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It’s not a listing...

It’s a lifestyle!

B R A D VA N D E W A L L E CO-FOUNDER & PARTNER Brad Van De Walle found his calling seven years ago when he became a Realtor. Since then, Brad has created a powerful, successful, reliable team of agents across Canada. However, his ability to connect with all types of people, his understanding of the real estate industry and a unique sales approach have made Brad one of the most innovative agents in the country. “I started at the bottom, I knew nothing. I took it upon myself to master this industry and my hard work has paid off”. Brad has now started Infill Hub, something he has dreamed about for some time. Infill Hub was formed with one goal in mind; create exceptional agents, exceptional marketing and services that produce exceptional results. Pride of ownership of the team radiates through Brad’s actions and personality. His career, his business partners and most importantly, his clients mean everything to him. “Infill Hub is not in this for the transaction. We care about our clients who become our friends, and we want what is best for them”. A savvy entrepreneur, Brad has found success in so many different areas of business. His understanding, experience and ambition has pushed him to become one of the most well-known, well-connected and well-liked people in the real estate industry. Brad believes personal development, camaraderie and self respect create individual and team success.

M AT T H E W C H I A C C H I A CO-FOUNDER & PARTNER My career in Real Estate began started early in my life, which gave me the training, the drive and experience to be an exceptional realtor. In 2010 Brad Van De Walle and I started a team at Re/Max Real Estate (Central) called The888SOLDTeam. Brad and I have become close friends, close business partners, and have the same drive and passion for our work. Over the years we have overcome many obstacles that have resulted in extensive personal and professional growth. We are very excited to have built Infill Hub as a forum to bring exceptional realtors and builders together. Our goal is to not only sell a listing but sell a lifestyle. We treat every client with the same level of care as our own family. I hope to demonstrate our team’s energy. The Infill Hub Group is transparent and authentic. Who we are in real life is who we are in Real Estate; fun, passionate, and driven. Infill Hub is our future and it drives us to make it an inner city brand name that is above the competition.

ABOUT OUR TEAM INFILL HUB GROUP: PROMOTING POSITIVE COMMUNITY & ECONOMIC GROWTH WITHIN OUR NEIGHBOURHOODS The Infill Hub team has come together to create a comprehensive, educated and experienced group of talented individuals who are changing the foundation of how we buy and sell Infills. We have a firsthand understanding of the construction; buying, selling and building process. We cover all our bases when working hard for you and we are committed to giving you the best Real Estate experience possible. Our commitment to enhanced customer service, through constant communication, detailed updates and a network of related professionals and personalities, has made the buying experience like no other. Buying and Selling Real Estate is a big decision and it is very important to put your trust in people who have the experience, tenacity, and the same objective as you. Together, we can help you find the perfect infill home for you and your family. We have everything covered for you so this process can be as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Do you have a lawyer? What do you do on possession day? Do you know what a home inspection is for? These are common questions that many people fail to even consider. Don’t worry, we take care of all of this and more so you don’t have to.

BUYING EXPERIENCE HOW WE REDEFINE YOUR BUYING EXPERIENCE When purchasing an Infill Hub home, you, the buyer, can be faced with many different choices that affect the final decision. One of the toughest decisions to make is deciding on where you want your next infill home to be. You’ve heard the term “location, location, location” but there’s so much more to it than just that. The area not only embodies the amenities surrounding your infill, but also determines the type of lifestyle you are going to live and whether or not that lifestyle fits you. It is always important to understand the things that are truly important to you and finding a home that meets your requirements. Homeowners want to find themselves in a community that fits their idea of lifestyle and culture. A consistent trend in any real estate market is finding the community where you and your family feel connected. Buying an infill home in a mature established community makes it doubly important to find the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle. The Infill Hub team starts by showing you community highlights, amenities, local events, parks, culture, and vibe before we introduce you to any potential properties. We help you decide whether the community is a fit for you and your lifestyle. Preparation is a key factor that helps us succeed. We research preferred communities, understand the needs and motivations of sellers and provide you with comprehensive feedback to help you make an informed decision.

so much more than just a lisiting

BUYING PROCESS 7 STEPS TO THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE! Buying a home can be an emotional, time-consuming and complex process. Even though this may not be your first go around, we always like to help our clients ensure all details are covered. Below are a few things that you can do to help make the process go as smooth as possible: STEP 1: Find a REALTOR® Well look no further you just found one! By chooing our team as your REALTOR® you just found people who are experienced, punctual, efficient, fun and above all honest. We give you full accessibility so you can reach us at anytime. You can call us 24/7 with any thoughts, questions or concerns. Ask about our one hour call back guarantee. “Remember: REALTOR® fees are paid through the transaction. There is no cost to use our services & expertise!” STEP 2: Get your credit checked by one of our trusted mortgage lenders: Have you checked your credit lately? Before you apply for a home loan, it’s a smart idea to obtain a copy of your credit rating. There can be errors or things that need to be addressed. It’s easier to address these problems before you find “your dream home,” than after when you are trying to close the deal. STEP 3: Get approved before you go infill home hunting: Getting an approval is easy and very beneficial to you. Most banks can hold your rate for 120 days. You may not be looking to buy right away so by doing this you are locking your rate in case rates go up. If rates go down you get the new rate so it’s a win-win situation! During the approval process the bank will verify your employment history and assets to ensure you’re a strong lending candidate.

the vibe

BUYING PROCESS STEP 4: Discover The Community Narrowing down your search location can be one of the hardest parts in finding a home. Often people find a home in a location that they never thought was a possibility. That’s why it’s important to discuss your housing needs with us. Then we can help guide you to an area. We have taken the liberty of enclosing an MLS® Map to help you narrow down your search. STEP 5: Protect Yourself The Infill Hub Team will provide you with a copy of the documents necessary to buy your new property. Read them ahead of time so that you’ll understand the questions that you will be asked, the things you need to know, and the decisions you will need to make. STEP 6: Have Reasonable Expectations Understanding and remembering the following two statements will help diffuse stresses that can arise during the negotiation, inspection stage and closing stage. “There is a lot of money at stake for all parties involved” When you go to purchase your home just remember the market value of the home is what the buyer and seller are willing to agree to. “No house is “Perfect”, but we’ll find the perfect one for you!” STEP 7: Have Fun! This is a fun and exciting time in your life. We will make this process as easy and yes, even as fun as possible. The next few weeks will be filled with highs and lows and we’re excited to experience them with you.

the experience

I T ’ S N OT A L I ST I N G . . .’s a lifestyle!


A GUIDE ON HELPING YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. Making the Right Choice It is very important to evaluate yourself and your situation to help ensure that buying a home is the right decision for you. We believe in full disclosure and the importance of planning. Some questions you should ask yourself are: • What reasons are prompting you to move and what is your preferred timeline? • Have you been through the pre-approval process and what amount have you been approved for? • When we find the right home for you, are you prepared to make an offer? Your Lifestyle Deciding on what type of home you want to live in is just as important as deciding on where you want to live. For some, location is everything. For others, the home is everything. At Infill Hub, we focus on a complete lifestyle and believe that no matter what means more to you, we can match you up with a great home in the perfect location or a great location with a perfect home. Proximity To... Another important decision during the buying process is proximity to important things such as schools, work, grocery stores, and amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, parks and recreation centres. These things define your lifestyle choice and are not only necessary, but convenient. We believe lifestyle matters. Not only now but for the future. So we have come prepared and reviewed all options in order for you to make the right choice!

the journey

MOVING CHECKLIST IMPORTANT INFORMATION It is important that you use this checklist in order to be well-prepared when buying a home. The last thing you would want to happen is to move into a home without the necessities in life such as electricity, gas, water, or work/school related services such as internet/phone, etc. Be sure everything is in order to keep things running smoothly during the buying process. If you need assistance, we are always here to lend a helping hand. It`s what we do! UTILITY PROVIDERS • Electricity Providers • Telephone Providers • Water & Sewage • Cable & Internet Providers • Gas Providers

BUSINESS ACCOUNTS • Banking Institutions • Cell Phone Providers • Department Stores • Financial Companies • Credit Card Companies

GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS • CRA • Post Office • Schools • Provincial Licensing • Library

CLUBS & MISCELLANEOUS • Country Club • Health & Fitness Club • Recreation Club • Book Club • Other Club

INSURANCE COMPANIES • Auto Insurance • Health Insurance • Benefits Provider • Home Insurance • Life Insurance PROFESSIONAL SERVICES • Broker • Accountant • Doctor • Dentist • Lawyer

the difference

ONLINE CONNECT Our innovative site connects sellers with buyers and gives you access to potential listings that fit your criteria before they are exposed to the masses. Our team uses the Internet and all online tools to help find the home that best suits you. With more than 90% of buyers checking the web, getting online is the most effective and efficient way to find your next home. Our web presence and online network will help speed up this process. Below shows that 99% of people search for a home using three main search engines. We make sure to connect to these sources in order to utilize every avenue, including our own, in order to find that ideal home for you.




the convenience

THE Q&A PROCESS COMMON QUESTIONS OUR CLIENTS ASK HOW WILL WE KNOW ABOUT THE LATEST INFILLS AVAILABLE? We will keep you posted. Infill Hub is a fully functioning MLS optimized website that specifically carries only infill projects throughout the Calgary area. It is optimized to target new infills, previously owned infills and current infill projects that are not fully completed. This allows you to offer on future homes, available lots and connects you to our preferred builders. CAN YOU TARGET A SPECIFIC AREA TO HELP FIND THE HOME OF MY DREAMS? By optimizing your required community search, we can give you options for potential properties that lay within your preferred boundaries. We can also offer community insight with our community profiles so that you are fully aware of what lies in store for you. AS AN INVESTOR, CAN YOU FIND LAND FOR ME TO BUILD INFILLS FOR SALE? Yes we can. At Infill Hub, we understand the time and effort it takes to find properties and vacant land that fit your criteria. We are a full-service Infill team that provides our clients and potential clients everything they need regarding infills in Calgary. IF MY OFFER IS ACCEPTED, WHAT’S NEXT? It’s time to prepare. Your next big move is coming and you need to be ready. We can help you make a list of what is most important to you in your new home and do what needs to be done in order to make your move seamless. Act as though you have already moved and get a feal for your new lifestyle in your new community. Our agents can assist you with many of these details!

the core

R E / M A X CO L L E C T I O N When your needs are beyond the standard and when you demand more than the status quo, look no further than the RE/MAX Collection. RE/MAX Collection is an international selection of luxury properties offered by real estate’s most prolific global network. Trusted real estate advisors are there to guide you through your real estate endeavor. Come discover a new level of excellence in luxury real estate. Come discover RE/MAX Collection.

RE/MAX COLLECTION AGENTS When you work with a RE/MAX agent who specializes in The RE/MAX Collection, you’ll receive unparalleled service and an unforgettable experience. RE/MAX agents are the industry’s top professionals, backed by the most respected name in real estate. RE/MAX luxury specialists have access to world-class tools and education, such as the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation, as well as targeted publications, such as the nationally distributed RE/MAX Collection Magazine and luxury-home magazines such as Unique Homes, duPont Registry and The Wall Street Journal. Find your luxury RE/MAX specialist today.

STILL #1 For over 20 years RE/MAX has been the number one real estate organization in Canada, and continually has the number one market share in virtually every region. RE/ MAX has always believed in staying on the forward edge of the real estate industry, adopting and adapting the latest technology and creating innovative marketing and productivity programs.

TESTIMONIALS WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT US... Matthew came highly recommended by a family member who had used his services to purchase a home. He took extra care to analyze the current and past market to make sure our home was priced properly and that all the best features were highlighted and listed. He documented accurate measurements and took amazing photos to show the house to the best of its ability. Within hours of being on the market, we had numerous showings and a high level of interest. We received multiple offers within the first 24 hours and although the initial sale fell through due to unforeseen circumstances on the buyers end, within 2 days back on the market it was sold! Matthew’s friendly and caring approach made the entire process easy and painless. He worked around our family’s schedule and always placed our needs first. He was willing to help out wherever he could by making himself available for any questions and/or concerns we had no matter the time or offering help where needed. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone who is planning on selling or buying a home. -Kyle and Danah Hey Brad and Matthew, We’re just sitting in the backyard, enjoying a nice wine with the fire-pit going and swinging in the hammock, and we want to say thanks. You guys rock. The whole experience of the purchase of a home and the selling of our house has been great. The brochure was fantastic, the photos great, the quick and ongoing communication is unmatched, and the service your provide can’t be compared to any other REALTOR®. We enjoyed the honesty and directness from both of you. You gained our trust and we do not just consider you our REALTOR® but a part of our family. Thanks for everything. -Darren & Diana

the things that truly matter

It’s not a listing, It’s a



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Real Estate Buyers Guide  

Real Estate Buyers Guide Presentation for Infill Hub by Freshtake Marketing

Real Estate Buyers Guide  

Real Estate Buyers Guide Presentation for Infill Hub by Freshtake Marketing