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BUILT FOR BUSINESS Frevvo Online Form Builder

Who Needs an Easy Solution for Online Forms ? • Businesses who need HTML forms but

don’t want the expense of a developer • Businesses who want employees in the

field to benefit from dynamic mobile forms • Businesses wishing to streamline common,

everyday workflows like expense reporting and leave approval. • Businesses transitioning from paper-based

forms to business web forms

Why Use Mobile Forms and Workflows? • A mobile workflow is faster, more secure and easier to manage than a

paper based system • Mobile forms can incorporate data which can never be integrated into paper forms • A mobile signature Form lets you capture customer and employee signatures, at any place and time • For increased, tamper-proof security, a digital signature form is safer than any signed paper form.

When Can Web Forms Streamline Business Process? • When an approval workflow

requires multiple inputs and signatures from people in separate locations. • When the capabilities of dynamic

web forms are desirable to improve accuracy and save time. • When processes require collation of additional items such as photos and

receipts, which could be added as attachments to business mobile forms

Where Can Electronic forms Solve Business Problems? These are some examples of business areas that can benefit from using online forms: • Healthcare (patient referrals, medical history) • Government (voter registration, building permits) • Education (student admission, financial aid) • Finance (Loan applications, contracts) • Insurance (claim forms, accident reports)

Who can Build Dynamic Forms Professionally and Affordably? Here comes the good news! With the Frevvo Business Form Builder business users can: •

Easily create uniquely customized e-forms and workflows

Save money with professional document workflow design, without development costs

Build forms for use across multiple operating systems and mobile devices

• • • • •

iPhone forms, iPad forms, iOS forms Android forms PC browser forms

What can Businesses do with the Frevvo Web Form Builder? •

Streamline any business process with an efficient online forms workflow

Build Mobile business forms with signature capture, GPS location data and calculation capabilities for any device and operating system

• Eliminate messy, time-consuming paperwork by switching to cloud-based

online workflow

What can Frevvo Web Form Builder do for Your Business? • • Deliver an affordable web-based solution for creating fully customized web forms and approval workflow.

• Solve your document approval

workflow problems with dynamic forms, flexible mobility and cloudbased storage and retrieval

• Connect your database to our platform, enabling database forms to be pre-

populated and to save information back to the database

Description • Frevvo Online Form Builder • Frevvo is a cloud-based web form builder that’s built for

business. With Frevvo, any business can streamline approval workflows with dynamic online forms. This affordable web form builder is easy-to-use and can create forms for use on any device and operating system. Eliminate paperwork and take your workflows into the clouds with Frevvo.

How Can You Use Frevvo to Simplify Your Form Management? • Create any Mobile form using a

• Use our workflow form templates

simple online drag and drop interface, no coding required

to customize documents to your unique requirements • Export any Form to PDF

• Host your E-forms on our cloud

servers or in-house, so you can eliminate paper purchasing and printing costs.

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Built for Business Frevvo Online Form Builder Frevvo is a cloud-based web form builder that’s built for business. With Frevvo, any busin...