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Always thought being vegan was dull? Think again! FRESH susses out three eateries where you can have your fill the organic way. Who knew going vegan could be this tasty? By GERMAINE TAN, XANTHE ANG and JENNY GANESHRAYS.

VeganBurg Go on an organic orgy at the latest vegan burger joint in town. Veganburg serves up a variety of healthy burgers made without eggs and milk, along with guilt-free drinks and dessert. Hand-hewn wooden furniture, picket fences lining the walls and ambient music make this chic eatery a great chill-out place. Sink your teeth into their delectable creations, such as the Cracked Pepper Mayo burger ($5.85). The succulent, trans fats-free patty is made from naturally-grown soya beans and shiitake mushrooms, making for a rather beefy bite. It is then Cracked Pepper Mayo burger smothered in peppery soybased mayonnaise and is nestled between crunchy lettuce and two ciabatta burger buns. The buns are dotted with sunflower seeds, pump-kin seeds and walnuts, lending the burger a dense, nutty flavour. Another winner is the Tangy Tartar burger ($5.85). It is reminiscent of Macdonald’s Fillet-O-Fish—take one bite and a fishy flavour hits you right away. The secret lies in its light, flaky soya patty, which is battered with breadcrumbs, fried to a crisp, and slathered in lemon-infused tartar sauce. Lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and two wholemeal burger buns complete the dish. A set meal is priced around $10 and comes with a drink and fries. Unlike its oily counterparts, the seaweed-dusted fries are non-greasy. Wash it all down with a glass of fruit juice of your choice (no sweet soft drinks here, only organic juices and colas). We recommend the refreshing Spinach Wheatgrass and the Beetroot Carrot juices for that extra antioxidant boost.



44 Jalan Euno s Tel: 6844 6868 Singapore 419502 Opens Daily fro Fax: 6844 1021 m 11am to 10 Price: Burger pm s st meals start fro art from $5.85 and Set m $9.85

So WHAT is Vegan? According to Vegan Action, a vegan “chooses to avoid using or consuming animal products.” It goes beyond vegetarianism to eliminating fur and leather from a vegan lifestyle, and as well as products that use animal testing. Examples include cosmetics and skincare products that routinely test ingredients on animals.

Soyato At 90 calories per scoop, Soyato’s vegan-friendly, cholesterol free ice creams will put weight-conscious at ease. However, foodies fret not—even though the soy-based frozen treats are low in calories, they are definitely big on taste. You can choose from 15 different flavours, including staples like Chocolate and Matcha ($3.60 per scoop). However, we say skip the usual suspects and try the more exotic flavours, such as Yuzu. Like the Japanese citrus fruit, the smooth ice cream has a hint of lime and orange, without being too overbearing nor sweet. Their bestseller, the Honey Lemon ice cream, is also a must-try—the flavour is spot-on, and it is a perfect, creamy balance of sweet and citrus.

Yuzu, Chocolate, Matcha

For an extra dollar, your dessert gets served in a giant waffle cone. Choose from a wide range of toppings ($0.70 each), and ask for chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauces to be drizzled on top, absolutely free-of-charge.


#B1-K5 Food Ju Opening Daily nction, Bugis Junction from 11am to 10.30pm Website: ww Price: $3.60 per scoop

Loving Hut Have a vegan dinner and save the planet at the same time—it’s all possible at the Loving Hut vegan restaurant. A passionate advocate of environmental conservation, Loving Hut serves up homely vegan fare made from locally-sourced ingredients. It’s hard to miss Loving Hut with its funky red-and-white exterior. Inside, the restaurant feels just like home—the genial staff, peach walls, and unhurried pace makes Loving Hut the perfect place to unwind at after a long tiring day. While you tuck into your hearty meal, the informative portraits dotting the walls tirelessly espouse the vegan cause. We tried the savoury Assam Delight Rice Set ($4.80). The tender mock fish slices, made using handmade beancurd skins, are doused in a thick, sour and spicy Assam gravy—so good, you’ll forget that it is vegan.



Claypot Fragrant Sauce Tofu Chunks Rice Set

Singapore tral #01-3752 en C ah er 161 Bukit M to POSBank) t 150161 (nex . - 10pm 54 Tel: 6377 43 esday to Sunday 11am g Tu .s om om Open fr vinghut.c tp://www.lo Website: ht

The Claypot Fragrant Sauce Tofu Chunks Rice Set ($5.80) is also another must-try. Served sizzling hot in a traditional claypot, the mildly sweet and savoury dish is a potpourri of beancurd, snow peas, and finely sliced carrots and celeries, sautéed until the greens are pleasantly crisp. All rice sets are served with a plate of organic fragrant brown rice, green leafy vegetables and a bowl of clear carrot soup.



February Hit list Tracks that get you pumped up on that treadmill! This Valentine’s Day, work out with these songs to help get you get into lean shape so you can look fabulous for your special night out! By Anita Natasha Chand

1 Teenage Dream

2 Give A Little More

3 Only Girl In The World

4 Fly Like A G6

Katy Perry

Maroon 5


Far East Movement

The queen of all things happy and shiny has churned out yet another saccharine tune for lovers. This moderate-tempo ditty is perfect for warm ups!

This sultry song has a sexy bass line that just makes you want to groove as you do those sit ups!

This fast-paced number will set your heart and body pumping! Great for cardio.

This sultry song has a steady bass line and a foot-tapping tune to keep your pace even, fo’ sure!





HOW music shapes your exercise? A form of distraction Cranking up the volume prevents you from focusing on the specific physical sensations of fatigue. In addition, music also causes the body to release endorphins to counteract pain. 5 Crazy In Love

6 DJ Got Us Falling In Love

Beyonce’ ft. Jay Z

Usher ft. Pitbull

A great urban song to get you inspired to work out so you can have a toned body just like Beyonce’s.

This club hit will get you moving faster as the beat picks up from the catchy verse to the thumping chorus!


BPM=Beats Per Minute



A sense of control Choosing music that motivates you will make it easier to start moving and exercising, as it makes it seem as if exercise is more recreational than work.

A chill pill for your body Slow music relaxes person by slowing their breathing and heartbeat. This is perfect for cooling down after a good work out, which is an essential step in preventing injuries from exercise.

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