Upcycled Light Project

Sustainability; A Key Aspect of Design Consumerism has developed as a result of the creation of mass production, increased incomes, as well as other factors. This way of life has led to a massive increase in waste and the inappropriate disposal of products. This project aimed to promote sustainable design by upcycling an existing product, lowering the amount of products going to landfill.

The Isokon Donkey

The Brief To design and manufacture a high quality prototype stage, a specific furniture typology that is typified by the Isokon Donkey Range, portable, free standing storage. The design must be able to be produced using CNC router or hand router technologies. All areas of the domestic landscape must be investigated for the development of this new Donkey.

The Children’s Donkey was designed to encourage creativity, educational learning and imagination. Although the Donkey can be used in whatever way the child desires, there are sections intended for books and other general storage spaces. These are detailed with arches that are decorative, but can also be used for play, such as driving a car through the arches. Additionally, the chalkboard offers an area for the user to be creative and to enjoy the Donkey. This helps promote creativity, whilst improving and developing motor skills which are essential later in life. The Donkey also has a simple design, meaning that as a child grows up the Donkey does not become obsolete, instead it matures with the child.

The Dimensions

A Second Chance

Introduction: The main aim of this design was to re-use wood that had been discarded, and to therefore give it a new lease of life, or a second chance. Using offcuts and reclaimed wood, this chair was created by layering up sections using a template of the side profile of the chair. The legs are compiled of layered plywood, which have a linear design that contrasts with the fluidity of the main seat structure.

The beauty of the design is enhanced by the choice of woods. The design shows off the variations within the wood, including their grain and colour. Some of the woods in this design are iroko, ash and walnut, all of which have very unique properties, making the chair more eccentric. Additionally, the use of reclaimed woods means that the chair has hidden stories within the design and that if the chair were to be replicated it would never be the exactly the same as the original. This highlights the idea of the chair giving the wood a second chance.

A Second Chance: The finished product is made entirely from reclaimed wood, that offers an intruiging design through the varying grains and colours of the woods.

The Components:

Wooden seat: Layers of reclaimed wood

Legs: Layers of plywood

Cushion: Leather and foam

SCP ‘Boxed Collection 2018’

The Brief: To design a piece of furniture for SCP’s Boxed Collection, 2018. The Boxed Collection is all about create small products that consumers can buy in store and leave with it in a box they could easily carry, or have shipped by a standard courier service. Through research and a thourough design process, a series of stacking tables was created to fulfil this brief. The ‘echo tables’ are a set of nesting tables that can be used together or seperately. Additionally, the table is open to the interpretation of the user, and therefore can be used in a multitude of ways and places.


18mm 18mm

640mm 450mm





Modelling showed structural instabilities within the initial design concept (left) . This led to the development of the design and layout, incorporating a horizontal bar to reduce torsion of the table. This was further improved upon with the introduction of diagonal legs, supporting the vertical legs and the table top. Initially the table was to be made mainly from metal, and combined with wood. However, the modelling prompted me to use wood as the main material, as it suited the SCP range, as well as improving the aesthetics and elegance of the table.

The final design of the Echo Tables

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Freya Dumbell - Furniture and Product Design, 2nd Year Portfolio  

Freya Dumbell - Furniture and Product Design, 2nd Year Portfolio