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ne of the most prevalent skin concerns today is dehydration and dryness. Dehydrated skin appears dull and drab, and fines lines and wrinkles are more prominent making you appear beyond your years. These symptoms are often a sign of inadequate topical nourishment on a daily basis. Just as your body requires daily nourishment in the form of food, your skin needs nourishment in the form of topical vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to keep it healthy, and youthful.


Hydrate Your Skin on All Levels By AMANDA BEISEL

So what do you do when your skin is feeling dry? If you’re like most people, you reach straight for your moisturizer. The problem with this approach is that moisturizer really only addresses the top layer of the skin, resulting in temporary relief. Your skin consists of two layers, and the deepest layer, known as the dermis, is often neglected when it comes to applying skincare. The dermis is where all the collagen and elastin reside and having a wellformulated serum added to your skincare regimen is crucial. You’ll want something packed with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and nutrients to help resolve dehydration. Think of it as bathing your collagen and elastin to keep your skin plump and healthy.

the collagen moist and elastic. No other biological substance can retain as much water as hyaluronic acid, making our skin smooth and soft with fewer wrinkles. DailyFix Revival Serum also contains ferulic acid, phloretin, alpha lipoic acid, and other powerhouse ingredients. Layer 2: AfterGlow Replenishing Oil AfterGlow Replenishing Skin Oil was designed to resolve dryness in the skin by restoring and repairing the skin while hydrating and replenishing it. Its unique formulation contains all the lipids your skin barrier is made of, which includes ceramides, cholesteryl, and fatty acids. In addition to supplying your skin with every lipid it needs to function optimally, AfterGlow also provides a high dose of antioxidants and nutrients. When incorporating an oil into your skin care it is important to ensure you are not overusing it. If your skin is very dry then using an oil on a daily basis can be very beneficial. If your skin is normal or combination the addition of an oil a couple times a week may be all that is needed.

The good news is there is a solution to this growing skin concern and it’s called The 3 Layers of Hydration and Restoration. The 3 Layers of Hydration and Restoration consists of a water-based collagen reviving serum, a lipid replenishing oil, and a cell nourishing moisturizer. This system adequately hydrates the skin on all layers— deeply nourishing and restoring it back to its healthiest, hydrated, youthful state.

Layer 3: HydraHit Nourishing Moisturizer

The 3 Layers of Hydration and Restoration

Another potent ingredient is Cassia Angustifolia Seed. This water binding seed acts as a protectant, preventing moisture from escaping the skin. Lastly, Beta Glucan and Black Tea Ferment boost the skin’s immune function while improving the look and radiance of the skin.

Layer 1: DailyFix Revival Serum DailyFix Revival Serum was designed to plump up the skin, resolve dehydration, and nourish the skin at the deepest layer. This serum penetrates deep into the skin, down to the dermal layer where all the collagen and elastin resides. The key ingredient is hyaluronic acid, a humectant that binds water deep in the skin, ensuring it is properly hydrated and nourished at the deepest layer. The hyaluronic acid retains water, keeping

The third and final step in The 3 Layers of Hydration and Restoration is HydraHit Nourishing Moisturizer. This daily antiaging moisturizer hydrates and protects the outmost layer of the skin and is applied after AfterGlow Replenishing Oil. It also contains hyaluronic acid to intensely nourish the skin and retain moisture while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

IN SUMMARY The path to hydrated, healthy and youthful skin is a balanced skin care regimen. The 3 Layers of Hydration and Restoration offers a simple and complete skin care routine that will help change the look, feel and health of your body’s largest organ—the skin.

Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. She is a registered acupuncturist specializing in Cosmetic acupuncture and medical skin needling. Amanda is also the founder of Skin Addix, a natural cosmeceutical line focused on skin restoration. To learn more about SKN Clinic and Skin Addix visit SKNClinic.ca and SkinAddix.com

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Fresh Magazine Issue #36  

Fresh Magazine Issues #36 July/August 2016 featuring an article with ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey.

Fresh Magazine Issue #36  

Fresh Magazine Issues #36 July/August 2016 featuring an article with ET Canada's Cheryl Hickey.