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Skincare for your 30’s, 40’s & 50’s

By Janice McDonald Treat yourself well at every stage

Spring Clean Your Exercise Routine

By Ocean Bloom It’s time to refocus

You Can Increase You Chances of Conceiving

By Dr Lorne Brown


Be Forever Young with the Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial

By Amanda Beisel Reap the benefits of leading-edge technology


| fresh Vancouver Issue 29


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You Focus on your Six- Pack, but what about your 32-Pack?

By Dr Kelvin Mah Start an “exercise routine” for oral health


Reaching the Heights – and Still Climbing An Interview with Ashleigh McIvor DeMerit

By Dan Tidsbury


Spring 2015 Fitness Trends

By Natalie Langston @langstonnatalie


How to De-clutter Your Life and Reduce Stress

By Heather White Creating space for our best selves

24 26

Lisa Wolfin

By Nona Sims

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Nutrition and Aging



• feeling sluggish • experiencing hot flashes • slowed down by aching joints • waking up tired and puffy • feeling tied-down by new food restrictions

By Connie Pretula Eating right fights aging


Beauty Buzz 411

As a Nutritional Consultant (and a woman who’s been there!), I will help you get your health back on track.

Crystal Carson Style Guide Fountain of Youth

It’s time to put yourself first.

Book a free 30-minute consult.

CONNIE PRETULA Holistic Nutritional Consultant





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the march /april


Trent Nellis thepub@freshvancouver.com ......................................................................... EDITOR-IN-CHIEF


Art World Expo (May 1, 2015) - www.theartworldexpo.com Easter Seals Women 2 Warrior (May 24, 2015) - www.women2warrior.ca ART! Vancouver (May 21-24, 2015) - www.artvancouver.net Don’t miss out - check out the information and make plans to be there! Join us in capturing the energy, the joy, and the opportunities of spring’s new beginnings. Please note a correction to the November - December 2014 issue: In “The Best of South Surrey,” there was an oversight in the presentation of the qualifications of John Paul Sison and Kan Ogata. It should have read that they are Vidal Sasoon trained at Suki’s and have over 40 years of combined experience - not 20. We apologize for any confusion resulting from the information as published. For more information visit: jp-mode.com



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ell, nature has pushed the reset button, and we at Fresh think this is a good time to follow nature’s lead. In this issue, our contributors offer a variety of ways to embrace new beginnings on the way to a renewed and refreshed approach to living. Ashleigh McIvor DeMerit, featured in our cover interview, serves as an ideal role model for the renewal process. Her list of accomplishments is impressive, including an Olympic gold medal, no less, but what comes through so strongly in her conversation with us is her focus on what comes next - how she can build on what she has done and stay excited about new challenges. Spring is inseparable from the age-old image of spring cleaning. How about cleaning up everyday life. Does your home or office have an area - from a closet to a room to? - that could benefit from de-cluttering? Heather White offers some helpful tips to get you started. Is your exercise routine feeling a little flat or ineffective? Ocean Bloom has some ideas to get you back on track. Or consider Dr. Mah’s thought-provoking ideas on designing an exercise program for your oral health. Skincare, fashion trends - for fitness and the rest of life, too - and the latest information on looking and feeling your best at any age: it is all here as we pursue our goal of helping our readers fulfill our vision of life that is ageless, beautiful, and fresh. And spring is the time for things to happen! Fresh is proud to sponsor three exciting events:

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(1) Amanda Beisel

(2) Dr Kelvin P Mah

Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. Amanda and her team offer clients innovative and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, all in an effort to repair, restore and replenish the skin and body. A registered acupuncturist, she specializes in cosmetic acupuncture, biopuncture and medical skin needling. Amanda is also the founder of Skin Addix, a natural cosmeceutical line focused on skin restoration and hydration, and co-creator of the SKNSpin Roller System. In 2014, she published her first book, an informative guide on simple and effective ways to achieve healthy and radiant skin in your daily routine. To learn more visit www.sknclinic.ca

Dr Kelvin P Mah is driven to “enrich lives, one smile at a time.” He believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated, personal interest in the health, wellness and happiness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects an organic and zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute, which offers postgraduate programs in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about Dr Mah and discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at www.smilecitysquare.com, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SmileCitySquare.

(3) Heather White

(4) Connie Pretula

Heather White wants to live in a world where people bring their souls to work (and life). A sought after Authenticity Advocate, Business Advisor and Coach, Heather’s sage advice has been featured in The Vancouver Sun, Fresh Magazine, Under 30 CEO, The Daily Love and on Entrepreneurs TV. With a Black Belt in Jujitsu and a Silver Medal from the World Championships, Heather knows on a fundamental level what it takes to be a top performer. Upon entry into the business world, she cut her teeth as a Business Developer for one of the largest Food Service Distributors in North America. Managing a product list of over 15,000 items and a clientele almost as divers, she grew the sales in her territory by 700% during her four years of service. In 2007 Heather Founded 2020 Communications Inc., a business development company supporting Entrepreneurs and Corporate Professionals with fundamental business practices. Since then she’s worked with hundreds of clients, supporting them to bring their you-nique gifts and talents to the forefront of their work and life. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada you can find her online at www.2020communications.ca, www.heatherwhite.ca, or tweeting on Twitter @Heather2020.

As a Nutritional Consultant, Connie Pretula guides her clients to better living through better food choices. Her passion for nutrition stems from personal experience in competitive body building. While in training, Connie followed an all-natural diet that helped her achieve her goals and win third place in her first competition. The 2013 victory fuelled a long-held desire to fully understand how our bodies respond to the food choices we make. Today, Connie uses her experience, formal training, and extensive research to help others address nagging health issues, nurture healthy eating habits, and transition to new lifestyles. She draws upon more than 20 years in a successful career in the financial services industry to provide straight-forward advice and unwavering support to her clients. Connie is a seasoned public speaker and passionate advocate for women’s health issues. She lives in Vancouver and serves clients throughout the Metro Vancouver area.


| fresh Vancouver Issue 29


| fresh Vancouver Issue 29

Fresh the march/april


30’s, 40’s & 50’s By Janice McDonald


s we age, our skin is constantly changing. Products and regimens that may have been working well may suddenly not be producing the desired results. Just like the rest of our body, our skin and its needs are altered over time. Here are a few tips for optimal skin health through your 30’s, 40’s & 50’s.

Your 30’s are an important time to establish a good skincare regimen to combat the unseen damage that has occurred in your younger years. Build a relationship with a good skin practitioner who is knowledgeable, has experience and will educate you about your skin. Seek out a clinic that has a medical skin analysis camera system. This will allow you and your practitioner to determine your skin type, surface condition and any underlying damage that has yet to surface. Your practitioner will now be able to recommend products that are corrective, further preventative and enhancing. A good cleanser, a pH balancing toner, vitamin C serums for daytime along with a good quality physical sunscreen are essential. For evening, cleanse, tone and apply your recommended corrective products based on your skin type. By your 40’s you may or may not have found an effective regimen. However, this is the time when hormonal changes are beginning to take place and you may require some adjustments to that daily regimen. Hormones affect functions within key skin cells such as fibroblasts, elastin, keratinocytes and melanocytes. These changes also may include more fine expression lines around the forehead, eyes and mouth and an increase in brown spots and UV damage. Perimenopause is known as a common trigger for rough bumps or patches and possible skin

growths. By this time, cellular turnover has slowed down. Your skin practitioner should be able to recognize and address these age related conditions. Preparing again with a good cleanser recommended specifically for your skin type is key. Both men and women will go out and purchase a good cream but neglect to begin with the most basic and important am and pm cleansing routines. Cleansers should be gentle but effective enough in exfoliation for better penetration of your topical solutions. Your practitioner will recommend products essential for your skin type, addressing current conditions. Some key ingredients for good anti-aging practices are vitamin A’s such as beta-carotene, retinol palmitate, retinol acetate and retinols for epidermal and dermal stimulation and renewal. Essential anti-oxidants like vitamin E, pine bark, pomegranate and green tea extracts assist with protection against environmental damage. Your 40’s are also a good time to start paying attention to vitamin and hormone levels and supplementing where needed. Keeping your body in a healthy, balanced condition will show on the outside. Now more than ever, a good daily sunscreen is very important. In your 50’s, your skin will be more dehydrated and uneven in both tone and texture. Many topical skincare applications are available and if you are not already having regular in-clinic facials, it is now important to schedule regular professional treatments. These should include peels such as AHA& BHA, resorcinol, peptides and panthenols that will lighten, brighten and tighten. Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced in our younger years, has ceased to be produced and is essential for moisture. Daily application of hyaluronic acid serums acts as a humectant, drawing moisture from the air and


| fresh Vancouver Issue 29

providing smoothness to the tissue. Squaline, shea butters, borage oil, argan oil or essential fatty acids are vital for moisture. A blend of retinols, antioxidants and skin lighteners such as glutatathione, arubutin, milk thistle, natural staschy officinalis, and N-acetyl glucosamine. Let’s not forget the use of peptides, which are an active chain of amino acids. By applying certain topical peptides from a list of many, like palmitoyl pentapeptide, has been shown to increase a healthy collagen matrix while strengthening skin defences. Hexapeptide 11 allows lipid development and nourishes. Acetyl hexapeptide-37 improves skin hydration and enhances collagen I production. Azeloyl tetrapeptide 23 is an example of a peptide that can reduce glycation and collagen cross-linking of the skin’s tissue. All of these mentioned should be incorporated into your anti-aging regimen. These high performance products maintain and prevent inflammation, improving overall skin integrity and texture. We have all heard the expression “we are what we eat.” I feel we should have a new expression “we are what we apply to our skin.” With the advancement of technologies, we know the skin functions as an organ and with proper molecular structures in serum and creams we will obtain optimum absorption. The skin is one of the largest organs of the body and really one of the most abused. Yet it is the one that covers us to ultimately present our first impression. Janice McDonald, head aesthetician at The Coliseum MediSpa in West Vancouver.

SPRING CLEAN Your Exercise Routine By Ocean Bloom “Physical passion comes from emotional freedom” “Manage your mindset” “Movement is medicine, so start moving towards wellness and bliss”


s a competitive athlete in fitness competitions for 14 years, I feel like I spent half of my life in a gym. It wasn’t until I started practicing yoga that I really became conscious of my surroundings and how they were affecting me. I have found that training outside in nature is much more energizing and good for overall well-being than being inside. Most importantly, it is fun and gives you a fresh perspective on your health and well-being. Often, we know what we want and how we want to feel, but the demands and distractions of everyday life leave us feeling stressed, tired and disconnected from our inner fire. If you are pushing yourself day after day to move through a monotonous routine, sooner or later you will flat line. We have developed a mental disconnect between going to the gym to exercise and physical activity; we drive to the gym to walk on the treadmill. When it’s too cold to go outside, the gym may be needed, but the gym environment can also become a sea of distraction and an assault on the senses. It can be cluttered and confining, full of white noise, TVs, the radio, and fluorescent lights. If we are a product of our environment, then what are we taking in? Break free from the distractions. They say “we are what we eat.” Well, “we are what we think too.” We cannot separate our mind from our bodies. Most creativity and good decision-making comes out of periods of mindful quietness. Like sponges, we pick up all the frequencies of our surrounding noise, electro smog, colours, and the vibrations of everyone around us. Too much stimulation and constant external input can really overwhelm your nervous system, leaving you feeling overstressed, lethargic and unmotivated. If your mind is full of stress, then chances are you feel anxious, overwhelmed, maybe even depressed. Less is more; less distraction will give you more room to breathe! Change your environment, change the stimulation, and change your experience. Get outside and take in a breath of fresh air, and instead of climbing the walls, climb the stairs. Sometimes, creating blisters will lead you to

bliss. If you’re not having fun then what are you doing? Change what you see and you will see change. New and unfamiliar can be exciting. Balance out your stress with adventure and play. My favorite equipment for training outside is my Alpha Strong vest and sandbag. All you need is creativity and a place to play and you will be blasting through countless new workouts. Check out one of my stair circuit routines. EQUIPMENT OPTIONS – Sandbag, weight vest, water bottles or water jugs. The amount of rounds you choose will depend on your current fitness level. Wherever you are starting from, you can make it work for you. 1. I like to start with 5 rounds of gentle laps up and down the stairs with no weight – just focusing on the inhale and exhale, intention, breath, and movement. Do a few sets slowly and then with a little more power. 2. Now do 10 working sets on the stairs. Each set begins with a run up the stairs followed by 10 repetitions of the following exercises. Do one exercise after each stair sprint. 1. Squats with sandbag 2. Push ups 3. Running planks 4. Sandbag swings 5. Overhead press with sandbag 6. Alternating lunges with sandbag 7. Sandbag deadlift 8. Lateral hop over sandbag 9. Dips 10. Sandbag burpees Bonus round – 100 crunches A great workout can be even better when you

10 | FRESH VANCOUVER ISSUE 11 | fresh Vancouver Issue 29


share it with someone… TIPS: • Negative self-talk is a terrible way to sabotage a good workout. You need to focus your thoughts on what you are hoping to feel during the time you are giving to yourself. • Create a clear intention for your training session. It is your state of mind that dictates your experience. • Be engaged in what you are doing. Make it a power hour and have laser focus on what you are doing. • What are your expectations of yourself? • What will make your session give you a feeling of success? • Be responsible for what you let distract you. (Your cell phone, people, noise) • Immerse yourself in what naturally makes you feel good. Earth, wind, water & sun are great supplements. • Even doing the same workout in a new setting can refresh your joy in movement. • Reconnect to nature, reduce stress and emotionally recharge. “Be inspired, be creative, try new things, and learn new skills. As you think so shall you be.” Don’t waste your energy and resources. Even when there is a lot going on in your life and in your mind, you can focus on what you are doing in that moment to create strength and power in your body. If you don’t love or enjoy what you are doing you won’t want to keep doing it. Ocean Bloom is one of the world’s most highly soughtafter experts in the areas of fitness, yoga, health and the attainment of personal peak potential. While she has claimed some of the most prestigious titles in the arenas of fitness and bodybuilding, Ocean believes that balance, empowerment and self-transformation are the ultimate life rewards.

Fresh the march/april




f you are having trouble getting pregnant, you are not alone. Infertility – defined as the inability to get pregnant after one year of unprotected sex – affects one in six couples in Canada and that number goes up to 50% for women over 40. But the good news is that, with help, most couples will achieve their dream of having a baby. An exciting new approach to fertility treatment –Integrative Fertility—has been shown to increase the odds of having a healthy baby and also to provide women with the emotional support they need on their fertility journey. (Vancouver is hosting the world`s first Integrative Fertility Conference in May, 2015). The Integrative Fertility approach treats the whole person by correcting any underlying imbalances and conditions that may be affecting the health of the egg and/or sperm or the receptivity of the uterus. This approach may combine high-tech fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) with natural therapies like acupuncture, diet and mind body techniques like mindfulness meditation – all with the goal of optimizing the health of the mom and dad and maximizing their chance of having a healthy baby. WHY IS HEALTH AND BALANCE SO IMPORTANT? New research in epigenetics is showing some surprising results. It appears that the health of the mom and dad at the time of conception can affect the health blueprint of the baby and even make that child more likely to develop conditions like diabetes and autism. Current studies show that when your body is not balanced, it may shut down one of the many chains of

events that lead to conception and birth. Hormones like insulin, thyroid and cortisol (a stress hormone) can interfere with your ability to ripen or release an egg or with implantation and your ability to carry a baby to term. 4 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO IMPROVE YOUR FERTILITY

of Acubalance Wellness Centre, the first Traditional Chinese

1. Acupuncture: This ancient Chinese treatment (which involves inserting hair thin needles into specific points on your body) has been shown to regulate fertility hormones and increases blood flow to your reproductive organs

Medicine clinic in British Colum-

2. Diet: Download a free copy of the Acubalance Fertility Diet (Acubalance.ca) based on a study that showed a six-fold increase in conceiving.

pioneering work as an educator

3. Nutritional supplements: Taken orally or through IV therapy, these can correct deficiencies and nourish your cells, impacting fertility. 4. Stress Reduction: Acupuncture and mind body techniques like meditation and yoga help reduce the stress hormones and send a message to your body that you are safe, and safe to reproduce. Seeing an integrative fertility specialist and making these lifestyle changes can maximize your chance of having a baby naturally or with IVF.


Dr. Lorne Brown DR TCM is the founder and clinical director

| fresh Vancouver Issue 29

bia dedicated to reproductive health and fertility. Internationally known for his and advocate for integrated fertility care, Lorne was one of the first board certified fellows of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (FABORM)

Fresh the march /april



| fresh Vancouver Issue 29

BE FOREVER YOUNG with the Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial

By Amanda Beisel


he inevitability of aging skin is something that should be embraced, not feared. After all, antiaging advancements have come a long way to help us maintain a healthy, youthful appearance while still looking natural. Every once in a while, a treatment is introduced that takes us one step closer to the fountain of youth. The Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial is a big step in that direction and is the most advanced technique available to us today to slow down, treat and reverse damaged and aged facial and non-facial skin. It does not involve any injections or changing of the facial shape or structure. It naturally erases years off your skin’s appearance using broad band lightbased technology. BACKED BY RESEARCH AND VISIBLE RESULTS Exciting new clinical research from Stanford University has revealed that having a Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial two or more times a year actually reverses the signs of aging, not only on the face but also on the neck, chest, hands, arms and other body parts. All these areas commonly develop redness, broken capillaries, pigmentation, sunspots, and a dull appearance. HOW DOES IT WORK? The light from the BBL targets and denatures damaged cells in the skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. When this occurs, pigmented damage such as sunspots and freckles gets pushed to the surface of the skin and naturally flakes off. The light also treats unsightly broken capillaries and diffused redness in the skin. The end result is a more even and bright skin tone. Another benefit of the Forever Young BBL Photo- Facial is the stimulation of collagen that leads to thickening of the skin, leaving you with youthful, rejuvenated, healthy skin. The light energy delivered by the Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial gently heats the upper layers of the skin. The heat absorbed by the targeted areas stimulates the skin cells to generate new collagen. This process helps restore the skin to its natural state. In addition, the photo-thermal energy targets and eliminates many of the fine vessels that cause redness and the unwanted melanin responsible for pigmented lesions. You can expect an even and bright skin tone that will make your skin look years younger. UNDERSTANDING THE EFFECTS OF SUN DAMAGE ON A DEEPER LEVEL Sun damage is more than skin deep. An unnerving fact is that UVA and UVB exposure not only depletes our collagen, but it also actually alters the DNA of our skin cells. The breakdown results in uneven pigmentation, changes in skin texture, loss of elasticity and increasingly more cancer.

The effects of UV exposure are cumulative, becoming more increasingly visible as we age. The more exposure we have, the greater our risk becomes for developing skin cancer and prematurely aged skin. A groundbreaking study on Forever Young BBL from Stanford University has made an incredible discovery. This study has demonstrated that Forever Young BBL treatments can restore the gene expression pattern of aged human skin to more resemble young skin and, more importantly, healthy skin. Over 1,000 gene expressions became “rejuvenated” to be more like youthful skin, resulting in decreased elastosis and more uniform collagen deposition, leading to improvements in fine wrinkles and pigmentation. MORE EXCITING EVIDENCE Evidence is beginning to show that aged skin cells begin to act more closely to the manner of younger skin cells after regular Forever Young BBL Photo-Facials. Younger skin cells also produce more collagen and elastin than aged skin cells. (Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. unpublished study). A blinded panel of physician evaluators determined Forever Young BBL treated patients appeared 9 years younger than their actual age. This is because clients who undergo regular BBL Photo-Facials can reduce and delay the long-term signs of skin aging, all while looking very natural. There is no treatment in existence today that can target as many skin concerns in one session. Having just two-plus treatments a year can transform the look, health and function of your skin, slowing down the rate at which you age. WHO IS A GOOD CANDIDATE ? The Forever Young BBL Photo-Facials benefit a multitude of skin concerns. Aside from addressing visible skin concerns, it can slow down the rate at which the skin ages and prevent visible signs of aging from appearing. It is a great preventative and corrective treatment option for the following skin concerns: -sun damage -sun spots/pigmentation rosacea/flushing -fine lines -dull looking skin YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO HAVE FOREVER YOUNG BBL PHOTO-FACIALS Investing in Forever Young BBL Photo-Facials can potentially save you tons of money in your search to achieve and maintain youthful skin. Don’t waste your money on gimmicky products and treatments any more and start investing in your skin health. Choose to commit to clinically proven treatments like the BBL Photo Facial Treatments and your money will be well spent.


| fresh Vancouver Issue 29

Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. Amanda and her team offer clients innovative and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, all in an effort to repair, restore and replenish the skin and body. Contact 604-568-6333 or www.sknclinic.ca


| fresh Vancouver Issue 29

YOU FOCUS ON YOUR SIX-PACK, but what about your 32-Pack? By Dr Kelvin Mah


e all know that going to the gym is optimal for our health and overall wellness. It’s obvious that strengthening and toning our bodies provides great results over time when combined with proper techniques and nutrition. The thing I find that slips people’s minds is how these same results can be applied to your oral health. It’s really simple: working on your six pack is just as beneficial as working on the health of your mouth, or, as I like to call it, your 32-pack! Get it... cause you have 32 teeth?! I know, I know... bad joke. Anyway, the reasons you go to the gym mirror the many reasons to take care of your oral health and wellness and visit the dentist regularly. They’re one and the same. When I speak to my patients about their oral health, and trust me, it’s something we discuss everyday, I try to break it down into an easy description that can be implemented immediately to start seeing results. Here goes! When you think about going to the gym, what benefits come to mind? Strength? Tone? Improved health? Well, apply that to your mouth! By simply flossing, brushing, and rinsing every day, you’re strengthening, toning, and making your mouth healthier. And by going to see the dentist every 6 months, you’re going for your biannual weigh-in, making sure that your health is in top shape. The important thing to remember is that you can’t expect perfect oral health with just one attempt at proper cleaning, just like you can’t expect a six-pack after doing sit-ups for one day. You can’t just visit an oral health professional one time and expect to be set for the rest of your life. It takes proper care and maintenance to ensure your optimal wellness. Try to think of lifting weights and doing cardio as flossing, brushing, and rinsing.

These are your core “workouts” that need to be a part of your daily routine. Easy, right? Well, I know some things can be easier said than done, so I’ve tried to come up with some “reps” for my patients to focus on: MORNING: 1 x Brushing 1 x Rinsing EVENING 1 x Flossing 1 x Brushing 1 x Rinsing If you simply post this oral health workout routine on your bathroom mirror, you’ll be reminded to do your reps each morning and each night. My patients have told me this definitely helps them stay on track with their wellness. Now, what’s the next thing that comes to mind when working on your six-pack? Nutrition, of course! It’s just as important to monitor what’s going into your body in order to see results on the outside. Things like natural, whole foods are always better than pre-packaged food, we all know that, but what you eat can also have a great impact on your 32-pack. The best foods for your teeth and gums include calcium (milk, cheese), vitamin K (green, leafy veggies), vitamin D (salmon), and vitamin C (oranges, strawberries), among others. These will support and strengthen your teeth, enamel, and gums to be their best. And remember, try to cut back and stay away from sugars and drink plenty of water. These simple nutrition tips can easily enhance your oral health routine. Another recommendation? Make sure your toothpaste contains fluoride! Fluoride is an integral part of your routine because it helps to prevent tooth decay by making the teeth more resistant to the bacteria that cause cavities. It truly goes handin-hand with your nutritional tips for getting into shape because it affects the health of your mouth. I always love seeing my patients and recommending little tweaks to their daily 32-pack routines, kind of like a personal trainer for your mouth. I teach my patients how to properly

floss for optimal results and how to hold their toothbrushes correctly, much like what you would expect from a trainer at the gym when you’re working on your six-pack. Wellness is at the centre of my practice and anything I can do to better the wellness of my patients is at the forefront of my mind. When you think about exercising for the health of your body, the place you go is the gym (or yoga studio, swimming pool, etc.) because they have specialized equipment needed for your workout goals. You wouldn’t expect the same results from exercising in your home as from going to a proper workout facility. Apply this same thought to visiting the dentist. We have all the proper tools and techniques needed to keep your 32-pack in fine form. You wouldn’t expect professional teeth whitening done at home or to repair a cracked tooth by yourself, would you? Visiting the dentist is absolutely essential to your oral wellness and can provide you with insightful expertise and so many health benefits. A few months ago, I saw a patient for a dental exam where we took routine dental Xrays. We were able to detect an anomaly that ultimately turned out to be a tumor in his jaw. He is seeing the correct specialists and is currently receiving the appropriate care. Without visiting our dental practice for his biannual oral hygiene check up and taking advantage of the tools available, this would not have been detected and could have escalated into a much larger issue. We also routinely perform VELscope oral cancer screenings that enable early detection of this often late-diagnosed disease. By drawing the comparisons between exercising at the gym and taking care of your dental health throughout this article, I’ve been able to provide you with one more bit of information. Sly...I know! The thing to take away from reading this article is that your oral health is greatly linked to your overall health. So, by working on your 32-pack, you truly are working on your six-pack because you’re providing your body with optimal form. And remember, when you exercise at the gym, just like when you take care of your teeth at home and by visiting the dentist, you look and feel better! Happy exercising!

Dr Kelvin P. Mah is driven to “enrich lives, one smile at a time.” He believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated, personal interest in the health, wellness and happiness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects an organic and zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute, which offers postgraduate programs in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about Dr Mah and discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at www.smilecitysquare.com, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SmileCitySquare.


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Ashleigh McIvor DeMerit By Dan Tidsbury


rom a podium finish in her first World Cup skicross race to a gold medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010, Ashleigh McIvor DeMerit has proven herself a winner, a high-achiever, in whatever she undertakes. She shares her thoughts with Fresh on her career, outlook on life, and future plans with husband Jay DeMerit of Vancouver Whitecaps renown. …ON THE SOURCE OF THE VISION, FOCUS, AND COMMITMENT NECESSARY TO ACHIEVING HER GOALS I’ve always been more focussed on having fun, being active, and feeling good about what I’m doing than I have been on results-based goals. When I was a teenager, and I’d call home from ski races, my parents would always ask, “So, did you have fun?” instead of, “So, did you win?”. I spent more time playing “King of the Hill” at the top of race courses than I did actually focussing on the race. It wasn’t until I was 23 that I actually made ski racing my priority, this time in the form of skicross, as it had just been added to the Olympic Program. I’ve always strived to excel at everything I do, and I realize now, that most of what I thought I was just doing for fun my whole life, was actually preparing me for that race. Everything from alpine ski racing to skiing powder, hitting jumps and jumping off

cliffs, to downhill mountain biking and dirt biking... it was all training disguised as fun. …ON THE DRIVE THAT ENABLED HER TO STAY ON TRACK THROUGH THE SETBACKS AND PROLONGED TRAINING Every time I’ve hurt myself, I’ve thought, “Okay - something good will come of this”. Each injury has been like hitting a reset button allowing me to take the time to reflect and reevaluate what it is that I’m trying to achieve, what makes me happy, and whether I’m on the right path or not. I feel like the action sports world is so fastpaced that you get caught up in the “go-go-go” mentality and before you know it, you’re sacrificing a lot just for your sport, just because it seems normal. There were many injuries that I recovered from to get back to what I loved - skiing and biking - and I won my World Champs gold and Olympic gold on a comeback from too many injuries to list. Through each setback, I would shift my focus to some other aspect of life that I’d been wishing I’d had more time for, like artwork, or school work, or maybe even building relationships, and then start back at square one to work my way back up to competing at the highest level, just one step at a time. … AND THE SACRIFICES I’ve definitely sacrificed a lot to pursue my dreams (I’d say they felt more like dreams than


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goals!). The nice thing about my friends is that - as wild as they are - they really respected my decision to focus on those dreams. I may have missed a few powder days at home, a few fun trips, and a LOT of parties, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The one thing that was a bit tough was balancing earning money and pursuing my education with the training and racing, but with the success I’ve had, thankfully, that’s all worked out nicely. …ON REGRETS I am certainly not one to look back and wish things had been different. I always find a way to reframe and focus on the positive. I think the only way I would have had regrets would be if I’d made all of those sacrifices and dedicated so much of my time and energy to my ski career, only to have done something really stupid or to have slacked off when it mattered most… and blown it. The success I had really made all of those questionable decisions to push harder and sacrifice more worthwhile. I would definitely do it again if I had to choose - 100%. … ON THE LESS KNOWN COSTS OF PARTICIPATION IN ELITE ATHLETICS Before skicross was an Olympic sport I was on my own - completely. I worked 14 hour days for a nuclear physicist in Function Junction (Whistler) to pay my way around the skicross

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ISSUE circuit and didn’t have any teammates to split costs with. So when the announcement came that skicross would be added to the Olympic program for 2010 and an entire support system was put in place, I appreciated it more than most. Our team was very well supported thanks to all of our good results on the World Cup circuit, but even with all of our expenses covered while we were on the road, it was still tough to find the time and energy to work between training sessions and races. Covering our own costs of living was quite difficult. The Athlete Assistance Program provided us with $18k a year and I was one of the few who had great sponsors going into the Olympics, so the last 3 years of my constantly evolving, lifelong career were really the only years that didn’t cost me a ton of money. … ON THE TRANSFERRABLE SKILLS/ PRINCIPLES OF HER ATHLETIC ENDEAVOURS Many of the lessons I’ve learned from all of the various sports are like metaphors for real life. One of my favorites is the concept of avoiding getting too hung up on the end result that you’re after, whether it’s an Olympic gold medal, or a position at the top of the pyramid in your business, a bottom line or an accolade. Break it down and focus on each given task at hand, tackle your goals one step at a time, and celebrate the mini-victories. If something becomes too difficult, alter your course ever so slightly to continue pushing in the right direction, but from another angle. There were many times when I wanted to quit, and I actually did cut some gym workouts short because I was just absolutely hating them, but I always made up for it somewhere else. If I ducked out of a gym workout early, I’d go for a 2 1/2hr mountain bike ride, for fun, which in the end turned out to move me even closer to that end goal by increasing my fitness and agility in a way that nothing else could.

…ON HOW OTHERS CAN APPLY THESE IDEAS I’ve applied these ideas in many projects throughout my life. Sometimes you just get stuck on something, or you get so sick of one component of your work that you really just have to switch it up. I’ve learned to work on something else for a while and then come back to it, if necessary. Don’t beat yourself up when it comes time to re-evaulate your approach, especially if it’s just a temporarily altered path forward. …ON APPLYING THOSE PRINCIPLES TO HER CURRENT EFFORTS I know what I want my life to look like in 5, 10, 20 years. (Or so I think!) I can’t really see a clear path to those goals, so I just make sure I work hard on something that will bring me closer to them every single day. Jay and I both have office hours (which have replaced my gym time, I suppose) and we recognize the need to focus on a series of manageable goals daily, weekly, and monthly in order to get to where we want to be. Thankfully, being an athlete also teaches you about having fun, because in essence, we were both doing what we loved doing for fun, as work. These days, we are able to make fun more of a priority and we somehow manage to fit everything in now that our schedules are so flexible. …ON STAYING MOTIVATED AFTER ACHIEVING SO MUCH, SO EARLY IN LIFE Once you’ve won the Olympics, the pressure is really on! I think most of us naturally feel like we always need to be working toward the next goal, and that things could always be better. I’ve actually tried really hard over the past five years to just focus on how great everything already is, and I feel fortunate to have had many moments where I’m able to just sit back, take a deep breath, and appreciate everything that


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has happened to me and for me. If somebody had told me five years ago that this was what my life would look like now, I would have been so relieved, and so happy. That being said, yes, you’d think it would be hard to stay motivated, but I always feel like there’s more room to improve upon who I am as a person, and there are always more challenges ahead. …ON WHAT COMES NEXT Jay and I have several projects on the go, and our main focus is on starting a retreat in Pemberton, which we’ll run soccer camps out of right away, with a longer term vision of hosting summer training camps for winter sports athletes, as well as health and wellness retreats. We have both been perfectly busy with speaking engagements, appearances and other promotional/endorsement deals. What I really love, is sharing the experience of a day in the life of a Whistler local with guests, and I’ve been able to do more of that lately through Whistler Blackcomb’s Ski with an Olympic Gold Medallist program. I wouldn’t want to be working any more, but I wouldn’t want to be earning any less, so I’d say my work/life balance is pretty ideal at this point. I would imagine, though, that as 2010 slips further into our distant memories, that environment will change for me! The next phase of our lives will hopefully involve kids, and more time in Whistler. The Whistler part will be a challenge because most of our business is in Vancouver or other big cities, so we are trying to get creative in order to set our lives up in with my hometown as our home base. My decision to stop ski racing had a lot to do with my desire to focus on my relationship with Jay, and I’d say the vision of being good parents inspires both of us, as does the vision of continuing to inspire others to live a socially responsible, healthy, active, and incredibly fun lifestyle.



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Headshot Credits: Fitness wear – Public Myth Hair & Makeup – Katelyn Spencer, Photography – TJ Rak





By Natalie Langston - @langstonnatalie Spring has arrived, so get ready for the sunshine in the latest 2015 fitness must-haves that have everyone buzzing! With brand new, innovative activewear technology these local, Canadian brands have you covered for all activities: yoga, running, cycling or even a fun beach volleyball game. Whether you need a flattering curvy bra or fast drying, lightweight running apparel, these renowned brands offer high quality, functional-yet-fashionable and surprisingly affordable essentials. I’ve rounded out the top sportswear and accessories – perfect for athletes of all levels.


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TV host, reporter and producer for City Lights on Novus TV and Fitness Columnist in the Westender. Freelance Journalist and Emcee with a passion for all things Fitness, Fashion and Fun. Volunteer and Spokesperson for Dress for Success Vancouver, member of Ladies Who Lunch Global Network for female entrepreneurs and Style Ambassador for the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards.





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My Fitness on the Run Tips:

Don’t worry about spending an hour at the gym. Make it an Express Workout! Go hard for 20 mins with intense, vigorous activity. This will do the trick and provide more results than if you were to spend an hour at the gym with lower energy output. Also pair it with an after-workout avocado. It’s fast, easy and exactly what your body needs post-workout. 2015 sees the return of good fats, an essential part of a healthy diet. Also hot water and lemon, any time of the day, to refresh, hydrate and curb that appetite so you know when you’re actually feeling hungry instead of eating for comfort.



Health and Wellness Trend for 2015

(21) (20)

Treat alert! According to Anne-Marie Noc, Registered Dietician, the biggest trend we’re seeing this year is smoothie bowls. Blenders and Magic Bullets are everywhere; toss in an assortment of healthy foods on hand, such as fruit, green leafy vegetables, and plain yogurt. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Perfect for busy business professionals or families on-the-go, these super-bowls are just as tasty as they are filling. Mix it up, use fruits or vegetables and add whey protein powder or chia seeds for an even bigger boost! Hemp seeds are loaded with nutrition and create a creamier consistency. Instead of sipping on a blended iced coffee, try this year’s hottest trend instead! My personal favourite? The mango strawberry smoothie.





The Flexible Yogi: Eye-popping patterns and coral-bright colours that look just as good in spin class as they do on a hike up the Grouse Grind. (15) Parklife Timeout Shorts - $30, (16) Parklife Stride Legging - $45, (17) Parklife Serena Tank - $35 – All by Aritzia The Dedicated Runner: Named Competitor Magazine’s Road Shoe of the Year for 2015 these shoes will become your best running buddy. (9) Fresh Foam Zante by New Balance Vancouver - $129.98, (10) Marathon Packable Shell by Champion - $70.00, (11) Powertrain tee by Champion - $25.00 Spot, (12) Absolute Knee Tight by Champion - $40.00, (13) Comfort bra by Champion - $45.00 The Active Man: Big game? Hard workout? Super soft tag-free enhanced with HeiQ’s adaptive technology helps keep you cool and dry in warm or wet conditions. (1) Power train Tee by Champion - $25.00, (2) Marathon Short with Brief Liner by Champion - $40.00, (3) Eco Fleece Full Zip Foodie by Champion - $35.00, (4) Eco Relaxed Band Pant by Champion - $30.00 Accessorize: (20) Austin House Folding backpack - $35 Duffle Bag - $40, (21) Austin House Shoe Bags - $25 (22) Chelsea King Scrunchies – Large $25 Medium $20, (23) Wildfox Knit Legwarmers - $66.00. Post-Workout Wear: These will take you from the gym to a coffee date to a night out with the girls. Throw them on over your activewear and no one will be the wiser. (5) Janet LT Random Sporty Jean Jacket by Mavi Canada - $118, (6) Dreamhouse Barbie by Wildfox from High Street Fashion Stores & Co. Ltd - $154, (7) Serena jogger by Mavi Canada - $98. The High Impact Devotee: Go hard, stay cool and never worry about sweat marks again with the latest performance benefits and innovation that will blow your mind. Use the multi band as a belt, scarf, headband or beanie. (8) Mid Sleeve V-Neck - $99.00 - Capri Leggings - $105.00, (19) Crew Neck Long Sleeve - $135 Firma Multi Band - $50.00 Capri Leggings - $105.00 – All by Firma EnergyWear. Photography Karolina Turek The Outdoor Enthusiast: Whether you’re training on the TRX or grabbing some friends to rock climb, you’ll be spotted for all the right reasons in these lovable leggings. Their perfect blend of stretch, support and sexy style is guaranteed to invoke your inner feline fatale and even has a place to keep your keys and phones. (14) Catwalk Legging by Public Myth - $77.00 CAD Bring It On Mesh Sports Bra by Public Myth - $69.00, (18) See smoothie bowl description under Health and Wellness Trend for 2015


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S Heather White wants to live in a world where people bring their souls to work and life. A sought after authenticity advocate, business advisor and coach, Heather’s sage advice has been featured in The Vancouver Sun, Fresh Magazine, Under 30 CEO, The Daily Love and on Entrepreneurs TV. With a Black Belt in Jujitsu and a Silver Medal from the World Championships, Heather knows on a fundamental level what it takes to be a top performer. Upon entry into the business world, she cut her teeth as a business developer for one of the largest food service distributors in North America. Managing a product list of over 15,000 items and a clientele almost as diverse, she grew the sales in her territory by 700% during her four years of service. In 2007, Heather founded 2020 Communications Inc., a business development company supporting entrepreneurs and corporate professionals with fundamental business practices. Since then, she’s worked with hundreds of clients, supporting them to bring their you-nique gifts and talents to the forefront of their work and life. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada you can find her online at www.2020communications.ca, www.heatherwhite.ca, or tweeting on Twitter @Heather2020.

pring is here! The magnolias and cherry blossoms lining the streets of Vancouver are spectacular, as always, giving us some much needed fresh life and energy to counteract our winter rust out. By this time of year, we are craving the sun and the space that long days and the warm weather coming will offer. Speaking of space, spring is that wonderful time of year when we clean out our closets, dig up the soil in our garden, and prepare for the new growth to come. It’s a spectacular time of year, full of excitement and the promise of Fresh! But, there is a major benefit for your mind, body and soul as you begin the process of unearthing and getting rid of the cobwebbed clutter that no longer serves you: peace. As you clear out your old stuff, you create space. Space to breathe. Space to contemplate. Space to create. Space to just simply be. Your stuff carries energy and the more stuff you have taking up space in your life, the more energy you need to generate to maintain it all. When you decide to let some of it go, you get back that precious life force, and what you do with that extra energy is totally up to you. In western culture, we’ve been conditioned into being constant consumers. We are forever acquiring more and more and more, when really, how much do we need? After all, the more stuff you have, the more storage you need to house it all, and half the time, you forget what you even have buried in the back of that hall closet that you can’t even reach. So let’s use the beautiful energy of spring to de-clutter, reduce stress and increase peace. Here’s how: Start here: how do you want to feel? This is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. Author and Vancouverite Danielle Laporte has built an entire empire using this power question as foundation. When you are clear on the answer to this question, it will be infinitely easier to know what can stick around and, furthermore, what needs to go. Next stop, your sacred space: your bedroom. So often the bedroom becomes the dumping ground for all the extra stuff that we don’t have anywhere else for. (Sound familiar?) However, this is your place of respite and rejuvenation. It’s where you go to unwind, relax, and let the day exhale out of you. It’s also where your day begins anew, with a fresh energy for what might be. When this space is cluttered, it dishonours you, and it zaps your energy, often without you even realizing it. Tackle your bedroom! Clean out your closet, clear anything out from under your bed, de-clutter your bedside table, dust the lamps and lights, wash the mirrors and windows and let in the light. Don’t hold on to clothes that you ‘hope’ are going to fit again. Let them go. If your size changes in the future, buy new clothes. After that, just keep taking the next step. Whether you start small, like the linen closet, or go big and tackle the basement, just keep following your inner guidance as to where to de-clutter next. With a beautiful, clean and clear space to go to each night to recharge, and a clear space that welcomes you when you wake up, you’ll find it easy to tackle the rest of your home, step by step. It’s a beautiful time of year to let go of what no longer serves you and create the space for the new, fresh, version of you to emerge. ** Source: http://www.daniellelaporte.com

Photo credit: Carmen Tome



hat sort of woman conceives, and brings to light the upcoming Art! Vancouver 2015 art show? One needs to understand the roots and background of this dynamic artist entrepreneur. Born in Vancouver, Wolfin’s childhood was spent largely in art classes and outdoors, tending to roadside stands selling the products of her budding creativity: candles, jewelry, you name it. Throughout her school years, she continuously won awards for her art, and smoothly transitioned to fashion design from high school. Moving to Los Angeles at the age of 17, she attended FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). There, she was recipient of the “most creative design” award, given by a panel of judges which included the iconic costume designer, Bob Mackie. Fashions of her own design sold in southern California during this period in her career, but it was not until the top 20 students at FIDM were invited for lunch in L.A. with Christian Dior head designer Marc Bohan that Lisa decided that she was heading to Paris to the centre of the fashion world. On a roller coaster ride, but with selfdescribed “tunnel vision” and great determination, Wolfin made her way to Dior in Paris where she worked as an apprentice. Back in Vancouver, she started Wear Wolfin Designs, building her fashion business and distributing

to over 100 stores across Canada and the U.S. Clothing designs were a result of Wolfin’s own aesthetic and a certain clairvoyance – pre-Madonna bustiers were a staple of the Wear Wolfin line. She sourced specialized fabric from places such as Interstoff, the largest fabric trade show in the world, in Frankfurt. The business continued to grow until she needed the flexibility to raise her three children and be an active and constant presence in their lives. Wolfin could now continue her art career, which had started earlier when she had painted on silk scarves and sold these in front of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Her pencil sketches were displayed and sold outside the Jaffa Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem during her stay in Israel. In her fashion model drawings, Wolfin had always been tempted to add faces to the traditional faceless sketches, so it wasn’t a huge leap to portrait painting. Soon she was receiving commissions for portraits and other works, and exhibiting in small art shows. Living in West Vancouver, Wolfin saw opportunity yet again. With corridors of blank walls at the Hollyburn Country Club, her artistic and entrepreneurial spirit saw a wonderful chance to market art and improve underutilized spaces. So, six years ago, after putting together a proposal to get art onto the walls of the country club, Wolfin happily took on the curatorship


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when asked. Once the spaces on the walls were filled, the business of selling the displayed artwork progressively grew. Artist receptions have added to the buzz and her curatorship has been well received. Wolfin constantly kept tabs on the international art scene by travelling to galleries in North America, Europe and Asia. Whether at an international art fair in New York, Paris, L.A. or Art Basel Miami, Wolfin has had a chance to see much of the most fascinating artwork on the planet. Fast forward to the present. Wolfin’s husband, Matt, has opened an office in Toronto. She is visiting frequently and while there, attending art fairs. The next step is to bring Vancouver’s art scene into line with cities she has visited, and the convention centre venue beckons. Art! Vancouver is that next step. With her amazing enthusiasm, her energy and encouragement, the road ahead has magically appeared. Wolfin has amassed a plethora of artists from around the globe for the first annual Art! Vancouver show in May. But Wolfin’s background in fashion design is ingrained and triumphant: opening night will feature a runway show with Art! Vancouver artists and their artwork reminiscent of those Parisian fashion show days. It’s always great when you can put a face to the art.

Ambleside Beach, 24x36, mixed media, acrylic and oil passtel on canvas

Gun Lake Trees, 30x40, mixed media, acrylic and oil pastel on canvas


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NUTRITION AND AGING By: Connie Pretula tip: Oils should be used at medium to low cooking temperatures, and never cook with flax or hemp oil.


he moment we are born, we start to age. Many have searched for and tried to create products that can turn back the hands of time, but to no avail. The best we can do is care for our bodies to slow the process. Is there a secret recipe? I like straightforward advice and keeping things simple. Antioxidants, specifically vitamins A, C and E, are important for our body because they support the repair process. Your vitamin A comes from green, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is also in those foods, as well as red fruits and vegetables. For vitamin E, look to dark-green vegetables as well as grains, nuts and seeds. Since variety is the spice of life – especially when it comes to our food – enjoy a range of colours when selecting vegetables and fruit. I recommend varying protein choices as well; if you’re a meat eater, switch it up a few days a week with a plant-based protein like beans or lentils. Healthy fat is also important in our diet; include olive oil, macadamia nut oil and avocado. What goes into our bodies is one of the key factors influencing what we see on the outside. When preparing dinner, it’s easy to make extra and have leftovers for lunch the next day. Your body will thank you for choosing homemade food over processed or fast food. Limiting the amount of sugar we consume is important as well. Sorry to be Debbie

Downer, but you knew I was going to say it. Absolutely everything we eat causes our bodies to release insulin. Refined sugar, honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar makes the body work harder to maintain an optimum blood sugar level. If you consume sugar every day, after a while your body will ignore its own signals to level things out, causing it to release more insulin and adding stress as it tries to regulate it. One last caution on sugar – if it’s not used for energy, it’s stored as fat and when we’re inactive, the fat starts to accumulate. Now let’s talk about hydration. Water helps the natural detox process our bodies go through 24 hours a day, and it keeps our skin looking great! At a minimum, we should drink 1.5 to 2 litres a day (the amount differs based on weight and activity level). I hear a lot of people complain about frequent bathroom breaks, but that’s only true in the beginning. Your body will soon adjust to your new hydration regimen. What goes into our bodies is so important but, as a holistic nutritionist, I look at more than just food. Quality and length of sleep is also very important (there’s a reason it is called beauty sleep). We must also consider activity levels and the environments where we live and work – these can have a significant impact. And finally, our attitudes about life and relationships with everyone from co-workers to friends and family affect our aging process. Life happens to


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all of us; how we react to it or work through the tough times has an impact. So now you have the not-so-secret recipe for a youthful life – eat a wide variety of antioxidant-rich foods, reduce (or ideally eliminate) processed and fried foods, limit your sugar intake, stay hydrated, get enough sleep and enjoy life – easy right? Well, it doesn’t have to happen overnight. Every step you take is a step in the right direction. If you need help putting the steps in motion, contact a holistic nutritionist to create a personalized plan. As a Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Connie Pretula guides her clients to better living through better food choices. Her passion for nutrition stems from personal experience and competitive body building. While in training, Connie followed an all-natural diet, helping her achieve her goals and win third place in her first competition. The 2013 victory fuelled a long-held desire to fully understand how our bodies respond to the food choices we make. Today, Connie uses her experience, formal training, and extensive research to help others address nagging health issues, nurture healthy eating habits, and make the transition to new lifestyles. She draws upon more than 20 years in a successful career in the financial services industry to provide straightforward advice and unwavering support to her clients. Connie is a seasoned public speaker and passionate advocate for women’s health issues. She lives in Vancouver and serves clients throughout the Metro Vancouver area. ConniePretula.com



“Travel Essentials”

Primped and pampered from head to toe is what you’ll get with Kai Fragrance’s line of body care. This “travel set” combines everything you need when headed off on vacation, all in a handy reusable hemp bag. These products are ultra moisturizing, so a little goes a long way. Kai’s heavenly scent will shower you with exotic notes of gardenia and leave you craving more. Paraben and cruelty-free! Grab your travel pack today at KaiFragrance.com

“Red My Mind”

What better way to accessorize than making a statement with bold nails. The Body Shop has launched a line of nail lacquers with 24 incredible shades inspired by nature. My latest obsession is “Red My Mind” Colour Crush. It’s sure to be a conversation stopper. Quick-drying, vegan and crueltyfree: make it a must have. Colour your World at TheBodyShop.ca

Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Check out BeautyBuzz411.com Photogra pher: Jen nifer Wil Makeup liams Artist: Ke lly Trerise

“Cat Eyes”

Just like a paint brush, with one simple stroke, Lise Watier’s “Feline Eyeliner HD” defines any shape of eye. With its softtipped applicator, I couldn’t believe how easy and precise it was to apply. I absolutely love the texture and fastdrying formula. The longevity of this liner keeps your eyes looking gorgeous from morning till dawn. Cruelty-free. Define your eyes with LiseWatier.com

“Red Musk”

Let The Body Shop add some spice to your life with their new sultry scent, “Red Musk”. This bold eau de toilette perfectly combines notes of spiced musk, earthy tobacco and warm cinnamon. Not only will you smell good, but you can feel good too, knowing it’s made with 100% cruelty-free musk! Awaken your senses at TheBodyShop.ca

“Bronzed Goddess”

Lise Watier’s “Teint Bora Bora” self-tanning gel is pretty awesome. It will leave people asking where you’ve been. The creamy texture glides on smooth, provides great hydration and it has a nice scent too. With it’s fast-drying application, you can apply and be out the door in no time. Lise Watier provides a streak-free, sun-kissed glow with no orangey tint. Cruelty-free! Stay sun smart with LiseWatier.com



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Producer/Creative Director & Stylist: Crystal Carson Makeup: Marlayna Pincott for Lizbell Agency using MAC Cosmetics & Lashes Hair: Shalon Jackson using L’OREAL Location: Yaletown, Vancouver BC Model: Shauna Ireland founder of Shauna Ireland PR//Communications Co founder of Ireland + Hall Communications INC.










Saint Cosmetics is a brand-new natural and organic cosmetics line with over 144 different products, some of them including: • • •

Vanity Fragrance ($87), a contrast between seductive florals and sugary sweet hints of vanilla. Begotten Brown Eye Shadow ($24) is perfect for a light and natural touch. Diabolical Liquid Liner ($21) creates a long lasting defined look with a smooth, matte finish. Available at www.saintcosmetics.ca

Hydra Skin Renewal Gel Mask - Quench your skin with this super hydrating treatment mask! The mask incorporates specialized actives including papaya enzymes, seaweed, grapeseed extract, vitamin C , sodium hyaluronate and pure essential oils. It can be used as a facial mask for all skin types to hydrate, address signs of age, brighten, soothe, and heal. For the body, it can be used as a spot treatment to address dry/scaly areas, and has been shown to reduce the appearance of new stretch marks and scar tissue. As an added bonus, it can be used on burns, bug bites, sunburns, skin irritations, acne and after waxing to help reduce inflammation and redness. This is one product that should be in your medicine cabinet & cosmetic drawer! 5oz size $38 retail. Made in BC, Canada! Free of parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, propylene glycol, colours and fragrances.


Available at a spa near you or on-line at www.beautythroughbalance.ca.




Bio Seaweed Gel is the only big-5 free gel brand, there is no formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, BHA or solvents in our formula. This means there is zero dehydration, staining or weakening of the natural nails. Regardless at the salon or at-home, BSG gives you the freedom to wear gel nails as often or as little without any repercussions. In addition to the userfriendly ingredients, Bio Seaweed Gel does not require any sanding or drilling of the natural nails and does not have any fumes or odours - another bonus for a healthier nail experience. bioseaweedgel.com

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Comm ing N ext

Create. Play. Decorate.

A third-generation family-owned and proudly Canadian business. DeSerres provides material and supplies to artists, arts and crafts enthusiasts, students and designers.

ISSUE ISSUE #30 May/June


with ART! Vancouver

3 LOCATIONS IN THE VANCOUVER AREA Visit us at deserres.ca for more information.



Interview with Fashion Icon


JEANNE BEKER • Gorgeously Green SkincareEarth-Friendly Products • A Simple Kettlebell Workout for Beginners • BC’s Top 10 Wineries • Are You Using Enough Sunscreen? • Canada’s SUPERfoods.







Thursday, May 21st - $25 EVENT DETAILS

Advanced One-Day - $15 Advanced Multi-Day - $22 At-the-Door One-Day - $20


Purchase Your Tickets Today at




Sunday, May 24th, 2015 Swangard Stadium, Burnaby




She is STRONG, DETERMINED and POWERFUL. Challenge yourself, challenge others and register for WOMAN2WARRIOR, a women’s only charity obstacle adventure race benefitting Easter Seals Camps in British Columbia.

REGISTER TODAY! Call 604.873.1865 for more information or register online at:





Over a decade ago, Laser Hair Removal revolutionized the hair removal industry, all but eliminating the need for waxing, shaving and tweezing for those willing to undergo the painful procedure. Amazing results were tempered by anxiety about undergoing the uncomfortable sessions. Numbing creams, squeezy balls and shots of tequila became the pre-treatment norm for many clients looking to ease the laser discomfort. But now, there’s a better way... Today, the Forever Bare BBL by Sciton is taking hair removal to the next level, with the safest and most comfortable permanent hair reduction system available. At SKN we are proud to be the first clinic in BC to offer this innovative new experience. Virtually pain free and capable of providing incredible results, the new Forever Bare BBL is the hair removal system you’ve been waiting for.


Just call 604.568.6333 or email info@SKNclinic.ca to get started!

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Fresh Vancouver Issue #29  

Fresh Vancouver Issue #29 April 2015, featuring an interview with Olympic Gold medallist and World Champion Skier Ashleigh McIvor Demerit

Fresh Vancouver Issue #29  

Fresh Vancouver Issue #29 April 2015, featuring an interview with Olympic Gold medallist and World Champion Skier Ashleigh McIvor Demerit