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Routine - What is your routine before “lights, camera, action”? I start the day with some meditation. I also run through the presentation or interview in my mind. I do some basic voice and mouth exercises to loosen up my face muscles and warm up my vocal chords. I then perform my key points in front of the mirror. Intention - Focus on your intention. What do you want to happen from your presentation?

Angela Vassallo is the Author of the Amazon Certified TOP 50 Smash ‘The Second Wives' Guide.’ She is a speaker who has used her personal experience living as a Blended Family to create a global community for woman facing the challenges that come with what is at times murky territory. Featured on multiple morning shows across the US including the National Daytime and You & Me This Morning Chicago (just to name a few), Angela’s message and life experience are creating a life line for many women who are facing how to make their ‘Blended Family’ work. Here are Angela’s tips for us when speaking in business:

Learn your Lines - I studied acting for many years in my twenties so learning lines was everything before an audition or a performance. With presenting, I use the same method.I practice and practice my lines and always perform them in front of a mirror. What to Wear - Think about what you’re going to wear in advance. Maybe consider working with a stylist who can put together a few outfits for you. Your appearance and the way you present yourself is very important.

Message Focus on delivering your message as clear and precisely as you can. Aim to have your audience feel a specific emotion about what you are saying. Body Language - Think about where you are and what your body is doing. Practicing in front of the mirror is great for this. You can see what your face is doing, how your hand gestures are, and how you move. Discovering how to move with purpose will really help you in your presenting, and not look staged or wrong. Tell a Story - Whenever you can tell a story to get your message across, go for it! Bring it Home - How do you want to be remembered? Your closing statement needs to be your ‘kapow'! If they leave, feeling moved to do something like change their lives for the better, then you have succeeded. Progress is better than Perfection - Be a person who learns from mistakes and don’t beat yourself up because of them. This is easier said than done, trust me I know. I recently did an interview where I wished the ground could of swallowed me up. But these are the times we put our big girl pants on, go over what we did wrong, face it, then ask ourselves, “How could I have done better?” Learn from your mistakes.

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