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Menu Seasonal Food February – April 2010 



Welcome to fresh This is our A La Carte Menu, Meaning all of our dishes are cooked and prepared to order. Therefore there may be a slight delay in our dishes. Don’t worry, all fruit and vegetables are washed in purified drinking water, you can drink our Ice and we store our meat and fish in western style refrigerators. Due to the presence of nuts in our kitchen, there is a slight possibility there may be traces of nuts found in any dish. Please alert a member of staff if you have any allergies. All prices are in USD ($) $1 = 4000Riel Service charge is not included, all tips go directly to staff members and are appreciated greatly. Thanks for dining with us, we hope to see you again. The Management, fresh.

A guide to our menu: This is a Khmer Inspired Dish This is suitable for vegetarians

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Breakfast All Breakfasts are available from open until close.

Some Like It Hot…

British Breakfasts All of our British Breakfasts are cooked to your liking, and are designed to set you up for the day. We use Streaky Bacon, Fresh Eggs and English Style Sausages.

Full English Fried Breakfast

Eggs Benedict Toasted English Muffin, Poached Eggs, Ham, Hollandaise Sauce $3.50

2 Bacon, 2 Sausages, 2 Eggs (Scrambled, Poached or Fried), Grilled Tomato, Fried Mushrooms, Baked Beans and 2 Slices of Toast, Tea or Coffee. $5.00

Smoked Salmon Benedict

Half English Fried Breakfast

Toasted English Muffin, Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce $3.75

Eggs Florentine Toasted English Muffin, Poached Eggs, Wilted Spinach, Hollandaise Sauce $3.50

French Toast

Bacon Sandwich Crispy Bacon on Thick Cut White Bread. $2.50

Beans on Toast

Crispy Bacon, Maple Syrup $3.00

Heinz Baked Beans on Thick Cut White Bread. $2.50

Scrambled Eggs on Toast

American Style Pancakes Maple Syrup Blueberry Compote

1 Bacon, 1 Sausage, 1 Egg (scrambled, Poached or Fried), Grilled Tomato, Fried Mushrooms, 1 Slice of Toast. $3.00

Creamy Scrambled Eggs on Thick Cut White Bread $2.50

$2.50 $3.50

Bai Cha – Cambodian Fried Rice Pork Fried Rice with Garlic, soy sauce and herbs, topped with a fried egg. A great dish any time of the day or night. $3.00

Kuyteav – Noodle Soup Tender Pork in a Light and Aromatic Broth with fresh Rice Noodles and Vegetables $3.50

Lite Bite Tea, Coffee or Juice with 2 slices of grilled toast. $2.50

…And, Some Like it Cold. Cornflakes With Fresh Milk $2.00 With Yoghurt $2.50

Croissant Croissant with Jam

$1.75 $2.25

Muesli With Fresh Milk $2.00 With Yoghurt $2.50

Fresh Fruit Salad A Selection of Fresh Fruits of the Day. Plain $2.00 With Yoghurt $2.50



A Note From Our Chef Each morning I buy free range meats and freshly caught fish for my ever changing menu. I lead a kitchen whose talent is to take the best quality ingredients and tease out their fresh, vibrant flavours. One of my favourite parts of the week is visiting the morning markets where I pick up the season’s best fruit and veg: the first of the home grown produce, whether juicy limes or fresh mango, is on our tables the day after picking. Because the quality of the produce is so key to us, our kitchen uses only the best. For items we’re unable to source locally we have them imported... Feta cheese from Greece, olive oil from Italy and Grass-Fed Beef Steaks from Australia. Enjoy!


Chicken Satay

Spiced tomato soup, served over ice. Perfect for a hot afternoon. $3.00

With coriander, red chilli and marinated cucumber, satay sauce. $3.25

Khmer Spring Rolls

Seared Chicken Livers

In Cambodia Spring Rolls Come two ways: Fresh - Rice flour pancakes, with a similar texture to glass noodles, served cold. Served with Tamarind Sauce and Sweet Chilli Vegetarian Prawn Combo Mixed Combo For 2

$3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $5.50

Fried - Crispy Pastry Rolled and Deep Fried served hot. Served with Tamarind Sauce and Sweet Chilli. Vegetarian Pork Combo Mixed Combo For 2

$3.00 $3.00 $3.00 $5.50

Salad of Wilted Greens, Pickled Shallots and Seared Chicken livers, Served with Red Wine Jus. $3.25

Spicy Prawn Cakes Tender fish cakes with coriander sambal. $3.00

Whole Baby Squid BBQ Fresh Baby Squid, skewered and served with chilli and fish sauce. $3.00

Caramalised Onion Tart Caramalised slow cooked onions, in a puff pastry base topped with melted cheese. $3.00

Check out our Snacks and Light Bites, they’re great for a starter too.


 Crispy Rice Balls Sticky Rice coated in Breadcrumbs, wild mushroom, garlic and chilli with Soy Dipping Sauce. $3.00

Tempura Vegetables or Prawns Coated in a light batter, with Sweet Chilli Sauce. Vegetable Prawns

$2.75 $3.00

Garlic mushrooms Breaded Oyster Mushrooms served with Home made garlic mayonnaise. $3.00

Sandwiches All of our sandwiches are served on freshly baked baguettes or thickly sliced bread

Club Sandwich Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato $3.70

BLT - The classic Streaky Bacon, Lettuce Tomato $3.50

Steak Sandwich Australian Sirloin Steak, cooked to your liking, Caramelised Onion $4.00

Ham Ham, Salad, Mustard Mayonnaise $3.00

Tuna Tuna Mayonnaise, Spring onion $3.00

Cheese and Onion Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion Chutney $3.00

‘Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are. ’ Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755 - 1826), 
 The Physiology of Taste, 1825

Egg Mayonnaise Soft Boiled Egg, Spring Onion Mayonnaise $3.00

Why not Add French Fries or a Salad? Check out our Sides.


Snacks, Light Bites and Sharers All of our Snacks, Light Bites and Sharers are available in Regular or Large. Ideal for one or great for sharing.

Hummus and Pita bread Home made Flat Bread fresh from the oven with a chickpea and sesame dip $3.00/$5.00

Falafels and Pitas Home made falafels, packed full of fresh coriander and Khmer spices, making them bright green and moist inside. Served with the garlic aioli, shredded carrot and cabbage. $3.75/$6.50

Marinated Olives and Feta Imported Greek olives and Feta Cheese, Marinated in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a tangy white wine vinegar. $1.50/$3.00

Twice Cooked Pork Ribs Marinated for 48 hours, and slow cooked in a Secret blend of Khmer spices. Comes with a thick BBQ toffee sauce. A MUST for any meat eater. $3.00/$6.50

Crispy Chicken Wings Crispy Chicken Wings, served with a sweet rice wine, chilli and ginger sauce $3.00/$5.50

Asian People often describe Khmer food as ‘similar to Thai, but not as spicy’ but its so much more… Khmer food incorporates Sweet, Bitter, Hot, Sour and Texture letting you experience how subtle Asian cuisine can be. Here is Fresh’s Favourite South East Asian dishes:

Amok Trey – The national dish of The Kingdom of Cambodia ‘Fish Amok’ is placed into a banana leaf cup before being steamed in a Lemongrass and star anis mousse. This is a delicate fish dish eaten by thousands of Cambodians every day. Fish can be substituted with Chicken on request. Perfect for your first Cambodian Meal. Served with Steamed rice. $5.00

Assam Pedas - Fish Curry with Tamarind Fresh Mekong Fish in a light, tamarind and tomato curry. This Dish has many variations around South East Asia. Traditionally made with Fish head, but we’ve opted to use fresh fish fillets. Here is our version. Served with Steamed Rice. $5.00

Gulai Sotong - Whole Baby Squid and Egg Curry This Indian-Malaysian mild coconut based curry uses freshly ground spices to create this rich and aromatic curry. The curry is made fresh every time and is based on the street food of Penang, Malaysia. $5.00

Kari Khmer - Cambodian Curry Pieces of tender Chicken Breast, cooked in Khmer spices with local vegetables, pumpkin and potato. Served with Steamed Rice. $4.50

Loc Lac Saich Gow - Beef Loc Lac Marinated Beef fillet flash fried and served with salad of onion, tomato and lettuce. Served with black pepper and lime dipping sauce. Topped with a fried egg and Steamed Rice. A TRUE Khmer Favourite. $4.50



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 Bai Cha – Cambodian Fried Rice Pork Fried Rice with Garlic, soy sauce and herbs, topped with a fried egg. A great dish any time of the day or night. $3.00

Kuyteav – Noodle Soup Tender Pork in a Light and Aromatic Broth with fresh Rice Noodles and Vegetables $3.50

Bok L'hong – Papaya Salad with Smoked Fish A very popular salad, usually sold on carts in the street. Eaten on its own, with grilled meats or baguettes. Shredded Papaya, carrot, shallot and tomato in a sweet and salty dressing we’ve added home smoked mackerel fillets. $3.50

Plea Saich Moan – Chicken Laab Warm Salad of Minced Chicken, mint leaves, crunchy shallot, coriander and fish sauce. Served with toasted rice and sticky rice. This dish is usually eaten with your hands, the rice acts as a spoon to scoop the salad up. $4.50

Kampot Saich Kdam - Kampot Pepper Crab Kep (South East Costal Town) Soft shell Crab fried with the world renowned Kampot pepper, thirty minutes drive from Kep. This is a very popular dish and considered by locals as a special treat. $7.50

What are they talking about? Ever wondered what the locals are talking about? Probably the same as the rest of us… Where have you been? Have you eaten? How are you? Speaking a little Khmer can gain you a great amount of respect. Have a go… Unlike Neighbouring Laos and Thailand, Khmer is a non tonal language, however they do have 33 consonants and 26 vowels in the alphabet. "Ai" is pronounced as in Thai; "ay" as in pay; "dt" takes the t sound while "bp" takes the p sound. "Oo" is pronounced as in cook and "ao" as in Laos. English Excuse me Hello My name is… I would like… Water Beer Tea Thank you Yes (Male) Yes (Female) No Goodbye

Khmer sohm dtoh jum-reap soo-a k'nyom tchmouh... k'nyom jang baan... teuc beer dai or-koon baat chaa dteh Jum-reap leah Have a go and practise with our staff.


Mains Pork Chop Local Pork Chop with Mustard Mash, Caramelised Apple and Herb Butter. $7.00

Marinated Pork Loin Seared Pork Loin, Parsley and Lime Potatoes, with Salsa Verde. $6.00

Chicken Sauté Butter Roasted Chicken, Potato Croquettes and Red Pepper Coulis. $6.50

Chicken Velouté Stuffed Chicken Breast, with Lemon and Black Olive White Wine and Cream Sauce. Served with Thyme Lyonnaise Potatoes. $6.50

Peppers Piemontese Peppers Stuffed with Cous Cous and Provencal Vegetables. Topped With grilled Cheese. $5.00

Eggs Florentine Home Smoked Mackerel and Poached Eggs served on a bed of Wilted Greens topped with Hollandaise Sauce. $5.00

Fishcake Fish and Mashed Potato Stuffed full of Herbs and coated in Japanese Breadcrumbs. Served with a House salad in a tangy lime dressing. $4.50

Pasta Spaghetti Carbonara Shallots, Crispy Bacon and Parmesan Cheese in a Garlic Cream Sauce. $5.00


British Classics All of our British Classic are produced using the highest possible ingredients, and we hope they bring back memories.

Lamb Shank Slow cooked and served with Mashed Potatoes, fresh garden vegetables and Minted Gravy. $12.00

Imported Sirloin Steak 8oz Grass Fed Sirloin, with Chips, Onion Rings and Kampot Pepper Sauce. $12.00

Black Panther Pie Served with Mashed Potatoes and garden vegetable. Extra Gravy on the Side. $9.50

Liver and Onions Chicken Livers wrapped in Streaky Bacon. Cabbage, Mashed potato with Gravy. $7.00

Fish and Chips Beer Battered Fish of the Day, served with Home Made Chips, Tartar Sauce and Coleslaw. $6.50

Penne Arrabiata Pan Roasted Aubergines in a rich Tomato Sauce with Fresh Herbs. $5.00

Gnocchi Provencal Homemade Herb Gnocchi oven baked with Aubergines and Roasted Red Peppers in a creamed Tomato Sauce. $5.00

Pesto Pasta Salad Penne Pasta in a home made, Pesto of Coriander and Lime with crunchy Nuts. $4.50

Spaghetti Garlic Mushroom Sauté Mushrooms and fresh parsley in a rich Garlic Cream Sauce.

Why not add a Garlic Bread? Only $1.00



Burgers All of our burgers are home made from freshly ground prime cuts, and all contain own secret ingredient. They’re served in a toasted bun and come with Coleslaw. Double any burger for an extra $2.00.

Beef Burger Full of Coriander and our Special Spice Mix. $4.50

Bacon Burger Full of Coriander and our Special Spice Mix with Crispy Streaky Bacon. $5.00

Cheese Burger Full of Coriander and our Special Spice Mix but Stuffed Full of Melting Mozzarella Cheese. $5.00

Bacon and Cheese Burger Full of Coriander and our Special Spice Mix with all of the Above. $5.50

Home Made Fries Red Pepper Ketchup Onion Rings

$1.00 $0.50 $1.00

Blue Cheese Burger Full of Coriander and our Special Spice Mix with Bacon and Blue Cheese. $6.00

Chicken Burger Breaded Chicken Breast, Salad Garnish, Garlic Mayonnaise $4.50

Salads Here at fresh we know that Cleanliness and Hygiene is Paramount, Therefore all of our Locally Grown Salads are Prepared to order and washed in Drinking Water, so you can dine in comfort.

 Caesar Salad 
 Lettuce, Crispy Bacon, Croutons, Caesar Dressing 
 £3.00 Add Chicken + $1.00

Tuna Nicoise Seared Tuna Steak, French Beans, Khmer style Boiled Egg, Olives, Baby Potato, Red Onion and Lime and Black Pepper Dressing. $5.50

Caprese Salad Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Oil $2.50

Greek Salad Tomato, Red Onion, Green Pepper, Olives, Feta Cheese with Vinaigrette. $3.50

Noodle Salad Rice Noodles, Mango, Bean Sprouts, Chilli, Red pepper, Carrot, Cucumber in a Sweet Vinaigrette. $3.00

‘Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.’ Elizabeth Berry


‘If the only way we judged hunger was how full the stomach is, no one would ever have dessert.’ Mark Friedman

Side Orders $1.00 each

Fries House Salad Garlic Bread Onion Rings New Potatoes Mashed Potatoes Carrot and Ginger Mixed Vegetables Steamed Rice

Dessert Cambodian desserts aren’t always sweet and can help finish a meal off nicely. However its not unusual to eat your

Banana Spring Rolls

A selection of seasonal Fruit in a spicy syrup. $2.00

Mango Sticky Rice

Baked Choux Pastry, Ice cream and Chocolate Sauce. $3.00

Juicy Mango with Sticky Rice and a Salty, Sweet Coconut Sauce. A very popular dish all over South East Asia. $3.00

Home Made Rice Pudding A creamy rice pudding flavoured with Cardamom, Cinnamon and Lemongrass. $3.00

Grean Tea Cake A moist bright green cake, its sweetness is well balanced with the bitterness of the Jasmine Tea $3.00

Fresh Fruit Salad

Warm chunks of Banana wrapped in crispy pastry and served with a sweet Caramel Sauce. $3.00


Bread and Butter Pudding Classic Bread and Butter Pudding served with Coconut Chantilly. $3.75

Ice Cream Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla or Lemon Sorbet 1 Scoop $1.?? 2 Scoop $?.?? 3 Scoop $?.??



Wine List Cambodia is not a grape wine producing country. All of our wines are imported by Celliers d'Asie. They stock a unique range of wines coming from the best vineyards of the whole world. We’ve selected a few.

White Vina Maipo, Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay 2007 – Chile Produced in the central valley of Chile, where exceptional soil and climate conditions have created a bright, greenishyellow wine, rich in peaches and citrus fruit aromas. It is a fresh, dry and balanced wine. Enjoy with all types of fish and shellfish. $14.00

Table Mountain, Chenin Blanc 2006 – South Africa A versatile, everyday wine that reflects a delicious array of honeyed fruits, pear and guava. A refreshing taste of summer fruit lingering on the palate, makes this an appetising and balanced wine. $16.00

 Obikwa, Chenin Blanc 2006 – South Africa

By the Glass $2.50 each - $12 by Bottle

Terralis, Chardonnay 2008– Argentina A fruity aroma that reminds of pineapplea and apple. Young and fruity with a pleasant and persistent finish.

Terralis, Malbec 2008 – Argentina Intense ruby colour, has fragrances of plum, raspberries and spices. A round body, well structured and harmonious finish.

Frontera. Merlot Rose 2007 – Chile Intense perfume of flowers, red fruits and cherries, refreshing, soft and elegant.

Dry and fruity with a fruit salad nose and palate punctuated with a bit of honey and dried herbs. $18.00


Sacred Hill, Unwooded Colombard Chardonnay – Australia

Produced in the central valley of Chile where exeptional soil and climate conditions have created a bright, ruby red wine with fruity aromas, especially red plums and delicate chocolate and spicy notes. It is a medium bodied and harmonic wine, with friendly tannins and a good finish. $14.00

Crisp and fragrant, Colombard has been blended with rich, full-bodied Chardonnay to create this fruit driven, Unwooded style. $20.00

Laroche, Chardonnay Terret 2006 – France The natural elegance and volume of the generous Chardonnay is the perfect companion for the vivacious and well structured Terret grape. Together they form a fruity, refreshing, lively wine with a well balanced complexity. $23.00

Mouton Cadet, Bordeaux 2006 – France A powerful nose marked by typical Sauvignon notes of boxwood and broom that slowly evolve towards citrus and passion fruit. Richly aromatic. $27.00

Taltarni T serie, Sauvignon Blanc Semilliion 2005 – Australia Sourced from Victoria’s cool climate vineyards, displays varietal passion fruit and citrus flavours enhanced by winemaking techniques to ensure a perfect cleansing finish. $28.00

Vina Maipo, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2008 – Chile

Obikwa, Pinotage 2007 – South Africa This medium bodied, rich coloured wine boasts flavours of plums and berries. $18.00

Casillero del Diablo, Merlot 2008 – Chile A smooth Merlot that perfectly combines plumy, herby flavours with smoky cedar wood. a fruity wine with a full well-structured texture and soft tannins. $25.00

Taltarni T Series, Shiraz 2006 This Shiraz is deep in colour and has a vibrant assortment of blackberries, plums and mocha with hints of aniseed $28.00


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