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Good morning, Calm

Start your day with a delicious spoonful, and let the world feel your inner peace! Looking for some inner calm in a bottle? Meet Sea-licious™. Providing 1500mg of Omega-3 EPA and DHA per teaspoon from purest and cleanest sardine, anchovy and mackerel oils. Omega-3 has long been known to have a positive effect on cardiovascular health, reduction in pain and inflammation, improved sleep and memory. Recent studies show that people with higher levels of Omega-3s can better resist the physical and emotional effects of stress. Beneficial for the whole family, give yourself the gift of a little piece of calm and start your day with a delicious spoonful of Sea-licious™. Available at fine natural health product stores and pharmacies. Side effects may include: weight loss, hormonal balance, better sleep, smarter kids, better focus and concentration, reduced pain and inflammation, increased energy, and a happier state of mind!


Karlene Karst, RD is a dietician, author and creator of the Sea-licious and Veg-licious omega oils.

contents ISSUE 24 May/June 2014


16 Worth the Wait: A Public Figure’s Private

Women in Business Sandi Lesueur

10 Inflammatory Acne Scarring vs. Post

Hyper-pigmentation: Best Treatment Interventions

By Amanda Beisel

Struggle with Fertility

An Interview with Lynn Colliar By Rachael Biggs

20 Ancient Dietary Principles for

Health and Fertility

By Dr Spence Pentland

12 Stacey Wells

22 Fresh Magazine 4th Anniversary

By Rachael Biggs Some thoughts on art and inspiration

Attracts Local Celebs

14 The Jury Has Spoken: All in Favour for a

Complete Smile Transformation!

By Dr Kelvin Mah






29 Fountain of Youth

25 Ask the Expert: Alyssa Bauman

Stocking the Anti-Aging Kitchen

30 Crystal Carson Style Guide

26 Beauty Buzz 411

Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen!

Check out


34 How to Help your Friend during Cancer

By Barb Bates

The benefits of spa treatments for the mind and body

Find Your Glow — Inside and Out

By Margaret Jetelina Mandi Sellers started Glow Women’s Society to do just that!

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fresh Vancouver

This Month in

Photo credit: Erich Saide



Shelly Lynn Nellis Editor-In-Chief


Trent Nellis

Dan Tidsbury



Shelly Lynn Nellis

Michelle Beaudry

COPY EDITOR Dan Tidsbury




ne of the things that keeps us all younger is finding occasions to celebrate life and all of the great things it brings. For Fresh Magazine, one of those opportunities to celebrate brought us together with our growing community of friends to mark our 4th birthday (I know… so soon!). iovera° Beauty sponsored our fantastic, fun, Friday night soirée and chose the event for the Canadian launch their new line of non-toxin anti-aging treatments. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to share the evening with us, and to iovera° for helping to make the party truly memorable. Check out the details and photos in this issue. As always, we can’t say enough about the amazing women who live, work, and lead in our communities. Whether we are letting you get better acquainted with local media personalities like Lynn Colliar, introducing you to local artists like Stacey Wells, or highlighting the ground breaking work of successful leaders and entrepreneurs like Sandi Lesueur or Mandi Sellers, Fresh also finds cause for celebration in the contributions and accomplishments of these outstanding women. Fashion, beauty, and the latest trends are here, of course, but so is informative and helpful information on issues that confront so many people. Dr Spence Pentland shares insights from Traditional Chinese Medicine to help with fertility, and with generally feeling our best every day. Read about treatments to deal with the aftermath of acne outbreaks that can take such a toll at any age. Celebration of life, expert advice, and keeping up with the latest and the best… that was the vision that gave rise to Fresh, and we are so excited, heading into year number 5, and look forward to sharing it all with you, our readers!






Fresh Vancouver publishes six issues per year. Send all questions, comments and inquiries to: Fresh Vancouver 13256-55 A Avenue Surrey BC V3X 3B3 Tel 1-877-905-7771 Fax 604-591-1989 email Fresh Vancouver assumes no responsibility for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and advertisers and do not necessarily reflect those of Fresh Vancouver publishers, editors or staff. Readers are encouraged to consult with their health professional before embarking upon exercise, medical or nutritional changes. Contents of Fresh Vancouver are copyright 2013, all rights reserved. Fresh Vancouver may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means without written permission of the publisher. To subscribe to Fresh Vancouver and receive delivery to your home or office bimonthly, send $29.95 + HST = $33.54 Include your address and we’ll ship you our next issue. Single copies are also available for $5.95 plus HST = $6.25.





Dr Kelvin P Mah is driven to “enrich lives, one smile at a time.” He believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated, personal interest in the health, wellness and happiness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects an organic and zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute, which offers postgraduate programs in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about Dr Mah and discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at


Dr Allana Polo is a Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about utilizing natural therapies to treat the patient rather than the condition. Dr Polo, a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and a certified Bio-Identical hormone doctor by the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, has a strong interest in helping patients with weight loss, hormonal imbalances and food intolerances. “My business is about education, motivation and empowering my patients to lead a healthy and optimal life. Getting to the root cause and addressing underlying reasons for health concerns is key.” Her pounda-day program is extremely effective and has helped thousands of people lose weight in a safe and lasting manner. In her spare time, Dr Polo likes to lead an active life and enjoys running, Bikram’s yoga and preparing healthy meals for the week ahead. To learn more visit



Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. Amanda and her team offer clients innovative and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, all in an effort to repair, restore and replenish the skin and body. A registered acupuncturist, she specializes in cosmetic acupuncture, biopuncture and medical skin needling. Amanda is also the founder of Skin Addix, a natural cosmeceutical line focused on skin restoration and hydration, and co-creator of the SKNSpin Roller System. In 2014, she will publish her first book, an informative guide on simple and effective ways to achieve healthy and radiant skin in your daily routine. To learn more visit

DR SPENCE PENTLAND A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Dr Spence Pentland has focused on treating fertility issues since 2004. His Vancouver clinic, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, aims to help couples realize their dreams of happy, healthy families such as his own. Dr Pentland completed undergraduate studies in botany, herbology and horticulture and went on to become a Doctor of TCM. He graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver and completed an internship at Anhui Hospital of TCM in Hefei City, China. In 2008, he completed certification with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine and continues to educate himself in current reproductive health developments. His intimate knowledge of ancient Daoist wisdom integrated with modern Western biomedicine allows Dr Pentland to treat a patient’s overall wellbeing and get to the root of reproductive issues to find solutions. To learn more visit



Sandi Lesueur By Rachael Biggs


n a world that is increasingly interested in products that are environmentally responsible and contain wholesome ingredients, CEO Sandi Lesueur feels privileged and excited to be a part of Riversol Skin Care. WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT ROLE AND HOW DID YOU GET THERE? I am one of the original founders of Riversol Skin Care. I was hired in 2006 as VP of Sales & Marketing to design and launch the brand with internationally known dermatologist Dr Jason Rivers. After almost a decade of creating a strong vision, I was brought on as CEO and am now the second largest shareholder of the company and hold a director’s position on the board.

WHAT’S NEXT? Riversol is launching a paraben-free, mineral oil-free formula called Riversol MD in June. I am working with the SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiatives) program to have Riversol lead the way towards all cosmetic companies having sustainable packaging. I’m also working on giving back to the First Nations people since it was they who founded the natural healing properties of beta-thujaplicin. Riversol MD’s media event is scheduled for this September where we look forward to getting away from the traditional red carpet party

WHAT DO YOU LOVE A BOUT YOUR JOB? I love that our company has a strong story that combines nature with science. The fact that our key ingredient (beta-thujaplicin found in the Western Red Cedar tree) was founded by the First Nations people in the 1930’s and is not used anywhere else in the cosmetic world is a unique source of pride for me. Helping people that have felt insecure and embarrassed about skin conditions like rosacea and acne and listening to stories about how Riversol changed their lives makes me feel really good. WHAT DO YOU FIND MOST CHA LLENGING A BOUT YOUR ROLE? We compete with massive cosmetic companies that aren’t always making accurate claims and convince consumers to buy their products based on expensive campaigns, so that can be tough. Riversol put our money into the ingredients rather than fancy packaging. WHAT A RE SOME STRENGTHS THAT WOMEN HAVE OVER MEN IN BUSINESS? Most women multi-task really well and are good with budgeting. We’re also not afraid to ask for help, which goes a long way when you don’t know something. WHAT A DVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO THE NEXT GENERATION OF WOMEN IN BUSINESS? Don’t be afraid of hard work! I’m from the Prairies, where I was taught the meaning of a strong work ethic and that it’s truly up to each of us to determine what we want out of life. If you know what you’re after, great, but if not, help others and involve yourself in things that come naturally to you. Once you have a plan, be flexible with it. Most things don’t happen overnight, but if you’re patient, you’ll reach your goals.




and allowing guests to participate in a casual afternoon in the forest, surrounded by First Nations music and performances. In Fall 2014, our amenity line will be available throughout the airline, hotel and cruise ship industry. Dr. Rivers Clean will be launching in Spring 2015 when the Shopping Channel and Home Shopping Network come on board as well. Clean will be the first dermatologist-developed, paraben-free, gluten-free, mineral oil-free skincare line in the world to be using beta-thujaplicin. We’re looking forward to a bright future!




By Amanda Beisel

or most of us, our teenage years share one common denominator - acne. It’s the inescapable plague that haunts young adults during their most formative years. Acne can be a very difficult skin issue to treat and comes with a lot of emotional turmoil. Even when the war is over and the skin is clear, the scars of the battle remain. Being fortunate enough to make it through your teens with a minimal amount of pimples doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe. A growing number of people these days are experiencing the frustration of adult onset acne. The struggles are all the same and, again, the scars remain long after the acne has faded away. Treating acne scarring can be as challenging as treating the acne itself. The severity of the scarring depends on various factors from genetics to the grade of the acne experienced - as well as the topical and internal care provided along with how quickly the treatment intervention occurred. It is important to note the distinction between acne scarring and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. POST INFL AMMATORY HY PERPIGMENTATION IS NOT SCA RRING PIH (Post Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation) is not acne scarring. PIH is a colour change in the skin - that unsightly dark mark left over after a breakout. The healing process for PIH requires patience as it will gradually fade over many months. PIH occurs due to the skins inflammatory process and the darker the spot, the longer the healing time. Generally PIH will fade unassisted over a period of 3-12 months, but you can speed this process with topical care. The best topical treatment for PIH is Vitamin C in the form of Lascorbic acid, a vitamin A serum, and gentle skin lighteners. Of the utmost importance is that you are wearing a physical sunblock every day and minimizing your sun exposure, as UV rays will darken the areas of abnormal discoloration. ACNE SCA RRING: ATRO PHIC AND HY PERTRO PHIC The severity of acne scarring ranges from mild to severe. Acne scars are most commonly atrophic, which means they leave an indentation in the skin often referred to as a “pock mark”. Less common is hypertrophic scarring, which is due to excessive scar tissue and this presents as a keloid. Acne scars result when skin follicles become blocked by excessive oil, and the physiology of keratin combined with old skin cells triggers an inflammatory response reaction. The skin will attempt to heal and the scar tissue results as the collagen becomes deformed and thickens. Acne scars are categorized as being “ice- pick”, “rolling” or “boxcar .” Ice pick scars are the most difficult to treat while rolling scars respond the best to treatment. THE SOLUTION TO ACNE SCA RRING: DERMA PEN MICRO -NEEDLING The Dermapen Micro Needling treatment improves the appearance of atrophic acne scars and surgical scars. The micro needles of the Dermapen cause new collagen and elastin to be generated and deposited in the areas of the scar. An added bonus is that you are not only decreasing the appearance of scars, but are also addressing and delaying the signs of aging simultaneously. The physical nature of “skin needling” breaks up this fibrous and uneven scar tissue and stimulates the growth of new tissue resulting in a smoother and more even skin surface. Also, there is the added benefit of new capillary growth, which improves the blood supply to the area providing a healthy foundation for the new skin. There are ablative, sub-ablative, and non-ablative treatments such as Fraxel and CO2 lasers; however, these treatments can include some negative side effects due to the intense heat used. These treatments can damage the epidermis and evaporate the skin, leading to a thinner epidermis. While they are often safe for very light skin types, they can pose a high

risk for those with darker skin tones. The main risk for dark skin types is PIH, which is darkening of the skin, as well as hypo-pigmentation which is loss of pigment. The Dermapen Micro Needling treatment keeps the integrity of the epidermis intact making it safe even for the darkest skin types. Additionally, the healing time is very short and there is minimal discomfort. The most important thing to remember is that Dermapen Micro Needling treatments actually improve the health of the skin because they are stimulating natural collagen growth factors and the epidermal growth factor, which slows down thinning of the skin. Our epidermis protects us from the outside world and causing harm to this protective layer compromises our overall health and skin health while accelerating the rate at which our skin ages. HOW MANY TRE ATMENTS? Your skincare professional will consult on the number of treatments needed as well as what results you can expect based on your individual scarring needs. While each client is different and conditions will vary, the typical treatment regimen will consist of 4-6 treatments. PRO PER HOME CA RE Your skin needs daily topical support every day but even more so when committing to a series of Dermapen Micro Needling treatments. This is because The Dermapen treatments are stimulating the wound healing response and your skin requires a support system for optimal results. The most important ingredient is vitamin A. Vitamin A will help support the wound healing process that is set in play by the micro needling treatments. Even though your skin appears visibly healed 2-4 days post treatment, there is still healing happening beneath the surface and this healing process requires topical support to effectively heal and reform new tissue in the area where the scar resides. Not all forms of vitamin A are effective, so consult your skincare provider to learn about the various forms of Vitamin A and which are best suited for your needs. SKIN BO OSTING SUPPLEMENTS AND VITAMIN INJECTIONS Healthy nutrition and supplements supply skin cells with the essential building blocks they require to achieve healthy skin. One of the most important vitamins to be supplementing with is the B-Complex. A deficiency in vitamin B can lead to many skin health issues such as acne, dry skin, and skin rashes. Vitamin B1 boosts circulation in the body and gives your skin a glow. Vitamin B3 helps your skin receive plenty of oxygen, which can help prevent the development of acne, among other benefits. Vitamin B5 also helps to promote faster healing of skin wounds and is most effective when combined with vitamin C. A biotin deficiency can lead to a variety of skin problems including rashes, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and overall itchiness. If you are suffering with chronic skin issues, or even if you are just sick of dealing with a dull and unhealthy complexion, the cause may be a vitamin B deficiency. THE INCREDIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF DERMA PEN Dermapen Micro Needling is the only acne scarring treatment available that is safe, effective, and that simultaneously improves the health of your skin. A series of Dermapen Micro Needling treatments will not only reduce the appearance of acne scarring but will slow down the signs of aging. The Dermapen treatments will slow the formation of lines while softening the appearance of existing ones. You can expect a smoother skin texture and overall brighter skin tone. Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. Amanda and her team offer clients innovative and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, all in an effort to repair, restore and replenish the skin and body. Contact 604-568-6333 or


STACEY WELLS By Rachael Biggs

Photo Credits: Michael Eivaz

Clarence Alford


“My inspiration to paint began on a wine tour of Napa Valley with my girlfriends. We visited Cosentino’s winery and the wine was rock star worthy! We bought a bottle of the reserve and drank it with breakfast, as rock stars would. When I got home, I painted a picture of the wine bottle as a memory of my trip. The winery loved it and sent a case of wine, which inspired me to create my RockStar Reflections. I wanted to reflect the good times had with music and wine, essentially capturing time in a bottle. “Since then, my art has become popular and is now found in prestigious galleries and on the walls of art collectors worldwide. “I’ve had the thrill of meeting some of the people that inspired me like Alice Cooper, of whom I painted a tribute guitar last year! And Steven Tyler came across a painting I did of him at the Celebrities gallery in Wailea, Hawaii. He loved it so much that it is now hanging in his bedroom. The gallery owner is working on a print signing deal. It’s been a great ride!”

DO YOU HAVE ANY FAVOURITE PIECES OR ARE THEY LIKE CHILDREN AND YOU LOVE THEM ALL EQUALLY? “Whatever piece is on my easel now is always my favourite. I love the excitement of creating a new piece. It is hard to let them go, but when my walls are empty, it entices me to create more.”



DO YOU HAVE A S PECIFIC VISION OF WHAT YOU WANT TO CREATE BEFORE YOU CREATE IT OR ARE YOU OFTEN SURPRISED? “I do start with a vision, but it can change. It’s all about the passion of the moment.”


“Art enriches lives and makes people feel. It starts conversations and creates ambiance, memories and stories. When you surround yourself with art, your enjoyment of life is greater. Art is priceless!”


“I am working on art featuring pop culture for a show at La Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills. One of the works features Dennis Rodman. I was inspired to paint it after spending fifteen hours with him in LA. It involves controversy, scandal and revolt, so I am excited to hear the response.”


“My show ‘Reflections of the Strip’ has been added to the Sunset Strip Music Festival. I feel so honoured since the Sunset Strip’s history, music, people and unique vibe have influenced my work so much. I have also been asked to paint another guitar sculpture for Gibson Guitar Town, which I’m very excited about!”



All in Favour for a Complete Smile Transformation! By Dr Kelvin Mah


believe that each smile has its own personality. Think about it. When you look at a person’s smile, what does it tell you about them? Does a wide, full smile suggest that they’re more outgoing and confident than someone whose smile…well, just isn’t? By altering characteristics of specific teeth, we can alter our smile’s personality and change how the world perceives us. Just recently, Ken came to me as a referral during a time of change in his life. Here’s what Ken had to say about his experience: “I came to Dr. Mah during the course of a periodontal reconstruction, and therefore an integrative approach to my structural and cosmetic dental needs was very important to me. As a lawyer, I have to be able to smile (or bite as circumstances dictate). From my first appointment, Dr. Mah and his entire team brought a friendly and thoroughly professional approach, and the superior results have exceeded my expectations.” As a lawyer practising in the area of high-conflict family law, Ken’s smile is seen not only by his clients, but by judges, opposing counsel and their clients, witnesses, experts, arbitrators and mediators! While court cases are most certainly decided through evidence and logic, charm can be just as essential for a winning verdict. If you’ve ever seen a courtroom drama, then you probably have an idea of the many persuasive tactics – albeit a little exaggerated for the film and television audience – used by lawyers in court cases. As I chatted with Ken about one of his high conflict cases, I pictured him employing many of the same tactics used by lawyers in dozens of movies during pivotal courtroom scenes. Subliminally, the opinion of judges and jury members can be swayed or dissuaded, at least in part, by a lawyer’s appearance. If this is the case – forgive the too-easy pun – then Ken’s smile is the vanguard of his rhetorical offense. Unfortunately, Ken’s smile was ailing, which was sure to affect his confidence in a career where high confidence is essential. He was referred to me by expert periodontist Dr. Tassos Irinakis – a dear, trusted friend and colleague of mine. Ken was sent to Dr. Irinakis with a front tooth that had a fracture severe enough to necessitate removal and replacement by a dental implant and crown. Complicating the matter was the fact that Ken had suffered severe bone loss in the area surrounding the tooth. This meant that multiple procedures were required to build up the area enough to restore the bone to an acceptable level. Only then would that area of the mouth accept the required implant in a way that would look aesthetically pleasing. I have worked with Dr. Irinakis on quite a few cases – dental, that is – and we enjoy a close, professional relationship together. Dr. Irinakis referred Ken to me with the knowledge that I would bring the same high level of expertise and attention to detail as our previous collaborative efforts. For situations as complex as Ken’s, coordination between me and a specialist is essential. There are many intricate steps that Dr. Irinakis and



I must take in order to achieve a beautiful result. This case highlighted the interdisciplinary aspects of complex treatment and the wonderful, predictable outcome that can result when there are shared values and a unifying commitment between the specialist, the patient, and me. When I first met with Ken in person, we spoke briefly about his experiences in the courtroom, but we mostly discussed his concerns pertaining to his fractured tooth until we were able to identify exactly what he wanted to achieve. A successful outcome, in my opinion, will always begin with understanding WHY a patient seeks treatment in the first place. I’ll then provide answers to HOW and with WHAT materials and methods I’ll use to achieve success. In Ken’s case, to reach his desired outcome, we would need to include three adjacent teeth in our plan. The first step in this journey was a simple one – I whitened Ken’s teeth so that his new pearly whites would reflect a brighter smile. Next, I studied models of Ken’s teeth and analyzed photos of his mouth until I was ready to present a proposal of his new smile. My proposal reflected changes that I wanted to make to the size, shape, and position of his new teeth so that they revealed a more youthful, vital smile. Ken liked what he saw and was excited to proceed with his transformation. Dr. Irinakis first saw Ken in December 2011 and we finished treatment in March of this year. It took a little over two years to fully implement our plan, but Ken left my office visibly pleased, as evidenced by his smile! Ken is a confident and outgoing raconteur – which certainly doesn’t hurt him in the courtroom – and his wonderful new smile reflects that!


“I came to Dr. Mah during the course of a periodontal reconstruction, and therefore an integrative approach to my structural and cosmetic dental needs was very important to me. As a lawyer, I have to be able to smile (or bite as circumstances dictate). From my first appointment, Dr. Mah and his entire team brought a friendly and thoroughly professional approach, and the superior results have exceeded my expectations.”

Dr Kelvin P. Mah is driven to “enrich lives, one smile at a time.” He believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated, personal interest in the health, wellness and happiness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects an organic and zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute, which offers postgraduate programs in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about Dr Mah and discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at www.smilecitysquare. com, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at SmileCitySquare.


Worth the Wait:

A Public Figure’s Private Struggle with Fertility

LynnColliar An Interview with

By Rachael Biggs

Photographer: Chris Haylett Producer, Creative Director & Stylist: Crystal Carson

Makeup Artist: Marlayana Pincott for Lizbell Agency using Mac Cosmetics & Sally Hansen polish Hair Artist: Hair by KATRINA MOLSON at using Davines hair products Stylist Assistant: MJ.Villegas Location: Bacchus Restaurant & Lounge at the Wedgewood Hotel & Spa Bronze Sequin dress / Yoanna Baraschi Beau ravage / Wear Else / $450 Gold teardrop earrings / Harriet Grey / Mimi and Marge / $28.00


pon graduating from SFU with plans to be a veterinarian, Lynn Colliar quite literally “fell into” her career when she and Pamela Martin collided on the slopes at Whistler. Once she had recovered, Pamela offered to show her around BCTV and Lynn’s interest was piqued. After studying journalism at BCIT, she was hired as a writer/researcher and discovered a fervency for the news business. “The stories are mesmerizing and you get very passionate about telling them,” she says. “One of my bosses calls it ‘the fire in the belly’. BCTV [now Global] is populated with people like that, and I’m very lucky to be among them.” After reporting on the crime beat for eight years, she was asked to fill in on the morning news and eventually became the respected anchor that she is today. During her pregnancy with daughter Teagan, she did some award-winning, in-depth reporting, including a five part series on fertility – a subject she has become intimately acquainted with through personal experience.

Incredible! We couldn’t do it without them. And Glenn’s parents visit as much as they can; Granddad Don and Bonnie and Gramma Wendy are all favourites with Teagan. She’s surrounded by love. We’ve got a good tribe.”

Trying can be Trying

“Everything else with us had fallen into place for Glenn and I, but getting pregnant was a longer journey. “We tried on our own, but knew we were facing an uphill battle because (as everyone liked to remind me) of my age, so we sought help

First Comes Love

“Glenn and I were introduced by a mutual friend and everything seemed to fall into place with our relationship. We were planning to get married in Hawaii (as far as I knew), but on New Year’s Eve 2011, I was caught totally by surprise by what we like to call the ‘ambush’ wedding! “We were having a ‘few’ friends over and suddenly our house was full and Glenn was standing in front of everyone with a tux on. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, to which he responded, ‘Let’s just do it now!’ “He had a limo waiting to take my girlfriends and I and my hair stylist (this man knows what he’s doing) to a hotel where a friend had eight wedding gowns waiting to be tried on. It was all a bit of a whirlwind. Two hours later, I was back at our house, dressed in a wedding gown, with my hair and makeup done. Everyone at the house had been busy decorating. There were 365 long stem roses all around the back deck, fairy lights and candles... it was magical. Anyone who thinks men can’t be romantic needs to meet Glenn. “He is a great dad and a great guy. He didn’t miss a single doctor’s appointment and came to all of the baby classes. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have a family with!”


“I always knew that I wanted to be a mom, but it wasn’t top priority. My work was all-consuming and time flew by; one minute I was twenty-two and the next I was thirty-five. “When Glenn and I got together, I was thirty-nine – not exactly prime fertility time. We knew that if we were going to start a family, time was a factor. “One of our close friends calls friends and family your tribe, and I like the idea of being part of a tribe. I was an only child and bringing Teagan into the world has grown our tribe and made us all closer. My parents are over the moon for her! They have been a huge help; in fact, I think my dad is realizing what he missed working full-time when I was little. He loves being Grandpa. They step in whenever we need help, sometimes coming to the house at 4 a.m. if Glenn is working weekends, so they are there for Teagan when I go to work.



White and black blouse / Alice & Olivia / Wear Else / $345 Black pants / Celine / Holt Renfrew / $950


“For all the ups and downs we’ve been through, every time I look at Teagan my heart is full and there are no regrets.”

Blue flower dress / Roberto Cavalli / Holt Renfrew / $1,595

from Dr. Al Yuzpe. He was with Genesis Fertility at the time, but has since opened Olive Fertility here in Vancouver. He was very positive, ran through all the options and then basically said, ‘Let’s get pregnant!’ “I remember walking out feeling hopeful, but also a little angry that we had to go through this when it seemed everyone else just got pregnant. Turns out though that’s not the case. In fact, we have met more people who have needed help getting pregnant than people who managed to get pregnant on their own. That may be because we are in our forties, but it’s good to know you’re not alone and why I’ve been so public about our struggles.”

Invitro Fertilization

“There are many options now from adoption to surrogacy to using donor eggs but IVF was the road we chose. Deciding to embark on IVF doesn’t guarantee you a baby, though, because there are so many variables, lots of things that can go wrong. “The first time we got pregnant, we were ecstatic. We celebrated and started telling people when we were just two weeks along since with IVF you know the exact age of the embryo. I had signed up for daily baby updates on websites, picked out names and started planning the nursery. Then I miscarried and it was devastating. We had heard the percentages and the success rates, but much like we didn’t think we’d need help, we also didn’t think we wouldn’t succeed. We were wrong. “We went back to our doctors with the painful questions: Why? What happened? What did we do wrong? And the biggest question of all: Should we try again? “So obviously we did try again and we were successful right away, but this time we told no one. The most valuable lesson we learned was to take it one step at a time and not get ahead of ourselves. I kept off the computer and we both held our breath when we went in for our six-week ultrasound. But it was good news. There was a flicker of a heartbeat. Teagan was there. “The second time around was not an easy decision. IVF is invasive and it can be overwhelming at times. I felt like a lab rat being poked and prodded inside and out with needles and hormones. Plus it’s incredibly expensive. I can remember we were renovating our home at the time and juggling expenses and I said to Glenn at one point, ‘We’ll take the renos out of the line of credit and put the baby on the VISA.’ We were lucky that was an option for us. For many couples, it isn’t. We jokingly tell Teagan now that she has to get a scholarship for university since we spent her post-secondary education fund just getting her!”

The Emotional Roller Coaster

“No one thinks when they make the decision to have a baby that it’s going to be such a long and emotional journey. It’s really incredible the range of emotions you go through. The most difficult part for us was the lack of answers. I have what they call ‘unexplained infertility’, which is exactly what it sounds like. No one knows why we couldn’t get pregnant on our own. Everything was looked at and the doctors kept saying, ‘Well, you should be able to,’ and yet we couldn’t. “The lack of control is the most frustrating. It doesn’t matter how much you want it, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee it’s going to happen or that the embryo will implant and grow.”



No Shame

“Infertility is something that so many people go through, but no one seems to talk about. You feel guilty and ashamed, like maybe you’re doing something wrong, but really it is mostly out of your hands. Beth Taylor at Olive was very helpful in reassuring me that it wasn’t my fault. Everyone there is so great. You can really feel that they are there for the sole purpose of helping you have a family. “You spend a great deal of your adult life trying ‘not’ to get pregnant. Then, when you want to and can’t, it’s very frustrating. It makes a lot of people angry. Couples break up because they don’t know the options or they can’t afford them. Quebec and Ontario pay for a single embryo transfer, but in B.C. many people can only afford one IVF cycle, so they transfer as many embryos as possible, increasing their chance of pregnancy, but also the number of multiple births and the expense associated with that. “I really hope the provincial government steps up and helps out soon.”

Words of Wisdom

“For those still trying, don’t give up! Seriously. It’s a journey that has no average length. Sometimes, it’s short; sometimes, it’s long. Sometimes, IVF isn’t the answer, but science is ever evolving and there are many options and once you have your family, it doesn’t matter how you got there.”


“For all the ups and downs we’ve been through, every time I look at Teagan my heart is full and there are no regrets. As my spectacularly supportive mom, (now known as Granny Fran) wrote in the baby book, ‘You were worth the wait!’ “I well up with pride watching her swim or ride her bike or finish a puzzle, all of which she doesn’t hesitate to tell us she is the ‘best’ at. May that confidence stay with her always! “She is one of the most loving, funny, amazing people I’ve met and full of empathy. If there’s a baby crying in the supermarket, she insists we make sure someone is looking after it. She talks up a storm, sings her own songs and has tried to pass on her love of hats to our dogs. Poor Finn has seen his fair share of chapeaus. She once went out wearing four; she looked like a Doctor Seuss character! “Lately, she’s taken toddler negotiations to a new level. In the middle of a conversation, she will suddenly switch topics and say something like: ‘What about cupcakes?’ to which I reply: ‘What about cupcakes, Teagan?’ and she’ll come back with: ‘Great idea Mummy, I would love a cupcake!’ I’m not sure if this type of manipulation should be rewarded, but she generally will get a cupcake. “Every day is different, with the exception of Frosty the Snowman always being in the mix. She is obsessed with Frosty. We watch the movie at least once a day and have since Christmas a year ago. She was Frosty for Halloween and last year for her birthday she had a Frosty cake. That snowman is something special to her. At night after a story and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’, she will grab my hand and say, ‘You can sing Frosty now Mummy’ and so I do. Every night.”





hile the fundamental base for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that everyone is an individual, there are some general diagnostic patterns that are used to determine what is going on with each patient in order to provide an outline for treatment. Finding the right combination of acupuncture, exercise, herbal medicine, counselling and stress management are treatment options for fertility, but perhaps above all else is diet. The wrong food can be poison, but the right food is medicine. Read on to learn a little about TCM pattern identification and dietary recommendations that will help. It should be noted that it is common to have overlapping patterns in different parts of the body and to always be mindful of your personal reaction to certain foods.


Someone exhibiting this pattern may feel as though it were a summer day in the middle of February. They will thirst for cold drinks, have a red face, or experience skin conditions such as eczema, rashes and acne. Personality-wise, they are easily agitated and quick to anger. Other symptoms include: high stress levels, constipation or dry stool, anxiety, a red tongue with yellow coating, rapid pulse rate, restlessness, allergies, high blood pressure, a red face, bleeding from the nose or anus, bad breath, canker sores, fevers, inflammation and dark yellow urine. Heat can manifest as short menstrual cycles (26 days or less) with thicker blood consistency that is bright or dark red in colour and more copious in quantity. Bleeding may occur outside regular times, as in premenstrual spotting or mid-cycle spotting around ovulation. There may also be a lack of cervical fluid. An excess of male hormones which can cause PCOS may also present. Avoid: Alcohol, spicy and greasy foods, dairy, lamb, beef, curries, fats, alcohol, coffee, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and shellfish, especially in summer. Emphasize: Lots of room temperature liquids as dehydration is often an issue. Fruit, sprouts, mung beans, seaweed, lettuce, cucumber, radish, celery, asparagus, chard, spinach, bok choy, cauliflower, sweet corn, zucchini, apple, asian pears, watermelon and citrus. Cook lightly and include plenty of raw food.


A person showing dampness is prone to being overweight, low in energy and generally fatigued, particularly after eating. They are likely to have digestive issues and fall victim to gassiness, water retention and bloating, loose bowels, candida, yeast infections and achy joints. Craving starchy carbohydrates and sweets is common, as is emotional eating. An accumulation of dampness can manifest as long cycles (i.e. 35 days) and watery discoloured blood. Painful ovulation and stringy mucus in menstrual blood are also signs of dampness. Avoid: Dairy, alcohol, sweets, deep fried foods, roasted peanuts, concentrated juices, wheat, banana and saturated fats. Limit raw food intake. Emphasize: Legumes, black pepper, relaxation and thorough chewing of food. Reduce the amount of food eaten at one sitting; instead, eat many smaller meals throughout the day.




Someone with a Yin deficiency may be a light sleeper. They can experience night sweats and hot flashes and have general restlessness. Character wise, these people tend to be quite rigid and have a hard time relaxing. A thin body, flushed cheeks and gnawing hunger also plague the Yin deficient. Light volume of menstrual blood and cervical mucus are the accompanying gynecological signs here. Avoid: Spicy food and legumes, especially in summer and fall. Emphasize: Hydration, micro-algae like chlorella, spirulina and wild blue-green, fish, bone marrow, milk, ghee, eggs, root vegetables, dark leafy greens, dates, liver, nettle tea, royal jelly, black sesame seed and nuts. Should typically eat larger portions.


If you are experiencing a Yang deficiency, your whole body will feel cold. Low back pain and/or knee pain that is relieved by heat is common, as is a low libido, a puffy pale or bright complexion, water retention, a lack of energy and a tendency toward being overweight. Yang deficiency can cause heavy bleeding and copious cervical mucous of watery consistency. Painful periods with light bleeding are to be expected. Avoid: Raw, uncooked or cold foods (straight from the fridge or freezer) especially in winter. Emphasize: Onion, leeks, chives, garlic, scallions, black beans, Brussels sprouts, capers, oats, spelt, quinoa, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, cashews, fennel, dill, anise, caraway, cumin, cherries, date, anchovies, lobster, mussels, trout, salmon, shrimp, chicken, beef, lamb, pepper, mustard, garlic, cayenne, chillies, coconut, cumin, rosemary.


The Qi deficient person will feel fatigued, experience poor digestion including gas and bloating, loose stool, weak immune function and be filled with worry and pensiveness. It can cause heavy bleeding and copious cervical mucus of watery consistency. Menstrual cycles may be short with bleeding having heavy volume and a watery consistency. Bleeding may also happen outside regular times as in premenstrual spotting. Avoid: Large portions; instead, eat many smaller meals throughout the day and no business at mealtime. Emphasize: Chia seeds, congee, oats, quinoa, rice, beef, chicken, herring, lamb, mussels, shrimp, sunflower seeds, sweet potato, watercress and winter squash.


With blood deficiency a pale complexion and nails can be expected, as can overall dryness including skin, nose, throat, eyes, hair and nails. This person can be excessively emotional and have poor digestion, which results in not enough blood production that can cause anemia. A menstrual cycle that comes late and is scanty, pale or diluted in co-


lour with a watery consistency can be an indication of blood deficiency. Avoid: Large portions; instead, eat many smaller meals throughout the day. Emphasize: Aduki and kidney beans, beef, beets, bone marrow, eggs, dark leafy greens, apricots, dates, figs, grapes, liver, micro-algae, nettle leaf, oysters, sardines. Stay well hydrated and adhere also to the ‘Qi deficiency’ guidelines.


Blood Stasis is almost always the result of other patterns of disharmony that have been present for an extended period. If left untreated, the condition of blood stasis typically leads to heat and/or blood deficiency. Common manifestations are fixed, stabbing or severe pain, spider veins, dusky complexion, and darkening patches of skin. Gynecological features include clotted menstrual bleeding that is brown, purple, or black. Periods will often be severely painful. Avoid: Deep-fried food and large portions. Emphasize: Greens, turmeric, scallions, nutmeg, spearmint, chives, Celebrating Canadian INFERTILITY AWARENESS garlic, vinegar, basil, ginger, chestnuts, rosemary and cayenne. Stay well hydrated. WEEK


Qi stagnation will often result in feeling emotionally stuck, irritable, angry, impatient, frustrated, stressed out and unfulfilled along with an irregular menstrual cycle, period bleeding that starts and stops, and neck tension.

The length of menstrual cycle will often be irregular, fluctuating between periods that come early or late, with mild to moderate pain. PMS symptoms such as moodiness, breast tenderness, nausea, bloating are prominent. Avoid: Sour foods like vinegar, pickles etc., caffeine and refined sugars. Emphasize: Relaxation and thorough chewing, spearmint, orange peel tea, rosemary, scallions, garlic, onion, black and white pepper, fennel, anise, dill, mustard greens, horseradish, basil, nutmeg, peppermint, marjoram, elder flowers, radish and its leaves, taro and turnip. A healthy woman’s menstrual cycle should be between 26-30 days with 3-5 days of moderate flow that tapers to spotting. A fresh red color with minimal clotting or pain is ideal. During ovulation, look for changes in cervical fluid, a twingy sensation and raised libido. If this isn’t you, then finding where you fit in these TCM patterns and following the dietary advice will help restore balance and optimize fertility.

A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Dr Spence Pentland’s clinical practice has focused on fertility issues since 2004. His Vancouver clinic, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, aids couples in realizing their dreams of healthy families. For more info, visit www. or

Struggling with Infertility? there is Hope Join Dr. Jeffrey Roberts of PCRM and Dr. Spence Pentland of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness for a free information session in honor of Infertility Awareness Week. Learn how to improve your fertility and reduce stress before and during IVF treatment, and hear about the latest advanced reproductive technology PCRM has to offer. Date: Thursday, May 29th, 2014 Time: 7:00-9:00pm Location: Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine, 500 - 4601 Canada Way, Burnaby, BC *Space is Limited. Please RSVP to 604-626-4225

Creating Happy Healthy Families Call to arrange a complementary phone consultation 604.873.WELL (9355) 3523 Main St. | Vancouver |


photo - Rhonda Dent | 21 FRESH VANCOUVER ISSUE 24




ocal celebs, actors, philanthropists and more came out to support our very own Fresh Magazine’s 4th Anniversary gala. Held at Miles End Motors in Vancouver, the venue was transformed into a fresh, white, magical hideaway amidst the hustle and bustle of Friday night city life. The evening included a glamorous red carpet arrival with guests dressed to the nines, delectable appetizers a la carté and signature cocktails courtesy of Railtown Catering and Café. As soon as they walked in, guests were taken into a world of elegance with gorgeous white silk lining the entrance and background walls. The space, which was decked out in white furnishings, linens and embellished mirrors, had splashes of colour in the form of teal accent pillows. White fluffy area rugs brought warmth to the space and an array of candles carefully placed on glass coffee tables and countertops, along with soft lighting, created a whimsical feel.

One of Fresh Magazine’s stylists, Dominque Hanke, was happy to see so many familiar faces. “There’s a really nice vibe, everybody here is having lots of fun celebrating Fresh. People are really enjoying themselves!” The iovera° Fresh Signature Cocktail of rum infused with thyme and chamomile was a fresh, unique mixture exhilarating to my taste buds. On her way to grab one of the delicious cocktails, Breakfast Television’s and Aug 2011 Fresh Cover, Dawn Chubai told us what an incredible time she was having. “The event was spectacular and classy as I would expect Fresh Magazine to be. All the beauty powerhouses all in one spot. No other place to be on a Friday night.” The room was packed with high-profile women of Vancouver including Vancouver philanthropist Leslie Diamond, who was happy to be in attendance. “Where else can you go with a room full of absolutely gorgeous women, and a few men.”

Part of the fabulous team that put together the last cover of Fresh Magazine, photographer Karolina Turek, and hair and makeup artist Brianna Errelat, were mingling next to the cocktails, along with other Fresh Magazine’s talented members. The ladies thought, “It was so great to see everyone who works so hard at Fresh. There’s so much behind the scenes here and celebrating the success of the magazine is awesome.” Longtime Fresh Magazine beauty contributor, Crystal Jensen, was also on hand mingling with some of the ladies in the room. “Working for the magazine has been a blessing and one of the most amazing companies to work with, especially being able to see the amazing work they continuously do for women.” She believes Shelly (Fresh Magazine Editor-in-Chief) brings a complete originality to what else is out there. Scrumptious appetizers were continuously on hand with a wide selection of everything from robust flavoured smoked balik salmon canapé, to vegan bruschetta – mushroom and caramelized onion, to light, sweet blackberry macarons topped with blackberry compote and frosting, to delightful mini chocolate and marshmellow smores. The Canadian Launch of iovera° Beauty also took place during the evening, giving attendees the first look at the world’s first toxin-free treatment for dynamic wrinkles. Our latest cover girl, registered dietician Karlene Karst is a fan of the event’s sponsor, iovera° Beauty, who she believes is doing great things and is thrilled with their new presence in the Canadian marketplace. “Offering women a safe option to help them feel and look their best is wonderful and we should all strive to feel our best inside, which will translate to outer beauty that can be enhanced with techniques that iovera° offers to help women feel confident, strong and beautiful.” Those sentiments are shared with Johanna Beckman from Myoscience who says, “iovera° Beauty is thrilled to expand their non-toxin treatment into Canada as consumers have a growing interest in natural options for various aspects of their lives.” Everyone left with a fantastic gift bag filled with a 7-day Herbal Cleanse courtesy ReCleanse, Riversol sample Natalie Langston & Dawn Chubai kit, a $50 gift card to The Coliseum MediSpa in West Vancouver, a gift card to be Beautiful Now, Takeout package of products from Smell This! Aromatherapy, Omega-3 To Go, Sappho Cosmetics Eyeshadow and more.

Natalie’s Outfit Credits: Dress, Jacket, Accessories – BCBGMaxazria Shoes – La Monarch Hair – Jihannah Hwang at Bella Garnet Salon and Spa Makeup – Natacha Trottier

Railtown Catering and CafĂŠ

Zara Durrani

Karlene Karst & Dr Gaetano Morello

David Bentil & Michelle Beaudry

Johanna Beckmen, Stefanie Astorino, Nina Vecchio Lorne Cardinal & Monique Hurteau

Trent Nellis & Jodie Emery

Karolina Turek, Brianna Errelat, Crystal Jensen, Natalie Langston, Dominique Hanke Christie Kennedy Manuel, Dai Manuel, Elaine Mah, Dr Kelvin Mah, Stefanie Astorino

Railtown Catering and CafĂŠ

Jigme Nehring, Crystal Carson, Allison Giroday, Sadye Glotman, Leslie Diamond , Meryl Feldhamer




More than 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are performed around the world each year* Non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures are the fastest growing segment – up nearly 6% annually*

72% of people surveyed would like to look younger than they currently do



9 out of 10 would 90%

Well over T WO-THIRDS of Vancouverites said they have become more aware of the ingredients in cosmetics and beauty products

like to look healthier and lead a healthier lifestyle


With 67% saying that they check for chemicals, preservatives and artificial ingredients before purchasing

Over half would consider a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that would temporarily smooth forehead lines and wrinkles



READY FOR THE NATURAL TREATMENT OPTION 76% of those who would consider a cosmetic wrinkle treatment find the idea of one that uses the bodyʼs natural response to cold more appealing

and only 4% would consider toxin treatments to get rid of forehead wrinkles

The world’s first toxin-free dynamic wrinkle treatment For more information visit E R AO F YO

References: 502 respondents from Vancouver aged 25-50. Gender split: 75% female and 25% male. Fieldwork conducted: 14th-25th February 2014. *International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery- ISAPS Global Statistics 2011-


For use outside the U.S. only. EU and Canada: The myoscience iovera° system is a cryosurgical device for treating superficial and subcutaneous tissue structures. Applications for iovera° beauty include temporary treatment of wrinkles. Most common side effects include bruising, swelling, redness/inflammation, pain/tenderness, and cold/hot injury. © 2014 myoscience. All rights FRESH VANCOUVER ISSUE 11 reserved. iovera° is a trademark of myoscience. MKT-0190 REV A




Q. I am in my early 40s now and am starting to notice huge changes

in my skin. It’s lackluster, grayish, and the fine lines seem more pronounced than ever. Can you please guide me in the right direction on what foods to eat for anti-aging?

A. Everything we eat effects our happiness—from our inner beings, how efficiently our cells and organs work, to how we feel and even to the radiance of our skin… even the way we walk. Do you have a spring in your step? Or are you shuffling along needing that zip from your coffee. True beauty starts from within by nourishing each and every cell. The healthier our insides are, the healthier we are outwardly. This is what Nourished Health Consulting is about—nourishing yourself from the inside out. So it is so important to clean up your diet to feel and look your best. Stocking the anti-aging kitchen is a mindset. Commit to reducing and eliminating packaged convenience foods that are loaded in sugars, fillers, chemicals, preservatives and other additives that are not only stealing the life from your skin and appearance, but also robbing your body’s vibrancy and efficiency. Here’s the Nourished quick guide to an anti-aging kitchen. Beverages: Green juice, water with lemon, organic green tea, coconut water—no added sugars. Legumes: Cannellini beans, kidney beans, white beans, pinto beans, lentils, black beans, garbanzo beans. 25


Nuts and Seeds: Eat a handful a day. These should be organic, unsalted and raw: chia, hemp, almonds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds. The ABC’s of Fruits and Vegetables: The more servings of greens, the better. Apples, arugula, asparagus, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, bok choy, broccoli, broccoli rabe, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cherries, chicory, cabbage, citrus, collard greens, cranberries, cucumbers, dark leafies, dandelion greens, eggplant, endive, green beans, peppers, kale, lemon, melon, mushrooms, onions, garlic, chives, shallots, scallions, pears, peas, radish, sea vegetables, Swiss chard, spinach, sprouts, squash, tomatoes, turnips, water chestnuts, watercress, watermelon, zucchini. Seafood: Wild, line-caught fish: faves include, but not limited to Alaskan salmon, herring, black cod, rainbow trout, anchovies, sardines, mackerel, clams, Dungeness crab and halibut. Grains: Oats, quinoa buckwheat, and millet. Healthy Fats and Oils: Avocado (half a day), extra virgin olive oil, olives, hempseed oil and coconut oil. Alyssa Bauman is a holistic nutritionist, wellness expert, TV personality, speaker and founder of Nourished Health Consulting. Her programs instill long lasting life-changing lifestyle tools to help you live your most fulfilled, vital and most vibrant life. Clean, healthy living shouldn’t have to be hard. Foods Alyssa can’t live without: lemons, avocados, kale and pumpkin seeds. Sign up for her free monthly Nourished notes for recipes and nutrition wisdom at


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INSIDE AND OUT By Margaret Jetelina


t was a typical day for Mandi Sellers almost three years ago: she woke up, drove to her office in downtown Vancouver, had a busy day of meetings, came home to have dinner with her family, caught up on some email, and watched a little TV before going to bed. “I was happy and seemed to have it all, but I felt something was missing,” says Sellers. That night she had a dream that changed things for her. In the dream, Sellers had this feeling of confidence and radiance, something she realized she lacked in real life. “After that dream, I realized I needed to give myself some credit. It had taken me a lot of struggle and hardship to get to where I was, so why wasn’t I fulfilled?” When she told some of her friends how she was feeling, they were stunned. After all, Sellers seemed to have the proverbial “all.” She was president and CEO of her own company, Com-Tech Solutions, was happily married and had two beautiful daughters, and her exotic good looks didn’t hurt. But none of that success or beauty completely eliminated her lack of confidence. So, after waking up from that dream, Sellers realized she wanted to do something to inspire herself and other women who didn’t feel quite good enough, inside and out. She had the idea to throw together a women’s conference, MANDI SELLERS which would motivate confidence in women and inspire them to grow and celebrate themselves, for their inner and outer beauty. The first event, called Glow: A Women’s Evening of Change and Celebration, came together quickly, with the help of some friends and vol-

unteers. Held in Coquitlam, it featured inspiring speakers on topics such as wellbeing, health and finding happiness, a tradeshow of exhibitors, a free makeover with designer clothes, plus food, drinks and dancing. More than 200 women, dressed to impress, were in attendance. Funds raised were donated to local women’s charities. After three such successful galas, Sellers wanted to do even more, so she, along with help from a group of women volunteers, recently formed a non-profit organization called Glow Women’s Society. The focus of the society is to create proactive and local programs to inspire confidence in women and girls. “While there is a lot of talk about female empowerment today, there is, in fact, a void of proactive and community-based programs that focus on inspiring real confidence in women and girls,” according to Sellers. “We want to work locally at the community level to empower and engage women and girls to develop a strong sense of self-worth and the confidence to achieve their full potential. “Our proactive, instead of reactive, programming helps them make an emotional shift through reflection and recognition, and this empowers action. They are then able to become not only leaders in their lives, but also leaders in their communities.” “We have lots of things going on and big plans for the future. In addition to the big gala, we’re running monthly women’s events called Glow & Learns, and are now in development with a program called Glow Girl, geared to the next generation of women,” says Sellers. The concept for the original event is still a centerpiece of the society’s programs, but now it raises funds to support the development of the Glow Girl program. The next Glow: A Women’s Evening of Change and Celebration will be held on Friday, May 23, 2014, at the Executive Plaza Hotel in Coquitlam (tickets are available at Sellers adds, “It’s all about finding that glow — both inside and out.”

Margaret Jetelina is a writer and editor based in Metro Vancouver, and a mom of three boys.


F O U N TA I N O F Y O U T H The Skin Spin Roller System is the ultimate skin rejuvenation tool with 3 key benefits. It dramatically increases the effectiveness of your skincare products by increasing their penetration by up to 100%. It is a powerful exfoliation tool that removes the dead outer layer of skin revealing a fresh, radiant, new complexion. Lastly regular use of The Skin Spin rejuenvates the overall appearance of your skin improving density, tone and texture. Visit for more information.



Vancouver’s first IV vitamin therapy lounge has opened in Yaletown. The IV Wellness Boutique at 1060 Homer Street offers doctor administered intravenous vitamins, minerals and amino acids to treat low energy, colds/flu, allergies, hormone imbalance, sports training and overall wellness. Appointments include a consultation with a physician. Call 604-974-8999.



La Biosthetique has developed the skin care range DERMOSTHETIQUE HYDRO-ACTIF, a cell-active hydration therapy based on the latest dermatological research and specially geared towards the needs of intensively dehydrated skin. DERMOSTHETIQUE HYDRO-ACTIF contains highly effective active ingredients that are capable of binding moisture in the skin long term, simultaneously triggering the bodyʼs own moisture production mechanisms and supporting their activity.



If you are interested in saving money, the environment or maybe you or someone you know has sensitive skin or allergies. The SmartKlean Laundry ball does 365 loads of laundry using Bio-Ceramics made in Sweden and is a great alternative to Detergents and is 100% Hypoallergenic with no residue. See more at








STYLE GUIDE PHOTOGRAPHER: AARON AUBREY Producer/Creative Director & Stylist: Crystal Carson

Makeup & Hair: LucyAnne Botham for Lizbell using M.A.C Stylist Assistant: Emery Pastachak Model: Kim @ Key Model Management Lashes by Eyelashi Inc, Location: Reflections Outdoor Restaurant and Lounge at Rosewood Hotel Georgia



White trouser / BCBG MAXAZRIA / $206 Pale blue blouse / LOFT / $49.50 Bracelet / LOFT / $24.50 Bracelet / LOFT / $19.50


Peplum top / BCBG MAXAZRIA / $229 Delano shorts / Trina Turk / Wear Else / $225

Mint top /Alexander Wang / Holt Renfrew /$280 Sherbert trouser /Alice & Olivia / Holt Renfrew /$265 Necklace / LOFT / $39.50

Tweed trouser / Tory Burch / Holt Renfrew/ $360 Embellished blouse / Joie / Wear Else / $350 Leather moto jacket/ BCBG MAXAZRIA/ $576



t is likely you know someone who has been affected by cancer; but it is difficult to know how you can help. Unless we have personally experienced cancer in our bodies, we cannot fully understand how it feels, emotionally and physically. As an oncology esthetician and caregiver, I have seen the side effects chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and cancer medication can produce. The fatigue and worry patients suffer during cancer, the dehydration and inflammation to their skin and changes to their hair are clear. The psychological side effects caused can be profound and are a large part of the battle. To feel beautiful and rested helps heal the body and spirit. Scientific data links stress reduction and a strong immune system. Reducing stress in our lives helps our bodies fight infection and illness, assisting in returning to healthy balance. Do you feel better after you go to the spa? Rested? Rejuvenated? Beautiful? Receiving a facial or a pedicure can help us feel amazing. We feel rested and comforted. To feel safe in your esthetician’s hands gives relief in itself. Oncology estheticians have received specialized training on the effects cancer and treatment may have on the body and how to safely provide relief to often ‘never before seen’ symptoms and side effects. Regularly trained estheticians may not understand or be able to safely care for a cancer client. We can see what others on their medical team may miss or may not understand that it is a concern. Certified oncology esthetics is part of the circle of integrated cancer care and is a relatively new modality. Our clients tell us that we play a significant role in overall health and healing through linking the mind, body and spirit. Clients turn to us to help heal their skin and body, for nail care, and for education on why the symptoms occur, how long they may last, and what options are available to them. They feel confident and understood. They do not have to explain what is happening to their bodies and talk about ‘the cancer’ and the changes to their body. As cancer treatments can cause sensitivities and nausea to fragrances and ingredients, fragrance free, non-toxic skin and nail care products

should be used during oncology esthetic services. Reactions to these products will be less likely. To receive treatments that help you feel comfortable and feminine despite all that is taking place is a wonderful experience. Compassionate human touch slows our heartbeat and decreases our blood pressure, helping us feel less anxious, rested and at ease. Easing some of the stress, anxiety and depression that comes with a cancer diagnosis is one way of helping. When receiving spa services, it is important that spa sanitation should be top of mind. Ask your spa therapist, esthetician or nail technician what sanitation protocols they follow. We are all susceptible to infection, but those with compromised immune systems are particularly vulnerable. Sanitation should always be a non-negotiable! It is hard to know how we can help. Certified oncology esthetics provides peace of mind through safe, educated and thoughtful skin and body care treatments. We may know someone affected by cancer, but we may not always know what to do for them. Receiving safe spa services will help them heal and feel beautiful. Giving safe spa services will help you heal and feel beautiful too. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS TO CONSIDER: • Talk with your doctor before going to a spa. • Ensure sanitation and hygiene protocols are followed at your spa as infection control is critical. • Ask questions to ensure that your esthetician is educated in providing services to those in cancer treatment. Barb Bates is a certified Oncology Esthetician, certified Esthetician and Certified Post Mastectomy bra fitter and is educated in hair restoration and prosthetics. Barb is the owner of Barb’s Skin Care, Certified Oncology Esthetics. She provides a mobile service to those physically unable to come to her and she provides services at her location in North Burnaby (4327 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC). www.barbskincare. com 604-805-1955.



Where would you go… How would you grow? Travel is a great personal development vehicle. Destination retreats are growing in popularity as women begin to base their travel decisions on much more than the best beaches or shopping opportunities. More and more, it’s about fully appreciating every step of the journey - taking time to reflect on your experiences and capturing memories that will last a lifetime. One of the best things about travelling to different countries, meeting new people, and sampling foreign culture is not what it teaches us about ‘them’, but what it teaches us about ‘us’. Join us for our inaugural PowHERful Journey September 12-19, 2014, as we cruise from Vancouver to Alaska for a 7-day fitness, hiking and self-exploration experience. We’ll enjoy daily workouts, performance coaching, healthy eating and high-calibre networking – everything you need to kick off your Fall 2014 in fine form. Top performance, sustainability, and fulfillment require a regular investment of energy – unplug from your busy life and recharge on all levels in order to live your very best life! At PowHERhouse, we build strong women.

For Fresh Ideas and a UnIqUe PersPectIve on YoUr FInances, contact LorI todaY. LorI norman

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Lust Life. Dream Big. Eat Kale Let’s find what works for you. Time to Be Your Healthiest, Most Nourished Self

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Summertime Skin Survival Guide Vancouver's favorite Yogi: Eoin Finn Sexless Marriage? Sleep Your Way to Better Health Fighting Cellulite: What Really Works


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An effective, safe alternative to Fraxel!

Advanced Skin Rejuvenation Therapy comfortable - quick - safe - results driven - minimal downtime - affordable The Dermapen Skin Needling Rejuvenation Treatments are safe, effective, quick and more comfortable than traditional medical skin needling with a roller. It is also more precise, allowing your skilled practitioner to access smaller facial areas such as lip lines and crows feet. Most clients don’t even require numbing cream. Dermapen is a great option for a variety of skin conditions, such as:


fine lines & wrinkles

dull looking skin


(reg $299)

Dermapen Session Full Face & Acupuncture Combo *up to $99 of this combo can be covered by most extended health plans


pigmentation large pores acne & surgical scars

(reg $325)

*Ask about pricing for stretch marks & scarring on the body

UV damaged skin

stretch marks

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