Fresh Magazine Issue 48 July/August 2019

Page 28

FOR T H E LOV E O F A RT Bringing the Art Gallery into the 21st Century


riginally hailing from Sarnia, Ontario, Jennifer Angers-Daerendinger spent almost 26 years in Vancouver immersed professionally in all things creative. She began her career there at Chanel before moving into the beauty industry and finally on to visual art in all its many forms and me-dia. It was after putting on a charity art show in 2013 that Angers-Daerendinger realized her love of art had evolved and so, utilizing her wealth of experience, Jennifer undertook to feed her appetite for art by opening ROAM Gallery in City Square Shopping Centre, situated in the beautiful heritage district of Vancouver. The bricks-and-mortar gallery was but one half of Jen’s ambition however, to provide emerging local artists with the exposure and professional guidance they needed, to get their work out of their studios and into the hands of collectors. Since she was already providing a safe and supportive space in which to display the talent she was continually discovering, Jennifer decided that the perfect complement to ROAM’s physical space would be an on online gallery which would take full advantage of the far reach-es of internet technology! Five years and hundreds of member artists later, Jen closed the Van-



couver gallery to be close to family back in Ontario where ROAMS’s online gallery continues to gather and promote art-ists, new and seasoned, from all over the continent! Since its inception, the website boasts over 120,000 visits with sales reaching worldwide. A quick read through the testimonials on ROAM’s website reveals that not only has Jen encouraged many artists out of the confines of what they perceived to be “a hobby” and into the world of professional art sales, but that she has also fostered enduring friendships with her artists and takes a personal interest in the success of each one. One such testimonial even offers the assurance that, “(Jen) wants your piece to be seen as much as you do.” Others speak of her “passion for art,” “energy,” “en-thusiasm,” approachability and honesty, as just a few of the reasons why they chose to exhib-it with ROAM and still remain years later. What’s abundantly clear is that the loyalty and dedi-cation between gallery owner and artist is equally and unwaveringly matched. Why exhibit with ROAM? Where art on a gallery wall is there for the duration of that particular exhibit, ROAM’s online gallery offers a permanent exhibit for as long as the artist is a member. Assuming they are even local, a collector might return to a physical space more than once dur-ing a particular artist’s exhibit but with ROAM, the artists’