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Pre - Holiday Season

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5 days, 5 shopping districts Sales, Special store events, Bubbly!!! www.red-dotshopping.com

FMA REDDOT Shopping Week Nov 23 - 28

Beneetting Tapestry Foundation - for Mount Saint Joseph Hospital The Rapid Access Breast Clinic

The BBL Photo-Facial T!! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!! !!!! !!H!!!!! !!!!!!q!! !H!!!!!!! !! !! !!!!! !! !!!! !!H!!!H!!! !!!! !!!!, !!!!! !!! !!H!!!! !!!!H!! !!! !H!! f!!!!! !!! !!! f!!!!! !!!!!



Stimulates your skin cells to generate new collagen Evens the skin tone by reducing brown spots and redness in the skin Restores sun damaged skin Reduces the appearance of pores Brightens the complexion Slows down collagen and elastin breakdown Slows volume loss Restores the skin back to a healthy and youthful state Causes skin cells to behave younger

EXCITING NEW RESEARCH HHHHHHHHH HHH HHHHHHHHHH HHH HHHHH HHHHH HHHHH HHHHH HHHHHH HHHHHH HHH HHHH HHHHH HHHHHHHH HHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !H!!!!!!!!H !!!!H!!, !!!! !!!! !!! !!!!!!!! !!!H!!! !!!! !!!!!!! f!!! !!!!!!!!H !!!! !!!! !H!!, !!!!H!! !!!!! Y!!!H!! !!!! !!!!! !!!! !!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!H!! !!! !!!!!!! !!!! !H!! !!!! !!!!!! *(Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. unpublished study).

NOVEMBER & DECEMBER PROMOTION Photo-Facial - 1 Session Photo-Facial - Package of 2 Cosmetic Acupuncture & Photo-Facial Combo

$175 (reg $275) $275 (reg $550) $225 (reg $299)

SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic Inc.



This is a client from SKN Clinic who experienced significant improvment in skin tone and texture after only one BBL Photo-Facial. Although her outcome was excellent, results may vary. We recommend a complimentary consultation where your skin goals and concerns can be evaluated by one of our skincare specialists.

Call 604.568.6333 to book today!

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#150 - 1152 Mainland Street,Vancouver www.SKNclinic.ca info@SKNclinic.ca Find us on Facebook facebook.com/SKNclinic

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contents ISSUE 21 Nov/Dec 2013


Kissable Lips By Dr Lydia Waterson, MD Every woman can have a pair of lovely lips!

Ask the Expert: Dr Spence Pentland


Ask the Expert: Anita Fofie, MD

Dermaplaning: The way to get great skin! By Heather White Consider this exceptional approach to exfoliation.

Beauty Buzz 411 By Crystal Jensen

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Women in Business




Meditation for Mental Clarity By Ocean Bloom The benefits of quieting the mind

Roll Away the Years with Medical Skin Needling

By Amanda Beisel


Early Starts and Full Days: Sophie Lui Talks Life, Work, and What’s Important

By Dan Tidsbury

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LBD Alert! The Perfect Holiday Dress for Your Figure

By Dominique Hanke Our top tips for every girl’s must-have: the LBD.

28 Smile Story Reflections: Discovering

the “Why” that Binds

By Dr Kelvin P. Mah Exploring the potential of artisan dentistry





Dear Menopause: Leave Me Alone By Shirley Weir Learning to redefine the experience of menopause

Holiday Gift Guide Some great ideas for those on your list

Crystal Carson Style Guide

mSummit: The Reinvention of the Working Mom: Interview with the Reinventing M Network’s Meghan Simington

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fresh Vancouver

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Shelly Lynn Nellis shelly@freshvancouver.com

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COPY EDITOR Dan Tidsbury copyeditor@freshvancouver.com

editor-in-chief s we come into one of the most loved – and most hectic – seasons of the year, this issue of Fresh Vancouver brings some helpful ideas and, we hope, some helpful perspective. Sophie Lui, co-host of the Global BC Morning News, shares her thoughts on work, life, and giving back to the community. Women, and moms in particular, are increasingly bringing their life skills and entrepreneurial acumen to leadership roles in the marketplace. Fresh is proud to be one of the sponsors of mSummit, a conference about and for the working mom. As you make your plans to attend, read our Q&A with keynote speaker Arlene Dickinson of Dragons’ Den and conference founder and organizer Meghan Simington. A little pampering goes a long way at this time of year. Check out the latest trends in skincare like medical skin needling and dermaplaning. We can all identify with the struggle to find the perfect gift for the important people in our lives. The holiday giving guide, page 26, may just have the answer. Take special note of Fresh Lip Gloss sold in a 4-pack kit along with a natural perfume called Dignity with 10% of the proceeds going to the Vancouver charity Beauty Night Society. Beauty Night’s Mission: to build self-esteem and change lives for women and youth living in poverty through 3 streams of programming – wellness, life skills development and makeovers. Changing the world one life-makeover at a time: 12 years and 26,000 life-makeovers thanks to 500 volunteers. Beauty Night – because dignity is beautiful. From all of us at Fresh, wishes for a joyous holiday season and prosperous and healthy New Year.


FOR ADVERTISING INQUIRIES 604 591-9991 advertising@freshvancouver.com





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Dr Kelvin P Mah is driven to “enrich lives, one smile at a time.” He believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated, personal interest in the health, wellness and happiness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects an organic and zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute, which offers postgraduate programs in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about Dr Mah and discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at www.smilecitysquare.com, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at www.facebook.com/SmileCitySquare.

Bob Mehr’s experience providing pharmacy services spans nearly 20 years. Mehr presently owns and operates 16 pharmacies in Vancouver, Victoria, White Rock and Chilliwack under the name Pure Integrative Pharmacy. His focus and specialty are mainly in the areas of pharmaceutical compounding (especially Bio-Identical Hormone therapy) and natural medicine. He is also the clinical pharmacist at Inspire Health Integrative Cancer Care where he consults with cancer patients. Bob Mehr is committed to maintaining relationships with various healthcare practitioners, which allows his pharmacies to remain accountable and progressive. Visit www.purepharmacy.com to learn more about Bob Mehr and his team.

DR SPENCE PENTLAND A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Dr Spence Pentland has focused on treating fertility issues since 2004. His Vancouver clinic, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, aims to help couples realize their dreams of happy, healthy families such as his own. Dr Pentland completed undergraduate studies in botany, herbology and horticulture and went on to become a Doctor of TCM. He graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver and completed an internship at Anhui Hospital of TCM in Hefei City, China. In 2008, he completed certification with the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine and continues to educate himself in current reproductive health developments. His intimate knowledge of ancient Daoist wisdom integrated with modern Western biomedicine allows Dr Pentland to treat a patient’s overall wellbeing and get to the root of reproductive issues to find solutions. To learn more visit www.yinstill.com



AMANDA BEISEL Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. Amanda and her team offer clients innovative and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, all in an effort to repair, restore and replenish the skin and body. A registered acupuncturist, she specializes in cosmetic acupuncture, biopuncture and medical skin needling. Amanda is also the founder of Skin Addix, a natural cosmeceutical line focused on skin restoration and hydration, and co-creator of the SKNSpin Roller System. In 2014, she will publish her first book, an informative guide on simple and effective ways to achieve healthy and radiant skin in your daily routine. To learn more visit www.sknclinic.ca




ealth is a state of complete harmony of the body mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distraction, the gates of the soul open. B.K.S Iyengar Most of us raised in the western world have never been trained to quiet our minds. The world is increasingly complex and

finding a state of inner relaxation and focus can seem like an impossible feat when we are being hit with a tidal wave of information and stimulation in every moment. When we are overloaded we can end up living in a state of functional dysfunction. Our minds are constantly processing multiple layers of sound, electronic frequencies, the Internet,




TV, radio signals, triggered thoughts of the past, and fear of the future. Our minds run wild in a constant state of flux, jumping between future and past without our conscious control (known as the monkey brain). Much of this “thinking� is wasteful and unnecessary as we have already lived the past and the future is an unknown. Through concentrative meditation, we can

bring our attention to the now and stop the flow of chaotic stimulation, focus the mind, reduce wasteful thinking, improve general wellbeing and sharpen mental clarity. I believe it takes courage and strength to go inside your self, even for just two minutes.

6. Start with at least 5 minutes, but increase as you practice. Phone apps for meditation can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices. These can be helpful to track and time your sessions. 7. That’s it really.



A good start: Find a good teacher that you connect with. Group learning assists and deepens the practice. If you don’t have the ability to locate a meditation teacher you can practice yourself.

The mastery of breathing (pranayama) removes the veils, the covering of the soul. Just 10 minutes of pure breathing can work wonders on your deeply rooted patterns. Each person will experience different benefits; however, through consistent practice, the mind will increasingly

THIS INVOLVES For concentrative meditation, we focus on Prana Dharna: to collect prana (energy) and dharna (fixing one’s mind on an object) so your mind goes inside. You check in and leave the external world. This is usually focusing on your breath, which can include: • Relaxation and awareness of the physical body • The sensation of the breath on the nostrils • The feeling of the breath sliding down your nasal cavity • The movement of the chest, in and out It is really important to note when you are beginning to meditate that you are patient and gentle with yourself as we all find it incredibly difficult to concentrate on the meditation object at first. Don’t be discouraged at this point as you might only be able to eliminate thought for a second at first. Be patient with yourself; everyone on this earth, through practice, gets better with each session. Temporarily un-plug yourself so that you can re-connect to your sense of knowing. Enjoy a “little time out”.

THE PRACTICE 1. Set your intention- what do you need most in that moment? 2. Get comfortable (best to sit crossed legged on a meditation cushion, upright with straight back / good posture. However, if this is unrealistic, sit straight on a chair. Don’t lean. Lying down can lead to sleep or a dull mind, so preferably avoid it. 3. Close your eyes and relax your body. 4. Take some deep breaths at first and relax your main areas of tension with both inhalation and exhalation. 5. Shift your mind to your breath. Keep your attention directed at the breath. Remember to be patient as thoughts emerge, as they inevitably will. They do for everyone. When they arise, let them gently float away and join with your breath once again.




become focused and clarity of mind will be your prize. We are changing all the time but we can influence the direction of that change. We simply need to access the knowledge inside and make space for new energy to flow in.

Ocean Bloom is one of the world’s most highly soughtafter experts in the areas of fitness, yoga, health and the attainment of personal peak potential. While she has claimed some of the most prestigious titles in the arenas of fitness and bodybuilding, Ocean believes that balance, empowerment and self-transformation are the ultimate life rewards.


Lips By Dr Lydia Waterson, MD


ho does not love beautiful full lips? Lips have been desirable and part of the beauty and allure of women since the times of Cleopatra when women used henna and carmine to enhance and paint their lips. Marilyn Monroe and today’s most famous lips of all, Angelina Jolie’s, are often imitated and desired by many women. Lipstick to enhance the shape and colour of our lips is the most commonly sold make up in the world! So full vermilion lips are an important part of what is perceived as a beautiful face. When you compare yourself to the photographs of a younger you, you will also notice the soft naturally plump rosy lips you used to have. If only we could have those naturally soft plump lips back, or even enhance them a little, to a fuller more beautiful pout.

Why do we lose it?

It is a known fact that as we age, our lips get thinner, sadly and unavoidably. As we age, we naturally lose the fullness of our lips due to a natural decline of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in our bodies. Further ageing causes the downturn of the mouth corners and the development of deep creases from the mouth corners down, called marionette lines. This gives the face and mouth a sad, negative and aged look. The cupid’s bow begins to flatten out and further contributes to losing the shape of a previously lovely mouth. Along with ageing, excessive sun exposure and smoking are known to cause damage and loss of elasticity of

the skin resulting in those known vertical lines (rytids) of the upper lip. So what is the best out there for restoring volume, fullness and definition to the lips? • There are multiple fillers containing hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of your body and, therefore, has very little risk for allergies. There are several types of fillers with various degrees of thickness that can be used depending on the desired effect of fullness that you want. Crosslinking is the process that allows these products to persist in the tissue and provide long-term benefits. Some may last about a year or more where other products persist up to 4 to 6 months longer. Other fillers flow easier and, therefore, will provide a smoother effect and will be used where you want a softer effect with less plumpness or volume. It is best to discuss this with your doctor and together decide which may be the best product for you. • Fillers are also used to define and restore the vermilion border and cupid’s bow of the lip. • You can also choose to have what is known as a ‘mini lip,’ where just a small amount of a product is used to give your lips and extra little “OOMPH” for a special night out. • The vertical lines of the upper lip are the most difficult area of the face to treat and there is no magical treatment here




sadly, but small units of Botox helps to soften them. Filler can further help to soften these lines. Today, there is a whole list of new treatments that can help to correct this area: chemical peels, from the lighter peels to heavier TCA peels, all can help to soften and rejuvenate the area. Stimulation of new collagen growth with laser treatments, dermal rolling and the latest, PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy), seem to have delivered the best results for rejuvenating this difficult area. • The downturned, sad mouth corners and marionette lines can be filled and lifted to give a lovely smiley lift to the mouth again. • With all these treatments available to us, every woman can have a pair of lovely lips!



Dr Waterson practices at The Coliseum MediSpa in West Vancouver and Lonsdale Medical Clinic in North Vancouver.

Tips and beauty secrets from consummate beauty pro Crystal Jensen! Check out BeautyBuzz411.com

Beauty Balm

What if I told you I have found the ultimate beauty balm for your hair? Pantene PRO-V “Ultimate 10 BB Creme” is revolutionary when it comes to styling products. This 10-in-1 hair perfecter can be used on dry or wet hair. It repairs, strengthens, smooths, moisturizes and provides incredible heat protection. Not only is this balm cost efficient, my hair looks like I just came back from a visit to the salon. I don’t know how I lived without this leave-in treatment!

Exquisite Oil

Matrix Biolage “Exquisite Oil” softening treatment provided my hair with nourishment and helped tame my fly aways. My favourite is the Monoi oil blend. It has an exotic mix of gardenia and coconut and smells like being on vacation in the tropics. This serum is wonderful to complete any style, curly or straight.

Grab some hair goodness at Pantene.com

Check out Matrix.com

Ocean Salt

When you can’t get away, leave it to Lush to bring a little piece of the ocean to you. “Ocean Salt” face and body scrub is like a breath of fresh ocean air that is jammed packed with goodness. This scrub will whisk you away with its invigorating and scrumptious ingredients like avocado, coconut, lime, sea salt and vodka. It’s the perfect beauty cocktail when your skin needs a pick-me-up.

Get your scrub on at Lush.com

It’s Tea Time

Clump Crusher

Absolut Repair

For someone with delicate lashes, finding a mascara that won’t weigh them down is an ongoing challenge. Covergirl’s “Clump Crusher” by Lashblast is a definite must have. Not only does it give my lashes incredible separation, it allows me to build volume and touch up hours later with no clumping. I love it so much it brings me to tears, but I don’t have to worry as their waterproof mascara has me covered.

Keeping my blonde vibrant during the winter months will require some extra love. L’Oréal Professionnel “Absolut Repair Cellular” repairing masque transformed my hair by adding strength, shine and major moisture with its key ingredient, lactic acid. My tresses are prepped and conditioned for the cold months ahead. Stop by LorealProfessionnel.com

For easy, breezy beautiful lashes visit Covergirl.com




Lise Watier helps start and end my day with some tea time. Their eye serum really packs a punch with the exclusive concentrated Labrador Tea extract. With a fresh, silky, gel-like texture, my eyes are moisturized and soothed. It also works wonders at softening fine lines and helps protect the delicate under eye area. This serum complements makeup and is ultra-hydrating on its own.

Pick up yours today from LiseWatier.com



hat if there was a skin rejuvenation treatment that was proven to slow down the signs of aging, firm the skin, improve skin texture, build volume in the skin and improve your skin’s health? What if this treatment was safe for all skin types, had minimal to no downtime, and was affordable? This treatment is called Medical Skin Needling, and it has been performed by acupuncturists, medical estheticians, and physicians in Europe, Australia and Asia for over a decade. When comparing medical skin needling to other available treatments, it is most similar to Fraxel, but it is less invasive, and has less downtime, making it a safe and effective alternative. The principle behind medical skin needling is to stimulate the body’s own production of collagen, thereby reducing wrinkles and improving skin texture. A topical anesthetic is applied to the skin prior to the treatment to increase client comfort. A sterile medical roller with fine, medical-grade stainless steel needles (1mm-2mm in length) is used to create many microscopic channels deep into the dermis of the skin, which stimulates the production of natural, scarless collagen. Recent research has uncovered concerns regarding the use of excess heat from ablative laser treatments. These treatments may stimulate scar tissue instead of promoting the growth of the collagen that is natural to the skin. Heat employed in some treatments can inactivate essential growth factors necessary for wound repair. What makes medical skin needling such a safe and effective treatment is that it does not use any heat, nor does it remove the top layer of skin (the epidermis). The top layer of our skin plays a significant role in defending the underlying cells and systems. This includes protection ver a patient 'alternative' I feltstressors. fromof ultraviolet raysmedicine and oxidative

by creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin. Then, these thousands of micro-channels cause the release of growth factors that promote scarless healing and the deposition of normal woven collagen rather than scar collagen (which results from ablative heat based modalities). After a few months, this new collagen will start to shorten. This leads to the slow tightening of the skin. Over time, this healing process will lead to the formation of a thick layer of collagen, healthy elastin and improved blood flow.

Fill in Acne Scars

Aside from the many anti-aging benefits, medical skin needling is a leading solution in the treatment of depressed acne scars. An effective scar treatment must be able to break down the scar tissue allowing the formation of healthy new collagen. A series of medical skin needling sessions will gradually fill in the depressed acne scars, lessening their appearance. It is a superior acne scar solution for all skin types, and, as mentioned above, has very minimal downtime.

Boost the Results with Advanced Topical Solutions

Human growth factors, cytokines, and advanced homeopathic solutions work in conjunction with medical skin needling to amplify

the results. A medical skin needling treatment creates thousands of micro-channels in the skin, creating a pathway to deliver these extremely potent and nutrient rich solutions deep into the skin. The addition of an advanced topical solution can be requested at your session for accelerated results.

The Results

After you have completed your first session of medical skin needling, it can take 4-8 weeks before visible signs of skin regeneration are noticed and these results will continue over the following months. You will notice benefits from a single session, but a series of 2-5 sessions at 6-8 week intervals is recommended for optimal results. The number of treatments will be based on skin needs and concerns. Medical skin needling is not a quick fix, but a long-term solution providing healthy, youthful skin for many years to come.

Amanda Beisel is the owner of the award-winning SKN Holistic Rejuvenation Clinic in Yaletown. Amana offers clients innovative and non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments, all in an effort to repair, restore and replenish the skin and body. Contact 604-568-6333 or www.sknclinic.ca


mmediate difference in my physical well ng and will a true believer and supporter ThebeVisible Benefits: Medical has been proven to Dr Pentland for asskin longneedling as I live, & ommendeffectively: him to anyone! Today I write this • Reduceand finelucky lines patient and wrinkles ng the most thankful • Build r...we're 17 and a halfvolume weeks PREGNANT! • Improve skin texture cerely C.E.

• Reduce hyper-pigmentation • Reduce pore size • Reduce crows’ feet • Reduce forehead lines • Improve rosacea Address premature aging know in my• heart that a big part of my 2 • Fill in depressed acne scars year fertility journey has to do with the • Increase epidermal density and strength puncture, counselling, and friendship that (thinning skin) • Restore UV to damaged skinforever ence Pentland provided me. I am

“I’d never been a patient of 'alternative' medicine. I felt an immediate difference in my physical well being and will be a true believer & supporter of Dr. Pentland for as long as I live, and recommend him to anyone! Today I write this being the most thankful and lucky patient ever...we're 17 and a half weeks PREGNANT!” Sincerely C.E. Unexplained Infertility

Creating Happy Healthy Families

ateful, and will recommend him to anyone Scar Collagen vs. Scarless Collagen who isThe going mainthrough objectivefertility of most issues. skin rejuvenation

Call to arrange a complementary phone consultation

treatments is to preserve and stimulate our precious collagen. One of the main benefits associated with medical skin needling is that it stimulates what is called scarless, natural collagen. Medical skin needling remodels the skin

ductive Wellness n couples

604.873.WELL (9355) 3523 Main St. | Vancouver | www.yinstill.com photo - Rhonda Dent | www.rhondadent.com




Women in Business Inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs share their story The Mortgage Specialist

An independent mortgage broker for 7 years, Milka Lukacevic draws on her 20 years of banking experience to help meet her clients’ borrowing needs quickly, efficiently, and her services are absolutely FREE. “My loyalties are to my clients, not to any specific lender, so I am taking care of them.” Varied experience as a wife, a mother, and a business owner enables her to relate to her clients. As Milka puts it, “I’m just like everyone else, but with specific expertise…looking to help clients achieve their home ownership dreams. As a business woman, I love what I do and my success comes from my passion for helping my clients and the fact that they trust me. That is my reward.” milkalukacevic@telus.net

Taking Urban Amenities Out of the City

The Esthetics Innovator

Tammy Dupuis founded Sugar’d EcoSweet Hair Removal in 2007. Sugar’d provides a safe waxing alternative for men and women using an all-natural sugar paste based on sugar, lemon and water. How natural? So natural, you could eat it. From eyebrows to ankles, the sugar paste, or ‘halawa’ as it is known in Egypt, is set to change the standards of the hair removal industry. “Unlike other methods, our sugar paste is warm, never hot,” says Tammy. “It has quickly gained a reputation as the kindest hair removal product around.” Sugar’d now has two locations in Abbotsford and Chilliwack with a new location coming to downtown Langley in January 2014. www.sugard.ca

The Interior Designer

As owner of the Eden Street Salon and Day Spa in Campbell River, BC, Candice Lowery knows full well that for any business, having the right people is the key to providing service that will bring clients back time and again. “I hire people who are qualified from the start,” she says, “and then build on that.” From hairdressers to therapists to estheticians, her staff of 14 shares her commitment to professional growth and developing their expertise. “I work with some of the best talent in Campbell River,” Candice says. “We are all grateful for the business we have earned.” www.edenstreetspa.com 1-888-772-2086

At Tammy Sagar Design Group, Tammy and her staff have a passion for making a space both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Working closely with their clients from concept to completion, they are committed to ensuring their clients’ homes are everything they envisioned, and more. “We work with a qualified contractor to take your project from start to finish,” says Tammy. “Plus, our 3D design program brings each kitchen to life so clients are able to better visualize the finished project.” TSDG offers full-service design with a focus on kitchens and baths. Their expertise assists in choosing counters, tile, backsplashes, sinks, faucets, and more. Tammy served on her local chapter of the National Kitchen & Bath Association for six years. www.tsdesigngroup.ca

Would you like to be featured in Fresh Magazine's Women in Business? Email editor@freshvancouver.com for details.








Q: Does stress affect my fertility? A: The short answer is ‘Yes’. However, a more accurate answer is that

Q: I’ve been getting laser hair removal for facial hair for the past year and still haven’t noticed a difference after 10 sessions. My friend says she only needed 5 or 6 sessions under her arms and now she no longer has to shave. I really don’t want to have to keep waxing, but I don’t understand the difference in results. Am I wasting my time?

stress affects some women’s capability to build a happy healthy family, and seems not to affect others. You may have some friends that seem laid-back about almost everything and others who react strongly to the slightest stress. You can learn to react to life’s stress in healthier ways by: • improving your diet • getting more quality sleep • relaxation, massage, and meditation • nurturing healthy friendships • having a sense of humor • counselling and/or acupuncture • moderate exercise From a strictly traditional Chinese medical perspective, determining the precise characteristics of the presenting ‘stress’ is essential since each requires a unique treatment protocol. Stress has become a ‘catch all’ term for any physical or mental-emotional extreme (i.e. marathons, surgery, work pressure, anxiety, depression, etc). The stress associated with infertility may be one of the most profound emotional strains a woman will ever experience, and it will manifest in various ways for different women. Talking to someone to identify specific areas of stress and its manifestations is a great way to strategize solutions. After going down the peer reviewed research rabbit hole in an attempt to better understand how stress affects fertility, I have come to the following conclusions: • Stress can affect hormonal balance and ovulation. • Stress can affect sexual health in both men and women. • Stress may negatively affect IVF outcomes. • Stress may negatively affect the quality and quantity of sperm. • Stress may contribute to miscarriage by reducing blood and oxygen flow to the fetus. • More research needs to be done. A potential problem arises with the understanding of the role of stress in infertility. Stress can rise exponentially when some women begin to understand that stress may affect their fertility. Fortunately, in my clinical experience, this knowledge is often the motivation required to dig deep and begin making empowered choices that facilitate change, and to do what is necessary to persevere on the journey toward family. A Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Dr Spence Pentland’s clinical practice has focused on fertility issues since 2004. His Vancouver clinic, Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, aids couples in realizing their dreams of healthy families. For more info, visit www.drspencepentland.com or www.yinstill.com.

A: Great question! When it comes to laser hair removal, there are so many factors that could account for the difference in results between one person and another. The wavelength of laser used, skin tone, hair color and texture, age, and tolerance to discomfort are just some of these factors. Hair texture differs from one area of the body to the next and, for the most part, areas with thicker coarser hair like the bikini line or underarms respond more briskly than areas with finer hair like the face or the forearms. Generally, in hormonally influenced areas (such as a woman’s face), more treatments are needed and results are more variable. Certain drugs, medical conditions and hormone imbalances make it very difficult to achieve permanent hair reduction because of continued new growth in the treated area until these conditions are addressed. Lastly, laser works by using light energy converted to heat to damage the hair follicle, but it can only treat hairs in the active growth phase and will not treat hairs in the dormant phase. We all have between 500 and 1000 hair follicles per square inch of our bodies, but since not all hairs are in the active growing phase at one time and various factors such as stress can affect how many hairs are in the resting versus active phase, it is possible that many of your hair follicles are dormant at the time of a particular treatment and this affects the number of sessions needed to see results. Best to make sure you don’t have any underlying causes to your facial hair growth, address those, and then you’ll begin to see results with your laser hair removal.

A graduate of Yale University and a fellow in aesthetic medicine, Anita Fofie, MD is the owner and founder of the Dermix Institute of Aesthetic Medicine in downtown Vancouver’s English Bay specializing in nonsurgical facial and body rejuvenation. To make an appointment for a free consultation at Dermix, please call 604.652.4SPA or visit www.dermixinstitute.com to book your visit online.




hen it comes to skincare, we often get to a point where we consider seeking outside help. As we start getting older, we may notice that our skin has lost its luminosity. We have developed a fuzzy face and we realize that the over-the-counter remedies that we’ve been using are simply not as effective anymore. This is when some of us decide to seek professional help. The answer is dermaplaning, with many benefits for your skin. During the teenage years, skin naturally exfoliates every two weeks. This means that fresh, youthful skin is revealed as the outer layer of dead skin cells is shed, This helps to keep the complexion youthful and glowing. Skin can become dull when blood flow and oxygenation of skin cells is reduced. As you age, it’s necessary to add some form of exfoliation into your skincare regimen. There are many forms of exfoliation: granulated facial scrubs, enzyme or chemical peels, AHA peels and professional



treatments that do a deeper exfoliation with the added benefit of your skincare specialist infusing professional products deeper into the skin. Always get advice on what type of exfoliation will suit your skin; everyone is different.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is an intensive and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermal tissue and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair. It’s a form of manual exfoliation similar in theory to microdermabrasion, but without the use of suction or abrasive crystals. In my opinion, it’s a slicker, smoother form of abrasion. A sterile blade is stroked along the skin. Yes, it does sound scary, but trust me - it’s at an angle to gently “shave off ” dead skin cells from the epidermis. Your skincare specialist is doing the stroking while holding the area of the skin taut.


The normal skin growth cycle is around 28 days. Since dermablading removes about 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells, it’s best to wait about 3-4 weeks between treatments. Use a professional who is qualified in doing this procedure; it takes skill and an understanding of the skin function to carry out this treatment.

The Benefits:

The improvement is immediate with smoother texture and fresh skin appearance. It’s great for removing light surface wrinkling and improves the overall texture of the skin, it helps to unblock blackheads making the pores appear smaller, and it speeds up healthy cell production. As with any type of deeper exfoliation, the removal of dead skin cells allows professional and home care products to be more effective, evens skin tone and assists in reducing milia and minor breakouts. It helps with acne scarring with a course of treatments. It’s suitable for almost everyone except those with acne-prone skin. The oil from the sebaceous glands needs to travel up and connect with the vellous hair in order for it to be excreted. If the hair is removed and the oil builds up, the glands are obstructed and this causes more breakouts. This is the only skin condition for which I would avoid this treatment. As an exfoliating treatment, which is an alternative to chemical peels or microdermabrasion, dermaplaning has added benefits. It removes fine facial hair (peach fuzz) as well as being an intensive skin rejuvenating treatment. I know there may be concerns regarding the removal of vellus hair. It’s the number one question, so let me explain about HAIR. The fine, translucent downy hair on your face is vellus hair and is found on your face, chest and back. The base of the vellus hair lies very close to the skin’s surface. This is totally different from terminal hair, which is far coarser and grows on your head, underarms, pubic area and brows. Because vellus hair is so fine and different from terminal hair, cutting it DOES NOT make it grow in thicker or feel stubbly afterwards. Men’s facial hair is terminal hair, ours is vellus. As we age, we get more peach fuzz. Many women remove it regularly with threading, waxing and now dermaplaning! Dermaplaning is great treatment on it’s own ($65) or I love it with Intraceuticals Rejuvenate Oxygen treatments, infusing a low-weight hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants into the skin. It provides the skin with immediate visible age defying results, immense hydration, and lifted and toned look. It’s a fabulous drink for the skin!

Heather White is an Elite Permanent Make up technician and specializes in Permanent Make-up, Perfect Brows and Facial Aesthetics. With more than 20 years experience in the industry previously owning an award winning Spa & Salon in England for 12 years she is now located in her new business Stamford Spa & Salon in West Vancouver.

Perfect Brows Are WithinReach! Heather White Permanent make up and Brow Artist Facial Therapist/Esthetician 20 years experience 2417 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC Ph: (604) 922-9205

Sweater / Michael Kors / Holt Renfrew / $750 Silver Cat Ears Ring / Harriet Grey / $20 White Pendant Necklace / Mimi & Marge / $53 Rope Stud Earings / Mimi & Marge / $73

Sophie Lui Early Starts and Full Days:

Talks Life, Work, and What’s Important By Dan Tidsbury

Photographer: Erich Saide

Producer/Creative Director & Stylist: Crystal Carson Makeup Artist: Caitlin Callahan for Mac Cosmetics Hair: Hannah Hwang for Bella Garnet Beauty Salon (Yaletown) Photography Assistant: Aaron Aubrey Stylist Assistant: Emery Pastachak Location: The Blackbird English Pub & Oyster Bar of donnellygroup.ca


e all know her now as co-host of the Global BC Morning News, but she is one of those people who seem so much a part of Vancouver life, it is hard to remember when she wasn’t a part of it. Sophie Lui took some time out of a schedule that starts early – very early – in the morning to speak with Fresh about her work, her life, and her role in the community.

“When I look at some of my industry colleagues... it feels like I am just getting started.”

On being so recognizable…

“It comes in part from the Lower Mainland actually being home. I grew up and went to school here. I even studied radio broadcasting at BCIT, and started quite young. Work at news radio stations in Vancouver, Kelowna, and Victoria gave me a real connection to what was happening throughout the province. “The jump to television with CHEK in Victoria in 1999 seemed like a natural step. And since CHEK had lots of viewers in the Lower Mainland, too, it makes it seem like I have been on air here longer than I actually have, even though I have been with Global BC for several years. “It sounds a little strange to me when people talk about how long I have been working. When I look at some of my industry colleagues like Pamela Martin or Tony Parsons and see their body of work and how much they are part of the fabric of the community, it feels like I am just getting started.” A life lived in public brings its own special challenges, and the schedule resulting from cohosting a morning show and satisfying the many requests for appearances in support of community groups just adds to them.

On life balance, health, fitness…

“A realistic sense of self-awareness is essential. I know myself well and that is the key. Especially with the schedule of the morning show, which sees me finish my work day very early in comparison to the typical schedule, it would be really easy for me to just shut down for the rest of the day and indulge in other pursuits, like good food, good wine, and a good book. “As much as I like those things, I made a commitment right from the start to stay active and make the most of the time that I have available. I find it is great for connecting with friends, and that is really important to me. “To keep me on track, I also signed on with a personal trainer. Again, I know how my mind works, and it is so much easier to be consistent

Plaid Blazer/ Hugo Boss / Wear Else / $895 Studded Top / Rebecca Taylor / Wear Else / $330 Boyfriend Jeans / Paige / Wear Else / $330 Triangle Drop Earrings / Frilly Lilly / $22

“I know myself well and that is the key.�

Polka Dot Sweater / Alice + Olivia / Holt Renfrew / $345 Pleated Skirt / Madame Maje / $180 Black Diamond Stone Choker / Harriet Grey / $39

“...it is so much easier to be consistent and keep up a routine when there is a greater sense of accountability.” and keep up a routine when there is a greater sense of accountability. Somebody is expecting me to follow through and they can challenge me if it is not happening. “Once I had set the right direction, it was not as difficult as one might think to fit exercise, whether the gym or the swimming or whatever, into my day, and I feel so much better for it. In the past, when I have neglected those things, I have really felt it and it has left me with less energy for work or life in general.” Of course, a higher public profile in sports, business, the arts, or the media prompts requests from the full spectrum of community groups to support their efforts in raising awareness and, certainly, helping to raise funds.

On community involvement…

“There are always a lot of requests, and each one is in support of a worthy cause, so it is very hard to say no. At the same time, I have to be realistic about what I can and can’t do.

I try to help out whenever it is possible.

“Some groups I have been involved with over a number of years and because I have been part of their work through many events, I feel a special connection. There have been many opportunities, for example, to lend a hand to some of the local groups that are doing such great work related to HIV/AIDS. Even though no one in my family or close circle has been directly affected, I have developed a real sense of engagement with all of the people involved as I have gotten to know them and worked with them over time. “For me, and I suppose for other people with a prominent public profile from the media or elsewhere, working for these causes it is relatively easy. We give our time and just show up for the event to lend our name and effort to increase whatever public awareness there might be of the issue. The people who organize these events are the ones I really respect. They put in untold hours over months and years with all of the preparation and organization before the events and all of the coordination and follow up that comes after. “When you see that kind of commitment, it makes you want to do all you can.”

Studded Dress / Diane Von Furtensberg / Holt Renfrew / $735 Trench Coat / Mackage / Holt Renfrew / $670 Necklace models own


Story/Stylist: Dominique Hanke (Assignment Fashion) Photographer: Natalia Anja Make-up Artist: Natacha Trottier Model: Ramona K Charles Stuart International Models

When talking about basics, the Little Black Dress is a must, but it
definitely isn't a case of one size or style fits all. No worries, we
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ALONE By Shirley Weir

Age 33

“menopause”, isn’t it?) are still a long way off. I’m far too busy taking care of toddlers, running a business and my aging mother has moved in with us. Have I mentioned I’m feeling a little stressed lately? I wake up every night at 3 a.m. wired and can’t get back to sleep. I have the worst brain fog ever. I’m so busy, yet so tired. I can make a list, but I can’t seem to concentrate long enough to get anything done! My best girlfriend handed me a gift today—it’s a book about perimenopause. “Peri-who?” you ask. I had the same reaction. Who has time to think about anything menopause-related now? Not me! Can’t you see I’m b-u-s-y?

Dear Menopause, leave me alone so I can cuddle with my newborn and pretend that time will stand still for all of us.

Dear Menopause, leave me alone so I can willfully deny that’s you tapping on my door.

You are a stranger to me. 40 still seems like a number that will never come. I’m pregnant and aside from sore boobs, I can’t say I’m feeling any “hormonal shift”. Don’t get me wrong—I know you exist. My older sister met you early, when she was 36. Having radiation treatments as a child likely played a role and her doctors were sure HRT (hormone replacement therapy) was the right answer for someone reaching menopause at such a young age (51.2 is the average). Besides my sister, I don’t know anyone who is currently in the ring with you. You are never part of my day-to-day conversations, and I rarely think of you.

Age 38

You, and old age (“old” is the equivalent of

Age 41

Oh hello there. I thought I pressed the pause button on you and this merry-go-round.




But my boobs hurt. Again. And this time, I’m not pregnant. I’m irritable and short-tempered. I have PMS for the first time. I’m exercising and gaining weight. I’m depressed and anxious. I’m still not handling stress well, the brain fog and forgetfulness has grown worse and that middle-of-the-night alarm clock has taken up permanent residence. My periods are still regular, but there are new things happening: low libido and chin hair. Really? This is the thanks I get? I’m concerned, so I’m going to take action. I’m sure there is something—even one thing—I can do to bypass you, keep you from infiltrating my full agenda. I’m reading books. I’m trying to sort out the controversy of HRT vs. bio-identical HRT vs. “au naturel”. I’m consulting Dr. Google. I’m discovering plenty of confusing, conflicting information—along with pop-up ads for how I could “lose my belly fat in 7 easy steps”. I’m overwhelmed. I casually mentioned my symptoms to my

doctor. It was following a PAP test when she said, “Is there anything else?” “I think I’m experiencing perimenopause,” I replied. She looked at me, and then looked at my chart.” “Oh, you’re 41…you’re too young.” I heard: “It’s all in your head.” Dear Menopause, leave me alone. I think I’m showing signs of early dementia. I have no room in my life for you or your symptoms!

month anniversary of my last period). I’m no longer begging you to leave me alone because I’m not scared of you anymore. I’m embracing this journey and I’m preoccupied with my newfound confidence, wisdom and joie de vivre. It’s time to rewrite the definition of menopause, so I can celebrate the positives (and quit focusing on only the negatives).

Age 45

This is how the universe works: it gently taps, and if you don’t pay attention, the knock gets louder, and if you don’t answer, it can sometimes hit you over the head with a brick. Ok, I hear you. You’re demanding I take notice; you want me to get informed, and to find a journey that’s right for me. Au revoir willful denial—I am in the thick of perimenopause now. It’s not only the list of symptoms that disguised themselves as other things, but there are changes to my period now too. (Who knew it would change? I assumed it would just stop like a switch.) The good news is my brain is actually absorbing the info from the books and experts I speak with, and I’m learning the benefits of proactive stress reduction, nutritional supplements, and exercise. I’ve cracked open the conversation—with friends, health experts, my husband and even some strangers — to find I’m not alone, and everyone has a unique experience. What may be right for me is not necessarily right for others. However, if nobody is talking about it, how will we learn and manage? How will we redefine this natural life transition for our daughters and our daughters’ daughters? While en route to learn everything I could about estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, I also learned the risks of high cortisol: mood fluctuations, depression, increased body fat, worsening sleep and bone loss, to name a few. A century ago, women lived to be 50 and menopause was a non-event. Now, we expect to live to be twice that age—yet, women are filling retirement homes with osteoporosis and dementia-related diseases in record numbers. Dear Menopause, I don’t want to be one of those numbers. What I do now will dramatically affect the vitality of my later years. I’m focused on how I eat, move and sleep, and how I manage stress. I understand you represent just one day on the calendar (marking the 12




Shirley Weir is a perimenopause chick (not exactly how most people start the cocktail party conversation, is it?) and chief curator at MenopauseChicks.com. She is on a mission to crack open the conversation on all things perimenopause and menopause related, and help women find the journey that is right for them. MenopauseChicks.com was recently selected by ShareCare.com (a Dr. Oz site) as one of its Top 10 Social Healthmakers.

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A new luxurious PRO-quality cosmetic line, that’s vibrant, long lasting and affordable. Their monthly subscription box, Starbox, offers 3 to 4 full-size products for only $15/month. www.starlooks.com www.starbox.starlooks.com



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As far back as I can remember I have always had a fascination and admiration for the homemaker. Growing up, I loved to watch shows like "Leave it to Beaver," imagining myself as June Cleaver. I loved the way she would keep the household running. I have always looked up to that kind of person. It was admiration for the homemaker that inspired me to create Sugar Baby Aprons. In this day and age, we can sometimes overlook the value and importance of the homemaker. Sugar Baby Aprons was created to help us remember just how important that person is. At Sugar Baby Aprons we want to put the fun back into cooking. We want to put the sparkle into housekeeping, the flare into entertaining and of course... the sexy back into the housewife!! Marla Fortier "Sugar Baby Aprons Creator" www.sugarbabyaprons.com


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f you’re a regular reader of my Smile Stories in Fresh Vancouver magazine, you know how much I love discussing the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry – especially when I get to compare it to the cold, clinical and rather scary “dental office experience” that most people are familiar with! And of course, you also know how much I enjoy introducing you to some of my patients, and inviting you to journey with them on the path of discovering – or sometimes, rediscovering – their attractive and authentic smile. For example, you may recall meeting Sherry, who shared that no dentist had ever cared enough or knew enough to tell her that she had options for dramatically improving her smile – options that were simple, safe, quick, painless and surprisingly affordable. Or perhaps you remember meeting Jessica, who felt that there was something “missing” from her smile – but wasn’t sure what that was, and needed both information and insight to build a vision of a beautiful, healthy smile that fit her perfectly. And of course, there was Aidan, a former flight attendant who wanted a smile that would make her feel (in her words) “sexy, vital and youthful,” and Candy, a new mom who longed for a way to fix a gap between her teeth that had bothered her for years, and Jocelyn, a Miss Universe® Canada contestant who sought the “pop, sparkle and something special” that her smile lacked, and Nicole, a bride-to-be who was excited about her big day, yet anxious about the state of her smile. And what about John, who after years of living with a chipped tooth finally decided that it was time to reclaim his smile and confidence? And let’s not forget Gary, who identified his “smile obstacle” when he flipped through photos and saw that his smile was hesitant and muted, instead of radiant and inspired. And who could forget Alex, who was worried that his imperfect smile was holding him back, undermining his confidence, making him self-conscious, and threatening to limit his career potential when it was poised to soar? Indeed, these are just a few of the many wonderful patients who’ve been at the heart of my Smile Stories. And while I could enjoyably spend the rest of this article (and the next few!) proudly reflecting upon all of them, instead, I’d like to focus on something else, something that I hope you’ll find just as interesting and insightful as I do. As I thought about all of the patients who’ve appeared in my Smile Stories, I was struck by how different they are. That is, there’s no single “type” of patient who I’ve had the honour of introducing to you. From stay-at-home moms to busy executives, from aspiring young entrepreneurs to those preparing to reap the rewards of retirement, from ac-



tive and athletic folks to those who prefer to cheer from their couch or the stands, there’s no obvious common denominator that ties them all together. And while I was quite pleased to discover this (one trip to my Smile City Square Dental practice and you’ll instantly know that I’m a huge fan of diversity!), I felt compelled to dig a little deeper to see if there was, below the surface, a thread, a theme, or a tendency that tied them together. And there it was, staring at me the whole time: WHY. What connects all of my patients is that they’re open to exploring WHY they want to make positive change in their life. By using that as an entry point into my patients’ rich and textured inner worlds, and through ongoing dialogue that is a true two-way conversation and not a one-way lecture, I’m able to: • establish that our relationship is collaborative, supportive and synergistic – they are part of the solution! • grasp their unique personalities, needs and aspirations – so that I can show them options and possibilities that are just right for them. • empower them to co-create a personalized treatment plan that improves their smile – and transforms their lives in ways that they might not even imagine. Frankly, I understand that most people don’t expect this level of openness and support from their dentist. But, would you like to know a little secret? The rarity of my philosophy and approach is a source of energy that never fades, because, it means that every patient who walks into my practice – no matter what their important differences and unique histories – is on their way to experiencing what I now call the “why” that binds. That “why” is the essence of artisan dentistry, and, indeed, at the heart of every inspiring Smile Story: past and future!

Dr Kelvin P. Mah is driven to “enrich lives, one smile at a time.” He believes in helping people – not merely treating problems – and takes a dedicated, personal interest in the health, wellness and happiness of each individual patient. His award-winning Smile City Square Dental practice reflects an organic and zen-like atmosphere of warmth and relaxation. He is also a graduate of UBC’s prestigious Dental School and is an instructor with the Frontier Institute, which offers postgraduate programs in advanced cosmetic dentistry. Learn more about Dr Mah and discover the transformative possibilities of modern artisan dentistry at www.smilecitysquare. com, and visit Smile City Square Dental on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ SmileCitySquare.


Vest (worn as top): Sachin + Babi Satin Jacket: Smythe Silk Pants: Badgley Mischka Hat: Hudson's Bay Shoes: Jessica Simpson



Styling by SARAH DANNIELS atTHEYrep.com/sarahdanniels Makeup and Hair by ATEFEH at THEYrep.com/atefeh using Giorgio Armani & MAC cosmetics and TRESemmè Hair Care Products



Blouse and Pants: Rachel Roy Jacket: H&M Paris Collection Fingerless Gloves: Forzieri

Wool Coat: Mackage Leather Vest (worn as top): A Moveable Feast Skirt Tibi: Belt Brave

Dress: Halston Heritage Vest: H&M Paris Collection Sheepskin Fingerless Gloves: UGG




n November 16, the Westin Bayshore is home to the 2013 Vancouver mSummit. Meghan Simington fills us in on the inspiration, growth, and prospects of this thriving organization.

Westin Bayshore and have grown our support team. I have learned immensely from all of these developments and expanded my own knowledge from connecting with experts and my support team.





As a busy mom of 2 under-4-year-olds and an entrepreneur at heart, I felt that there was a gap in events that engaged with today’s savvy working moms. These women were looking to connect with like-minded industry leaders and we needed to design an event to foster this. I have continued to be inspired by the stories, insights and tools that we have the opportunity to share with our community, but which I learn from myself.

This year was our largest growth year with the inclusion of our new eMagazine. We are also making the transition to a new venue at the

The enormous support by larger companies and local businesses for empowering working moms. Our network of working moms struggle to make the best decisions for their families and it is amazing to reach out to the to those who deliver products and services I believe in and share these options with our network.

The support by our ‘traditional’ network has greatly increased in the last



Comfortable, convenient and affordable dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning done at your office or in our mobile van! We come to you!

HR - Organize affordable and convenient dental cleaning for your entire staff!

Hygiene Services: dental cleanings, teeth whitening, gum therapy and much more.

year as we rebranded our business and focused on long term relationships. These businesses also see the value in supporting working moms in making educated decisions for their families and themselves.


We get asked all the time, “Can I attend if I am not a mom?” The answer is YES! Our event will be connecting Vancouver’s top women’s leadership community with working moms who will be seeking mentors, contractor positions, clients and solutions for their work life and home life.

oral hygiene exam and instruction

preventive sealants

• •

deposit removal / stain removal

treatment of gum disease

10-20% less expensive than your typical dental office.

Saving you the time and inconvenience of traveling to and from your appointments, we come to a facility convenient to you.

Licensed by College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia (CDHBC) and certified by University of Washington.

Does your office have dental benefits? If so, book us today! We bill directly to your insurance provider and there are no out of pocket expenses! To book or for more info call:



We are already planning for our next mSummits for 2014 with the announcement of another exciting keynote speaker! But first and foremost, we are hard at work growing our biweekly eMagazine to bring on 5 additional mExperts for our 2014 roster. Make your plans to attend. Check out reinventingm.com/msummit.

Receive a free electric toothbrush on your first appointment! Hours: By appointment Times available: Mon - Sun 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Evenings and weekends available on request

Service area includes Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley and Surrey.

- Botox - Dermal Fillers - Laser Hair Removal - Body Sculpting - Laser Skin Rejuvenation - Liquid Face Lifts - Sclerotherapy & Laser Spider Vein Removal - Laser Teeth Whitening - Microdermabrasion - Chemical Peels - Dermal Needling - Massage - Medical Grade Skincare Products - HCG Weight Loss Program

! e u s s I t x e N g in

Hours: Monday: 10am-6pm during the holiday rush Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-6pm Sunday: closed


Dermix Institute of Aesthetic Medicine 1721 Davie Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6G 1W5 CANADA - 604.652.4SPA (604.652.4772)


Interview with The Rush Host





• Manscaping: Clean Him Up • Two Fabulous Makeovers! • Going Gluten Free? What's Allowed and What's Not. • Fountain of Youth: The Latest Products and Potions




As our world moves forward, people are looking to stay active and fit forever! Some are taking their health in their own hands and searching for ways to argument conventional remedies. They are turning to naturopathy and homeopathy – traditional forms of medicine backed by a growing body of evidence. Pure Integrative Pharmacy is bringing it all together. We are here to provide you with integrative health expertise, products, and support, all in 1 place.

Blending traditional pharmacy with complimentary remedies to create


Non-prescription specialty products we can can compound for you: Travel Balm Do you seem to catch a cold when you travel? Try our compounded remedy before you go traveling. Snore Spray Do you or a loved one need a better sleep? Try our compounded snore spray along with our special blend of essential oils to help tame the lion! Eczema Cream This non-steroidal Vitamin B12 cream reduces irritation, itchiness and inflammation seen with eczema and psoriasis. This specially formulated cream is also free of added drugs, fragrances, colors, or preservatives. Bob’s Iron Formula Bob’s specially formulated iron has been recommended by many physicians, midwives, naturopaths, physicians and clients to help bring up iron levels. It contains all of the ingredients needed to help absorb and process iron efficiently. Try it today! Pain Away Capsules Do you suffer from headaches or migraines? Try our special blend of ibuprofen and vitamins to stop the pain.

Offering the Highest Quality Bio-identical Hormone BHRT stands for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. It means that the hormones used are exactly like the hormones produced by your body. Some of the commercial products available have subtle differences to your body’s natural hormones and may not be 100% recognized by your body.

Can’t make it in to pick up your prescription?



Prescriptions & Natural Health


238 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6B 6A1 t: 604-681-8190

White Rock

111 – 15388 24th Avenue South Surrey, BC V4A 2J2 t: 604-542-7780


3533 West 4th Avenue Vancouver BC V6R 1N9 t: 604-733-7211

West Broadway

2685 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V6k 2G2 t: 604-568-8844


4198 Dunbar Street Vancouver, BC V6S 2E7 t: 604-732-3010

West Vancouver

117 - 1760 Marine Drive West Vancouver, BC V7V 1J4 t: 604-281-2239 For more information, visit


No worries! I N T E G R AT I V E


We offer FREE delivery to anywhere in the Greater Vancouver area! Pure Integrative Pharmacy is a member of the Professional Compounding Centres of America (PCCA). As a PCCA member, we are able to offer patients with superior products that have been tested and backed up by studies.

100% Locally Owned & Operated | Compounding | Prescriptions & Natural Health


We’re looking for someone real. We’re looking for you.


...in the moment ...come to light ...in focus ...revealed ...explored ...rediscovered ...in motion


Enter the “My Life, My Journey” contest at www.mylifemyjourney.ca for the opportunity to become the next Merz Aesthetics model! Tell us why you deserve a fresh start for the chance to receive complimentary treatments of XEOMIN® Cosmetic™ and RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler by a local physician as well as a trip for two to New York City where you’ll star in a professional photo shoot and become the ambassador for our new campaign. Elmer Olsen of Elmer Olsen Model Management will be appearing as a guest judge alongside a panel of notable physicians, including Dr. Vince Bertucci, Dr. Frances Jang and Dr. Arthur Swift. Contest will run November 15, 2013 through January 15, 2014. The chance of winning depends on the number and quality of entries received. Three winners will be awarded prizes with a total approximate value of $19,000. No purchase necessary. Correctly answering a skill testing question is required. In order to receive complimentary treatments, winners must be suitable candidates for treatment as determined in consultation with a physician. Full contest rules are available at www.mylifemyjourney.ca.

COSMETIC™ The “My Life, My Journey” Merz Aesthetics Model Search is sponsored by Merz Pharma Canada.



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Fresh21 lowres  

Fresh Vancouver Issue #21 Nov/Dec 2013, featuring an interview with Global BC Morning News anchor Sophie Lui.

Fresh21 lowres  

Fresh Vancouver Issue #21 Nov/Dec 2013, featuring an interview with Global BC Morning News anchor Sophie Lui.