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How to Support Local this Christmas

2021 Brings Colour, Texture and Minimalism to Homes

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welcome WINTER IS HERE and the holidays are around the corner…where did the year go? The end of 2020 is coming and I think I can speak for most of us when I say “good.” However, the year that was taught us how important local business, local people and the local economy is. Main Street is where we find our family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues delivering us the goods and services we need in our lives. Those businesses make our city a great place to live. This holiday season, spend your money where it matters most and support the people that call Regina home. Enjoy this snowy candy cane season and settle in with this issue to see what is new and interesting in the Queen City. Learn how you can shop local for Christmas gifts, try out a new recipe or two, and see what 2021 holds for home renovations. There’s plenty inside to read—enjoy! From all of us at Fresh, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Yours,


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ON THE COVER Design and Decorating Sara Kangles Hair Lorena Melnychuk Makeup Glam by Cam Photography Calvin Fehr

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SAFE PLAY FOR KIDDOS We all know parents need help to do #allthethings, but COVID-19 is making that more challenging. Our supervised play space is available for you so that you still have choices about how to work, care for your family and get some me-time. Get it done at Brain Snacks Co






Spiced Raisin Gems These spicy, soft cookies are perfect for a cookie exchange or just because. ¾ cup butter or margarine, softened 1 cup sugar ¼ cup molasses 1 egg 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 tsp baking soda 1 tsp cinnamon ½ tsp cloves ½ tsp ginger ¼ tsp salt 1 cup raisins Granulated sugar Cream butter and sugar in a large bowl until fluffy. Add molasses and egg. Mix well. Combine flour, baking soda, spices, and salt; add to creamed mixture. Mix well. Stir in raisins. Cover and chill for one hour. Preheat oven to 350°F. Shape dough into 1” balls. Roll in granulated sugar and place on greased cookie sheets. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until set. Makes approximately 3 dozen cookies.

6 |



Boozy Hot Chocolate You won’t regret whipping this up a cold winter day. 2 cups homogenized/whole milk ½ cup Kahlua 2 tbsp powdered sugar 4 oz bittersweet chocolate, finely chopped Whipped cream Chocolate curls or cocoa Combine milk, Kahlua, and sugar in a medium saucepan and bring to a light simmer over medium heat. Remove from heat when bubbles form around the edge. Melt chocolate in microwave on 30-second intervals, stirring between each one, just until melted. Whisk melted chocolate into milk mixture. Pour into mugs and top with whipped cream and chocolate curls/dust of cocoa.

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Say Cheese Celebrate the Season with a Charcuterie Board BY FRESH YQR STAFF

Charcuterie is all the rage these days, and it’s so easy to create a board that will wow your family and your tastebuds. Pronounced “shar-kootuh-ree,” this food trend originates in France. The word describes the mix of foods—cured meats, fine cheeses, crackers, fruit and more—that make up a board. Let’s get started on how you can make a board that delights this holiday season. First, you’ll need a board. A large wooden cutting board will do the trick. You can also buy charcuterie boards from many local artisans in Saskatchewan—boards are a great gift for any foodie. Next, you need to decide on your ingredients. These days, it’s easy to find a wonderful selection of charcuterie foodstuffs at your favourite local grocer or specialty food store. For a basic board, here are some 8 |



ideas for foods to include. Think about the four Ss: sweet, savory, salty and spicy when making your choices. Also, think about the mix of colours too. The brighter the board, the better.

Nuts: walnuts, pecans, cashews, pistachios, almonds

Thinly sliced cured meats: prosciutto, mortadella, salami, sopressata, capocollo and speck

To assemble, start with items that need to be dished such as dips, vegetables and nuts. Place the filled bowls on the board first. Next, add meats and cheeses (cube or slice harder cheeses for easy eating) around the board. Then, place the crackers and breads, followed by filling gaps with fresh or dried fruit, and then garnish with sprigs of fresh herbs. Chill until ready to serve!

Spreadables: pâté or terrine, hummus, tapenade, jam, dips such as spinach or artichoke Cheeses: hard and soft cheeses from mellow to sharp. Good choices include smoked Gouda, aged Cheddar, Provolone, Burrata, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Gruyère, Chèvre, Camembert and Stilton. Vegetables: Olives, pickles, cherry tomatoes, marinated artichokes Fruit: fresh berries, grapes, dried apricots, dates, figs

Crackers and Bread: buttery crackers, grainy hard crackers, flatbreads, thinly sliced baguettes.

Every board will be different and that is what makes them so fabulous. Use your imagination and experiment every time you create a board. Embrace your inner chef and most of all, have fun!

Eat, Give and Be Merry Buy a Cookbook and Support the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation

his Christmas, give a great gift and support a great cause at the same time. CJ Katz, local TV chef and host of CTV’s Wheatland Café, has released two cookbooks filled with fantastic recipes that also support the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon. One Loaf at a Time features more than 45 baking recipes that CJ and other family cooks prepared during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. One Bowl at a Time is packed with over 45 recipes for soups, stews and comforting bowls that will keep you warm all winter long. In both books, CJ created or personally tested each recipe. Available now, both books can be purchased as ebooks or bound together in one beautiful hard copy book. Plus, two dollars from the sale

of each book go to the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation. “It was an incredible experience putting these unique cookbooks together. Over 61 seasoned cooks from Saskatchewan and across Canada provided me with the recipes they were making for their families during the early days of the pandemic. But the books quickly became more than just recipe books—they are a unique snapshot of a unique moment in time,” says CJ. “Every contributor submitted their story of how COVID-19 had dramatically changed their lives. Each volume is peppered with a multitude of anecdotes about COVID, from crazy masks we wear to the wild hair we grew. These books are going to become cherished keepsakes of a challenging moment in our history.” To order, visit cjkatz.com for hard copy and e-book formats.

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Posh Body Care Gift Sets DermaPosh SkinCare 1275 Broad Street, Regina dermaposh.shop

Land of Daughters Candles

Inner-Health & Beauty Powder

Rose and Vine Florals #130-4830 Gordon Road, Regina roseandvineflorals.ca

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Sarah’s Day Body Bloom Inner-Health & Beauty Powder

Brain Snacks Co 376 University Park Dr, Regina brainsnacks.co

SUDS Car Wash Gift Cards SUDS Full Service Car Wash 1565 Winnipeg Street, Regina 522SUDS.com

Louise Ombre Lingerie Thee Lingerie Shoppe, 4037 Albert Street, Regina tlsbras.com

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Rethink Your Wardrobe with Hanger & Rack

AVEDA gifts

for everyone on your list Perimeters Studio 2358 Broad Street, Regina perimetersstudio.ca

KAOS Hats and Scarves Shop The KAOS Apparel and Accessories 2100 Dewdney Avenue (Inside Brick + Mortar), Regina shopthekaos.com

250-2410 Dewdney Avenue Regina hangerandrack.com

Bringing excitement to the end of year. Invisible, comfortable, seductive & innovative!

available at

Thee Lingerie Shoppe

Thee Lingerie Shoppe 4037 Albert Street Regina 306.359.3373 tlsbras.com

How to Support

LOCAL this Christmas

(AKA: JEFF BEZOS AT AMAZON HAS ENOUGH MONEY) long with so many other businesses and industries, COVID-19 has drastically impacted the world of handmade artisans. Even though this year has continued to bring challenges for us to overcome, we are starting to see an amazing shift from Saskatchewan customers only supporting “big box” or billionaire-owned retail stores to buying locallymade, Canadian products. From handbags to hot sauces, cardigans to candles—people are starting to make the shift. It’s a throwback to when you could purchase your buy-it-for-life item at the local general store, counting on quality and customer service which remains unparalleled. I was one of a handful of other business owners in Saskatchewan who made the leap to open a store which purely supports Canadian-made quality products. Brick + Mortar opened in September 2019 as a 700 sq. ft. retail space in Regina’s Warehouse District. Considering the space was SO tiny, it was amazing that we packed over 30 artisans and handmade vendors into the space. I also operate my own fashion line. While locked down, we noticed that so many more artists, vendors, and small businesses were facing crippling stress for the future. With the craft shows, trade shows and other events being cancelled throughout the year, we had to look at ways that we could band together to support each other. To do this, we put a call out to see how many businesses and artists were feeling the pinch of having their revenue streams cut off. In return, we had applications flood in for vendors who were simply just trying to follow their dreams and get their product out into the world for others to see. This isn’t simply a side hobby for most of these folks—it’s their livelihood. With all of this in mind, we began to search for viable options to help small businesses and our local artists—

14 |



so we expanded. Our new home (still in the historic Warehouse District) is home to over 1700 square feet of retail space and over 65 Canadian made artists, makers, and businesses with many vendors being from right here in Saskatchewan. There is truly something for everyone within this space. Trendy and professional clothing, art, decor, food, bath and body products, jewelry, and so, so much more. To showcase the incredible products from our vendors, we wanted to show a local buying guide for your family and friends this holiday season. If you have no idea what gift to give to that special someone in your life—I guarantee that we can help you find something (or many things!) that they will adore. If you worry that you are hard to buy for, you can come into the store to make your very own ‘Wish List’ for your friends and family. Browse and select a list of items that you like, then send your family and friends into the space to pick something up that they know you will like, is the right size, and all while supporting local. We take care of the lists and the tracking so that they can find something in their budget that nobody else has gotten you. And of course, for those of you who can’t decide, gift cards are available to shop with at a future date. Here is a preview from some of our vendors.

2100 Dewdney Avenue Regina 306.352.2602 thesaskshop.com | @brickandmortarsk

LOCAL SHOPPING GUIDE At Village Chocolate Co. we select high quality cocoa beans, roast them in shop and process them into delectable chocolate bars. We are small-batch produced and put time and care into each new bar we create. We are on a mission to bring dark chocolate into the lives of those who appreciate its bold, unabashed taste, as well as those who prefer a sweeter profile. We also believe that it is our responsibility to care for the people that support us and the province that we operate in, which is why we donate 10% of our profits to organizations here in Saskatchewan that invest in the lives of children and youth. As the saying goes, “it takes a village”. Find us @villagechocolateco

ME + YOU HANDMADES is a small local handmade shop run by a mother daughter duo in the heart of the prairies. Focusing on everyday fashion accessories, every piece is designed and handmade in Regina, SK with highest quality material and hardware sourced locally or Canada wide. Check out more @meandyouhandmades

Who doesn’t love something sparkly! This mother/ daughter duo makes the most beautiful pieces that will be sure to impress anyone on your list. All of K&B’S JEWELRY is made of high quality supplies and is hand crafted in Regina. Select from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and kid’s options! Did we mention they have a lifetime warranty on their Crystal Pave earrings? Come check out their full collection in store, online at kandbjewelry.com @kandbjewelry

Pieces Inspired by the art of everyday life, NAMASTe creates Luxury in Simplicity. Our jewelry pieces are for the Modern Minimalists who love everything Simple and Chic. Follow @namastejewelryca to see more of the collection.


HYDE ARTISAN LEATHER proudly creates beautiful full-grain leather bags, journals, accessories & more. The cornerstone of HYDE is our devotion to providing our talented Artisans in Northern India with above living wages, giving them dignity & opportunity to thrive. hydeartisan.com @hydeartisan

PRAHSIK is a clothing label based in Regina and actually made in Regina! All of the pieces are designed, drafted, and produced only a couple blocks away from Brick + Mortar. Prahsik focuses on high quality fabric, durable construction, versatile pieces that compliment your existing wardrobe, and an outstanding fit. Check out more of our collection online at prahsik.com or @prahsik

RUSTIK JEMS: No two items are alike when it comes to the Rustik Jems collection! Every item is individually stamped or uniquely pieced together to create these works of art! Unique materials are one of a kind and therefore will come and go, making each piece a true preservation of history. Follow @rustikjems to see even more of their one of a kind creations.


Filters are Great, but

Beautiful Skin is Better

Gift Giving Ideas

We love Christmas gift sets to pamper ourselves or the special people in our lives. Here are some ideas for inspiring self care and taking time to invest in our own beauty:

ell, I can't believe it's time to be thinking about Christmas! It's also a time of reflection about the last year, and this year has been one heck of a ride. Even though our bubbles have become smaller, hopefully you get to see some friends and family. With all of the Zoom parties and meetings you'll be invited to over the festive period, no doubt you will still want to look and feel your best. These are our best tips to keep you glowing, no matter what your plans: Hydrate – Water is key to our skin’s appearance. This time of year, our skin requires more hydration from the inside out. Try to up your water intake each day and you will be amazed at how beautifully your skin responds. Fine lines plump up and your skin will look more luminous. Exfoliate – Gently sloughing of dead skin cells helps your serums and moisturizers work at their best. Be sure to choose an exfoliator with perfectly spherical granules so that they do not scratch your beautiful face. Our favourite for the environment—exfoliators with dissolving wax jojoba beads for your face or natural sugars and salts for your body. Nutrition – In the hustle and bustle of wrapping presents while still getting kids to their activities, sometimes we can be

16 |



lucky to get to eat that stale granola bar that's been hanging out in the bottom of our purse for months, or worse even skip a couple of meals altogether. This leads not only to the dreaded “hangry outburst” but also to a dull complexion that no amount of makeup can conquer. If you have a full day planned, be sure to pack your snack. I almost never leave the house without a meal in my purse. Moisturize – Not moisturizing our skin for fear of feeling ‘oily’ is at the top of our contributors to not only premature aging but also an oil and hydration imbalance which can lead to congested skin, bumpy texture and even breakouts. Keep your moisture game tight. Massage – We love to massage our faces with Gua Sha stones or Cupping devices using a decadent facial oil. This type of massage reduces the stress we carry on our foreheads and along our jaw line. Massage decreases inflammation, especially under your eyes so be sure to follow with your favourite eye cream. And as always, it's time to love your skin! Seasons Greetings, Michelle & The #DermGurlz

Body Care Kits –Trios are always a hit. They will most often include a body scrub, bath and shower gel or handmade soap and a scrumptious smelling body lotion, too. Cozy Socks, Beverage and Foot Care – Whether the receiver is into a juicy book or binging on Netflix, this is always a hit. Be a detective a discover their favourite tea, coffee or wine to include. You can add a foot file, exfoliator, foot cream and wrap it up in an adorable package. At Home Facial Kits – Many skincare companies release a series of at-home facials to inspire self-care. Be sure to choose one with an exfoliator, mask and an ultra hydrating finishing cream. Introduction to Your Favourite Skincare Line – Quite often you can head into your favourite spa/studio and pick up an introduction gift set to pair with a gift certificate. It’s ultra lux gift giving. Glowing Skin – Especially this time of year vitamin C is a must-have. Many skincare companies will make a duo or trio set at a discounted price for the gift of glow.

108 - 1275 Broad Street Regina 306.550.2044 dermaposh.studio @derma_posh


The Holiday Season is about much more than candy canes and lights all a glow at Perimeters... It’s about the hearts that we touch and the care that we show! It’s about the bringing of joy to others with a touch from a friendly hand, sharing a story and many a laugh! May the gifts of love, peace and happiness be yours this Season! There’s no such thing as too much glitter this holiday season, so sparkle and twinkle as often as possible!

2358 Broad Street 306.352.4633 perimetersstudio.ca

Local and Canadian Products

Rose and Vine Florals is a full service floral boutique in the heart of Grassland in Regina, SK offering a mix of vintage and modern designs. Our arrangements are inspired by nature, with whimsical colour palettes and uncontrived shapes. Our bouquets and arrangements are created with the finest seasonal flowers and foliages fresh from the market. Shop in-store and online for our collection of plants, dried flowers, home decor, gifts and much more. Flower delivery offered 5 days a week.

RO S E & V I N E F LOR AL S 4830 -130 Gordon Rd, Regina | roseandvineyqr roseandvinefloral.ca | 306.585.6425 Everyday Flowers | Weddings | Events | Corporate | Sympathy

Glad to HEAR IT


Cristina Carteri, owner at Regina’s Optimal Hearing, wants everyone to have happy, healthy ears that hear—and hear well. Her caring and committed approach to every client is visible from the moment you walk in. A Hearing Aid Practitioner for 15 years, she opened her clinic three years ago and hasn’t looked back since. “I spent several years working for the Ministry of Health in the Hearing Aid program until it was ended in 2017,” says Carteri. “After that, I opened my own clinic to help clients with their hearing, and I love every minute of it.” Whether you are coming in for a hearing test, hearing aids, hearing aid repairs, or any of their products or services, Carteri delivers the care and advice you need.

H O L I D AY 2 0 2 0

| 19

Optimal Hearing is committed to helping people care for their hearing, no matter how old they are. Often people do not think to check their hearing until they (or their loved ones) notice a problem. “Ears need checkups just like eyes and teeth,” says Carteri. “Good hearing is important to your overall health, and if you haven’t had a hearing test, you should.” The best time to check your hearing is right now. Establishing a baseline on your hearing is important so that if issues arise, a hearing expert has something to compare it to. Carteri recommends having your hearing assessed every two years. “Like an eye exam, a hearing examination should be something you do regularly.” Optimal Hearing conducts hearing assessments, custom noise protection molds and dispenses hearing aids for individuals who need it. Plus, she makes house calls to clients who are unable to otherwise make it into her clinic. “Many clients are seniors, and I am happy to stop by for hearing aid maintenance,” she says. 20 |



Hearing Loss Prevention The clinic also offers hearing protection for people of all ages, whether you need it for work or leisure. Optimal Hearing takes custom ear mold impressions in clinic or at the place of business to create earplugs that fit perfectly to your ears. “We can provide earplugs for workplace use, if you’re working in a loud environment,” says Carteri. “We also offer earplugs for athletes—such as swimmers—and for musicians and concert-goers.” Carteri is also committed to educating people about hearing and how to keep your ears healthy. The old adage is true—nothing smaller than your elbow should enter your ear. “People know that expression and it’s true. Cotton swabs, no matter how you might like it, should stay out of ears,” she says. “If you need wax removed, see a professional.” You should also always wear ear protection in loud environments and limit your time in noisy places. Always see a health professional if you experience a change in hearing that lasts more than

Cristina Carteri, owner, Optimal Hearing

What our clients are saying “It is a pleasure to receive Debbie’s warm welcome, and Cristina is so pleasant and helpful. It’s great to attend their office and be helped by such lovely people.” - Myrna Lapchuck “Cristina and Debbie have built Optimal Hearing out of their caring relationship with each person they serve. The level of professionalism is exceptional and one feels like part of the family after a visit to their clinic.” - Debb Black 24 hours. “Sudden changes in your hearing can indicate health concerns. Don’t wait to have it “Optimal Hearing consistently goes above and checked out,” advises Carteri.

beyond to assist their clients. Every person who

Optimal Hearing is ready to help you and your walkswith through their door made feel like family family hearing services whenisyou need to it. Hearing assessments areessence, easy and painless, you do need a their and that, in is theand nature ofnot the care referral. “It’s never too early to have your hearing checked, and clients receive.” - Jennifer Minter it’s so important to your overall health and quality of life,” says Carteri. Learn more about what Optimal Hearing can do for you at optimalhearing. ca or call (306) 559.4411.

Cristina Carteri Owner, Optimal Hearing

Cristina Carteri Southland Mall 306.559.4411 Owner, Optimal Hearing optimalhearing.ca Southland Mall optimalhearingca@gmail.com 306.559.4411 optimalhearing.ca optimalhearingca@gmail.com

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| 21

Don’t Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle Christmas = Stress. This is true for a lot of people. But let’s throw another value into the equation = COVID-19. BY MELONY MATERI, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE CARING PLACE

he other day I dragged out my stock pot and made turkey soup. It was the first time I’ve ever allowed it to ‘brew’ for 48 hours. Soup requires certain things, and one of them is heat. Most times, the longer the heat is applied, the more flavourful it is. If you’ve made soup stock, you know that the greater the heat applied to the pot, the more that has to be skimmed off. We humans can be like that too. The more the heat is applied, the more things come to the surface… Human beings are designed for connections and relationships. Some of us look forward to Christmas with the same anticipation we did as children. Some of us dread it. What are the things that you do NOT have control over? Do you have control over Uncle Bob’s drinking habit? Do you have control over Aunt Molly’s potty mouth? Do you have control over cousin Joe’s need to cheat at cards? If you think you do, I suggest you call us for a counselling appointment. Not only do you not have control over those things, but now you have a microscopic germ profoundly influencing how your family operates. In fact, thanks to the stress that COVID-19 causes, Uncle Bob’s drinking, Aunt Molly’s potty mouth and cousin Joe’s cheating will probably be exacerbated. Yes, there’s a chance that you won’t see your relatives, but if you’re like my family, you will try sharing a meal through ZOOM. My family put me at the head of the table on one of their phones in the spring, and apparently, I fell into the mashed potatoes.

22 |



If you’re worrying about other people’s behavior plus things that you can’t control? That’s a LOT of energy—wasted energy. One of the things you might notice is things coming to the surface in YOU. We typically tend to notice all the ugly things coming up in other people, but we miss the ugly things coming up in ourselves. What’s that saying about noticing a speck in someone else’s eye and not seeing the beam in our own? Do you have control over the amount of heat being applied to your soup pot or what’s bubbling up in it? No, but you DO have control over what you do with it. Chances are that if you are unable to deal with it yourself and received some counselling for it, it might make you a more flavourful person. The Caring Place is here to help you with those mashed potatoes. We can be reached at 306.347.2273 (CARE) and find us online at thecaringplace.ca


The Caring Place provides a place of safety and trust where all people of any age can find a caring professional to help them deal successfully with personal issues, mental health challenges, or addictions.

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R = 82







TheseMAY builders may have lots THESE BUILDERS HAVE LOTS AVAILABLE IN PHASE 1,in 2, OR 3 OF BOWER available Phase 1, 2, or 3 of WEST SUBDIVISION AND SARAH’S COVE Bower West Subdivision and SUBDIVISION: Camelot Homes, Crawford Homes, Sarah’s Emerald Park Homes, GilroyCove Homes,subdivision: Homes by JMS, L& B Builders, Trademark Homes, Trithart Homes, Varsity Homes, Westsource



E #7





















R = 15.0













Authentic Developments, Camelot Homes, For more information Crawford Homes, Emerald Park Homes, Gordon Homes, Harmony Builders, GREAT PLAINS LEASEHOLDS LTD. Ripplinger Homes, Homes by JMS, L&B Builders, Trademark Homes, Trithart Homes, (306) 525-9516 Varsity Homes, Westsource.





32 Churchill Crescent WESTSOURCE SOLUTIONS By appointment Call or Text

22 Sarah's Cove Tuesday & Thursday 6-8 Saturday & Sunday 10-2



| (306) 525-9516 | greatplains@sasktel.net
















appointment 8By Princeton Drive 19 Emerald Hill Drive6:30-8:30 p.m. Tuesday &306-781-3383 Wednesday By appointment Saturday & Sunday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. 306-781-3383








8 Yale Place

19 Emerald Hill By appointment call (306)Drive 536-9099 EMERALD PARK HOMES

306-540-5315 306-790-7542 to schedule a viewing




5 Stanford Bay 94 Motherwell Drive 19 Princeton Drive 22 Sarah's Cove – Please Call Show Home Hours By Appointment Open Daily 1-4 p.m. 6-8Road Wednesday & Thursday 5-7 p.m. Tuesday & Thursday 6 Stanford Please1-5call text Show Home hours are 19 Yale Place Saturday and Sunday p.m.orSaturday & Sunday 10-2Wednesday 306-790-7542 to Wednesday & Thursday 5-8 p.m. & Thursday 7-9 Gaston Saturday schedule a viewing Saturday Sunday 1-5 p.m. & Sunday 1-4 Please call or& text

their loss. These memorial events may look different this year due to COVID, yet we will continue the tradition of honouring the bereaved at Christmas by offering a safe space and meaningfilled opportunity to simply “be” with their beloved in mind and in spirit.



have heard that statement from so many bereaved over my years as a Grief Support Worker. Christmas—that season packaged with merriment and marketed as “home for the holidays” —is one of the most difficult times of the year for those who have a profoundly empty chair at their family table. This season is ripe with family traditions and rituals can leave the bereaved feeling like they want to hide from the world. The flashing lights, bright music, and seasonal sensations stand in sharp contrast to the deep sadness of their emotions and can leave those who are grieving feeling hyper-stimulated, overwhelmed and isolated. Enter 2020, and COVID-19, and all-new layers of loss have been added to the toughest time of year for the bereaved. Before the holidays, there is an opportunity to plan ahead, and to consider options on how to navigate the holiday season. It is an opportunity to ask, “what do I need? what will I choose?” It is so important to remember that YOU CHOOSE. While others will have opinions on what they think is “best for you,” please be encouraged to consider their advice as “options.” Take those options and weigh them within yourself asking, “does that work for me?” If it does work, keep it with your “holiday possibilities.” If it doesn’t work, thank them for the suggestion and let it go without guilt. Listen to your soul and the answer will be there for what fits

and what doesn’t. It is helpful to have several options in your pocket so that when you awaken on Christmas morning, you choose according to how you feel that day. Whatever the options are, choose to be with people you can safely feel vulnerable with—people with whom you can say your loved one’s name out loud, and share precious memories with. Planning ahead and considering your needs will serve you in spades. Please remember that you are only choosing for this year. You don’t need to, nor will it serve you well to make decisions now for future Christmases. Prior to Christmas Day it is important to simplify your expectations of yourself by considering how you will shop/if you will shop; how you will send greetings/if you will send greetings; what you will do and who you will spend time with. By simplifying your planning in every way possible your body, mind and spirit will thank you. Please know “this too will pass,” and often the anticipation of Christmas Day is harder than the actual day. For the past 22 years Jones-Parkview Funeral Services has hosted an annual Mourning Star Christmas Ceremony for the Bereaved and an annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Ceremony for Bereaved Parents with many people choosing to attend so they can give their loved one their undivided attention in the midst of the holiday season, and to remind themselves that they are not alone in

Christmas, in its truest essence is a season of LOVE, and there is nothing more laced in love than grief. Please honour and allow your grief, open yourself to love, be present to the moment, say their name, honour their memory creatively, share memories of Christmases past and honour their continued inspiration in your life. Instead of “fast-forwarding” through the holiday season, if you choose to surround yourself with the true spirit of Christmas by loving yourself, those who surround you and your beloved who has gone before you, you just might find this to be a season filled with meaning…and that is where healing is found. May this holiday season be a season of love. Warmest wishes to you, Della Ferguson Grief Support Worker and Funeral Celebrant Jones-Parkview Funeral Services Moose Jaw

Dayna Chamberlain

Della Ferguson

General Manager/ Vice President

Grief Support Worker

Jones-Parkview Funeral Services Moose Jaw 306.693.4644 or 306.694.5500 wjjonesandson.com jonesfh106@gmail.com

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The sound of jingling bells and the sight of The Salvation Army Christmas kettle is a wonderful part of the holiday season. The Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign funds the important work the organization does all year long, and this year, their work is even more needed in our community. “We’re anticipating a greater need for help this Christmas,” says Kristen Gray, Captain at The Salvation Army Haven of Hope in Regina. “The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely made things difficult for many families in our community.” This year, the Christmas Kettle campaign will operate essentially as always in Regina. Volunteers will be placed with kettles in retail locations around Regina with proper PPE. Physical distancing is possible with the kettles, and The Salvation Army offers their “Tip Tap” technology to allow for donations with a debit or credit card, reducing contact even further. “Donations are easy with our cashless, touchless option,” says Kristen. “You just select one of three denominations, 26 |



tap, and go.” All kettles will have the cashless tap option and you can also donate online from wherever you are at HavenofHope.ca. No matter how you choose to donate, the money stays in Regina to help local families in the community. “Every dollar donated is used to run our programs year-round,” says Kristen. “The funds supply Christmas hampers and toys for families during the holidays, and also assist us with our income tax clinics, weekly lunches, summer camps and seniors’ programs.” Also, during the holidays, donations of new, unwrapped toys are accepted for the Santas Anonymous program, organized in conjunction with 980 CJME. “Details can be found on our website as the holidays approach,” says Kristen. The Adopt a Family Christmas program is also available this year, like in years past, and increased demand is anticipated. The long-time partnership between Z99 and The Salvation Army has been

The Christmas Kettle Campaign is in need of volunteers, and the commitment at a kettle is as little as one hour. “Whatever time you can spare, we’ll gratefully accept,” says Captain Gray. very successful for both adopted families and the donors. “Donors provide Christmas gifts and food for Christmas breakfast and dinner,” says Kristen. “It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the season and share with others.” If you’re someone in need this Christmas, know someone who is, or want to adopt a family, applications for the Santas Anonymous program can be found online at HavenofHope.ca. No matter how you want to help— donating to a kettle, volunteering your time, dropping off toys or adopting a family—know that The Salvation Army appreciates whatever you can do. “Our programs depend on our community’s care and generosity, and the people who benefit are so grateful,” says Kristen. “The Christmas season is a time for giving. Whatever our community can do for us, we are thankful.” The Salvation Army Haven of Hope Ministries 2240 13th Avenue Regina 306.757.4600 Havenofhope.ca

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Finding Opportunities AMIDST DISRUPTIONS

e find ourselves in a situation that many of us have never encountered in our lifetime. The last pandemic, SARS and H1N1, was limited in its spread in certain parts of the world. This time, COVID-19 has hit virtually every corner of the planet and its effects are felt by eight billion people on earth in some form or fashion. Economic activities around the world came to a stop for several months. The structure and routine that defined us were taken away, and we lost control of our lives. Simple trivial routines like driving to work, grabbing lunch with a colleague, and taking kids to sport practice seem like a time lost in the past. Although some of that normalcy has returned, it’s not the same as it was just 9 months ago. Many are struggling to fit into this new order, and as humans, we tend to default toward the negative from the situation that we find ourselves in. Take a minute to think of this question – when was your most recent great positive experience? When I asked this question to friends, family and the 28 |



people I work with, most are unable to articulate this. But when asked about a recent negative experience, almost everyone will find something to talk about. This leads us to the question of thriving amidst this disruption. I know of many small business owners and entrepreneurs that were hard hit by this pandemic. It is unfortunate that many are struggling to survive, while some have decided to close their doors. Some businesses, on the other hand, are doing very well. Overall, the fear of uncertainty and job losses have generally affected our confidence in the economy. No one has a crystal ball to predict what will happen six months or 12 months from now. But rest assured, there is always a silver lining to every crisis. Each one of us have a story to tell, knowledge and wisdom to share that are of value to somebody else. No one can tell your story but you, and you have that opportunity to make a difference to another. This pandemic has shown the resilience of so many great business owners that really took the bull by

do while creating a great experience with the people you work with and your clients.

ENTREPRENEURS. HIGH ACHIEVERS. BUSINESS LEADERS. its horns. Instead of dwelling in the daily news feed and the negativity that surrounds us, they looked for opportunities—acquiring new business(es), improving internal processes, investing in good people (hiring and training), and exploring new business models. In a recent survey that was conducted by Priority Solutions, over 95 per cent of business owners stated that they are thinking of new strategies to run their businesses. About half of these business owners actually turned that intention into decisive actions. It is crucial that you begin taking the necessary steps to shift your beliefs. If you believe that the world has taken away what you have and the future is bleak, that’s likely what you will get. Apart from your beliefs, pivot your habits and shift your focus. Think of the capabilities that you need to acquire to move ahead. Do you need to learn a new software or other new technologies? Perhaps even learning how to use the computer or adopt a different process? New way of marketing and getting in touch with your customers? Shift that nervous energy and find a new direction. Find that resistance that you are uncomfortable with, and make an irrevocable decision to embrace it. Reflect on your business and your passions. If you need to hit the “reset” button to redefine your purpose and your business, now is the time. The successes and failures that define who you are today will not take you to where you want to go. It’s all about where you see yourself in the next 12 or 24 months, and taking calculated, intentional steps to progress. Many successful business owners that I have had the privilege to work with oftentimes mentioned that luck played a critical role in their successes. Although there may be an ounce of truth to that statement, in many cases their successes are due to perseverance, calculated risks, staying relevant and being connected in the marketplace. Most importantly, be ridiculously good at what you

I believe each of us have a purpose to fulfill. Every business that exists today started with an idea and a purpose. There is a reason why we are put where we are at CK Tan, Leading Entrepreneur Coach this time in history. You have a talent and a skill that is unique to you that will be a value to others who need it. We will all come out of this crisis collectively stronger, kinder, gentler, more resourceful and determined. If you have been thinking about starting your own business or to take it to a different direction, there is no better time than now.

About Priority Solutions Since 2014, Priority Solutions have had the opportunity and privilege to support many clients – entrepreneurs, business owners, governments and large multinationals across the world achieve their productivity and business goals through a unique, methodical and measured approach that ensures that your specific needs and wants are designed for you. Call us and ask how we can help you. We will even buy the coffee. Priority Solutions is also a proud partner of Priority Management International, a globally recognized provider of productivity and leadership solutions to support clients in achieving more productivity and success through best practice processes and tools.

cktan@prioritymanagement.com 306.531.5998 priority-solutions.ca

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FA I R F I E L D I N N A N D S U I T E S R E G I N A W E L C O M E S Y O U When you’re on the road, there is nothing like ending your day at a place that is comfortable, inviting and homey. In Regina, that place is Fairfield Inn and Suites. Located in the city’s south end, the hotel has been welcoming guests for four years to a hotel that is more than just a hotel. It’s a place you can call home and general manager Lenna Kozan and her team are ready to give you a stay to remember. The newest hotel in the city, Fairfield Inn and Suites is less than 10 minutes from the airport, close to an array of restaurants and shopping amenities, and it’s a quick hop to Wascana Park and downtown. With customer service that is second-to-none, the hotel has been named a ‘Traveller’s Choice’ by TripAdvisor and AAA Best of Housekeeping 2020. The well-appointed rooms are stylish and impeccably clean, with both regular rooms and suites available.

30 |



The rooms have big windows to let in all that beautiful Saskatchewan sunshine, even in the dead of winter. Each room also has a mini-fridge, microwave and coffeemaker, and complimentary WiFi. The saltwater pool is warm and inviting, and there is a whirlpool perfect to relax in at the end of a long day. The fitness centre is filled with cardio and weight equipment, so you can stay in shape away from the gym. These days, you can book appointments for both facilities to ensure social distancing. “Actually, being able to book a time for our pool and gym has been popular with guests,” says Lenna. “Families especially love having the pool to enjoy on their own.” Every guest is treated to a lovely ‘grab and go’ breakfast, featuring fresh muffins, fruit, yogurt, hot breakfast sandwiches and a selection of warm and cold beverages. There is ample, well-lit parking surrounding the building, too.

In the lobby, you’ll find London Belle, the friendly local pub with the best fish and chips in the city. The menu features a great selection of comfort food favourites, and there’s a seasonal patio too. You can eat in or take out, and London Belle offers delivery through Skip The Dishes and Uber Eats. “This winter, you can enjoy our fish and chips right in your own home,” says Lenna. Fairfield Inn offers a wonderful stay whether you’re in Regina for business, leisure or to see friends and family. The hotel is also popular with people attending medical appointments in the city. “Whatever your reason to stay with us, we’re always glad to see you,” says Lenna. Plus, this winter is a great time for a staycation and Fairfield will make you feel right at home. “With Christmas and New Year’s Eve approaching, a staycation is a wonderful way to celebrate the season without going too far,” says Lenna. “And we’re perfect for visiting friends and family, too.” Learn more at https://www.marriott.com/hotels/ travel/yqrfi-fairfield-inn-and-suites-regina/ or call 306.545.9777.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Regina 3915 Albert St Regina 306.545.9777

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As 2020 ends and we look hopefully into 2021, let’s have a look at what the next year may hold for home décor and renovations. Navy Blue. Navy is a trend that will continue with the touch of luxury that brings to any space. Have fun with it—it can be more than just a painted feature wall. Think navy wallpaper and navy décor, too. Textured walls. Texture is anticipated to be a big deal in 2021, especially for walls. Stone, marble, beams and wall panels can add texture to your space, and it can be pretty simple to execute. Minimal art. Inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic, minimalism in art is on trend. With its calming effect, minimalist art with simple lines adds a clean look to any room. Two neutrals. Grey has been popular for the past few years, and now it’s brought a friend—beige. The two together provide a beautiful balance between warm and cool tones.

Blue Natural Marble Texture Peel & stick fabric wallpaper murals by Giffy Walls

32 |



add instant s l e n a p ll a w textured to a room visual interest Plants and foliage. Succulents are still the rage, but feel free to add plants of all kinds to your décor. Embrace foliage whether it’s real, fake or dried to add texture and depth to your space. Let light in. Maximize the natural light your windows bring in. If you’re renovating, think about increasing your window size to let more light in. Natural light adds a peaceful, calming touch, so avoid heavy draperies and let the sunshine in. Multitask. The COVID-19 pandemic taught us how to quickly repurpose spaces. Embrace the multifunctionality of rooms and maximize the comfort in your home. Creative changes like shelving and folding furniture can help get the most from your space. Earth tones. Like navy, grey and beige, earthy colours are also hot for 2021. Warm and comforting, think deep reds, golden yellows and sage greens for décor and accessories like throws, art, and more. Hide the hardware. Clean lines are trendy in kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re planning a renovation, think about how you can keep cabinets smooth and simple. Integrated handles and invisible latches work to keep things uncomplicated.

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Bring rattan indoors. Rattan is popular for outdoor furniture, and it’s also fantastic indoors. Think about rattan accent chairs, big baskets and even headboards. Light and honey hued wood. 2021 is moving away from darkly stained woods and embracing the lighter look. Wall boards, ceilings, flooring and cabinets on the lighter, honey side are rising in popularity. Warm up. Installing heated floors in your bathroom is a luxurious touch your feet will thank you for. Curve this. Freestanding bathtubs, like heated floors, are a fantastic way to bring the spa experience home. A beautiful tub is not just functional—it’s also a statement. Style that sink. The trend toward statement sinks is only growing in 2021. Pick something durable that adds a pop of colour or design to your kitchen or bathroom. Rustic lighting. Gone are the days of crystal chandeliers or big, shiny brass. Fixtures with an industrial touch—like metal or rough wood¬—or textures like bamboo or wicker are perfect for dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

right fixture available at Richardson Lighting

34 |





We have the selection and expertise to meet all your renovation needs. 2101 7th Avenue Regina | richardsonlighting.com


Light of




inter can be a dark and gloomy season. We could all use a little more warm, nourishing sunlight. Bringing natural light into your home can improve your overall health and happiness but finding the perfect windows coverings can be complicated. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. Shademaker Blinds knows that your needs will be unique and that narrowing down the options is an important part of the professional consultation process. “There are hundreds of options to choose from—and the styles and functions of every blind, shade and drapery can be overwhelming. But we’re here to help with that,” says Andria Kuntz, owner. “Some of our newest shades are incredibly innovative, offering everything you could want for your windows including light, heat control and protection from the cold, all in a range of beautiful designs.” The company provides a personalized customer experience for each client, bringing their store right to your home. Locally owned and operated for more than a decade, Shademaker delivers the kind of ongoing, client-focused service only a small local business can provide. They put customers first and this is what brings people back to them for window coverings over and over. With them, it’s not just a product — it’s an experience. To learn more about what Shademaker Blinds can do for you or to discuss any of your window covering needs, they offer in-home consultations and professional installation, as well as convenient DIY options. Book online at shademakerblinds.com and follow Shademaker Blinds on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Bring rattan indoors. Rattan is popular for outdoor furniture, and it’s also fantastic indoors. Think about R E S H Mchairs, A G A Z Ibig N E baskets • FRESH LIVING rattan and even headboards. 36 | Faccent

t our Ask abou s! tion p o on ti a m o t au

Light and honey hued wood. 2021 is moving away from darkly stained woods and embracing the lighter look. Wall boards, ceilings, flooring and cabinets on the lighter, honey side are rising in popularity. Warm up. Installing heated floors in your bathroom is a luxurious touch your feet will thank you for. Curve this. Freestanding bathtubs, like heated floors, are a fantastic way to bring the spa experience home. A beautiful tub is not just functional—it’s also a statement. Style that sink. The trend toward statement sinks Andria Kuntz, owner

is only growing in 2021. Pick something durable Shademaker that adds a Blinds pop of colour or design to your

Regina 306.533.7750 Shademakerblinds.com

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Embrace the Light One of the top ten things that make a house a home is natural light. Nothing compares to waking up on a cold winter’s day to the feeling of warm sunshine on your face. Bringing that feeling into your home with new energy saving windows can lift your mood not only by adding ambience but by keeping money in your wallet. The great benefits of natural light have not gone unnoticed by potential homebuyers, now considering “lots of natural light” as a must when choosing a new home. Below are a few different ways you can let in that gorgeous light!

Larger Windows or Doors

Darren Kuntz, owner

“Building a Clean, Green, Smart Canada”

38 |



If you are looking to replace windows in your home, now is the perfect time to expand the openings and to improve the amount of natural illumination. Innovation in the window manufacturing industry allows for minimal framework around the glass, increasing the size of glass inside the window. Choose picture, bow, or bay windows for the biggest impact. These can combine fixed with operable units to allow maximum light and ventilation. Green Smart will come out to look at your

window, professionally measure, and offer knowledgeable solutions. Transom windows above your old windows will add extra illumination with no loss of privacy. Blinds can be added below the transom or all the way to the top. Adding decorative sidelites to your front entry door can really brighten a foyer as well as adding curb appeal to the exterior. Replacing a solid exterior door with a patio or garden door can make the indoors and outdoors come together beautifully.

Clean Windows Seems like a simple way to brighten a room but who wants to clean all those windows inside and out? Well, it could not be simpler with our Simply Clean Glass System, the easiest way to get clean glass all year round.

to prune tree branches, shrubs and climbing vines that are impeding windows or doors. Consider replacing overgrown plants with low-lying perennials or flowering annuals to keep an unobstructed view and natural light flowing in.

Choose the Right Colour Palette Always remember that color can either absorb or reflect light. Darker colors, even with large windows, will suck up the natural light coming in and will not have the same effect as a lightly painted wall color such as white, light grey or soft tan. Lighter colors act like a mirror and will reflect light around the room but nothing can replace a beautiful new window.

Here’s how it works: • It harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can wash it away • Comes standard with products when ordered with LoE Glass • Your windows will stay cleaner longer • Simply Clean works even on cloudy days as 80 per cent of the sun’s UV rays get through • A thin layer of silicone dioxide makes the exterior glass surface super smooth • The super smooth surface of Simply Clean allows the water to “sheet off” and evaporate quickly greatly reducing water spots

Window Treatments Included Something you may not realize after ordering new windows is your old shades may not fit! But would you really want them to? Adding a custom window covering can make your home feel bright and happy and allow you to control the light. Green Smart has made this

better than ever by adding FREE Graber window coverings with your window and door package. Want to upgrade? No problem! A complimentary window covering consultation will be provided to you with discount pricing offered on every style.

Trim Trees and Shrubs Outside Windows and Doors Landscaping and trees outside your home enrich the look and create beautiful curb appeal, especially with a new entry door. Of course, as the greenery outside grows, it can affect the light coming in. It could be time

Bring in New Furniture and Accessories If you are contemplating new furniture, try a lighter colored sofa and instead use accents such as pillows or throws to add color to your room. Lighter colored furniture will sing with the natural light, adding to the positive vibes of your home.

Call us or text “Book” to 306.540.2790 for a free consultation greensmartwd.com

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Let the Sun


f 2020 has taught us anything, it is that home is where the heart is. Our homes became many things this year and most importantly, they became our soft place to land. And many of us are looking around wondering, how can we make our happy place even happier? Look no further than Canadian Factory Direct Sunrooms to add some sunshine to your home. The company, based in Prince Albert, is Western Canada’s largest sunroom manufacturer selling direct to consumers. With over 30 years in the business, Factory Direct designs and manufactures beautiful, quality sunrooms and solariums that are built to last. “We use the heaviest aluminum framing in the market, and our patented roof is second-to-none,” says Bruce Morley, owner at Canadian Factory Direct Sunrooms. “We deliver right to your door and install, too.” Not only can you extend your summer enjoyment with a Factory Direct sunroom, you’ll also create a space that will become the most popular room in your home. “A sunroom, without a doubt, will become the place you spend most of your time in,” says Bruce. “Whether you’re working, retired or have kids at home, everyone loves to be in a sunroom.” You can opt for a three-season sunroom, or Canada’s only true four-season sunroom. Factory Direct can build a four-season sunroom that can handle whatever a Canadian winter throws

at it. With PVC windows—triple-glazed, low-e coating, argon gas and the highest R-value you can get in windows—and the heaviest frame on the market, you can truly enjoy the outdoors all year long. Not only does Factory Direct build sunrooms, but they also build beautiful screen rooms, patio covers and gazebos. So, no matter what you’re looking for to make your outdoor space a place you’ll love, they have you covered. In fact, Factory Direct sunrooms are so popular that the company expanded its manufacturing facility again this year. The company will have a massive 30,000 square foot manufacturing area, 40 |



Regina Showroom

dedicated to building the best sunrooms on the market. “Our direct-to-consumer model also means you save money with our sunrooms,” says Bruce. “You’re not paying for salespeople or dealers. We have removed the middleman to make sure you get a great price and outstanding customer service before and after the sale.” With a 25-year warranty and savings up to 30 per cent if you book this winter for installation next spring, there is no better time than now to consider a Factory Direct Sunroom. Learn more at their showroom at 17-17th Street West in Prince Albert, online at factorydirectsunrooms.ca, call 306.347.0059 to talk to an expert, and follow on Facebook and Instagram.

#17 - 17th Street West Prince Albert 306.347.0059 factorydirectsunrooms.ca H O L I D AY 2 0 2 0

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INDOOR PLANTS FOR FUN AND FOOD Plants are a wonderful addition to any home—they bring the outdoors inside all year round. Many are easy to grow, smell fantastic, and you can even eat some!

Let’s Get Started Here’s a list of plants that you can grow indoors—and often find in your local grocery, hardware or garden store. Aloe – these easy-care plants are pointy and pretty. Place in a sunny window and they hardly need water. It’s a succulent that thrives in moderately dry soil. Christmas cactus – this plant is how I got started in indoor gardening. They usually bloom in December, hence the name. Blooms can be white, pink, red, orange, lilac or white. They love the sun and moderately dry soil. Dracaena – This plant can grow large enough to need floor space in a large pot. The long leaves can be green with white, cream, or red stripes. English Ivy – Perfect for a hanging pot, this plant looks fabulous in a macrame hanger, on a mantel or a bookshelf. Ivy likes medium to bright light with moist soil. Snake plant – this tough succulent has leathery, yellowedged leaves. Great for a first-time indoor gardener, they will bloom if grown in bright light.

Let’s Eat

#DYK the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources is a fantastic online resource for gardening? Find it all at gardening.usask.ca.

Chives – this plant loves humidity, so a little dish of water nearby will make it happy. Keep it in a sunny kitchen to add snips to salads and potatoes. Lettuce – you can grow more lettuce from a stem. I find it works best with romaine. Cut off the bottom of your head of romaine lettuce and place in a small bowl of water. Change the water frequently, and you should see new growth within days. Mint – another easy-to-grow herb, mint likes a nice spritz on its leaves and indirect light with good drainage. You can dry it for tea, and it’s a key ingredient for a tasty mojito. Green Onion – like lettuce, you can grow more green onions from scraps. Keep three inches of the white bulb intact, and plant it about a ½ inch into potting soil. Keep it watered in a sunny spot and in about three weeks, you can harvest right on your kitchen counter. Oregano – Greek oregano is the most common, and it loves the sun. Let it spice up your cooking all winter long. It will love a sunny spot and don’t let it dry out.

START PLANNING FOR SPRING: While fall is just arriving and winter is peeking around the corner, it’s never too early to think about next year’s garden. While you perfect your indoor garden this winter, think about a tea garden for next spring. Here are some excellent choices for starting an herbal tea adventure outside. Anise-Hyssop – a perennial to zone 4, this pretty herb attracts pollinators and it’s great in herbal teas with its minty licorice flavour. Catnip – this plant, besides its cat-attracting powers, is a great ingredient in herbal teas. Chamomile – another herbal tea plant, chamomile reseeds itself every year and is covered in daisy-like flowers. Lemon Balm – this lemony-fresh herb is a perennial and it smells fantastic. You can use it in salads and with chicken and fish, and it’s great as an herbal tea ingredient. Lavender – an ingredient in Herbes de Provence, this sweet and gorgeous plant likes the sun. Peppermint – different than garden mint (spearmint), true peppermint can’t be grown from seed as its seeds are sterile. It makes a fabulous tea and it’s great in cooking and baking.

Reline Your Existing Sewer Line

Trenchless (No Digging) Cost Effective Environmentally Friendly

306-586-2727 2 4 / 7 S E R V ICE




This This space saving furniture is the modern Murphy space saving furniture is the modern Murphybed, bed, This space saving furniture is the modern Murphy bed, it's it's freestanding need to be installed it's freestanding so itsowon’t need to to bebe installed freestanding soititwon’t won’t need installed atowall and can bebeeasily moved. With our to a to wall and can becaneasily moved. With our a wall and easily moved. With our styles and mattress, Sleep greatgreat styles and premium mattress, Sleep great styles andpremium premium mattress, Sleep willwill fit fit into give chest intoany anydécor décor and give chestchest will fit into any décor andand give guests much better sleep than guests much better sleep thanis the modern Murphy bed, This space saving furniture guests much better sleep than a sofa bed or roll away cot, it's freestanding so it won’t a sofa or roll away cot, need to be installed a sofa bed bed or roll away cot, to a wall and can be easily moved. With our nobody will even andand nobody will even and nobody will even great styles and premium mattress, Sleep know it’s a bed! know it’s a bed! chest will fit into any décor and give know it’s a bed! guests much better sleep than a sofa bed or roll away cot, and nobody will even know it’s a bed!

SAVE SAVE SAVE --$1500 $500$500 - $1500 $500 $1500

On Select Stressless On Stressless OnSelect Select Stressless Seating. Seating.



$500 - $1500

On Select Stressless Seating.

1601 6th Ave. Regina, SK (306)525-5428 www.castlefurniture.ca th

1601 6 Ave. Regina, SK

(306)525-5428 1601 6th Ave. Regina, SK th Ave. Regina, SK 1601 6 (306)525-5428 www.castlefurniture.ca www.castlefurniture.ca (306)525-5428



What not to do

• Don’t install a nameplate outside of your home with your full name. A burglar can use this information to find your number in the phone book and call to see if you are home. • At home, especially after Christmas, the empty boxes on the curb reveal what wonderful new toys you have. Break down the boxes and conceal them in the recycling or trash bins.

Is Your Home Safe? It is an unfortunate reality that there continues to be people in our own city who will break into your home or business and steal your stuff.

Crime statistics • A residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada. • More than 80 per cent of break-ins occur during daylight hours. • Most illegal entries are made by amateur burglars without the use of sophisticated tools. • Most burglars enter through a basement or groundfloor door or window. • Most burglars rely on concealment, speed and force to gain entry to a building.

Crime prevention tips To best protect your home, look at it from a burglar’s perspective. What are the vulnerable parts? Burglary is almost always a crime of opportunity. Reduce your odds by taking some preventative steps.

Securing your premises • Keep your shrubbery cut back so it doesn’t block windows and doors. • Illuminate as much of your property as possible.

• Exterior doors should be solid, not hollow. Metal doors provide the best protection against forced entry. • Use a fencing style that won’t conceal a burglar’s activities. Remember, if you can’t see out, others can’t see in. • Secure any glass that is less than 100 cm or 40 inches from a door lock. Either coat exterior glass with an acrylic or polycarbonate to strengthen, or replace it with laminated or tempered glass.

• Do not post on social media that you are away on holiday. Wait till you are back to post those beautiful holiday snaps. • Don’t leave a note on the door or in the mailbox telling a family member that you aren’t home. • Don’t leave spare keys in an obvious place such as the mailbox or under a door mat. • Don’t leave cash and handbags in plain sight. • Don’t leave any doors unlocked when you are at the other end of your home or in your yard. Upon the discovery of a break-in, and after the incident has been reported to the police, you should contact your insurance broker. If you have any concerns or questions, regarding home safety or insurance coverage, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

• Install deadbolt locks. • Place hinged security bars over windows. • Pin sliding patio doors together when closed. • Ensure that a burglar cannot access the roof from high trees or a ladder left outside. There is no perfect deterrent, but, statistics show the chance of being broken into is significantly reduced if you have a 24-hour monitored alarm system. Alarm systems can also monitor smoke, fire, carbon monoxide and water leaks, getting help there sooner, minimizing damage and danger.

Greg Marcyniuk Agency owner

Heritage Insurance 100A Fairford Street Moose Jaw 306.693.7640 nohassleinsurance.ca

Heritage Insurance


magine yourself at the cabin. You’re tucked under a cozy blanket, sipping a mug of something warm next to a fireplace as the snow gently falls. Or, fast forward to the summer and imagine yourself on the deck of that cabin, drinking something cold and frosty after a long day having fun at the beach. Feels good, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be a dream. Aurora Cabins and Homes can make those good feelings a reality. Specializing in cabins for the past five years, Aurora owner Luc Marengere can create the log or timber cabin (or home) of your dreams. “I have a talent for envisioning the project you want, and I enjoy dreaming with my clients,” says Luc. “We can turn your recreational property into a place you may never want to leave.” Aurora has a series of pre-designed packages for smaller ready-to-move framed and log homes and can customize a build to your specifications. “We’re not a cookie-cutter builder,” says Luc. Aurora has ‘gone back in time’ to when life was simpler and brought back those long-ago ideas to create complete cabins and homes from handcrafted or milled logs, timber frames, and traditionally framed homes with timber and log accents. And, if you’re in the mood for some DIY, they can supply framed or lockup builds for construction of your dream home. Even if a log cabin isn’t in your future, you can add wood accents to your outdoor space. Aurora also builds log and timber gazebos, so you can create an oasis right in your own backyard. “Bring a little of that ‘cabin feeling’ home with a gazebo,” says Luc. It is a great way to bring that ‘getaway’ feeling without ever leaving your home.

46 |



The Aurora Cabins team can also breathe new life into aging log cabins. “If you own or are interested in buying an older log cabin, we can restore logs into looking like new again,” says Luc.

Also, the company offers DIY specialty products for the home renovator or gardener. You can order cedar mulch, rough sawed timber, tongue-and-groove pine, pine log siding and even garden archway packages from Aurora for your own projects. “We’re booking now for Spring 2021 cabins, homes and projects,” says Luc. “Give us a call to see what we can do for your home or cabin project.” Learn more about Aurora Cabins and Homes at Auroracabinsandhomes.com or call 306.591.1966. Bring rattan indoors. Rattan is popular Aurora Cabins and Homes for outdoor furniture, and it’s also fantastic

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CARING. RELIABLE. HONEST. Those are three values you want in a home builder. Regina’s new homebuilder, Archangel Builders, has all of them—along with experience, talent, and genuine love for what they do. What more could you ask for? Archangel Builders is a home renovation and home building company that wants to be part of your home dreams. “It’s not just about doing the job,” says Christopher Pouteaux, owner. “It’s about investing ourselves in our client’s happiness.” Christopher’s many years as a home construction project manager led him to start a company with the motto: “Wholeheartedly Dedicated to Integrity, Excellence & Service.”

Joseph Tarr, Chris Pouteaux, Emily Norton and Jason Dubord. Photo by Calvin Fehr

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“What drives us is creating and cultivating good relationships with everyone we work with,” says Emily Norton, vice-president at Archangel. “It starts with our clients, and extends to our partners, tradespeople, and vendors.” That commitment to positive relationships and excellent


service sets Archangel apart when you’re in the market for a renovation or homebuilder. Archangel clients have much to say about their experience. “We had Archangel complete a kitchen renovation,” says Taylor Bloch. “I can’t tell you how happy and satisfied we are.” Taylor was impressed from the very beginning. “The start of our design process through construction and follow-up, Archangel demonstrated professionalism, expertise, customer service, and true passion for their business,” she says. “They are thorough, detailed, and customer-oriented.” She noted how Archangel clearly outlined expectations for budget and timeline and worked with them to adjust as needed. Her project was completed on budget and on time, and they enjoyed working with the entire staff. “The entire project was so clean and every

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day they took great care of our home as they worked,” says Bloch. “We sincerely recommend Archangel Builders and plan to have them back for other projects.” Whether you’re looking to finish a basement, raise a garage, tackle a home renovation or build a home from the ground up, Archangel has the skills, commitment and experience you need. “We want to be part of your home dreams,” says Christopher. “For us, it’s more that delivering a project to a client. It’s about creating an experience and relationship that lasts.” If you’re thinking about a new home or renovation project, meet with the Archangel Builders team to see what they can do for you. You can visit them online at archangelbuilders.ca and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. L


what Archangel clients are saying “Archangel Builders completed our basement renovation and they impressed us during our project with their excellent communication, their transparency of all the details, and the fact that we felt as though our project was as important to them as it was to us. The project was completed on time and on budget. The trades that were brought into our project were all excellent, from the plumbers and electricians, to the carpenters and painters. They were all very friendly and respectful and each trade delivered an exceptional product. Chris, Emily, Joey, Jason, and Kristin from Archangel are amazing to work with and we would like to express our gratitude to each of them for all the hard work they did for us. Archangel Builders company motto is “Wholeheartedly Dedicated to Integrity, Excellence & Service” and we believe that they live up to their motto. We recommend this company and would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.” – Heather M, Archangel Builders Client


Archangel Builders Regina Archangelbuilders.ca 306.533.2812

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Winters in Saskatchewan are long and cold. We’re always looking for something to pass the time with the kids on those chilly days and frosty nights. Here’s a fun craft you can do with things you can find around the house, and they’ll make great gifts, too!

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Clean tin cans with the labels removed or terra cotta plant pots (your local craft or hardware store will have pots)


Acrylic paint

Paint brushes in a few sizes

Cups for paint colours and water

Gloss Clear Spray Paint

Beads and ribbon (optional)

Glue gun (optional)

Newspaper or a cheap tablecloth

Paper towels

To prepare your cans, we recommend a good cleaning with hot, soapy water to remove any labels. Dry them well inside and out. Cover your workspace well with newspaper or a plastic tablecloth. Pour paint into cups and have a cup of water for cleaning your brushes. Use a paper towel to dry brushes between cleanings. Draw your designs onto the tin can or pot with a marker. Have fun and be creative. You can choose holiday motifs, flowers or whatever you like. Using the acrylic paint, paint your design onto the can or pot. Let dry well. Once dry, spread newspaper outdoors and place your cans or pots on the paper. Spray each can on all sides with the spray gloss paint. Let dry well. Once dry, you can add more decoration if you like. You can attach beads with a glue gun, tie on pretty ribbons, or wrap around some yarn or twine. Have fun and use your imagination!

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Using your acrylic paint, paint smooth rocks. Let dry and spray with gloss paint. They are fun to tuck into the toe of a stocking, and perfect for the garden in the spring.

GIFT IDEAS FOR YOUR CAN For the gardener – tuck seed packets inside and wrap along with a small bag of potting soil or a small trowel or plant a succulent inside. For the sweet tooth – fill with wrapped candies and chocolates. For the spa lover – tuck in a bag of bath salts and a small bottle of lotion. For the artist – fill with art supplies like paint brushes, markers, pens or pencils For the homebody – fill with glass beads and a taper candle

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f you’re nearing retirement, are ready to

main floor laundry, large walk-in closets and

downsize, or would simply like to live in

pantries, and en-suite bathrooms. And that’s

the Regina area, our NewRock Team has two

just the beginning. Once you’ve decided to

fantastic communities for you. Savanna Estates

buy, you’ll then begin choosing from a long list

in Pilot Butte and Creekstone Estates in Moose

of available options, upgrades, and selections

Jaw are developments of bungalow condos

that will transform one of our fantastic

designed for Exceptional Adult Living. Whether

templates into a home built just for you.

you’re looking to sell the farm or escape the city, your next home should be well-built,

Another stand-out feature is the chance to live

comfortable, and spacious. Offered in three

maintenance free. For a low monthly condo fee,

unique floorplans — the Newport, the Westport,

all NewRock homeowners are freed from the

and the Bridgeport — Estate style homes

obligations of lawn-care, snow-shoveling, and

allow you to downsize without downgrading.

other exterior maintenance. Whether you’d like

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll enjoy

to travel worry-free year round, want to spend

an open, modern, and functionally designed

more time enjoying your new home and less

two-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-car garage

time maintaining it, or are just sick of these cold

layout. These bungalow condos also feature

Saskatchewan winters, we’ve got you covered.

high-end standard features like granite or

Call today to learn more!

quartz counter tops, premium kitchen cabinets,

Downsize without the downgrade. Book your showhome tour today!

Contact Devin 101, 4 Savanna Crescent PILOT BUTTE

SAT & SUN 12 - 4 | Or by Appointment



Or visit us at savannaestates.com

Contact Mike 927 Bradley Street MOOSE JAW

TUES & THURS 5 - 8 | SAT & SUN 12 - 4 Or by Appointment



Or visit us at creekstoneestates.ca


THERE IS NOWHERE ELSE TO GET A WASH LIKE THIS ith winter on its way, we’re leaving bug season and moving into the dreaded snow and slush season. The cold can make it seem like it’s impossible to keep your vehicle clean while we slog through until the spring. Fear not, Regina. You can keep your car clean—inside and out— whether it’s 40 below or 40 above. SUDS Full Service Car Wash has been making vehicles shine for 17 years, and they want a chance to make yours shine, too. Conveniently located on Winnipeg Street, you’ve got a few options to choose from upon arrival. If you need a quick wash, get in the SUDS Exterior Wash lane and pick from four options to get your vehicle tidy and back on the road in a flash. In and out in 10 minutes, it’s contactless, quick and best of all—it’s the only car wash in town that stays open even when we’re ‘enjoying’ Arctic-style temperatures. If your vehicle’s interior needs some love, head into the other lane to have a friendly, experienced SUDS

photography by Calvin Fehr

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Give the


this Christmas with SUDS Gift Cards

team member check out what you need done. There are two options to choose from—SUDS Ultimate and SUDS Complete Clean—both of which include interior and exterior cleaning. Your vehicle will get the red-carpet treatment, with everything from vacuuming seats and carpets, vinyl protection to leather care, window cleaning and so much more. If odours are a problem, SUDS can take care of that too.

find it at SUDS. NEOGLIDE is a revolutionary wash material that is gentle but thorough on today’s clearcoat finishes. It never scratches or leaves a residue, and it outcleans conventional cloth and touchless washes, hands down. “NEOGLIDE will make your car shine like nothing else,” says Kirby. “That, coupled with our ZEP and ArmorAll products gives every vehicle the best wash available.”

While your vehicle is being cleaned like its never been cleaned before, you can enjoy a complimentary beverage in SUDS’ comfortable, spacious waiting area. There’s even free Wi-Fi to keep you busy while you wait. “The average interior and exterior cleaning takes about an hour,” says Kirby Kazeil, owner at SUDS. “And, you never need an appointment. Just drive up and our team will take care of your car like it’s one of their own.”

Give your vehicle the SUDS experience today. Open Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm for Express Wash and 8.00 am to 4.00 pm for full-service, your vehicle will thank you for it. Learn more at 522Suds.com and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.”

The thing that sets SUDS apart—besides years of experience and serious commitment to clean—is NEOGLIDE technology. NEOGLIDE, and its advanced ‘blue finger’ wash, is the foundation of the SUDS clean and you’ll only

SUDS Full Service Car Wash 1565 Winnipeg Street Regina 306.522.7837 522suds.com

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Advice TAdvice Expert


gardener, you have seen vermiculite in the soil; it is a natural mineral that puffs up when heated. In soil, it absorbs water and slowly releases it back to the roots of the plants between watering. No big deal! Right.

Well, here's what you need to know. From the 1920s to the late 1960s, vermiculite was a very common insulation; it was vermin-proof, fire-proof and a good insulator. Here's the issue. The vast majority of vermiculite used in Saskatchewan was mined from Libby Montana, our closest supplier. What we know now is that mine also had asbestos mixed in it.


So, what's that matter, you ask? If you are doing any renovations to your home that may involve the ceiling, attic, exterior walls, venting, soffits, bath or kitchen exhaust, you need a contractor who understands asbestos or will bring in the experts.


An independent attic inspe Functioning Attic Get Your Attic

is the best way to identify t Inspected issues. What are the real co What risks? Winter Here — E Xare P is E Rthe T Advice What can go wrong?

Get Your Attic Inspected don't know what it is or what the issues are won't

but it can cause you to make very poor, very dan expensive decisions.

There are many ways to deal with asbestos. Th I hear from REALTORS® and inspectors is “ Blowing in more insulation will fix ‘er up.” further from the truth!

uring 2017, we’ve worked renovations, such as new pot lights (How many If you want the characterVentilation of an older home, or you can only afford from Your inspector should advise you about potentia with over 350 homeowners, or a new hood range, this can compress roof ventyou+ need soffit vents?) to buy in an older neighbourhood, to know what kind in the home. If the issues are not visible that day homebuilders, and property is in the home. If the REALTOR® is not aware of insulation, creating a cold on spot. of insulation the roof isn't leaking a dry summer day. Yo Another common issue we’ve managers to help fix issuesyou need a new REALTOR®! If the property inspector vermiculite, about vapour barrier, venting, structure, insulat Your trusted attic experts know what encountered in attics is inadequate omes and buildings. attic just a bit of it, there’s nothing to worry about,” you need to do.—Call says,As “There's things that future renovations will open for your complimentary and up. ventilation systems. This includes your e assess the entire building a new inspector. complete home an about attic asbesto Bottom line:analysis, ask yourwhere advisors roof vents and intake ventilation from your nd look for opportunities to do an atticattic inspection. Weit's can An independent attic inspection is the best wayappear to identify true expertanwill independent inspection; always fre soffits. Even though it may that the soffit e efficiency of your attic system. diagnose issues using our thermal imaging issues. What are the real costs? What are the risks? What can go wrong? Insulation The Attic Experts (mileage will appl is venting through perforated tin, we often town) and it may save you huge headaches. cameras and provide you a full report on mplete inspection,Asbestos we work find can homes pan installed directly in your home andwith will soffit fall down the chimney chase, the Insulation complete inspection. Our are c ith homeowners contaminating to create a yourover air. That's big deal. plywood. Asbestos will fall from your site after Ultimate – The Attic Experts the aoriginal This blocks professionally trained staff will provide n based on their ceiling needs ifand you ever have a water in entering the roof. your That'sattic a bigand deal. abatement contractors. However, we do not any fresh airleak from you with solutions and your home ring our five years Asbestos in business will drop through the wiring pulls in the top of your walls asbestos; we rely onensure local industry leaders to pro venting out the roof vents as homes require. to the highest most efficient and inside your ceiling lights. That's a big deal. Asbestos can drop functions in conjunction with and our service packages. s years of experience in the Theand number roofThat's ventsa isn’t random, around kitchenoffans. big deal. We are level possible. n industry, we’ve seen it all.the bathroom It’s time to start demanding more from your REA left-right condensation, frost and re-installation either. There is a connection between telling this to the world because we get the calls on a weekly basis: Call today to request your complimentary inspector, and protectand yourself and your family. ee of the most common left thea thing number roof vents, the left -- right right condensation, condensation, frost frost and re-installation re-installation “My home inspector didn't say aboutofthat, or the REALTOR® inspection. found in attics andsaid it’s been there for 70 years and sizeit’sof your home, and the fine!” ffect your home. amount of soffit ventilation. What, what, If your advisor bring in the If any people say, what? “I'm ready for trusted insulation anddoesn't adequate ventilation. 5 ★ GOOGLE REVIEW RATING your homecomponents doesn’t have promised winter’s thisnot fall!get I have justIfone of these fails, it will experts,wrath you will expert advice. frost and re-installation “Ultimate Insulation has just finished extensive att enough roofresult or can soffit windows, new doors and our left-right condensation,new spell trouble. The range from When the home has any renovations, it will release asbestos into the even a new furnace!” condensation resulted in soaked insulation and wa ventilation, thisthree can lead condensation to mould or even complete re renovate, vents to siding — you've changed the way ersyou planning toliving any “I'm Attic spaces require any people people say, Attic spaces require three components space. Whensay, you“I'm change the light fixtures, install a components pot light from the attic hatch. Wheatland Roofing recomm ready for winter’s to trapped moisture in the structural failure. You may jeopardize all ready for the winter’s upgradeAll or your theseredesign improvements keep warm to to function function properly: properly: aa vapour vapour barrier, the home functions. spots) or have andoalarm run through the attic, when you get satellite TV wrath this fall! I have we are glad we followed their advice. Wade was q wrath this fall! I have the hardand work and money you have put air insummer? and keep the cold out,ready but they do insulation insulation adequate ventilation. If attic assembly. This insulation and adequate ventilation. home this Whether anyrun people say,air“I'm for adequate ventilation. through the attic, when you install newer windows or get acan high-If If These changes have all been made with good rrier breaches new windows, new new windows, new problems and offer solutions. The work was profe more winter’s thing —wrath they this put fall! an additional just one ofrenovations. components fails,fails, it will into your just one ofthese these components it compromise your insulation you are one updating your home's I have just one of these components fails, will efficient furnace, you building envelope. All ofenergy thisitcan doors and even new the intentions of making the home more mon issue found doors and even aaaffect new load on the attic. When the walls are better spell trouble. The result can range from workers friendly and accommodating. We highly r new windows, new doors and will spell trouble. The result can range and potentially turn into mold. tting a new furnace, changing spell trouble. The result can range from Your trusted attic experts know what to do. release asbestos fibres into your air. furnace!” All these efficient. these changes must be ey oftensealed, cause the those heata new canfurnace!” only go up!All Thethese old However, condensation to mould or even complete local, family company and have already done so to even furnace!” fromforcondensation toeven mould or even condensation to complimentary mould or complete Call your and complete ws or getting the shingles improvements do keep improvements dokeep keep The Low/Uneven Insulation barrier and have to structural failure. You may jeopardize all area we see most often affected spots tovapour appear on Ifyour youinsulation are looking atbalanced. purchasing an older home, ask your REALTOR® Besides the fantastic work, they really care about t complete structural You will maydo failure. You may jeopardize all home analysis, where anfailure. attic expert the warm air in and structural these improvements do warm ou'reAll changing theand way your thekeep warm inattic. and the warm air moisture outthe ofair the the is hard work and money you have put (cold room) and inspector what they know about asbestos. Just because they byair these changes the attic space. vapour barrier isthe the first line Regina is lucky to have them. Thanks Wade and fa keep the cold out, jeopardize all the hard work and money the hard work and money you have put air in and keep cold air out, but they do an attic inspection. Using custom software keep thehave cold trouble air out, rms. These changesmaterials can create Old building may into your renovations. between the indo your butair they onehome more thing—they put one more thing — they put an additional into your renovations. you have put into renovations. and hardware, we your will Insulation keeps us provide warm you in with a but they one more Attic require three components de effects. Pat Carlson keeping up. This means warmdohumid airspaces Yourthermo trusted attic experts know what to do. an load on theareattic. When r in your attic. Ifthey the vapour load on theadditional attic. When the walls better full report, which will highlight thing — put an additional load on winter and cool in summer, but inadequate to properly function: a vapour barrier, from the house will escape into the attic Your trusted attic experts know what to do. Your trusted attic experts know what walls are better sealed, the can Call for your complimentary and complete sealed, the heat canholes, onlywalls go Theheat old ard the oldthe saying "renovations ompromised (tears, orup! attic. When the are sealed, any concerns orventilation. potential issues. Our insulation results in condensation. The warm andthe mix with the cold dry air better that already Call for do. your complimentary and complete insulation and adequate If attic to Call for your complete only go up! The old vapour barrier and home analysis, where an attic expert will vapour barrier and insulation have to keep the heat can only go up! The old vapour Sometimes, professionally trained staff will provide Wade & Joel Murray d)reitrenovations." canresides result in condensation, in that space. will create aairdew analysis, ancustom atticfails, expert will do humid airhome in these your condenses on these just one of components the inspection. Using software and insulation toThis keep the warm and do anhome atticwhere inspection. Using custom the overwhelmed warm air andhave moisture out of the attic. barrier insulation have to keep the owners you with solutions and ensure your home rs feel by the en complete structural point in the out attic, and all that moisture anwith attic inspection. Using custom software moisture offailure the building cold areas low insulation. Over time, hardware, wehardware, will provide you with a software and we mold will provide result ranges from condensation to Old building mayattic. have trouble warm airmaterials and moisture outOld of the attic. Ultimate Insulation – The Attic Experts functions to the highest level. means frost build-up! ess ofkeeping renovating. Most times, dy sheathing). hardware, willbehind provide you with a materials have trouble keeping up. and with awe full thermo report, this cycle canyou result in mold walls orwhich full thermo report, which will highlight up. Thismay means warm humid air to complete structural failure. You may Old building materials may have trouble 306.205.7366 This means warm humid air from the can from be Attic systematically ordered full thermo report, which will highlight Call today to request yourmoney complimentary will highlight any concerns or potential spaces require three components the house will escape into thehumid attic up. This means warm airattic.all any concerns or potential issues. Our service@ultimateinsulation.ca in your jeopardize the hard work and commonkeeping areas in a home’s house completed. willproperly: escape into the atticbarrier, and mix anyinspection. concerns potential issues. Our moreand efficiently issues. Ourorprofessionally trained staff www.ultimateinsulation.ca tomix function a vapour from thethe house the atticput with coldwill dryescape air thatinto already professionally trained staff will provide you've into thosetrained very renovations. leads to breaches the vapour with thein cold dry air that already resides Areas with low insulation can be the result professionally staff will provide Wade && Murray will provide you with solutions and ensure mix with cold drycreate air that already Ultimate Insulation - Joel The Attic Experts residesand in that space.the This will a dew Wade & Joel Murray, owners Joel Murray you with solutions and ensure your UltimateWade Insulation - The Atticowners Experts Insulation, pride ourselves inwe that space. This will create dew As we can create detailed ese areas include light fixtures, 306.205.7366 you with home solutions and ensure your home ofaaaattic fewexperts, things. First is over-ventilated your functions to the highest level. Wade & Joel Murray that space. willmoisture create dew point resides in the inattic, and allThis that Ultimate Insulation – The Attic Experts owners 306.205.7366 home functions to the highest level. Call point in the attic, and all that reports moisturethat include thermal imaging, roof service@ultimateinsulation.ca and property owners s,home chimney chases, and dropped Ultimate – The Attic Experts functions to the level. Callwind today tohighest request your complimentary owners the attic, and all that moisture ReginaInsulation meanspoint frost in build-up! soffits, creating in the attic that blows service@ultimateinsulation.ca www.ultimateinsulation.ca means frost build-up! today to request your attic inspection. Ultimate Insulation – The Attic Experts 306.205.7366 plan that affect assessment and structural We that can y formrenovations of staining around these www.ultimateinsulation.ca means frost build-up! inspection (conditions apply). 306.205.7366 122 REFINED REGINA & ARE A insulationCall around. isintegrity. ATinsulation HOME today toNext request your complimentary Ultimate Insulation – The Attic Experts Attic spaces require three components 306.205.7366 service@ultimateinsulation.ca service@ultimateinsulation.ca g envelope ofthat theproperly: home.vapour Every also address the your home faces by kely ato sign your 306.205.7366 has become wet issues from condensation in the www.ultimateinsulation.ca inspection. function a vapour barrier, service@ultimateinsulation.ca ultimateinsulation.ca H M G A Z I N E • FRESHproperly LIVING hange something aAhouse designing a custom uires expert attention. 58 | F R E Sin service@ultimateinsulation.ca www.ultimateinsulation.ca attic. Finally, if there has beenattic footsystem traffic www.ultimateinsulation.ca ndows, doors, furnace, range specific to your needs.




Vermiculite insulation


"Ooooooh my! Thats not my Grandpa's Truck Topper!" LEER AUTHORIZED PLATINUM DEALERSHIP


We have just been awarded with the highest award Leer offers to their No.1 North American dealers! We now have the status of "Leer Authorized Platinum dealership"—achieved by highest sales volume and highest customer service level possible. We thank all our loyal customers, and always welcome new truck owners to join Leer's No. 1 dealership!


We are known for our "triple threat" advantage, and you can count on us to always provide the best price, service and selection.


Our large auto glass division is led by Jim Clarke, auto glass manager, who believes in providing fast and efficient service. With 35 years of auto glass experience and the first glass technician in Regina to do stone chip repair, Jim keeps his professional team trained and deploying the latest technology in our large, 12-bay facility. Our experienced team of skilled usesthreat" top-of-the-line, high-tech products to We are known forprofessionals our "triple complete most windshield workus within two hours. advantage, and you can count on to always

provide the best price, service and selection. ✓ Access rear door with your Smart Phone ✓ Easy access and sleek design keypad display ✓ Optional high-performance audio/video rear system including large screen TV



We have to their N

We now dealersh custome custome No. 1 dea


Our large manager With 35 first glas keeps his technolo NOW IN O UR skilled pr TH complete


(306) 721-3333 | 1411 1st Avenue Regina customcreationsltd.com

(306) custom


30% OFF

plus an extra 5% off for seniors


1737 Dewdney Ave. Regina | (306) 347-0059

(306) 764-5470

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Fresh: Volume 1 | Issue 3 - Holiday 2020 Regina  

In our Holiday 2020 issue, you can expect to find great Holiday gift ideas from amazing local shops located around Regina, hear stories abou...

Fresh: Volume 1 | Issue 3 - Holiday 2020 Regina  

In our Holiday 2020 issue, you can expect to find great Holiday gift ideas from amazing local shops located around Regina, hear stories abou...

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