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Tell us about SKN

SKN Clinic is Vancouver’s original natural skincare clinic. Our treatments combine advanced technology and skin nutrition with the wisdom of eastern medicine, specifically cosmetic acupuncture. We continuously research the latest in skin health and treatments to provide our clientele with the most effective and innovative treatments. We understand that it takes healthy skin to create great looking skin. We believe the two are unquestionably intertwined. Our approach consists of providing the skin with exactly what it needs including proper topical foods and non-invasive treatments for restoration. With millions of products and treatments to choose from, the world of skincare can be very confusing, but my team is here to help educate and navigate the process of achieving beautiful skin.

What makes you different from a spa or a doctor’s office?

My goal was to create a clinic that had a holistic, results-driven focus, meaning the treatments were non-invasive and the focus was on the entire face and not just targeted treatments. I noticed that when injectables entered the skincare industry, there was this shift and people had this expectation of immediate results. However, this resulted in the most critical part

of skincare (the overall health and longevity of the skin) being pushed to the back burner. Injectables can be a great option for many clients and work well in conjunction with the treatments we offer, but are not everything your skin needs. Clients should understand that quick fix treatments like injectables do not contribute to the health and longevity of the skin, and this is really where we come in. Our approach focuses on improving skin health and providing visible results including improved tone, texture, clarity, and serious skin nourishment. Without a proper skincare program, your skin is going to be malnourished, aging is going to be accelerated and skin conditions like acne can occur. We are well known for our SKN Signature Treatments and Silky and Smooth Packages. These treatments combine cosmetic acupuncture with our other popular skin treatments and laser services, allowing the clients to get both skin rejuvenation and body and mind relaxation. Plus $99 of these treatment combos is covered by extended benefits if you have acupuncture coverage.

Where did your interest in health and beauty originate?

It all started when I moved to Korea after university to teach English and I was introduced to a whole new approach to health and wellbeing. The Korean culture was very passionate


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about skincare and alternative health. They had many food cures for treating sickness. The skincare options in Seoul are endless as well. My Korean friends opened my eyes to this fascinating field and I returned to Canada to study Chinese Medicine. After graduating, I made the decision to specialize in cosmetic acupuncture and skin health. This led to the creation of SKN Clinic and now Skin Addix Cosmeceuticals.

What is the most rewarding part of your work?

Without a doubt, working hands-on with the clients and helping them achieve their skin goals. I am very grateful for the wonderful clients we have at SKN Clinic. They make our job both fun and rewarding. I also feel very inspired when I am creating the Skin Addix Line. Any future plans or innovations in beauty and wellness you are excited to share? We are continuing to expand our exclusive skincare line called Skin Addix Cosmeceuticals. We launched a year-and-a-half ago and it has been very well received by our clients. In fact, they are demanding that we keep growing the line. Our goal is to have an entire line complete by 2015 and to have products that address the most common skin concerns including acne, aging, rosacea, and pigmentation.

Profile for Fresh Magazine

Fresh Vancouver Issue #28  

Fresh Vancouver Issue #28 Jan/Feb 2015, featuring an interview with Cybele Negris, president of Webnames.ca.

Fresh Vancouver Issue #28  

Fresh Vancouver Issue #28 Jan/Feb 2015, featuring an interview with Cybele Negris, president of Webnames.ca.