Fresh Magazine Issue 48 July/August 2019

Page 15

: n o t h g i l spot Janine Jones: Resident Artist, Roam Gallery


By Shauna L. Dougall

his Resident Artist at ROAM Gallery may have gotten her start in Toronto over a decade ago, but her burgeoning creative identity has been fleshed out in the wild, oceanic splendor of Vancouver, utterly enmeshed with its natural beauty and cultural free spirit.

makes the viewer pause, think, experience a moment of feeling.” Other areas which continue to find their impression in her paintings: the spiritual gestalt of nature, including lately the Wood Duck, lichen textures, water flowing — an example of the latter manifesting in her recent dabbling with an alternative pour technique, capturing earthy images of crystals, geodes and aerial ocean views.

You may have seen Jones’ pour technique exhibited recently at ART Vancouver or if you had a ticket to the Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) ARThritis Society Soiree 2019 (and in 2018). If you weren’t able to catch either event, you needn’t be disappointed as the work continues to be available at ROAM Gallery, as well as in collections across North America. Jones likes to think of her pieces as evoking an essence of Vancouver no matter where they may travel.

Jones got her creative start with interior designers in Toronto, enabling her to showcase her work in condos and model homes and quite possibly why her pieces are continually received for their interior friendly nature. She then volunteered as a Curator, for a local resto lounge to represent 42 emerging Canadian Visual Artists, Photographers, Performers and Musicians; an experience that lends to her rare business acumen in a creative field.

With the spitfire of her sun sign, Leo, she raises her young son near the beach and paints whenever she can, whenever the sunset mood strikes, sometimes on a two-tiered easel with the preschooler at the bottom. Making art has proven next to impossible on days when mommying comes first, but her dreams keep her connected to her craft.

In late 2015, Ms. Jones returned to painting with her very first show at ROAM Gallery (Vancouver) and has remained with ROAM ever since. Promoting the inaugural Canuck the Crow show in 2016, Janine’s depiction of the famous crow was featured on the cover of Metro.

Janine has derived inspiration from those dreams, often very vivid and strange, attempting to capture the feeling of them each morning. Sometimes the work is abstracted, purely an application of colour and texture, other times it’s adeptly illustrative. “I hope my art

Looking toward to the future, Janine Jones intends to continue flowing in the direction of her inexorable spark, wherever her zest for life and for making beautiful things takes her — quite possibly as meandering as a vein of lava flow in her poured paint, however the earth’s pull and energy of spirit moves her.