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Third Prize

Snow Day Polly Martin Landon was staring at his computer screen while holding the phone, his wife’s voice in his ear. Paige was telling him that the schools were getting out early and the kids would need to be picked up. He was attempting to finish up his report and wrap up his day at the office so he could get out on the road. Glancing out the window, he noticed the snow was piling up quickly. Paige was urgently shouting, “Are you listening to me?” The baby was crying and he could sense Paige’s annoyance that he was not responding. “Yes I hear you and I will be leaving as soon as I finish up this report.” While driving, Landon tried to stay focused on the snowcovered road that lay ahead of him. Passing cars were sliding off the road. The lanes were not visible and Landon could feel the car’s tires slip atop the ice-covered surface. The short five minute ride was stretching out in front of him like a lazy cat on a bed. The windshield wipers were freezing up caked with snow and ice. Landon felt like he had been dropped in the middle of one of his child’s drawings, “A Polar Bear in a Snow Storm.” Approaching the school entrance, Landon slowed the car to a creep, instead of a crawl, intent on mastering the turn. His safest attempt failed miserably as the car skidded across the driveway and jumped the curb. Still in shock, Landon abandoned the warmth of the car. He started to trudge through the snow as cold wet slush began to seep into his dress shoes and wind whipped at his face. The snowflakes stuck to his eyelashes, making it close impossible to see where he was going. If he ever made it to his children, how would he get them back to the car? When had the weather turned? Just this morning a few flakes had been gently floating in the air. As Landon made his way to the school and his children, the snow seemed to have grown and now was gripping at his thighs. His footing gave way and he fell face first into the snow. 12

2017 Freshwater Literary Journal  

Professional literary journal produced at Asnuntuck Community College