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WHAT ARE THE CONSTRUCTS OF THE IDEA? A newsworthy ambassador used to illustrate brand values in an engaging, exciting and culturally relevant manner.

WHAT DID IT NEED TO ACHIEVE? Communicate Pepsi’s youthful, vibrant and creative brand energy, and reinforce the drinks heritage with blockbuster musical talent.

In December 2012, Pepsi announced a global wide collaboration with Beyonce as part of their ‘Live for Now’ strategy. A variety of assets were created to support the new ‘Mirror’s advert, which was distributed across over 70 international markets.

In the lead up to the premiere of the advert, tease content was created to build anticipation ahead of the launch. This was featured on and on Pepsi’s YouTube channel. The highlight was a six second film, which generated over 750,000 views in 24 hours. The advert was then launch, and to this day has over 12 million hits on YouTube. Further coverage was achieved across news, lifestyle and music media.

WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME? Beyonce’s global tour saw her visit all key markets and become a part of local news agendas – though talent access was limited excitement around Beyonce’s shows ensured that demand for assets was consistently high.

LEARNINGS: A single top-tier international ambassador ensures that centrally-created and uniform assets can be maximised in all markets Co-publishing through ambassador channels is a valuable way of boosting brand affiliations and views – a teaser film launched on Pepsi YouTube and attracted 750,000 hits in 24 hours

Adobe created a piece of online video content promoting Creative Days, an EMEA campaign from Adobe. Creative Days entailed a series of events, seminars and talks across 14 locations that celebrated “creativity and expressiveness”.

Photoshop, Adobe’s best-known product was showcased in Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank the video used to raise awareness of the Creative Days tour

A Photoshop artist surreptitiously took photographs of members of the public who were waiting for the bus. He then photoshopped them into amusing situations on a live billboard built into the bus stop. The digiltal content was launched to a European audiece and has attracted over 17.5 million views and 116,000 likes on YouTube, the video was embedded across an extremely wide range of news, comedy, lifestyle and creative digital outlets.


Coke Zero utilised its partnership with Skyfall to release several TV spots throughout Western Europe. All were tied around the 'Unlock the 007 in you' messaging, which sat under the brand’s strap line of 'Make it Possible.'

The brand created a video showing footage of a real-world train station stunt, in which passengers were prompted by a vending machine to walk to a certain platform to get free Skyfall tickets. They had 70 seconds to get there. But the journey is made more difficult by all sorts of invented obstacles— which turned the ticket seeker into a stand-in for 007 himself, having to overcome adversity before earning his reward.

During the event, nearly 70 people ran for tickets and the video proved a success, with over three million hits in its first week. In addition, the video was embedded online to various lifestyle, design, creative and news websites. The current views count is over 10 million.


Fusing music, football and the brand’s global Live For Now ethos, Pepsi’s 2012 united six of the world’s most famous footballers and DJ Calvin Harris. Content creation, global strategy, toolkit development and day-to-day market support was managed centrally by freuds for markets spanning Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America.

Creating an extensive bank of assets to support the TVC launch, including a BTS edit, action photography, player-on-player interviews and a global partnership with Ministry of Sound Radio offered local markets the multiple opportunities to drive conversation around the campaign. Coverage across national news, sport and music outlets landed globally, with the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and Mexico pinpointed as standout markets.



In a bid to foster better relations between public transport staff and passengers in Copenhagen, digital communications agency Kadaver were commissioned by the city’s transport authority to create a piece of shareable online video content. Mukhtars Fødselsdag - Flash Mob Bedre Bustur saw a bus-full of passengers surprise their driver, Mukhtar, by serenading him on his birthday. Over 100 people were involved in the stunt, the climax of which was a group of apparently angry protesters blocking the road, only for them to turn around and join in the singing.

Celebrating an everyday professional as he went about his work struck a chord, and Mukhtar’s reactions, from bemusement, to surprise, to delight, to tears, resulted in a highly engaging and sharable piece of content. Over 4.5 million YouTube views and a broad range of coverage from international sites illustrates how well quality content can reach across markets.


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