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IN THIS ISSUE ! Speaker Lisa Macqueen shares her tips for presenting in business Why should I believe you? 5 Things to help you go from GOOD to GREAT Fast Fashion is Dying Team Members who are Swimming the WRONG way Top 10 Work Wardrobe Items Success Stories Presentation Skills Checklist


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WHO IS MICHELLE BOWDEN? Michelle is an expert in persuasive presentation skills in business. She has run her 2-day Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass over 660 times with more than 6600 people and she’s been nominated for Educator of the Year for 6 years running.

 Update Welcome to the November issue of How to Present which is packed with articles to assist you to present with increased confidence and influence at work. This is a fantastic issue, I’m sure of it! Can you believe it’s November already? I saw the decorations going into my local shops this week! I hope that as you reflect on the year that is drawing to a close you feel satisfied that you have achieved what you said you would. If attending a world-class presentation skills training is one of the things on your Bucket List please visit my website and register today. We have 2 places left in November.

Our cover girl this month is a whirlwind of business success and a fantastic person too! Lisa Macqueen has really ‘fallen’ into the world of presenting since beating thousands of people around the world in an International competition for entrepreneurs. Since then her audiences number in the tens of thousands! You’ll love her pragmatic advice for presenting in business.

PLUS in this edition I’ve shared my ‘Get it Right’ Presentation Checklist, and I give you something to think about in relation to how sometimes people forget about your credibility at work in my article called Why Should I Believe You? Plus I share some Power Words you should try and use in your presentation notes and I remind you to make sure you Don’t Flick your Gestures. AND, I’ve introduced a new section called the 10 Second Presentation Tip - a fast reminder of something essential to excellent presenting. Ken Warren helps us deal more effectively with Team Members who are Swimming the Wrong Way, while Robin Powis gives us her Essential Wardrobe Items and explains that Fast Fashion is Dying. David Penglase asks: How Can I Ask Better Questions to Win More Sales? Jon Pratlett gives us another of his fantastic neuro-insights to help us Stay Calm Under Pressure. Greg Mowbray urges us to Keep Leadership Simple. Plus read some inspiring presentation Success Stories.

Michelle is one of only 35 Australian females who is a Certified So grab yourself a ’cuppa’, put your feet up and have a read! And most Speaking Professional - the highest importantly, make sure you put the invaluable advice into immediate designation for speakers in the action so you see some fast results. Happy Presenting!! world. For a list of Michelle’s clients please go to:

! !

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Michelle Bowden’s Proven Presentation System using techniques that actually work Do you get nervous when presenting at work? Do you want to showcase your knowledge, Would you like to learn the secrets of successful speaking, communicating and presenting? How to Present skills expert Michelle Bowden shares her internationally proven 13-step system to exceptional presenting, starting with analysis (plan what you would like to achieve), then design (put your presentation together) and delivery Whether you’re presenting or speaking to one person or thousands, this is the essential guide to becoming an

How to Present will help you:

There is no other book on the market like this that will take you step-by-step through the process of successful presenting. the art of persuasion

— Steve Weston, Managing Director of Retail Lending, UK Retail and Business Banking division, Barclays

with authority your goals!

it now! Purchase your copyBuy here

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SUCCESS STORIES! conference facilitation and industry events, to name a few.


What prompted you to attend Michelle's Influential Presentation Skills program?


I was having trouble getting the message across to the audience in many ways, and found I was lacking confidence in my public speaking. This was holding me back from not only delivering the message, but also from enhancing my own personal brand and developing confidence in other in my ability to deliver results. The program brief addressed the issues I was having with not only my public speaking but with all of my communication internally and externally.

How did Michelle's program change your attitude to presenting in business?

! After completing his apprenticeship as an Electrician way back in 1993 David has worked in many sales related roles, predominately in Building Products and FMCG. His sales career has progressed from starting in Field Sales and Account Management to Sales Management and full P&L responsibility. He is currently with the CSR Bradford Victorian business unit. David really enjoys developing high performing sales teams and people and delivering positive outcomes and results for CSR and their customers. CSR has an excellent culture and is full of high calibre people that has provide David with the opportunity for a great learning experience and excellent career and personal development.  What kind of presenting do you do at work?


I present in a wide variety of ways in my role both internally and externally - Team meetings, business updates, sales training, mentoring, customer presentations, budget presentations,

Learning the skills and the steps involved in delivering an effective presentation has increased my confidence in presenting. I can see more clearly now the mistakes I was making and I have acquired the tools to construct, prepare and deliver a message that resonates with whoever you are engaging.


In general, what positive outcomes have you achieved from improving your presentation skills?


I have increased my confidence in presenting and while I still have nerves I can keep them more under control. 


In what specific ways have your presentation skills improved since completing Michelle's training?


A week after the course I delivered a talk to our wider team that I feel was certainly more effective than it would have been prior to attending Michelle’s course. I found I could engage and keep the audience with me and the delivery was easier because I had prepared using Michelle’s 13 steps. You know where you are going, how to use the stage and any props because you have laid out and prepared.

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SUCCESS STORIES! (CONT.) What were your top three take aways from ! Michelle's program? ! ! ! Use the 4MAT – Why, What, How, What if/ ! when in my communications with staff, peers, ! customers and when presenting. A great ! memory tool and way to structure any presentation or meeting.

! ! ! Prepare and Practice – this is critical to a ! successful presentation.

! ! ! The 13 Steps – what a great tool and ! encompasses all the skills learned during the 2 ! days. This not only keeps me on track and settles the nerves, but holds the audience ! focus and interest.


TOP TEN WORK WARDROBE ITEMS BY ROBIN POWIS OK girls! The building blocks of your corporate wardrobe are timeless styles made with quality fabrics and clean lines. Start with a neutral palette to keep it simple.!


These are investment pieces; classics and (if you take care of them) they can last for years. They’ll carry you through week after week throughout the year to look and feel stylish.!


To create a look that’s individual add accessories to add interest and express your personality.!



The classic trench.! Black leather pumps in a plain or a subtle pattern.! A classic leather handbag.!

You are now equipped to confidently look stylish and chic every day.!


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THE ‘GET IT RIGHT’ PRESENTATION SKILLS CHECKLIST BY MICHELLE BOWDEN! believe everyone can be an exceptional ! Ipresenter. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and doing it!  So I’ve created this excellent checklist that you can go through and use to evaluate your ability as a presenter. 

Give it a try – it will help you work out what you need to improve (and take it from me all these things are so easy to improve).

It will also show you what you are already doing well – and there are probably more positives than you realise!

I’ve divided the checklist into the three strategic phases to persuasive presenting in business. They are: analysis; design; and delivery.

! ! ! !

Think of a presentation you’ve got coming up and apply these questions to it to see how you’re tracking.




! ! ! !

Have you worked out what you are trying to achieve?

Specifically what is the action you need from the audience once the presentation is over?

Have you thought about your presentation from your audience’s perspective?

What does your audience need to achieve from this presentation?



Have you structured the presentation with your audience’s needs in mind?

Did you take less than an hour to design the presentation message? If not you’d better come and learn how to do that in

one of my Masterclasses, right? Do you deliver your opening in a way that builds rapport and motivates your audience?

Have you prepared for how you will manage objections?

Have you included compelling facts, figures, and data?

Have you included some stories or case studies that link to your content and help bring your data to life?

Have you practiced how you will use a variety of presentation aids such as whiteboard, PowerPoint, video, handouts, props?

Have you rehearsed this presentation so you can present with limited use of speaker's notes?


! ! ! ! ! !

Are you eating well and do you feel well rested before presenting?

Will you warm up your body, voice and mind before presenting?

Is your clothing smart and appropriate?

Have you groomed your hair and nails?

Do you smell great?

Is your stance upright with a nice straight back?

Will you allow your natural facial expressions to show?

Are you sure that you look people right in the ‘whites’ of their eyes?

How to Present Magazine




! !! ! ! !

! ! ! ! !

Will you let your hands move freely when you speak?

Will you move around in the space?

Will you allow your voice to exhibit a variety of pitch, speed, and volume?

Do you sound the same presenting as you do when you speak normally?)

Have you warmed up your cheeks, lips, tongue and jaw so that you speak clearly?

Will you be sure to minimise rambling and to stay on track with your message?

Have you practiced pausing and breathing to eliminate those annoying filler words like “um”, “ahrr”, “you know?” “ok?”

Will you interact (two-way communication) your audience?

! ! ! ! ! !

Have you thought about how you will manage the Q&A session effectively?

Have you though about how to manage ‘difficult’ audience members?

Will you stick to the time allocated to you?

Is there anything else you do well?

And what else?

And what else?

If you’d like to improve your ability in any of these areas register on one of my upcoming Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclasses that run monthly as a public program with only 10 committed people in North Sydney. Take positive steps today to dramatically improve the w a y y o u p r e s e n t a n d i n fl u e n c e .

Will you be sure to present with PowerPoint as an aid instead of letting the PowerPoint take over your presentation?

Will you summarise your key points towards the end?

Will you be sure to remember to call your audience to action?

TESTIMONIAL about Michelle’s training: FROM DUNCAN INKSTER, GM SALES, OPTUS! “I would recommend Michelle Bowden to any organisation that is serious about having leaders who can capture the attention of their audience and motivate and guide people to a desired outcome."


For more information on Michelle’s coaching or training please go to

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“No good fish goes anywhere without a porpoise.” - Lewis Carroll Is there someone at your work who is doing completely the opposite of what everyone else is doing?

But difficult team members, she says, are swimming in the opposite direction, bumping or rubbing up against other fish, sometimes influencing other fish to join them, creating more disharmony.

Are they acting inconsistently with the values that are shared by everyone else?

So, what can you do if you have a fish, sorry, team member, who is exhibiting aberrant behaviour?

Is this person influencing others to join them in going against the flow?

It can help to first think about which of the following explanations might be a good fit:

A Deputy Principal I know uses a lovely metaphor to describe such individuals. She says that most team members are like fish swimming in a school – they are following the leaders out front, they are swimming in a coordinated way, and they are heading in the same direction.

• Is the fish unhappy or unwell? I think that 90% of people who are behaving in difficult ways usually have something at home or work they are unhappy about. While this does not excuse their behaviour, it can help to explain it. We may be in a position to support them

How to Present Magazine



TEAM MEMBERS WHO ARE SWIMMING THE WRONG WAY (CONT.) with the challenges or take action in relation to those challenges that are within our control. At the very least, such knowledge will help us to not take their behaviour personally. 


• Is the fish confused? Yes, you shouldn’t have to tell people that you need their cooperation, to ask for help if they need it, and to speak to you directly if they have concerns. But people are not mind readers. You can’t assume that people always know what you need, appreciate or expect. So, it is important that you are specific about the behaviours you appreciate or need to see. Even for people going through personal problems, reasonable expectations can still be communicated and perhaps linked with supportive actions to be taken by the workplace. 

• Is the right bait being used? Great fishers know their fish. They use the right bait for the right fish, finding out what individual team members really care about. Some are motivated by relationships – the general rule being that good relationships + trust = greater influence. Others are motivated by power and recognition – having a say in decisions that affect their work and receiving genuine, positive feedback. Some are motivated by discomfort – such as you following through with them to see how they are going with agreed actions.


• Can you improve the fish’s environment? Here you are changing the tank or pond so that it is easier for all fish to perform well and behave in the desired way. Changing things is often easier than changing people. Examples include introducing change in small steps, providing training, revising and simplifying systems, ensuring that minutes of meetings are clear about ‘who is going to do what, by when’, arranging follow up meetings to hold people accountable, and linking them with other team members who are supportive of change.


• Can you use the pressure of other fish? A powerful way to influence change is to engage team members with a discussion of group norms - the values and behaviours they all wish to share – the rules of the team, so to speak. It is essential that senior and middle managers are leading the way in setting the right example. Any document that is developed needs to be kept alive – where successful examples are celebrated and individuals who are acting inconsistently are followed up with checking they are OK or giving them a reminder about what is expected. There will also be the subtle and not-so-subtle pressure from other team members to conform.


• Is it the right pond for the fish? Some people are simply not a good fit for the role or the workplace they are in. Where possible, support is given to help that person to transition to a better fitting role, team or workplace. Alternatively, the other team members are supported in coping well or working around the problem team member. Sometimes, you just have to keep swimming.


Remember that going against the flow is not necessarily a bad thing. It can indicate creative, independent thinking and reveal w h a t t h i s p e r s o n i s m o t i v a t e d b y. Furthermore, conformity does not necessarily mean engagement. Even dead fish can go with the flow.

Ken Warren is a Relationships Specialist who helps teams to perform at their very best. Through his positive speaking programs, Ken helps people throughout Australia to build even stronger, more positive and productive teams, enhance their resilience and well-being at work, and provide excellent service to their clients, even the most difficult ones! Check out all of his free resources at:

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WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE YOU? BY MICHELLE BOWDEN People forget. I don’t mean that all people forget all things. Most people forget a lot of things don’t you think?


When it comes to why you should be promoted over someone else or given that extra opportunity or responsibility in your company, people forget.


They forget where you worked before, what your qualifications are, what your experience is, which projects you’ve contributed to. And they’ve forgotten all of this about you even if you work with them every day of your life. Really, they have!


Your job is to stay present. Remind the senior leaders in your business about the awesome work you do whenever an appropriate opportunity presents itself. This assures them that you’re still keen and successful.

examples (different ones) of why you are amazing.


In Australia we are so worried about the tall poppy syndrome that we often fail to establish our credibility for fear someone might think we are ‘up ourselves’ (please excuse the bluntness there). Men and women both need to improve in this area. I know from my research that men are much better at asserting their credibility than women. Girls, get brave and start tooting your own horn - no one else is tooting it for you.


Brands like Magnum ice-cream continually remind their buyers that it’s an awesome product. With appropriate modesty you must do this too. Out of sight is out of mind. Stay front of mind in your business. Happy Presenting!!


Create a feeling of satisfaction by showing people how you have satisfied others. Communicate your successes, new clients, recent achievements, latest awards, best testimonials. Tell them about cuts in costs, staff developments, growth in revenue.


Get on LinkedIn and tell people what’s going on for you. If you don’t tell them, how are they supposed to know? If you don’t tell them, they might just forget why to promote you, or believe you, or agree to your next great business idea.


We know that credibility is something you must address in the mind of your business stakeholder if you are to persuade them. and it is not something you establish in a one-time meeting. You build your credibility over time. Your stakeholders need repeated

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HOW CAN I ASK BETTER QUESTIONS TO WIN MORE SALES? BY DAVID PENGLASE Are the questions I typically ask ones that my clients would expect me to already know the answers to? (consider changing these questions).

Do the question I typically ask closed questions - requiring a yes or no answer (consider changing these questions to more open ended questions).

Do the questions I ask help clients discover, clarify and articulate the value they are seeking in their personal situation? (ask these regularly).

Are the questions I ask relatively easy for the client to answer (ask these regularly).

Use the following checklist to help yourself to craft and ask better questions:

Do the questions I typically ask have relatively obvious answers (consider changing these questions).

Are the questions I ask 'single themed' or 'double barrelled'? (Ask more single theme questions and try to avoid asking two questions in one).

Do the questions I ask have the capacity to comfortably disturb clients into taking appropriate action? (ask more of these type of questions).

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NEURO-INSIGHT: CALM UNDER PRESSURE? NAME THE EMOTION BY JON PRATLETT! Do you get nervous, jittery or anxious regarding an upcoming conversation or presentation? Naming the feeling you are experiencing to yourself (known as affect labelling) may diminish your emotional reactivity allowing to perform better.

Studies have shown that putting feelings into words recruits different brain regions than processing the affective (emotional) aspects of stimuli in more perceptual or experiential ways. There is some evidence of an inhibitory relationship between prefrontal and limbic structures, particularly between the amygdala and the ventro-lateral and ventro-medial PFC.

Reflecting on your feelings and labeling them may assist in calming the amygdala, allowing you to move out of the fight/flight mode and free up energy allowing the PFC, a high energy user with very limited capacity, to think more clearly about the issue at hand, rather than worrying

about how the conversation might go and the consequences of that.

Next time you find yourself worrying, label the emotion or feeling. You could also reframe your thinking around what this upcoming experience will be. To your success.

DON’T FLICK YOUR GESTURES! BY MICHELLE BOWDEN When you gesture with your hands it’s common to find yourself closing your fingers into a fist after the gesture. Some people call this ‘milking’ your gesture - like the way you’d milk a cow! I call it flicking your gestures.

gestures will look authentic and strong. Happy Presenting!

When you flick a gesture it negates the power of the gesture. It’s as if you regret doing the gesture and wish to take it away.

Next time you gesture, make sure you finish big gestures such as counting or stretching out your hands to indicate something big or worthy of note with an open palm. In this way your

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A confident, persuasive speaking voice lies within you! Many of us know someone who has a strong, rich, resonant voice. Maybe it’s an actor like Sean Connery or Cate Blanchett. At some point you may have found yourself wishing that you could enhance your vocal quality and projection so you were more compelling, influential and persuasive when speaking in meetings, persuading your manager, or selling to your clients. Well you know it’s possible, and it’s easy! Creating a rich, resonant influential voice is all about warming up your voice, and this CD will take you through the warm-ups that actually work one by one. Enjoy!


Fast-track your presentation and speaking skills success by discovering the presentation secrets of 14 of Australia’s top conference keynote presenters. What would be possible for your career and income if you absorbed the wisdom of Australia’s top speaking professionals and could learn from their tips and their mistakes? Well, now you can in this series of insightful interviews by Australia’s #1 Presentation Skills Expert–Michelle Bowden. Learn critical presentation tips from the amazing: Amanda Gore, Lisa McInnes-Smith, Glenn Capelli, Alan Parker, Siimon Reynolds, Rodney Marks, Sam Cawthorn, Marty Wilson, Terry Hawkins, Dale Beaumont, Catherine DeVrye, David Penglase, Avril Henry and Bruce Sullivan.


You can design an exceptional presentation in a minimum amount of time! Imagine how helpful it would be if you could have your very own coach taking you through the design process for an exceptional presentation. That’s exactly what this DVD is for! If you have a presentation to write, simply play this DVD and Michelle Bowden will coach you through the design of an exceptional presentation from beginning to end. It couldn’t be simpler! An ideal accompaniment to Michelle’s book How to Present, you’ll be reminded how to identify the purpose of your presentation, analyse your audience and design a powerful message that influences your audience to change their thinking and/or behaviour using techniques that actually work!

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POWER WORDS BY MICHELLE BOWDEN Power words are action verbs. They are words that you can use to help make your statements stronger. By using action verbs, you can assume an active voice instead of a passive voice as you speak. I suggest you consider using some relevant power words in your presentation so you increase the strength of your message.

Here are some examples of power words.


Abated, Abbreviated, Abolished, Abridged, Absolved, Absorbed, Accelerated, Acclimated, Accompanied, Accomplished, Achieved, Acquired, Acted, Activated, Actuated, Adapted, Added, Addressed, Adhered, Adjusted, Administered, Admitted, Adopted, Advanced, Advertised, Advised, Advocated, Affected, Borrowed, Bought, Branded, Bridged, Broadened, Brought, Budgeted, Built, Calculated, Canvassed, Captured, Cast, Catalogued, Categorised, Centralised, Chaired, Challenged, Changed, Channelled, Charted, Checked, Circulated, Clarified, Classified, Cleared, Coached, Co-authored, Collaborated, Collected, Combined, Commissioned, Committed, Communicated, Compiled, Completed, Complied, Composed, Computed, Conceived, Conceptualised, Condensed, Conducted, Conserved, Consolidated, Constructed, Consulted, Contributed,

Controlled, Converted, Conveyed, Convinced, Coordinated, Corrected, Counselled, Created, Critiqued, Cultivated, Customised, Cut, Dealt, Debated, Debugged, Decentralised, Decreased, Deferred, Defined, Delivered, Demonstrated, Depreciated, Described,.




When you design your presentations make sure you have inclusive and definite language throughout your script.


Include some power words in your working example.

TESTIMONIAL about Michelle’s training: FROM JULIE BROWN, EDUCATION PROGRAM MANAGER, PEER SUPPORT AUSTRALIA “This was an extraordinarily valuable two day course. I will most certainly recommend it to others, at both senior and junior levels. Everyone can learn something from Michelle. I love that it was fun and interactive, passed on genuine knowledge and skills, the infectious enthusiasm of the teacher and the real results and strategies to take away.” For more information on Michelle’s coaching or training please go to

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FAST FASHION IS DYING BY ROBIN POWIS At last there is a move away from fast fashion as US shoppers embrace the old adage, Quality over Quantity. According to American Apparel and Footwear Association Americans are changing how they shop for clothes, buying fewer items at higher prices.

majority of these clothes aren’t worn, as we only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time.

And doesn’t it make sense to have a timeless classic wardrobe that contains a few key quality pieces that mix n match? And to wear well constructed garments that fit well and are made of higher quality fabrics.

The Skirt is the new shape for the season and can be whatever length that flatters your height. The flared 50′s skirt is very now or if you’re like me you prefer the classic pencil skirt.


So often when I’m doing a wardrobe review I uncover far too many clothes that start to take over many wardrobes in the home. And the

When investing in your wardrobe consider buying one or two key garments each season that can be worn three ways. That way you can repeat wearing your garments in various combinations and no one will notice.

White is on trend this summer so you could invest in a white blazer that will team with your entire wardrobe. It is the pivotal piece in your wardrobe and will go over a summer dress, a pair of jeans and tailored pants.  

Read more at Wardrobe Review

To shop for a few key pieces to keep you in step for Spring call 0419 468 272 or

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TIPS FROM A PROFESSIONAL SPEAKER business owner, wife and mother to her 3 daughters.


! Here are Lisa’s tips for us:

! ! ! ! !

! Lisa Macqueen helps her clients crack the code of small business success by using a combination of technology and smart marketing ideas to dominate their industry. She spent 20 years working in sales and marketing before joining her husband Hamish in the family business: Cleancorp. Not long after starting her ‘new career’ she realised that not only was the business struggling, there were no systems or processes in place to capture leads, nurture clients or manage day to day workflow. So, she set about creating her 7 Step Power Principal S-y-s-t-e-m (save yourself time, energy and money), and turned the cleaning business into a multi-million dollar national cleaning company in just a few short years. Lisa is also the winner of the Infusionsoft Small Business ICON Award for 2014, entrepreneur, speaker, author, marketer,

! ! ! ! !

Be prepared. You can’t deliver a great presentation if you haven’t done the work and planned out the who/what/why/when.

Know your audience. Ask yourself, ‘why are these people in the room?’ and then make sure your talk centres around that reason.

Do your homework. Offer relevant facts, competitor info that will help strengthen your message for the audience.

Look good. If ever there was a reason to buy a new outfit – this is it.  You’re the expert on that stage – you have to look like one.

Articulate.  Practice speaking well, don’t go up in intonation at the end of sentences, it detracts from your authority as an expert.

Ummmm. Yes, my personal favourite.  Ask friends and families to catch you – you’ll be amazed how quickly you stop this habit.

Practice. You CAN NOT do enough – you need to know your presentation and avoid any stumbles when you’re in front of the audience.

Powerpoint. Less is best here.  Less copy on the slide, less slides.  It is way more impactful to have the audience focus on you as much as possible.

Arrive early. You want to be relaxed and loose before you present, not harried and hassled because you’re running late.

Breathe. Claim your ground and own the stage.  You’re there for a reason – you’re the

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5 THINGS TO HELP YOU GO FROM GOOD TO GREAT BY GREG MOWBRAY I often get asked about good books to read about business, management and leadership. High on my list is 'Good to Great'* by Jim Collins. In this modern classic Collins claims that 'good is the enemy of great.' He covers the things that some companies do to make the leap from being good to being great.

I am aware that the term 'great' is subjective. In his book Collins defines ‘great’ according to a range of measures, including superior financial performance over a long period of time. He then looks at this group of 'great' organisations and identifies the traits that stand them apart. Here is my take on the main points he makes.

best at, work out what you can make money from and work out what you are passionate about. Then do that.

5. Build momentum gradually. Success rarely happens suddenly. Momentum is built by small wins and positive actions which in turn increase the engagement and loyalty of staff.

If you work for a good organisation, good for you. What can you do to make the leap towards great?

1. Discipline matters. Disciplined people, disciplined thoughts and disciplined actions. A culture of determination and focus can lead to great.

2. Leadership matters. The quality and the nature of leadership in the organisation will determine its level of greatness.

3. Who matters more than what. The quality of the people in the team, particularly the leadership team, is vital. The right people need to be in the right positions.

4. Keep it simple. Work out what you can be

10 SECOND PRESENTING TIP…. FROM MICHELLE BOWDEN Remember “whites of the eyes eye contact”. In other words, really look right at people who are in your audience. The more you look right at them and ‘connect’ with them, the more you will engage them. And the more you look right at them the more credible you appear (because you are not looking self conscious or at your notes). Plus ‘whites of the eyes eye contact’ is of course the number one key to better managing your nerves. Please give this a try - even in your small meetings.


For more information on Michelle’s coaching or training go to

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IS IT TIME IMPROVED YOUR PERSUASIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS? PLEASE - COME JOIN ME in 2014/2015! Dramatically improve the way you present and influence. Attend one of my Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclasses in 2014 and change your life!

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There’s no need for you to fear public speaking. Please don’t miss a career opportunity ever again because you couldn’t speak up! Anyone can be an exceptional presenter in business - 100% guaranteed.

Techniques are embedded so you remember them decades later.

information please email Michelle:

Seriously, it’s a life changing



TESTIMONIAL about Michelle’s training: FROM BETH WALLACH, SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS PLANNER, KLICK COMMUNICATIONS “I loved the fact that the programme was packed full of useful information but the way the day was structured, with a balance of interactivity and tips and techniques delivered in bite-size chunks, meant that it didn’t ever feel like information overload. It was great to get so many tips on structure and delivery, and the psychology behind each piece of advice was absolutely fascinating. It was a really enjoyable day and Michelle worked hard to make us laugh and keep us engaged. This is not only a fantastic training course in persuasive presenting - it’s also a useful guide to relationship management in general; being aware of the other party’s needs and being able to effectively collaborate and negotiate. It was an invaluable learning experience for my career that I will be drawing on and practicing.” For more information on Michelle’s coaching or training go to!

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How to Present Magazine

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How to Present November 2014 Edition  

A magazine full of tips and techniques for improving presentation skills, public speaking and general business communication.

How to Present November 2014 Edition  

A magazine full of tips and techniques for improving presentation skills, public speaking and general business communication.