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Eunoia Review and others. She currently resides in Dunmore, Pennsylvania. Marne Wilson grew up on the plains of North Dakota and now lives in the foothills of West Virginia. Her poetry has appeared in such places as Atlanta Review, Poetry East, and The South Carolina Review. Her first chapbook, The Bovine Daycare Center, was recently published by Finishing Line Press. Diana Woodcock is the author of two full-length collections of poetry, most recently Under the Spell of a Persian Nightingale. Her first book, Swaying on the Elephant’s Shoulders, won the 2010 Vernice Quebodeaux International Women’s Poetry Prize. Her third, Tread Softly, is forthcoming from FutureCycle Press. Chapbooks include Beggar in the Everglades, Desert Ecology: Lessons and Visions, Tamed by the Desert, In the Shade of the Sidra Tree, Mandala, and Travels of a Gwai Lo. Since receiving an MFA degree in Creative Writing in 2004, she has been teaching creative writing, environmental literature, and composition at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar/School of the Arts. Previously, she spent nearly eight years working in Tibet, Macau, and on the Thai-Cambodian border. She is a PhD candidate (creative writing/poetry) at Lancaster University. Catherine Young is fascinated by perception of landscape and how it shapes our movements in the world. After having worked as a national park ranger, teacher, farmer, and mother, she completed her MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. Her essays, poetry and children’s fiction appears in Imagination & Place: Cartography, Hippocampus, About Place, Wisconsin Midwest Review, and Cricket, among others. Catherine is currently seeking a publisher for her landscape memoir of coal country. Matt Zambito: My full-length collection, The Fantastic Congress of Oddities, was published in 2014 by Cherry Grove Collections, and I’ve written two chapbooks, Guy Talk and Checks & Balances, both out from Finishing Line Press. New poems are forthcoming in


2017 Freshwater Literary Journal  
2017 Freshwater Literary Journal  

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