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Go Faster With Mobile Web Forms and Approval Workflows

Move Forward With Mobile Mobile technology makes offices more productive, efficient and responsive. By making forms and approval workflows such as expense reports, employee onboarding, invoice processing, etc. mobile, you empower your employees to quickly and effectively handle situations. Mobile access reduces printing costs, allows employees to add flexibility to their schedules for increased productivity and reduce errors. Frevvo provides software solutions that give clients the ability to make customized online forms and approval workflows that fit their business.

Mobile Device Use Widespread In Offices 41 percent of workers in a recent survey said they use a mobile device at work. 90 percent of workers using mobile devices in the office use them to check email

70 percent of workers using mobile devices in the office download apps.

Benefits of Mobile Forms • Mobile device usage is growing dramatically • Reduce incidences of lost documentation • Remote access means employees can access important forms and documents when travelling, allowing quicker response to business needs • Remote access means more flexible schedules for employees and managers • Quicker turnaround times on expense reports and other approval workflows

Benefits of Frevvo Mobile Web Forms Calculation Subtotals, taxes, commissions, fees and other calculations are a common component of business forms. Frevvo’s mobile business forms make including calculations easy. Frevvo can create dynamic and powerful business forms capable of completing the calculations you need. Skip Logic Frevvo’s online form builder makes creating dynamic business forms easy, providing a variety of decision trees for people completing the forms to use.

Benefits of Frevvo Mobile Web Forms

Electronic Signatures E-signatures provide an important convenience for businesses and their clients. By providing the capability for users to sign online, Frevvo removes the need for users to print, sign, scan and email forms. These fully automated approval workflows cut response times, save money and allow for quicker filing and compiling of information from forms.

Benefits of Frevvo Mobile Web Forms PDF Export With frevvo’s mobile web forms, customers can easily create pixelperfect PDFs such as W-4 forms. This convenient option allows for faster communication and submission of forms and reduced paper, printing and postage costs.

Benefits of Frevvo Mobile Web Forms Internationalization Frevvo’s web forms and approval workflows work in all languages, including right-to-left ones. Communicating with clients and employees in their own language greatly improves the efficiency of your business. Images & Attachments With frevvo, users can easily take a picture of a receipt or an invoice using their smart phone and attach it. This helps makes expense reporting and reimbursement submissions quicker and less subject to error.

Benefits of Frevvo Mobile Web Forms Databases & Integration Information from Frevvo mobile forms can be easily imported into databases you can use to look up records. Frevvo also integrates well with a variety of technologies commonly used in everyday approval workflows in your business.

About Frevvo Frevvo is a software company providing online forms, approval workflows and e-signature solutions for clients. With Frevvo, companies can move closer to the goal of an eco-friendly, efficient paperless office by transitioning forms and documents to an easy-to-access and use online format. Whether it’s employee on-boarding, expense reports or student applications, Frevvo can create an online form and approval workflow for it. To learn more, visit

Go Faster with Mobile Web Forms and Approval Workflows | Mobile web forms and approval workflows provide flexibility and greater productivity to offices....